lifelessmaxb: thats probably because the maintainer script to clean them up is not present in the new package01:16
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jelmermaxb: hmm, I'm not sure I follow15:56
jelmermaxb: some sort of shim?15:57
jelmerhmm, odd17:27
jelmerBad Gateway error during recipe build :_/17:27
beunohi vila!17:52
beunoany bzr devs around?17:52
vilabeuno: hey. No, I'm not really there, just relaunched xchat17:52
jelmerhey beuno18:07
beunohey jelmer!  happen to be bored?  :)18:08
beunoI'm working on a branch to add downloading tarballs to loggerhead18:08
beunolifeless pointed out that saving them to a dir to serve them isn't super optimal, but it seems I don't really have an (easy) choice with the way things are set up in bzr18:09
beunowanted some smarter eyes to confirm18:09
beuno*download tarballs of revisions _from_ loggerhead18:10
beunobzrlib.export.export only takes a path18:10
jelmeryeah, it seems like we should be able to improve on that18:11
jelmerthough we should watch out for keeping lp:linux tarballs in memory, too18:11
beunoI started digging in bzrlib, and it's not trivial to change this18:13
jelmerit looks like there already is some support for writing to stdout18:13
jelmer'-' is treated specially18:14
jelmerin bzrlib.export.tar_exporter18:14
beunointeresting, I missed that18:15
jelmerthis might also be a good moment to fix some other related issues18:16
jelmerbug 513752 and bug 71122618:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 513752 in Bazaar "cannot export a zip archive to stdout" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51375218:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 711226 in Bazaar "deterministic output for tar.gz exports with --per-file-timestamps" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71122618:16
jelmer(also cases where it would help if the exporters could write to an arbitrary stream rather than a specific file)18:17
beunohm, if I specify -, it creates a dir called -   :/18:17
* beuno nods18:17
jelmeryou need to specify the format I think18:17
beunoright, that seems to work18:19
beunowell, "work", now I need to capture stdout and stream that18:19
beunoI suspect this may be harder to actually deploy on launchpad, though18:20
jelmerbeuno: urgh18:20
jelmerbeuno: we should just factor the relevant code out of bzrlib.export.tar_exporter18:23
* beuno nods18:24
beunodoesn't seem too hard, it's just quickly getting out of hand  :)18:24
lifelessbeuno: a temp *file* would be ok18:24
lifelessbeuno: its a persistent temp dir I was whining about18:25
beunolifeless, ah, hi lifeless   :)18:25
beunolifeless, well, that makes things much simpler18:25
lifelessa temp file will clean up when its closed18:26
beunolifeless, ok, so I'll fiddle with this stdout approach for a bit so at least I have it handy, and then change it to use a tmp path18:28
lifelessbeuno: tmp *file* specifically - tempfile.TemporaryFile18:29
beunolifeless, ack18:30
maxbjelmer: So, what I was thinking was either a straight backport of dh_python2, or a fake dh_python2 executable or debhelper sequence file that would run pycentral instead18:33
maxbEither way, a solution which does not require modifications to each package's packaging18:34
jelmermaxb: sounds reasonable18:49
beunolifeless, so, since bzrlib.export only really takes a path, it seems I'd need to poke at bzrlib in order to use a TemporaryFile18:51
beunoor capture stdout and write to this new tempfile18:52
beunoor...  maybe this temp file has a path, which I guess it would18:52
beunoof course it does18:53
lifelessbeuno: you may need to change bzrlib.export18:56
lifelessbeuno: TemporaryFile doesn't have a name18:56
lifelessNamedTemporaryFile is not crash proof18:56
beunolifeless, no, but NamedTemporartFile... ah18:56
lifelessNTF depends on __del__18:56
lifelessif we kill the process - not unheard of :P - it will leak and slowly mess up /tmp18:57
jelmerbeuno: fwiw I've got a branch which should let you do what you need18:57
beunohmeland_, w00t!  that's great18:57
beunojelmer, I meant  :)18:57
beunoalthough, it kinda sucks for this feature to depend on a future bzr18:58
jelmerit factors out the bit of bzrlib.export.tar_exporter that writes to the tarball, so it requires you to pass in a tarfile.tarfile object and a tree18:58
beunoI guess I could hack in using stdout for older bzr versions, and the cleaner one for newer ones18:59
maxbjelmer: Hi. Shall I file bugs to have the ftpmasters update the overrides for qbzr and wikkid, both of which got override disparity emails on their most recent uploads, or is that on your todo list?19:06
jelmermaxb: Oh, I don't think I have seen those.19:23
maxbjelmer: they went to you@debian.org and pkg-bazaar-maint@lists.alioth19:53
jelmermaxb: wikkid probably should be web19:55
maxbI think in both cases the package has it right19:55
jelmermaxb: yeah19:56
maxbi.e. wikkid s/vcs/web/ because its defining characteristic is being a wiki19:57
jelmermaxb: if you can file bugs that'd be great19:57
maxbwill do19:57
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jelmerbeuno: https://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr/export-tgz-711226/+merge/5318321:19
jelmerhmm, like Launchpad Bazaar has an interesting definition of "easy" when it comes to bugs21:36
beunojelmer, \o/   thanks, I'll take a peak in a little while21:54
lifelessbeuno: 'peek'21:58
spivMorning folks23:15
arjenAUmm-mysql: hey mark!23:28
jelmerspiv: mørning!23:28
spivjelmer: hï :P23:30
maxbjelmer: btw, I've just committed "Take 02_external_configobj out of debian/patches/series because it causes tests to fail." to the daily-ppa branch. Any thoughts on what we do about that for Debian?23:54
jelmermaxb: submitting the fix to the python-configobj package23:54
jelmerit's on my todo list but I haven't had time to do it yet23:56

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