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bob__i have a problem with laptop and updates changed my display extension to my lcd.01:21
bob__now after the updated i can not extend my destop to the lcd01:22
bob__this is an external lcd01:22
bob__any ideas how to get this back so the desktop extends and is not mirrored on the lcd01:22
bob__laptop is ibm t4101:23
bob__lcd is a acer x223w01:23
kavurti add a new user, but it cannot connect to the wireless. even though it can see available wireless networks. what am i doing wrong?01:41
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dustinany folks around02:51
james147dustin: there are03:12
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srinixhai, i need to connect bsnl broadband internet connection in kubuntu os. can someone please guide me how to connect it?05:09
stbainAm I correct to assume that there is light somewhere towards the end of the tunnel? Does virtuoso-t eventually finish indexing and pipe down a bit?05:16
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ScuniziWhat version of kde is 10.10?05:30
c2tarunScunizi: what do you mean?05:37
Scunizic2tarun: I'm trying to implement "smart panel" .. which I understand is an option for 4.5.1 and above05:39
c2tarunScunizi: well I never heard about smart panel but maverick includes kde 4.5.105:40
Scunizic2tarun: yea.. I finally figured that out with dolphin "about kde".. if you right mouse click on the screen and choose "add panel" instead of the standard 2 options there should be a 3rd called smart panel.. It's kind of like cairo, awn or the MAC launcher doc05:42
mcurrankasbar I mean05:46
Scuniziwhere do I find that?05:49
Scunizithe other name I read is Panel Elegant.. ring a bell mcurran?05:49
mcurranno, I'm running kde305:52
srinixhai there, i want to connect bsnl broadband connection in kubuntu 10.10 in my Compaq cq61 laptop. can someone please tell me how to connect it?06:19
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jmuthi. I just installed kubuntu....some things I cannot grasp yet. how do I make default runlevel 3   or at least I think it should be this (don't want KDE running on startup..but on demand only)      tried using update-rc.d kdm remove   but no luck.  How do I disable services (example cups I dont want running)07:00
jmutthere is no inittab in this regard....quite weird07:01
todulchaoshow do you run sudo fdisk -l with kubuntu07:01
todulchaoslook like straight ike that from the terminall07:03
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Rolandhi. How do I install google chrome on kubuntu 10.10 64bit ?09:09
ubsafderhello i am using linux raid how can i check all the block for correct parity on all my raid disks ?09:42
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bastonesHi. I have hybrid graphics in my PC (Intel GMA 3150 and NVIDIA ION graphics cards), is there a way to switch between these two graphics cards within Kubuntu? Thanks10:26
bastonesHi. I have hybrid graphics in my computer (Intel GMA 3150 and NVIDIA ION). Is there a way to switch between these cards in Kubuntu?10:35
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BerenbetHey I need some help with that: I just downloaded a dictionire for Open Office, how to install it?11:03
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floownin my chromium-browser I can't seen flash video. I have a message that is desable. How can I fix this please?11:20
floown* disable11:20
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jordan_j'ai un probleme de son, quand je met mes écouteurs, le son sort aussi par les HP11:53
jordan_quelqu'un peut m'aider ?11:53
jordan_est-ce que ya quelqu'un qui voit ce que je marque en moins?11:53
Peace-!fr | jordan_11:54
ubottujordan_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:54
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alex453hi everyone. I want to run a socket server that will serve some 100 000 connections simultaneously. Can i make it on desctop version of ubuntu? What configuration files should i change?12:02
kavurtone of my users cannot connect to wifi. but can see available networks. what's wrong?12:04
ubottuYou can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa12:24
Fieldythanks. I was under the impression "chrome" and "chromium" are different, have I been misled?12:25
Peace-Fieldy: they are pretty the same12:29
Peace-but there are some feature that chrome has12:30
Peace-that chromiun has not12:30
Peace-i dont' remember well12:30
Peace-i suggest to try both12:30
Fieldywhich is to say they aren't -- honestly i was looking for chrome, but it looks like it's quite a hassle to install (and I wasn't too keen on it anyway, just bored) -- i'm done :)12:30
Peace-download the deb12:30
Peace-sudo dpkg -i PATH/debianpackage12:31
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Matisseis there a way to get informations about my monitor with a shell command14:26
Matissesmth. like  cat /proc/monitor ?14:26
Matissewell... English mistake...14:35
MatisseI want informatiosn about my crt14:35
Matissetrying   read-edid14:39
r0gershey all, sorry to bug you all with what is probably an easy question (google ain't talking)...where can i download a 10.10 with all current updates slipstreamed?  thanx a lot14:42
BluesKajr0gers, slipstreamed?14:50
r0gersBluesKaj: well, updates included into the installation14:50
Matissehow do I find out which files are added when installing a certain package?  apt-cache <smth.> package  ?14:55
Matisseok, synaptic did help me14:58
james147r0gers: I think the installer has an option to downlaod updates as part of the installation, obiously it needs an internetconnection14:58
r0gersjames147: yip, true dat...but the necessity of download the updates each time is kinda the reason i want them included in the iso14:59
james147r0gers: and as far as I know there is no installer cd with all the packages uptodate for 10.10... LTS releases tend to get repackaged every so often with all the updates, but not non lts14:59
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james147r0gers: how many times are you planning on installing it?14:59
r0gersjames147: well, i would like to deploy it across a few systems and for friends....kde 4.6.1 is the clintcher really15:00
r0gerstho it looks like remastersys might do the job15:00
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BluesKajMatisse, did you find out the command to identify your monitor ?15:00
MatisseBluesKaj, I've used  get-edit, yes15:01
james147r0gers: you can try to created a cached mirror on your lan... http://askubuntu.com/questions/3503/best-way-to-cache-apt-downloads-on-a-lan  would mean you only need to download it once form the internet15:01
r0gersjames147: I had heard that *ubuntu were planning on daily updated downloads anyway in the future rather than a biyearly release schedule15:02
MatisseBluesKaj, but can you tell if I can use this information in xorg.conf? the format seems like it   .... pastebinning15:02
james147r0gers: havent heard taht15:03
r0gersjames147: it seems there are workarounds, just wondered if there was an iso to download the was fully updated...guessing not15:03
r0gersjames147: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/11/23/darily_ubuntu_updates/15:03
james147r0gers: from that link i read that they where planning a rolling release cycle... but the update says then entire post is a lie ;) so they are not15:14
r0gersjames147: ha, okay...shame15:16
r0gersjames147: looks like this remastersys software should do the trick...thanks for you input :-)15:17
james147r0gers: not really, ubuntu never was and never will be a rolling release system... too many people rely on it being stable and rolling release models being a risk with every upgrade :)  (though that dosnt stop me from using one :D  )15:17
r0gersjames147: well, a choice would at least be nice15:18
james147r0gers: choise for what?15:18
r0gersjames147: download a 3 month old iso or one with latest updates slipstreamed15:19
r0gersone of the very few virtues of windows was the ability to do that quite easily...15:19
james147r0gers: that is allot more overhead for the developers that really isnt worth the effort... and windows keeps uptodate in less then a 6 mounth cycle?  ha  ...15:20
r0gersjames147: well it's also available for slackware (my original OS of choice)15:21
james147r0gers: at most that post susgest they are going to make it easier to say uptodate (after you have installed) with certian packages if you choses to... but I dont think they are going to keep the install disks more uptodate then they already are15:21
r0gersjames147: well, no big deal...always a workaround...one of the great things about linux :-D15:22
james147yup :D15:22
r0gersall right signing out...have a great day15:22
vanguardI have a HSPA (UMTS) USB Stick which worked fine with Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook. I tried to use it with Kubuntu 10.10 Desktop yesterday, it recognized the stick, but did not connec to anything. Was there just no connection or is the Stick not supported any more?15:57
james147vanguard: what reconised the stick? and what dident connect?16:00
vanguardjames147: I saw "mobile broadband" in nm, but it did just told me "not connected"16:00
vanguardwhen I clicked on it, there was nothing on the side, like you would have with wireless16:01
james147vanguard: oo, bradband stick :p try setting up a connection in the manage connections dialog16:03
vanguardjames147: with Ubuntu 10.04 it connected right away, and I do not have any phone number and user/pass for that thing ...16:04
james147vanguard: you could try using the gnomes network manager applet16:08
james147^^ dont know much about mobile broadband sorry16:08
vanguardjames147: hmm, I'd try it out, but it costs me 4,95€ every time I stick it in :-/16:09
vanguardGnome might be an option ...16:09
james147vanguard: every time you stick it in or connect?16:10
james147dosnt make sense to chage you everytime you plug in the device :p16:10
vanguardjames147: well, it costs 4,95€ on every day between 0:00 and 23:59, so if I just plug it in today, it is just the five squid16:11
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BluesKajI may as well ask here too : what's the command for identifying attached devices like video monitors and speakers etc .lshw -C IDs the pcis that the devices are connected to but that's all.16:40
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stefan___Hallo zusammen, deutscher support channel? oder muss ich dafür woanders hin? :-)16:51
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.16:54
Riddellstefan___: ^16:54
stefan___thank you16:54
serjsmolinIs there somebody from Russia?16:55
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke16:55
serjsmolinHi, all!16:55
serjsmolin2 ubottu У меня кубунту, там мне тоже помогут? )16:56
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots17:01
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sven_oostenbrinkIs there any issue in Kubuntu 10.10 about not being able to play audio cd's??17:04
Mamaroksven_oostenbrink: why don't you believe me?17:05
Mamaroksven_oostenbrink: I know what I am talking about, using Kubuntu myself17:05
sven_oostenbrinkMamarok: not saying I dont believe you, saying thats kind of fd up..17:06
Mamarokwell, no need to loose your temper, it will not change the facts17:06
Mamarokyou can use VLC, that should work17:06
sven_oostenbrinkMamarok: Not loosing my temper here :) Just mentioning it, I think its kind of unacceptable that Kubuntu would drop the ball like that on a complete release.. but Im looking for alternatives now17:21
sven_oostenbrinkWould songbird be an acceptable alternative?17:21
Daskreechsven_oostenbrink: if you can get it to play Audio CDs yes17:23
DaskreechMamarok: what happened with Audio CDs?17:25
sven_oostenbrinkWell, its this computer for my mom, so it has to be as simple as possible..17:25
sven_oostenbrinkand one solution fits all, at least for audio17:25
DaskreechRip the CD?17:25
sven_oostenbrinkDaskreech: thats not really a "mom" solution :)17:25
Daskreechsven_oostenbrink: does audiocd:/ work in Dolphin?17:26
Mamaroksven_oostenbrink: who said it did drop the ball? HAL has to be replaced by udev anyway, and there was no other way than to run both for some time17:26
Mamaroksven_oostenLC, that should work17:27
Mamaroksorry, sven_oLC, that should work17:27
Daskreechha ha17:27
Daskreechshe means VLC17:27
Mamarokdassigh, sorry, sometimes the trackpad gets in the way17:28
stefan___somebody can help by no sound on realtek HD chip and nvidia gpu? thank in advance17:28
DaskreechMamarok: You can set it to shutoff when you start typing17:28
MamarokDaskreech: I should just watch the line before hitting enter I think :)17:29
DaskreechMamarok: My fingers move way faster than my roving eyes most days17:30
MatisseBluesKaj, you need to install read-edid17:38
BluesKajMatisse, I did17:38
Matissethought you wanted to help me, but you had the same question as it seems... :)17:39
MatisseBluesKaj, did get-edid (and parse-edid !) help you and have you found out more?17:40
princekhaledHello guys17:41
BluesKajMatisse, no luck , I just get a line of messages  Monitor and video card combination does not support DDC1 transfers etc17:45
IatagoreIs it possible to install KOffice without KDE?17:47
BluesKajMatisse, i know what my monitor is of course but it would be nice to help those who are having trouble17:47
BluesKajIatagore, whynot tru openoffice , it 's cross platform17:48
IatagoreBluesKaj: I'm looking to use a specific application from KOffice17:49
DarthFrogIatagore: Yes.  You will probably need kdelibs but you don't need the full KDE SC.17:49
DarthFrogIatagore: That's true, BTW, of any KDE app.17:49
BluesKajone would think linux office suites would be compatible with each others files17:50
IatagoreDarthFrog: Thanks. If I install KDE from plain old Ubuntu, can I use KDE?17:50
BluesKajIatagore, in word yes17:51
BluesKaja word17:51
DarthFrogIatagore: All you have to do, in Ubuntu, is "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop".  Then, you can select either KDE or GNOME at the GDM login screen.17:51
MatisseBluesKaj, i think you found it, but just for completion: you also need parse-edid because of the binary output of get-edid17:51
* BluesKaj hopes we get another kde convert17:51
IatagoreBluesKaj, DarthFrog: I see. I'm trying to configure this package but it says that headers aren't installed though I just installed the libraries17:52
IatagoreKDE headers*17:52
BluesKajMatisse, ok, but what's the right command , i tried both17:52
DarthFrogIatagore: What package?17:52
IatagoreKPlato from KOffice17:52
DarthFrogIatagore: Try "sudo apt-get install koffice-dev".17:53
MatisseBluesKaj, get-edid | parse-edid  (and the best would be to 2>/dev/null ... dont know where to put it :) )17:53
IatagoreDarthFrog: Oh, the problem is the repositories seem to be outdated, so that's why I downloaded the source instead of using an old version of the application in the repos, is it okay if I use that package?17:54
DarthFrogIatagore: In general, headers will be in -dev, not -libs, packages.17:54
DarthFrogIatagore: Urk, probably not.17:55
DarthFrogIatagore: Did the source repo have any binaries?  Ones from Debian should do fine in Ubuntu.17:56
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DarthFrogOne of these days, I'm going to have to learn how to build DEB packages from source.17:57
IatagoreDarthFrog: It says the version for KOffice-dev on the repos is 2.1.2, and I'm installing KOffice 1.6.something17:57
DarthFrogIatagore: Then you'll need to have everything version 1.6  Mixing versions is an excellent way to totally bollix things up.17:57
IatagoreDarthFrog: I can check for any binaries but they don't have any for Debian or Ubuntu I think17:57
IatagoreDarthFrog: Alright then17:58
DarthFrogIatagore: I'm not going to be of any help to you for compiling KOffice from source.  Presumably, they'll have instructions on their web site about how to do it.17:58
DarthFrogIatagore: You'll probably get the appropriate help (or directions to appropriate help) in #KDE.17:59
IatagoreDarthFrog: The thing is some of those channels seem to be empty :P17:59
MatisseBluesKaj, get-edid 2>/dev/null | parse-edid    and if the output is not helpful let the user check the error-messages17:59
DarthFrogIatagore: It is said that patience is a virtue.  I say the necessity for patience is a PITA. :-)18:00
IatagoreDarthFrog: Or not :o. They explicitly require KDE3, but I'll go see what's happening in #KDE18:01
BluesKajMatisse, it doesn't identify my panasonic monitor , altho my nvidia X server setiings config gui does18:02
Matisse_BluesKaj, how do you called that gui?18:04
sven_oostenbrinkMamarok: sorry, was away for a minute.. I mentioned "dropped the ball" as in... My mother has a simple computer on which she wants to play card games, music, and check her email.. since windows was not really an option (Use it myself, its a low spec computer, virusses, etc) I proposed kubuntu, works perfect! only.. Now I see it cant do something basic as play audio CD's.. I know the technical reasons, etc. but try explaining that to an end user.. an18:05
sven_oostenbrinkOS that cant play an audio CD, to them, is silly..18:05
sven_oostenbrinkDaskreech: audiocd:/ seems to work18:06
Daskreechsven_oostenbrink: you can ironically just play from there :)18:07
Daskreechor you if you like just copy one of the Directories to the hard drive. It will rip it seamlessly18:07
BluesKajMatisse_, kmenu/applications/settings/Nvidia Xserver settings...that's if you have a nvidia graphics card18:07
sven_oostenbrinkDaskreech: mmmm, I know that would work, but again, I need a mom-proof system :)18:07
DaskreechVLC as your Audio CD handler should work18:07
sven_oostenbrinkDaskreech: trying songbird right now, heard lots of good about it.. strangely its not really supported anymore by ubuntu..18:08
sven_oostenbrinkDaskreech: afaik, they dropped linux suport altogether..18:08
DaskreechYes the project was shutdown18:08
DaskreechI think they started it back but only work on Android and IPhone now18:08
Matisse_BluesKaj, ah... but I've got an ATI...18:08
sven_oostenbrinkDaskreech: great future prospect...18:09
DaskreechAssuming you can get your mom to put a CD into her android Device :)18:09
Mamaroksven_oostenbrink: well, the Linux version9is not supported anymore, why don't you try VLC as suggested?18:09
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, unfortunately ubuntu suffers from political infighting over audio porcessing and has for a few yrs , that why we get stuck with pulseaudsio even tho it's uneccessary for most onboard sound cards18:09
sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj: afaik, pulseaudio is the reason for most common audio problems, isnt it?18:10
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, for most of us , yes18:11
BluesKajMatisse_, do you have the ati-catalyst ?18:20
Matisse_BluesKaj, no, i think my graphic card was too old therefore its support in catalyst was removed18:21
varikthhola una consulta alguno sabe dalgun chat donde te den soporte de ubuntu 10.10 ?? o este es el chat :D18:25
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:29
sven_oostenbrinkOn Kubuntu, when I insstall chromium, it doesnt show in the Kubuntu menu.. Known issue?18:29
varikthooh thx srry18:30
DaskreechReally? Should be there18:30
DaskreechSome packages I find turn up on reboot for some reason18:30
Daskreechor relogin at least18:30
Daskreechvarikth: Gracias :)18:30
vanguardhow can I find how how a .pk3 file was packed? I want to change some files in it and need to repack it in the same way it is now18:31
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sven_oostenbrinkHow can I configure device association that it will use vlc to play audio cd's instead of amarok? Tried inserting CD, selecting audio CD, got list of 4 items, RMB on amarok, then modify, aply, etc. In the configuration it shows VLC, but in the list when I click on the CD, it keeps using amarok..18:45
sven_oostenbrinkOr maybe better.. can i configure somehow that on inserting CD, it directly executes VLC?18:45
sysop3is there a way to force which monitor a program comes up on using kstart?18:47
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vanguardI would like to have a program that creates a folder structure based on my songs id3 tags -- which one could I use for that?18:56
vanguardDaskreech: I mean automatically, or does dolphin have that feature?18:57
DaskreechI think it's had that since KDE 4.518:58
sysop3is there a way to force which monitor a program comes up on using kstart?18:58
DaskreechThere is an external app that does it as well (which Dolphin uses the library from) I don't remember the name though18:58
Daskreechsysop3: You can do it with kwin's window rules18:59
sysop3Daskreech,  how do I do that?19:00
sysop3its a non kde program19:00
DaskreechI don't think that Kwin cares19:00
Daskreechalt+F3 -> advanced -> special application settings?19:01
sysop3so do I run kwin some option then the program I want.19:01
sysop3oh, alt f3 ok let me try that thanks.19:01
Daskreechjust put a rule on the application with Kwin19:01
sysop3thanks alt-f3 worked, now I can move the window where I want. close enough thanks.19:03
agnesehelo everyone ^^ does anybody dealed with nvidia drivers and maverick? and does anybody solved? 8(19:17
james147agnese: solved what exactly?19:18
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agnesesolved XD i have maverick just installed (yesterday). everuthing works great, also compiz (yes i have compiz) but my nvidia graphic card are not find by the system. i tried to install them in a couple of ways , but no way 8( in one case X didn't start anymore (neither in failsafe mode) and in one cse my desktop was totally upside-down ò.O19:20
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james147agnese: what ways have your tried to install them?19:21
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agnesei tried by using "addition driver" and the X dead, then i solved and once fixed , i tried again following this page, ( //www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-nvidia-260-19-12-drivers-in-ubuntu-10-1010-04-using-ppa.html ) and the result was the upside-down screen 8(19:28
agneseint his second way kernel get's updated.... i may try to update the driver with jokey again, now?19:29
mic1how do i align my lang from l 2 r to the opposite?19:37
Daskreechmic1: Locales In system settings I think19:38
BluesKajHiya Daskreech :)19:39
mic1daskreech: thnx and then what?19:39
Daskreechhi BluesKaj :)19:39
BluesKajis there a method to include the pw in sudoers for ssh-ing into a local machine ?19:45
DaskreechBluesKaj: Say that again with an example19:46
BluesKajwell Daskreech for example I have a sudoers line that calls the stored password in /usr/bin/application , when doing aptitude install etc19:48
DaskreechI'm not sure that's how it works but ok19:49
BluesKajI've included /usr/bin/ssh19:49
DaskreechYou want to sudo ssh ?19:50
DarthFrogBluesKaj: What's your end goal here?19:50
BluesKajyeah, i'm tired of typing , as you know i'm a bit lazy19:50
Daskreechwhat are you trying to accomplish?19:51
BluesKajwhen I ssh into another linux machine on my network i'd like it to call the the pw from the sudoers file if that's possible , rather than typing it each time it's requested19:53
apersonjust do a passwordless key19:53
apersonif you don't want to type it in19:53
DarthFrogOr ssh-agent.19:53
DarthFrogI do PKI authentication, like aperson suggests.19:54
apersonI wish ssh-copy-id worked on sshds on non-standard ports :S19:55
DarthFrogI don't know ssh-copy-id.  What does it do?19:55
BluesKajsounds like it's more trouble than just typing the pw19:55
apersonit's super easy19:55
apersonthree lines of commands19:55
DarthFrogBluesKaj: It is more trouble at the start.  But once you've set it up, it's trivially easy.19:56
DarthFrogFor ssh-agent, you could do it from an Autostart job.19:56
BluesKajbrb , gotta help wifet for a min19:56
apersonssh-copy-id is for copying your keys to another machine, DarthFrog19:57
apersonssh-keygen -t dsa ; ssh-copy-id -i /path/to/your/keyfile.dsa user@host19:58
DarthFrogaperson: W00t!  Thx for that.  I just used it for the first time.  Nice.19:59
apersonbam, passwordless logins19:59
apersonjust don't try it on a machine that doesn't have ssh on the standard port :S19:59
apersonthere's a workaround for it, but it doesn't work here, so I had to do the old way of copying them19:59
DarthFrogAll my public servers run on non-standard ports.  But I already have them set up.20:00
DarthFrogYeah, the "-p 1022" switch doesn't work. :-(20:00
apersonI think the workaround was if you put the -p PORT in quote, it worked20:01
apersonI can't remember, I saw it on commandlinefu20:01
BluesKajaperson, what would be the default path :  path/to/your/keyfile.dsa ?20:02
aperson.ssh/ something20:02
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  ~/.ssh/20:02
BluesKajok, i thought it was the known.hosts20:03
BluesKajit is :)20:03
DarthFrogknown_hosts is just that, sites youi've ssh'd into before.20:04
DaskreechISP is screwing with me20:04
apersonI wish there was a util to remove entries from known_hosts20:04
DarthFrogIf you ssh into an unknown host, it asks you if you really want to do this.  Once you say yes, that site is added to known_hosts and you're not asked again.20:04
Daskreechwhat did BluesKaj want?20:04
Daskreechaperson: There is20:04
DarthFrogaperson: I do it manually.20:05
apersonI do it manually as well20:05
apersonI had an awk script that you could give a line number, and it'd remove it20:05
apersonbut I lost that (I'm sure it's a trivial thing to do)20:05
DarthFrogDaskreech: What util is that?20:06
Daskreechssh-agent I think20:08
DaskreechYou give it a host name and it removes it20:09
Daskreechfrom known_hosts20:09
DaskreechBluesKaj: Did you get a solution to your issue?20:09
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arrrghhhok, this has been driving me nuts - i have an htpc using kubuntu 10.10, and i just put it to sleep to ram so it can quickly wake.  on wake, it always asks for my password - i don't want this!  it should prompt for anything that needs su, but not on wake.  how can i disable this?20:12
Daskreechas far as I know it will ask for a password on wake20:13
BluesKajx froze again , had to do a hard reboot20:14
apersoncan't you re-enable ctrl+backspace?20:14
BluesKajinput devices become totally unresponsive20:15
BluesKajmouse & KB both20:15
apersonyeah, ctrl+backspace would restart x20:15
DarthFrogaperson: Not any more.20:15
BluesKajnope. power down / up20:15
DaskreechBluesKaj: I was asking if your question was answered?20:15
apersonof course, you should be able to do alt+sysreq REISUB20:16
Daskreechaperson: Yes you can20:16
apersonDarthFrog↳ I have ctrl+backspace enabled on my computer...20:16
BluesKajI got an error , I think the path was wrong20:16
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap20:16
arrrghhhDaskreech, no way to remove it?20:17
BluesKajDaskreech, thanks , but the KB doesn't respond20:17
arrrghhhi want it to ask for passwords when updating, installing, etc20:17
Daskreecharrrghhh: last I heard there wasn't is was simply how the power specs worked.20:17
apersonooh, I meant ctrl+alt+backspace, heh - it's been a while since I've needed to do it20:17
arrrghhhDaskreech, :/20:17
BluesKajdoesn't matter what the keystrokes are , they don't register ")20:18
apersonBluesKaj↳ the kernel probably still is listening, there's hardly any situation that you *can't* REISUB to safely reboot20:18
apersonregardless of if X is working or not20:18
DaskreechBluesKaj: I didn't hear what the issue was :)20:18
Daskreechaperson: I've hit it twice though20:18
BluesKajaperson, well if the keyboard isn't working......20:19
DarthFrogHmm, the instructions in that !dontzap URL don't work for KDE SC 4.6.20:19
DaskreechBluesKaj: The keyboard can still be working and the UI doesn't respond. It can't hurt to try a SysreqK20:19
apersonI believe the don't zap bit was removed and you have to re-enable ctrl+alt+backspace a different way IIRC20:20
BluesKajyeah, methinks it could be a kde 4.6 on natty problem20:20
arrrghhhDaskreech, so you're telling me there's this whole system to enable autologin on boot, but nothing on wake...?  i feel like i'm just missing something somewhere...20:21
BluesKajaperson, any could you give that ssh regen command again pls20:21
apersonI'm only going from memory, BluesKaj , but it should be ssh-keygen -t dsa20:23
apersondon't give it a password20:23
Daskreechaperson: Yeah I know. File a bug against powerdevil if you like20:24
DaskreechDarthFrog: I see the option here20:25
apersonarrrghhh↳ read message addressed to me20:25
Daskreecharrrghhh: read the message that pinged aperson instead. Sorry :)20:26
apersonit ain't easy starting with an a!20:26
arrrghhhbug against powerdevil20:26
arrrghhhso there is no way?  ok.20:26
arrrghhhi was thinking even some hackey workaround would do :P  wanted to make sure there wasn't 'some other way', y'know20:27
DarthFrogDaskreech:  It turns out that I had long ago enabled it via .xinitrc. :)20:27
Daskreecharrrghhh: as I recall last time i looked was about a year and a 1/2 ago20:27
DaskreechDarthFrog: ah Far as I know I enabled it then disenabled it when I found sysreqK20:28
arrrghhhDaskreech, ok thank you20:29
Daskreecharrrghhh: Hold on20:29
Daskreechtalking to a upower dev20:29
DaskreechBluesKaj: So you just wanted to ssh without a password?20:30
Daskreecharrrghhh: You can stop screaming :)20:30
Daskreecharrrghhh: alt+F2 -> Powerdevil -> Global Settings20:31
BluesKajDaskreech, I gave up , i'm just getting errors . it's no point20:31
DaskreechBluesKaj: What are your errors and the steps you have done20:31
* BluesKaj serhes for the SysReq-K key :)20:31
BluesKajerr searches20:32
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  It's two keys. :-)20:32
Daskreechssh was setup for the purpose of security so it's very particular about things20:32
arrrghhhDaskreech, i'm there..?20:32
Daskreecharrrghhh: What's the first option?20:32
arrrghhhnot sure how i missed that.20:34
arrrghhhsad, i even created my own profile20:34
* BluesKaj has had enuff for one day , no point in trying to pull hen's teeth ...later20:35
Daskreechha ha ha :-)20:35
arrrghhhhrm.  i don't think i should've updated so far...20:36
arrrghhhi didn't have the option at first.  i keep having graphics glitches where it won't paint the full panel correctly.20:36
arrrghhhgoing in thru alt-f2 seemed to work better tho... bleh.20:37
arrrghhhanyhoo, sorry 'bout that.  /fail20:37
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samuelhello everyone21:20
DaskreechEveryone isn't here right now would you like to leave a message?21:21
samuelhow can i control wich monitor is turned of on bootup?21:22
dustinhmm anyone on host or have mad there own muds?21:22
samuelisn't this a kubuntu support channel??21:24
CuBeTophi all! I've got a small problem with network-manager. I'm currently connected with mobile broadband via my nokia 5800 on USB. I have good connection, but network-manager (or any network monitoring plasma wiget) can't show the transmitted data or conection speed21:24
CuBeTopI'm limited to 100MB per month on this phone, so I'd really like to know how much data I can use21:25
samueli like to speak with the manager please21:26
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samueluseless support channel21:29
DarthFrogsamuel: And what brings you to that conclusion?21:30
DarthFrogsamuel: If you need support for Kubuntu, ask a *specific* question.  If anyone can help you, they will.21:31
samuelkubuntu is just ubuntu21:32
samuelnothing special21:32
DarthFrogKubuntu is Ubuntu for those who prefer KDE SC over GNOME.21:32
samueldifferent desktop enviroments and some appz21:32
samueli've got 3 desktops installed and i prefer lxde21:33
DarthFrogAs is Xubuntu and Lubuntu.21:33
samuellubuntu is what i use21:33
dustinlater everyone21:33
DarthFrogsamuel: It's personal preference, not a religious choice.21:33
samuelworks fine on hp-55021:33
samuelnow to my question21:34
samuelwhat config file controls wich monitor is on/off?21:34
silviu_anyone can tell me how to connect to freenode?21:35
james147silviu_: your already connected21:35
DarthFrogsamuel: If you don't get an answer, it's not that you're being ignored.  Likely no one who is currently active can answer your question.21:35
silviu_say what?21:35
DarthFrogsilviu_: :-) This is #Kubuntu on Freenode.21:36
silviu_i want to acces #digikam21:36
DarthFrogsilviu_:  So type "/join #digikam"21:36
samuelso i got to turn to big brother google then21:36
james147silviu_: then join that channel :) "/join #digikam"21:36
silviu_thanx a lot21:36
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samueli've heard that debian is more stable then *buntu is that true?21:37
samuelthey say *buntu uses debian as it core21:38
Daskreechsamuel: Xorg.conf I would suspect21:38
james147samuel: ubuntu is based of debian.. and debian is considered more stable... but only becase it uses older software21:38
Daskreechsamuel: Debian is ridiculously stable21:39
DaskreechI think they just released KDE 4.3 ?21:39
samuelin what folder can i find Xorg.conf?21:39
samueli'm new to *nix anyhow21:39
DarthFrogYes, it shows. :-)21:39
Daskreechsamuel: Currently you can't but if you make one it will be recognized in /etc/Xorg21:39
DaskreechDarthFrog: Hush :)21:40
DarthFrogBut that's not a problem.  /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:40
samueli now some basic command stuff like apt-get install etc21:40
samuelbut in a sence debian and ubuntu are the same but with different goals??21:40
DaskreechYou could say that about any two linux Distros21:41
DarthFrogsamuel: In a nutshell, yes.  But there're politics involved.21:41
DaskreechWhich you could say about any large project :)21:41
samuelgot lubuntu running a lamp, works fine and its easy on the resources and mem21:41
* DarthFrog notes that politics plays a massive role in FOSS.21:42
Daskreechor any large project21:42
DaskreechI'm sure you can say the same about PETA21:42
samuelthey say ubuntu is trying to be like windows21:42
DarthFrogDaskreech: Or any time 3 people are involved in anything. :-)21:42
Daskreechsamuel: read Bug 121:42
DaskreechDarthFrog: I could get French on you but COC ;)21:42
samuelwhat is bug1 Daskreech?21:42
DarthFrogsamuel: Not be like Windows.  To be a superb free desktop system for everyone.21:43
james147samuel: i wouldnt say trying to be like windows, but they might do some similar things... ie making it easier to use21:43
Daskreech!bug 121:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121:43
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents21:43
samueldoesnt work here Daskreech?21:43
Daskreechsamuel: ^^ there you go :)21:43
DarthFrogsamuel:  You will undoubtedly notice convergence between Linux, Windows and Mac OS.21:44
DaskreechMore so Mac OS and Linux in my opinion21:44
samueli like ubuntu though21:44
DaskreechWindows is more likely to go crazy and jump in some strange direction to throw people off21:44
samuelbut still think i need to try out debian to21:44
Daskreechsamuel: You'll likely be disappointed21:45
DarthFrogDaskreech: More like Mac OS in the sense of a desire for elegance.21:45
DaskreechThe software is almost exactly the same21:45
DarthFrogsamuel: Debian is most definitely not for newbies.21:45
DaskreechDarthFrog: Eh?21:45
samuelin fact i downloaded kubuntu, ubuntu, lubuntu and xubuntu and i didn't know at the time that i didn't need to..21:45
DaskreechTHe Project maybe. They are quite rude there21:45
samuelnow i know how to install a desktop21:45
Daskreechbut to install and use it's really easy21:45
Daskreechsamuel: yay! Progress :)21:46
DarthFrogDaskreech: It seems to me that Ayatana is a manifestation of a desire for design elegance.21:46
samuelthe cli is friendly i think21:46
samuelthere is a learning curve offcourse21:46
samuelnext step is to learn compling apzz21:46
* Daskreech hugs samuel21:47
DarthFrogsamuel: Pick up a copy of O'Reilly's "Linux In A Nutshell".21:47
samueli got it as a ebook DarthFrog21:47
samuelit was free21:47
samuelor not21:47
DarthFrogYou'll find it invaluable.21:47
samuelgot it lol21:47
samuelanyone here ever attempted a linux from scratch??21:47
samuelthat is something i like to do some day, i need more knowlegde first21:48
DarthFrogIf you can also get "Learning The Bash Shell" and "Learning The vi Editor", you'll be set.21:48
Daskreechsamuel: Yes21:48
samueldon't like nano, is that just me?21:48
* Daskreech coughs. *Emacs*21:48
samuelnever tried vi  Editor either21:49
samueli used gedit and leafpad21:49
samuelgksudo though21:49
james147Daskreech: you should see to that cough... :)21:49
DarthFrogsamuel: vi is *extremely* capable.  Avoid emacs - it's an OS that can also edit files. :-)21:49
samuelis vi available by default (as nano is)?21:50
DarthFrogYes.  The best version of vi is vim.21:50
james147samuel: vi is availble on more computers then nano21:50
* Daskreech koffs. *Emacs*21:51
james147samuel: but you should install vim if you want to actaully use it21:51
Daskreechsamuel: vi is a default. Nano isn't by any stretch of the imagination21:51
* james147 hands Daskreech some medicine21:51
samuelyeah vi is installed here21:51
samuelperhaps its also installed on lununtu, try later21:52
samuelnano suck really21:52
DarthFrogsamuel:  You will find vi to be difficult at first.  But once you get around the fact that it's a modal editor, you'll be away to the races and have a powerful tool at your disposal.21:52
james147samuel: vi is a very basic version of vim... has allot of useful stuff missing21:52
samuelbut vim is for gksudo?21:52
Daskreechsamuel: vi is installed on basically any linux with a shell21:52
samueland vi for sudo?21:52
DarthFrogsamuel: You could use gvim there.21:52
samuelnew to me: gvim21:53
samuelis that a gui?21:53
DarthFroggvim is a graphical version of vim.21:53
samueli see21:53
Daskreechjames147: actually vim is an improved vi :)21:53
james147samuel: both vi and vim are commandline, so sudo will work with both21:53
samuelis it any good?21:53
james147Daskreech: yeah..21:53
Daskreechsamuel: it's the same software just new look21:53
DarthFrogsamuel: gvim?  Don't know, I don't use it.  I live at the command line.21:53
Daskreechsamuel: The core concept of UNIX involves everything in the world being a file and one program doing something very well21:54
samueli'm new though but learned some usefull stuff the last week21:54
samuelediting php.ini, apache2.conf stuff, all fun21:54
DaskreechIf vi is good at being vi then GVIM won't try and rewrite it. It will just call vi and ask it to do work21:55
samuelanyone know a good php editor?21:55
samuelnot for cli21:55
Daskreechvi :-)21:55
samuelgui :)21:55
DaskreechKate ?21:55
FloodBotK2Daskreech: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:55
DarthFrogDaskreech: That philosophy applies only outside X. :-)  You cannot say that any general x app is small and specialises in doing one thing extremely well!21:55
samuelgot phpedit here but its kind of basic21:55
samuelcli for editing php  lol21:55
samuelits doable21:55
Daskreechsamuel: it's the most popular place for it21:55
marxjohnsonEclipse/PDT is good, altough it's a bit heavy for quick editing21:55
DarthFrogsamuel: vim for any editing at the command line.21:56
samuelbut hack i need a fast way ;)21:56
samueli come from windows you know21:56
samuelstill use win7 and xp at times21:56
DarthFrogsamuel: There will plugins for vim for any language you can imagine.21:56
james147^^ also i think kdevelop can do php now21:56
marxjohnsonKate is nice for quick hacking21:56
samuelthere is only one thing i have not found21:56
samuelanyone from windows and doing css might know about it21:57
samuelis there anything like that for Ubuntu?21:57
samuela friendly CSS editor :)21:57
samuelwhy is it that every desktop enviroment installs extra applications?21:59
Daskreechsamuel: That's what it means to be a desktop21:59
DarthFrogThat's why it's call an "environment".21:59
DaskreechOtherwise they would be a window manager :)21:59
samueli see a desktop as a gui and nothing more21:59
Daskreechsamuel: that would be a shell22:00
DarthFrogsamuel:  Methinks you need to investigate FVWM. :-)  Or twm.22:00
samuelits like windows22:00
samuellearning new stuff22:00
Daskreechsamuel: Windows is an OS, Kernel, Shell and Desktop Environment in one22:00
Daskreech!info fvwm22:01
ubottufvwm (source: fvwm): F(?) Virtual Window Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.5.28.ds-3 (maverick), package size 3754 kB, installed size 9448 kB22:01
samuelwhy don't i see anything happen when i do !fvwm??22:01
DarthFrogBecaus there is no entry in the bot.22:01
samuelit works for ubottu?22:01
DarthFrogubottu is the bot.22:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:02
Daskreechsamuel: no that's !info fwvm22:02
samueloke then now i understand22:02
samuel!info fwvm22:02
ubottuPackage fwvm does not exist in maverick22:02
samuel!info lamp22:02
ubottuPackage lamp does not exist in maverick22:02
Daskreech!info vrms22:02
ubottuvrms (source: vrms): virtual Richard M. Stallman. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.15 (maverick), package size 12 kB, installed size 100 kB22:02
samuel!info lampp22:02
ubottuPackage lampp does not exist in maverick22:02
Daskreechsamuel: no that would just be !lamp22:02
DarthFrogsamuel: LAMP isn't a package.  It is an acronym.22:02
DarthFrogLAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/Python/PHP22:03
Daskreechsamuel: !info gives you information about a program you can install22:03
Daskreech!concept gives you more info on the concept22:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:03
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!22:03
samuelnah stupid bot22:04
samuelno such thing eh22:04
Daskreechha ha22:04
samuel!apt-get autoremove22:04
samuelwould that remove the bot?22:04
Daskreech!info bluefish22:05
ubottubluefish (source: bluefish): advanced Gtk+ HTML editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.1-1 (maverick), package size 219 kB, installed size 596 kB22:05
DaskreechThat might help22:05
Daskreech!info quanta22:05
ubottuquanta (source: kdewebdev-kde3): web development environment for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 2548 kB, installed size 6168 kB22:06
samuelyeah i have bluefish installed22:06
DaskreechOh wow KDE322:06
james147Daskreech: not enough devs for the kde4 port :(22:06
samuelb43 driver22:06
Daskreechjames147: That's terrible22:06
samuel i learned how to install the wifi driver without a live internet connection22:07
samuelvery usefull to know22:07
Daskreechsamuel: Very22:07
samuelseems that my wifi isn't opensource22:07
james147Daskreech: it is, but thats one of the problems with some opensource projects :( lack of intrested developers22:08
samuelis anyone here still using windows?22:08
samuelthis very sony vaio is dualboot win7 and ubuntu22:09
Daskreechjames147: one of the powers of opensource though22:11
Daskreechsamuel: Yes22:11
james147Daskreech: definitely22:11
samueli mount the win 7 partition in ubuntu on boot22:12
samueland i use thunderbird on win and ubuntu, with the profilemanager i've set it to use the profile on my windows partition22:13
samuelhandy way to have account and mails available on boths OSes22:13
cordellthe KDE battery moniter that is not detecting my charger from being removed from the laptop, running acpi from the CLI says that it detects my charger plugged in, but the KDE battery in the system tray does not22:15
DewittsI'm dual booting Ubuntu and Vista22:15
Dewittssome things just don't play nice with Ubuntu for some reason :/22:16
samueli got the unsupported? media codecs installed22:16
samueli can play about anything on ubuntu22:16
Dewittssorry Sam, I don't mean films22:17
Dewittsi should have said some things just don't want to work22:17
samueljust some hours ago i runned a script that compiled some app for HP printers, now i can print :)22:17
samuellike what Dewitts?22:18
DewittsLike my daughter has a nintendo dsi. I have an r4i card so she can play homebrew games on it22:18
Aloneaok, I am constantly pasting previously copied (and sometimes I don't even know how it copied certain text I never intentionally copied) while I type. I assume its because my palms are brushing the touchpad. How do I get this to stop. I have had this issue for years with ubuntu and have never been able to fix it.22:18
Aloneaonly had this issue on linux systems and touchpad. never any other22:18
Dewittsevery now and then it needs updating so you have to download the new program files and copy them to the micro sd card22:19
samuelso your windows has still a good use then22:19
samueli hardly use win 7 anymore, most of the time i boot ubuntu with the lxde desktop22:19
DewittsWell when you try to delete the old files off the card it says i don't have permission as they are read only, but i can delete them in windows just fine22:20
samuelchmod didn't work?22:20
Dewittsnot sure what that is Sam, i'm fairly new to linux and the files weren't read only in the 1st place :/22:21
samueli'm new to, about a week now22:21
samueli need chmod to get access to my /etc/www folder22:22
Dewittsso in a nut shell22:22
Dewittswhat does it do?22:22
samueli'm still not sure why i need to chmod /etc/www/foo while i allready got write access?22:22
Dewittsanother thing i've found weird!!22:23
Dewittsconsidering Ubuntu uses approx 2% of my processor when idle and about 10% of my ram22:23
Dewittswhy the hell does it use up my full laptop battery in 45 mins watching a film with earphones connected??22:24
Dewittsit lasts over an hour and a half on vista :?22:24
james147Dewitts: while watching a film as well?22:25
Aloneawere both films of similar quality?22:25
samuellubuntu on my hp-550 (Intel® Celeron® M Processor 530 (1.73 GHz 1 MB L2 cache 533 MHz FS) with 2GB men uses about 240 mb while running apache2, ftp server etc22:25
james147Dewitts: try using powertop to see whats draining the power22:25
Alonealike it would take more power to do HD than SD22:26
Dewittsnormally switch off all the extras I can like sidebar, antivirus etc on vista though22:26
samuelis there a way to see what apps are calling outside and on what ports?22:26
Dewittsi'd have to install that from the software centre james?22:27
Dewittswell it installed22:29
Dewittsdunno where to find it though lol22:29
james147Dewitts: open a terminal and type "sudo powertop"22:30
Dewittsahh thanks22:30
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samuelwho is building websites?22:32
Daskreechsamuel: Rhetorical22:33
samuelwhat is that?22:33
=== Guest34951 is now known as B-L
Daskreechthe question22:34
DaskreechI don't know how to answer it22:34
samuelwell have you build a website yourself?22:35
james147samuel: why do you ask?22:35
Daskreechhave to run22:35
samueli wonder how many webbuilders follow the W3C rules :)22:35
james147samuel: people dont follow their rules?22:36
samuelnot as in valid html no22:37
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Dewittswell I had to figure out what it was telling me but I have turned on some powersaving modes for hd audio, wifi and some other things22:37
Dewittswill have to give it another test run at some point and find out, thanks James :)22:37
Aloneaok, so the app gpointing devices has palm settings. do I need to somehow disable the one that came with KDE or what?22:38
samueli like the accessibility features of ubuntu a lot22:57
samuelive succesfully got a brailledevice to work under orca22:58
samuelis it possible to autostart brltty?22:59
samueldoes anyone know??23:02
AisonI wounder why my kde is so laggy :(  i'm using an amd phenom II and geforce 8800gts. But when some application windows are opened, everything is very laggy. But the CPU usage is still very low23:22
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PendawgHello all23:46

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