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lifelesswgrant: why does deleting a ppa supersede its publications ?21:27
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huwshimiThe monday morning channel silence...22:49
huwshimiWhich makes me fear that:22:50
huwshimia) I'm not connected, or22:50
huwshimib) it's not Monday22:50
lifelessits a public holiday in vic/sa/tas22:50
huwshimilifeless: Ah of course22:50
lifelessthumper and I are here22:50
jelmerhuwshimi: also, it's not Monday :-P22:52
lifelessjelmer: yes it is :)22:52
thumperlifeless: what about queensland?22:52
lifelessthumper: not a holiday22:52
lifelessthumper: AFAIK22:52
lifelessoh, and act22:54
* mwhudson waves23:04
* thumper waves at mwhudson23:05
wgrantlifeless: Possibly to make it easier to expire, although it fails to let them expire anyway.23:37
wgrantlifeless: If you want to make it fast, just grab all the binary and source pubs separately and delete them.23:38
wgrantRather than letting the sources find and delete their binaries.23:38
lifelesswgrant: I'm wondering why we bother23:38
wgrantOr make it batch-call getBuiltBinaries, since that's reasonably efficient when not called hundreds of times.23:38
lifelesswgrant: isn't just flagging it deleted sufficient ?23:39
wgrantlifeless: That won't let the files expire.23:40
wgrantBut as it stands they won't expire anyway.23:40
wgrantDue to another bug.23:40
lifelesswgrant: so the point is to free uplibrarian space23:40
wgrantI believe so.23:41
lifelesswgrant: anyhow, the reason I ask is we have a timeout with 9 second spent in a single update query marking the rows expired23:41
wgrantHmm, we must be down about 5 appservers by now.23:41
lifeless435 rows23:41
wgrantlifeless: Yeah, I saw that.23:41
lifelesswgrant: you think more are dying again ?23:41
wgrantlifeless: Appservers hang... it's a normal expected thing :/23:42
lifelesswgrant: not entirely23:42
lifelesswgrant: we had a bunch exit23:43
wgrantlpnet1/2/6/10 are dead at the moment.23:43
lifelesswgrant: what tells you that ?23:43
wgrantlifeless: They had connections killed over the weekend.23:43
lifelesswgrant: elmo started them up again around 5am your time23:43
lifelesswgrant: see #is backscroll23:43
wgrantAh, handy.23:43
lifelesswgrant: you're on leave today?23:45
wgrantlifeless: Indeed.23:45
lifelesscan I interest you in qa of Revision 12581 can not be deployed: needstesting23:46
wgrantIs that poppy?23:46
lifelessStevenK: 12580 needs qa too23:46
lifelesswgrant: yes23:46
lifelesswe get those fixed and us losa can deploy a fix for search performance23:46
wgrantI already mostly QA'd that before it landed for just this reason, so I'll quickly retest now.23:47
lifelesslooks like we're still doing memcache on bugtask:+index23:47
lifelesshttps://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=OOPS-1898L1962#statementlog is full of get/sets23:55
wgrantlifeless: NullBugTask:+indec23:57
wgrantNot BugTask:+index.23:57
wgrantlifeless: You can qa-ok the DSD thing if you want. The altered method is not called yet.23:59

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