bonnymy games arent working correctly wat do i do?01:34
bonny_my games arent working correctly wat do i do?01:37
bonny_my games arent working correctly wat do i do01:38
bonny_HELP ME01:43
bonny_HELP ME01:43
bonny_HELP ME01:43
bonny_HELP ME01:43
bonny_HELP ME01:43
Ace_Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me add a launcher to my main menu? Its probably a config file I'm just not sure where to find it.11:12
leszekAce_: you mean you want to put a link to the application main menu ? (the one which shows up when clicking on the lubuntu logo) ?11:14
Ace_leszek: Right.  I have a copy of the Firefox 4.0 RC and I want to give it a link in the menu, just not sure where I need to go to add that.11:15
leszekAce_: thats not so easy to do, as the menu is autogenerated from the *.desktop files which sit in /usr/share/applications11:16
leszekSo I suggest to create a .desktop file there (you need root rights to write to /usr/share/applications) with the appropiate entrys for firefox 411:17
Ace_Awesome, exactly what I needed to find, just wasn't sure where to look.  Thanks!11:18
leszekAce_: the desktop file can look like this : http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/399970/11:18
leszekyou might of course need to change the Exec=... line aswell as the icon=... line11:18
Ace_Right, I've dealt with these before, its just been a little while so I had forgotten about them ;)11:19
Ace_Again, many thanks.  Take care.11:20
kristian-aalborghi all14:04
kristian-aalborgif I install lubuntu, then get a new video card - how much work will it be to reconfigure things?14:05
kristian-aalborgin other words, would it be better to wait?14:05
Yorvyk kristian-aalborg, if you keep to the open drivers it shouldn't be a problem as the hardware is detected on boot14:26
ziggywiggyi am trying to find the  solution of shutdown problem16:16
ziggywiggyi typed the command found in the forum but I get permission denied16:17
ziggywiggyi am new in the linux16:19
Yorvykziggywiggy, what command16:19
ziggywiggytrying to find it again16:19
ziggywiggysudo echo "blacklist rt2800pci" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-wlan.conf16:20
ziggywiggyi get  permission denied16:21
ziggywiggyi am having shutdown problems16:22
YorvykI would just edit the file directly16:27
ziggywiggyokay will try txs16:27
YorvykDoes the file exist?16:28
ziggywiggyidk just got back16:41
ziggywiggyno i just see blacklist16:48
YorvykThat's why you get permission denied,  Just use an editor to create the file16:50
ziggywiggyyeah thought so thanks for your help yorvyk16:51
=== zmijunkie_ is now known as zmijunkie
bonnycan some one show me step by step how to install java i tried it on lx terminal but said there was no candidate or something please show me how to install it19:21
bonnyPackage sun-java6-jre has no installation candidate19:23
bonny wat do i do19:23
bonnywat do i do19:23
bonnyOMG HELP ME19:25
mark76Enable the universal and multiverse repositories in Synaptic19:26
bonnyhow do i do that19:27
mark76And... really? There's no java installation candidate? That's kind of lame, guys19:27
mark76Open Synaptic Package Manager19:27
mark76It's in Preferences19:27
mark76Say when19:28
bonnyok its open19:28
mark76Right click on Settings and then left click on Repositories19:28
bonnywhere is it19:29
mark76Settings. It's in the menubar at the top?19:29
bonnyok software sources is open19:30
mark76What's ticked in Ubuntu software?19:30
mark76K. Have you tried searching for JRE?19:30
bonnyon wat synaptic?19:31
bonnyi only see java programming language19:32
bonnyit says gcj-4.4-jre-lib19:32
mark76Nothing under sun-java6-jre?19:33
bonnyeverything starts with gcj19:33
mark76Okay try icedtea19:33
bonnywat is that19:34
mark76Just search for it19:34
bonnynope there is nothing19:34
mark76Okay. Search for Lubuntu-restricted-extras19:35
wolfpackbonny: You can try this link : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ#Java%20applications%20doesnt%20work,%20I%20want%20propietary%20Java.19:35
bonnyam i suppposed to search this in the quick search place right?19:35
mark76Also lubuntu-restricted-addons19:36
mark76Do you still have software sources open?19:37
mark76Okay. Click on the Other Software tab, then click Add19:38
mark76Then paste this line into where it says APT line19:38
bonnyok then wat19:38
mark76Then click add source and close the software sources window19:39
bonnyok now wat19:39
mark76Did it tell you that you need to reload?19:39
bonnywat does that mean19:40
mark76Did it tell you that you need to reload?19:40
bonnyso wat do i do now19:40
mark76Reopen software sources19:40
bonnyits open19:40
mark76Click on the othe software tab19:40
bonnyclick add again?19:41
mark76Did you put19:41
mark76Into the box?19:41
bonnyyes i already did that19:41
mark76Click Add Source19:41
bonnyi already did19:42
mark76Close the software sources window and tell me what happens when you close it19:42
mark76Okay. Just click the reload button anyway :)19:43
bonnyits realoading19:44
bonnyk done19:44
mark76When it's finished click the Status button in the bottom left hand section of the window19:44
mark76Is there a New In Repository section in the top left hand section?19:45
mark76Click on that and tell me what's in it19:45
bonnynothing is coming19:46
mark76Close synaptic, open it again and click on New in Repository again19:46
mark76Now is there anything new in the repository?19:47
bonnyok it says sun java abin ... and so on19:47
mark76Okay. Select everything for installation19:47
bonnyhow do i do that19:48
mark76Right cick on the top most entry, hold shift down and then right click on the last entry19:48
bonnyok when i right click it says mark for installation19:49
mark76Or left click, shift left click works too19:49
bonnyok all is highlighted now19:50
mark76Right click on select mark for installation19:50
bonnywat do i do now19:50
mark76Right click on select mark for installation19:51
mark76and select19:51
bonnysomething shows up saying mark additional required changes19:51
mark76Ignore it19:51
bonnyso press cancel19:51
mark76No just click on Apply19:51
bonnyit says mark or cancel19:52
mark76Then click on mark19:52
bonnyeverything turned green19:52
bonnynow at19:52
mark76Now click on Apply19:52
bonnyok its installing19:53
bonnythanx man19:53
mark76Was what you were looking for in that list?19:53
bonnysorry i didnt understand wat ur saying19:53
mark76English isn't your first language?19:54
bonnyno was what doesnt make sense19:54
mark76Was what you were looking for in that list?19:54
mark76I'm going to keep repeating it19:54
bonnyu mean was that19:54
mark76No, was what19:54
mark76Like I said19:54
bonnynever heard anyone say that before19:55
mark76English isn't your first language?19:55
bonnyi live in the bahamas our english is a bit different and im indian so english isnt my first language19:55
mark76Fair enough19:55
mark76Right. Next step19:56
bonnyhow old are u just tell me if ur teen kid or adult if u want19:56
bonnywait the installations almost done19:56
bonnyit says applying changes19:57
bonnyok it says configuring sin java jre do i click the accept part19:58
bonnyits half way done applying changes20:00
bonnyits done wat do i do20:01
PaintmanI get a "Disk Error 80, AX = 4280 drive 9F" when I boot with the burned CD.20:36
bonnymy games arent working correctly wat do i do they keep repeating over one another the words keep repeating and repeating acrross the side of the screen20:36
head_victimPaintman: I would try burning the CD again at a lower speed, the suggestion came from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=70393620:38
head_victimbonny: what sort of games are you referring to?20:38
bonnyassault cube20:39
Paintmanhead_victim: ok, i'll try.20:40
head_victimPaintman: good luck :)20:40
bonnyis that ok20:41
head_victimbonny: sorry I've not heard of that happening before and I can't really find much online about it, are you using the proprietry video card drivers?20:41
bonnyidk its an old computer20:41
head_victimbonny: I would try running it from a terminal and seeing what errors it gives you20:42
bonnyhow do i run it from terminal20:43
bonnysudo apt-get run assault cube?20:43
bioterror!apt | bonny20:44
ubot5bonny: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)20:44
bioterror!cli | bonny20:44
ubot5bonny: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro20:44
head_victimbioterror: if you have a few minuts to help bonny that would be good, I'm in the middle of writing up a job application at the moment20:44
bioterrorhe'll be reading things for a while ;)20:45
head_victimbonny: I'm still here just mainly concentrating elsewhere so I might take a little while to respond at times20:45
bonnyk no problem20:46
bonnyis there anything similiar to windows media player for lubuntu21:34
head_victimbonny: heaps :)21:36
head_victimI think vlc is included by default?21:36
head_victimI can't recall and I know I've installed a few media players since the original install21:36
bonnyi have gnome mplayer21:37
head_victimThat will work for most things I would think21:37
bonnywait so sudo apt-get install heaps21:38
head_victimHah well I'd start with vlc if you wanted different options. There are lots of different music players as well, dpends on what hardware you have and what you want it to do21:41
bonnycan i play movies from cd21:42
ubot5For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats21:43
head_victimThere's the best place to start learning about it all :)21:43
bonnywat is this ubot 521:43
head_victimIt's a helper bot so I don't have to remember all the links21:43
bonnyoh ok21:44
bonnyhave u used any other distros except for lubuntu21:44
head_victimI have used Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, DSL and a few others I can't think of at the moment.21:45
bonnyoh yeah and when i tried a dock it has a black box around it wat do i do21:45
bonnywow thats alot ive only used lubuntu, puppy and peppermint21:45
head_victimAh yeah, I've found I like normal Ubuntu on recent computers and Lubuntu on P4s and older. I run Ubuntu servers as well.21:46
bioterrorhead_victim, Desktop Envinroment doesnt make a distro ;)21:48
bonnyi have ubuntu live cd but i doubt it will work on this computer i was thinking about trying it on my laptop21:48
bonnycan vlc play videos21:49
bioterrorit can on windows21:49
bioterrorwhy not on GNU/Linux?21:49
bioterrormost of the IPTV sites uses VLC for streaming21:49
head_victimbioterror: yeah I know, been up 24 hours now so getting a little slow21:49
bonnywell maybe i didnt have vlc for windows21:49
bonnywhy have u been up for 24 hours21:50
head_victimI work shiftwork and so I've worked all night and it's now 8am local time here21:50
head_victimI have to wait until 9am so I can make a couple of phone calls about a job applicatio and then I'll go to bed and sleep all day because I have another night shift tonight.21:51
bonnyu guys are old people well not old but u know wat i mean im only 1321:51
head_victimAh I'm 2821:51
bioterror1982 was a good year21:51
head_victimbioterror: indeed it was21:51
bonny:P lol how old are u bio terror21:52
head_victimI'd guess he's 2821:52
bioterroryep ;)21:52
bonnydo you guys know each other in reall life21:52
bioterrorI'm from finland and he's from australia21:52
head_victimAbout as far away as you can get.21:52
bioterrora little too much distance21:52
bonnylol im in the bahamas21:53
head_victimNice little mix of locations we have here :)21:53
bioterrorbut I'm off to bed21:53
bonnywat time is it there21:53
head_victimNight mate, have a good one.21:53
bioterrorearly wake tomorrow and at my work they have changed email server to another21:53
bioterrorso, lots of mobile mails need fixing :G21:54
head_victimHah good luck21:54
bonnyok bye bio21:54
bonnydo you play black ops21:57
head_victimNah I play a bit of Urban Terror21:58
bonnydo you play assault cube21:58
head_victimNah I don't have a lot of free time so I stick to Urban Terror because it's free, it's entertaining and works on linux, mac and windows.21:59
bonnywell games dont work on this computer because it keeps repeating over one another21:59
bonnyis there any reason why it does that22:00
bonnybut really old games work22:01
head_victimNot sure, sounds like a video card issue22:02
bonnyhmmm ok22:02
bonnyso do u know any games that will  work22:04
head_victimI'd try Urban Terror22:04
bonnybut isnt that fps assault cube doesnt work22:05
bonnyso i doubt that will22:05
bonnyanything else22:05
bonnyanything but urban terror22:08
head_victimI don't really play games much sorry22:08
bonnyi know but do you know where i cand find some for lubuntu22:09
head_victimTry the mailing list?22:09
bonnywould urban terror work on a ba video card22:14
head_victimIt's a fairly low requirement game22:14
bonnyok let me try so is assault cube22:17
bonnyhow would i install it on lxterminal22:18
head_victimI'm sorry mate I have to head up to the shops, someone else migth be along to help you out otherwise I suggest the mailing list22:21
head_victimhttps://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-desktop is where oyu need to go to get details of the mailing list22:21
bonnyok head bye thanks for the help22:22
joepHu, I want to know if there is ongoing work on a 64-bit version of lubuntu.22:38
bonnywell if theres a 64 bit for ubuntu im sure there working on it for other distros22:51
Arkadiuzserious lag22:56

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