BUGabundo/var/snapshots$ sudo btrfs subvolume snapshot / ./2011031200:00
BUGabundogotta love #BTRFS00:00
UndiFineDhey Omega00:00
weird0{}is that a flash drive filesystem ?00:06
weird0{}i notice there are no propietary ati drivers through hardware manager.  is there another way ?00:10
BUGabundo/var/snapshots$ sudo rsync -avhP ./20110312/ /media/2TB/20110312/laptop/00:11
BUGabundothis is gonna take a while00:11
BUGabundoI wonder if I can mount an external drive and create a snapshot directly on it00:11
BUGabundoconsidering both drives are BTRFS00:11
bjsniderBUGabundo, wondered what's your take on this whole canonical vs. gnome crapstorm that's happened in the past few days?00:26
BUGabundobjsnider: no opinion formed yet.... been busy with Life00:26
BUGabundoand much more worried with joaopinto POV expressed on getdeb ML00:27
bjsniderboth sides have been publicly throwing bombs at each other since thursday00:28
bjsniderpoint of view00:28
BUGabundoyeah I've read both posts bjsnider00:34
BUGabundoand knowing personally aseigo and what he thinks of gnome.....00:35
bjsniderthe comments on both posts are actually more important than the posts themselves00:35
bjsniderwhat about what the gnome guys think of aseigo, and kde?00:36
BUGabundo[  938.034694]     fat_bmap_cluster: request beyond EOF (i_pos 644841)00:46
BUGabundothis can't be good :\00:46
dasen1Hi guys, does anyone have  problem with running deluge in the latest natty code?00:49
iktheya, does anyone know how to resize dash?00:59
Daekdroomikt, you can make it fullscreen or use the size it comes as, as far as I know01:01
iktDaekdroom, so if it's full screen, how do I un-full screen it :s01:03
Daekdroomikt, I don't know how. It doesn't seem possible.01:03
danyRikt: you can use dconf-editor, found in the package dconf-tools01:10
dasen1does anyone here use deluge?01:14
iktdasen1, yep01:14
iktdanyR, thanks :)01:14
dasen1ikt: do you have any  problem running it under natty?01:14
iktdasen1, what type of problems?01:15
danyRikt: you need to change the form-factor under desktop/unity/ :)01:15
dasen1ikt I get a segmentation fault, the version is 1.3.1-1ubuntu101:16
danyRdasen1: just for curiosity, try running it like this: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6 deluge01:17
dasen1it worked!!!01:17
dasen1what was the problem, and what does that command do?01:18
danyRdasen1: it's a known bug, currently in progress. affects other apps, like software-center01:18
danyRdasen1: I don't have the bug report here, but it's not on your side, it'll be fixed by an update. it's pretty dark and deep linux stuff :)01:18
dasen1thanks a lot!01:19
danyRdasen1: got the bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+bug/25921901:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 259219 in mesa (Ubuntu Natty) "Broken TLS support in libGL.so" [High,In progress]01:20
dasen1do you think this bug will be resolved by the time natty gets out?01:22
danyRdasen1: Absolutely :)01:23
danyRthis is clearly a release-blocker bug: it would be impossible for natty to be shipped with this bug01:23
dasen1ok, cool01:24
dasen1thanks again guys01:24
BUGabundobtrfs IS NOT stable....01:41
BUGabundoat least not on this kind of workload01:41
BUGabundo2nd kernel panic of the night01:41
penguin42give it 3 or 4 years01:42
* penguin42 pats his ext[34]01:42
BUGabundopenguin42: please do btrfs subvolume snapshot <source> [<dest>/]<name> on ExtFS :P01:43
penguin42BUGabundo: I think I can just about do it with an lvm snapshot?01:46
BUGabundonot as fast01:46
BUGabundothis is very low level01:46
arandpartman failed to load the partitioning step when running the alternate CD, has anyone been able to install on a system with an already present LVM configuration, or is LVM the crux here?01:58
arandAlso, still no LVM support in ubiquity?01:59
penguin42arand: Are the lvm tools there - i.e. if you vgdisplay or the like does it show?02:03
arandpenguin42: Yea, well the syslog shows that partman detects the lvm setup seemingly ok02:05
arandpenguin42: I posted the bug link in -bugs and the logs are attached to it... I don't see what's going wrong though..02:06
penguin42arand: I knowthere is a bug (bug I thought it was for the non-alternate) for the install failing if there were existing unrecognised partitions - but I don't know if it's related02:06
arandI wonder if the unassociated pv messes with things..., that's next on my list to check if nothing else pops out02:07
penguin42arand: I'd bring the volume groups up by hand - I think there is a vgchange -a that needs doing somewhere along the line, and then see what happens02:09
Fluttershydoes anyone know what might be causing the date/time editor to not be updating to the new one in a3?02:10
josh1I am trying 11.04 and I am trying to install it, but the install is taking like 2hrs, this is the xubuntu version, any idea why? oh this is alpha 302:54
josh1how long are installs taking you guys?02:59
josh1has anybody have problems installing alpha 303:04
Fluttershyit took me about 1.5 hours to updgrade from Maverick03:06
josh1Mine has been running for atleast 2 hrs and it is a fresh install off of a flash drive03:07
FluttershyI don't think xubuntu is supported here, though03:07
josh1hmm, there isn't a support channel for natty xubuntu?03:07
josh1I tried xubuntu+1, nothing there03:07
DaekdroomI believe this is the channel03:08
FluttershyI wouldn't know, sorry; what about regular #xubuntu?03:08
DaekdroomDefinitely not there03:09
josh1nobody is talking there, I can't get anybody to answer questions about regular xubuntu there either03:09
josh1I would install the ubuntu version of natty, but I have had better luck running xfce on my laptops03:10
Fluttershyxubuntu is pretty small-scale compared to ubuntu/kubuntu, especially since there's competition in lubuntu03:10
josh1gnome and unity are too much for my laptops to handle03:10
Fluttershyhow old are they? I have Ubuntu Natty running on my netbook just fine03:11
josh1lubuntu is ok, but I have never felt that it was a good fit, not exactly polished, xubuntu seemed better03:11
DaekdroomXubuntu is no longer known for being light.03:12
josh1p4 with 512 ram (old one), new one is a netbook (cr-48 from google)03:12
DaekdroomIt's not as heavy as ubuntu or kubuntu, sure.03:12
josh1actually it is pretty light here, runs much better on the p4 laptop03:12
josh1I can get it down to 100mb of ram or less  at boot by just turning off some startup apps03:13
josh1is there any benefit to using the 64bit version if I have less than 3 gigs of ram?03:17
FluttershyI'm of the opinion 64bit versions are rarely beneficial03:18
DaekdroomUnless you like enconding videos, compiling etc03:19
josh1I have x64 of 8.04 on my desktop (4 gigs of ram) but I didn't know if I would benefit on my laptop03:21
EvilPhoenixwhere can i get a copy of the alpha (for testing purposes on a non-production machine)?04:15
rwwEvilPhoenix: the links are on http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/alpha3 , which you probably also want to read.04:16
coz_ hey guys04:44
espen77are there any themes with transparent top for the windows?04:56
Blue1will the new release of ubuntu (11.04) support gnome 3 or no?05:14
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edgy_Hi, my ubuntu/gnome windows doesn't have the border in top where I can move the window and close it! It seems related to my home config file. how can I reset this to default?06:05
visual1cemy gaming system is sitting doing nothing... i'd like to run the natty live cd - is there a script or something that runs programmes/tasks repetitively and if/when an error occurs automatically sends a report to canonical?06:36
visual1cei wonder if it will run raid ICH10r06:36
head_victimvisual1ce: I don't think I installed it so it should be default, in the System Menu there is a "System Testing" program that does some tests and offers to send them back to the developers if that's what you mean06:39
throughnothinganyone here running natty on a macbook?07:28
arandHas anyone here successfully been able to launch partman (partitioning step of d-i) on a already-LVM system past alpha3? I am not and want to figure out if it's due to the LVM or something else...?07:54
zzillezzno lvm here arand, sorry08:16
magn3tsIt might make sense to include instructions on enabling internet time...08:26
magn3ts... or better yet jsut prompting to install support like hte Share settings does for Samba...08:26
magn3tsI just look foward to nautilus being replaced.08:30
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stojabreakNew X.org is in Synaptic ?12:00
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coz_hey all12:08
stiannesIs anyone else having trouble installing vim on amd64?13:18
yofelworks fine here13:20
stiannesI'm trying to translate the error-message from my native language, but it makes no sense13:21
stiannesCan you change the language of aptitude without changing the system language?13:21
arandI don't know if you can run a program with LOCALE= first ..13:22
stiannesarand: I can set the locale settings manually for a terminal session. That fixed it ;)13:28
stiannesvim : Depends: vim-common (= 2:7.3.035+hg~8fdc12103333-1ubuntu3) but 2:7.3.035+hg~8fdc12103333-1ubuntu4 is to be installed13:28
stiannesIs there a quick-fix for wrong deps?13:29
zniavregood afternoon13:30
arandThat sounds like some parts of vim have been published but others not, dunno if you can specify to install the older version13:30
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zniavreim right now using natty + nouveau driver + unity-2d with compiz , im wondering why i can't use unity (3d) ?13:30
Crashbitzniavre: your natty is updated ?13:32
arandstiannes: hmm, was published 5 days ago, so doubting my suggested reason.13:32
arandstiannes: And looking at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/vim_7.3.035%2Bhg%7E8fdc12103333-1ubuntu4_amd64.deb it seems to depend on ..4, so I don't know what's going on in your case13:35
robin0800zniavre, don't think unity 2d uses compiz?13:36
weldzniavre: I had to install libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental to get unity running with nouveau, but i had many freezes13:39
stiannesarand: For some reason, my vim package, using "apt-cache show vim", is showing lubuntu3, not 4.13:41
arandstiannes: might be a muckup in lubuntu13:42
stiannesarand: But why isn't my system getting version 4 if it's released 5 days ago?13:45
zniavrerobin0800,  it was just a "test13:49
zniavreweld,  i did that too but unity does not want to start, do i need to uninstall unity-2d ?13:49
zniavrewhen unity (3d) seems to start the desktop is empty (no launcher , no panel, only the terminal.desktop i put into the desktop)13:50
weldzniavre: can you open the terminal from there and run unity?13:51
weldi didn't have unity-2d installed, but i think it shouldn't matter13:51
zniavreweld,  yes i can open it but it's unusable i can't type in it13:52
weldzniavre: you can switch to a tty? then you can do 'DISPLAY=:0  unity' and see what it says13:53
zniavrelet me try it bbsoon13:53
arminmarthHi there - I recently updated to 11.04 and the time applet has disappeared in Unity... anybody have any ideas?13:57
iktreformat reinstall13:58
Daekdroomikt, >.>13:58
arminmarthi.e. in the top notification area, there's no time clock displayed13:58
zniavreit freeze the computer :o(13:59
zniavreit does a kind of restarting of unity and it freeze13:59
iktarminmarth,  is indicator-datetime installed?13:59
weldzniavre: i struggled with that problem too, so i installed the nvidia driver again for now14:00
zniavreit works?14:00
zniavrethe newest one for recent hardware ?14:00
arminmarthno it's not -- i'll install it now?14:01
weldzniavre: you can use jockey-text to install it from terminal14:01
weldfor me it shows only the nvidia driver at the moment14:02
zniavrei should install it first14:03
weldthe big problem with the nvidia driver for me is that i can't use ttys because they are completely off-screen, just the first line or so is showing at the bottom14:05
zniavreis nt posible to setup the tty resolution ?14:06
weldzniavre: did you have the nvidia driver installed before on that pc?14:06
arminmarthOK ikt, I've installed indicator-datetime ; stupid question, but how do I configure it?14:06
weldyou might check if the nouveau module is blacklisted still from the nvidia driver14:07
zniavredoncf-editor no for datetime-indicator14:07
weldlook in /etc/modprobe.d/ if there's a file with nvidia.. blacklist nouveau or smth14:07
welda file named like that, i mean14:07
zniavrethere is not14:09
zniavreno luck with unity :o(14:09
weldzniavre: you should especially check /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see which driver is actually used14:11
zniavrenouveau is used14:11
weldi havent tried nouveau since a few weeks now, so I can't say if it works for me14:12
edgyHi, I cannot start gnucash from my kde but can do this from gnome, any hint, how to track this problem?14:13
weldit used to, when i last tried, but with freezes14:13
iktarminmarth, not sure sorry, i'll check when i get back14:13
arminmarthikt: thanks, I've installed indicator-datetime and i've launched indicator-datetime-preferences and checked "Show a clock in the menu bar" but still nothing -- might need to log out and back in14:16
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edgywhat's the situation of nvidia card now, I am getting black lines or strips in the menus, shall I install from jockey?15:14
Bauldrickwifi - broadcom bcm4312 just stopped working after upgrade.. i read about reverting to B43 driver, is that the only way?15:14
arandedgy: It seems to work very well for me just now, 8600gt.15:15
edgyarand: nice, I was new to nvidia, so just jockey and would install, what if something goes wrong, how can I go back? which package to remove?15:31
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alex_mayorgamy panels keep disappearing on restart, tips?16:48
alex_mayorgathis is on regular desk, not unity16:48
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pentesterany of you try natty yet?17:03
penguin42yeh, that's why we're here17:04
pentesterhow are you liking it, im not not a fan at the moment17:04
penguin42a bit flaky for me17:04
pentesterits almost a, how can we make it look just like apple's os17:05
Blue1will the new version have support for gnome 3, or are the full steaming unity?17:08
penguin42yeh, although I think some of the reason is to make it work with touch displays which I have some sympathy with, and Unity is a LOT better than it was a month ago - I just think it needs that same order of improvement again17:08
DaekdroomBlue1, Unity doesn't replace GNOME, and Ubuntu 11.04 is shipping GNOME 2.32 anyway17:08
Blue1Daekdroom: it is my understanding they will replace gnome with unity17:09
DaekdroomBlue1, nope17:09
DaekdroomBlue1, they're going to use Unity instead of Gnome shell, which is part of Gnome.17:09
Blue1Daekdroom: ahh good == there is been a lot of flak about gnome vs ubuntu in slashdot recently17:10
penguin42Daekdroom: Isn't the problem the Gnome 3 transition?17:10
Daekdroompenguin42, it's a tough transition, indeed, but I think they'd use Unity nevertheless17:10
Blue1i found unity to be pretty pathetic, but then that's just one guys opinion17:10
DaekdroomI'm used to it, but I might migrate to Gnome shell because it looks neater.17:11
Blue1Daekdroom: i have debian in a vbox atm, looking at that17:11
Blue1let me scroll to the top and see when the beta is out17:12
Blue1end of march beta 1 will be released17:13
pentesterim running 11.04 in vm at the moment and honestly i hate the new top panel. seems like there trying to condense things and add more, what seems unneeded17:13
penguin42pentester: The actual moving the menus into there seems actually a good idea - gets me a lot more screen space back; but it's quite touchy17:14
Blue1pentester: are you able to customise the look of unity at all?  I couldn't change am/pm, background pics, etc - no max/min -- and no multi-tasking17:14
Daekdroompenguin42, it's not really necessary in big monitors17:14
Daekdroomand if you have a non-maximized window close to the bottom, it stays too far.17:15
marenostrumHello. Lucid here. Is there anybody who uses Firefox 4.0 RC (downloaded from Firefox sites) or Firefox (Minefield) 4.0b13pre from ppa? With those versions I can't view videos from Youtube site. Flash videos from some other sites are viewed. My flash player version: adobe-flashplugin .17:15
Daekdroommarenostrum, Lucid support is in #ubuntu17:15
Blue1ff 64 bit continues to crash my system in 10.10  - but worked flawlessly in 10.0417:16
penguin42Daekdroom: Yeh, but it works well on this <--- machine which is a laptop and I have 3 separate IRC windows and a terminal open17:16
DaekdroomI have a LCD 22" in 1080p =/17:16
marenostrumDaekdroom, I'm asking because its related with Firefox 4.0 which will be in the next release. I just want to know if this is a bug from Mozilla side or not.17:16
Daekdroommarenostrum, nothing wrong with Flash in here17:16
marenostrumDaekdroom, Thanks. I got it.17:17
* yofel is getting flash64 crashes with minefield, not that frequently though17:17
nit-witmarenostrum, yes minefield17:18
Blue1marenostrum: latest flash here:  http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10_square.html17:18
penguin42Daekdroom: Yeh this ---> machine has the 24" 1080p monitor, that <--- machine is the laptop :-)17:18
marenostrumBlue1, thank you.17:19
Blue1marenostrum: welcome17:19
marenostrumnit-wit, can you view Youtube videos with no problem?17:20
nit-witmarenostrum, yeah I missed the lucid i'm on Maverick, did you install the restricted extras17:21
* penguin42 can watch flash except not fullscreen (on my radeon) - I've got a reliable kernel panic I can trigger by full screen video plus switching desktops17:21
Daekdroomevery once in a while in my radeon I get kernel oopses because of a GPU lock up, but I'm using xorg-edgers17:22
marenostrumnit-wit, Anyway, if there's no problem and if its telated with me, that's not important. lets forget about it. Thanks a lot.17:22
nit-witthere is a good flash checker FF plugin. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/flash-aid/  good luck17:23
marenostrumnit-wit, Thanks. I'll give it a try.17:23
aromananyone know how I can trick ubiquity into showing it's panel?17:47
thofkeI thought I'd give 11.04 a try and installed it on a USB-stick, but when I try the unity interface it just shows the desktop-background without menu etc... Compiz et al. is not crashing. Why can't I use unity? (On a side not: I tried to turn on compiz recently on 10.10 but it didn't function, I did not mind, but I know it worked on 9.10, I believe)17:53
thofkeMoreover, when nothing crashes how am I supposed to file a bug-report?17:53
DaekdroomHow long do you wait before you conclude that it's not showing up?17:54
thofkeabout 10 minutes17:54
DaekdroomCompiz/Unity is taking a hell lot long to start17:54
DaekdroomWell, not that long17:54
thofkeI had dinner in the meantime ;)17:54
thofkeChecked in between17:55
thofkeI tried alpha-3 as Live-USB also, and with that one compiz crashes but it says that it cannot apport due to low memory...17:56
thofkeCan it be a hardware problem, as compiz is also not functioning in 10.10? Or is there somewehere a regression creeped in between 9.10 and now?17:57
thofkeI must admit that this laptop is from I believe 2004...18:00
Daekdroomthofke, what's the videocard?18:04
DaekdroomI remember reports of problems with Intel i91518:04
thofkeVGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M22 [Mobility Radeon X300]18:05
DaekdroomHm, it should be fine.18:05
thofkeRight, I have seen a report on the net from a X300 owner with a functioning unity.18:08
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zniavreim still stuck on unity2d + nouveau, unity regular session does not load fully19:50
Daekdroomzniavre, nouveau doesn't have 3D support.19:51
zniavreDaekdroom,  strangely i can use compiz and/or metacity composite but not unity (3d)19:52
Daekdroomzniavre, composite is 2D19:52
zniavrewhat compiz is?19:52
DaekdroomI believe both.19:53
DaekdroomBut I'm not sure19:53
zniavreit's what i believe too19:53
throughnothingdoes natty ship with gtk3?20:28
Daekdroomthroughnothing, not by default, but it's available in the repos20:29
throughnothinghmm, everytime i log in gnome-power-manager crashes, and if i run it manually i get this:20:29
throughnothingGtk-ERROR **: GTK+ 2.x symbols detected. Using GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3 in the same process is not supported20:30
throughnothingi don't think I intentionally installed anything gtk320:30
throughnothingDaekdroom, any ideas?20:32
DaekdroomDo you use any PPAs?20:32
throughnothingActually, I had tried the gnome3 ppa to test gnome-shell, but it didnt work, and I tried to remove everything from that PPA, and now have it removed20:33
throughnothingbut maybe it hosed some stuff20:33
throughnothingso i did sudo aptitude search gtk320:33
bjsnideruse ppa-purge to remove it20:33
throughnothingbjsnider, i did that20:34
throughnothingso i think there was some lingering stuff from gnome3 though20:34
throughnothingi removed all the gtk3 stuff that was installed, which force-removed gnome-power-manager and ubuntu-desktop20:34
throughnothingthen i re-installed ubuntu-desktop and gnome-power-manager20:34
throughnothingand now it seems to be running fine....20:34
throughnothingmayb not the best solution....hehe20:38
throughnothingbjsnider, ahh actually ppa-purge looks like what i need20:41
throughnothingi had just removed them from ubuntu-software-center, thought it was the same thing20:41
george123why i cant view unity DE in 11.04 64bit live cd?20:57
arandno accelerated video drivers?20:57
george123arand: what 's this?20:58
george123arand: I mean how do i activate them?20:59
arandgeorge123: Make sure universe is enabled, and the use the additional hardware drivers application (jockey-gtk)20:59
george123arand: from hardware drivers?21:00
yofelactually, restriced needs to be enabled for them21:00
yofelgeorge123: what graphics card do you have?21:01
george123geforce 9400 gt21:01
yofelyep, that needs the nvidia drivers installed, I don't know if that will work on the live cd though21:01
george123yofel: So, do I have to install 11.04 alpha 3?21:03
arandThe experimental nouveau might work better for a no-restart test, if they work that is21:03
yofelgeorge123: try arands suggestion, if they don't work, you will have to install it to test it (virtualbox4 has 3D support I think too if you want to try it that way)21:04
arandgeorge123: Also, persistent usb will let you instal drivers and reboot in to use them and test thusly.21:14
zgrHello I'm using natty and have some troubles with indicator applet. Time to time volume control and keyboard layout icons disappears or behave weird, same thing with bottom gnome-panel and I'm constantly receiving messages that some program (usually aptdaemon and compiz) has crashed. Any way to fix that issues?21:23
DanaGhmm, anyone here try both KDE and Gnome on a tablet PC (that is, a real Wacom)?21:41
DanaGLast time I tried both, neither was quite as nice as Windows 7, to be honest.21:42
DanaGI know there's CellWriter for Gnome... is there a KDE native equivalent?21:42
DanaGI also found that the large size (in pixels) of Oxygen was helpful.21:42
DanaGargh, cdimage.ubuntu.com is being extremely slow.22:39
DanaG122 kilobytes per second.22:39
magn3tsNatty's torent tracker's throwing a 400...23:03
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kklimondaany idea if I can test gnome shell in virtualbox?23:55

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