hot_wheelzhi guys anyone know if the well documented Dell XPS 15 (L501X) Suspend Mode Fix on Ubuntu 10.10 has been or will be pushed to natty05:54
ikthot_wheelz, link to the well documented suspend mode fix?05:55
hot_wheelzikt, search [SOLVED] Dell XPS 15 (L501X) Suspend Mode Fix on Ubuntu 10.10 05:57
hot_wheelzthis tell u all u need05:57
hot_wheelzikt,  see what i am refereeing to06:00
iktit refers to this bug:06:01
lubotu2Launchpad bug 522998 in linux (Ubuntu Natty) "XHCI (USB 3.0) kernel Module Prevents Suspend" [Medium,Fix released]06:01
iktwhich has:06:01
iktUSB 3.0 Power Management support landed in 2.6.37, and was pulled into natty, marking that task Fix Released. <- commented06:01
hot_wheelzikt,  so this won't happen any more in natty OTB right?06:03
iktah out the box06:04
iktyeah, technically it should just work06:04
hot_wheelzikt thanks06:06
iktall good :)06:06
hot_wheelzone more thing06:07
hot_wheelzso in 10.10 would u still to need to apply that patch mentioned in the thread or has it been fixed and pushed out with a kernel update then06:09
iktyou'd still need to apply the patch06:10
hot_wheelzthought so06:10
hot_wheelzthanks have a good106:11
iktbecause it affects a .35 kernel, and the fix is in the .37 kernel, in order to fix the issue in 10.10, they would have to take the fix out of 37 and put it in 35, they could do that, but by the looks of that report it's to big an issue to do easily06:11
ikt"Marking the Maverick/Lucid tasks as won't fix as these changes have been found to be too intrusive to backport."06:12
hot_wheelzsure ok06:13
Bulldog2010hello all how r we 2night12:09
nisshhBulldog2010, hello12:12
nisshhBulldog2010, i would appreciate it if you didnt talk like this was an IM chat, this is IRC12:12
Bulldog2010ok no worries12:16
* Bulldog2010 is away: Please Leave A Message and Ill Get Back To You12:56
nisshhBulldog2010, hey, please turn off your away message, it sends to every channel14:13
iktsup nisshh 14:14
nisshhhey ikt14:14
iktwhat you up to?14:14
nisshhnot much, just watching some TV episodes on my PC14:15
nisshhmight write some code a bit later14:15
iktbah :P14:15
iktI'm testing 11.0414:15
iktso many bugs14:15
iktso little time14:15
iktimpossible to fix them all14:15
iktbut so many bug reports are so bad :/14:15
iktlike vague14:16
ikt"computer made a noise"14:16
iktthen return 3 weeks later asking if it has been fixed14:16
nisshhikt, yeah, and then you also get the people who report a bug, then try and get it fixed by advertising it as much as possible14:17
nisshhnot helping at all14:17
ikti'll brb14:17
* Bulldog2010 is back (gone 09:30:33)22:26
nisshhBulldog2010, PLEASE turn off your away notifications22:33
Bulldog2010sorry done22:47
blahdeblahBulldog2010: We're in a new year now, you know... ;-)23:14
Bulldog2010yea i know23:18
Bulldog2010its 2010 because thats the year i started useing Ubuntu yeahbest thing i ever did23:20
Bulldog2010life is so much simpler with ubuntu23:20

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