igmsjust a question is there anybody know how can i join Ubuntu Beginners Team in launchpad01:12
ddecatoris it moderated?01:12
ddecatoroh, restricted01:12
ddecatorigms: you'd have to work towards membership :)01:13
igmsi didn't get that01:13
igmsi do some work and they put me the team ? ( sorry about my english )01:14
ddecatorigms: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Membership01:16
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r4ywhat's the difference between this command and this one?:"sudo shutdown -rF now", "sudo touch /forcefsck"07:50
r4yand if the filesystem is force checked on every boot what command would set it back to default?07:51
r4yI am not having any trouble07:51
r4yI am just asking questions for future referencing, I have a text file for it07:51
AJH101Different people have different favourite vack up tools. Has anyone got any valid reasons for choosing one over the other?09:44
nlsthznPreference... personal choice... Having specific needs...09:49
AJH101Anyone know if Deja Dupe is any better or worse than other backup progs?10:03
r4yI can't get recordmydesktop to work10:06
r4yimproper window specification error 281610:06
r4yHow do I apply this patch?:11:35
ceroberoshello guys13:14
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nevhi all17:13
nevi am trying to update a flash plugin for chromium (ubuntu 10.10).17:13
nevhave downloaded official "install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz" which contains only "libflashplayer.so"i guess i need to use terminal to replace or update the old file. so how do i do this17:13
nevsorry :(17:14
Abhijitnev, sorry for what?17:16
nevpasting and overloading17:17
holsteinchrome should just play flash right?17:17
Abhijitnev, in places -> search for files -> type *.so and search in File systema and there you will get the location and replace that file with your new file. but this may break your flash. but you can try this17:18
Abhijitholstein, no17:19
nevholstein: yep, usually does but after an ubuntu update  the plugin is now out of date17:19
holsteinnev: try just updating17:19
holsteinand using the packages in the repos17:19
nevok found location of file, how do i replace it?17:25
holsteinnev: there should be a readme in the download17:26
Abhijitsudo cp file1 file217:26
holsteini would check it out though17:26
nevholstein: no readme just .so17:26
holsteini cant imagine it being out of date compared to the one in the repos17:26
holsteinat least not for very long17:26
holsteinnev: whats the problem with flash?17:28
nevhalfwaay there, with sudo cp file1 file 2, just got to extract it to somewhere i can find it. cheers for the help guys, dinners ready!!17:45
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