greg-gakgraner: you met Asheesh from OpenHatch? He's one of my best buds.00:05
pleia2we all love asheesh :)00:17
jcastroPendulum: I meant more predictable as in 5 minutes in you're like "ugh, brother didn't make it and him and his family are living vicariously through him."02:50
jcastrothey could have done the true story part without it being so blatantly about the whole freeriding thing02:50
Pendulumfair enough :)02:58
Pendulumdid you know that Million Dollar Baby was based on a true story? except the woman didn't actually commit suicide02:58
Pendulum(or so I've been told)02:59
Pendulum(my source is a short film about disability in Hollywood)02:59
jcastroI've not seen that yet03:08
jcastroit's  always on the todo03:09
evilvish<porthose> Any one aware of this?  Would be interesting to see Ubuntu represented there :) http://www.nasa.gov/home/hqnews/2011/mar/HQ_11-070_Open_Source_Summit.html16:35
pleia2it's my understanding that it's invite-only, and we didn't get invites :)16:44
pleia2they do use a fair amount of linux over there though16:47
evilvishoh! invite-only.. :s16:49
czajkowskijcastro: you about ?18:19
jcastroque tal18:19
czajkowskijcastro: upgraded to natty right, but now I've no sound18:19
czajkowskitrying to report a bug18:19
czajkowskibut dont know what to put it against :(18:20
jcastroone sec18:20
jcastroubuntu-bug audio18:22
czajkowskinot sure I'm gone on the auto hide18:23
czajkowskibut going to try it18:23
m4n1shjcastro: I got a compiz out of memory issue :)18:24
czajkowskipackage audio does not exist18:24
jcastroubuntu-bug alsa-base18:24
czajkowskiaye that;ll do it18:26
czajkowskijcastro: thank you18:26
nigelbhrm, ubuntu bug audio should work18:27
czajkowskiPlease try again18:28
czajkowskiSorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.18:28
czajkowskiTry reloading this page in a minute or two. If the problem persists, let us know in the #launchpad IRC channel on Freenode.18:28
czajkowskiThanks for your patience.18:28
m4n1shI got a weird Unity/Compiz error - Snapshot - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1237964/CompizOutOfMemory.jpg18:29
jcastromaybe unity --reset?18:29
nigelbczajkowski: can you try apport-cli audio?18:29
czajkowskilaunchpad admins are sooo helpful18:38
czajkowskilp is a bit broken it seems18:40
czajkowskita da18:41
ubot2czajkowski: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/734427)18:41
* czajkowski kick lp up the ass 18:42
czajkowskicant watch any movies :(19:59
czajkowskipleia2: hows the shamrock looking20:00
pleia2czajkowski: shamrock?20:01
czajkowskithe stuff I gave you to grow20:02
czajkowskiin Brussels20:02
pleia2czajkowski: oh yeah, it turns out I have a brown thumb :(20:02
pleia2or they just don't want to grow in a highrise20:02
pleia2I even put them by the window!20:02
pleia2I was worried the cats would eat them when they grew, but they decided not to grow20:03
czajkowskiclearly too sunny over there and they weren't used to that20:03
pleia2poor shamrocks :)20:05
nhandlerpleia2: You can always enjoy a lovely shamrock shake at mcdonalds ;)20:21
pleia2not sure enjoy is the right word :)20:25
* nhandler doesn't care for them20:26
* mhall119 now wants a minty milkshake20:27
paultagpleia2: sheesh, having trouble growing stuff that grows wild? ;)20:28
pleia2paultag: attempting growing irish shamrocks in a highrise in a city is probably just the Wrong Way To Do It20:29
paultagpleia2: (tm) :)20:29
mhall119trying to grow anything in a highrise in a city is probably wrong20:30
mhall119though I do hear about people starting roof-top gardens20:32
pleia2there are some planters on the roof, but it's way too windy up there to grow anything small and not hearty20:32
czajkowskiand remember folks it's PADDYS day not PAttys day or we're going to have a falling out21:14
* czajkowski has booked paddys day off this year21:37
czajkowskiam not working a day I've never had to work before21:37
czajkowskiso 3 day week ftw :D21:37
czajkowskibooked Friday off also as 2 of my mates from ireland are coming over for the rubgy meet up21:37
nhandlerMe and Patty are good friends czajkowski :D22:09
pleia2I always say st pat's, so I guess I don't get a beating this time around ;)22:29
pleia2that page is pretty funny with the twitternets22:29
mhall119you mean it's not a celebration of the guy who invented the beef patty?23:05

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