Strykeris the alpha release able to support nvidia cards yet without xorg crashing?00:04
srk9penguin42: I meant to file a separate bug report so that the Ubuntu SDL maintainer sees it. It turns out that I do have a launchpad account from several years back, so I will file one for that.00:09
penguin42srk9: Don't need to, that bug is against libsdl now00:09
penguin42(as well as wesnoth) - I guess I could update the title00:09
srk9Ah, cool.00:10
penguin42srk9: I tried and built an sdl with that fix in, wesnoth now does scroll right - not that I've got a clue about the game, but hey00:13
srk9penguin42: Neat. I am going to post some more information in the bug report.00:15
penguin42please do - and thanks for the pointer00:15
srk9penguin42: Any time. I only wish there was an easier way to promulgate knowledge about bugs between distributions.00:18
srk9I posted more information about this to the bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wesnoth-1.8/+bug/72504400:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 725044 in wesnoth-1.8 (Ubuntu) "graphic corruption while scrolling right" [Undecided,New]00:18
penguin42srk9: Launchpad can link to bug reports in other distros00:18
srk9penguin42: Really?00:19
penguin42srk9: Yeh - have you got a gentoo bug for it?00:19
srk9Yes. I forgot to include the link.00:19
penguin42what's the URL?00:19
ubottubugs.gentoo.org bug 357687 in Core system "media-libs/libsdl assumes passing overlapping memory regions to memcpy() is safe" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]00:19
SpamapS^Z9349kB   109kB/s | Fetching revisions:Inserting stream:Estimate 91760/9193900:19
SpamapSI just love checking out samba... :-P00:19
srk9There is also a separate bug for Wesnoth specifically: http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35417500:20
ubottubugs.gentoo.org bug 354175 in Games "games-strategy/wesnoth-1.8.5 scrolling breaks with sys-libs/glibc-2.13" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]00:20
srk9Ah, I see.00:20
penguin42srk9: See, I added an also affects distribution00:21
penguin42hey - how did it pick up the link to teh sdl one?00:23
penguin42it somehow picked up a link to the sdl bugzilla, not quite sure how lp did that00:24
srk9You posted one in a comment.00:25
srk9It must have parsed the comment and detected it.00:25
* penguin42 didn't think it was that smart!00:26
srk9I added an "Also affects Fedora", although the bug report I cited is not a fedora bug tracker bug. It is the Wesnoth bug where a Fedora user reported this issue.00:26
srk9I wanted if there is some way I can change my name on Launch Pad. I would prefer to use my real first name as opposed to my email handle.00:27
penguin42srk9: Ask on #launchpad for that, although it's very quiet00:28
srk9Is there any way for someone to nominate a bug for blocker status? This is probably something that should be addressed before Ubuntu 11.04 is released, although I am not sure if it will get attention.00:29
srk9It seems I messed up. I noticed that I could add "also affects project", but it ended up being added to libsdl rather than wesnoth. :/00:35
srk9I seem to have fixed it. :)00:36
penguin42There used to be a 'nominate for...' but that seems to have gone00:37
srk9penguin42: I guess only privileged people can use that now. Perhaps they had too many nominations.00:39
penguin42I've asked on #ubuntu-bugs for someone to set priority - I'll try keep asking00:40
penguin42and they've done that and added a nomination for Natty; so just sit back and we're hopefully good00:41
SpamapSwtf.. samba's revision history is 300+MB ?!00:52
* SpamapS just had de ja vu00:53
SpamapSI think I was shocked at this last summer too00:53
broderThat doesn't seem all that unreasonable. It's an old project, for starters00:53
SpamapSyeah and a bear to maintain00:54
broderProbably been rewritten, or at least heavily refactored, more than once in its lifetime00:54
SpamapS375061kB   156kB/s \ Fetching revisions:Inserting stream:Estimate 97479/9751900:54
SpamapSluckily starbucks is fairly empty00:55
SpamapSwhats awesome.. after all of that... "Branched 102 revision(s)."00:57
SpamapSbroder: definitely an old package.. its on its *third* epoch00:59
lifelessSpamapS: o/01:29
SpamapSlifeless: 'morning01:32
SpamapSor, afternoon.. ;)01:33
SpamapSlifeless: all quiet down there?01:44
* SpamapS disappears back into the shadows02:13
lifelessSpamapS: yes04:52
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porthoseAny one aware of this?  Would be interesting to see Ubuntu represented there :) http://www.nasa.gov/home/hqnews/2011/mar/HQ_11-070_Open_Source_Summit.html12:48
SpamapSI think Jono Bacon lives nearby.. I'm always surprised how few ubuntu-ers are in the bay area tho12:50
SpamapStons of users.. but not many devs12:51
* porthose wants to see an ubuntu sticker on the side of a mars rover :)12:53
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jasonmany binary packages are built from "xorg-server" source..   it takes long time, so I want to build xorg-server-core only...  Anyone has an idea on how to build a specific binary package?13:46
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ScottKUnless you're going to do it regularly it would take longer to customize the packaging than to just build the whole thing.16:19
evilvishporthose: iirc, maco blogged that she had seen NASA systems using Ubuntu..16:28
evilvishmaybe 2 yrs ago..16:28
evilvishyup ยป http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com/2008/07/nasa-uses-ubuntu.html16:30
aromananyone know how I can trick ubiquity into showing it's panel?17:25
aromani've gotten it to show the greeter interface by setting some environment variables, but it will not show it's panel17:25
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abhinav-If the development release of apport is 1.19 then why does the lp:ubuntu/apport branch is having 1.14 ?20:42
micahgabhinav-: http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/apport.html#2011-02-24%2020:16:15.35170820:47
abhinav-micahg, oh ok. I had a patch for a small bitesize bug which I unknowingly developed against the branch I forked from lp:ubuntu/apport20:49
abhinav-micahg : I see that lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/natty/apport/ubuntu has the latest version. I will branch from here and submit a merge proposal for this branch . would that be right ?20:53
micahgabhinav-: yes20:56
abhinav-micahg: ok thanks :)20:56
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