r4yHow do I apply this patch?:11:40
AlanBellhi r4y, this probably isn't the best channel for that kind of question11:41
AlanBelltry #ubuntu11:41
AlanBellor your loco channel11:41
r4ySo many people11:41
AlanBellyeah, I know11:41
r4yI am already there11:41
AlanBellwhat country are you in?11:41
AlanBellwhat state?11:42
AlanBell#ubuntu-us-ca would be worth a try11:42
r4yWell, it was worth a shot11:43
r4yThank you for trying to point me in the right direction, I was at the ubuntu-beginners channel but no ones around11:44
r4yat the moment and for the past couple hours11:44
r4yo well11:45
AlanBellok, keep trying though11:45
AlanBellit is a sunday morning for much of the world11:45
r4yMaybe I should try when I have more time11:45
r4ythey helped me find out what bug recordmydesktop has I think but I am unsure11:45
r4yThank you, I am going to go, keep rocking dude11:46
pleia2yeah, that was 4:46AM in california, all sleeping :)16:50
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