m4vabout #ubuntu-br, for future reference, now I notice that derp00's account is predador00 and that nick is banned in u-br, so he was ban evading besides of trolling.03:11
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pozzi0ok this is my story18:52
pozzi0i rly need help with ubuntu coz i need it for the university18:52
pozzi0so i came in #ubuntu-it (because im italian) i started talking with some users18:53
pozzi0everything ok18:53
pozzi0and then18:53
pozzi0i did a mistake18:53
pozzi0and i deserved a big punishment.18:53
pozzi0 i said a blasfemy (or a profanity dunno whats the english for that)18:53
pozzi0then ok. nothing happened18:53
pozzi0then 10 seconds and i was banned18:54
pozzi0probably in those 10 seconds @moderator thought that if he had banned me, i would have gone to heaven..18:54
pozzi0he would have gone18:54
pozzi0to heaven18:54
pozzi0im saying this not just to be unbanned18:55
pozzi0think about it.18:55
DJonespozzi0: If you wait around for a while, there may be an op from #ubuntu-it around that can speak to you about this19:01
pozzi0ok im waiting19:30
pozzi0but ive not lost my hopes19:30
pozzi0im sure that i will reveive justice19:30
DJonespozzi0: It seems to be quiet at the moment, but no doubt somebody will be around in a while19:36
pozzi0yea no doubt19:37
pozzi0be faithful19:37
nhandlerIt looks like they also have an #ubuntu-it-ops channel19:39

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