kristian-aalborghi ppl00:31
kristian-aalborgwohoo, I think it's almost there :)02:33
kristian-aalborgjj-afk: ping?02:33
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kristian-aalborghurm, I got a make error due to missing modules10:40
jj-afkkristian-aalborg: skip_modules=true fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic10:42
kristian-aalborgI passed it with the skipmodule=true flag, but it seems that something's amiss10:42
kristian-aalborgit asked me to run mrproper, now debian/rules is gone (which I kind of knew it would be"10:43
jj-afkright you need to move debian/ and debian.master out before running mrproper10:44
kristian-aalborgI cp'd them from my backup dir10:46
kristian-aalborgI'm mostly trying to figure out why the process won't run... I'm not expecting a working kernel atm10:47
kristian-aalborgI wonder if it's the .config I made which is at fault?10:48
* kristian-aalborg boots up other computer 10:55
kristian-aalborgjj-afk: I got the git version of the kernel, then followed the instructions you gave me the other day... correct?10:58
jj-afkit should work with either but I have only ever used the git tree10:58
jj-afkif you are using the git tree there is a trick you can use with make mrproper10:59
jj-afkinstead of moving the debian and debian/master files, you can do10:59
kristian-aalborgmy .config is made by apt-getting the source, then make localmodconfig and make menuconfig 10:59
jj-afkmake mrproper10:59
jj-afkgit checkout -f10:59
jj-afkthe git checkout -f will restore them10:59
kristian-aalborgis the correct way, right?11:00
jj-afkbe ware that fdr clean and fdr prepare-generic will destroy / overwrite the .config so you need to copy it in after those11:00
jj-afkyes it will work11:01
jj-afkyou can also use11:01
jj-afkfakeroot debian/rules updateconfig11:02
jj-afkerr make that editconfig11:02
jj-afkit will ask you which configs to edit and do a make menuconfig, and update the debian/config files11:02
kristian-aalborgI have the feeling something's fundamentally wrong11:02
jj-afkthen you won't need to copy in your config11:03
jj-afkgive editconfigs a try11:03
jj-afkstart clean with,11:03
jj-afkfakeroot debian/rules clean11:03
jj-afkgit checkout -f11:03
jj-afkerr actually switch the order (git checkout first)11:04
kristian-aalborgthis dir is a mess, I should probably back to start11:04
jj-afkfakeroot debian/rules editconfig(s) ?11:04
jj-afkif you haven't committed anything11:04
jj-afkgit checkout -f will undo your changes11:04
kristian-aalborgreally? all of them?11:05
jj-afkits a good way to get back to a clean state11:05
jj-afkwell usually, there are few files it isn't tracking, but yeah11:05
kristian-aalborgI'm getting a bit annoyed with Linus, though ;)11:06
jj-afkhehe :)11:06
kristian-aalborgis it common for this stuff to fail this much or should I check if something's wrong with my system somehow?11:07
kristian-aalborgboth computers in question are running 10.4... should "just work", I'd figure11:07
jj-afkkristian-aalborg: well it depends what your doing,11:08
jj-afkif you suspect a problem, try a clean kernel build with no changes11:09
jj-afkthat should work11:09
jj-afkif it doesn't you know there is a something wrong11:09
jj-afkif your just doing config changes, the recompile can be made to be pretty fast if the build is cleared11:10
jj-afkwell it depends on the config changes11:10
kristian-aalborgnothing is fast on a 2g surf ;)11:14
kristian-aalborgby "cleared", you mean doing fakeroot debian/rules clean?11:15
jj-afksorry, if it isn't cleared11:17
jj-afkif you are doing a rebuild, and your changes don't require a full rebuild then you don't want to do an fakeroot debian/rules clean11:18
jj-afkyou want to rm debian/stamps/stamps-build-*11:18
jj-afkmake your changes / copy in your new configs11:19
jj-afkand then do fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic11:19
jj-afkthis will keep the old build .o files around and Make will uses timestamps to figure out what parts need recompiling11:20
kristian-aalborgI'm  starting over, it's easier I think :)11:20
kristian-aalborgjj-afk: I'm back to basics now - where do I start?11:56
jj-afkkristian-aalborg: just build the kernel with no changes, and see how that goes11:57
kristian-aalborggood thinking11:57
jj-afkfakeroot debian/rules clean11:57
jj-afkfakeroot debian/rule binary-generic11:57
* kristian-aalborg is on it12:08
kristian-aalborggah, computer died13:41
kristian-aalborghi again20:05
kristian-aalborgsomething I was thinking of... why isn't there a server where you can upload your .config and then download the .deb?20:06

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