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jenkinsevening all18:19
jenkinsmeeting in 2 minutes right?19:59
ChrisWoollardLong time no see19:59
c7phello all19:59
jenkinsHello, yea sorry real life has me very busy20:00
jenkinshow is everyone?20:00
ChrisWoollardAlright I guess20:00
* dutchie back too20:00
jenkinshello dutchie20:00
ChrisWoollardHello dutchie20:00
c7phey dutchie20:00
ChrisWoollardIs Godbyk around?20:01
jenkinsanyone here with a launchpad id of rutcast who is interested in quickshot?20:03
ChrisWoollardI haven't20:03
jenkinsor anyone esle :D20:04
jenkinsetherpad tells you what browser people ar eusing if you hover over their name20:04
jenkinswell it did a minute ago20:05
c7pjenkins yes you use Chrome, interesting ... ;)20:05
jenkinscorrect :)20:05
ChrisWoollardHow long should we wait?20:07
jenkins2 more mins20:08
ChrisWoollardDoes anybody know how the meeting bot thing works?20:09
c7pi don't :/20:09
jenkinstype "#startmeeting" iirc20:09
jenkinsor with as space20:10
ChrisWoollardOk then20:11
ChrisWoollard#start meeting20:12
MootBotMeeting started at 15:12. The chair is ChrisWoollard.20:12
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]20:12
ChrisWoollardOkay then, i guess that is it20:12
MootBotLINK received:  http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UbuntuManualMeetingMarch2011-120:13
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ChrisWoollard#topic Feedback on role advertisments20:13
godbykHey, guys.  Sorry I'm late.20:14
jenkinsits [topic]20:14
RawChid[TOPIC] Feedback on role advertisments20:14
c7phi Kevin20:14
ChrisWoollard[TOPIC] Feedback on role advertisments20:14
MootBotNew Topic:  Feedback on role advertisments20:14
jenkinshello godbyk20:14
ChrisWoollardCool. thanks20:14
ChrisWoollardGodbyk. Have you reviewed the roles?20:15
jenkinsdid we get any aplicats?20:15
godbykWe did get some applicants, yes.20:15
ChrisWoollarda handfull20:15
godbykLet me collect the emails and put them up on the web or paste them someplace.20:15
godbykOne moment.20:15
c7pneat :D20:15
daker_hello all ツ20:15
ChrisWoollardFor those that didn't see. We have a page on ubuntu-manual.org/jobs now20:17
ChrisWoollardWe should really have prepared this in advance.20:20
jenkinsshall id do a quickshot update its a bit out of sink?20:20
jenkinsas far as the agenda is20:20
ChrisWoollardmaybe i should change the topic20:21
ChrisWoollard[TOPIC] Quickshot update20:21
MootBotNew Topic:  Quickshot update20:21
jenkinsIt functions enough to create the screenshots for the next release, I could do with a list as I have yet to install latex20:22
jenkins*list of screenshots20:22
godbyk(Okay, I've pasted the emails and resumes that we've received so far to http://kevin.godby.org/private/ubuntu-manual/jobs/.)20:22
ChrisWoollardgodbyk. We will come back to that.20:22
jenkinsI am trying to fix a bug  with the contributor details but not managed yet as flan did a rewrite20:23
godbykChrisWoollard: np.20:23
jenkinsI will get my head around it though.20:23
jenkinswe could do with some more people. Nothing much eles to say20:23
jenkinswhere did the website get to?20:24
ChrisWoollardjenkins: Is there any documentation on Quickshot?20:24
jenkinsno afraid not20:24
daker_jenkins, http://test.ubuntu-manual.org20:25
jenkinsdaker_ how about the quickshot one20:25
daker_it's almost complete20:26
jenkinsnice :)20:26
ChrisWoollardOkay. Maybe then we should collect a list of chapters and get volunteers to get a list of screenshots for that chapter?20:26
ChrisWoollardto spread the load a little20:26
jenkinsI will install latex in the mean while20:26
ChrisWoollardJenkins: What exactly do you need screenshot wise?20:27
jenkinsthe resolution we want the at, sicking with 1024x768?20:27
ChrisWoollardyes. for now.20:28
RawChidHey, I just fall into this, but what did you mean by < jenkins> we could do with some more people.20:28
jenkinsa description of them and the aplication20:28
jenkinsWell I dont have much time so people willing to code python and create docs for quickshot would be great20:28
RawChidSo you need developers20:29
jenkinsyep, my python is basic at best20:29
dutchiei have been known to poke at python from time to time20:29
* dutchie downloads source code20:29
jenkinssounds good. shall we move to another topic?20:30
ChrisWoollardI'll send out a list of chapters to the mailing list20:30
dutchielooks like we can head back to jobs stuff now godbyk got the things online?20:30
ChrisWoollardwith the requirements and ask for voluteers to review what we need20:31
ChrisWoollard[action] ChrisWoollard to send out to the mailing list screenshot requiremnts and ask for volunteers to review20:31
MootBotACTION received:  ChrisWoollard to send out to the mailing list screenshot requiremnts and ask for volunteers to review20:31
jenkinsare there any cahnges from 10.04?20:32
ChrisWoollard[topic] Feedback on jobs part 220:32
MootBotNew Topic:  Feedback on jobs part 220:32
ChrisWoollardjenkins: yes, installer, plus some app changes20:33
godbykI've pasted the text of the emails and the attached resumes/CVs here: http://kevin.godby.org/private/ubuntu-manual/jobs/20:33
godbykWe had two applicants for the project leader role and three applicants for the editor in chief role.20:33
dutchiewell i suppose the first thing is whether we leave applications open or not20:34
c7pgodbyk: the advertisement has been done through the uk podacast ?20:34
dutchiethen how we choose between applicants20:34
dutchiec7p: i believe so, yes20:34
ChrisWoollardplus the planet20:34
godbykChrisWoollard handled the advertising. We had an announcement on the UK podcast and also posted to Planet Ubuntu.20:35
godbykChrisWoollard: Were there any other adverts?20:35
c7pok thx20:35
ChrisWoollardthe mailing list20:35
godbykAh, right. And the Ubuntu Manual mailing list.20:35
ChrisWoollardI also believe I Tweeted it to #Ubuntu20:36
godbykNobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!20:37
dutchie@TheUbuntuManual didn't tweet it though20:37
manualbotdutchie: Error: "TheUbuntuManual" is not a valid command.20:37
dutchiesilly manualbot20:37
godbykdutchie: Yeah, I can't find the password for that account. I'll have to email Ben about that.20:37
ChrisWoollardno. I think we were looking for the logins for that20:37
ChrisWoollard[ACTION] Godbyk to e-mail Ben to get the logins to our Twitter account :)20:38
MootBotACTION received:  Godbyk to e-mail Ben to get the logins to our Twitter account :)20:38
jenkinsI think I may have the login some where20:38
c7pif the jobs are still open to new applicants then maybe we should update the facebook about the advertisements and also send a mail to OMG!Ubuntu guys, probably to Ben20:38
ChrisWoollardAny thoughts on the applicants20:39
godbykAction completed. :-)20:39
ChrisWoollardIf we are going to leave it open then the webpage should be modified20:39
ChrisWoollardto remove the date.20:39
c7pyes you are right20:40
jenkinsdoes that not imply we do not like any of the candiates that have appled so far?20:40
ChrisWoollardWe haven't heard any feedback yet20:41
godbykjenkins: Not necessarily. It'd be nice to have a larger pool of applicants, though.  And we should probably have advertised it more widely.20:41
c7pthe fact is that i didn't knew about the adv to promote it, maybe there are many other people out there that are also interested20:41
jenkinssure, just putting a thought out there20:41
ChrisWoollardWe should change it so that people know it is community and not paid ;)20:42
c7pi think the more options we have the better for the project20:42
godbykIt sounds like most people think we should extend the deadline.  If so, what's the new proposed deadline?20:43
ChrisWoollardanother 2 weeks?20:43
c7ptwo weeks max20:43
ChrisWoollardgodbyk: can you adjust the dates on the webpage?20:44
godbykChrisWoollard: Sure.20:44
godbykSo the new deadline is Friday, 25 March?20:44
ChrisWoollard[Action] Godbyk to update the Job Advertisment (+2 weeks)20:45
MootBotACTION received:  Godbyk to update the Job Advertisment (+2 weeks)20:45
ChrisWoollardCan you also make it so it sounds less like it is paid.20:45
godbykYeah, I'll put a note at the top.20:46
godbykJust a moment.20:46
godbyk(Have to find the proper css class.)20:46
ChrisWoollardWhere should we send it?20:46
ChrisWoollardBen @ omgubuntu20:46
ChrisWoollardmaybe the Linux Outlaws podcast?20:47
ChrisWoollardthat was weird. got kicked out20:47
ChrisWoollardany other marketing ideas?20:48
c7pat Ben, maybe post it to ubuntuforums and wherever everyone of us can20:48
godbykChrisWoollard: How's the note at the top of http://ubuntu-manual.org/jobs sound?20:48
ChrisWoollardThat should do it. :D20:49
godbykI tried to be as clear as possible. :)20:49
ChrisWoollardIt is probably so obvious that people won't see it20:49
c7pshould we add also editors, writters to the job list ? Natty release is near20:49
c7pChrisWoollard: haha20:50
ChrisWoollardAs we have Jenkins here, maybe he could review the quickshot job description20:51
ChrisWoollardc7p: do you have the link?20:51
c7phm just a moment20:51
godbykIf we get some Quickshot developers on board, we'll need to be able to send them to jenkins or flan or someone to get them started.20:52
godbykjenkins: Will you be able to help new developers get up to speed?20:52
ChrisWoollardI'll mail Ben and the Linux Outlaws people about the jobs20:52
jenkinsI can't explain the code very much faln did most/ all of it20:52
c7poh no ! typewithme removed all pads !20:52
jenkinsI can explain the theory and release syetem20:53
ChrisWoollard[action] Chris Woollard to mail Ben and Linux outlaws for marketing20:53
MootBotACTION received:  Chris Woollard to mail Ben and Linux outlaws for marketing20:53
ChrisWoollardmaybe they get aged out on that site20:53
ChrisWoollardanything else or next topic20:54
c7p3/12/2011 - Typewith.me experienced a database crash. We are  currently working on restoring old pads to a seperate site, and will  post a link if and when that data becomes available!20:54
c7pnext topic20:54
godbykI haven't had a change to do anything with docbook yet.  I'll take another stab at that this week.20:55
ChrisWoollardnew contributors?20:55
ChrisWoollardanything for that?20:55
ChrisWoollard[topic] New Contributors20:56
MootBotNew Topic:  New Contributors20:56
c7pthat's relevant to the previous topic20:56
ChrisWoollardwe probably covered all that20:57
ChrisWoollard[topic] Docbook20:57
MootBotNew Topic:  Docbook20:57
ChrisWoollard[action] Godbyk to continue investigating20:57
MootBotACTION received:  Godbyk to continue investigating20:57
ChrisWoollard[topic] 11.04 writing20:57
MootBotNew Topic:  11.04 writing20:57
ChrisWoollardweren't you going to branch 10.10?20:58
godbykI can, yeah.20:58
godbykAre we effectively at a writing freeze there?  (i.e., is it a good time to branch, or should I wait?)20:58
ChrisWoollardat least then we can say to people that we can review and update the text20:58
godbykOr should we wait until we've made a decision re: docbook?20:58
ChrisWoollardI don't know.20:59
ChrisWoollardThere was an item to the mailing list about collaborating more with the doc team20:59
godbykYeah, it's still sitting in my inbox. I want to write Phil back.21:00
godbykI'm always up for collaboration.21:00
godbykOur last conversation just kind of petered out, I think.21:00
ChrisWoollardDoes anybody have views on branching now or waiting until maverick is complete?21:01
ChrisWoollardLets defer until next meeting.21:02
ChrisWoollardIf we can get the screenshots going in the next 2 weeks, that might help us21:02
godbykI'll have a better idea as far as docbook goes by then.21:02
ChrisWoollard[action] Defer 11.04 branch until next meeting. Pending screenshot work and docbook review21:03
MootBotACTION received:  Defer 11.04 branch until next meeting. Pending screenshot work and docbook review21:03
ChrisWoollard[topic] Any Other Business21:03
MootBotNew Topic:  Any Other Business21:03
ChrisWoollarddoes anybody have anything?21:04
godbykNothing from me.21:04
c7pi have21:04
c7pi said it to the previous meeting also21:05
c7pwhat is it going with translations ? maverick is available for translation21:05
ChrisWoollardWhat was that? I forget21:05
c7phave you looked upon removing the option of translating it ?21:06
ChrisWoollardDon't we have to wait for the writing freeze first21:06
godbykc7p: I haven't done anything with translations.  Do you have permissions to modify the settings?  If so, I'd say just jump in and fix it.21:06
c7pgodbyk i don't have permission21:06
godbykc7p: Okay. Do you know what the settings *should* be?  If so, let me know and I'll try to fix them.21:07
c7pnope :( i don't know21:07
ChrisWoollardYou need to be in the Manual Project Admins Team i think21:07
ChrisWoollardIncidentally I am not in that either ;)21:07
godbykWell, I can fix that!21:08
c7pgodbyk the fixer ! :D21:08
ChrisWoollardAnything else21:09
godbykOkay, ChrisWoollard and c7p: Welcome to the Ubuntu Manual Admins team.21:09
godbyk(Whatever that entails.)21:09
godbykGo forth and make things right.21:09
godbykDon't be evil.21:09
godbykAnd don't forget to pay your dues. ;-)21:09
c7pcool :p21:09
c7plol, ok anything else ?21:10
ChrisWoollardAny Other Any Other Business?21:10
godbykNothing from me.21:11
ChrisWoollard[topic] Next Meeting21:11
MootBotNew Topic:  Next Meeting21:11
ChrisWoollard2 Weeks?21:12
godbykWorks for me.21:12
jenkinsI will do my best to be there21:12
ChrisWoollardDoes anybody feel like organising it?21:13
ChrisWoollardi.e. Sorting out the notes / mailing list / doodle etc21:13
c7pi can21:13
c7pbut one thing21:14
c7pplease add items to the agenda guys :) we are an open project21:14
c7pthat's it21:14
ChrisWoollard[action] All Team Members - Add agenda items if you have a point to make21:15
MootBotACTION received:  All Team Members - Add agenda items if you have a point to make21:15
c7pxD nice21:15
godbykAnd then be sure to attend that meeting so you can present your agenda items.21:15
godbyk('cause if I'm running the meeting and you've added an agenda item, I may not know what you were thinking about when you wrote it.)21:16
ChrisWoollardAlso, Does anybody want to write up the minutes for the wiki?21:16
* jenkins is getting there on bug #69151121:16
manualbotLaunchpad bug 691511 in quickshot "Crash after pressing screenshot submit button" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69151121:16
ChrisWoollardOkay, fair enough. I will write up the minutes.21:17
MootBotMeeting finished at 16:17.21:17
jenkinsthanks ChrisWoollard21:17
c7pgood job ChrisWoollard21:17
c7pit was nice to see you jenkins after some months :)21:18
godbykYeah, thanks for coming, jenkins!21:18
godbykDid you guys see this? http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/new-gwibber-user-guide-makes-mastering-social-networking-in-ubuntu-easy/21:18
jenkinsthanks, I will try to hang around a bit more21:18
ChrisWoollardJenkins: Can you write me a brief overview on quickshot. what it does, why it is so great, and maybe how to use it.21:19
c7pgodbyk: interesting21:19
jenkinsI will work on it ChrisWoollard, probably starting with how to use it21:20
ChrisWoollardI know you showed me a bit. but it didn't really help me understand it21:20
jenkinsnp I will endevor to create some instructions21:21
ChrisWoollardI want to try and get more people to understand it.21:21
jenkinsmakes sensecurrently there are 2 people who know how to me and faln21:22
ChrisWoollardIt seems that screenshots are the main hold up at the moment for the maverick manual21:22
jenkins:( sorry my fauk21:22
ChrisWoollardNot totally. We as a team have neglected that side of things. So don't really know anything obout quickshot.21:23
ChrisWoollardSo, with any luck we can change that. and get us going again :)21:25
ChrisWoollardOn a seperate note. How are you? It has been a long time since you have been seen.21:25
jenkinsI haev been nipping in and out quite alot, but i am good my placement is going well. Running a scout section is by biggested time consumer21:27
jenkins*by far21:28
* jenkins should haev checked that21:28
ChrisWoollardScouts... As in.... dib dib dib21:28
jenkinsits good I have been doing it for year21:28
jenkinsbut came back home for placement as my local one was falling apart21:29
jenkinsso been working hard to recover it21:29
ChrisWoollardThat is really good.21:30
jenkinsyou been up to much21:30
ChrisWoollardNot too much. I have been working on the Ubuntu Manual, I bit on the Developer Manual + my own life.21:32
ChrisWoollardI haven't had that much time recently.21:32
jenkinscool, lets hope we can get the manul going again21:33
ChrisWoollardi hope so.21:33
c7pChrisWoollard, godbyk: http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UMP-Editor-Writter21:49
c7pa description for the editors and authors, make any proper modifications, corrections21:49
c7pit's not the one that you 've written -database is down- but it resembles21:50
c7pyou can check it, correct it and add it to job list too21:55
c7pi g2g good evening21:57
jenkinsnight all22:19

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