micahgAmpelbein: did you want to work on the nfdump SRU?02:19
psusiso the online documentation for dbus-binding-tool seems to be a skeleton... is there somewhere I can read about how the heck this thing works?03:38
AnAntHello, I need a help in a makefile, I have a variable: FOO=a b c  , is there any text substitution function (or another means) to get a variable: BAR=a:b:c ?09:18
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psusiso if I bzr update to an old rev, then make changes and try to commit, it complains that the tree isn't up to date... I want fork from that old rev...23:56
lifelessuse bzr uncommit + revert, or bzr branch, or bzr switch23:57
psusiahh, switch...23:57
* psusi has gotten too used to git23:58
psusihrm... ok, can't use switch23:59

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