ddecatormicahg: you asked before if i was interested in helping out the team again. what kind of stuff do you guys need help with?03:20
micahgddecator: keeping the dailies running is always good :)06:53
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ddecatorchrisccoulson: looks like you've been doing a lot of the maintenance for the dailies?19:15
chrisccoulsonddecator, yeah19:19
ddecatorchrisccoulson: i plan on talking to micah about this more, but would you possibly like some help in maintaining the dailies?19:20
chrisccoulsonddecator, sure, any help is always appreciated19:20
ddecatorchrisccoulson: great, i'll be having some time free up in the next few weeks, so i'll talk to micah about what i can do to help out19:20
ddecatormicahg: chris said he wouldn't mind some help with maintaining the dailies, so once i'm done with finals i'll try to help out in any way i can19:45
micahgddecator: I said that last night as well :)19:45
ddecatormicahg: yah, i saw, i just noticed chris seemed to be doing most of the maintenance, so i figured i'd see if he wanted help with that or not instead of just butting in :)19:46
micahgddecator: yeah, that kinda flipped recently :) I've been adjusting to my new responsibilities :)19:47
ddecatormicahg: congrats on that by the way :)19:48
micahgddecator: thanks19:49
* micahg is working on packaging gnome-web-photo for Debian20:01
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