CyberKnetmy router has no provision to ignore inbound traffic from a certain ip address ... is there a way to tell my myth box to do so?01:13
CyberKnetsome ip in Bejing is hammering my machine.01:14
mycosysyeah - iptables01:15
mycosysjust set that ip to drop01:15
CyberKnetlooking into it01:19
CyberKnetas in - iptables -I INPUT -i eth1 -s "" -j DROP01:24
qwebirc30608Greetings, all.  I'm relatively new to linux and brand new to mythbuntu.  All I need is a very simple, compatible, PCI or PCIe-X1 tuner card that will receive ATSC over the air, no cable, no satellite.  Any recommendations?01:26
mycosyslooks about right cybernet, since ur telling it to insert iirc you need to tell it at what line?01:28
CyberKnetno, I've never messed with iptables before...01:29
CyberKnetI googled ban iptables and that's what came up.01:29
CyberKnet(I subbed in the IP Address)01:30
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ZinnSorry I don't know about iptables01:47
ZinnSorry I don't know about firewall01:47
mycosysthere is a firewall control in mcc01:47
CyberKnetI installed fail2ban01:49
CyberKnetseems to be controlling things nicely now...01:50
CyberKnetnice looking package!01:50
patdk-lapjust don't get hit via ipv6 :)02:09
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Rebeccahey peoples, im trying to install mythbuntu 10.10 and it is presenting me with a login prompt after i select either install or try.05:16
Rebeccais this normal and if so, what login details should I be using?05:16
RebeccaIf i hit escape then I briefly view the live cd desktop (if i selected try) but very quickly that changes to a blank screen containing just a cursor05:19
Rebeccaim guessing this isn't normal.. burning a new cd on a different computer..05:49
Rebeccastill doing the same thing07:02
Rebeccawhy is it presenting me with a login :/07:02
rhpot1991Rebecca: sounds like something is failing and throwing you to the login07:09
rhpot1991could try ubuntu as the user07:09
rhpot1991and no password07:09
rhpot1991Rebecca: #ubuntu may be a better place to ask, as thats a general installer issue07:10
Rebeccahmmm, i think the cause of the problem might be the 'hdd' im using.. which is a ghetto SSD; a 8GB CF drive connected via a CF-IDE adapter. i have used it in the past but looks like the current version of mythtv doesn't like it.. i'll get a real SSD tomorrow and re-try08:17
mycosysshould be fine rebecca08:35
mycosyscf is IDE itself08:35
Rebeccai know, but i have noticed when using them in the past that OSs often don't treat them exactly like a regular HDD08:37
Rebeccaor at least they cause bugs08:37
mycosysdid you check the cf itself is ok? they have a rather limited life08:41
mycosysalso - while i am at it - suggest you use 10.04 for a mythserver rebecca08:42
mycosys5 year support is worth it imo ;)08:42
mycosysmy mythserver is 9.04 - i already need to upgrade as it was eol in october - 10.04 is LTS08:43
mycosysalmost wish i had stayed with 8.04 tbh08:45
mycosystho being fait i have another machien with the same chipset and video i can use to rebuild and move the hd across, most people dont have that luxury08:46
* mycosys idly ponders how many mythtv servers are sli capable08:54
Koffiehello everyone12:40
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rhpot1991mycosys: for what its worth most of the devs here upgrade each release20:25
nerdful_thingsGreetings, is Miro crashing a common problem? My system seems fine otherwise.22:43
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