Flannelrww: I agree that having factoid changes (and requests) logged is useful01:53
Jordan_Uautobleh was supposed to quiet FEMALE_ANUS just then, not just op then deop me...03:38
Jordan_UI should have known FEMALE had already been banned.04:08
rwwThe floodbots mention things like that in their control channel ;)04:09
hypatiasorry bout that folks04:41
hypatiafinally got sasl working ::)04:41
bazhangthe bot does not prompt for +q; is that normal, or am I just absent-minded06:08
bazhangie for a comment06:08
tsimpsonit should do06:15
bazhangokay. probably a glitch in chanserv.py script06:18
rwwnope. the +q showed up fine for me.06:19
bazhangweird. I got no comment this time06:20
bazhanginteresting q from alabd07:08
rwwoh god, we let alabd back in?07:08
rwwI take back everything I've ever said on the topic of ban list pruning.07:09
bazhang<alabd> Good day all , i-humble want to remove a driver in kernel and reinstall it  , is removing it's module with rmmod enough ?07:09
ubottubastidrazor called the ops in #ubuntu ()14:22
ubotturuan called the ops in #ubuntu ()14:26
LjL+r time14:27
mneptokLjL: set by a floodbot already14:29
Tm_T...which might be LjL doing it manually?14:29
mneptokmight be14:30
mneptokthose Italians are crafty devils14:30
LjLmneptok: :P14:32
mneptokdivertente :)14:33
ubottuActionParsnip called the ops in #ubuntu (linux_m1nt_user trolling)15:56
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from dagni)17:48
pozzi0heres my story18:46
pozzi0i rly need help with ubuntu18:46
pozzi0coz i need it for the university18:47
pozzi0so i came in #ubuntu-it (because im italian)18:47
pozzi0i started talking with some user18:47
pozzi0everything ok18:48
pozzi0and then18:48
pozzi0i did a mistake. lol, imho, not a mistake18:48
pozzi0but in ubunto-it opinion, a big mistake18:48
pozzi0wich deserved a big punishment18:48
pozzi0i said a blasfemy (or a profanity dunno whats the english for that)18:49
pozzi0then ok. nothing happened18:49
pozzi0then 10 seconds and i was banned18:49
topylipozzi0: #ubuntu-irc would be a more proper channel for this. have you talked to the op who banned you?18:49
pozzi0probably in those 10 seconds @moderator thought that if he had banned me, i would have gone to heaven..18:50
pozzi0he would18:50
pozzi0have gone to heaven18:50
pozzi0oh topyli sorry, i thought this chan was here for this purpose18:51
pozzi0claiming on ban18:51
pozzi0but effectively18:51
pozzi0thinking about it18:51
pozzi0ok. thanks everyone!18:51
topyliit is, if you're having problems in the core channels. the international ops live in #ubuntu-irc18:51
pozzi0and think about it18:51
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ikoniahello arvut22:42
arvutI meant to get in touch with topyli actually22:46
ikoniatopyli: ping22:47
arvutlong time no see btw22:47
ikonialets give him a minute or two to see if he responds22:47
ikoniaapologies, I don't remember you22:47
arvutyeah, I've msged him22:47
ikoniaits it just topyli you need, or can someone else help ?22:47
arvutused to chat in #u-o alot until i asked him to ban me22:48
ikoniaok, why did you ask for that ?22:48
arvutit was february, I tend to do thing such as starting arguments with admins/authorities22:49
ikoniaok, so what's changed ?22:49
arvutso it was for my own protection really22:49
ikoniaor would you rather just pick this up for topyli22:49
arvutnah, its fine22:49
ikoniaso I'm assuming you'd like the ban removed now ?22:50
arvutI do that stuff once per year or so. and yeah, thats why im here =)22:50
ikoniagive me a moment please.22:50
arvutty, send topyli my greetings and thank him for that ban.22:52
ikoniaok, I've just read the notes on it, and I don't think it's appropriate to remove the ban at this time, topyli will see this conversation and if he disagree's he can remove it22:53
arvutwhat did the notes say? you can send them in a pm if you want22:53
topylihi arvut22:54
ikoniasorry, I'm not posting them, it bascially says what you've said22:54
ikoniaahh topyli welcome, over to you.22:54
arvuthi )22:54
topylii can't remember if i left the ban in or if i removed it routinely at some point22:54
ikoniatopyli: still there22:55
arvutI haven't checked if im still banned tbh22:55
arvutI just came here as we agreed I should22:55
topylithat's not important though. what matters is we don't really get to choose when we respect the guidelines of the communities we want to work with and when we don't care so much22:55
topylii didn't agree to anything iirc :)22:56
topyliyou said you won't respect the guidelines so i banned you as requested22:56
arvutwe agreed that I should come here and talk to you when I felt ready for the unban. I have a sort of photographic memory, sorry :P22:57
topyliyes i remember saying you should come here to talk about it22:57
arvutand here I am, roughly 1 month later?22:58
topyliquestion is, do you understand the rules and respect them?22:58
arvutfebruaury is over, ready to respect the guidelines and in no mood to argue with authorities.22:59
topylialso, why do you bother ops when you want to stay out of channels? just don't enter then22:59
arvutI most likely do.22:59
topyliso when is your next disrespectful season scheduled for?23:00
arvutnext february I guess, will you please respect my wishes if I ever ask you for this again?23:01
arvuta ban is the most effective way to avoid what I wish to avoid23:02
topylino. you don't enter channels when you think you can't be civil in there23:02
topyliops are not your babysitters23:02
arvutI know that23:02
topyliwhy do you treat them as such then?23:02
arvuthowever, if you would refuse to ban me when I ask for it then I might misbehave without intending to do so, and therefor get a permanent ban.23:04
arvutdo you see the logic?23:04
topyliyes. end result is you'll be banned23:04
topyli(permanent bans are not very common though)23:05
arvutI know I cannot stay away from places I shouldnt be at, so asking for a ban seems to me like the most effective way to avoid trouble23:06
topyliwell you're unbanned now. please try to figure out how to stay unbanned, like everybody else23:07
topyliyou can now join -ot23:07
arvutty :)23:07
arvutis that + a sign of that ur voiced btw?23:08
topylithose who are voiced are allowed to idle here. others are not23:08
topyli*wink* :)23:08
arvuthow would I get a + then?23:09
topylithey're all ops, staff and such ministers, which is why they have to idle here, waiting for users to bring their worries to them23:10
topyliwhen things are sorted out, you should go and let other business be taken care of too23:11
topyliread the topic23:11
arvutahh, so unless I'm an op I cannot become voiced?23:11
arvutwhat does the voice do then? if all you do is idle?23:12
arvuta private op chat?23:12
topyliit just lets us know who shouldn't be forcibly removed for idling23:12
topyliyou should try and join #ubuntu-offtopic now to make sure you're not banned23:13
arvutok, brb23:13
arvuttopyli: im in, ty :)23:14
topyliso it seems. you can now part from here :)23:14
arvutcan I stay here and chat btw? unless thats considered idling23:14
topylino, this is a boring business-only channel and we like it that way :)23:15
arvutI could bring some fun into it ;)23:16
topylino fun for us! :23:16
arvutwhat are the guidelines for this channel and/or where can I find them?23:16
arvutoh yes, every op/admin needs fun23:17
topylithe guidelines are the same as any other ubuntu channel23:17
topyliplease /part now23:17
arvutalright, see you around then23:17
arvutbye ikonia23:17

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