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cerberosNothing in /etc/rc2.d/S2* is starting at boot, everything starts ok when I do it manually. Any ideas (10.04)?01:28
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tohuwis anyone successfully running multiple instances of redmine? dpkg-reconfigure redmine went fine, but now I'm stuck on what to do next.05:29
ejathi ..05:54
ejati want to restart my apache suddenly this appear : TERM environment not set05:54
ejatjust wondering y this could occurs?05:54
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CherishWhat ' s the difference between added INIT=/sbin/init at kernel boot command line or not?07:57
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shaunoCherish: not a whole lot.  /sbin/init is one of the defaults the kernel will try if you don't choose an init= at all.  The option's mostly there for the rare times you don't want the defaults08:41
Cherishshauno: If I don't added init=/sbin/init , I can't boot my system smooth08:44
shaunowhat warnings do you get if you boot without it?  (I believe that should only happen with a broken initrd)08:46
Cherishshauno: You can see this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/582963 I find a way to fix it that is addedINIT=/sbin/init at kernel boot command line.08:49
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 582963 in server-papercuts "SSL pass phrase dialog can't read input" [Medium,Confirmed]08:49
CherishI don't know why, the default parameter for init is what?08:50
CherishAnyone know how to disable plymouth?11:06
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Cherishplymouth main process killed by ABRT signal11:33
cautionhow do I tell what version an installed piece of software is at?11:53
iulianThere are loads of ways to find that.  One of them is 'apt-cache policy <pkg>'.11:55
CherishAnybody know the difference between added INIT=/sbin/init at kernel boot command line or not ?12:13
CherishIf I don't add it the system will go to fsck from util-linux-ng after "Begin: Runing /scripts/init-bottom",If I added it, it will go to boot plymouth.12:15
compdocdo you ever let it run fsck?12:19
ulasist blackberiy pin numaram kizlar ekleyin Pin 235E223D12:19
ulasist blackberiy pin numaram kizlar ekleyin Pin 235E223D12:20
ulasist blackberiy pin numaram kizlar ekleyin Pin 235E223D12:20
Cherish>If I don't add it the system will go to fsck from util-linux-ng after "Begin: Runing /scripts/init-bottom",If I added it, it will go to boot plymouth.12:20
CherishI want to say the difference.12:20
CherishSo sad...12:22
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SpamapSCherish: its running fsck for a reason. You should let fsck run.13:18
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meltingwaxi was reading a blog post about 10.10; is it true that glusterfs does not do replication?15:46
RoyKmeltingwax: glusterfs can be used for realtime replication, last I checked16:00
meltingwaxRoyK: thanks16:07
RoyKmeltingwax: a guy I know uses it with  40Gbps infiniband for replicating some 40TB ZFS systems across different physical locations16:08
* patdk-lap wonders how *far* 40gbps infiniband can go16:19
patdk-lapthought it was limited to like 30' or so16:19
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RoyKpatdk-lap: a few kilometers over fiber16:51
RoyK30+ iirc16:52
azizLIGHTShow do i update the motd (i see nothing upon ssh login, except last login from, and prompt)17:01
qman__that depends on which version you're running17:02
qman__pre-9.04(?) you just edit /etc/motd.tail17:02
qman__newer ones have a more complex updater17:02
qman__there are a series of scripts in /etc/update-motd.d/17:03
qman__and there's a daemon that runs17:03
azizLIGHTSyes i saw them17:03
azizLIGHTSdo i run the mall17:03
qman__or is it a cron script, don't remember17:03
azizLIGHTShow do i run them17:03
qman__ /usr/sbin/update-motd17:04
azizLIGHTSdoesnt look like that exists17:06
azizLIGHTSso i just do ./etc/update-motd.d/00-header17:10
qman__oh, my mistake17:11
qman__no such file exists17:11
qman__it's part of pam17:11
qman__so you just add/edit scripts in /etc/update-motd.d/17:12
qman__in that format, they are run in order17:12
azizLIGHTShow do i run it myself manually?17:12
qman__I don't know how/if you can17:14
qman__it's run as part of pam17:14
qman__have you changed any pam settings recently?17:14
qman__module pam_motd.so in libpam-modules17:16
azizLIGHTSi restarted and logged in and saw no motd. s o i went into sshd_config and added updatemod yes, but it didnt do anything.17:16
azizLIGHTSwhoops sorry caps17:16
qman__what's the output of ls -l /etc/motd17:17
qman__more specifically, is the link broken or not17:17
qman__and does cat /etc/motd show it17:18
azizLIGHTScat: /etc/motd: No such file or directory17:18
azizLIGHTSlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Feb  1 16:40 /etc/motd -> /var/run/motd17:18
azizLIGHTSits showing red17:18
qman__well that's not an issue with ssh17:20
qman__my desktop here is doing the same thing for some reason17:21
azizLIGHTShm well eventually it will run i hope?17:24
qman__I'm not really getting anywhere with it17:25
qman__not sure why it's broken17:26
qman__I recently upgraded mine from karmic17:28
qman__did you also recently upgrade, or is it a fresh install?17:28
azizLIGHTSim on a fresh install on ec217:28
azizLIGHTSwell, an image17:28
BrixSat I have a user1 and user2. User2 belongs to user1 group, altought user1 files is 775 user2 can't create nothing.17:30
qman__BrixSat, the directory in which you are attempting to create the files must also be 77517:31
BrixSatit is17:31
qman__and owned user1:user117:31
BrixSatyes correct17:31
BrixSatdrwxrwxr-x 11 virtualn virtualn 4096 2011-03-02 17:24 public_html17:32
BrixSatthe result of ls -l17:32
BrixSatcesar@cesar-Aspire-9410:/home/virtualn/public_html$ mkdir ola17:32
BrixSatmkdir: cannot create directory `ola': Permission denied17:32
qman__and for changes to take effect, user2 must log out and log back in, after being added to the group17:32
BrixSathoioo I missed that :p17:32
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kim0hallyn: Hi, just tested kvm-spice again, crashed with "kvm-spice: /build/buildd/qemu-kvm-spice-0.14.0+noroms/qemu-kvm.c:1724: kvm_mutex_unlock: Assertion `!cpu_single_env' failed.  shutting down"19:36
eagles0513875hey guys i have a vps and for some reason tab completion was disabled19:40
eagles0513875how can i reenable tab completion19:40
binBASHkim0: what's kvm-spice? can you do things like they do at onlive with it?20:00
kim0eagles0513875: apt-get install bash-completion20:01
eagles0513875thanks kim020:02
kim0binBASH: nah, spice is an advanced vnc replacement, but I don't think it's good enough for 3d gaming yet20:02
binBASHok ;)20:02
binBASHI thought spice is specially designed for fast interaction with client20:02
kim0binBASH: well it is, but gaming is a different story20:08
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azizLIGHTSwhat should i use to have a dir on windows and ubuntu  syncing bi-directionally? (windows pc is firewalled, but i have done ssh -R to ubuntu from it)22:27
kim0dropbox ? :)22:28
azizLIGHTSi looked at that, but cli version of dropbox i dont see in documentation about anything about selective sync  (i have a lot of stuff on dropbox i dont want upped to ubuntu)22:29
azizLIGHTSany more ideas?22:31
sean``hi, would like to setup ldap/samba/nfs with ubuntu server22:35
sean``this is supposedly for a company with 2 sites connected via vpn (sonicwall)22:35
sean``any tips or sites that I can go to? to learn ldap and nfs setup22:36
sean``it would be my first time and the company am working for only have 1u servers which i think needs more space for HDDs22:36
sean``i'll be using samba for pdc and fileserver also22:36
ikoniasean``: there are lots of guides on the net, you need to think about things such as performance of the VPN as a key issue for auth and file transfers22:38
sean``yeah am also considering latency and network vpn performance.....can ldap be used to say recognize that certain users authenticate with a specific server?22:39
sean``then i can setup 1 authenticating servers for each site?22:40
ikoniasean``: sure, you can even do multi-master with certain ldap versions22:40
sean``am thinking of openldap22:41
ikonialocal slaves and a central master is not uncommon22:41
ikoniathe redhat directory/fedora 369 ldap server is multi-master capable22:41
sean``and i can integrate this with samba?22:43
ikoniasure, samba does good ldap interfration for auth and roles22:43
ikoniathe Windows AD model in LDAP works well with Samba22:44
sean``any recommendation on reads before I try setting up and managing ldap?22:44
sean``am looking at some notes since last week and configs is like very very technical...maybe i need to equip myself before i can fully understand ldap?22:44
ikoniajust use main stream site guides, no dodgy www.masterubunu.com/howtos/2004/ldap/using-ubuntu-as-a-domaincontroller.html22:45
ikoniasean``: sites such as redhat.com/fedora.com for general ldap info, sites such as help.ubuntu.com, wiki.ubuntu.com for actual ubuntu implementations22:45
sean``you mean go to main openldap.org and samba.org sites etc22:45
sean``ahh thanks :)22:45
ikoniathere are tons of fools putting up websites with duff information, eg www.ubuntugeek.com/guides/how-i-setup-ldap.html22:46
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sean``yeah been trying those out and each makes their own configs.22:46
sean``that's y am testing it out using virtualbox22:47
ikoniathe main site guides are good22:47
sean``its going to be my first time to manage a network for a large company and am a bit nervous going the wrong route22:47
sean``the company gave me 2 servers to work with an hp 1u server22:49
ikoniathe physical size of a server doesn't matter22:49
sean``i installed 2x1tb and raid22:49
air^sata drivers?22:50
sean``so am now working with 1 tb for ldap samba and fileserver22:50
sean``yup sata drives22:50
air^why not sas if it's a server?22:50
sean``too expensive22:50
air^hw is cheaper than loosing data :)22:50
sean``its not planned to be something that has to be up 24/722:50
air^so, you're running some hp hw-raid-1 then?22:51
sean``the company is very new with IT and SAS 1tb is about 500usd and they asked for sata which is just 64usd hehe22:52
sean``yup running raid 1 hw22:52
sean``am sure 1tb wont be enough22:52
sean``and i have only 2 slots left on the server22:52
sean``am seeing that i would need a separate server to store all the data22:52
Patrickdkour of our san, 25sas drives and 24sata, we have lost 16 sas in the last year, and 2 sata22:52
air^that's a lot of dead sas drives.22:53
sean``what would i need in the 2nd server to make it a scalable file server?22:53
Patrickdkair, not nearly as much as loosing whole shelfs before22:54
sean``sata is just slower than sas right?22:54
sean``what would i need in the 2nd server to make it a scalable file server?22:54
Patrickdkin many ways :)22:54
air^well, sata is normally for the consumer market as well.22:54
Patrickdkbut reliablility is the same basically22:54
Patrickdksas is twice as fast as sata for the same level, and sas is bidirectional22:55
Patrickdkbut if you throw sata 1.5 out, then they are the same speeds22:55
Patrickdksas also run with dual interfaces, for failover22:56
Patrickdksata only has one interface22:56
ikoniasean``: you need to go away and do capacity planning22:56
sean``we're actually doing that now by establishing a baseline22:56
sean``am asking all departments to put a copy of their files in a main pc so i can determine how much files each dept need22:57
sean``but I don't want to setup a server with the OS and stuff and find out later that I have to do it all over again because i made a wrong decision somewhere22:57
sean``expecially with that much data in place already22:58
Patrickdkthat isn't a big deal22:58
Patrickdkyou can copy 1tb of data around pretty quickly22:58
Patrickdkunless it's maildir22:59
ikoniasean``: the OS should be very small foot print, so just allocated small sizing to the OS, then waste the rest on data22:59
sean``so a 4u rack with a decent processor and NFS mapped with samba?22:59
ikoniaas I've said, the physical size of the server is nothing23:00
ikoniayou need to stop referencing the physical size23:00
Patrickdklarger servers only mean more dirves can fit inside the case23:00
Patrickdkpersonally I like going with 2u servers and external drive shelfs23:00
* air^ goes with blades these days.23:00
ikonianot even that extent, I have a 1 U DL 380 that can fit 6 drives in it (actually it's 2u)23:00
air^but then I actually just send a mail to our hw provider and they do their hw stuff :D23:01
Patrickdkair, ya, if the customer plan on going with >4 servers, but no storage with those, still all external :)23:01
sean``but first time hearing about external shelves23:01
Patrickdkyou can get 8 2.5" in a 1u :)23:01
ikoniasean``: you need to sit down and do capcity planning, then worry about purhasing and laying out the servers23:01
jeeves_mosshow can I expand my current drive onto a larger drive with DD?  I would like to move from a 160Gb to a 500Gb in my laptop and keep the partition %s the same on the new drive23:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #734542 in samba (main) "samba-common-bin failed to upgrade: post-install script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73454223:02
air^yep. our hw provider simply give us what we need from some of their san's.23:02
ikoniasean``: before you have the data for your base line and growth and usage rate, it's a pointless exercise23:02
sean``what do u mean?23:03
sean``sorry, really new at this23:03
air^(I actually have no idea what they put in their SAN's, but I would suppose it's all SAS)23:03
ikoniasean``: you need to work out your starting data sizings, your expeted growth over months/years, and then usage, how many people accessing, how much data moving around etc etc.23:04
ikoniasean``: then you buy hardware that can meet those needs now and the medium term with long term upgrade plans23:04
sean``would remember that ikonia23:06
sean``how does external shelves work?23:06
sean``they just connect via network?23:07
jeeves_mosshow can I expand my current drive onto a larger drive with DD?  I would like to move from a 160Gb to a 500Gb in my laptop and keep the partition %s the same on the new drive23:08
ikoniajeeves_moss: you don't use dd for that23:09
air^just clone the drive, then resize the partitions using parted (or similar)?23:09
jeeves_mossikonia, any sudgestions?  I'm getting a little "penned in" with this small drive23:10
ikoniajeeves_moss: are you using ubuntu server or ubuntu desktop23:10
jeeves_mossikonia, desktop23:10
ikoniajeeves_moss: ok, so #ubuntu is the right place to discuss this23:10
ikoniaplease don't ask for desktop support in here23:10
jeeves_mossikonia, thanks.23:11
donvitoocan anyone tell me why i got website like this, instead of original one?23:17
donvitoowhat can be the problem23:17
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sean``bye for now23:44
sean``thanks for the help :)23:44

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