MuscovyThe DNS is updated.02:17
Muscovyhttp://ubuntutour.org now points to a reliable host. :D02:17
TourBotTitle: The Ubuntu Tour Project (at ubuntutour.org)02:17
OmegaMuscovy: :D02:21
OmegaNow we need to wait for it to propagate :)02:22
OmegaYes, wait for the dns servers to pick up the change :)02:25
Muscovyhttp://alexandos.org/subdomains/ubuntu-tour/test.txt http://ubuntutour.org/test.txt02:26
TourBotTitle: Not Found | Ubuntu Tour (at ubuntutour.org)02:26
MuscovyThe change seems to be in action.02:27
MuscovyHaha, the bot sees it.02:27
OmegaI still can't :<02:30
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