trijntjeHi all, who can tell me in which package the text for the 'Next' button is located? This button shows up during installation, in evolution during account setup etc, and it has been wrongly translated to Dutch for more than a year now08:58
TLEtrijntje: I believe it is a standard gtk stock label10:05
TLEwe had the same problem ;)10:06
TLEactually exactly the same problem, may I ask how it is translated wrong?10:06
trijntjeusually it is translated as 'volgende' in duch, which means next, but now its 'vooruit', which means 'forwards', which is never used in dutch as far as I know10:09
TLEyes, the problem we had was similar10:10
TLEthe problem probably is, that the english text actually is "Forward"10:12
TLEbut it is off course still needed to find a translations that works in the particualr language10:12
TLEthe label are found in the "gtk+ propoerty nicks" file10:13
TLEit has upstream in GNOME obviously, so if you have an upstream team translating GNOME, please contact them and ask them to make the change there as well, in stead of just fixing it in LP, in which case all the other distributions that use gnome will still have the problem10:14
trijntjeTLE, I'm looking for gtk+ properties now to see if the string is there, thanks a lot!10:20
TLEtrijntje: it is, I already found it;) http://l10n.gnome.org/POT/gtk+.master/gtk+.master.nl.po10:22
TLEsecond or third hit for "Forward"10:22
TLEno problem btw :)10:24
trijntjeIf I do translations for maverick now, will they still make it into the langpack update or not?14:38
TLEtrijntje: I believe so17:20
gtriderxchey anyone from French team?20:21

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