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The_Letter_MHello ALl00:19
pleia2g'day The_Letter_M00:20
The_Letter_MAnyone here use eBox / Zentyal?00:20
pleia2Michael Paric on the list uses it quite a bit (I think he's done a couple talks too)00:21
The_Letter_MI remember he does. I lost his card though00:23
The_Letter_MI have a server set up with it though00:24
The_Letter_Mand I try to add a user using the command line00:24
pleia2his email address is on this thread: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2009-December/001011.html00:25
pleia2or you could just ask on list, he may not be the only one using it00:25
The_Letter_Mand then when I try to set a PW I get passwd: Authentication token manipulation error passwd: password unchanged00:25
iheartubuntui got this old timer to switch to ubuntu today :)02:59
iheartubuntupopped in the livecd02:59
iheartubuntushowed him how easy evolution was02:59
pleia2is this the one with the outlook conversion?02:59
iheartubuntuwhat was the deal maker was the printer03:32
iheartubuntui told him i needed to install the printer and test out his printer03:32
iheartubuntui went into print settings, and the HP 4500 was already there03:32
iheartubuntuits an all in one03:32
iheartubuntuso i asked him to print a document03:32
iheartubuntuthe guy is old like 3303:33
iheartubuntujust kidding :)03:33
iheartubuntuhes almost 8003:33
iheartubuntuand he printed no problem03:33
iheartubuntuhe said he also needed to figure out how to scan so he can email them to his customers03:33
iheartubuntui had him lay the doc face up where the scanner feed was03:33
pleia2yeah, windows is hard when it comes to printing, have to go find drivers (if you don't have the disk) and then deal with errors if it's not a certified driver03:33
iheartubuntuhe opened simple scan03:33
iheartubuntuand clicked scan and it scanned it and he made a PDF03:34
iheartubuntuvery easy03:34
pleia2as it should be!03:34
iheartubuntuso he was really blown away03:34
iheartubuntui spent 3 hours trying to get wifi going on his XP03:34
iheartubuntuhe wasnt sure about ubuntu at first03:34
iheartubuntupop in the disc and ubuntu found the wifi :)03:35
iheartubuntuso everything just worked03:35
iheartubuntu(that might be a first for me)03:35
iheartubuntubut it was nice to see everything just work like it should03:35
iheartubuntuno hunting for drivers03:35
iheartubuntui ordered him some more ram and when it comes in i'll convert his system03:36
iheartubuntuohh one question03:36
iheartubuntu10.10 didnt work03:36
iheartubuntuit just sits there blank screen03:36
iheartubuntu10.04 works fine03:36
iheartubuntuand livecd booted right up03:36
iheartubuntuanyone experience this before?03:36
iheartubuntuits an onboard video card. not sure much more than that. im not going to upgrade his video card at all03:37
iheartubuntuconsidering he just does email03:37
iheartubuntuthe IE browser was horrible. would not render pages properly03:37
pleia2at what point does it sit there? during install?03:37
iheartubuntui shoulda check the version... but it was OLD03:38
iheartubuntuno before it gets to the "try ubuntu" install ubuntu main screen03:38
pleia2maybe a bad install disk? I dunno, there are a zillion reasons for it, I just try the alt installer if I run into trouble03:39
iheartubuntuthats what i was thinking but it was a canonical disc03:39
iheartubuntui'm going to look for another one i have and try it and maybe try a burned disc as well03:40
pleia2lucid is probably the way to go anway :)03:40
iheartubuntuyoure right. i put lucid on the wifes computer about 6 months ago03:40
iheartubuntuit just works03:40
iheartubuntua big yahoo mail icon an a big QVC icon on the desktop :)03:40
iheartubuntu(hope i dont get a christmas gift)03:41
iheartubuntudang i didnt say that!03:41
iheartubuntunice zoo pics03:42
pleia2thanks :)03:42
iheartubuntui miss the zoo. its been a while03:42
iheartubuntunever been to SF zoo03:42
pleia2it was a perfect day for the zoo, and the animals cooperated!03:42
iheartubuntudo they have gorillas03:42
iheartubuntusan diego has an incredible zoo down there03:43
pleia2no elephants though, have to go to the oakland zoo for elephants (I haven't been yet)03:43
pleia2yeah, san diego is world famous03:43
* pleia2 shall go some day!03:43
akkSF Zoo is very good too, though!03:43
iheartubuntuits right near the ocean? like south of golden gate park?03:44
* pleia2 saw a baby koala and a baby anteater!03:44
pleia2iheartubuntu: yep03:44
akkI've never been to the Oakland zoo.03:44
pleia2it's harder to get there though (public transit takes 3x longer than driving, so I'd drive, ugh driving)03:46
pleia2getting to sfzoo is very easy on MUNI :)03:46
iheartubuntuwhere is oakland zoo? in the hills or something?03:48
pleia2it's to the east of 580 near some other parks03:51
pleia2there is a bus that goes there from BART, but it's like a 25 minute ride itself03:52
pleia2(goog maps tells me it's 25 minutes total to drive from where I am)03:52
iheartubuntunot bad03:52
iheartubuntuand 5 hours by bus03:52
pleia2yeah, it's actually not a bad drive, juts 80 to 58003:53
iheartubuntui would never do bus in LA here03:53
iheartubuntuin SF its doable03:53
iheartubuntumuni is pretty efficient03:53
pleia2I mostly just take buses that go in straight lines :)03:53
pleia2unless someone else is navigating03:53
iheartubuntudont take a bus in rome then03:53
* pleia2 public transportation newbie03:54
iheartubuntubuses in rome go for loops and everyone on the bus gives you a different answer on where its going03:54
iheartubuntui got the impression no one knew exactly where the bus was going, but knew the general direction it was heading03:54
pleia2haha, lovely03:55
iheartubuntuand that is exactly how it worked out for us too :)03:55
pleia2public transit in SF is very well documented, probably because a lot of tourists use it03:55
pleia2a lot like DC03:55
iheartubuntuwe got on, it was going toward the east and we got off a few blocks away and hiked the rest of the way03:55
pleia2philly's public transit is dirty and scary :\03:55
iheartubuntuthe streets in dc confused me more than the metro03:56
pleia2yeah, driving in DC is hard, the metro is great03:56
iheartubuntunext thing you know i was crossing the river and heading to arlington03:56
pleia2so just park near a metro station ;)03:56
akkBuses in most places I've lived don't go in straight lines, at least for long. You just have to memorize that 571 goes where you're going (and where to get off and transfer to 305).03:56
iheartubuntuany good bart apps for android or iphone?03:57
akkgoogle maps generally knows about transit, doesn't it?03:57
akkIn Portland we were walking with a friend who had gmaps on his android, and it was telling him "go 2 blocks this way then catch the 71 or the 13 bus"03:58
pleia2yeah, a lot of cities have their transit info in google maps now03:58
pleia2philly didn't when I lived there, but they might now03:58
pleia2new jersey had just gotten theirs in when I was moving03:58
akk(unfortunately gmaps offline doesn't work on my android 1.6 :( )03:58
pleia2iheartubuntu: most of the transit agencies here have mobile versions of their websites, so I just use them03:59
pleia2caltrain, bart, and for muni I just use nextmuni.com03:59
iheartubuntujust an FYI for everyone here in california. you might consider picking up some potassium iodide pills in case of nuclear fallout. see the map... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfKawRWSk3w04:02
pleia2I actually have some04:03
pleia2(I used to live within the kill zone of a plant)04:03
iheartubuntui dont know about 750 rads hitting the USA though04:04
iheartubuntuseems far fetched04:04
iheartubuntubut still not a bad idea to keep some on hand04:04
pleia2my house was 7 miles away, and my apartment after that was like 204:04
akkIs potassium iodide a vitamin-store thing?04:04
iheartubuntui wold say OMG but my website has banned me from speaking such a name every again :)04:04
pleia2akk: not sure, I got mine from the township04:04
iheartubuntui dont think you would survive 750 rads04:05
pleia2but typically only townships near nuclear plants have them04:05
iheartubuntuits easy to get online04:05
pleia2I do question the effectiveness04:06
iheartubuntuonline only from CVS04:06
pleia2I think it's mostly for piece of mind, something you can "do" as you drive away asap04:06
akkLike duct tape on the windows. :)04:06
iheartubuntuwe'll just head to pleia2s house.04:06
pleia2sold that house :)04:06
iheartubuntuyou have some earthquake pills at least?04:07
akkI don't think it's supposed to protect against real radiation poisoning, only help if there's a radiation level so small it would only affect your thyroid.04:07
pleia2it was interesting actually, when we bought the area was "up and coming" - it had been completely skipped for development for years because of the plant after 3 mile island, but public memory is only 20 years long04:07
* iheartubuntu needs to watch Jericho again04:07
DarkwingDuckJapan quake moved teh island of Japan 8 feet and shifted earth axis 4 inches04:08
pleia2the one in chile last year only shifted the axis 8cm04:09
DarkwingDuckThat means quakes in the last year have moved the axis by 18cm04:10
akkDoesn't shifting the axis violate conservation of momentum? (This must be one of those gyroscope problems.)04:10
DarkwingDuckWell, teh earth spins on a double axis anyway...04:11
akkDarkwingDuck: Only if both movements were in the same direction.04:11
DarkwingDuckThat's why we tilt04:11
akkdouble axis?04:11
akkThe axis wobbles, certainly.04:11
DarkwingDuckYeah... that's what I meant04:12
DarkwingDuckBecasue of the shape of the earth and the tilt04:12
pleia2oh bother, DST means berkeleylug will be an hour earlier in my brain, getting there at noon is hard enough04:13
akkDoes shifting the axis 4" mean 4" at the surface of the earth (the pole)?04:14
iheartubuntuthey need to get rid of DST04:14
pleia2iheartubuntu: +104:14
DarkwingDuckI agree with that04:15
iheartubuntuif someone needs to work, then THEY get up earlier or THEY stay later. dont make me do it too!04:15
pleia2speaking of which, our meeting page is wrong, fixing D/S time04:15
akkWhich direction did Japan move? West toward the mainland? None of the reports seem to say.04:15
iheartubuntunow some countries switch, some  dont. some states switch, some dont. its all screwy04:16
akk(Subduction zone, not strike-slip, so it's not obvious like it would be in CA.)04:16
iheartubuntutowards calif04:16
DarkwingDuckIt effected the rotation axis of the earth04:16
akkI'm asking about the 8 feet now, not the 4" axis thing.04:16
akkThough I'm still confused how the axis shift works too.04:16
iheartubuntu8 feets towards calif04:16
iheartubuntunot sure about the axis04:17
akkWow, toward the subducting plate? Interesting!04:17
iheartubuntui heard it on the radio this morn. so take it as such04:17
iheartubuntuid look it up instead of some relying on some yeeeh haw station04:17
iheartubuntu105.1 go country04:18
akkyeah, will do so if I can find it04:18
iheartubuntubecuase wife doesnt like 101.9 la raza04:18
akkusually it takes a while before much scientific data gets reported04:18
iheartubuntu(but if i had an oktoberfest station it would be glued to that)04:19
iheartubuntuhas anyone seen the last narnia? dawn treader?04:20
pleia2I think I've only seen the first04:23
akkI didn't even see the first one.04:24
iheartubuntugoogle has halted shipments of the cr4804:24
DarkwingDuckOkay, I love this plugin04:25
DarkwingDuckGoogle translate for firefox.04:25
DarkwingDuckTranslates pages on the fly04:25
iheartubuntuchrome does it automatigically04:26
pleia2yeah I'm so used to it in chrome04:26
iheartubuntui so like to use chrome but find it buggy at times04:26
pleia2makes the world so much smaller :)04:26
DarkwingDuckHow is the chrome in ubuntu?04:26
pleia2works great for me (I don't use any plugins or anything though)04:27
iheartubuntuand Chrome even looks good in Kubuntu04:27
iheartubuntuyou can set it to match kubuntus look04:27
pleia2iheartubuntu: saying they "halted" them makes it sound so abrupt, they ran out and ended the program ;)04:28
DarkwingDuckI've been looking for a good stable browser that doesn't suck RAM like FF does04:28
pleia2not "omg they were exploding on peoples laps, halt shipments immediately!!11"04:28
iheartubuntureading the blog :)04:28
iheartubuntusounds like in May they will start selling04:29
pleia2I really hope someone comes out with a netbook with a pixel qi screen soon04:30
iheartubuntuwhat is that?04:31
pleia2it's the screen on the OLPCs, you can see it in direct sunlight04:31
iheartubuntuwould be great in cars04:31
pleia2I go outside with my netbook now, but it's not pleasant, can barely see the screen even with the brightness all the way up04:32
akkI'd love to see tablets/ebook readers with that screen, too.04:33
iheartubuntudo android tabs or ipads have that yet?04:33
akkhaven't heard of one04:34
pleia2iheartubuntu: nope04:34
akkYou have to choose between an e-ink ebook reader (very limited software) and a backlit LCD.04:34
pleia2my netbook is backlit LCD, which is what makes seeing it outside possible at all04:35
akkI don't understand why nobody uses the frontlit/transflective color LCDs, like in the Zaurus or Garmin GPS.04:35
akkThe Zaurus was really readable in daylight as well as indoors.04:35
akkThere have been a few Palms like that (Zire/Tungsten) but AFAIK nothing since then.04:36
akkIf anybody's bored, you could measure your typing speed. http://speedtest.10-fast-fingers.com/04:54
iheartubuntuim game04:57
iheartubuntuim looking for a game for this old timer04:57
iheartubuntuhe said it was a cannon game where he shot things into the air, over a mountain or something like that04:58
iheartubuntubrowsing the software center :)04:58
akkor angry birds? :)04:58
iheartubuntu52 words a minute05:02
iheartubuntuits all columbus typing though05:02
iheartubuntupoint and go05:03
iheartubuntutwo fingers05:03
akkah ... wikipedia says that's fast for a 2-finger typist05:03
akksays average is 37 wpm05:04
iheartubuntuchristopher columbus method is where you "discover it" and "land upon it"05:04
iheartubuntui can go faster05:04
iheartubuntui had a few errors though05:04
iheartubuntugenerally im pretty quick05:04
iheartubuntumaybe im more gorilla. i use my thumbs a bit too05:04
akkthough it says professional typists average around 50-70, and I'm running around 80-82 and other folks seem to be faster.05:04
iheartubuntu55 now05:06
iheartubuntumaybe we should get a Capitalism game going between ubuntu CA members:) (its like monopoly05:07
pleia276, but I don't think I'd be able to keep that up over extended periods05:09
akkI definitely couldn't keep up the typing of random words ... I start glazing over before the minute is over, and have to concentrate a lot.05:10
akkIf it was sentences it would be a lot easier.05:10
pleia2when I know what I'm saying on IRC I probably type faster :)05:10
pleia2but transcribing is hard05:10
akkI have trouble when they delete the two lines and replace with a new 2 lines -- I always lose a bit in the transition.05:11
akkIt would be easier for me if they scrolled a line at a time.05:11
akkBut it probably doesn't affect the numerical score that much.05:11
pleia2I think tux type had a speed test that was better05:12
pleia2iheartubuntu: have you tried tuxtype?05:13
iheartubuntui will now :)05:13
akkme too05:13
pleia2hmm, tuxtype is not what I thought it was05:14
pleia2there was cli-based thing05:14
iheartubuntuthats not it? i rememer some sort of typing tutor05:15
pleia2tuxtype is this big ole graphical thing, with sound!05:16
pleia2ah, gtypist05:18
akkNeat ... though, how annoying how it changes the colors to make the text much harder to read ...05:20
akknot sure that's entirely a fair test05:20
iheartubuntuklavaro is sorta nice05:22
iheartubuntuplee the bear05:26
iheartubuntunot pleia2 the bear05:26
pleia2not nearly fluffy enough05:27
iheartubuntusome interesting games in the software center i dont recall seeing before05:28
akkI want some better puzzle/memory games.05:28
akkAnd maybe games that teach real skills, e.g. something about the difficulty of sudoku but that requires actually doing math (so I'd get better at mental math instead of just counting).05:29
akkI'm addicted to Word Drop on Android, but it gets old and I'd like to find other similar games.05:30
iheartubuntusudo apt-get install capitalism05:42
iheartubuntuonline monopoly05:43
iheartubuntui will be in the "doomopoly.doomworld.org" server05:44
iheartubuntuport 123405:44
* akk was never that excited about monopoly, sorry05:44
iheartubuntutime for a triple shot of espresso05:47
akkAh, gonna stay up for the time change so you don't wake up at the wrong time? :)05:48
iheartubuntuton of work to do05:49
iheartubuntujust go all nite05:50
iheartubuntuthen tomorrow work on the house when its daylight05:50
r4yHow do I apply this patch?:11:42

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