jjesseque pasa?01:36
_stink_so i just googled that01:37
_stink_and if it means what i think it means01:37
_stink_then - not much01:37
_stink_most Saturday nights i'd be trying to code, but i think tonight i'm going to do something else.01:38
jjessemost nights wife and i sit around catching up on the dvr01:39
jjessebut tonight she is out grocery shopping while caleb sleeps01:39
jjesseso i'm bored :)01:39
jrwrengetting ready to go to necto01:39
jrwrenshould be fun.01:39
jrwrensome 80s new wave retro night in the red room.01:40
_stink_i think you replaced the unknown word 'necto' with another unknown phrase 'red room'01:42
rick_h__stink_: no code?!01:54
rick_h_snap-l: it's train NC dude night01:54
rick_h_he's at pycon for the 3 days here01:54
snap-lrick_h_: I hopehe didn't bring dress shirts01:55
snap-lbecause after your done strangling him, they won't fit anymore.01:55
rick_h_heh, we'll see01:56
rick_h_been very civil so far01:56
snap-lyes, he's in arm's reach01:57
rick_h_yes, he is....01:57
greg-g_stink_: necto is a club here, I can only assume the red room is a special area at it, I've actually never been there02:01
snap-lrick_h_: Had you two met prior to this?02:01
rick_h_no, first encourter02:01
snap-lAnd now he knows that you're serious. ;)02:02
_stink_rick_h_: way to make me feel guilty :P02:04
rick_h_hah, working on trying out lettuce for BDD here02:05
snap-lHah, I wonder if Gwibber just got blocked by twitter. :)03:15
snap-lLast tweet in my stream is from 18 minutes ago03:16
snap-land there's several in there03:16
greg-gshit, you're right03:16
greg-gthough, I'm not getting the latest notices from identi.ca03:17
snap-lInteresting, that broke too03:18
* greg-g shrugs03:19
snap-loh well03:19
snap-lI was hoping it was something twitter did. ;)03:20
greg-gyeah, kind03:20
greg-gbut that doesn't make any sense, unless both identica and twitter changed something in their APIs at the same time :/03:22
snap-lor Gwibber isn't DST compliant. ;)03:22
greg-goh damn03:22
snap-lNot sure that would have a bearing on it, since the clock didn't change yet03:23
* greg-g finds it funny that he started swearing MORE after the channel started being logged03:23
snap-lWho is logging the fucking channel? :)03:23
greg-gwiat a second...03:24
greg-gyeah, this is some weird timezone thing03:32
greg-gI have things all out of order03:32
greg-gsnap-l: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gwibber/+bug/73413603:44
greg-gfeel free to edit my description to make it better/more informative03:45
snap-lconfirmed, and added my own screenshot03:47
greg-gso, this is most likely, the offending code:03:54
greg-gdef generate_time_string(t): if isinstance(t, str): return t t = mx.DateTime.TimestampFromTicks(t) d = mx.DateTime.gmt() - t03:54
greg-ghuh, werid that wasn't pasted as multiple lines but all as one03:54
greg-gstarting at line 105 here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~gwibber-committers/gwibber/trunk/view/head:/gwibber/util.py (if you have any ideas of how to account for this)03:56
greg-gand now, for something completely different: http://i.imgur.com/wqCe9.jpg04:24
snap-lI want to know what planet Amazon lives on that thinks that they can ship a board game that weighs as much as a baby, with sides longer than a foot for $3.9904:26
snap-lGood morning14:02
nixternalthis jump ahead an hour crap has to stop15:31
brouschnixternal: heard about your laptop. that really sucks15:48
nixternalwhat really sucks are the prices of laptops these days15:52
nixternallooking for one that has a higher resolution than 1366x768. solid state would be nice but doesn't matter. needs to compile c++ (specifically kde stuff) rather nicely15:53
nixternalluckily i have a backup laptop, but it sucks to be honest, except for the keyboard. by far still the best keyboard ever on a laptop15:54
greg-gif true, Diaspora is dead: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/google_to_launch_major_new_social_network_called_c.php16:05
snap-lIs it federated?16:09
brouschnixternal: you have some bad luck with your computers. didn't they get destroyed in a storm a year or two ago?16:09
snap-lIf not, then it's no better tha buzz16:09
brouschsnap-l: it is google. it needs no further federation16:09
nixternalyeah, i am using a laptop that did get destroyed, but is still usable :)16:10
greg-gsnap-l: buzz allows you to share with only certain circles of friends?16:18
brouschyes, you can share a post with only a specific group of people, which you assemble from your gmail contacts16:21
brouschdefault is public16:21
snap-lJust did my tax return.16:26
jcastrojrwren: the entire joel video is now available: http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/13/founder-stories-spolsky-startup/16:34
jcastrothe bottom video16:34
jcastroI am surprised, this is like a rarely high quality set of interviews16:34
jcastronot very TechCrunch. :p16:34
snap-ljcastro: Do they allow you to download the videos?16:36
snap-lAlso, I think the quality comes from Spolsky, not Tech Crunch16:36
jcastrosnap-l: heh16:37
nixternali would have to admit, that interview started putting me to sleep16:41
jcastroI have nothing better to do today16:43
jcastronixternal: what's going on mr. muppet?16:43
nixternalme either, but still16:43
jcastrohahaha, that reply you did was awesome btw.16:43
nixternalsame shit, different muppet.16:43
nixternalyeah, shuttleworth replied via email that said 'takes one to know one' :p16:43
nixternalat least he caught the humor16:44
nixternalsnap-l: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/654#comment-34700917:01
rick_hhowdy, snap-l ping17:17
snap-lrick_h_: pong?17:25
rick_h_snap-l: nvm, got the link updated17:25
rick_h_had a bad .mp3 link in the day 1 recap17:25
snap-lAh, no fun17:25
rick_h_gamerchick caught it and posted to us17:25
rick_h_but used wrong twitter names so only found it via my lococast search I keep up17:26
snap-lAh, OK17:26
snap-lAh, and she posted it via the group, but on her status.net area17:27
snap-l(identi.ca group)17:27
rick_h_anyway, 2 hrs of material from this morning17:28
rick_h_will be trying to upload some files, need to make room in dropbox :/17:28
rick_h_or just break down and pay, 2gb is full and 2gb more files right now17:28
snap-lOh geeez17:28
rick_h_well, 3 tracks + render17:28
snap-lTwo hours of material? :)17:28
rick_h_so 4 files per bit17:28
rick_h_yea, 1.3/4 of the from python import podcast guys17:28
rick_h_and a joint interview with a guy that bus rode to pycon from seattle17:29
snap-lYe gads. :)17:29
rick_h_copying over to linux now17:29
* snap-l wonders if he should just give rick_h_ ssh access to his linode instance. ;)17:29
rick_h_upgrading dropbox now so will be getting a big influx of files soon17:30
snap-lI wonder how many of those count against my quota17:30
rick_h_none, it's my folder I share withyou17:30
snap-lI might have to upgrade to put them back. ;)17:30
rick_h_at least shouldn't17:30
snap-lsays I'm using 1.6GB of 2.2517:31
rick_h_well let's see17:32
rick_h_podcast folder is now 4gb big17:32
snap-lYeah, worst case we'll figure something else out17:32
rick_h_yea, I think it'll be fine17:32
rick_h_it's my  folder I share and shouldn't count against your numbers17:32
rick_h_basically check it out17:32
rick_h_how big is your dropbox folder according to du -h?17:32
snap-lWhat's a .reapeaks file?17:33
rick_h_it's the reaper files17:33
rick_h_just copied directories17:33
rick_h_so didn't pull out the reaper project bits17:33
snap-lOK, save for i can't use those files. ;)17:33
rick_h_feel free to remove them17:33
snap-lI'm converting the old wav files to flac files17:38
rick_h_is your quota usage changing right now?17:39
snap-lI'm charged for shared items17:39
snap-lso either I upgrade, or compress17:40
snap-land I'm chosing to compress for now. ;)17:40
rick_h_sorry, let me move everything else out17:40
snap-lno, that's OK17:40
snap-lAh, OK, that works too17:41
rick_h_ok, moved veerything but pycon out into my locla machine17:42
rick_h_I'll work on getting the files we want to save up to s317:42
rick_h_and won't have anything new to upload for a bit,so we'll work on it17:42
snap-lNo worries.17:42
snap-lSave for my files that were uploading are in flux17:42
snap-lbut that should be OK. They're only .flac files17:43
rick_h_ok, well, we'll work it out.17:43
jrwrenjcastro: thanks for the founder stoires video18:03
rick_h_snap-l: ping, files are done it looks like20:29
rick_h_we'll have to get together sometime to figure out what to do with them20:29
rick_h_but if you get a sec, see if they came over ok and such20:29
snap-lrick_h_: I just upgraded my quota for Dropbox20:32
snap-lManaged to hit 103%20:33
snap-lSo still downloading files. ;)20:34
snap-lAlso took the time to pay for Ubuntu One as well20:35
rick_h_snap-l: ok, well I'll reimburse you for the current stuff then21:19
rick_h_sorry about that, figured we'd be good once I cleaned out the rest of the stuff21:19
nixternalis there something like dropbox that i could point to my own file server for sharing and what not? i have never researched that. besides a freakin' file server, sftp,ssh,scp stuff :)21:25
nixternalderr, owncloud...totally forgot about that21:26
rick_h_google sparkleshare21:26
rick_h_it's supposed to be the OSS dropbox21:26
rick_h_but haven't tried it out yet21:26
rick_h_and not sure about it since it's using git behind the scenes last time I looked21:26
rick_h_I need to just check out mounting s3/fuse stuff but ugh seems hackick21:26
nixternalyeah, i was doing some fuse crap in the past, very hackish. i have a shit ton of storage on my web server, but i don't own that server, it is a shared host. which i think dreamhost might have something i am looking for now that i think about it21:27
nixternalComing soon!21:28
nixternalforget sparkleshare. mono is the devil, microsoft will sue me, according to shitzalot or whatever his name is21:29
rick_h_lol, well nvm then21:29
rick_h_unison is next best thing21:29
rick_h_or I just backuppc my crap but that's not a good sync solutoin21:30
nixternalalways been afraid to try stuff from a website that has a 1990s style guestbook they want you to sign before downloading :p21:30
snap-lrick_h_: No problem.21:33
snap-lDon't worry about it. :)21:33
shortcircuitrick_h_: Sound input is apparently a bitch on Linux?21:41
shortcircuit(or so says brousch, who directs me to you. ;) )21:42
brouschrick_h_: i need a rick's rant about your linux audio woes so i have a place to point people21:42
shortcircuitI haven't done any latency-sensitive stuff, but I haven't had major problems with it, either.21:42
shortcircuitWell, outside putting myself in a position where I had to learn a lot about PulseAudio to know what I was doing on Gentoo...21:42
shortcircuitOk, admittedly, I'm still trying to get SIP working, but I'm (at this point) suspecting that that problem is with my switch, not any of the three hosts I've tried it on.21:44
brouschshortcircuit: we'll have to bring up again a week after he gets done with pycon. he's getting his pyth-on now, and it will take  a week to fix all the crap at work that broke while he was gone ;)21:44
* shortcircuit nods21:44
snap-lgreg-g: http://www.ourmedia.org/channels/items/music-manumit-podcast-creative-commons-11030721:45
shortcircuitBut, damn, I'm excited about Geek Group.21:45
snap-lGood interview with Eric Steuer21:45
snap-lrick_h_: Audio is a little scattershot on the fpip21:48
snap-lit goes all over the place for levels21:48
snap-lGoing to try a dynaic range compressor to see what happens.21:50
Dekk-lappyanyone good with wifi issues?22:37
rick_h_snap-l: ugh, was afraid of that22:53
rick_h_had a hard time getting people to talk into the mics22:53
rick_h_kept turning around to look at people behind/next to them22:53
rick_h_I kept trying to tweak the levels on the maudio as I watched, but was hard22:53
rick_h_we had 6 people, two at each mic22:54
rick_h_but back a little bit22:54
rick_h_shortcircuit: my audio woes are getting more than 2 tracks of input22:55
rick_h_not a problem with the audio itself, but I have an 8input device that won't work in linux22:55
brouschyou need a bunch of lapel mics22:55
rick_h_well, I can see what I can do to the originals, maybe I can make something better from those22:56
rick_h_it's gamerchick02 my hero23:15
gamerchick02i am?23:15
* gamerchick02 is flattered23:15
rick_h_totally didn't catch the broken link23:16
gamerchick02ah. well, it's downloaded fine now! :)23:16
gamerchick02twitter/identi.ca is awesome that way.23:16
gamerchick02not sure if i got the usernames right, but hey. heh. glad i could help.23:17
snap-lUsernames were off, I'm afraid23:17
rick_h_I have a standard search for lococast23:18
gamerchick02sorry bout that. i was going on memory... :-/23:18
rick_h_so got it23:18
gamerchick02there's a lococast group on identi.ca, i think too.23:18
snap-land I pay attention to tie identi.ca group23:18
snap-lEven though rick_h_ has abandoned freedom. ;)23:18
gamerchick02heh. i use both, and they both serve a purpose.23:19
gamerchick02random crafy note: http://gamerchick02.tumblr.com/post/3840206995/also-posted-on-my-deviantart-here-and-here-i i was busy this afternoon. :)23:20
rick_h_gamerchick02: coolness23:31
gamerchick02i'm happy the way they turned out. :)23:31
gamerchick02off for a movie. see everyone tomorrow~23:59
gamerchick02! i mean. blargh23:59

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