wrstchibihogoshino it is a might dead today but been too pretty out to be trapped inside00:36
chibihogoshinoi dont know what outside it01:09
wrstha ha chibihogoshino you should really give it a try its nice01:10
chibihogoshinoto many people are outside01:10
wrstnot if you find the right spots :)01:11
chibihogoshinospot of outside with no people.. i dont believe it01:12
wrstyou must be in a city chibihogoshino there are spots like that everywhere!01:15
chibihogoshinolol calling knoxville a city01:15
wrstthat's a city to me01:15
chibihogoshinobefore and after photo of sendai japan01:34
wrstwow chibihogoshino :\01:37
chibihogoshinoat the bottom you can get a full res photo01:37
wrstyeah that's awful deal01:39
cyberangerand the plant there has a serious leak03:00
cyberangercompared to what they're saying03:01
wrstcyberanger you will be happy to know I now have quassel on my android03:12
wrstserious radiation leak not good at all03:12
cyberangerwrst: depends, is it alpha quality03:12
wrsthmm alpha or pre alpha. using quasseldroid03:13
wrstbut a new Dec crew has been making strides on it03:13
chris4585wrst, later tonight I'm going to download alpha 3 and install it on a extra computer :D03:13
chris4585I really want to try unity on something besides virtualbox..03:14
wrst I need a tab key03:14
wrstits pretty good now chrris458503:14
cyberangerwrst: yeah, the 1st loop (normally closed) vented steam into the containment chamber, raising the chamber's pressure to double the limits of it's design03:14
cyberangerso they released some steam outside into the air03:15
cyberangerbut that fails to explain caesium03:15
cyberangerwhich could be due to the fuel rods breaking down, so they might have had a meltdown and breach03:16
wrstoh not good03:16
cyberangerwell, if they weren't detecting caesium, it's just minimal short lived isotopes like nitogen-16, which is ok, short lived03:17
cyberangerthey've detected and failed to explain caesium release03:18
cyberangerwhich makes me wonder03:18
cyberangerat least it wasn't an RBMK-1000 design, like chernobyl03:19
cyberangerbecuase it probally would have blown03:19
cyberanger3MI was a meltdown, and it held03:19
cyberangerso this might be a small step up03:20
wrstyou know your nuclear reactors cyberanger03:20
cyberangerever since I did a paper on it back in High School, it's been an area of study I suppose03:21
wrstand you aren't terribly far from one yourself03:23
cyberangeryeah, 11 miles, 19.5km03:23
cyberangerand I'd be part of the evac plans, via ARES03:24
cyberangerif something were to happen03:24
wrstwell goodnight everyone03:24
* wrst heads to bed early due to the government clock tinkering03:25
cyberangerwrst: night03:25
wrstnight cyberanger, chris458503:25
chris4585g'night wrst03:26
chris4585cyberanger, I'm about 15 - 20 miles from a nuclear power plant03:26
cyberangerchris4585: crystal river?03:29
cyberangercrystal river energy complex?03:31
chris4585cyberanger, yep03:35
cyberangerthought so, other two (out of three) are south of miami03:36
chris4585its funny because from the local beach, you can see the plant off to the side03:36
chris4585so wait in FL there are only 3 nuclear power plants?03:36
cyberangerwell, sites, 2 reactors at Turkey Point, in Flordia City03:37
cyberangerone reactor at Crystal River, shared with 4 coal03:38
cyberangerand 2 more reactors at St. Lucie03:38
chris4585I have no idea where any of those are lol except crystal river03:38
cyberangerwhich is in port St. Lucie03:38
cyberangerFlordia City is in Miami-Dade county, south of Miami03:39
cyberangerand port St. Lucie is actually north of west palm beach by roughly 50 miles03:41
chris4585we often go to Ft. Lauderdale / Miami for my step dad's family03:41
cyberangerthe plant itself is 45 miles from west palm beach's airport03:43
cyberangerFlordia City is between Miami and Key Largo, been there myself once then03:43
cyberangerI wonder if the NRC ever figured out the cause of the containment gap they found (and I suspect caused) when replacing the steam generators in 200903:46
cyberangerCrystal River had a kinda unique design, the containment walls allways have rebar, but crystal river also had steel tension wires too, further protection03:48
chris4585cyberanger, you remember the coal plant accident right after christmas about 3 years ago in roane county?03:48
chris4585that was pretty crazy.. it was literally 15min drive from my house03:49
cyberangerbut when they cut a hole to replace the steam generators, they cut the tension cable, when the tension left, I think that triggered a shift, creating the small holes03:49
cyberangerthe coal ash spill, not a good day for sure03:49
cyberangeroh, no, that's too recent03:50
chris4585yeah that was pretty bad, I've been within 500 ft of ash area before it happened and it was beautiful03:50
cyberangerI guess that was Dec. 200803:50
chris4585around there03:51
chris4585it was the 26th if I remember right...03:51
chris4585or 24th03:51
cyberanger22nd or earlier03:51
cyberangerhit the news on the 22nd03:51
chris4585I knew it was close to there03:51
cyberangerthat's part of our problem03:53
cyberangerpeople allways cite nuclear's lack of storage or any way to deal with the waste really03:54
cyberangerbut coal ash is the same way03:54
cyberangersolar is rare, too small still03:54
cyberangergeothermal isn't that big here (could be though)03:54
cyberangerand hydro can't do it all03:55
cyberangerthere is no power without a downside03:58
cyberangerI'm just glad MTR mining is being stopped03:59
cyberangerit's progress03:59
chris4585cyberanger, personally.. as a civilization I believe we are doing pretty shitty considering our intelligence is high enough to choose cleaner technologies, but we choose not to04:03
cyberangercleaner isn't clean04:04
cyberangerI agree, but keep that in mind04:04
cyberangerI'd goto solar here (well, maybe not here, exactly, too much shade) or setup wind at my folks04:05
cyberangerthe thing is, it's dark at night, my folks have high winds, to the point of bypassing the generators to avoid damage04:06
cyberangerwhich means connecting battries to the system04:06
cyberangerbetween the construction components, the battries acid levels04:07
cyberangerand hydro floods areas as a river is dammed up04:07
chris4585yes wind was what I was thinking about, but off watermill technology I think could also work well..04:07
cyberangerand damns can burst, it has destroyed wild life has their ecosystem changes overnight04:08
cyberangercurrent grid design, current ideas of giant plants, that's gotta stop first04:09
cyberangerwe'd have to switch to a system where operators of the grid could remotely manipulate a MAINS switch, for line repair (doable in theroy with some of the mesh networking tests being done for  smart grid technology)04:10
cyberangerand every 5 houses in a rual area, ever 15 in a city could generate04:11
chris4585I like the idea of selling my energy (solar power) to the grid04:12
cyberangerthat wouldn't perfectly offset everything, but we might as well use the hydro we have already, and keep some stations on standby, in case04:12
cyberangerchris4585: the flaw in that is the hazards to linemen currently, if your generating enough to sell, and don't disconnect from the grid while they're doing repair04:13
cyberangerthey can easily mistake a hot wire for a dead line04:13
cyberangerthus that remote signal04:14
chris4585then why not just send out a signal to turn off the line?04:14
cyberangerand the power needed for that is so low, that could easily be a 12vdc car battery and a 20 watt solar power, set to allways be off grid, power fails, it defaults to disconnecting from the grid04:15
cyberangercurrent grid design had the utilities in full control, that's what they did04:15
cyberangerunfortunately, current design is from the 1950's04:16
chris4585my point is, we're not cavemen anymore, why are we still stuck in this painfully slow era where politics means everything?  my point from earlier was humanity makes me sad04:17
cyberangerwell, becuase everything is politics, yeah, sad04:17
cyberangerwe're making progress, unfortunately, not at the rate that we wired this country the 1st time04:19
cyberangerI'd like to get a dual system here, but not sell to the grid04:27
cyberangerjust use as much power off grid as I can, buy from the grid04:27
cyberangerI'm not on coal power here, hydro and nuclear04:27
cyberangerso I can see trying not to use the grid, but given some constraints here, the heat and ac, water heater and fridge would probally have to stay on the grid04:28
cyberangermy computers could be all offgrid04:29
chris4585cyberanger, what if the solar panels became cheaper?04:29
cyberangercheaper to buy, still the problem of apartment lifestyle, and the production of them not being too clean04:30
cyberangerbut when I move, get a house, I see it more likely that I could run everything on solar04:30
cyberangerbut I'd like a dual option04:30
cyberangerwind and solar perhaps04:31
cyberangerI dunno if I would sell to the grid (opting to just insure I don't have to buy from it)04:33
cyberangerif I didn't have access to the grid, say a remote part of montana, or the grid was small (like the alaskan bush, where only the town is connected) I'd have a dual system, wind and solar, on battries, and a diesel generator04:38
cyberangerinsure I could stay running long term04:38
cyberangerI'd sell to the grid once everyone was running a smart grid system that'd make it safe for a lineman04:41
chibihogoshinocyberanger: ^^06:52
cyberangersaw it 20 minutes ago ;-)06:53
chibihogoshinoi just got home06:53
cyberanger(and I think you sent it yesterday too, perhaps, seen mutiple ustream.tv links from mutiple people, relating to this)06:54
cyberangerwell, you pinged me 20 minutes and 22 seconds afterwords06:54
chibihogoshinothis is live tho06:54
chibihogoshinofrom japan .. i didnt know if you were watching it or not06:55
cyberangertrue, but it's hit a point where I'm mostly focused on the reactor site north of toyko06:55
cyberangerjust cause japan allways has live news06:55
cyberangerand I gotta look at the middle east too06:55
cyberangerlibya, iran, iraq06:56
wrstanother exciting day18:15

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