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cjohnstonstas: ping22:48
stascjohnston: pong22:48
cjohnstonstas: push up a uds.u.c branch. It's being split. :-)22:48
cjohnston(that's not an order)22:48
stassure, what should I change in that branch?22:49
cjohnstonRemove from the loco theme the top-nav (global nav) and include the global nav with the same links as planet.u.c and wiki.u.c22:49
cjohnston(for now) the desire is to not have the global nav but on certain sites until the whole thing is figured out22:50
cjohnstonwhich goes with what you want22:50
cjohnstonThat sound good to you?22:51
cjohnstonnewz2000, stas , MTecknology,  mhall119, (anyone else relevent) any objection to removing the community themes from the ubuntu-website project since they have all been ported to ubuntu-community-webthemes?22:52
stascjohnston: ok, will be done22:53
stasand no, i don't have any objections22:53
cjohnstonThanks stas22:53
mhall119no objections here23:05

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