superflymorning nlsthzn06:35
nlsthznHey Mr. superfly, how are you doing?06:36
superflynlsthzn: snotty thanks, my hayfever is in full force06:36
superflyhow are you?06:36
nlsthznsuperfly: that sucks... I am OK, just had a nice walk to the market... official, summer is upon us here, phew...06:37
superflyhot already?06:38
nlsthznsunny and dusty here in the desert06:43
nlsthzn28degC @ 10:40am...06:43
nlsthznat least the humidity is low06:44
nuvolario/ 'morning09:32
SymmetriaNow i know the japanese are notorious for thier crazy gameshows but thier version of total wipeout just takes the piss.11:13
Symmetriamirror.ac.za switching to nginx in about 2 minutes16:01
Symmetriahopeing you can help me test it when its done16:02
superflySymmetria: is it done yet?16:07
Symmetriacan you check that everything is still working16:17
Symmetriafrom both the sourceforge side16:17
Symmetriaand the ubuntu side16:17
Symmetriawe've just switched to nginx and thrown out apache16:17
Symmetriasuperfly sourceforge is 100% finished and up and running )16:17
Tonberrythings seem to work16:21
superflySymmetria: no faster than with apache16:36
superfly(if anything, a little slower, to be honest)16:37
Symmetriasuperfly might be a LITTLE slower browsing the pages, but will handle far more load16:47
Symmetriamemory usage is also lower 16:48
nuvolarihmm, from my perspective it's really easy to set up proxying compared to apache :P Took me like forever when I tried it the first time on apache, less than 20 minutes on nginx17:35
Symmetriaheh nuvolari nginx is decent, its just missing certain things and the modules that provide them are broken :P18:05
Symmetriawe have a heavily modified version of fancyindex now18:05
nuvolariSymmetria: ya, one thing that worries me now is that it fails to load the application I run on glassfish. Not everytime though. I have a pretty basic setup though :P just the proxy_pass configuration18:32
superflynuvolari: read the first answer: http://friendfeed.com/marcuscollins/62e2d155/prayer-for-japan18:41
superflyag, wrong url18:41
superflynuvolari: ^^ that one18:41
superflynuvolari: while you're not using WSGI or Python, it is something to keep in mind18:44
ghostknifenuvolari: you there?19:36
nuvolarighostknife: biets19:38
nuvolariek is hier19:38
ghostknifenuvolari: pong!!19:39
nuvolarisuperfly: will check it out thanks!19:39

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