gratnam11hey guys i tried to install postfix00:00
Far^Sidedaftykins, seems like convmv is what I was looking for...00:00
W3ird_N3rdliminal, try starting a browser from the commandline and see how it crashes00:00
Jasonngratnam11: and how did that go?00:00
gratnam11i gets stuck at the bluee screen where it ask u to select mail configuration00:00
gratnam11i did it using aptitude00:01
liminalchromium-browser -00:01
gratnam11i can't seem to select any optioon there00:01
gratnam11pressing esc seem to work00:01
W3ird_N3rdskxx, try to find your printer at http://www.openprinting.org/printers00:01
liminal[31894:31894:37568050343:ERROR:extension_prefs.cc(734)] Bad or missing pref 'state' for extension 'hpibmhghjndideebpackbdlpncgkcppp'00:02
testingI am having serious issues with ubuntu becoming unusable whenever it runs out of memory. What can be done to keep the responsiveness even when close to out of memory?00:02
liminal[31894:31894:37568050454:ERROR:extension_prefs.cc(734)] Bad or missing pref 'state' for extension 'lncjcfkpannmofmpgdfoonkniofdnaba'00:02
gratnam11actualy no00:02
liminaldoes that mean anything to anyone?00:02
gratnam11i press esc i am able to select and then it takes me back to that blue screen some one plese help00:02
Ampelbeingratnam11: is it your first install of postfix? if yes, run 'sudo dpkg --configure postfix'00:02
Icderionim getting a error on loading the os after installing it with the error gave up waiting for root device00:02
cal_gdm just keeps cycling back to the login prompt after entering my user/pass .. how do i track down this problem any suggestions?? thanks!!00:02
W3ird_N3rdskxx, is it very new? (2010 or newer) it might not be supported yet, or you may need backports. Is it old? check all the printer settings, black/white feeder etc00:03
gratnam11but don't i have to do supdo aptitude install postfix first00:03
jribcal_: create a new user and see if it happens there00:03
gratnam11can i control d out where i am right now00:03
Icderionim getting a error on loading the os after installing it with the error gave up waiting for root device00:04
gratnam11nothing seems to work00:04
W3ird_N3rdtesting, install more memory00:04
gratnam11clt d clt c ctl z00:04
gratnam11what do i do00:04
W3ird_N3rdliminal, you crashed it that quickly?00:04
liminalno that was just on startup.. it hasnt crashed00:04
testingW3ird_N3rd: uhm ... I dont know if that is possible. =)00:04
W3ird_N3rdwhy not?00:05
W3ird_N3rdno money? rob a bank!00:05
cal_jrib: nope, that worked. how do i get my original account working though? lol00:05
testingW3ird_N3rd: No it is maxed out already00:05
skxxW3ird_N3rd: it's fresh out of the box, but it seems to be supported from what i've hear00:05
W3ird_N3rdtesting, how much you got?00:05
W3ird_N3rdmemory I mean, not money00:05
jribcal_: check ~/.xsession-errors on the problem account00:06
W3ird_N3rdthat shouldn't get maxed out so quickly. You run heavy apps?00:06
testingbrowser and qt creator00:06
skxxW3ird_N3rd: i got it working using the designjet 110 driver, as someone said on openprinting.org.  thanks for the tip, man.00:07
W3ird_N3rddon't know qt creater00:07
testinggcc is a real hog00:07
W3ird_N3rdyw skxx :)00:07
Seppozwhere can i read how to make my own deb package?00:07
W3ird_N3rdSeppoz, try checkinstall00:07
W3ird_N3rdthere are many ways00:07
jrib!packaging | Seppoz00:07
ubottuSeppoz: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports00:07
W3ird_N3rd^^ that's more informative00:08
jahmanm huse are you their00:08
W3ird_N3rdtesting, generally, if you have a low-spec machine you can consider installing xubuntu or lubuntu, but that's not the case here. If you run memoryhoggers, wel.. you just need enough memory00:08
testing2GB is nothing these days00:08
W3ird_N3rdnot much you can do about that00:08
W3ird_N3rdyou could get a RAM-drive and put your swap on that, but you're probably better off getting a new mainboard that supports more memory00:09
tvonIs the notify-osd bubble supposed to go blurry when I hover over it with the mouse?00:09
jribtvon: it's supposed to get out of your way00:09
W3ird_N3rdtesting, I still run Lubuntu on a laptop that has 384MB memory. I even have a laptop running Ubuntu on 384MB, but that's sluggish when you open a webpage or 200:09
cal_jrib: thanks man! that file had what i needed. problem solved!00:10
testingI need it till kill off some program or something to free up memory. Not just stalling everything.00:10
tvonjrib: would going blurry be it's way of getting out of my way?00:10
jribtvon: hmm, I don't know.  I haven't used standard gnome in a while.  For me it just disappears but I'm not using compiz and all that fancy stuff00:10
PolahW3ird_N3rd: Surely if you're putting the swap on a RAM disk then it's pointless to have it?00:10
tvonjrib: okay, thanks00:10
testingW3ird_N3rd: how is that possible gcc uses 300MB+ whenever i compile00:10
W3ird_N3rdPolah, why?00:11
jribtvon: you can ask the channel again about what behavior is expected on standard gnome.  Surely, someone can tell you :)00:11
PolahW3ird_n3rd: It'd be a part of the RAM itself and thus putting a swap there would be unecessary since it would be used anyway00:12
testingand the browser easily takes 800MB00:12
W3ird_N3rdI see what you mean but I meant a "disk" that has DIMM slots and a SATA connector00:12
W3ird_N3rdit's a different "ramdisk"00:12
W3ird_N3rdputting swap in your memory would indeed be pointless00:12
PolahWell then why not just put it on a normal hard drive? The maximum transfer speed would still be the same00:13
W3ird_N3rdslow random access00:13
PolahI suppose00:14
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W3ird_N3rdPolah, besides, you could have something that has DIMM slots and a PCIe connector00:14
W3ird_N3rdtesting, browser taking 800MB is pretty normal if you have some tabs open00:15
testingyeah i know00:15
testingand it is horrible00:15
W3ird_N3rdbut in the end you have to make a choice: buy more memory (and possibly new mainboard), install lighter software (maybe less features) or use less applications at the same time00:16
W3ird_N3rdyou can't have it all00:16
testingsomeone should make a browser which focuses on low memory consumption instead of speed speed speed00:16
UbuntuDaveanyone got G13 to work correctly yet? i cant get G15daemon to start...00:16
liminalokay made it crash00:17
W3ird_N3rdchromium in my experience is pretty fast on a low-memory laptop00:17
liminalnothing came up in the terminal00:17
W3ird_N3rdso maybe install chromium, testing?00:17
testingi would like the operating system to do something smart instead ... i dont want the computer to lock up ... if it is slow that is ok ...00:17
drctesting: Midori?00:17
W3ird_N3rdit locks up?00:17
W3ird_N3rdtesting, do you have a swap partition that's big enough?00:17
RubenAlonzodoes anyone know how to make Pidgin automatically come to this channel please? At the moment when in start it, i have to fish around for it.00:18
testingI dont have a swap partition.00:18
W3ird_N3rdwell there's your problem!00:18
xanguaRubenAlonzo: add it to your buddy list and put it to autojoin00:19
testingwhy would a swap partition solve this problem?00:19
W3ird_N3rdswap partition is used to put stuff on the hard drive that would otherwise go into memory, when the system runs out of memory00:19
RubenAlonzothank you, xangua00:19
W3ird_N3rdif you don't have a swap partition and the computer runs out of memory, it crashes00:19
testingehhh? no00:19
UbuntuDaveanyone tell me the logitech channel?00:19
Random832W3ird_N3rd: no, it starts randomly killing processes00:20
liminalW3ird_N3rd, i have both chrome and chromium00:20
liminalthey both crash.. does does FF00:20
Random832probably starting with your web browser and X, since IIRC it targets the ones with the most memory00:20
W3ird_N3rdRandom832, not my experience. I've been rebooting a laptop several times after opening too many webpages when I forgot to set up swap00:20
Random832anyway you can get the same effect from running out of swap00:20
testingif it runs out of memory, it should start telling the applications that there is no more memory00:20
Random832W3ird_N3rd: turn overcommit off00:20
W3ird_N3rdaltough Random832, I have to admit that was an old Ubuntu00:20
W3ird_N3rdmight be different now00:20
Random832testing: the problem is the way the fork() function works00:21
Random832it doesn't know for sure that a program is going to _actually use_ memory that's copy-on-write00:21
Random832so there's no explicit allocation action in those cases00:21
Random832windows doesn't have this problem because it doesn't have fork00:21
testingRandom832: yeah, it is the same way with malloc i think00:22
RubenAlonzois 2 gigs of ram sufficient for ubuntu 10.0 netbook? i currently have 1 gig and everything works but its my first linux distro computer and i want to have the best experience possible.00:22
Random832you create a process and specify the new exe for th process all as one action00:22
W3ird_N3rdRandom832, I've reinstalled that laptop ages ago so I don't have the problem anymore. Wouldn't want it to kill my browser and X anyway00:22
testingit gives the appklication a pointer but doesnt allocate it until the app actually writes to it00:22
Random832W3ird_N3rd: i nver said it was a good thing00:22
Random832but it still depends on how much memory you have00:22
testingit is a bad system00:22
fisch246how do you upgrade to a newer version of grub?00:22
Random832i mean, it's not like having swap will save you if you run out of swap00:22
Random8321GBram+1GBswap isn't better than 2GBram00:22
RubenAlonzoRandom,  i currently only have 1 gig but my little netbook is upgradable to 2 gigs max.00:23
W3ird_N3rdRubenAlonzo, 2GB is enough for web browsing/mail/IM00:23
W3ird_N3rdmay be low for image-editing, video-editing and gaming00:23
RubenAlonzothank you W3ird00:23
DiamondciteRubenAlonzo: Depends on what you run with it.. I stared out with 1GB, but upgraded to 1.5GB and I find that to be more than enough.00:23
soreauIs there a way to have a root gnome-terminal start when logging in? I tried putting gnome-terminal in /etc/rc.local but it start it as user00:23
testing2Gb with ubuntu is unusable00:23
PolahW3ird_N3rd: For average gaming 2Gb is generally fine, especially with a swap of the same size.00:23
testingwhatever you are running00:23
W3ird_N3rdPolah, agree, depends on your games00:24
testingperhaps pine and lynx ...00:24
testingbut i have my doubts00:24
DiamondciteW3ird_N3rd: With 1.5GB... Web-browsing, flash video, IM, OpenOffice Spreadsheets, VirtualBox VM, Comics reading, video.00:24
RubenAlonzoDiamond, i have a tiny eMachines em250 computer i use just for surfing and watching videos on, but i did order a Crucial 2 gig stick to max it out, it has 250 gig hdd00:24
Photocopy#midori seems inactive...00:25
RubenAlonzoyou know for my forums stuff and the like is what i use it for since the wife is always on FarmVille00:25
testingcrashed my work computer the other day ... 4 GB ram and 8 GB swap ... it ran out of memory ... basically locked up the same way my laptop does not ... this is a reoccurring problem00:25
Photocopyhow can I make midori my default broser?00:25
DiamondciteRubenAlonzo: Generally I don't feel any pain of memory unless I've been running for over a month without rebooting.00:25
testingdoes now00:25
Photocopymidori itself doesnt seem to offer me the option00:25
UbuntuDavedoes crossover have a irc channel?00:26
Diamondcitetesting: What you do with your system matters alot.. querying an entire DB to put out a PHP page takes alot of memory :)00:26
xanguasystem>preferebces>orefered apps Photocopy00:26
peeps[lappy]i have some text files containing raw SMTP email messages, what would i use to extract attachments from these?00:26
Random832Photocopy: i think there's a default browser setting in system preferences.. don't know, haven't used ubuntu gui in a while00:26
W3ird_N3rdDiamondcite, I run plenty of stuff on low-memory machines, but RubenAlonzo wanted to have the best experience so I was careful in my advice ;)00:26
Photocopythank you xangua00:26
testingit shouldnt lock up in oom situations!!!!!00:26
DiamondciteRubenAlonzo: Okay.. what do you intend to do with your machine? Just to see if it's workable :)00:26
W3ird_N3rdyou can easily do webbrowsing/mail/IM on 512MB but I don't recommend that when somebody asks for "the best experience"00:27
Diamondcite(An Atom N270 can only handle so much before it's out of CPU power instead of memory)00:27
hihihi100does anybody here use OpenBVE?00:27
BajKWhich Intel processor do I need to have the Intel GMA X4500 graphics adqapter on board? is it included with the processor (core i5 i think will have it?) or the mainboard?00:27
RubenAlonzoso far its been a flawless experience, everything works as planned, only thing i cant seem to get recognized is the built in SD Card reader. Also is an external hd supported in Ubuntu? i saw some at bestbuy like the WD Passport elite 500gig ones i was wanting but sure if it works00:27
Death_irc.freenode.org -> #gentoo00:27
=== jack is now known as Guest94848
testingDeath_: ?00:27
BajKok the core i3-540 has dhe gma x450000:28
DiamondciteRubenAlonzo: I can't answer on things like the WD passport.. I tend to buy external USB Harddrive docks and use physical hard drives.00:28
drcRubenAlonzo: Have one of those (WD P 500gig HHD) too, works fine out of the box00:28
W3ird_N3rdtesting, it doesn't matter: if you run out of memory and swap your system is either going to lock up or randomly kill processes, you don't want either00:28
p_resW3ird_N3rd: I used 512MB for years with Ubuntu with no issues.00:28
RubenAlonzoDiamond, any idea how to format usb drives in ubuntu please?00:28
DiamondciteRubenAlonzo: I use gparted for that purpose00:29
testingW3ird_N3rd: i would want the latter ...00:29
jack_^RubenAlonzo, ? what're you trying to do? create a new filesystem?00:29
RubenAlonzothank you Diamond00:29
W3ird_N3rdp_res, I still use Ubuntu on a 384MB laptop with no issues, other than being slow. Lubuntu is fine on 384MB though00:29
RubenAlonzojack, no i wanted to buy an external usb drive but not sure if it would be recognized in ubuntu00:29
testingas it gives you at least some hope of recovery ...00:29
AnubArackhow can i stop a [sudo] password request (until now i just entered wrong one 3 times, there must be a better way)00:29
=== Guest18989 is now known as DarkDevil
DiamondciteAnubArack: ctrl+c00:29
p_resW3ird_N3rd: I wouldn't use it with anything below 512. Not with GNOME desktop anyway.00:30
W3ird_N3rdtesting, why don't you just set up a swap partition so it does't lock up in the first place?00:30
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest66309
W3ird_N3rdp_res, agree, Ubuntu on 384MB is indeed slow, but Lubuntu (lxde, not gnome) is pretty ok00:30
bob__840I have redone a 2.1G stick w/ ext4: remove exist part then repart then format00:30
RubenAlonzodoes anyone know when the next release of ubuntu is out? i have 10.10 but i really wish i could hide the side dock on the left as i have a tiny screen00:30
p_resW3ird_N3rd: Yeah I've used LXDE in the past. It's a nice alternative but not for me. ;-)00:30
W3ird_N3rdBut I'm still running ubuntu (with gnome) on a 384MB laptop because I can't upgrade it further and am too lazy for a reinstall00:31
xangua!natty | RubenAlonzo00:31
ubottuRubenAlonzo: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.00:31
p_resW3ird_N3rd: Whatever suits your needs I guess.00:31
W3ird_N3rdp_res, next time I reinstall it I'm going to put lxde on it ;)00:32
p_resFair enough.00:32
aromanhey, how can I uninstall my ATI proprietary drivers from maverick? I want to remove them so I can install the latest ATI drivers (update).00:33
W3ird_N3rdI don't use it very often so it doesn't bother me much :)00:33
[segfault]RubenAlonzo: just fyi, the release numbers are the year and month of the release:  YY.MM00:33
RubenAlonzoi heard the next update will allow the side dock to be moved or hidden. also HOW do i update Ubuntu? do i have to do a clean install of every new version released or is there a way to simply click an application to update current 10.10?00:33
W3ird_N3rdaroman, remove them in synaptic?00:33
testingW3ird_N3rd: i am running a wubi installation and the NTFS stuff is not good for swap performance00:33
aromanW3ird_N3rd: would that run the neccessary uninstall scripts? and idk what they're called :)00:33
xangua!upgrade | RubenAlonzo00:33
ubottuRubenAlonzo: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade00:33
liminalERROR:extension_prefs.cc(734)] Bad or missing pref 'state' for extension 'lncjcfkpannmofmpgdfoonkniofdnaba'00:33
liminaldoes anyone know what this error could be related too?00:34
W3ird_N3rdaroman, I'm not entirely sure00:34
RubenAlonzothank you ubotto00:34
W3ird_N3rdRubenAlonzo, ubottu is a bot00:34
W3ird_N3rdRubenAlonzo, you should thank xangua for instructing ubottu to help you ;)00:34
xanguayou should thank the gnomes ;)00:35
liminalnever mind00:35
RubenAlonzothank you xangua via way of ubotto! and thank you as welWeird for tellingme.00:35
p_resliminal: The Ubuntu Forums might be better to ask that question as you'll have to post more information than that.00:36
W3ird_N3rdRubenAlonzo, if you start typing a nickname you can complete it using the TAB-key ;)00:36
W3ird_N3rdyou didn't think I typed RubenAlonzo every time completely? :)00:37
RubenAlonzohey! thanks W3ird00:37
fisch246i'm trying to password protect the "Recovery Mode option" in grub... having a bit of difficulty... i edited "/etc/grub.d/00_header" but i'm lost when trying to edit "/etc/grub.d/10_linux" file...00:38
RubenAlonzodoes anyone use an external usb storage? any problems getting it recognized?00:38
W3ird_N3rdRubenAlonzo, always works flawlessly00:38
RubenAlonzoi meansied a thumbdrive00:38
RubenAlonzoi meant besides a thumbdrive, sorry00:39
p_resRubenAlonzo: I use a 1TB Seagate external usb.00:39
W3ird_N3rdRubenAlonzo, a harddrive?00:39
RubenAlonzop_res, did you have to somehow format it or was it recognized immediately?00:39
W3ird_N3rdalso no problem. On a laptop, you might have trouble if your USB doesn't supply enough power for the harddrive to work00:39
p_resRubenAlonzo: At first plug in I had to reboot once.00:40
RubenAlonzoyes w3ird like a western digital 500 gig usb drive00:40
RubenAlonzoah ok, thank you p_res00:40
W3ird_N3rdRubenAlonzo, did you buy it as an external drive? Or did you put a drive in an external case00:40
p_resRubenAlonzo: It works formatted as both ntfs and ext3/4.00:40
DiamondciteFor me after changing the format of a drive, I had to disconnect and reconnect it00:40
fisch246this is the last thing i need to do and my computer is about as secure as it can get...00:41
W3ird_N3rdRubenAlonzo, if your drive isn't formatted yet, you need to format it first.00:41
W3ird_N3rdan external harddrive off the shelf might be pre-formatted00:41
RubenAlonzoW3ird, i have not bought it yet, i was going to but got cold feet somehow at the last minute because i thought it might not get recognized like my built in card reader, although the thumbdrive gets recognized easily, so maybe i was being over-cautious00:41
RubenAlonzoi'm still new to ubuntu00:42
p_resW3ird_N3rd: I think they're all formatted to ntfs by default these days.00:42
RubenAlonzoand ubuntu is ntfs?00:42
p_resRubenAlonzo: Use the disk utility.00:42
W3ird_N3rdp_res, yeah, that's less than ideal, but it'll still work using ntfs3g00:42
gundasHi all, is there is a suggested method to remove a specific node in an XML file which is over 300mb in size? Platform is Ubuntu Server.00:42
RubenAlonzothanks all00:42
p_resW3ird_N3rd: Yeah I know. But I use Windows a lot still, but I have had mine formatted to ext4 once before.00:43
W3ird_N3rdRubenAlonzo, if you also need to access the drive on a windows machine, you probably want it to be NTFS-formatted00:43
p_resRubenAlonzo: ;-)00:43
wonderfulhello everyone! i have a question:  if i have a ton of zipped files, how do i extract them all into the same directory?  instead of unzipping one by one and having a new directory for each zip file?00:43
wonderfullooking for a terminal command00:43
RubenAlonzoroger that, will do W3ird.  i am highly HIGHLY skilled in windows, but never had a linux distro and only been using it so far for a couple days after install from pendrive00:44
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W3ird_N3rdRubenAlonzo, if you want the drive NTFS-formatted (and if it isn't out of the box), it's best to format it on Windows00:45
W3ird_N3rdI'm not even sure if you can NTFS-format a drive on Ubuntu at all00:45
p_reswonderful: You just need to use 7z and have all the zip files in the same directory and use *.zip and extract them all to the same output directory.00:46
omacneilyes you can format a drive as NTFS on ubuntu00:46
RubenAlonzowell i was wanting the best option to format in, either fat32 or ntfs for use on my little netbook with ubuntu00:46
p_resRubenAlonzo: Don't use fat32.00:46
RubenAlonzoroger that. NTFS it is! thanks00:47
omacneilsudo aptitude install ntfs-3g00:47
p_resomacneil: It should be installed by default anyway.00:47
W3ird_N3rdRubenAlonzo, don't use fat32, always trouble with partitions >32GB. The best options for your netbook would be ext4, but you won't be able to read it on Windows in that case, so NTFS is probably the best choice00:47
happy_ubuntuerhi. what is name of package under "Applications -> Sound & Video -> Sound Recorder"? i'd like to remove it00:47
omacneilp_res: I believe you are correct00:48
RubenAlonzothanks W3ird00:48
p_resomacneil: ;-)00:48
W3ird_N3rdhappy_ubuntuer, gnome-sound-recorder. But first right-click on "Applications" in the top-left corner of your screen and pick "edit menus"00:49
W3ird_N3rdif you just want to remove it from the menu00:49
W3ird_N3rdactually the application is called gnome-sound-recorder, but that's not the package name..00:50
RubenAlonzobe back shortly, i will see if i can google my way into making my built in  SD Card reader enabled on my netbook00:50
wonderfulthanks p_res :)00:50
Whisky_I used unetbootin to make a USB drive for Ubuntu and it now says NO OPERATIN SYSTEM FOUND IN PEN DRIVE. REMOVE AND REBOOT. when I try booting via the usb drive.00:50
niko-nojoHi room - anyone experienced slower boot time with Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS ?00:50
hiexpoit's gnome-media00:51
omacneil niko-nojo: I have not00:51
W3ird_N3rdhappy_ubuntuer, Sound Recorder is in the "gnome-media" package00:51
happy_ubuntuerW3ird_N3rd: nope. it's not gnome-sound-recorder.00:51
hiexpoand it has more than just sound recorder in it00:51
RubenAlonzoWhiskey, try googliing ubuntu 10.10 netbook remix its what i did to find the loader instructions to install my ubuntu from ped drive00:52
W3ird_N3rdwhy do you want to get rid of it anyway? isn't going to save you much disk space00:52
happy_ubuntuerW3ird_N3rd: okay, i'll leave it as it's needed by ubuntu-desktop.00:52
niko-nojoomacneil - other than using a stopwatch is there an easy way to measure00:52
RubenAlonzopen drive*00:52
Whisky_RubenAlonzo: thanks :)00:52
joelixnydoes anyone know how to remove the monitor "tags" that show up when I plug in a second monitor?00:52
omacneil niko-nojo:  You might look at the logs , they come timestamped00:53
joelixnythose colored boxes with the monitor's name00:53
PolahI wonder if Java would like if I specified Xmx is bytes00:53
niko-nojoomacneil - its possible I have move applications/services running at start-up00:54
TyrantelfI have server older computers sitting around, would it be possible to cluster them and run a java program (specifically a minecraft server) off of them?00:54
W3ird_N3rdhappy_ubuntuer, if you don't mind sharing, why do you want to remove sound recorder?00:54
niko-nojoomacneil - gona test out bootchart00:54
omacneil niko-nojo: yes , that seems a good place to look00:54
happy_ubuntuerW3ird_N3rd: annoying position in my menu, which i am not currently using :) but nvm00:54
hiexpohappy_ubuntuer, you can edit themenu00:55
W3ird_N3rdhappy_ubuntuer, right-click "Applications" in the corner of your screen00:55
W3ird_N3rd"edit menus"00:55
Jasonnhow do i move a file through terminal?00:55
WarwoltHi, I'm using Ubuntu (latest version) and I'm trying to get JACK server to run, but It won't let me  because "the playback device "hw:0" is already in use. Please stop the application using it and run JACK again". How do I shut down the playback device?00:55
W3ird_N3rdJasonn, mv -r00:56
happy_ubuntuerhiexpo, W3ird_N3rd: thanks00:56
Whisky_I used unetbootin to make a USB drive for Ubuntu and it now says NO OPERATIN SYSTEM FOUND IN PEN DRIVE. REMOVE AND REBOOT. when I try booting via the usb drive.00:56
hiexpohappy_ubuntuer, you can move it or untick it so itdon't show up in it00:56
numpyJasonn, you can use the 'cp' and 'mv' commands. (no quotes)00:57
JasonnW3ird_N3rd: lets say i wanna move the file "file" to the location "end" (Which is in the parent dirctory) Can i do mv -r file /home/server/end00:57
hiexpoWhisky_, did you format it firstand what file system did you format it as00:57
omacneil Whisky_: perhaps you did not succeed in creating a boot key, what files are on the disc when you boot from the HD or CD ?00:57
edbianWarwolt, What programs are you running right now?  Flash in the browser?  Banshee?  Rhythmbox?00:57
W3ird_N3rdJasonn, I was wrong, you don't need -r00:58
W3ird_N3rdyou can just mv blaat blaat200:58
Whisky_hiexpo: Yes NTFS :S00:58
W3ird_N3rdmv file /home/server/end00:58
Whisky_omacneil: The ISO has been broken down in the drive00:58
Warwoltedbian: I'm using flash in the browser yeah, should I quit that?00:58
edbianWarwolt, Quit everything that makes sound.00:58
edbianWarwolt, (yes)00:58
hiexpoWhisky_, did you do a md5sum on the iso00:58
Whisky_hiexpo: Yes. It works fine (wubi etc. on windows)00:59
W3ird_N3rdJasonn, yw01:00
forkk13Sup guys01:00
W3ird_N3rdsup homie01:00
hiexpoWhisky_, shouldn't it have been formated as fat01:00
forkk13Not much, hbu?01:00
W3ird_N3rdall good bro01:01
edbianhiexpo, Whisky_ Ubuntu should not be installed on a FAT partition.  (only extX)01:01
Jasonnforkk13: dont mean to be mean, but please limit the converstion in here to help-only01:01
Warwoltedbian: seems to work now altough I don't have any sound in the browswer anymore. Maybe thats normal? Trying to get a Supercollider server running01:01
hiexpoedbian, was talking about his usb01:01
edbianWarwolt, I can't really help configuring JACK.  It's... complicated ;)01:02
edbianhiexpo, You should put ext on the usb drive.01:02
forkk13Jasonn: Ok, will do01:02
joelixnyCan someone help me with a problem with my monitors?01:02
fisch246what does the fi command do in shell?01:02
Warwoltedbian: so its more or less "go google it you bastard ;)". Thanks for the help!01:02
aeon-ltdfisch246: 'man fi' to find out01:02
fisch246i need to know since none of you are helping me -__- trying to figure this code out myself...01:03
edbianWarwolt, No hard feelings!  :)  I just don't know how to configure JACK.01:03
W3ird_N3rdfisch246, fi in a script ands an if01:03
hiexpoedbian, i have always formated the usbto fat for all file systems and never had a problem with booting the iso image butmaybe i just lucky01:03
nanodanoDoes anyone else have trouble with Ubuntu connecting using your network card every once in a while? Sometimes I will have to turn thec omputer completely off before it works again01:03
edbianfisch246, It just ends an if statement.  http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/06/bash-if-statement-examples/01:03
edbianhiexpo, Really?!  Maybe Ubuntu can do something I didn't know.  You're right.01:04
fisch246yea that's what i thought it did... which makes me even more confused...01:04
Yoinxconfused about what fisch?01:04
W3ird_N3rdfisch246, you probably need to share the script so we can be confused about it too. :P01:05
WarwoltWhy is Ubuntu so complicated compared to other OS? :C01:05
W3ird_N3rdWarwolt, it isn't01:05
Yoinxcompared to what other OS?01:05
WarwoltAll I've tried01:05
hiexpoWarwolt, ubuntu is the easiest01:05
YoinxThen you've been trying some weird OS's01:05
edbianWarwolt, It has more choices and therefore more complication.  (Nobody is forcing you to install / configure JACK)01:05
W3ird_N3rdYoinx, do phone OS's count?01:06
* Warwolt is just new and tired of spending over an hour getting a software running only to get the software riddled with problems01:06
YoinxUbuntu is one of the better distro's of linux out there.01:06
edbianWarwolt, Why do you want JACK in the first place?01:06
* Warwolt is going to blame the OS and not is nonadequate knowledge01:06
jack_^damn you. you're blowing up my notifications. :P heh01:06
Warwoltedbian: Because Supercollider uses JACK, apparantly, for its output01:06
YoinxWhat's JACK?01:06
hiexpolol jack01:06
edbianWarwolt, Lemme research Supercollider01:07
WarwoltWhy is "lol Jack"?01:07
WarwoltSupercollider is a music software01:07
=== kennyken is now known as dgtl
onelineris it possible that unrar free "discards" files from rar archives?01:07
W3ird_N3rdWarwolt, jack is getting highlighted because the word "jack" is used here while not referring to jack the person01:07
numpyfisch246, what is the problem with the script?01:07
YoinxThat script looks pretty pointless fisch.01:08
Warwoltedbian: Wait how do I get sound back to the browser after I killed it?01:08
fisch246the guide wants me to change printf "menuentry '${title}' ${CLASS} {\n" "${os}" "${version}"01:08
W3ird_N3rdI need jack cable. I must have a jack-cable laying around here somewhere01:08
hiexpooneliner, what you trying to do with unrarfree01:08
edbianWarwolt, You got the ubuntu PPA from here?  http://supercollider.sourceforge.net/downloads/01:08
numpyfisch246, cause its like wrong01:08
Yoinxwhat are you trying to figure out with it?01:08
rubyz1hi. how can i speed up my mouse wheel scroll speed - help! google and ubuntu forums say that is impossible to do!01:08
Warwoltedbian: Yeah, I've got Supercollider up and running.01:08
edbianWarwolt, so Supercollider works no problems?01:08
Warwoltedbian: I followed this http://artfwo.blogspot.com/2008/05/supercollider-for-human-beings.html and got stuck in the part with getting JACK running but now i got.01:08
fisch246it wants me to change it to this http://pastebin.com/w2LndYbF01:09
YoinxWarwolt, you might wanna find a newer guide... that one's almost 3 years old01:09
Warwoltedbian: well when I try to get {SinOsc.ar}.play; running then I get "WARNING: server 'localhost' not running." from getid. But thats probably out of your expertice.01:09
fisch246i'm following this guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=136901901:10
edbianWarwolt, Ever seen this article before?  http://www.tuxradar.com/content/how-it-works-linux-audio-explained   linux audio is complicated.01:10
WarwoltYoinx: I'm not sure these a newer one01:10
GoochCurious but can somebody explain how to get my hp dv4 remote to work?  It appears I have to mess with a script01:10
Warwoltedbian: I just got Linux up and running last week so, no. I'll read it now.01:10
Goochand that makes me nervous01:10
YoinxYou migh tbe right war01:10
hiexpooneliner, also install unrar non free and rar  or it won;t work right01:10
Warwoltedbian: how do I get sound back to my browser?01:10
fisch246i'm trying to password protect the recovery menu option in grub01:11
edbianWarwolt, I'm trying to figure that out right now.  Can you pastebin the output of ps -e   (it lists all currently running processes)01:11
Warwoltedbian: thats a pretty long list sir01:11
fisch246unless anyone knows of a better guide?01:11
edbianWarwolt, I'm aware.  pastebin it01:11
fisch246any help would be welcome01:12
edbianWarwolt, Also, first things first, did you try simply restarting the browser?01:12
Warwoltedbian: yepp01:12
Warwoltedbian:how do I pastebin? Just ctrl v?01:12
fisch246Yoinx: thanks :)01:12
edbianWarwolt, www.pastebin.com01:12
Yoinxnp, it should be easier than what you're trying to do01:12
edbianWarwolt, Go there, paste the output into the box, hit submit, give me the link.01:13
edbianWarwolt, I think there is an Ubuntu version.  pastebin.ubuntu.com01:13
Warwoltedbian: neat website! http://pastebin.com/Btpnj6Qk01:13
edbianWarwolt, Yes it's amazing.01:13
Highlyevolvedhello people can some one help me with wireless card problem01:14
Guest22246is there any best method for binding f-keys to brightness, volume etc?01:14
Jordan_UWarwolt: Ubuntu Studio comes with jack configured by default, and is probably generally a better starting point if you're interested in real time low latency audio processing.01:14
=== Guest22246 is now known as iretch
WarwoltJordan_U: I'm using a XP partition for my serious audiowork, but I'd like to experiment a bit with software on the linux partition01:15
edbianWarwolt, Well JACK insisted your flash player stop making noise so lets kill it and try again.  (Can anything make noise for you right now?)01:15
HighlyevolvedI have ubunt 10.10 on my Hp pavillion dv6000 and the wireless card is not recieving any connections and a message is displaying "device not ready" (Firmware missing) can someone help me?01:15
nateddggHi, anyone know how i can resize my Ubuntu Portable Remix so its bigger then 1g?01:15
edbiannateddgg, Yeah use a live CD.01:15
edbianHighlyevolved, Can you pastebin the output of dmesg ??01:15
IvoVcan anyone tell me how to create one workspace spanning two monitors in ubuntu 10.04? I'm using nouveau and compiz (no nvidia)01:16
HighlyevolvedYes one second01:16
Yoinxiretch,  System>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts... dont know if f keys can be used though01:16
=== mike_ is now known as Guest81370
Warwoltedbian: No, I don't think so01:16
GoochSo I have two questions, how can I get my hp dv4 multimedia remote to work? and I am managing my friends music career and need something like apple's garage band, and a music creation program similar to finale.01:16
edbianWarwolt, Kill jack, the command -> killall jackd01:16
jgcampbell300can somone help me getthis right     sudo addgroup Domain Admins01:16
nateddggedbian: you dont think toporesize might work?01:16
Goochsorry if thats a tall order ;D01:16
iretchyoinx ill look into that thanks01:17
YoinxGooch, try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150065301:17
pentesterany of you check out the new black ubuntu?01:17
edbiannateddgg, I have no idea what toporesize does.  gparted is my tried and true method.  You need a live CD because you can't edit partitions that are mounted.01:17
Yoinxfor the remote anyway.01:17
edbianpentester, link?01:17
pentesterone sec01:17
blue112Hi here.01:18
silverlightningdoes anyone know what this message might mean, and what to do about it? I get it when I use Gnome media player in lubuntu Failed to open VDPAU backend libvdpau_nvidia.so:01:18
GoochThanks! one question down! One to go!01:18
jgcampbell300can somone help me getthis right     sudo addgroup Domain Admins ... it keeps trying to switch the domain user to admins ... i need to create a group called Domain  Admins01:18
YoinxGooch, try http://lilypond.org/ for the other thing01:18
blue112I don't understand why my laptop, pretty new, running on ubuntu 10.10 reach very high CPU temperatures without much thing on it (about 95°C with just music and a flashplayer in a browser running)01:18
Yoinxgooch, I posted for both questions.01:19
Whisky_Formatted my pendrive in exFAT and used unetbootin for 10.10 but when I try booting it it says no operating system on pen drive...remove and reboot :(01:19
aeon-ltdblue112: flash, problem solved01:19
silverlightningblue112, very common with ubuntu and laptops01:19
Yoinxjust in two separate spots, scroll up01:19
edbianblue112, flash player is pretty intensive.  Is your fan dirty / blocked?01:19
aeon-ltdblue112: 90% of laptops are like that01:19
System_Default_1blue112: That's normal on new computers.01:19
applejuicebut flash isnt normally that bad..01:19
Yoinxsilver, first link from google. http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/gnome-mplayer-error-802571/ for the exact thing you typed01:19
GoochAny recommended programs for actually recording?01:19
blue112Wow, many answer01:19
Highlyevolvedebian here is the pastbin of the dmesg http://pastebin.com/GkWxRkCG01:20
coianyone know if it is possible to get the pdf viewer in chromium?01:20
pentestersorry for the wait, sourceforge.net/projects/blackbuntu01:20
applejuiceblue112: install cpufrequtils if its not installed already. it helped me01:20
blue112edbian, my fan is really clean, I've open my laptop two days ago.01:20
blue112applejuice, that's the set-cpufreq command ?01:20
YoinxGooch, try googling "Linux alternatives for (insert software here )"01:20
Yoinxyou'll get plenty of options.01:20
silverlightningaeon-ltd, 90 % is a bit much? more like 30 %01:20
System_Default_1blue112: My laptop reaches hight temperatures too. I bought it 2 years ago.01:20
silverlightningthanks Yoinx01:20
blue112System_Default_1, I bought it about 7 months ago :/01:21
Goochgood idea! thanks a bunch.01:21
applejuiceblue112: not sure what you mean, but it regulates your cpu freq so that your comp isnt running at full speed when it doesnt need to01:21
WarwoltRight now I'm just considering to switch back to XP completely :c01:21
edbianWarwolt, Don't give up :)01:21
edbianWarwolt, Did you kill jack?01:21
blue112applejuice, ok, it's wasn't installed actually. It is now. How can I check if it works good ?01:21
pentesterwhy would u go back to xp01:21
Warwoltedbian: Don't know how to do that01:22
YoinxWhy warwolt?01:22
HighlyevolvedI have ubunt 10.10 on my Hp pavillion dv6000 and the wireless card is not recieving any connections and a message is displaying "device not ready" (Firmware missing) can someone help me? here is the pastbin of the dmesg http://pastebin.com/GkWxRkCG01:22
applejuiceblue112: restart your computer, open up the same tabs and see if your temp is lower now01:22
edbianWarwolt, killall jackd01:22
blue112edbian, why is flashplayer so intensive ?01:22
jgcampbell300ok so sudo addgroup "Domain Admins" dosnt work and sudo addgroup 'Domain Admins' dosnt work ...  even tryed sudo addgroup $Domain Admins$01:22
WarwoltYoinx: Because everything I've been trying to do the last couple of hours I'd have gotten done in 20 minutes on XP01:22
edbianWarwolt, That should kill all processes with that name.  If you run ps -e again you'll see they should all be gone.01:22
applejuiceblue112: as a point of reference, my 1 and a half year old laptop hits 50 to 60 degrees C when I'm watching flash vids. But I'm on crunchbang, and crunchbang is lighter than ubuntu01:22
System_Default_1Well, I think Windows XP is good option for graphical design, rendering and gaming.01:22
edbianblue112, Because adobe wrote a lousy version for linux.01:22
applejuiceweird thing is, i see better flash performance on linux than i do on windows 701:23
edbianblue112, Unfortunately it's the most complete version for linux01:23
StrykerWarwolt, go to the #opensourcemusicians channel and get some help from people who actually know what ur talking about01:23
System_Default_1Why can't I do those things in Ubuntu?01:23
Yoinxhighly, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:23
WarwoltStryker: Thanks01:23
pentesterthose things?01:23
Yoinxlooks like you need to install the drivers for it, since it's not finding them.01:23
blue112edbian, I'm running a debug version of flashplayer, can this make thing worse ?01:23
System_Default_13D Acceleration problems, or maybe libraries, drivers?01:23
edbianblue112, i don't know01:23
Whisky_Formatted my pendrive in exFAT and used unetbootin for 10.10 but when I try booting it it says no operating system on pen drive...remove and reboot :(01:23
Sonjachromium on ubuntu claims flash is out of date even though i updated flash01:24
Yoinxcant format it in exfat to boot off of it IIRC>01:24
Yoinxshould be fat 16/3201:24
blue112Ok, let me reboot.01:24
blue112Thanks applejuice and edbian =)01:24
pentesterfat32 is the better one at the moment01:24
edbianblue112, good luck01:24
applejuiceblue112: no problem hope it works01:24
Yoinxyeah, id do fat32... just saying bioses usually dont recognize exfat... just the previous two.01:25
Warwoltedbian: Got sound back on firefox. Thanks!01:25
rocketsIs Wubi now Windows 7 x64 compatible? It wasn't for a long time.01:25
=== usr is now known as pyus
edbianWarwolt, awesome.  Don't give up :)01:25
jgcampbell300%domain\ admins01:25
pentesterlinux might be hard the first try, but it's well worth the effort01:25
rocketspentester, I think it is for some people, not for others.01:26
System_Default_1How the hell can I get "Software Rasterizer"?01:26
Whisky_Yoinx: Thanks. Let me try that01:26
YoinxIt also depends what you're trying to do with it.01:26
YoinxIf you're developing... pretty much anything... It's full of win.01:26
coipentester, how is blackbuntu different from the rest?01:26
pentesterI think for the first time touching it, know matter who you are, you have to put a moderate amount of effort in to get things to work, unless you get a linux out of the box machine01:27
blue112I'm at 82° at startup, with just XChat and a terminal launched... Is that normal ?01:27
applejuiceblue112: are you sure it's 82 degrees celsius? cause that is HOT01:27
HighlyevolvedI have Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4322 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller [14e4:4311] (rev 02) how can I install the firmware so that this works?01:27
blue112applejuice, yep, this is 82°C01:27
HighlyevolvedI have Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4322 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller [14e4:4311] (rev 02) how can I install the firmware so that this works? I'm on Ubuntu 10.1001:27
blue112Well, it's going down...01:27
blue112temp1:       +74.4°C  (high = +70.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)01:27
YoinxHighly, I pasted a link for you on how to do it... like 20 minutes ago.01:28
applejuiceblue112: that is crazy.. do you have a windows partition by any chance?01:28
pentestercoi: blackbuntu seems to be the ubuntu version of BT. honestly im a fan of the Ubuntu Gnome setup instead of the slackware setup because i dont have much time to fiddle around as i use to01:28
blue112applejuice, I have a windows hard drive.01:28
edbianHighlyevolved, Connect to the internet some other way.  run this: sudo apt-get install fwcutter01:28
blue112(I can switch them)01:28
Yoinxhighly, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:28
Highlyevolvedthanks for spoon feeding me :D01:28
coipentester, contains all the tools?01:28
coisame tools01:28
YoinxIt's a common issue... so much so that they have a titled page for it :p01:28
applejuiceblue112: uh, if its possible, you could try booting into windows and use coretemp to see what the normal temp should be for your laptop01:28
blue112applejuice, coretemp ?01:29
coipentester, is it ubuntu with just a set of additional packages?01:29
applejuiceblue112: its the name of a program01:29
System_Default_1Mozilla Firefox is not saving my custom configuration.01:29
pentestercoi: i havent checked 1 for 1 yet but its damn close if not even01:29
blue112It that a windows included software ?01:29
blue112It's a soft I have to download separatly ?01:29
System_Default_1--Set state: 256--01:29
applejuiceblue112: no, you have to download it, but its a pretty good program01:29
Yoinxblue, just jump into the bios and look at your temp there.01:29
blue112applejuice, the temp keep going down... 61.5°C now.01:29
applejuiceblue112: oooh, thats good. still running the same apps though?01:30
blue112applejuice, and the fan is less noisy.01:30
blue112applejuice, nop, I have just xchat and terminal now.01:30
=== Guest66309 is now known as DarkDevil
applejuiceblue112: hopefully cpufrequtils is doing its thing. but just warning you, im not a linux expert like some of the guys here01:30
blue112I had a huge flash app and music launched, before that.01:30
applejuiceso my advice should be taken with a grain of salt01:30
pentestercoi: not it seems to be modded slightly, alot of packages were taken off, some of there personal packages were added. and more than enough tools to keep anyone happy on the forensics side01:30
applejuicethen its prob the flash01:30
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest79914
applejuicebut it still shouldnt make it that hot..01:30
blue112It's moving between 60 and 62°01:31
Yoinxyeah, flash sits at like 80-95% cpu use while its going01:31
ajanthakariyawasI m using Ubuntu I cant open web page through Fire fox . Can anybody help me?01:31
blue112applejuice, Let me launch all that apps again01:31
skullboyok im trying to sync my phone but when i do it dectects a auto eth001:31
Yoinxso, that's probably why it was so hight.01:31
illmortal1lol is it just me.. or has ubuntu gotten more difficult to troubleshoot lately?01:31
cerberosNothing in /etc/rc2.d/S2* is starting at boot, everything starts ok when I do it manually. Any ideas (10.04 server)?01:31
applejuiceYoinx: it's not the cpu though, its his temp thats at 85 degrees01:31
neil_dajanthakariyawas: can you ping the site?01:31
pentester*ignore the not* it was a add in from something i deleted01:31
illmortal1I can no longer make a live USB instead of a LiveCD lol01:31
Yoinxyeah... cpus get hot when they're being used at 100%.01:31
Yoinxwhy not ill?01:32
applejuicei'm not on ubuntu, but on crunchbang and windows 7, i get up to 60 degrees max when watching flash vids01:32
applejuiceYoinx: so 85 degrees seems very bad01:32
jgcampbell300can anyone tell me how to add a user group to ubuntu that has two names ? Domain Admins ?01:32
joe__243hello do you think ubuntu is lame?01:32
Yoinxapple, do you use chrome or firefox with flashaid?01:32
edbianjgcampbell300, What do mean with 2 names?  You want the same group to be called 2 different things?01:32
blue112applejuice, now 75°...01:33
ajanthakariyawasI can surf the net but not with Fire fox01:33
applejuiceYoinx: i use chromium and ive never heard of flashaid. is it good?01:33
Yoinxsupposedly, it helps with the flash CPU use stuff.01:33
System_Default_1jgcampbell300: System > Administration > Users and Groups01:33
applejuiceblue112: you'll have to ask someone else, cause i dont know whats the problem and i dont think 75 degrees is normal/good. :/01:33
jgcampbell300edbian, no ... i need one group called Domain Admins but i am having trouble getting the command right01:33
applejuiceYoinx: I'll check that out, thanks01:33
jgcampbell300System_Default_1, it is server01:33
edbianjgcampbell300, You cannot have spaces in group names.  Do something like this: Domain_Admins01:33
YoinxI know chrome with the 64bit flash lib, Im usually at 70%+ cpu use... just for chrome01:33
Yoinxfirefox/flashaid it's usually around like 30-40%01:34
jgcampbell300edbian, ok thanks for that ... no wonder i couldnt find a way that worked01:34
blue112applejuice, mokay :/01:34
System_Default_1jgcampbell300: Sorry. --A.V-- 0xc0782a.01:34
applejuiceYoinx: just tried watching some youtube vids and I'm only seeing CPU usage at 30 to 40% and thats without flashaid01:34
applejuicetemp is 47 degrees01:34
joe__243hej! finns det nåra svennefanskap her?01:34
Yoinxare you using the 64 bit lib, or the default ones in chrome?01:35
jgcampbell300System_Default_1, umm what was that01:35
ajanthakariyawasneil_d can you help me?01:35
Yoinxor are you talking firefox?01:35
Pranav_rcmas2Can stuff be compiled from source in ntfs partitions?01:35
applejuicechromium, 32 bit. but im not on ubuntu01:35
Yoinxahh, well thats why01:35
Yoinxthis only happens on ubuntu01:35
joe__243inga svenska grabbar?01:35
neil_dajanthakariyawas: I don't know, can you ping the site?01:35
syrinx_joe__243: english01:35
Yoinx...don't know why... and it's taking them forever to fix it01:35
philip_Hello Joe i can help you01:36
applejuiceYoinx: What's only on Ubuntu? I'm on linux, just not ubuntu01:36
joe__243thank yo philip kan du översätta till dom andra o säga att jag behöver hjälp01:36
ajanthakariyawasneil_d How to ping ?01:36
Yoinxthe flash thing. I've only heard of it on ubuntu (guess it could be on others)01:36
joe__243philip will say on enlish wat i need01:36
Aurigaapplejuice, What are you running?01:36
joe__243min dator är jättevarm, vad skall jag göra!?!?01:36
Yoinxsame processes, *shrug*01:36
applejuiceInteresting. I haven't been on ubuntu for a while01:36
joshdreamlandI have like, 30,000 processes open at startup. It takes gnome-panel ten seconds to load. How do I get rid of this crap?01:36
neil_dajanthakariyawas: first open a terminal.01:36
applejuiceAuriga: Crunchbang Statler01:37
joshdreamlandThis is something I'd expect of Windows.01:37
syrinx_!english | joe__24301:37
ubottujoe__243: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList01:37
Yoinxjosh, there's a startup manager01:37
joe__243im sorry i go home from this chat no im sorry01:37
philip_Joe here my frend want some help he has deleted the papperskorg01:37
ajanthakariyawasneil_d ok01:37
Aurigaapplejuice, Isn't CrunchBang based on Ubuntu too?01:37
joe__243yes! plese help!01:37
neil_dajanthakariyawas: are you having trouble with one site or all?01:37
Yoinxsystem > Preferences > startup applications01:38
applejuiceAuriga: it was, but after 9.04, it switched to debian. I like it better with Debian actually, cause it still uses apt but it also lets me make it rolling release01:38
ajanthakariyawasI cant open pages through Firefox01:38
rocketsAnybody try using Unity on a full laptop or desktop? Any good/bad experiences?01:38
[thor]philip_ / joe__243 : is there a support channel in your native language? for example: #ubuntu-cn for chinese, or #ubuntu-ru for russian?01:39
Aurigaapplejuice, I took a brief look at it last year some time as I heard it was lighter than other distros while still keeping functionality... But I didn't last long with it...01:39
ajanthakariyawasNeil_d I cant open pages through firefox01:39
Aurigaapplejuice, have you played with Arch or Slitaz by any chance?01:39
Pranav_rcmas2Can I use an external ntfs partition from Ubuntu to clone repos and build them?01:39
joe__243it does no seem that way i using google translate now i need help i deleted the papperskorgen01:39
System_Default_1*Calling for procedure...01:39
System_Default_1Disconnecting from i-bus01:39
System_Default_1System is going down for halt NOW!01:39
applejuiceAuriga: What stopped you from keeping CB? I wanted to play with Arch, but I never find the time to. ANd I heard it's harder, aha.01:40
HodrI have 3 DNS Zones setup in Ispconfig 3, but it seems that only 1 of the 3 is working01:40
neil_dajanthakariyawas: in the terminal try "ping google.com" and see if you get some lines printing out01:40
[thor]joe__243: /join #ubuntu-se01:40
joe__243tank ju so much how i do it?01:40
ccvvcchow can i see hardware information from terminal01:40
Aurigaapplejuice, I use Ubuntu, & I like it a lot. As to CB I was just playing around with it. I think there was too much Basketball at the time or something, time constraints... Arch is harder, I'm playing with it as we speak...01:41
[thor]joe: type that command exactly as it is in the chat window01:41
edbianccvvcc, lspci01:41
[thor]joe__243: /join #ubuntu-se01:41
visual1cehow can i tell whether an external usb device is usb1 or usb2?01:41
Aurigaapplejuice, Arch doesn't have a WM, you have to install one after install.01:41
joe__243thank ju bye bye  have it good01:41
joe__243 /join #ubuntu-se01:41
applejuiceAuriga: That's awesome. If you can play with arch, you can definitely play with crunchbang01:41
[thor]joe__243: no space at front01:42
joe__243thank ju again bye01:42
Aurigaapplejuice, Yeah I'm sure I could I just didn't put the time into it... Slitaz is proving difficult in a VM too though...01:42
applejuiceAuriga: That's exactly why i didn't try it out yet. it seems like it would take long to set up everything from scratch.01:42
applejuiceAuriga: Never really found out what slitaz was like.01:42
Aurigaapplejuice, Yeah it's in a vm right now, downloading updates, this is my first time with Arch, I like the idea of using a command named Pacman which is why I'm playing with it lol.01:43
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Aurigaapplejuice, But it is taking it's time though.01:43
=== Guest27014 is now known as chompiras
applejuiceAuriga: Hahaha, I love your reasoning. :D01:44
illmortal1Does anyone know if the Asus P5Q-E motherboard supports booting off of USB pen drives for Linux? (It does support Windows, that how I got Windows 7 installed onto my machine)01:44
blue112Well, so my CPU is high because of flash :/ ?01:45
blue112can't I say to the fan "cool harder" ?01:45
Aurigaapplejuice, I suggest taking a look at Slitaz also, as there is a major upgrade tonight, so tomorrow there will be a new release bug FREE.01:45
applejuiceblue112: I still feel like theres something else at work though, because a new laptop shouldnt be at 65 degrees evenw ithout flash01:45
applejuiceAuriga: I might just do that if I have the time and can get off my lazy butt, hahaha01:46
Aurigaapplejuice, Go set up a VM!01:46
blue112applejuice, it's at 81 now :/01:46
blue112applejuice, how can I see that ?01:46
ajanthakariyawasneil_d yes I can ping01:46
alecbenzerin the middle of upgrading from 10.10 to 11.04 the upgrade seems to have failed somewhere and halted - what's the best course of action for not blowing stuff up?01:47
Yoinxill, if a mobo boots of usb, it boots off USB, it doesnt care what it's booting.01:47
xanguaalecbenzer: then don't upgrade to alpha stuff01:47
applejuiceAuriga: Alright, but only if you promise to try CB again sometime. :P01:47
Yoinx...unless it's an apple motherboard >.>01:47
applejuiceBlue112: See what? Hey, open up your system manager or whatever ubuntu has and see which processes are taking up the most of your cpu resources01:48
blue112Yoinx, was that apple troll :p ?01:48
blue112applejuice, is top ok too :p ?01:48
=== ExplodingPiglets is now known as ForeverAlonedotJ
applejuiceblue112: top is fine. :)01:48
blue112top says : plugin-container => 110% CPU01:48
Yoinxnah, just saying... their mobo's (whatever brand they actually are) would care what they're booting.01:48
blue112 then rythmbox => 8%01:48
=== ForeverAlonedotJ is now known as ForeverAloneJPG
alecbenzerxangua: ie, I'm still in the middle of the upgrade, and ctrl+c-ing warns me that this may leave my system in a broken state. am I just gonna need to deal with that?01:48
blue112Then  xorg and pulseaudio01:48
Aurigaapplejuice, I will tomorrow maybe, I promisish...01:48
blue112with 5% and 3%01:49
jeniaHow do I redirect an error output to a file? When I do: command > file.txt, it only saves output that's not error, but errors it only displays on the screen.01:49
=== ForeverAloneJPG is now known as ExplodingPiglets
applejuiceblue112: so it's plugin-container then. i just looked it up, it has something to do with firefox. kill it for now01:49
applejuiceblue112: and then see what your temp is after that.01:49
blue112applejuice, ok, let's do that.01:49
applejuiceblue112: what are your specs? like processor, ram. gpu?01:49
Aurigaapplejuice, Will posting a link get me kicked?01:49
rubin110Is there a way I can have an ubuntu machine get its hostname over DHCP?01:49
applejuiceAuriga: No idea, I'm new to the irc channel, aha.01:50
neil_dajanthakariyawas: that is good.  but I have never had any trouble with firefox, without the trouble being with the internet connection, sorry I no idea what is wrong.01:50
Aurigaapplejuice, Same to irc in general...01:50
blue112applejuice, processor is a dual core AMD, 3GB ram, GPU is ATI (argh) with fglrx drivers.01:50
Aurigaapplejuice, Well here is the latest cooking release of Slitaz anyways... http://mirror.slitaz.org/iso/undigest/slitaz-cooking-core.iso01:50
blue112CPU actually is : AMD Athlon(tm) X2 Dual-Core QL-6401:50
xangua!ot | Auriga01:50
ubottuAuriga: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:50
jeniarubin110: I think you have to do it by DNS server with DHCP assigning the DNS server's address01:51
applejuiceblue112: better specs than my machine. Could it be your gpu thats making your laptop hot?01:51
applejuiceAuriga: Thanks, reading about slitaz right now01:51
blue112applejuice, maybe, then how can I fix it ?01:51
ajanthakariyawasneil_d thanks for your help01:51
blue112applejuice, I'm not even sure what the temp is related to... I'm using sensors.01:51
tohuwWhy don't cd and echo work via sudo?01:51
jeniaHow do I redirect an error output to a file? When I do: command > file.txt, it only saves output that's not error, but errors it only displays on the screen.01:51
applejuiceblue112: sorry, I have no idea how to deal with it. :/ Except for the frustratingly bad answer "make sure drivers are updated"01:52
blue112applejuice, they are :(01:52
Aurigaapplejuice, Sure, just saving you the hassle of going through what I went through with it not working.01:52
applejuiceblue112: whats the temp now that plugin-container is killed?01:52
blue112applejuice, my fan just reduced its speed, and my temp fall down to 60°01:52
applejuiceAuriga: Thanks, but why wasnti it working?01:52
applejuiceblue112: that's still a bit too hot. if windows 7 can run at 40 to 45 without flash, then ubuntu should be close too.01:53
Aurigaapplejuice, Apparently a bug that was never fixed... That's what I was told by a bug tester.01:53
tohuwjenia: Try redirecting stderror. ./your_script 2 > output01:53
applejuiceblue112: maybe try posting in the ubuntu forums?01:53
Aurigaapplejuice, He is the one who gave me that link just now.01:53
blue112applejuice, I don't know then :/01:53
YoinxThe flash one? It's well documented.01:53
blue112applejuice, I don't like forums...01:53
applejuiceAuriga: Ouch, sounds bad. I see that slitaz uses openbox? awesme. :)01:53
YoinxAnd like I said... quite a while ago, your CPU is going to be hot while it's sitting near 100% use.01:53
applejuiceblue112: Why not?01:54
blue112applejuice, how can I see what my sensors values referers to ?01:54
Aurigaapplejuice, That's more than I remember, I haven't ever seen it boot lol.01:54
applejuiceblue112: Whats the name of the program you're using?01:54
blue112applejuice, it's slow, and I should keep watching I have answers01:54
armyantstohuw: they probably built-in's in shell01:54
blue112applejuice, the package is lmsensors and the command is sensors01:54
blue112Is there any other ?01:54
blue11256° now...01:55
monaI did ln -s /usr/share/applications/defaults.list /etc/gnome, trying to make a symlink to that file. Is there any way to recover from that? I don't know what other files where in /etc/gnome before...01:55
jeniatohuw: so, "2" in "2 >" means to redirect stderror?01:55
blue112When I look at it, it decreasing, but when I speak here, it goes to 60°01:55
blue112So I think it won't go lower.01:55
tohuwjenia: yes01:56
gartral_I can't get docky too load the Do addon/plugin/feature01:56
tohuwjenia: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO-3.html01:56
Aurigaapplejuice, If you decide to look at Arch there is a page I found that is incredibly useful thusfar.01:57
applejuiceblue112: I don't really understand this stuff. :( Unless someone else here can give you advice, I think you might have to resort to the forums. You can also try posting in the Crunchbang Forums, I'm pretty sure they won't mind trying to help01:57
tohuwjenia: you can also just ./your_script 2>&l to throw all the errors into stdout (the other stuff you're seeing)01:57
applejuiceAuriga: Ooh, link me01:57
jeniatohuw: thanx, is it possible to redirect both: stdout and stderror to a file at the same time? do I need to do something like this?: command > output.txt 2 > error.txt ?01:57
Rogueanyone know if there is a solution to BUG: scheduling while atomic ?01:57
armyantstohuw: but it's not reason it not working :/01:57
blue112applejuice, mkay01:58
* blue112 tries01:58
Aurigaapplejuice, That will get me another warning, then probably kicked...01:58
applejuiceAuriga: ahh, anything I can maybe google to pull up the page?01:58
blue112Anyone here can help me with laptop CPU overheat ? \o/01:58
jeniatohuw: OK, thanx, got it.01:58
Aurigaapplejuice, I just pm'd you.01:58
YoinxYeah blue. Stop using flash in linux... Problem solved :p01:59
Aurigaapplejuice, Or what ever the irc equivalent is...01:59
blue112Yoinx, first of all, I'm a flash developper.01:59
Yoinxat least in ubuntu, it's been a bug for like 2 years now.01:59
tohuwjenia: command &> output.txt01:59
blue112Yoinx, secondly, I'm not using flash for now, and it's still at 60°01:59
blue112Yoinx, it doesn't happen in debian ?01:59
Yoinx60 doesnt sound too bad02:00
Rogueis there a ubuntu in hyperV channel?02:00
blue11260 is kinda hot :/02:00
YoinxDunno, I dont look into much about debian. I just use ubuntu, and know the problem with flash/cpu use has existed for liek 2 years02:00
tohuwRogue: not specifically. Ask your question here, someone may know.02:00
blue112Yoinx, mkay02:00
jeniaYoinx, that's a very bad suggestion to stop using flash on linux. Linux is supposed to be more powerful, then windows, so you should be able and should do anything in linux.02:01
applejuiceBlue112: I'm almost certain it's not a Ubuntu bug since the same packages are used elsewhere and I've never seen temps go up to 85 degrees02:01
Yoinxi know apple said he doesnt have the issue on whatever distro he's using02:01
Gorilla_No_Bakahello everyone...02:01
blue112applejuice, mokay02:01
blue112applejuice, once, it reach 103° then the computer shut down :(02:01
jeniatohuw: thanx, I am reading that howto, you gave me.02:02
RogueI setup Ubuntu Server 10.10 in HyperV, and now I get reoccuring errors saying BUG: scheduling while atomic : swapper (or rsyslogd, or flush).02:02
Da_WreckaI'm having a peculiar issue with Nautilus on my Lucid netbook... I've got a couple of bookmarks set up to shares on my Windows 7 gaming machine. Now, the share works fine, it prompts me for the password and then I'm in, but some of the directories - directories not flagged as hidden, I'll add - won't display. Equally, some of the files in directories that DO show up won't display either.02:02
tohuwjenia: excellent, hth02:02
gartral_jenia: well it's true that *Lnux* is more powerful than anything microsoft can produce, the quality of plugins and other software IN linux is a direct result of the time and talent poured into it.. in the case of Firefox and Chrome, thy're both exceptional.. but Adobe felt there wasn't need too nuild linux-flash as well as they did for windows...02:03
applejuiceblue112: definitely something isnt right.. if you cant find any answers on the forums, try installing crunchbang? It's way faster, more resource efficient, and it'll probably be colder than ubuntu. you'll have to learn to use the terminal more though, but it should be fine02:03
applejuiceblue112: i'm leaving now, but I hope you find your solution soon! :)02:03
Da_WreckaThere seems to be a pattern; The files and directories that show up haven't been modified in Windows 7. The ones that aren't displayed, have.02:03
Yoinxbut here's a search of launchpad for bug reports... https://launchpad.net/+search?field.text=ubuntu+flash+CPU02:03
gartral_[did that get cut off?]02:03
blue112applejuice, I know the terminal, no problem with that02:03
blue112applejuice, I just can't survive without aptitude :p02:03
uekixxHello! i have vps and one IP and also a domain, how can i point my domain to my IP? please help me!02:03
applejuiceblue112: hehehe, thats awesome then. :) I'm out!02:04
Da_WreckaAnyone know how to get Nautilus to show the missing files? Oh yeah, I've also checked, and Nautilus is set to show hidden and backup files, not that the missing entries are marked as either.02:04
Gorilla_No_BakaHey guys  i have a problem with ZTE USB Modem FFF1 We have been issued some of thins things and dince they come already set with the username and password (they only work on Apple OS and Windows and it`s really a matter of pluging it in point and click in order to connect to the internet) I thought is gonna be a easy job to get online with my Linux box..02:05
uekixxHello! i have vps and one IP and also a domain, how can i point my domain to my IP? please help me!02:05
Gorilla_No_Bakabut i had no luck so far.. anny ideas02:05
Da_WreckaAs an example: If I navigate to H:\0MULTIMEDIA\VIDEO in Windows Explorer on the Win7 box, everything is fine. Navigate to the Video directory in Nautilus via the Windows Share, and while a directory like GameTrailers.com shows, Youtube does not.02:05
YoinxUek, you need to set it up to point to your IP on your DNS02:05
Gorilla_No_Bakaany ideas on how to make them work on ubuntu02:05
jeniagartral_: I agree, but I cannot just ignore all those flash animations on many websites and a collection of cartoons that I've got in flash, and say, F*it, I will just ignore flash and throw away my cartoon collection and stop watching videos on video sites, such as utube, etc.02:05
uekixxYoinx: im new, how can i configure my DNS02:06
uekixxgimme a tutorial02:06
jeniagartral_: or switch back to windows, just to watch some flash animations02:06
YoinxUsually you would do it through wherever you bought the domain from.02:06
YoinxSince you probably don't have a DNS server.02:07
Da_WreckaAdditional: I can still navigate to hidden directories in Nautilus, IF I type in the name manually into the Location field. But they won't show up in the file list02:07
uekixxcan i just configure it from my VPS Yoinx02:08
Yoinxdunno, whoever you have your VPS through can probably do it for you, since they typically manage DNS02:08
uekixxi have a cpanel for it02:09
uekixxaight ok i'll try config it02:09
Da_Wreckanobody have any ideas with Nautilus?02:09
YoinxNo idea Da_Wrecka, is it a samba share, or nfs?02:10
dustinhello everyone02:10
=== marcelo is now known as Guest96472
dustinanyone on atm got some time to answer afew ubuntu type questions02:10
Da_WreckaPretty sure it's SMB. I've not set up a NFS daemon on the Windows box02:10
sacarlsonDa_Wrecka: you can select view>show hiden files02:11
dustinim kinda new to this02:11
aeon-ltddustin: ask away02:11
Da_Wreckasacarlson: Way ahead of you. Didn't help.02:11
dustinso i could use alittle help02:11
dustinokay here's the low down02:11
aeon-ltd!enter | dustin02:11
ubottudustin: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:11
Da_Wreckasacarlson: And it shouldn't be hiding the entries in question anyway, as they're neither dotfiles, nor marked 'hidden' in Windows.02:11
sacarlsonDa_Wrecka: could be permisions of that user to not see all files maybe start as a sudo user gksudo nautilus  but that can be risky02:12
Da_Wreckasacarlson: The same user account has no trouble viewing the files directly on the Windows box02:12
Yoinxyeah, i'm gonna guess with sacar.02:12
sacarlsonDa_Wrecka: windows box is not the same user02:13
dustinwell i spent like 4days know after i configured my new ubuntu right02:13
dustinand i see the quake like games they got02:13
dustingood ones just i miss the old style quake 202:13
Da_Wreckasacarlson: I'm using the same credentials to log on to the Windows share as I use to log into the Windows box directly02:13
gartral_I can't get docky too load the Do addon/plugin/feature02:13
dustinand i been trying to find a copy for ubuntu02:13
dustinanyone got a place to find it02:14
sacarlsonDa_Wrecka: another posibllity is that nautilus need to refresh to view the file02:14
dustinive literally searched everywhere for the package02:14
xanguagartral_: if you mean doky 2, do and doky are no longer one program02:14
Da_Wreckasacarlson: Way ahead of you again. Refreshing the view with Ctrl-R doesn't help.02:14
YoinxDa_Wrecka, have you checked the permissions on a folder that you can see, and one you can't?02:14
YoinxAre they the same?02:15
sacarlsonDa_Wrecka: can the files be viewed or seen form the console?  with ls -l02:15
dustinanyone care to help?02:15
Yoinxdustin, i just linked it for you.02:15
gartral_xangua: i understood that, but are they completly seperate? i thought there was still a plugin..02:15
dustinthanks ALOT yoinx is it easy for loading?02:16
Da_WreckaYoinx: No differences between my Youtube directory and the GameTrailers.com directory. GameTrailers.com shows, Youtube doesn't02:16
brains_so shocked that IRC still lives02:16
Da_Wreckasacarlson: Give me a sec to find out...02:16
dustinlike i mentioned im very new to this  yoinx02:16
YoinxDa_Wrecka,  are you actually checking them with chmod, or just looking at them in the properties window?02:16
Yoinxdustin, shouldnt be too hard, i havent installed it02:17
sabgentonis there a way to check your runleaves of a prog with update-rc.d02:17
sabgentoncan't see it02:17
Da_WreckaYoinx: Using the properties window, since Windows doesn't have chmod02:17
dustinim gonna eat ill talk to you again yoinx02:17
dustinthanks alot aeon btw too02:17
dustinu folks are great02:18
gartral_brains_: ahhaha.. it's not, we're all bots talking like humans :)02:18
ke1hahello all .. i created a ramfs with [ sudo mount -o remount,size=2G /tmp/ngs ] is there an automated way to add this to /etc/fstab at boot time ?02:18
YoinxDa_Wrecka, are you having problems getting to it in windows or ubuntu?02:18
Da_Wreckasacarlson: The directories involved don't show up in a terminal listing02:18
Yoinxand where is this share at02:18
brains_that makes more sense gartral02:18
Da_WreckaYoinx: From Ubuntu. The Windows machine can access every file without issue, it's the Ubuntu one that's having visibility problems02:18
Da_WreckaAs for 'where is the share at', I'm not quite sure what you mean. Can you clarify?02:19
YoinxBut you said you can manually type the path and get to them right?02:19
sacarlsonDa_Wrecka: anything not seen with ls will not be seen with nautilus,  nautilus is just a gui for ls and other utility02:19
Da_WreckaYoinx: Right.02:19
Da_Wreckasacarlson: Which means the problem is lower-level than I thought02:19
YoinxWell, the way you just typed that... I assume the folders are on the windows machine.02:19
sacarlsonDa_Wrecka: sounds like some kind of a samba thing?02:19
Da_WreckaYoinx: They are; I'm trying to access them from the Ubuntu machine over the LAN02:19
Da_WreckaAnd before you ask it's not a signal problem, I'm using CAT5, not wireless.02:20
Frogging101How do I change the link encap of my wireless card from "Ethernet"? It's causing some problems and I'd like to know how to get ubuntu to properly treat my wifi card as a wireless interface.02:20
Da_Wreckasacarlson: Yeah... Okay, so I need to do some more searching I guess02:20
sacarlsonDa_Wrecka: well don't samba mounts show up like anyother with sudo mount ?02:21
Da_Wreckasacarlson: Sort of. I'm using the GVFS fuse daemon here. I couldn't get plain old CIFS mounts to work for some reason02:21
skutr34hey my internal mic isnt working.... it wont record in skype or sound recorder02:22
skutr34please help02:22
sacarlsonDa_Wrecka: I think gvfs still shows up in mount and you should see the directory where it should have put it02:22
Brando1995can someone with good linux knowledge pm me and help with my problem?02:22
Da_Wreckasacarlson: GVFS has a single mount point at /home/dawrecka/.gvfs. I can get to the mounted shares from there.02:23
YoinxDa_Wrecka,  if you can get to them by typing them.. you should be able to do ls -l on them02:23
bastidrazorBrando1995: you're funny02:23
Yoinxsorry for the delay, was in a different chan02:23
armyants!pm | Brando199502:23
ubottuBrando1995: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:23
skutr34my mic wont record or anything02:24
YoinxI would see if ubuntu is seeing the permissions as the same on them, there might be one missing for listing the files02:24
skutr34can anyone help me please?02:24
Brando1995Sorry, so if i am running amd 64 x2 3800 I need to use the amd64 or it wont work right?02:24
Da_WreckaYoinx: Using the VIDEO directory example again, if I do an ls -l from the VIDEO directory, Youtube doesn't show up. If I do ls Youtube -l, then it gives me the Youtube directory listing like it should02:24
Da_WreckaBrando1995: No, you can use the x86 kernel too. The Athlon64 supports x64 as well as x86.02:25
Brando1995well which should I use, or does it not matter02:25
bastidrazorBrando1995: how does common sense not help you at all?02:25
sacarlsonDa_Wrecka: mybe the file is still open so maybe try sudo sync and see if that forces it to create the file that is not closed yet02:25
Yoinxthat doesnt make any sense Da02:25
skutr34can anyone help me with my internal mic please it doesnt seem to be working02:25
Da_WreckaYoinx: And yet, that's what's happening02:25
Brando1995I was asking because I had an error with the 64 version, and I didnt know if its like windows you only use 64 bit if you have 4gb of ram02:26
Da_Wreckasacarlson: I did sudo sync, then ls -l; Youtube is still not in the listing02:26
Yoinxtry to just do ls -l VIDEO02:26
Yoinxwich should show the persmissions on all the subdirs (should be the same as doing it from inside the dir.... but you never know)02:26
illmortal1Can anyone assist me in getting Grub2 working? I'm dual booting with Windows 7 and now just upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10. Grub should be installed onto HD0,2. Currently using Ubuntu 10.10 LiveCD02:27
Da_WreckaYoinx: Okay, I think I'm with you now. Let me clarify; My shell is currently navigated, through GVFS, to the VIDEO directory on my Windows machine. GameTrailers.com and Youtube are both subdirectories of VIDEO.02:27
Da_WreckaIf I enter ls -l, Youtube is NOT in the list, but GameTrailers.com is.02:27
Da_WreckaIf I enter ls Youtube -l, then it will list the contents of the Youtube directory just as it should02:27
blue112!grub2 | illmortal102:27
ubottuillmortal1: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:27
Da_WreckaBut I can't get it to list the Youtube entry itself02:27
YoinxYeah, i get that.02:28
illmortal1been there, done that, blue11202:28
blue112Doesn't work :p .02:28
Da_WreckaUnless I manually specify the Youtube directory name, I can't view it or list it02:28
illmortal1well I just went through it.. and I'm currently going through each step in case I missed anything02:28
YoinxIt still sounds like a problem on the folder itself to me02:28
illmortal1so I'll confirm once I'm done double checking, blue11202:28
Da_WreckaYoinx: I can't honestly rule it out at this point02:29
phoenixsamprasfound a bug!! keyboard stopped to work, needed to reboot horribly02:29
blue112illmortal1, ok, good luck.02:29
SimboLhello all02:29
SimboLi have a problem with my dell laptop.02:29
Da_WreckaGo go gadget Google, let's find the syntax for mount.cifs...02:29
sacarlsonDa_Wrecka: can't you just cd ~/Youtube; ls -l ?  seems it mounted the directory where you didn't expect it02:29
SimboLi have installed Ubuntu but my cooler does not stop02:29
skutr34can someone help me my internal mic isnt working gateway md2419u02:30
SimboLis there any help??02:30
Da_Wreckasacarlson: 'bash: cd: /home/dawrecka/Youtube: No such file or directory'02:30
=== Guest79914 is now known as DarkDevil
HodrPlease help me with this before I pull my hair out, I have 3 domains set up in ISPconfig, all with the same DNS entry's (other then the fact they point to different domains) and only 2 out of 3 work02:31
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest89986
sabgentonis there a way to check your runleaves of a prog with update-rc.d02:31
sabgentoncan't see it02:31
sacarlsonDa_Wrecka: sudo -s ; ls -l; cd /home/dwrecka/Youtube ?02:31
=== jack is now known as Guest36550
skutr34can anyone help me please?02:32
Da_Wreckasacarlson: sudo -s performs as ordered, however the ls -l throws up "ls: cannot open directory .: Permission denied"02:32
Da_WreckaWhich is SERIOUSLY messed-up, last I checked; I thought root had unrestricted access to everything no matter what02:33
tsimpsonDa_Wrecka: because you're not running ls as root02:33
Guest36550im actually having trouble with ubuntu 10.10 maverick meerkat.... i wanted to uninstall it but when i clicked uninstall it said something about could not find directory C:\ubuntu\ blah blah blah..... can any1 help me 2 uinstall?02:33
sacarlsonDa_Wrecka: not on remote systems they you don't have priv on02:33
testinghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=860525 <- this thread explain the problems i am having. although mine is a 32 bit system02:33
Da_Wreckasacarlson: Okay, yeah, that makes sense02:34
brains_i always su to root (be it recommended or not)02:34
Da_Wreckatsimpson: The fact that my command line is reading "root@AOA110" at the start would indicate your assumption is incorrect02:34
Jordan_UGuest36550: Do you have more than one drive or partition?02:34
Ben64Da_Wrecka: after you use a ; in the command, it stops being under sudo02:35
tsimpsonDa_Wrecka: no, you run sudo -s, which launchas a shell as root. then when that command ends, ie you exit the shell, 'ls -l' will be run02:35
itaylor57root on a remote system is nobody02:35
Yoinxbrains_ real men surf questionable adult websites while logged in as root.02:35
Jordan_UDa_Wrecka: gvfs doesn't follow posix semantics correctly. It's a known bug.02:35
tycableSimboL, reboot please.02:36
tsimpsonDa_Wrecka: ah, you're using fuse02:36
tsimpsonDa_Wrecka: fuse restricts access to only the person who issued the fuse mount command02:36
Da_Wreckamakes sense02:36
sacarlsontsimpson: wow even the root won't work from a fuse mount?02:37
BaribalHi. When mounting an iPod, its mount points permissions get set to 755. How can I set them to 777?02:37
tsimpsonsacarlson: because root didn't mount it, so why should it have access?02:37
dustinaight im back aeon02:37
Jordan_Ubug #22536102:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 225361 in gvfs (Ubuntu) "other users don't have access to .gvfs" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22536102:37
Da_Wreckahmm. If I try to mount the share using an fstab entry, I get "mount error(111): Connection refused"02:38
jhonnyboyHey guys, I'm trying to set up a nice interface for a regular user who doesn't know any html to log into his site and add  items to his inventory. Is there a package that does this that you guys could recommend or would I have to program this from scratch?02:38
Yoinxtry just mounting it like a normal cifs mount?02:39
Yoinxmount -t cifs -o username=server_user,password=secret // /path_to/mount02:39
BlueBomber7jhonnyboy: Sounds like a perfect webmaster job opportunity to me ;)02:39
Da_WreckaYoinx: Same error02:40
jhonnyboyBlueBomber7, lmao yeah but to get called every time they want to add an item....ugh02:40
jhonnyboyBlueBomber7, monthly payments :P02:40
dustinhmm yoinx02:40
dustinthat link u gave me02:40
dustinjust told me how to install it02:40
=== marcelo is now known as Guest29595
dustinhow ya find a place to get it?02:40
Yoinxjhonny, i doubt you'd find a frontend for something like that... since it's really going to depend on how your inventory is setup02:41
Yoinxdustin. It's still copyrighted. I doubt this is really the place to ask how to pirate software.02:41
dustini thought it was free for linux ?02:42
Yoinxdoubt it.02:42
dustinhmm there anyway to check about it?02:42
Yoinxlooks like a quake2 clone, perhaps.02:43
=== Logan_ is now known as CeeLoGreen
neuro_damageseems my system upgrade kernel versions? how do I rebuild the nvidia kernel module again? I tried a remove and reinstall with nvidia-current02:43
neuro_damagebut still modprobe nvidia l'est fails02:44
Yoinx"Important Note: Any installer which includes the demo levels for Quake II must not be redistributed on any physical media. The demo levels for Quake II are still copyright Id Software. Anyone wishing to distribute the levels on physical media must contact Id directly."02:44
BaribalAFAIK Quake2 is OSS'd and thus *probably* free to download, but the maps are proprietary artwork.02:44
Baribal(But I may be wrong)02:44
Yoinxbut, that site's likely not up to date. They may have dropped it off into abandonware status.02:44
Da_WreckaThey're still selling Quake 2.02:44
Da_WreckaNot on physical media, but they're still selling Quake 2.02:45
=== nick is now known as Guest10696
Da_WreckaI bought it on Steam quite recently02:45
neuro_damageda_wrecka: check out quake live man02:45
Da_Wreckaokay, this is getting weirder... mount.cifs won't mount the Windows share, FUSE (via Nautilus) will.02:46
dustinso would it be okay to install it fine?02:47
jack_^Da_Wrecka, maybe you're not mounting the same thing. did you double and tripple check? im pretty sure nautilus just calls mount.cifs02:47
Yoinxneruo, why not just grab the newest nvidia drivers?02:48
Yoinxand go from there... It's what im running02:48
Da_WreckaYoinx: ...apparently I'm not. I could've sworn I had my router set up to give the IP to my Windows box all the time...02:48
Da_Wreckaokay, NOW it works02:48
Yoinxhuh Da_Wrecka ?02:48
Lancelothey everyone, look at this: www.bioware.com bioware uses drupal02:48
Da_WreckaMounts, at least02:48
Yoinxyou meant that to jack, lol02:48
Da_WreckaHowever, there's still directories not being displayed in ls02:49
Da_WreckaHmm, let's see what sudo ls gets me...02:50
Da_WreckaNo difference at all02:50
YoinxDa_Wrecka... this might be way off base... but maybe you should boot a livecd on that windows box and check the folder permissions.02:51
YoinxMaybe one's encrypted for windows or something crazy.02:51
josh1what is the proper channel to ask about 11.04?02:51
Da_Wreckawell, no, because I can still access it if I type the name into the shell02:51
nOStahlhey guys how can I share internet from one wifi adapter to another wifi adapter02:52
ZykoticK9josh1, #ubuntu+102:52
illmortal1blue112, ok I think I see what's going on. MBR should be located on my SDD2, and it is currently mounted on /media/Ubuntu. Problem is that when I do a ls /media/Ubuntu I don't see the files listed on the How To documentation. And I thnk it's because I installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS through windows a few months ago.. using Wubi, I believe. So that's where I'm stuck.. I'm following the how to you mentioned earlier: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Recovering02:52
Da_WreckaIt doesn't show up in listings but it can still be accessed from the shell02:52
YoinxYeah, so the folder's permissions have to be messed up somehow... or you wouldnt be able to get to it.02:52
blue112illmortal1, I don't have much experience using wubi, I'm sure someone help on this chan can help you =)02:53
illmortal1hmm.. ok. thanks anyways, blue11202:53
Da_Wreckaokay, I've got an Ubuntu install DVD, if memory serves that should work as a live CD02:54
Yoinxyeah, it should02:54
=== CeeLoGreen is now known as Logan_
Logan_!ot | Lancelot02:55
ubottuLancelot: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:55
StarminnYou know the AptOnCD? Is it possible to add custom files for installation to that?02:55
Jordan_Uillmortal1: First, if at all possible I would avoid wubi in general. What happens when you try to boot?02:55
nOStahlis it possibe to bridge two wifi adapters together (one tied to your router and the other broadcasting locally)02:56
Lancelotwhat do you mean by bridge?02:56
Jordan_UnOStahl: What is your end goal?02:56
illmortal1Jordan_U, it fails to load Grub (I just upgraded from 10.5LTS to 10.1002:57
nOStahlsetting up an old netbook as a repeater02:57
YoinxSDD2 doesnt sound like the right place to install grub to me.02:57
Jordan_Uillmortal1: What happens when you try to boot? I need the actual symptoms.02:57
illmortal1Yoinx, SDD1 is my windows partition02:57
Yoinxbut, meh02:57
Da_WreckaNot the nippiest of things, booting Ubuntu from a DVD02:57
nOStahlits simple to do from wifi to ethernet sharing02:58
nOStahlbut not wifi to wifi02:58
illmortal1Jordan_U, it gives me this error: error: the symbol `grub_xputs` not found02:58
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Did you only install via Wubi or have you also done a normal Ubuntu install?02:58
illmortal1only through Wubi... from Windows 7. At least to my knowledge.02:59
illmortal1I really regret using Wubi too... I would assume it would all be the same.. but I have a feeling that Ubuntu integrated itself with Windows heh..03:00
illmortal1instead of being on a legitimate partition of its own.. but I could be way wrong.03:00
meanEvolution cant bind hotmail account?03:00
Jordan_Uillmortal1: First, stop trying to install grub to a partition. You almost never want to, and especially with a wubi install as grub is actually not supposed to be installed even to the mbr but rather to a file on your windows partition.03:00
xanguamean: google for hotmail pop3 configuration03:01
meanxangua, thx03:01
illmortal1Interesting. Jordan_U, how would I go about removing the Wubi installation and just installing a fresh copy of 10.10 on a 2nd partition?03:01
Da_Wreckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it appears to have stalled03:01
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Remove wubi via Windows' Add / Remove programs then install Ubuntu by booting from the LiveCD/USB.03:02
illmortal1lol.. ok so I'm gonna need to get my grub to work then.. I can't access my Windows 7 partition @ boot up03:02
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Are you currently booted into an Ubuntu LiveCD?03:04
illmortal1Yes sir.03:04
venky80HIM_: hey03:04
illmortal1I'm on my Laptop and my desktop is on the LiveCD, Jordan_U03:04
extra11ubuntu feels as if it's going more commerical, true?03:04
Jordan_Uillmortal1: run: sudo software-properties-gtk -e universe; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install mbr; sudo install-mbr /dev/sda03:04
venky80so people ask help about ubuntu here03:05
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Do *not* run install-mbr /dev/sda1 or any other partition. It needs to install to the mbr.03:05
illmortal1wait what..03:05
Da_WreckaYoinx, sacarlson: I booted Ubuntu from the DVD on my Windows computer. Nautilus there has no problems displaying the problematic entries03:06
drmorphiasah hail ubuntu! lol :)03:06
HIM_venky80: ok03:06
illmortal1you want me to use sudo apt-get install mbr, correct?03:06
illmortal1Jordan_U ^03:06
venky80this is a user help forum is ubuntu developer forum called ubuntu-devel?03:06
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Yes.03:06
illmortal1How do I know where the MBR is?... especially since it's through Wubi?03:06
HIM_venky80: ok03:06
IdleOnevenky80: #ubuntu-dev03:07
gartral_!jp | yl03:07
ubottuyl: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい03:07
rocketsI just installed Ubuntu. All was well. But after installing the nvidia driver from "Additional Drivers", my gnome desktop reverted to the default (gnome default, not ubuntu default) theme, and no matter what I do is still grey and ugly.03:07
HIM_venky80: ok03:07
rocketsChanging the theme only affects window decorations now. Any thoughts?03:07
Jordan_Uillmortal1: The mbr is by definition the first sector of the drive.03:07
venky80HIM_: it is called #ubuntu-dev03:07
gartral_rockets: what card?03:07
mobasherHi, I need some help installing sun java 6, i'm on 10.10 amd6403:07
HIM_venky80: i underrstood03:07
illmortal1correct, Jordan_U. so... I should point the installation towards my Windows Partition, yes?03:07
Jordan_Uillmortal1: There are other places that can be called boot sectors, but there is only one mbr.03:07
Jordan_Uillmortal1: NO.03:07
rocketsgardar, nvidia quadro, but I have visual effects disabled, so . . .03:08
venky80HIM_: but if you are going to be working on QT apps mainly then maybe #kubuntu is where you should go03:08
=== andrea is now known as chompiras
HIM_venky80: ok03:08
Jordan_Uillmortal1: You do *NOT* want to install to any partition. You want to install to the mbr.03:08
ArseneReiHas anyone installed the montecarlo fonts for ubuntu? I'm having trouble finding a guide to do it.03:08
illmortal1Ok. It's still updating as we speak, Jordan_U, so I haven't ran anything just yet apt-get update03:08
dustinhow ya get the channel list again ?03:09
Da_WreckaIs there a GUI method to set up a CIFS share on Lucid?03:09
illmortal1so install to sda not sda1 or sda2 in other words, ya, Jordan_U?03:09
mobasher<dustin> it's  "/list" i think03:09
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Correct.03:09
=== usr is now known as pyus
illmortal1ok cool, now I understand03:09
HIM_venky80: am registering03:09
dustinthanks mo03:09
mobasherneed some help installing sun java and i'm getting the following error:   http://paste.ubuntu.com/579586/03:10
rocketsI can't seem to use any themes . . . this makes me want to just go back to windows.03:10
illmortal1Jordan_U going to paste bin something here... I can't get mbr via apt-get install03:11
itaylor57mobasher: no problem in your output03:11
itaylor57mobasher: improper command to java03:11
mobasheritaylor57=>> really ? it's suppose to tell me the location of the jre ?03:12
itaylor57mobasher: which java03:12
mobasheritaylor57=>> lol i think i'm loosing my mind lmao03:12
mobasheritaylor57=>> thanks a lot03:12
Beleth_rockets, the same problem has been posted on ubuntu forums, google is your friend.03:12
rocketsBeleth_, I have been googling.03:13
justmedoes anyone know of a free programming course online03:13
=== justme is now known as Guest16992
rocketsI ran Ubuntu as my main desktop OS 3 years running before switching back to windows. I figured I'd give it another shot, but it looks like these silly little annoyances never end.03:14
illmortallol.. Jordan_U, I'm such a noob.. I just realized my ethernet cable was unplugged, gonna try apt-get update again. forgive me.03:16
Jordan_Uillmortal1: np :)03:16
rocketssudo gnome-settings-daemon fixes it, but . . . sigh . . . only temporarily.03:18
Starminnrockets: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166858503:18
Starminnrockets: I don't know if that will help. Just thought I'd look.03:19
rocketshmm thanks03:19
illmortalhmm.. interesting. Now my network manager is claiming that my wired network is disconnected... when before it was working perfectly fine before I disconnected my ethernet cable earlier, Jordan_U03:20
naryfaso what's up03:20
dustinany of you folks know a good linux quake2 channel around here?03:20
naryfaI'm here again03:20
dustinanyone know a good program for opening pak files as well?03:21
rocketsAh this is perfect, a reboot, the driver activates, and now the keyboard's brightness controls break. This is hilarious.03:22
rocketsWhat a joke.03:22
ForgotMyNickHello. I'm trying to run ecryptfs-migrate-home, but it's giving me lstat warnings about not having permission to access .gvfs, and then failing.03:22
rocketsI'm not saying there aren't fixes in the forums, etc. I'm saying that's not good enough.03:22
ForgotMyNickI did run the program with root as the help doc said to.03:23
illmortalughhh... 7 hours on trying to fix my issue... issues that shouldn't exist in the first place. Jordan_U. I hit a road block. Wireless card needs firmware according network manager and network manager claims my network connection is disconnected.. even though there's activity on the network card itself.. I can ping things inside my network but can't go online.03:26
bob__86ForgotMyNick: you did start the command with sudo?03:27
kingbillyhello, to launch minecraft I right click on the minecraft.jar file and I choose "Open with Sun Java" from the menu that pops up.  How can I do this from a command so I can make a launcher?03:29
routercan someone help me with my internal mic please it doesnt work!!!03:29
routeri need to skype03:29
routerbut my internal mic doesnt work03:29
routerplease help03:29
icerootkingbilly: java -jar filename.jar03:29
ZombieRamenmy copy of audacity is going haywire03:30
routerminecraft is java?03:30
routeri program in java03:30
kingbillyyes it is03:30
ZombieRamencan anyone help me with my problem with audacity?03:30
routerbut anyway i need help with my mic it doesnt record sound03:30
kingbillyiceroot: thanks it worked03:30
Jordan_U!details | ZombieRamen03:30
ubottuZombieRamen: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:30
ZombieRameni am aware that i must give details, Jordan_U03:31
ZombieRamenhowever, if i give details, i get ignored, and i have to continually retype details03:31
ZombieRamenthus, i ask if anyone is willing to help with my issue03:31
routeri need help with my mic. it does not work03:31
=== Guest89986 is now known as DarkDevil
icerootZombieRamen: just give a detailed report in one line03:31
routeri am running an os that is not windows03:32
routerplease help03:32
illmortalok Jordan_U.. got network card going again.. had to take down network interfaces, bring them back up, and restart network manager lol03:32
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest46959
ZombieRamenAudacity is refusing to interact in any way except through the menu bar03:32
Jordan_UZombieRamen: That's the way that this channel works. You can prepare a comment and copy and paste it as needed or if it's longer than can reasonably be put into one comment give all the details in a pastebin or forum link.03:32
ZombieRamenso are you willing to help me, jordan?03:32
Jordan_Urouter: What OS are you running?03:32
ZombieRameni have quite detailed information03:33
routerJordan_U: ubuntu03:33
routerJordan_U: 10.10 and the mic doesnt work03:33
routerJordan_U: i kinda need it to skype03:33
keithclarkI am running Ubuntu 10.04 on two computers in my home connected to a router.  Each computer cannot see the other computer, and the only thing that comes up under 'Places>Network' is 'Windows Network'.  When I double click on that all I get is 'Unable to mount location, Failed to retrieve share list from server'.  Why would I only see a Windows Network when I have no Windows machines?03:33
Jordan_Urouter: What happens when you try to use the mic?03:34
ZombieRamenbasically, audacity is refusing to interact except through the menu bar03:34
cntb10.10 created second user and want it to be default on start  how to change03:34
ZombieRameni cannot select any part of a track03:34
rocketsMostly working at this point. Theme still gets screwed up . . . but sudo gnome-settings-daemon fixes it.03:34
ZombieRamennor click any buttons03:34
routerJordan_U: nothing it doesnt record03:34
rocketsI should make a launcher shortcut for that :P03:34
ZombieRamenbut i can use the menu bar03:34
FloodBot3ZombieRamen: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:34
nit-witZombieRamen, did it ever work?03:34
Jordan_Urouter: "nothing" is rarely a proper explanation for "What happens". Does it record silence? Do you get an error message?03:34
ZombieRamenyes, it worked before yesterday03:35
Jordan_Urouter: Is your mic even listed as an available input device?03:35
nit-witZombieRamen, any update/upgrades since then?03:35
ZombieRameni tried installing the daily alpha release, and got this output03:35
routerJordan_U: yeah like when i record on sound recorder it says no data recorded03:35
ZombieRameni'm not sure--the version i was using was from ubuntu 10.10's repos03:35
ForgotMyNickHello. I'm trying to run ecryptfs-migrate-home, but it's giving me lstat warnings about not having permission to access .gvfs, and then failing. I'm running ubuntu 10.10 and this is the output I get: http://pastie.org/private/btel7tia8hwkbnkt2dtu8q03:35
bob__86router: have you tried ubuntu help either on your computer or on line at the ubuntu site?03:36
Jordan_Urouter: What is the exact error message from sound recorder?03:36
routerbob__86: no03:36
routerJordan_U: hold on03:36
FEMALE_ANUSrouter: sup03:36
nit-witZombieRamen, look in history in synaptic for any upgrades that might be the culprit03:36
tycableshaoguanghua, Please use English, though I'm a Chinese man.03:37
illmortalok Jordan_U, after running command: sudo install-mbr /dev/sda should I restart?03:37
Jordan_UFEMALE_ANUS: Please change your nickname to something apropriate.03:37
routerJordan_U: Stream contains no data03:37
routerFEMALE_ANUS: hello03:37
=== pixies is now known as Guest30845
routerFEMALE_ANUS: thats not a nice name03:38
FEMALE_ANUSrouter: what's up, can u help me with a ruby problem, im trying to install ruby on ubuntu03:38
FEMALE_ANUSrouter: have u heard of ruby03:38
=== FEMALE_ANUS is now known as FEMALE
routerFEMALE: im not experienced03:39
Jordan_UFEMALE: Just ask your actual support question (directed to the whole channel, not anyone in particular) and if anyone can help they will.03:39
mcurrananyone know how I could fix a gap in my partition numbering scheme?  I removed a partition with gparted (/dev/sda2), that I was going to install OS X on, but I needed the space on my Windows 7 partition (/dev/sda1).  I want to now have /dev/sda3 to correct itself to /dev/sda2...  I read online that GParted might not renumber, but fdisk does, so I'm creating another /dev/sda2 and will delete it with fdisk and see if that works,03:39
mcurranbut let me know if you have any better suggestions, because this is taking forever03:39
ZombieRamennit-wit: I'm not seeing anything03:39
ZombieRamenonly thing relevant is ladspa-sdk, which has no impact whether installed or uninstalled03:40
Jordan_Umcurran: Why do you care about the partition numbering?03:40
nit-witZombieRamen, that is about all I know, sorry03:40
mcurranbecause I'm anal, why ask needless questions03:40
prostheticsHey guys, just a quick question, im running 10.04. Im wondering if there is a way to update to gnome 2.32 easily?03:40
Jordan_Umcurran: Knowing someone's actual end goal is often critical to helping them.03:40
mcurranplus I don't want to use up my number of valid primary partitions for non-existent ones03:40
FEMALEhow do i install ruby in ubuntu?03:41
FEMALEi hate python03:41
routerJordan_U: Stream contains no data03:41
smwFEMALE, if you would please stop with the trolling, it would be appreciated.03:42
tycableFEMALE, sudo apt-get install ruby03:42
Jordan_Umcurran: They won't be used up. You can always create a new "second" partition later on, even if you already have a "third partition". Partitions don't need to be numbered in the order they actually appear on-disk.03:42
FEMALEtycable: thanks03:42
mcurranwhatever, I just want to accomplish what I asked03:42
FEMALEsmw: well its the reason i want to install ruby i hear its good03:42
mcurranfuckin' annoying03:42
FEMALEtycable: thanks so can u teach me some basic ruby too03:43
Jordan_U!ohmy | mcurran03:43
ubottumcurran: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.03:43
FEMALEtycable: how do i write 'hello world' etc03:43
illmortalHey Jordan_U. After running those commands you gave me.. I restarted my computer, but I still get the, "error: the symbol 'grub-xputs' not found"03:43
rocketsDoes anybody else have the issue where you have to click "Authenticate" like 500 times?03:43
Jordan_UFEMALE: For ruby specific help join #ruby.03:43
tycableFEMALE, sorry, I don't know how to program with ruby, it's a pity.03:43
FEMALEtycable: maybe we can learn ruby together03:44
armyantsFEMALE: do it in #ruby03:44
keithclarkFEMALE, http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/03:44
needhelp1if i have banshee 1.8.0 installed, and i want to use the lastest version, should i just install the ppa? do i need to uninstall the 1.8.0 first?03:44
Fluttershy!troll | FEMALE03:44
Fluttershyis that not a thing?03:45
Jordan_Uillmortal: OK, that most likely means that at some point you accidentily installed grub to your windows partition (in the future remember *never* install grub to a partition's boot sector).03:45
Fluttershyshould be03:45
FEMALEFluttershy: stop trying to be mean to me pls thanks id appreciate it03:45
skullboysomeone explain the output of fbset to me im trying to forge it03:45
illmortaldoes that mean my Windows partition is pretty much screwed at this point? Jordan_U? Or can I still recover my Windows partition?03:45
Jordan_Uillmortal: Can you run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the RESULTS.txt ?03:45
skullboysomeone explain the output of fbset to me im trying to forge it03:46
Jordan_Uillmortal: If that is the problem it's fairly easy to recover.03:46
illmortallol ya hold on.. now I'm trying to re-boot through my USB (LIVEUSB) and now it's ignoring it.. I love it.03:46
FEMALEillmortal: i love it too LOL03:47
needhelp1if i have banshee 1.8.0 installed, and i want to use the lastest version, should i just install the ppa? do i need to uninstall the 1.8.0 first?03:47
darkmast508Anyone here good with xchat-gnome?03:48
Jordan_UFEMALE: Please stick to comments asking or giving Ubuntu support.03:48
bastidrazor needhelp1 if you use the ppa it'll make the appropriate changes since you're usig synaptic to install it.03:48
smw!anyone | darkmast50803:48
ubottudarkmast508: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:48
FEMALEJordan_U: you seem quite uptight03:48
Jordan_UFEMALE: This is your last warning. Stick to civil support discussion in this channel.03:49
needhelp1bastidrazor, ontop of what i have already installed? or as a seperate app? or should i  uninstall the 1.8.0 .. im having issues with the metadata fixer and im hoping there are updates to it03:49
bastidrazorFEMALE: you don't seem all the female.03:49
intokwhy is it impossible to take a screenshot of totem/movie player?03:49
FEMALEbastidrazor: pls keep discussion to ubuntu related issues and support03:49
prostheticsHey guys, just a quick question, im running 10.04. Im wondering if there is a way to update to gnome 2.32 easily?03:49
nit-witprosthetics, add the gnome 3 stack ppa instead03:50
bastidrazorneedhelp1: with a ppa it'll make the changes necessary. no extra work needed. if you're having issues maybe the newer version has problems.;03:50
prostheticsnit: not really sure about how to do that?03:50
nit-witprosthetics, hold on03:50
Brando1995what does this mean-- generating /boot/initrd.img-6.35-22-generic03:51
Brando1995cause my install ALWAYS hangs on that command while configuriong hardware03:51
keithclarkI am running Ubuntu 10.04 on two computers in my home connected to a router.  Each computer cannot see the other computer, and the only thing that comes up under 'Places>Network' is 'Windows Network'.  When I double click on that all I get is 'Unable to mount location, Failed to retrieve share list from server'.  Why would I only see a Windows Network when I have no Windows machines?03:52
Nach0z'lo all. I have a question... is there an application I can install that'll monitor the number of processes a given application runs, and kill it when that gets too high? A fork bomb protector basically.03:52
smwBrando1995, it is creating a new image. It is used to bootstrap booting.03:52
ForgotMyNickHello. I'm trying to run ecryptfs-migrate-home, but it's giving me lstat warnings about not having permission to access .gvfs, and then failing. I'm running ubuntu 10.10 and this is the output I get: http://pastie.org/private/btel7tia8hwkbnkt2dtu8q03:52
prostheticsKeith: do you want a permanent mount? or just to copy some stuff over right now, and then your done03:53
Brando1995smw: well what does it mean when it hangs there03:53
prostheticsKeith: if you just want to copy something right now, you could just scp/sftp the files across03:53
smwBrando1995, it means it is doing something resource intensive :-P03:53
=== DrHouse|Aribeth is now known as DrHouse_Compaq
Brando1995smw: so i should just wait for it? how long?03:53
nit-witprosthetics, here is the ppa look at the read about installing.03:53
=== DrHouse_Compaq is now known as DrHouse|Aribeth
smwBrando1995, until done?03:54
keithclarkprosthetics, I'd really like to be able to share files/resources of any Ubuntu machine hooked to my network.  There are only two at the moment but there can be as many as 5 at a time.03:54
smwBrando1995, I would think 5-10 min would be too long03:54
Brando1995smw: yeah i waited 45 min03:54
nit-witprosthetics, my paste isn't working hold on03:54
prostheticsi'de suggest looking up NFS Keith, while you could use windows shares, if there is no windows pcs involved, its more trouble then its worth03:54
smwBrando1995, then there is a problem03:54
intokwhy is it impossible to take a screenshot of movie player/totem?03:55
smwBrando1995, I am not sure if restarting would work...03:55
smwBrando1995, this is what an initrd is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Initrd03:55
nit-witprosthetics, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/gnome3-builds/03:55
prostheticsthx nit-wit , much appreciated03:55
Brando1995smw: when I start ubuntu it says something like "chipset not supported by current firmware" what does that mean, like can i fix the firmware?03:55
rocketsNow I'm trying to install flash, but the "use this source" button in Ubuntu Software Center does absolutely nothing.03:55
rocketsThis is hilarious.03:55
nit-witprosthetics, never had the paste go out.:)03:55
tycableForgotMyNick, maybe, try sudo chown root /home/MY_USER/.gvfs03:55
smwBrando1995, I have never seen that before.03:56
prostheticsive only had it on windows based X servers when forwarding my Desktop there, not fun when your trying to copy tohse commands that are like 4 lines of crap03:56
nit-witrockets, why don't you complain in your pillow you obviously don't have a clue.03:56
smwBrando1995, try googling the exact error message03:57
Brando1995I have never had luck with linux. Would you mind if i sent you a short youtube video showing what happens when I try to run debian?03:57
rocketsBrando1995, not to be jerk, but this isn't #debian03:57
Brando1995No its just I think theres a problem with my board. It does it when running any live cd03:57
smwBrando1995, yes, send it03:57
illmortalok Jordan_U, going back into Ubuntu via LiveUSB. Gonna follow that instruction guide03:58
Brando1995debian installed but as you can see wont run03:59
booksbuggyis day light saving time applied automatically on the ubuntu system?03:59
ForgotMyNicktycable: I get permission denied trying to run chown on that folder (and yes, I ran it with sudo)03:59
smwbooksbuggy, yes03:59
qcjn2hi, according to guy from #mpd, i have to upgrade the ffmpeg, vorbis enc librairies. How do i do that, cause i installed ffmpeg, and it installed, and didn't say i had the latest version ???04:00
qcjn2ubuntu 10.0404:00
booksbuggysmw, okey dokey thanks04:00
qcjn2FFmpeg version SVN-r0.5.1-4:0.5.1-1ubuntu1,04:00
smw!who | Brando199504:00
ubottuBrando1995: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:00
keithclarkIs it really this complex to setup file/resource sharing in Ubuntu?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo04:01
Brando1995!smw do you have any idea what causes that?04:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:01
tycableForgotMyNick, then leave the sudo, try chown root04:01
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots04:01
smwBrando1995, just say my name, no !04:01
Jordan_Ukeithclark: NFS is normally used more in server situations, samba is used more often for Desktop file sharing and can be setup with a few clicks.04:02
smwBrando1995, I was not able to see anything, sorry04:02
KimKHi, I have a friend with a laptop running Ubuntu 10.04. His display is 1280x800. But he has an app he'd like to run that needs 1024 of screen height to reach all the buttons on the bottom. Isn't there a way to make the screen "draggable"(?) or something, kind of like a google map? How can that be done? The width of 1280 is OK, it wouldn't have to pan left/right, just scroll up and down a little.04:03
Brando1995smw, ok yeah that doesnt work. so you cant help at all?04:03
illmortalok Jordan_U: www.pastebin.com/sgtky5mb04:03
smwBrando1995, sorry :-\04:04
Brando1995smw its ok thanks04:04
keithclarkJordan_U, Isn't that the 'Windows Network' that seems to be installed by default?04:04
Jordan_Ukeithclark: Yes.04:04
Brando1995Ok so does anyone know how to fix the error "chipset is unsupported by current firmware"04:04
keithclarkJordan_U, ah, then it is just not working for me here.  I get a 'Unable to mount location, Failed to retrieve share list from server' error04:05
Jordan_Ukeithclark: How did you configure sharing on the other end?04:05
=== kermit is now known as meltdown
ForgotMyNicktycable: I get permission denied trying to run chown on that folder (and yes, I ran it with sudo)04:06
andaiI know this works cause I did it once: I need to capture sound activity from my desktop (youtube, music players, everything) in Audacity. How?04:06
xanguaKimK:  change screen resolution04:06
tycableForgotMyNick, try don't use sudo04:07
ForgotMyNickdoesn't even run without sudo04:07
redhatCan someone help me spoofing my ip???04:07
ForgotMyNick"ERROR: This program must be executed with root privileges"04:07
qcjn2what is git for installing application ??04:07
smwqcjn2, git does not install programs04:08
mcurranit downloads them04:08
tycableForgotMyNick, paste <ls -ld ~/.gvfs> here04:08
ubottugit is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)04:08
mcurrangit clone git://<site>04:08
Magizianhttp://magizian.hopto.org/encchat.jpg <- check out this picture..04:08
redhatSo no one's helping me spoof my ip adress???04:08
ForgotMyNickdr-x------ 2 MY_USER MY_USER 0 2011-03-12 18:48 /home/MY_USER/.gvfs/04:08
keithclarkJordan_U, I really do forget, it was quite some time ago.04:08
qcjn2ok, it download, so then we have to compile ??04:08
MagizianAnd it's on a ubuntu server..04:09
tycableForgotMyNick, chown root ~/.gvfs, then sudo ecryptfs-migrate-home04:09
hiexpowhat is the file04:09
smwqcjn2, the README and INSTALL files should tell you how to install it.04:09
ForgotMyNickThat doesn't work, I get function not implemented when I run it myself, and permission denied when running as root04:09
redhatTemme magizian04:09
Brando1995can anyone help me with the generating /boot/initrd.img.635-22-generic hold up? It sits for ever and wont advance the install04:09
smw!compile | qcjn2 this may also help04:09
ubottuqcjn2 this may also help: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:09
keithclarkJordan_U, Ah, both are fresh installs of Ubuntu 10.04.  I remember now.  I've never tried to share files/resources before.04:10
smwqcjn2, what are you installing?04:10
hiexposhould use the checkinstall rather thanmakeinstall though itmakes it easier to remove if needed04:10
qcjn2smw, i have to upgrade the ffmpeg librairies04:11
Saikhey guys. anyone with a Dell Dimension04:11
Saikhey guys. anyone with a Dell Dimension E310?04:11
smwqcjn2, are you sure? why?04:11
qcjn2smw, according to a guy from #mpd, i saw it in a backtrace from gdb04:11
hiexpoqcjn2, what ubuntu distro you on04:11
smw!anyone | Saik04:11
illmortalJordan_U looks like I needed to install the MBR onto /dev/sdd not /dev/sda?04:11
ubottuSaik: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:11
qcjn2hiexpo, ubuntu 10.0404:11
tycableForgotMyNick, then try chmod 555 ~/.gvfs04:11
hiexpook let me get you the link for the right way to install the codecs right04:12
qcjn2hiexpo, ok04:12
ForgotMyNicktycable, seemed to work but it reset itself almost immediately.04:12
smwhiexpo, I doubt that will help.04:13
Jordan_Uillmortal: I haven't been able to see your paste, the page keeps loading a completely blank box where it should be. Could you try using pastebin.ubuntu.com instead?04:13
RubenAlonzoGreetings Everyone, i have a couple questions: How do i add this room to buddy or favorites so Pidgin auto logs in here? I cant seem to find the option to add to faves. Also has anyone tried the latest version on Kubuntu? I was wondering if it would be easier to navigate for a total noob like me over than my present Ubunto 10.10?04:13
Saikhey guys. anyone with a Dell Dimension E310 that can help me with unlocking the SYSTEM password?04:13
smwhiexpo, are you looking for mediabuntu?04:13
tycableForgotMyNick, oh, I don't know how to do this, sorry.04:13
xanguaRubenAlonzo: buddies>add chat04:13
smwRubenAlonzo, you first need to setup a new irc account.04:13
smwRubenAlonzo, then put in freenode's details.04:14
illmortalsure will Jordan_U04:14
hiexpono smw04:14
KimKxangua: Thanks, but the screen resolution is already as high as possible and it matches the laptop display resolution. I want to increase something else, what, the frame buffer size?04:14
hiexpoqcjn2, http://pasindudps.blogspot.com/2010/09/compiling-ffmpeg-in-ubuntu-1004-lucid.html04:14
qcjn2FFmpeg version SVN-r0.5.1-4:0.5.1-1ubuntu1 <-- hiexpo and smw this what i have now04:14
smwRubenAlonzo, I do not see why kubuntu would be easier to navigate than ubuntu04:15
smwRubenAlonzo, they are both pretty strait forward04:15
qcjn2hiexpo, ok, thanks04:15
illmortalJordan_U: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/57959704:15
Xcelllol, puppy rox04:15
hiexpoyep qcjn204:15
Onix3232anyone willing to help me with installing ubuntu on my computer?04:15
RubenAlonzoroger that, thank you all for the help now i will try to log off this program then restart it to see if i auto enabled it correctly. be right back (hopefully)04:16
smwOnix3232, yes, however, you need to have a specific question.04:16
hiexpoOnix3232, what with it has agui04:16
armyants!ask | Onix323204:16
ubottuOnix3232: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:16
Saiksmw, some people like the look better? KDE looks alot more like windows, so it culd just be icon familiarity04:16
qcjn2hiexpo, but i have to uninstall this ffmpeg first... to do that it's "sudo apt-get auto-remove ffmpeg" ? right ?04:16
smwOnix3232, read the install howto and we will help if you run into probems04:16
Jordan_Uillmortal: Wow, that's a lot of disks.04:17
Onix3232Ok, hold on, Ill go get the error msg04:17
illmortalya... should be 5 hard drives total04:17
smwSaik, he asked if it would be easier for someone new. I know some people like KDE more, I used to be one of them ;-).04:17
illmortalJordan_U ^04:17
hiexpoyes it tells you thatin the tutorial i sent you is the first command copy and paste them in terminal qcjn204:17
SaikOnix3232, installing is pretty straight-forward what part are you having trouble with?04:17
qcjn2hiexpo, ok, thanks04:17
Saiksmw, I like xfce,but tat's just me :P04:17
smwSaik, icewm ftw04:18
illmortali have both Ubuntu and Windows 7 on an SSD.. otherwise it would have been 4 HDDs :P04:18
Saiksmw, and yes, kde would beeasir for someone new, because of the windows mentality04:18
Saikhey guys. anyone with a Dell Dimension E310 that can help me with unlocking the SYSTEM password?04:18
skullboysomeone explain the output of fbset to me im trying to forge it04:18
Jordan_Uillmortal: According to that output you don't have any Wubi install.04:19
smwSaik, you mean BIOS password?04:19
Saiksmw, I believe so04:19
Saiksmw, it refuses o boot ANYTHING without it04:19
katsrchas anyone tried Amazon Instant Video on ubuntu?04:19
illmortalJordan_U o.o; I'm pretty sure that's how I installed it.. but then again I could be thinking of this laptop, assuming I did the same to my desktop =X04:19
RubenAlonzosmw, i have read that maybe some aspects of kubuntu may not be as stable as ubuntu. BUT that may have been a biased review, also i am totally new to ubuntu having only 2 days experience on my personal netbook, and installation was flawless with everythiing working except the built in sd card reader.04:19
katsrci know Netflix doesn't work because of the Moonlight dependency04:20
armyantsSaik: google coreboot flashrom04:20
smwSaik, it normally involves opening up the hardware and flipping the switch04:20
illmortalJordan_U: how do we go about fixing this issue if it's not installed via Wubi, rather on it's own partition? (sdd2)04:20
hiexpoSaik, if it's your lappy you should no the pasword right04:20
Onix3232When I try to boot my computer using ubuntu  it says 'ISOLINUX 4.01 debian-20100714 ETCD' and doesnt go any farther... What am I doing wrong/how do I get past this?04:20
smwSaik, that information can be obtained from the manufacturer (or their website)04:20
RubenAlonzoso hopefully the i use ubuntu netbook remix, the better acquainted i will be04:20
Saikhiexpo, I'm FIXING the pc, it's not mine04:20
smwSaik, armyants was kidding.04:20
armyantsSaik: did you steal it?04:21
xrdodrxI figured out how to share my ubuntu desktop but how do I access other remote desktops???04:21
Saikarmyants, no.. I'm fixing it. I'm a tech (well, amature, but yea..)04:21
Jordan_Uillmortal: Follow this guide: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide04:21
Saikand who sid it was a laptop?04:22
smwSaik, http://www.tech-faq.com/reset-dell-bios-password.html google is god.04:22
armyantsSaik: ah, cool04:22
KimKOK, I'm getting closer, I think xrandr is what I'm looking for. Anyone around that has used xrandr to scroll/pan a larger screen than would have fit on their display?04:22
Jordan_Uillmortal: When you are booted into Ubuntu again run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" and select sdd as an install device for grub (and make sure *no* partitions are selected). This is an important step as it will prevent this problem from occuring again.04:23
illmortalok Jordan_U, thank you... ill be afk for a few minutes04:23
Jordan_Uillmortal: You're welcome.04:23
Saiksmw, you knowif all Dells use he phoenix bios?04:24
Saikthe bios on this one is Phoenux + 1.10 A0304:24
Onix3232Also, what are you supposed to do when your MD5SUMs dont match up?04:24
SaikOnix3232, download a new CD?04:24
smwSaik, it should not matter04:24
Saiksmw, I'm hoping not lol04:25
smwyou need to switch a physical jumper04:25
Saikwell, time to tear this PC apart then :P04:25
Onix3232But I downloaded it from the ubuntu website... shouldnt it be fine?04:25
SaikOnix3232, did you torrent it?04:25
smwSaik, on the only computer I had to do that to, it has a nice switch :-P.04:25
Saiksmw, 've had several PCs and none of them have been nice lol04:26
Onix3232No, I got it from http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download04:26
RubenAlonzofor anyone that has installed ubuntu netbook remix 10.10, either Acer One or eMachines em250, have you had issues with getting the built-in card reader to work or even be recognized?04:26
hiexpoOnix3232, if the md5sum is not correct download it again04:26
RubenAlonzoi cant seem mine to work04:26
SaikOnix3232, torrent it, it's safer and corrupts less often04:26
=== Logan_ is now known as Logan[SNL]
Onix3232theres nothing else i can do? im reluctant to download bittorrent on my friends laptop04:28
smwOnix3232, download it again?04:29
RubenAlonzoif he has ubuntu, use transmission for torrents04:29
smwOnix3232, utorrent is a better torrent software anyways :-P04:29
RubenAlonzoor if he has windows, i like utorrent, its very light and works fine04:30
smwOnix3232, anything is better than bittorrent ;-)04:30
Saiknow if ony O could figure out how to take this desktop apart lol04:30
Onix3232I've tried it 3 times, none have matched... Is there something I can do to increase the odds of it coming out right?04:30
Saikonly I *04:30
SaikOnix3232, use utorrent04:30
smwOnix3232, it maybe that the md5s are wrong04:30
qcjn2hiexpo, this real nice and great explain. But i don't understand the part of a back up, just   after the "make"04:31
smware you always downloading from the same mirror?04:31
hiexpoqcjn2, let me see oneminute04:31
=== meltdown is now known as kermit
Onix3232yes, I have been. But the ubuntu site should be a reliable source, shouldnt it?04:31
hiexpoqcjn2, ok which make04:32
=== Guest46959 is now known as DarkDevil
RubenAlonzoWelcome back,  DarkDevil04:32
hiexpoOnix3232, use the torrent04:32
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest21249
smwOnix3232, there are many mirrors. one may be out of sync?04:33
qcjn2hiexpo,  sudo checkinstall --pkgname=x264 --pkgversion "2:0.`grep X264_BUILD x264.h -m1 | \04:33
qcjn2hiexpo, what i understand, is that it made a .deb package04:33
Onix3232Alright, I'll try a mirror, and then if that doesn't work I'll try a torrent. Thanks for the help everyone.04:34
qcjn2hiexpo, i don't know why, and in terminal, it says it can be remove with dpkg -r x26404:34
hiexpoqcjn2, oh ok yes it uses checkinstall which creates a deb file which is cool cause you can use it to install later if need be ith   >   but before you do that command open synaptic and check all and type checkinstall and install it first04:35
Saiksmw, still seeking system password04:35
smwSaik, did you switch the jumper?04:36
Saiksmw, ye04:36
hiexpoqcjn2, oh did you already havecheckinstall installed04:36
smwSaik, did you turn it on after switching the jumper?04:36
Saiknope that's probably what I forgot lol04:36
qcjn2hiexpo, from what i understand, is that if there would be any problem , i could re install this deb file.04:37
qcjn2hiexpo, what is check install04:37
illmortal1Jordan_U awesome I was able to get back onto my Ubuntu... but that command that I needed to type.. it popped up the Grub configuration window.. and I accidentally hit Enter where it read, "command line"... not sure if I was supposed to type something in there or not...04:37
smwSaik, don't forget to switch back the jumper afterwards04:37
hiexpoqcjn2, it says that cause it has mad a deb file and used the deb file to install it04:37
qcjn2hiexpo, is checkintall an app for checking install04:37
qcjn2hiexpo, ok.04:38
Jordan_Uillmortal1: You didn't need to change anything there.04:38
qcjn2hiexpo, it already used it, to install04:38
kevdogno checkinstall is for making a psuedopackage like an apk04:38
hiexpoqcjn2, !checkinstall04:38
illmortal1oh.. ok. I used this this command: sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc but nowhere did it mention a device to select =X  Jordan_u04:38
kevdogPersonally I think checkinstall sucks, and I would just do a sudo make install since in my experience it breaks thing04:39
hiexpoqcjn2, ok than you already had checkinstall or one of the commands had you install it i don'tremember it   but good04:39
qcjn2kevdog, apk, is for apt-get ??, anyway, it s a package04:39
smwSaik, did it work?04:39
Saiksmw, seems that just disables the password, but I just switched it back04:39
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Can you pastebin the output of "debconf-show grub-pc"?04:40
qcjn2hiexpo, ok, then , i ll just continue04:40
Saikand yea it did :)04:40
illmortal1sure will, Jordan_U04:40
hiexpoqcjn2, es04:40
kevdogis someone compiling from source04:40
RubenAlonzobrb, gotta turn something off real quick04:40
smwSaik, of course it "just disables the password". What more did you want?04:40
xrdodrxI figured out how to share my ubuntu desktop but how do I access other remote desktops (I already installed tightvnc)?04:41
kevdogyea and sorry -- I meant a .deb not apk04:41
intokwhy is it impossible to take a screenshot of movie player/totem?04:42
Saiksmw: well, what I meant was it does't seem like it would mater lol04:42
Saikodd.. I switched it back and it's still disabled?04:42
smwSaik, it is used to clear the password. Not disable it.04:43
Saikit said "disabled via jumper"04:44
smwSaik, bad choice of words?04:44
coz_ hey guys04:44
smwhi coz_04:45
illmortal1Jordan_U: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/57960004:45
coz_smw,  hey guy04:46
=== chd is now known as gh0st
xrdodrxI figured out how to share my ubuntu desktop but how do I access other remote desktops (win7 that I already installed tightvnc)?04:46
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Try running "sudo upgrade-from-grub-legacy".04:46
Saiksmw, perhaps, but that's what the bios says04:47
neuro_damageI've been having some real trouble with Nvidia drivers, I installed the nvidia-current and now it's complaining about failing to initialize the GLX module04:47
neuro_damagenot sure what I'm missing04:47
illmortal1hm... Jordan_U apparently something else is using config.dat which is preventing me from accessing that file through that command.04:48
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Do you have apt/dpkg running at the moment?04:48
luisgood evening everyone04:49
illmortal1I closed it after you told me that I didn't need to make any changes there, Jordan_U04:49
illmortal1But it did warn me that the terminal was in the middle of the processes when I attempted to close it, Jordan_U04:49
luisI have a problem with nautilus. it doesn't run04:49
luisthe only way to run it is with gksu04:50
Nach0zcan anyone tell me how I can limit the amount of memory (RAM) a given program is allowed? I know CPUlimit will do the same with processor usage but I can't find a comparable app for RAM usage...04:50
Jordan_Uillmortal1: I didn't mean that you should close the terminal, I meant that you should accept the default and continue on to the question about what devices to install to.04:50
illmortal1oh crap...04:50
illmortal1can I re-run the same command again? Or will it cause an issue?04:51
Jordan_Uillmortal1: I don't know for sure. What happens if you run "sudo dpkg --configure -a"?04:52
luisnautilus doesn't run on my session. the only way to run it is using gksu nautilus04:52
luishow can I fix it04:52
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Note that is *NOT* dpkg-reconfigure.04:52
hiexpoluis, so when you open a terminal and type nautilus nothing happens04:54
illmortal1Jordan_U it drops down to the next line04:55
illmortal1Jordan_U: still can't use upgrade-from-grub-legacy due to the process04:56
Jordan_Uillmortal1: OK, try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" again.04:56
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Please pastebin the output of "ps aux | grep dpkg"04:57
illmortal1reads: debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable04:58
illmortal1ok Jordan_U04:58
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:59
illmortal1Jordan_U: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/57961004:59
mario__hi all, can I check the packages from the website? like packages.debian.org05:00
schockhi. is this a good channel for support installing 10.10 on a sony vaio vpcz?05:00
schockI'm trying this for the third time tonight...05:00
schockthere are various issues w/the dual graphics cards, etc05:00
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Ok. Run "sudo pkill dpkg"05:00
stealth-Hey guys. I have a ton of packages that are being "kept back", and I'm not sure how to unhold them. A while ago Ubuntu 10.10 had issues with some xserver stuff when upgrading, so I was recommended some commands that held those specific packages back. The issue has been fixed for a while, but I'm not sure how to reenable these xserver packages again. Any ideas?05:01
illmortal1ok sounds good.05:01
slashbluecan you dd if of a usb stick with 2 partitions?05:01
* schock looks around for an 'ubuntu-installation' chan05:01
EmuAlertWhat's the best way to systematically rename a bunch of files?05:02
rajviHello All , Ubuntu 10.10 via Wubi very packages installs fine but stills returns failed to install05:02
slashblueI need to cp a bootable persistent ubuntu 9.04 to a new usb stick05:02
slashblueis that possible?05:02
hiexposlashblue, sure just dd to the partition name05:02
slashbluehiexpo - so I have to first partition it exactly as the one I am cp'ing05:03
illmortal1ok Jordan_U, after killing that process, should I then continue with dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc?05:03
Jordan_Uslashblue: 9.04 is no longer supported. You really should upgrade.05:03
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Yes.05:03
slashbluesince they removed drivers in the latest version it doesnt work on my new laptop05:04
hiexposlashblue, and i think there is a clone commadwith dd05:04
slashblueHP 2740p , Ive tried a few distros, none work with my wireless card , nor video05:05
luishiexpo, this is what I get on terminal05:05
luis(nautilus:14002): Unique-DBus-WARNING **: Error while sending message: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.05:05
illmortal1Jordan_U: after that command, I'm now in the "Configuring grub-pc and it reads, "Linux command line:" Do I need to type any commands there?05:05
rajvii thinks my wi-fi driver is the problem05:06
Onix3232Im still getting the same error msg. (ISOLINUX 4.01 debian-20100714 ETCD)  is there some way to check to make sure its instaling on the CD properly05:06
Jordan_Uillmortal1: No, just hit enter to accept the default (blank).05:06
illmortal1ok Jordan_U05:06
slashbluethe new ubuntu 10.10 doesnt have drivers for Arrandale IGC video nor Broadcom BCM431205:06
Jordan_U!md5 | Onix323205:06
ubottuOnix3232: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:06
hiexpoluis, http://www.brighthub.com/computing/linux/articles/17629.aspx05:06
illmortal1Linux default command line: quiet splash is next after I hit Enter for the first time, Jordan_U05:06
slashbluehiexpo clone with dd, hummm. think Ill try that05:06
Onix3232Ive already checked the MD5 and it does match05:07
Senixhow can i bridge my wifi card and network card so i can use my laptop as a middle man for internet?05:07
Senixin ubuntu i mean05:07
Onix3232But its still not installing05:07
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Hit enter again.05:07
illmortal1ok now it's upgrading.. I assume this will take a few minutes, ya?05:08
illmortal1Jordan_U ^05:08
Senixillmortal1, yes05:08
hiexpooops sorry luis think i sent you wrong link05:08
illmortal1ok. thanks Senix. In that case, I'll go grab a cup of ice tea :D05:08
hiexposlashblue, http://www.brighthub.com/computing/linux/articles/17629.aspx05:09
Jordan_UOnix3232: Can you boot from other CDs? Are you sure the drive is good?05:09
hiexposorry luis what was your problem again got ahead ofmyself05:09
qcjn2hiexpo, ok, everything is done05:10
luishiexpo, nautilus does not run05:10
GaduI need to execute a command so that it repeats with the a number within the command starting at 1 and counting up each time it repeats05:10
luisI tried everything05:10
qcjn2hiexpo, do i have to reboot05:10
GaduI've seen an example of this, but I can't seem to find it05:10
luisI get this error hiexpo05:10
hiexpoqcjn2, nah05:10
luishiexpo, (nautilus:14002): Unique-DBus-WARNING **: Error while sending message: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.05:10
rajviubuntu  10.10 on wubi .. its on a dell mini 10 .. i installed the restricted driver for it ( it works fine .. but i think its on installed properly ) returns a error code -1 .. thats why all other packages despite the fact installs ok still says installation failure05:11
Onix3232I dont have any other OS CDs, so I'm not 100% sure, but I think its ok.05:11
Saiksmw, thx for the help, I appriciate it05:11
qcjn2hiexpo, ok, thanks05:11
slashbluehiexpo -- tnx -- exactly what Im looking for05:12
hiexpoluis, umm i don't know sorry05:12
slashbluehiexpo  - googled it but nada05:12
Jordan_Urajvi: I would recommend avoiding wubi if possible.05:12
hiexposlashblue, ok no prob05:12
rajvijordan_u i understand but i think its not a problem wubi .. can i get a command to check my packages05:13
Da_Wreckadammit, this is maddening. I guess I'll get some sleep and see if I can get any further tomorrow.05:13
ruanrajvi: check packages? sudo apt-get -check05:14
hiexpoqcjn2, so you all good now05:14
qcjn2hiexpo, that was really intersthing. It's a great tutorial.05:14
hiexpoqcjn2, thanks05:14
illmortal1damn still.. going.05:14
ruanwait nvm05:14
qcjn2hiexpo, well , i'll have to see, i just started mpd , but it crashed after a while, So now i 'll see05:14
ruansudo apt-get check05:15
ZopiacI can't get Teamspeak 3 nor Audacity to detect my USB mic (hw:2,0) How do I fix this?05:15
luis(nautilus:14002): Unique-DBus-WARNING **: Error while sending message: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.05:16
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Did you ever get to the menu for selecting devices?05:16
rajviits not working ... their was a command to upgarde .. can i get it ??05:16
illmortal1no, Jordan_U. It's still on the screen that reads, "The grub-pc package is being upgraded"05:16
qcjn2it crashed05:16
Jordan_Uillmortal1: You need to hit enter to go to the next dialog.05:17
hiexpoqcjn2, darn05:17
qcjn2hiexpo, yeah05:17
illmortal1ya I did... and did again, Jordan_U it just sits on the same screen05:17
hiexpoqcjn2, what app you running05:17
qcjn2hiexpo, the guy from #mpd said it was a problem with vorbisenc, ffmpeg05:18
qcjn2hiexpo, mpd, music player daemon05:18
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Hit tab to get to select the "OK" button.05:18
illmortal1oh wow... lol I fail.05:18
ruanlol invisible ok button05:18
hiexpoqcjn2, is there anything special about mpd05:18
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Debconf dialogs aren't very intuitive.05:18
ruanhow can i record from output?05:19
illmortal1lol ...ok and now I'll choose Sdd (the drive that both Win7 and Ubuntu are on)05:19
hiexpoqcjn2, or is it just another music player05:19
qcjn2hiexpo, well first i like it, it s a daemon, and you can make it play with differnet client. And i can icecast with it, so i can listen to my music from elsewhere05:20
rajvirajvi@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get upgrade05:20
rajviReading package lists... Done05:20
rajviBuilding dependency tree05:20
rajviReading state information... Done05:20
FloodBot3rajvi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:20
rajvi0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.05:20
rajvi1 not fully installed or removed.05:20
hiexpoqcjn2, oh ok05:20
illmortal1hmm... actually it changed now, Jordan_U. Before it was on sdd2 (linux partition) and now it's on sdc... any concern I should have about that?05:20
hiexpoqcjn2, i use audacious myself05:21
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Like I have said before, you don't want grub installed to a partition. Ever.05:21
qcjn2hiexpo, well that is what i'm using now, since mpd won't work, but i can't icecast05:21
hiexpoqcjn2, has it given you errors when it crashed05:22
jed__hi there everyone05:22
ruanyeah, grub must be installed to the MBR05:22
illmortal1right Jordan_U. My concern is that prior to this.. it was on "sdd" but then my drive switched over to "sdc"05:22
Jordan_Uillmortal1: As for sdc being the correct drive, it's hard to say as device names can change.05:22
qcjn2hiexpo, no, i can't see any. So i'm searching now, how to run in gdg05:22
qcjn2hiexpo, gdb05:22
hiexpoqcjn2, one secletmelook at something05:22
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Can you pastebin the output of "mount"?05:23
illmortal1ok Jordan_U. Will at least it tags the hard drive by its name, which is sdc now.05:23
hiexpoqcjn2, so yourusing it to run like a radio station05:24
illmortal1Jordan_U ^05:24
qcjn2hiexpo, yes05:24
hiexpoqcjn2, what distro u on05:25
qcjn2ubuntu 10.0405:25
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
hiexpoqcjn2, why not just install icecast205:25
qcjn2it s already installed05:26
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest32251
qcjn2hiexpo, it works with mpd05:26
hiexpooh ok05:26
Jordan_Uillmortal1: Good. sdc is the correct drive (and the list of install devices is stored using /dev/disk/by-id/, which does not change when the standard /dev/sdX name changes).05:26
ruanfinally.. analog stereo output + digital stereo input records from speakers >_>05:26
Jordan_Uillmortal1: You're done.05:26
hiexpoqcjn2, ok one sec05:26
=== Dink is now known as Dink[a]
illmortal1awesome. Thanks Jordan_U :D05:26
Jordan_Uillmortal1: You're welcome.05:27
hiexpoqcjn2, ok what the purpose of the mpd05:27
ruanis there ever a reason to apt-get clean/autoremove other than saving hard disk space?05:27
=== schock_ is now known as schock
qcjn2hiexpo, hum, i can't tell you.... i just know that with mpd, a can run icecat, and it s easy, and i like the program05:28
tohuwis anyone successfully running multiple instances of redmine? dpkg-reconfigure redmine went fine, but now I'm stuck on what to do next.05:28
qcjn2hiexpo, and i like using different client for it05:29
=== don is now known as Scunizi
hiexpoqcjn2, ok looking at it now05:29
apiechowski_Could somebody please help me05:30
schockargh. network manager tool shows both wired and wifi devices in 'unaailable' state after fresh install05:30
apiechowski_It is very important to me that i do something.05:30
hiexpoqcjn2, what version of mpd you using05:30
tohuw!anyone | apiechowski_05:31
ubottuapiechowski_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:31
qcjn2hiexpo,  mpd (MPD: Music Player Daemon) 0.16.105:31
apiechowski_Does anybody know how i could find the password of my forgotten pass account?05:31
binMonkeydoes anyone have suggestions for installing the latest vlc without building it from source?05:31
hiexpoqcjn2, pk that is current05:32
apiechowski_I have tryed both the shadow file AND the passwd file, no luck.05:32
apiechowski_I have also tryed John the Ripper05:32
apiechowski_No luck05:32
juggernautsI want to test my USB device driver with pendrive (jetflash transcend)...for tht i hv to disable driver already present...id for pendrive is 058f and 6387..can any one tell me how to disable inbuilt driver..05:32
=== Guest21249 is now known as DarkDevil
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest9752
apiechowski_Does anybody know how i could find my other user's password on my ubuntu 10.10 netbook?05:33
Syberiajust change the password05:34
apiechowski_That isn't my idea05:34
rajvihello all ubuntu 10.10 via Wubi  plesase see it :http://paste.ubuntu.com/579619/05:34
apiechowski_I want to see how easy it is to really find it, and if it's possible.05:34
qcjn2hiexpo, i'm doing like it says in the troubleshoot with gdb05:34
apiechowski_is it possible to figure out another users password in ubuntu?05:35
hiexpoqcjn2, ok yes was looking at any alternatives and there is none it appears05:35
qcjn2hiexpo, ok05:35
Syberiaapiechowski_ if u know structure of password (what symbols are used) try to configure john the ripper05:36
hiexpoqcjn2, good luck  and have a good night   going to sleep05:36
apiechowski_Syberia, i forgot everything05:36
qcjn2hiexpo, thanks, going to , after the gdb05:37
apiechowski_syberia, this is a new computer, but i forgot what i set the password as... so i made a new admin account05:37
rwwapiechowski_: Password hashes are stored in /etc/shadow. They're hashed with SHA-256 on Ubuntu 10.10, if memory serves. Assuming a strong password, reversing this hash is computationally infeasible.05:37
hiexpoqcjn2, no prob05:37
apiechowski_but i actully want to know (out of curiosity) what it is.05:37
rajvirajvi is waiting .. tried for 3 days in a row :(05:37
juk!info john05:37
ubottujohn (source: john): active password cracking tool. In component main, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 283 kB, installed size 800 kB05:37
rwwapiechowski_: looks like SHA-512 on this system, so even less feasible.05:38
rajvihello all ubuntu 10.10 via Wubi plesase see it :http://paste.ubuntu.com/579619/05:38
apiechowski_rww, i know it is SHA-512 due to the $6$ in front of the encryption05:39
rwwapiechowski_: indeed.05:39
apiechowski_rww: is it possible at all that if i send you the shadow, u could find the pass?05:40
rwwapiechowski_: mathematically possible or practically possible?05:41
rwwapiechowski_: I mean, theoretically, I could punch random letters in and find it on the first try. But practically, as I said, if it's a reasonably strong password then no.05:41
illmortal1Anyone know if Evolution will support Exchange Server 2010 or if there's a different email client that supports it? Trying to setup my company email account.05:41
tohuwis anyone successfully running multiple instances of redmine in Ubuntu? dpkg-reconfigure redmine went fine, but now I'm stuck on what to do next.05:42
jukillmortal1: #windows05:43
apiechowski_rww, please acept file transfer.05:43
rwwapiechowski_: no05:44
apiechowski_rww: I appoligize for wasting your time.05:44
illmortal1O.O; on ubuntu?05:44
nit-witrajvi, look in synaptic for the broken package05:44
rajvihow to do that nit-wit05:45
rajvii know the package is broken how to fix it05:45
ruanrajvi: reinstall that package?05:47
rajviok i will try that thanks guys05:47
RubenAlonzohi all, did anyone have problems getting their computer built-in mic to work? my speakers and usb drives work fine as does the webcam, but seems the sd card and mic are only things i have seen so far that do not work properly05:48
Saikis there any way to OUT OF OS fix bad sectors of a hard drive?05:49
ruanSaik: on a livecd05:49
Saikruan: I'm on a lve CD atm05:50
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot05:50
RubenAlonzoi will try to google it, will try to get it resolved, thanks all05:50
ruanah, you could do it at boot too05:50
Saikruan, will this work for NTCS partions?05:50
Saikwindows XP05:51
ruan!info fsck05:51
ubottuPackage fsck does not exist in maverick05:51
ruangoing to check man05:51
Saikruan, ok thx05:51
qcjn2gnite everyone05:51
ruannope, only linux filesystems05:52
ruanthere might be a ntfs tool though05:52
MarkSpenserI cant install a program on that fucking ubuntu05:52
MarkSpenserwindows 7 rulez05:53
Saikruan, I suppose I could try installng linux on the e310, but I think it may be a hardware issue05:53
bazhangMarkSpenser, no cursing05:53
ruansudo apt-get install ntfsprogs05:53
ruanntfsprogs can do filesystem check05:53
SaikMarkSpenser, that's because you don't know the true power on linux05:53
bazhang!software | MarkSpenser05:53
ubottuMarkSpenser: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents05:53
ruan!info ntfsprogs05:53
ubottuntfsprogs (source: linux-ntfs): tools for doing neat things in NTFS partitions from Linux. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.0-1ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 268 kB, installed size 712 kB05:53
bazhang!manual > MarkSpenser05:54
ubottuMarkSpenser, please see my private message05:54
FivewaysI just finally got my install up and working and now my panel icons for my running apps (xchat,skype) and even my network notification icon don't have transparent backgrounds anymore05:54
FivewaysI googled it and it looked like it was a known issue before but I thought it was resolved a long time ago05:54
Saikruan, I just installed the OS not 10 mis ago and I don't have the e310 online05:54
Fivewaysis there a known fix for this?05:55
MarkSpenserubuntu is  great,you cant play games,you cant find drivers,you cant find a program that is cool (graphics) all you have is a ugly steady os05:55
SaikI'm tring a partion move and HOPING that does the job05:55
ruanMarkSpenser: that's your experience, not ours05:55
rajvithanks ruan and nit-it u guys are gr8 one thing before i go newbies should get priorities first ..rather than seasoned users05:55
bazhangMarkSpenser, here for help? or here to gripe?05:55
MarkSpenseroh yes? can I play Ut2004 on ubuntu?05:55
SaikMarkSpenser, just what are you TRYNG to do eh?05:55
MarkSpenserhere for convince me05:55
Fivewaysmarkspenser: you can play team fortress 2 :)05:55
jukMarkSpenser: you ugly one here05:55
bazhangMarkSpenser, not the place for it05:55
bazhangjuk, thats not called for05:56
Saikhave you tried Wine?05:56
MarkSpenserok tell me does it worth loosing all this for steady... I can do back up and format05:56
bazhangMarkSpenser, #ubuntu-offtopic for "convincing"05:56
rajvijai ho thanks nit-wit and ruan bye signing off05:56
jukbazhang: sorry05:56
MarkSpenserit is very good05:56
Saikhave you installed winetricks and the 3d drives and apps for your video card?05:57
SaikI highly doubt it, go do some real research then come back and ask questions wheyou need ctual help and aren't just here to be a troll05:57
bazhangSaik, lets move on please05:58
prostheticsHey guys, i just downloaded gnome-shell (expecting to see some gnome3 awesomeness) from the software centre, anyhow, ive tried logging out and selecting it, but its not in the dropdown, and when i log into gnome theres no difference, have i done something wrong?05:58
MarkSpenserit isnt working fine for me dude...05:58
prostheticsim on 10.04 btw05:58
bazhang!work | MarkSpenser05:58
ubottuMarkSpenser: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.05:58
SaikMarkSpenser, then go research stuff online, there's plenty of forms and guides by linux users05:59
MarkSpenserone last thing05:59
prostheticsoh wait, i just worked it out05:59
MarkSpenserinstead of making the ubuntu why does not everyone that is contributing to ubuntu start a good contribute to REACT OS....06:00
bazhang!ot | MarkSpenser06:00
ubottuMarkSpenser: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:00
bazhangMarkSpenser, if you have any actual questions (ie support) thats fine; chit chat is for #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here06:01
YcareneI'm trying to set phonon to use oss over pulse, but pulse is the only output device in the list.06:01
StepNjumpSaik, fortunately not everybody is like you on here!06:01
SaikMarkSpenser, reactOs IS linux, please, do your research..06:01
MarkSpenserdude i am not doing off topic bb you are offtopic and i think there is a reason for you to be here... without money i suppose? why you are hanging out here and not go out with your girlfriend...I tell you why. Cause you are a nerd you became a nerd when you first intalled ubuntu06:02
bazhangYcarene, phonon in kubuntu?06:02
SaikStepNjump, what's THAT supposed to mean?06:02
StepNjumpMay those that have ears, let them hear06:02
YcareneIn ubuntu because I use some KDE apps within the environment and they go through phonon.06:02
bazhangStepNjump, move on please06:02
gkahlahaving trouble building an app that's looking for vasprintf - which library is this part of?06:04
bazhanggkahla, the -dev package most likely06:04
bazhang!find vasprintf06:04
ubottuFile vasprintf found in gnulib, libsilc-dev, manpages-de-dev, manpages-dev, manpages-es, manpages-fr-dev, manpages-ja-dev06:04
gkahlathanks, bazhang - that helps06:05
FivewaysI'm having issues with panel icons not being transparent in the default theme in 10.10. is there a fix I can try? I'm currently trying the one listed here: http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/ubuntu-tips-and-tricks.htm under "set fully transparent panel" but it's not working06:05
=== Abhijit is now known as AbhijitN
SaikFiveways, are they PNG files?06:05
=== AbhijitN is now known as Abhijit
=== Manny is now known as lb-
panfisti managed to install 10.10 by using "nomodeset" from the live cd, but I can't figure out how to successfully boot off the disk. i don't see a grub menu like in older versions of ubuntu, and searching for how to change options has only returned results for older versions06:06
bazhangpanfist, hold shift at boot and check the grub2 wiki06:07
angelgv74how can I solve the deskbar-applet-bug? some body may help me?06:07
FivewaysSaik: I believe so? they're transparent in some other themes, they were transparent before but after I updated my nvidia driver they weren't displaying properly06:07
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:07
bazhangangelgv74, which one is that06:07
SaikFiveways, try reinstalling the driver then06:07
panfistthanks bazhang06:08
FivewaysI can try that I suppose. its just a distraction because everything on the panel is dark..except those backgrounds haha06:08
FivewaysI'm in the middle of something though and don't want to lose my dual screens. I'll try it in a bit06:08
SaikFiveways, you could always just edit the icons too ya know :P06:08
SaikFiveways, that's what I usually do when something goes wrong :P06:10
angelgv74«deskbar-applet» icon there isn't06:10
bazhangangelgv74, what does it do06:11
bazhang!find deskbar-applet06:11
ubottuFound: deskbar-applet06:11
YcareneUgh, I try to uninstall pulseaudio, but then it want's to basically uninstall everything else on my system to accomplish it.06:11
panfisti dont think i'm using grub2, because when i pulled up the menu by holding shift, it says grub 1.98 at the top of the screen06:11
bazhangpanfist, yes thats 206:12
panfistoh ok06:12
angelgv74in which menu?06:13
angelgv74(my first lenguage is spanish)06:14
bazhangangelgv74, is it installed? where does it normally reside (ie top-panel, etc) did you right click add it to panel after installing it?06:15
bazhangangelgv74, I've never used it, so not very familiar with it06:15
maniaxwhy ubuntu doesn't provide a complete dvd?06:15
=== Logan[SNL] is now known as Logan_
maniaxnot all people have an internet connection06:16
bazhangmaniax, complete with what06:16
maniaxcomplete dvd with repo06:16
bazhangmaniax, you have an internet connection now06:16
maniaxbazhang, yes but it slow06:17
bazhangmaniax, or do you mean complete dvd with all the codecs included06:17
bazhangmaniax, there are dvd iso's you know06:17
bazhangmaniax, just no point though as the cd has everything apart from codecs on them06:18
maniaxbazhang, i don't know if there is a complete dvd06:18
maniaxbazhang, no, i don't need a complete codex06:18
=== sad is now known as Guest4555
bazhangmaniax, you mean with every repo on them? the entire software library for ubuntu?06:19
maniaxyes, like other distro e.g: mandriva or opensuse06:19
bazhang6 dvd's, like that?06:19
bazhangfree and non-free maniax ?06:20
maniax1 dvd06:20
maniaxmandriva just need 1 dvd06:20
maniaxmayble for other app we must download manually06:20
maniaxyes, i knew it06:20
bazhangmaniax, yes, with all the codecs, for the free version.06:21
bazhangmaniax, remaster one then (a cd)06:21
maniaxno bazhang, i don't need all the codecs06:21
visual1cefirefox 4 rc1 is nice06:21
bazhangmaniax, the dvd has zero advantages over the cd06:21
maniaxzero advantages?06:22
maniaxwhat do you mean?06:22
tsimpsonthe DVD doesn't install anything the CD doesn't06:22
bazhangmaniax, state your exact needs then. please be clear.06:22
maniaxa good idea to remaster it.06:22
bazhang!remaster > maniax06:22
ubottumaniax, please see my private message06:22
maniaxok, i'll try to remster it :D06:23
visual1cebut why is it called minefield?06:23
bazhangvisual1ce, ask mozilla06:24
maniaxBTW, why the UI for firefox 4 looks like chrome?06:25
tsimpsonsee the previous response from bazhang06:25
bazhangask mozilla as thats not an ubuntu issue06:25
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,i have some windows games like needforspped,roadrash,tarzan ,i am unable to play them on wine,how to play those games on wine,i have installed playonlinux also,i dont know how to use them,anyone please help?06:25
bazhangkothaguy_ubuntu, check the appdb, #winehq , or dual boot06:27
bazhang!appdb > kothaguy_ubuntu06:27
ubottukothaguy_ubuntu, please see my private message06:27
bazhangkothaguy_ubuntu, not all games work with wine.06:27
* jsoftw hugs paralells06:27
tbr281iphone 4 on ubuntu 10.10 fails06:27
bazhangtbr281, looking for support?06:28
bazhangwelcome to discuss idevice failings in #ubuntu-offtopic06:28
tbr281was just wandering if there was going to be a fix in 1106:28
ArseneReiIs there a way to get good font rendering in ubuntu? Something like this: http://ompldr.org/vNXllZQ06:28
ruanArseneRei: there is a way to change font rendering06:29
kothaguy_ubuntui have some games in my  hard disk,i want to play them in my ubuntu,how to play them,all those file are .exe,i cant able to play samll games like snooker,no needforspeed,the ui opens for needfor speed,after that it freezes,what to do?06:29
ruanArseneRei: not sure if it's what you're looking for though06:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:30
ruankothaguy_ubuntu: look at the appdb06:30
bazhangkothaguy_ubuntu, #winehq and appdb for particular apps06:30
maniax!found appdb06:30
jsoftwkothaguy_ubuntu: In short, play games on windows06:30
bazhangmaniax, please /msg ubottu06:30
maniaxsorry bazhang :D06:30
kothaguy_ubuntuwhat is appdb?06:30
ruankothaguy_ubuntu: did you not get the pm?06:31
mafoh - hey there maniax06:31
cosmowell since ubuntu wiped out my win7 partition I guess its time to try and switch completely to linux06:31
ArseneReiruan: I'm not sure either. :p I've just thought what I have is the best I can get, but apparently fonts can look really crisp in linux.06:31
mafcosmo ? whaaaaa ?06:31
ruanArseneRei: system > preferences > appearance > fonts06:32
ruanArseneRei: check font rendering06:32
mafcosmo - tha's no good06:32
mafI wonder what went wrong ?06:32
ruanArseneRei: and click details if you want advanced options06:32
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bazhang!appdb | kothaguy_ubuntu here06:33
ubottukothaguy_ubuntu here: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:33
cosmomaf, yeah during the install of 10.10 64 bit it asked me if I wanted to install it along side my "other OS" so I clicked that option and it formatted the whole drive and finished installing06:33
ArseneReiruan: I'll play around with it. Thanks.06:33
bazhanghttp://appdb.winehq.org    <---- kothaguy_ubuntu06:33
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=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest50158
ruancosmo: never install on the same partition as the other OS06:34
cosmooh well been wanting to try and go exclusively linux06:34
ruani also accidently did that06:34
kothaguy_ubuntuhow to increase the space of wine,06:35
maniaxgreat cosmo !06:35
maniaxyou remove "other OS" :D06:35
bazhangkothaguy_ubuntu, the space?06:35
ruankothaguy_ubuntu: space?06:35
kothaguy_ubuntui means size of the wine06:35
bazhangkothaguy_ubuntu, there's no limit save hdd size06:35
ruanmore wine06:35
cosmoruan,  thats the thing it is a 500 gig hard drive partitioned into 2 parts and I told it to install ubuntu to the non-windows partition06:35
bazhangkothaguy_ubuntu, that doesn t make sense06:36
ruancosmo: lol, was it a ext4 partition?06:36
maniaxruan, maybe06:36
cosmothe windows partition was ntfs and the one I had for linux was formated as ext406:37
=== MikeGuo is now known as hylinux1
kothaguy_ubuntuwhat i mean is,when i tried to  open an game,it said the size is less than 1 mb,so i want to increase the size,so that i can play the games06:37
ruankothaguy_ubuntu: size of what?06:37
ruankothaguy_ubuntu: video memory?06:37
kothaguy_ubunturuan, :yes06:37
todulchaosHey all, I just installed kubuntu on my netbook that already has windows 7 on it. I installed kubuntu to a flash drive. Though grub appears to have written something on the hd0 that has the menu popup for the options.06:38
todulchaosi Get this grub rescue error if i try to let it boot on its own. IF i select the hd0 with the boot menu then that grub menu appears06:38
ruantodulchaos: maybe grub was installed to your harddrive instead of the flash drive06:39
todulchaosI have even rewritten and viewed the MBR, there's no reference to grub linux or anything in there06:39
schockWhat could cause both my wireless and ethernet connections to stop working, when they had been working fine out of the box?06:39
schockI'm trying to do a fresh install here to resolve graphics card issues on a sony vpcz1390x06:39
lockesfresh ubuntu install?06:40
schockbut now, although I've had both wireless and ethernet working fine for a couple weeks, they are not functioning :(06:40
todulchaosruan: I suppose thats possible, if i remove the flash drive it does the same thing, grub rescue error prompt appears so it has to have something on the hd006:40
schockyeah 10.1006:40
lockesare you sure ethernet is not working?06:41
ruantodulchaos: you can find out where grub is installed with sudo fdisk -l06:41
lockesusually the problem is only with wireless06:41
schocklockes: yup06:41
todulchaosboot to kubuntu and run sudo fdisk -l06:41
schocklockes: i had no problem w/wireless for the last few weeks06:41
schocksuddently a couple days ago it goes down06:42
todulchaosif its on the hd0 how to I move it to the flash drive so that I can just pick which one i want to boot to06:42
schockand now neither wireless nor ethernet working06:42
* schock goes to restart everyting. bb soon06:42
maniaxhi, i just image, how if ubuntu installed on intel pentium 3 with 256 MB RAM?06:43
maniaxwould it run smoothly?06:43
maniaxjust need for office use only :)06:44
ruantodulchaos: not sure, but you can remove it from hd0 and install it to flash06:45
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:45
schocknetwork autoconfig failed again :(06:46
schockHm. what are benefits / problems of activating RAID configs?06:47
jsoftwIn theory, speed and/or redunancy06:49
jsoftwPossible problems are speed and or redundancy06:49
eosshello can someone be my mentor and teach me everything06:51
eossim fast learner06:51
ruan!manual | eoss06:51
ubottueoss: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:51
jsoftweoss: sure; http://www.google.com06:52
juk!ask | eoss06:52
ubottueoss: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:52
eossi didnt ask to ask a question06:52
jsoftwThis is true.06:52
jukeoss: it sound to me so06:52
CherishAnyone can tell me the difference when I add init=/sbin/init after kernel in grub.cfg or not added?06:55
evilvisheoss: this channel is only for Ubuntu support ; depending on your field of interest you can join those respective channels and request mentors(if there are mentors) or just ask questions in those channels06:55
schockevilvish: is there a good channel specifically for installation questions? or here is good?06:56
evilvishschock: this channel is good for installation problems and support; for development there is #ubuntu-installer06:57
schockevilvish: thx06:57
evilvishCherish: do not edit grub.cfg manually06:57
* schock tries to understand whether to configure software RAID or not on fresh 10.10 install on sony vpcz1390x06:58
Cherishevilvish: My system can't boot if I don't add init=/sbin/init aften kernel in grub.cfg.I wan't to know the difference between added it or not.06:59
schockthis isn't a dual boot, so i guess not?06:59
henryzlo#join hzlo.net07:00
evilvishCherish: not sure about that, but it should be generated automatically, or yo can add that option by editing the /etc/grub.d07:01
evilvish!grub2 > Cherish07:01
ubottuCherish, please see my private message07:01
schockOK, no RAID. installing on the whole disk.07:01
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
russia1Hi, I am using Ubuntu 10.04.1, when I try to run ant I get this: Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/lib/tools.jar I tried sudo update-alternatives --config java and I get: There is only one alternative in link group java: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java.. please advice how to get ant to work.. :)07:02
Cherishubottu: what thing?07:03
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:03
StepNjumphi ubottu07:03
StepNjumpyep! Really dumb! lol07:03
todulchaosruan you still here?07:04
overclucker!hi StepNjump07:04
StepNjumphi overclucker07:04
Cherishevilvish: I can't boot my system when use upstart,except I added init=/sbin/init after the kernel in grub.cfg.I know what you said, But I want to know why?07:05
overcluckerStepNjump: heh, was hoping ubottu would greet you07:05
CherishThe difference between upstart and /sbin/init07:05
* evilvish doesnt know :)07:05
StepNjumpyep.. was just checking if he had learned that but I guess not overclucker07:05
schockargh. what could cause me to lose network (both wifi and eth) after they were working for weeks...07:05
alabdGood day all , i-humble want to remove a driver in kernel and reinstall it  , is removing it's module with rmmod enough ?07:06
schock'not active'07:06
nit-wittodulchaos, y?ou still trying to get grub on a thumb07:07
todulchaosyes, i think it did install to my hd0, which isn07:07
todulchaosisn't where i wanted it07:07
russia1- Hi, I am using Ubuntu 10.04.1, when I try to run ant I get this: Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/lib/tools.jar I tried sudo update-alternatives --config java and I get: There is only one alternative in link group java: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java.. please advice how to get ant to work.. :)07:07
todulchaoshow can i move it?07:07
todulchaosits not listed in my boot record but get that damn grub rescue error then nothing, have to select the hd0 manually through the boot menu07:09
todulchaosthen i can actually boot either os07:09
nit-wittodulchaos, you have to have a grub.cfg and the grub bootloader in the mbr, it's not just the mbr.07:10
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russia1- Hi, I am using Ubuntu 10.04.1, when I try to run ant I get this: Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/lib/tools.jar I tried sudo update-alternatives --config java and I get: There is only one alternative in link group java: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java.. please advice how to get ant to work.. :)07:10
overclucker!blacklist | alabd07:11
ubottualabd: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »07:11
evilvish!repeat | russia107:11
ubotturussia1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:11
alabdoverclucker: thanks but  blacklist = remove ?07:12
evilvishalabd: afaik, once you rmmod the driver is unloaded07:13
russia1evilvish: can someone here advice?07:13
todulchaosdamn it07:13
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pankaj_sharmaplz tell me how to install openssh-server?07:14
overcluckeralabd: blacklist keeps it from loading on boot, where rmmod removes the module from the running kernel. I'm not sure I see the point in deleting a kernel module07:14
ecinx3pankaj it installes by itself i think07:14
pankaj_sharmaecinx3: no07:15
ecinx3I've installed it from apt-get i think07:15
alabdevilvish:  overclucker i-humble want to reinstall my usb tv dongel that it's in kernel normaly , driver name is poseidon ...what should i-humble do ?07:15
alabdand see this http://pastebin.com/GeZ7rTND07:15
todulchaoswhat's the easiest way to view/edit the mbr runnin kubuntu?07:15
pankaj_sharmaecinx3: when i try to install .. it give me broken link error07:15
ecinx3if not i think i used software center07:15
awantiFriends i need some help to restrict users to change their system settings... (including changes in Desktop wallpaper, etc...)07:15
ecinx3that's weird i didn't get any error like that07:15
ecinx3i'm a linux newbie, btw.07:15
pankaj_sharmaecinx3: how can i post error here?07:16
ecinx3what are you using to install it? synaptic?07:16
schockjust booted with new 10.10 install. on my machine requires edit grub config, nomodeset, i804.nomux etc07:16
ecinx3pankaj_sharma: http://pastebin.com/07:16
pankaj_sharmaecinx3: ok07:16
schockboots ok... no network :(07:16
ecinx3how did you try to install?07:16
schockwired and wireless networks disconnected, although i have eth cable plugged in and it's been working fine for weeks :(07:16
sagaciawanti, why restrict it to that07:17
schockinstalled from 10.10altamd USB stick07:17
schockwhich i just created07:17
evilvishalabd: how are you re-installing the driver?  btw, after you reinstall the driver, you should rmmod and then modprobe the driver07:17
pankaj_sharmaecinx3: pastebin requires authentication.. give me some other link07:18
evilvishalabd: thats to load the new driver.07:18
iCodingHi there, I wanna custom my ubuntu installation, I mean add some selections in the installation,(ask questions and get the answers, then use shell scripts to done something according the answers), how should i do it?07:18
sagacischock, try booting from live usb desktop and see if you get a working connection07:18
schocksagaci: i did, no connection :(07:18
schockthe thing is, the connection worked just fine the first time i did an install07:19
sagacischock, tried resetting the router07:19
alabdevilvish:  in fact ,how to be sure if prev driver is uninstalled or not ?07:19
awantii am working in a company as system admin... recently we have implemented Ubuntu desktop OS for our employees... so very time they making changes in that..07:19
schocksagaci: tried that.07:19
wallaGood morning people. I have a question regarding wordpress, could you point me to the right direction for that subject?07:19
schockit's like, the drivers are here but disabled.07:19
illmortalanyone having issues with Firefox 3.6.16 and even 4.0? Seems like they're both really buggy.07:19
ecinx3http://paste.ubuntu.com/ @ pankaj_sharma07:19
RubenAlonzohi all, hey dont forget for those of us that have to use daylight savings, tonight at 2am we move the clock forward by an hour07:20
schockhow do i enable disabled networking devices?07:20
awantinow i want restrict to users to making any changes in their pc07:20
pankaj_sharmaecinx3: http://pastie.org/1665793   plz see the error .. i got when i try to install openssh-server07:20
ecinx3fuck! u messed up my day RubenAlonzo07:20
evilvishalabd: uninstall?  or do you mean unload? you cannot uninstall a particular driver, you can blacklist it from loading.. if you run rmmod and you get no errors the driver is unloaded07:20
ecinx3RubenAlonzo:  i slacked off in spring break lol now i have lost an hour07:21
RubenAlonzosorry man, just dont want anyone to get into hot water like me with that damned honey-do list lol!07:21
pankaj_sharmaecinx3: plz see my problem07:21
ecinx3lol i feel you. thanks07:21
schockiwconfig returns: lo no wireless extensions, eth0 no wireless extensions, wlan0, 802.11abg access point, not associated07:21
=== ruan_ is now known as ruan
ecinx3how did u try to install?07:21
pankaj_sharmasudo apt-get install openssh-server07:22
=== MrMuffin is now known as MrMuffin|zzz
ecinx3did u try sudo apt-get install openssh-client ?07:22
pankaj_sharmayes.. no error there07:23
ecinx3then retried server?07:23
sagaciawanti, you'll have to do some mock up scripts for each computer to remove menu preference and administration07:23
schockclicking 'enable networking' does no good07:23
sagaciawanti, lock down the panel and menus07:23
alabdevilvish: in fact usb tv dongel module with name of poseidon is not going to be loaded after i-humble removed pulseaudio package completely from my system and reinstalled it .you see that it has problem to be loaded http://pastebin.com/GeZ7rTND07:24
pankaj_sharmaecinx3: i tried all permutation but no result07:24
schockme wonders if there's a janky ethernet cable at work here07:24
tom___Does Ubuntu 10.10 need to be set up for ipv6 support? If so can someone explain it to me?07:24
=== jakerive1 is now known as jakeriver
tom___Trying to get a tunnel to work.07:24
pankaj_sharmaecinx3: wat are unmet dependencies?07:24
illmortalCan someone with Ubuntu 10.10, Firefox 3.6.16 or 4.0 go to youtube and see if you can watch flash videos?07:25
Saikwhat does xubuntu-restricted-extras install?07:25
ecinx3packages that it needs to install, for the current package (download) to work properly07:25
sagaciawanti, or really what you should do is set up user accounts for all users and then disable network changes etc after you've configured them properly07:25
ecinx3pankaj_sharma: note that i also am a linux newbie07:25
pankaj_sharmaecinx3: its ok07:25
sagaciSaik, do you want a list07:26
evilvishalabd: i'm not sure why you removed pulseaudio. but how did you reinstall it? and from where?  you could try reinstalling the particular kernel and see if that fixes your issue07:26
alabdevilvish:  maybe it will be fixed if driver be installed again , but how ?(driver is in kernel)07:26
mehdido we have have chanel for dating :D?07:26
pankaj_sharmaecinx3: i think i should first update my system..?07:26
rwwmehdi: no.07:26
ecinx3one sec07:26
evilvishalabd: if you reinstall the kernel, the driver will also be installed07:26
ecinx3pankaj_sharma:  one sec07:27
pankaj_sharmaecinx3: ok07:27
evilvishalabd: dont remove and install, use synaptic, and select to reinstall that package07:27
Rebeccahey peoples, im trying to install mythbuntu 10.10 from the livecd but i have hit a snag. regardless whether I select 'install' or 'try' i end up getting presented with a login prompt when i should be either going through the install process or trialing it.. something is going wrong..07:27
Saiksagaci, yea, if possible07:27
alabdevilvish: pulseaudio is reinstalled before ... reinstall which package ?07:27
tom___Does Ubuntu 10.10 need any special configuration for ipv6 to work? If so can someone explain it to me? I'm trying to get a tunnel to work.07:28
sagaciSaik, http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/xubuntu-restricted-extras07:28
evilvishalabd: i dont know about pulseaudio.. but for each kernel there are 3 packages, so just reinstall those 3 and the drivers should be back07:28
Saiksagaci, maveric is which one07:28
alabdevilvish:  would you name those 3 ?07:28
sagaciSaik, 10.1007:29
evilvishalabd: open synaptic and search "2.6.35-22-generic"  you'll see 3 installed packages, those 307:29
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.07:29
evilvishalabd: btw, 2.6.35-22-generic is old, why havent you updated to latest kernel? and do you have the problem with latest kernel?07:30
Saiklol narwal07:30
evilvishalabd: 2.6.35-27-generic is the latest in maverick07:30
alabdevilvish: yes reinstall is inactive and upgrade is possible , but am afraid if system will be damaged with kernel upgrade07:31
visual1ceis there a way to make firefox homepage display a list of all my bookmarks? like chrome?07:31
jsoftwGood question, I has no idea.07:32
alabdevilvish: does upgrade so the same as reinstall for us ?07:32
evilvishalabd: it should not be a problem, even if the new kernel does not work, you can always boot to kernel 2.6.35-22-generic . kernel 2.6.35-22-generic will not be removed, the new kernel will be the extra option you can choose during boot07:33
evilvishalabd: i would suggest you upgrade to new kernel and try with that first, before you play with reinstalling ;)07:34
alabdevilvish: ok thanks and it's dowloading now07:34
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rageinsidei just removed my windows 7 partition using gparted and now I cannot boot into ubuntu07:35
rageinsideusing a live cd right now07:35
=== zorro is now known as Guest38101
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ecinx3pankaj_sharma:  did you fix it?07:35
ecinx3i have a suggestion07:36
ecinx3what's or are the best aol instant message ( AIM ) client(s) ?07:38
pankaj_sharmaecinx3: yeah now it works07:38
ecinx3hopefully with facebook support. I don't like using facebook in a browser07:38
ecinx3oh great07:38
rageinsidecan anybody help me?07:39
ecinx3looking at my software center i see that the versions match07:39
ecinx3and they are way off from yours. .so o apt-get update.. then try was my suggestion.07:39
pankaj_sharmaecinx3: hmm07:39
ecinx3or otherwise jsut use 'software center' just this once. not for everythgni you need to download/install07:40
s3phir0th115ecinx3, Pidgin is the IM client I use07:42
s3phir0th115I think it takes care of most needs07:42
s3phir0th115Though I'd suggest xchat for IRC, since Pidgin's IRC implementation isn't the best07:42
ecinx3s3phir0th115: I'm on it now, but i don't see all of my buddies.07:43
ecinx3i'm on xchat and i really don't have problems with it07:43
Niglopmy computer freez's every time i am on webcam/watching webcames for a little bit of time07:44
infidwhere's the 'untar' command? what do i apt-get? 'untar' package doesnt exist07:46
Dr_Willis!info unp07:47
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre4 (maverick), package size 13 kB, installed size 100 kB07:47
Dr_Willisinfid:  just use tar with the right options. or cheat and use unp like i always do.07:47
Niglopmy computer freez's every time i am on webcam/watching webcames for a little bit of time07:50
Dr_Willisif you just type a command in the terminal. it also suggests what package to install to get it..07:50
mrkrrtfthi.  i want to not enter a password when resuming from suspend or hibernate.  I've already unchecked under gnome-power-management in gconf-editor the suspend and hibernate options but that isn't working.  Any suggestions?gconf-editor07:50
Dr_Willisthere is no untar command. :)07:50
jsoftwtar -xf07:50
infidi've used untar before07:51
Dr_WillisNiglop:  does it crash if you just run cheese and watch the video for a while?07:51
Dr_Willisinfid:  you used some alias that defined it.07:51
infidfor when all you have is a .tar file that isnt compressed07:51
NiglopDr_Willis» i dont thinkso07:51
Niglopit hasnt so far07:51
Dr_WillisNiglop:  sounds like flash is crashing on you . if its only crashing on web sites using the webcam.07:51
Dr_Willistar xf foo.tar   (x = extract) f = use the following file)07:52
NiglopDr_Willis» when crash flashes, usually it has a error in yellow or whatever, but my computers actually freezing07:52
Dr_WillisNiglop:  could be some hardware driver issue compoinding the issue. You could ssh in from another box and monuitor the logs/dmesg output.07:52
mrkrrtfthi.  i want to not enter a password when resuming from suspend or hibernate.  I've already unchecked under gnome-power-management in gconf-editor the suspend and hibernate options but that isn't working.  Any suggestions?07:54
airtonixI can't seem to find a busybox prompt customisation guide07:56
mrkrrtftanyone have any suggestions?07:56
ecinx3mrkrrtft: did you try screen saver settings?07:56
fisch246is wubi safe to use?07:57
ecinx3i'm on kubuntu so I don't know about the gnome settings07:57
Dr_Willismrkrrtft:  you are refering to using the screensaver -> powermanager settings?07:57
mrkrrtftyes i've tried both locations.07:57
Dr_WillisIm on a desktop - so domnt even see the check box..07:57
Dr_Willisbut i never use those features anyway. :)07:58
ecinx3fisch246: I'm a newb. but from what I've read it's safe but not ideal07:58
ecinx3safe, or safer, but not ideal07:58
fisch246btw... i'm talking about running Wubi on XP07:58
mrkrrtfti have the screensaver set to not require a tassword, but can't get suspend or hibernate to not require one07:58
Dr_Willisfisch246:  if you have no other choice you can use wubi. but i dont reccomend it.  also it depends on what you mean by 'safe'07:58
Dr_Willisfisch246:  you could alwyas use virtualbox if you want to experiment with Ubuntu.07:59
ecinx3mrkrrtft: try setting it that that screen saver triggers before it sleeps07:59
mrkrrtftthat doesn't work either07:59
ecinx3Dr_Willis: are u familiar with virtualbox  with windows?08:00
mrkrrtftdo i have to sudo gconf-editor?08:00
fisch246Dr_Willis: i have Ubuntu on several of my machines, but one of the machines has windows xp on it. i know how to fix the bootloader and problems like that if they occur, but i'm wondering if files and such will be lost08:00
ecinx3mrkrrtft: try pressing the lock button on ur machine before hitting suspend button08:01
Dr_Willisfisch246:  wubi installs  the user data and stuff in a disk file. You can always mount that file from a live cd to recover stuff from it - worse case. :)08:01
fisch246o ok08:01
Dr_Willisecinx3:  virtualbox runs very well under windowws and linux.08:01
fisch246does it replace windows, or does it make the machine dual bootable?08:01
ecinx3I have a question .. that's why i asked if you are familiar with it under windows.08:01
Dr_Willisruns basically the same under windows forme as it does under linux.08:02
mrkrrtftecinx3, i don't have a lock button on this laptop.08:02
ecinx3Dr_Willis: I have an ubuntu partition on my tablet. Do you know how i can access it while in windows 708:02
ecinx3I have virtualization enabled in the bios08:03
ecinx3mrkrrtft: try a key combination.08:03
tonysanHow do I dd an ISO file to my usb disk?08:03
Dr_Willisecinx3:  There used tobe windows d4rivers to access ext2/3/4 (i think 4) filesystems.. but I hjavent used any of those in ages.08:04
ecinx3mrkrrtft: for ex in windows, by default windows + l locks08:04
Jeyanthhow can I reduce the size of my desktop icon?08:04
Dr_Willistonysan:  what iso? not all can be 'dd' to a usb and become bootable.08:04
pvl1tonysan, mount it first08:04
tonysanan bootable iso08:04
mrkrrtftecinx3, it isn't that kind of suspend.08:05
tonysanI partitioned the usb disk to /dev/sdb1 sdb208:05
Dr_Willistonysan:  depends on the iso. You should use a tool line unetbootin, or the usb-disk-creator, or any of a dozen other tools mentioned at the pendrivelinux web site to put it on there.08:05
tonysanDr_Willis: Will that make the usb bootable?08:05
Dr_Willistonysan:  not all ISO's will work if you just 'dd' the iso to a flash drive. Some do I recall.. it depends on the disto.08:05
ecinx3Dr_Willis: damn.. I have a windows app called OneNote 2010 that nothing in  linux can replicate. and also a program for school Quartus 9.1 wheree the linux version is crippled08:05
tonysanI am using UNR 10.0408:05
cosmodo I need a certain program to mount an ISO and if so can anyone suggest one?08:05
Dr_Williscosmo:  the normal mount command can 'mount' and iso.08:06
ecinx3mrkrrtft: I mean the key combination to lock the computer.08:06
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount08:06
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.08:06
mrkrrtfti don't want the system to require a password when resuming.  locking works just fine when required/08:06
ecinx3that forces u to put a password to use the computer again08:06
cosmoDr_Willis, thanks08:06
ecinx3oh, mrkrrtft then I totally misunderstood your question. My apologies08:06
=== alakoo_ is now known as alakoo
mrkrrtftecinx3, no problem  :)08:07
tonysannow dding, 700MB iso08:09
mrkrrtftthx for trying08:09
StepNjumpGuys, may someone tell me how to hide a folder in Ubuntu?08:09
ecinx3StepNjump: renaming it to .folder ?08:10
aless67i have some problem under ubuntu and eclipse08:11
StepNjumpecinx3 what do you mean?08:11
aless67its using 100% of my CPU ...08:11
airtonixStepNjump: nautilus looks for a .directory file in each folder, list the file or folder names there to hide from nautilus folder lists08:11
jiltdilhow to know the list of ip of computers connected to my network via command?08:11
ecinx3airtonix: good idea08:12
StepNjumpairtonix, I thought I was supposed to use chmod08:12
airtonixStepNjump: sory it's .hidden08:12
Syberiajiltdil man netstat08:12
airtonixStepNjump: no chmod won't hide stuff, if they can see the folder they can see it's contents08:13
jiltdilSyberia: no not netstat08:13
ecinx3StepNjump: airtonix  suggestion is better than messing with permissions08:13
airtonixStepNjump: chmod will merely prevent them from opening a folder08:13
Dr_Willisits not truely hidden.  but just 'overlooked' by the filemanagers and other apps that know to not show them08:13
StepNjumpok thanks guys08:13
ecinx3Dr_Willis: true, but is he trying to hide it from ls, or from the gui?08:14
JeyanthStepNjump: http://devilsworkshop.org/how-to-hide-a-file-or-folder-in-linux/ chk this08:14
ecinx3that would be a question StepNjump  would have to answer as well08:14
airtonixStepNjump: or you could prefix a folder or filename with a fullstop, but they can see those files if they use the -a switch on ls : ls -a08:14
MrMist1Hi all08:14
MrMist1ehm... sorry08:15
Abhijitwhich partition format i shoudl chooe (ntfs,fat32,ext4) etc for external hdd that hdd to be used among linux, and win xp, 7 etc08:15
ecinx3Dr_Willis: I have a windows app called OneNote 2010 that nothing in  linux can replicate. and also a program for school Quartus 9.1 wheree the linux version is crippled08:15
ecinx3Dr_Willis: what do you suggest so i don't have to restart to switch OSes08:15
Dr_Willisrun windows in virtualbox ecinx3  is all ive done in the past for such apps.. assuming wine cant handle them08:16
ecinx3one of my fav linux apps is ViM and since most READMEs and what not08:16
=== jim is now known as Guest32158
Dr_Willisas for the crippled linux version.. perhps pay for the full version to support it.08:16
Dr_WillisI have gvim  for windows. :)08:17
ecinx3have vim support written in linux so  \\ // gets me confuesed08:17
AbhijitDr_Willis, which partition format i shoudl chooe (ntfs,fat32,ext4) etc for external hdd that hdd to be used among linux, and win xp, 7 etc08:17
airtonixecinx3: have a look at cherry08:18
germ86Guten Morgen08:18
mintuxthe flash plugin doesn't have sound in my firefox . what's wrong ?08:18
Logan_!de | germ8608:18
ubottugerm86: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.08:18
StepNjumpguys, I'm in nautillus now.. so how do I hide a folder again?08:18
=== lonelyibex is now known as fungo
StepNjumpjust put a . before the folder name?08:18
germ86Good Morning08:19
Dr_WillisAbhijit:  linux can read/write ntfs very well.08:19
Dr_WillisAbhijit:  fat32 would have issues with very large files I belive.08:19
airtonixecinx3: actually that's not it's name08:19
JeyanthStepNjump: http://devilsworkshop.org/how-to-hide-a-file-or-folder-in-linux/ visit this :)08:19
AbhijitDr_Willis, ok then i select ntfs08:19
Dr_WillisStepNjump:  rename it to be .whatever instead of whatever08:19
Dr_Willisthats not a 'secure' way to really hide things. :) but it works08:20
ecinx3full version for linux i think is crippled  too08:20
StepNjumpDr_Willis. .. I've tried that.. doesn't seem to work08:20
ecinx3besides it's $3000+08:20
StepNjumpThanks Jeyanth08:20
ecinx3not really for students08:20
etohi guys i installed ubuntu 10.1008:21
JeyanthStepNjump: np :)08:21
etoand machine occasionally locks up08:21
Logan_!enter | eto08:21
ubottueto: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:21
etoLogan_: good08:21
Dr_WillisStepNjump:  .files are hidden/ignored by the file managers when you tell them to not show hidden files..  it should work that way fine. Unless you are expecting something else to happen08:21
ecinx3if i run windows in virtualbox woudl pressure sensitivity be there? and can i run the current installation of windows instead of a new vhd?08:21
ecinx3airtonix:  what's cherry?08:22
StepNjumpOh it works! Great.. thanks guys. I hadn't pressed F508:22
StepNjumpThanks to all08:22
ecinx3Dr_Willis: if i run windows in virtualbox woudl pressure sensitivity be there? and can i run the current installation of windows instead of a new vhd?08:22
r4yI wouldn't want to install a package that hides packages for me08:22
Dr_Willisecinx3:  you do NOT want to use vbox to run wiondows from a 'real' hard drive.08:22
airtonixecinx3: the program i was thinking of that does pretty much all the stuff onenote does, but its not called cherry, but here's soemthing you might look at http://basket.kde.org/08:23
r4yI meant folders08:23
Dr_Willisecinx3:  you can copuy the current install to a vhd i belive. But that may trigger the windows anti-piracy stuff.08:23
ecinx3it's fine i have professional editoin08:23
austiniumhi, iam looking for some help with understanding the output of netstat -tnlp on my machine here http://pastebin.com/5M4r8Qna08:24
austiniumother than port 22(ftp) iam not sure what the others are08:24
YankDownUnderman netstat08:24
austiniumok thanks08:25
ecinx3airtonix:  i dont see pen support with that app08:25
etohow can one pass parameter to kernel on ubuntu 10.10 -> I would like simple explanation like with grub 1.5 open this file and add menu item here so it is default08:25
airtonixecinx3: when i want to use a pen, i also use paper08:26
Dr_Williseto:  with the old grub - you edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and add it to the end of the kernel line.08:26
Dr_Willisor edit the proper line to make it the default for all kernels.08:26
jiltdili have two OS installed on my  virtual box and i wand to acess these two via ssh through my host how to do this as both of guest OS have same ip adress?08:26
Dr_Willisgrub2 = you would edit /etc/default/grub eto .08:27
Abhijitis there any frontend for rsnapshot?08:27
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  you can run 2 instances of vbox. and let each os have its own ip. and then if your network is set right. they see each other as if they were on a lan.08:27
jiltdilDr_Willis: two instances means?08:28
Dr_WillisYou can set up vbox network settings where each guest, and the host os. all appear as if they were on the lan also.08:28
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  run it twice...08:28
ecinx3lol airtonix but with one note it automatically puts the time I did the notes and  it's organized . I have tons of physical notebook and don't know where anything is at.08:28
Dr_Willisive used vbox befor to test out 'net' instlls from one vbox sesson to another. :)08:28
airtonixecinx3: not my problem08:29
etoDr_Willis: i guess stovck ubuntu uses grub2 as there is no such file08:29
jiltdilDr_willis:how to do this   set up vbox network settings where each guest, and the host os. all appear as if they were on the lan also means all guest OS and host can acess each other ? how to set up this?08:29
ebaheto, you would open /etc/grub.d/40_custom, add a menu entry including your perameter and then run sudo update-grub. You can get your current menu entry by looking at /boot/grub/menu.1st08:30
jiltdilDr_willis: should i set up virtual box network in bridge mode08:30
ecinx3airtonix: that is a personal problem, true. But onenote takes care of that fine.  I just wish I can have linux  apps and use onenote simultanous.. I don't know if I should remove ubuntu,(kubuntu in my case) all together and just run it virtualized. I have 8GB memory if that helps any .08:30
airtonixecinx3: i wouldn't08:31
airtonixecinx3: virtualised windows is easier to rollback when it gets viruses08:31
ebaheto, if you pastebin menu.1st, I can give you the few lines, even help you add in the perameter08:31
ecinx3I've never had a virus and been using windows since 9508:32
ecinx3xdcc , fservs, usenet, napster, morpheus  & nada.08:33
r4yDoes this work in Gnome?08:33
Syberiawindows is a virus itself.08:33
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  i suggest checking the virtualbox manual, the networking section details how to set up the network settings for differnt tasks. Ive not messed with it in ages.08:33
LevikovPartitioning ubuntu08:33
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  theres only like 3 options. try them all.08:33
Levikovhelp me08:34
icerootr4y: yes08:34
jiltdilDr_willis: i tried all but stil i have some issue08:34
icerootr4y: but that is not a gnome-feature, its the basic way how linux works with file permissions08:35
=== Guest23091 is now known as DarkDevil
qq910438219where  are you from ?08:35
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest727
r4yCA USA08:36
icerootr4y: for every file and directory you can define, waht the owner can do (read, write, execute), the same for the group and for all others which arent the owner or in the owner group08:36
r4yI have a book here08:36
Dr_Willishideing is not the same as 'protecting' :) Hiding is for convience.08:36
r4ycalled Linux starter kit for Linux Suse08:37
Dr_Willisqq910438219:   You have a Ubuntu support question?08:37
=== cerber0s is now known as cerberos
icerootr4y: better use a ubuntu/debian book instead of a suse book08:37
Dr_Willisqq910438219:  if you want to chitchat theres #ubuntu-offtopic for that.08:37
r4yI use Google a lot08:37
icerootr4y: there are differences (sometimes big differenes) betwenn ubuntu and suse08:37
r4yfor Ubuntu of coarse08:37
Dr_Willisthe 'core' of linux - should be about the same. :) its the little things that often get you.08:38
r4yI sometimes read that book, but just to get to know linux08:38
icerootDr_Willis: suse even dont use LSB for everything08:38
r4yI have info for Ubuntu related stuff I have done over 2 years08:38
Dr_Willisive not used a RPM based disrto in... ages..08:38
r4ycollected info08:38
Dr_Willisr4y:  tomboy notes is a handy app for that. You can keep your notes on your UbuntuOne account and get to them from any pc.08:39
ecinx3Dr_Willis: can We use OS X as a guest OS w/ virtualbox?08:39
Brando1995what does chipset unsupported by current firmware mean08:39
icerootecinx3: no08:39
Dr_Willisecinx3:  ive heard it can be done. but its not legal to do so.08:39
icerootecinx3: its not allowed by apple08:39
Dr_Willisnot with the default versions of OS-X either.08:39
r4yOK, so that's what UbuntuOne is for08:39
Dr_Willisr4y:  amoung other things.08:40
ecinx3breaking EULA doesn't make it illegal08:40
Dr_WillisTomboy notes acan autosync notes to it..08:40
ecinx3the law is > EULA08:40
Dr_Willisecinx3:  but it is basically Offtopic for here. :)08:40
icerootecinx3: and this is ubuntu support, not apple or vbox support08:40
ecinx3oh  i see08:40
r4yI use text files, I have been told 2 or 3 times by other people to use Tomboy notes08:41
etoebah: where should be this menu.1st located?08:41
icerootr4y: another great thing is vim-org-mode  if you are good with vim08:41
r4yI use gedit not notepad08:41
etoebah: it is not /boot/grub nor in /etc/grub08:41
etoah w808:41
ebahok, lemme look for it real quick08:41
icerootr4y: great editor for the shell08:41
dhaneshdefragmentation in ubuntu08:42
leaveboyvim is good08:42
ecinx3wait. what's r4y  talking about? I think i have similar questions/issues08:42
iceroot!defrag | dhanesh08:42
ubottudhanesh: The default Ubuntu filesystem (ext4) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases, see http://linkpot.net/behead/ for a simple example on how it achieves this.08:42
ebaheto, your sure it's not /boot/grub/menu.1st?08:42
iceroothm, is ubottu broken or my irssi-theme? everything behind ext4 is black (on black background)08:43
dhaneshcheck for bad sectors how?08:43
Dr_Williseto:  its menu.lst for grub1 with a L not a #108:43
Dr_Williseto:  what version of ubuntu are you using.08:43
dhaneshubottu>check for bad sectors how?08:43
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:43
ecinx3r4y:  what are you trying to accomplish?08:43
ebahsorry eto, it's grub.cfg08:43
eto10.10 clean install08:43
etono problem08:43
Dr_Willisdhanesh:  fsck command has options , or the badblocks command i recall08:44
rudenstamWhen I start mysql I get an message that I should use service mysql start instead of using the init.d.... however.. if I do use service mysql start, mysql does not start. Any ideas?08:44
r4yiceroot, Have you tried this?: https://launchpad.net/clicompanion/08:44
Dr_Williseto:  then you are using Grub2.. and  you do not edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg by hand..08:44
ebahDr_Willis, he's on grub208:44
RubenAlonzohey all, just wanted to pop-in one last time before i crash out for the night and say THANKS!! So far its my 3rd day of using ubuntu (10.10 netbook remix) and have gotten everything to work with exception of stupid sd card reader. But i will usb card reader instead and stop messing with it, lol, anyways you all be safe and take care.08:44
Dr_Williseto:  you edit/modify /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/* as needed08:44
icerootr4y: no08:44
r4yIt's different then what you just suggested to me08:44
example92morning, i need your hel please08:45
decadehow to use backtrack?08:45
Abhijithelp. in rsnapshot my root is snapshot_root/media/name/ and my backup point is backup/home/name//media/name/name/ and it is giving error that Backup destination must be a local, relative path08:45
r4yduanedesign showed it to me on the ubuntu-beginners channel08:45
ebahDr_Willis, he's making a custom entry to 40_custom using one of entries from grub.cfg as a template08:45
Dr_Willisdecade:  backtrackl has its own support channels. its not 'ubuntu'08:45
RubenAlonzocould not have done it without the help from the fine folk here. And i'm a total noob on ubuntu but so far it's been flawless.08:45
Dr_Willisdecade: if you need a general 'how to use ubuntu' manual. see the following08:45
Dr_Willis!manual | decade08:45
ubottudecade: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:45
Dr_Willis!backtrack | decade08:46
ubottudecade: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition08:46
DOokamihello guys :)08:46
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest72945
DOokamineed some help installing "GuitarPro" on Linux08:46
DOokamithere's an emulator of windows programs ? ??08:47
Dr_Willis!wine | DOokami08:47
ubottuDOokami: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:47
DOokamiThanks Dr. :)08:47
r4ydhanesh>asked: check for bad sectors how?08:48
turneralexHey guys, I need a hand with my ubuntu installation - it's driving me up a wall. My ubuntu installation keeps freezing, I cant do anything just move the mouse. I've reinstalled 5 times and I'm freaking out - can someone guide me in the write direction (I was thinking drive issue but it's an SSD)08:49
r4yDoes forcing filesystem check on reboot count?08:49
Logan_DOokami: it looks like version 6.x works with Wine: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=24608:49
r4yIf so which of these 2?, "sudo touch /forcefsck", "sudo shutdown -rF now"08:50
Abhijithelp. in rsnapshot my root is snapshot_root/media/name/ and my backup point is backup/home/name//media/name/name/ and it is giving error that Backup destination must be a local, relative path08:51
r4yWell bye all08:52
DOokamiLogan: thanks a lot08:52
Dr_Willisr4y:   that just checks the filesystem. theres ways08:52
Logan_DOokami: you're welcome08:52
Logan_!please | Abhijit08:53
ubottuAbhijit: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude08:53
r4yWhere did dhanesh go anyway?08:53
DOokamithere's two versions of wine in USC08:53
example92i just bought an mp4 and ubuntu does not mount it automatically, anybody help?08:53
DOokamiwhich should i download08:53
r4yI remember doing a check for bad sectors before, man was that a pain08:53
r4yNow, if I had had an extra hard drive I would have backed up my data and used DBAN, then I would try to re-install Ubuntu08:54
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
r4yAnyways, bye08:54
Dr_Willisusing dban befor a reinstall.. is a little extreme isent it.08:55
example92anybody can help me mount a mp4?08:55
Dr_Willisexample92:  mount a video file?08:55
r4yBut I am not a Linux guru at all, I am a linux newbee sort of08:55
Dr_WillisDOokami:  it just is called wine here.08:56
Abhijithelp rsnapshot error ERROR: Could not write lockfile /var/run/rsnapshot.pid: Permission denied08:56
example92dr_willis i need to mount it because ubuntu does not mount it automatically when i plug it in08:56
Dr_Willisexample92:  i think you missed some words in your question then,....08:57
example92yes, you re right08:57
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount08:57
Dr_Willissudo mkdir /media/mountpoint     then sudo mount /dev/XXXXX /media/mountpoint08:57
Dr_Willisedited as you need :)08:58
rudenstamwill still be a challange to mount a mp4 though ;)08:58
etoDr_Willis: ebah : http://codepad.org/y3pzBrrZ08:58
etocurrent situation08:58
Dr_Williseto:  its alasys a good idea to summaruze things like that to the channel.08:58
example92when i lsusb on terminal, there isnt the device08:58
meiyuepingis ok08:59
Dr_Willisexample92:  Plug it in, wait a moment or 2 and check 'dmesg' output08:59
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
=== Logan_ is now known as pesterer
Dr_Williseto:  i dont even rember the original issue now. :)08:59
meiyuepingwhere you are?08:59
=== pesterer is now known as Logan_
etoDr_Willis: i want to add kernel parameter to my kernel, can i just copy menu entry from grup.cfg add my params and add it to 40_custom?09:00
Dr_Williseto:  you can do that much easier way - just edit the /etc/default/grub file and add the option to the proper line.. and rerun 'sudo update-grub'09:00
Dr_WillisI mentioned this earlier. :)09:00
Dr_Williseto:  if you want a totally ciontrolled kernel entry. Yes. You can cut/paste from grub.cfg to the custome file. Ive done that for windows and other os's09:01
etoDr_Willis: w8 please as  i am going to the ubuntu box to checkt hat file09:01
ebaheto, paste this into /boot/grub/40_custom, add in your perams and then run update-grub. http://pastebin.com/3K6iErae <----make sure your grab the raw09:01
Dr_Williseto:  you want the custome entry for ALL kernels? or just 1?09:01
etoDr_Willis: for the first one09:02
etomain one used for normal system operation09:02
Dr_Williseto:  if just ONE kernel.. then make a custome entry in the file. that wont be the 'first' one. unless you reorder the file #'s it will be the last entry in the menu.09:02
* Abhijit gave up on rsnapshot now using grsynk09:02
Dr_Williswhats the point of a entry for one kernel anyway?09:02
PethineHello all im trying to install XBMC on my mac 10.10 mac mini ppc. But I have issues and can not get through the install. Seems like packages are off line, says Faild to fetch (each package name) then gives ip of update server. Also says Some index files failed to download, they are ignored, or old ones have been used.09:03
etoDr_Willis: on the ubuntu grub wikipage was written if i'll call it 01)custom.. it will be first one09:03
etoebah: thanks for grat example09:03
PethineThe instructions say to enable multiveres repository, I looked and the box is checked. What am I dong wrong09:03
etoebah: i guess i need to change uuids to my install09:03
etoDr_Willis: i want to boot with journal=data but that reqires kernel parameter09:04
Dr_Williseto:  yes.. if you reorder the file #'s .. thats correct..09:04
Dr_Williseto:  and you dont want thast optiopn for all kernels?09:04
etoDr_Willis: should i? maybe i should just modify 40_cust.. and then add it to all kernels if all works?09:05
Dr_Williseto:  it would take all of like 20 sec to get it into /etc/default/grub, rerun update-grub and have it set for all kernels...09:05
Dr_WillisI have to wonder why you are wanting this option and how you learned about it.  Whats the level of your ubuntu/linux 'skills' ?09:06
etoDr_Willis: i have it on arch , with no problems more over it "fixed" problems i was having on ext3 with data corruption on power loss, together with write cache disabled for hdd09:07
etoDr_Willis: on the ubuntu box i just want to have maximum data protection in case of system crash, speed comes scond, is my reasosning right?09:08
Dr_Williseto:  ive not realy heard of that option being needed. but if you want it for all kernels. add it to the proper line in /etc/default/grub and refun 'sudo update-grub'09:08
antaresXBonjour à tous. Quelqu'un peut m'indiquer un canal pour discuter hardware merci09:09
etoDr_Willis: i've already bonked and fixed fstab and kernel on several linux distro so i feel much more confident09:09
Dr_WillisPethine:  a mac mini is a PPC machine?  or was that a typo?09:09
etoDr_Willis: if i just add journal=data to fstab system fails09:09
etoas according to docs i found journal semantics cannot be changed for already mounted fs. even in ro mode09:09
etoas / is mounted with data ordered by default, changing it later in fstab won't work, so it must be passed as kernel param before boot,09:10
etothat is why i am doing it, at least that is what docs say09:10
trijntjeHi all, how can I check an ubuntu cd for defects? There used to be an option to do this on the live cd but its gone in maverick09:10
Dr_Williseto:  what docs?09:11
Dr_Willistrijntje:  i think you hit the space key when the little man shows up and that gives you an extended menu.09:11
Evanescencehow to use ncmpc to play local music ?09:11
Dr_Willisor just check the md5 of the iso/dvd file.09:11
nit-wittrijntje, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM09:11
Pethineany takes to the above question or am I just crazy for installing 10.10 on a ppc?09:12
etoDr_Willis: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Ext3#Enable_Full_Journaling09:12
Dr_WillisPethine:  well.. I never noticed a MacMini Being a PPC.. and PPC is lacking a LOT of features  these days for Uubntu and Linux..09:12
etoDr_Willis: root requires this treatment same was mentioned on fedore forums somwhere regarding ext4 but right now i can't find the link09:13
Dr_WillisPethine:  it can work  i imagine. but you wont have stuff like flash. and other  things you m ay want.09:13
MyWayhello, after the upgrade to java 1.6.0 u24 all java applications starts very slow! they takes 10 minutes.. I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 x64, anybody know the reason?09:13
chinnahi to all, how to get matlab 7.0 for ubuntu ?09:13
MyWay(java applets in the browser have the same problem)09:14
Pethinesure fisrt mac minis were ppcs. I really dont understand the issue itself. I figured this was just a package problem.09:14
Dr_WillisI thought the mac minis came out after the switch to intel cpus.  that was a long time ago. :)09:14
Pethinehavent eve tried to install flash09:14
Pethineno lemme send you a link09:14
Dr_WillisPethine:  xbmc also has some picky requirements on its video needs.09:15
=== Logan_ is now known as Logan{sleep}
Dr_WillisPethine:  and xbmc right now is updateing some stuff. so its possible some of its servers are down.09:15
Pethinethe errors I am getting are from the archives of ubuntu09:16
etoDr_Willis: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/15852 <- also there and here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1394315 in man mount excerpt09:16
=== Inumedia__ is now known as Inumedia
chinnahi to all, how can i get matlab for ubuntu 10.10?09:17
StepNjumpGuys, I am using claw mail and I am trying to move the folder where all the mail resides. How can I tell the software that my mail is now located elsewhere?09:18
Dr_Williseto:  i must be overlooking somthing. I dont see in either of those url's where it mentions a kernel option needed. just editing of the fstab.09:18
Dr_Williseto:  with the updates to ext4. im not even sure its really needed these days either.09:19
PethineDoc, can post the text Im seeing in the error.09:20
PethineI read a read today that some one had installed it and had it working.09:20
PethineIf possible (and I know you are a busy man) can you explain to me whats going on so I better understand.09:21
Dr_Willisif some archive servers are not working. You could weich servers.09:21
Dr_Willisthere may be some down due to the problems in the pacific.09:21
Pethinewow far reaching isent it.09:22
Pethinehow do I try switching servers09:22
Dr_Willisyou edit your /etc/apt/sources.list but ive rarely needed to ever change. :) middle of the USA here.09:22
PethineOk I opened that with nano09:23
CherishWhat ' s the difference between added INIT=/sbin/init at kernel boot command line or not?09:23
Dr_Willisback it up first Pethine  :) always s good idea.09:23
Dr_Willis init is noprmally the first process started by the kernel i think..09:24
Dr_Willisso init=/sbin/init is the same as the default i would belive.09:24
Pethinewill do09:24
Dr_WillisI seem to have a few servers down or slow to respond also Pethine09:24
Pethinewhat server should I add, what line, and any commands in front?09:24
flexyupgraded 10.04 to 10.10, now my laptop stays nearly every boot at cpu freq governor performance. IE, /etc/init.d/ondemand seems not to get processed. But it has rights to run, there is symlink in /etc/rc2.d/ to it. I don't get why it fails to run.09:25
Dr_Williswhat ones are giving you the issue Pethine ? theres country codes that can be used to point to specific servers09:25
CherishIt is different。。。。09:25
StepNjumpGuys, I am using claw mail and I am trying to move the folder where all the mail resides. How can I tell the software that my mail is now located elsewhere?09:25
Dr_Willisfor example in the us  I have a -->    http://us.archive.ubuntu.com maverick-proposed/restricted     see the 'us.'09:25
CherishBut I can't find the difference.09:26
StepNjumpIs there a file where I could change the target?09:26
Pethine / 8009:26
etoDr_Willis: search for rootflags word in those links09:26
Pethineindeed flash will not work.09:26
Dr_WillisPethine:  if you like xbmc - you may want to go check out Boxee also. its like xbmc taken a differnt direction09:26
Pethineok I will check that out09:27
CherishAnyone know how upstart work?09:27
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/09:27
Dr_WillisCherish:  services ran from /etc/init/   basically.  Not really seen any good 'beginner' docs on upstart yet.09:28
Pethinewould like to se xbmc working at some point first heh09:28
CherishIt's not clear09:28
Dr_WillisPethine:  with boxee i just downlaoded the deb and did a 'sudo gdebi boxee.deb' and got it gong here.  of course xbmc was just a 'sudo apt-get install xbmc' also once i setup the boxee ppa.09:28
=== md is now known as Guest1259
CherishDr_Willis: after grub load kernel, kernel called init,init called upstart?09:29
Guest1259кто поможет?09:29
shentino!ru | Guest125909:30
ubottuGuest1259: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:30
Dr_Willisupstart is the service handler.. so yes. init eventually calls upstart.09:31
Jordan_UCherish: Dr_Willis: /sbin/init *is* upstart.09:31
CherishIf I added INIT=/sbin/init at kernel boot command line, it could boot smooth, IF not ,I will get an error, and should manual goto tty2 to login.09:32
CherishSo I don't think they are same.09:33
Dr_WillisCherish:  why are you even doing all this?09:33
CherishDr_Willis: I can't boot my system smooth, I find how to fix it ,but I don't know why.09:35
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=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest57378
MyWayhello, after the upgrade to java 1.6.0 u24 all java applications starts very slow! they takes 10 minutes.. I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 x64, anybody know the reason?09:37
=== Guest57896 is now known as pankaj_sharma
bentech4youhow to authenticate through MS ISA server..?09:37
Diverdudewow, some updates were installed on my computer(i dont know which one) and after restart the skins looks really awesome in ubuntu. I woner what update was that09:38
Dr_WillisCherish:  clarify what you mean by smooth.09:38
bentech4youhow to authenticate through MS ISA server..?09:39
Diverdudelike icons, colors and shapes are perfectly matched in a harmony of perfection09:39
mehdihow can i get my wlan(wireless) info?09:39
cosmois flash working correctly in 10.10 64 bit or is there something special I need to do?09:40
MyWayit's working, cosmo09:40
CherishDr_Willis: If I don't add INIT=/sbin/init at kernel boot command line, I will take an error, and can't see the login interactively.I should use ctrl+alt+F2 to go to tty2 to login.09:40
pankaj_sharmahow to mount windows partition in linux( 1) i have already mounted windows drive x  into windows directory y..and in windows dirve y.. i have installed vmaware(ubuntu 10.0).. now when i type fdisk -l it just shows linux partition only.. no windows partition.. plz help?)09:40
bentech4youhow to authenticate through MS ISA server..?09:41
etoDr_Willis: ebah: thanks guys! with your help i made my ext4 journalled09:41
bentech4youhow to authenticate through MS ISA server..?..please help me09:41
Dr_Willisbentech4you:  i doubt if many in here even know what a MS ISA server is...09:41
ebahisn't ext4 already journalled by default?09:41
Dr_Willisebah:  yea,. thats what i was thinking...09:41
Dr_WillisIm still not sure what eto is gaining..09:42
pankaj_sharmahow to mount windows partition in linux( 1) i have already mounted windows drive x  into windows directory y..and in windows dirve y.. i have installed vmaware(ubuntu 10.0).. now when i type fdisk -l it just shows linux partition only.. no windows partition.. plz help?)09:42
pankaj_sharmahow to mount windows partition in linux( 1) i have already mounted windows drive x  into windows directory y..and in windows dirve y.. i have installed vmaware(ubuntu 10.0).. now when i type fdisk -l it just shows linux partition only.. no windows partition.. plz help?)09:42
FloodBot3pankaj_sharma: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:42
pankaj_sharmahow to mount windows partition in linux( 1) i have already mounted windows drive x  into windows directory y..and in windows dirve y.. i have installed vmaware(ubuntu 10.0).. now when i type fdisk -l it just shows linux partition only.. no windows partition.. plz help?)09:42
etoebah: Dr_Willis: sorry i forgot to add with option journal=data, one more thing, i would like to make sure hdd has write cache09:42
Dr_Willispankaj_sharma:  thats one way to not get help...09:42
bentech4youproxy authentication  through microsoft ISA server09:42
bentech4youproxy authentication  through microsoft ISA server09:42
pankaj_sharmaDr_Willis: plz tell09:42
Dr_Willis!ntfs | pankaj_sharma09:42
ubottupankaj_sharma: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE09:42
oCean!guidelines > pankaj_sharma09:42
ubottupankaj_sharma, please see my private message09:42
Dr_Willispankaj_sharma:  then you can share the drive with vbox using the guest addations.09:43
etoin arch i add hdparm to hook system before udev even starts settling up devices09:43
etois something like that possible on ubuntu 10.10?09:43
bentech4youhow to proxy authentication  through microsoft ISA server..?..please help me09:43
Dr_Willisbut i onl use virtoalbox. not vmware. but vmware has similer features09:43
Dr_Williseto:  and what do you gain by that?   and how do you know its not allready doing it?09:43
etoDr_Willis: new hdds don't do it unless told to, looks good in magazines benchmarks, i want write cache enabled09:44
etosorry caps09:44
bentech4youhow to proxy authentication  through microsoft ISA server..?..please help me09:44
FloodBot3eto: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:44
DNDhi guys09:45
Dr_Williseto:  amazing how ive rarely heard  of it being an issue.. In fact this is the first time.09:45
Dr_Williseto:  check teh forums perhaps.09:45
DNDany program that can save ssh session like in putty?09:45
etoDr_Willis: maybe beacuse it never happened to you?09:45
Dr_WillisDND:  you mean log a session?09:45
etotry disabling write cache with hdparm and watch write prformance go down09:45
plouffeis there a MSN client for Ubuntu supporting voice chat?09:45
Dr_Willisive not needed to mess with hdparm in years.09:45
etothe hdd performance is alie09:45
DNDDr_Willis, in putty i type the ip then there is a save option09:46
DNDso i will not forget it :D09:46
etowith writecache enabled i got detroyed ufs on freebsd bcause of softupdates not being commited to disk correctly09:46
Dr_WillisDND:  theres ssh front ends if thats what you want.09:46
Shadownecroscan anyone tell me a good site / book to learn linux, ubuntu more specifically?09:46
Dr_WillisDND:  or make an alias. or try that putty client for linux09:46
Dr_Willis!info putty09:46
ubottuputty (source: putty): Telnet/SSH client for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.60+2010-02-20-1 (maverick), package size 302 kB, installed size 748 kB09:46
etosome hdds outrught lie to sync and friends, that is what i learned, o to be ons afe side i always disable write cache09:46
plouffeis there a MSN client for Ubuntu supporting voice chat?09:47
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete09:47
armydaleks!info amsn09:47
Dr_Willispidgin is the main IM client i belive.. try it and see plouffe ?09:47
ubottuamsn (source: amsn): An MSN messenger written in Tcl. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.98.3-2ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 410 kB, installed size 1256 kB09:48
plouffePidgin has no voice chat09:48
oCeanShadownecros: nice start for ubuntu: http://www.ubuntupocketguide.com/index_main.html (there's a free download)09:48
plouffeI have Pidgin09:48
=== mirco_ is now known as mirco
ShadownecrosoCean: ty :) oh adn i finally got ubuntu on my computer after a long battle with it09:48
Dr_WillisI dont use IM clients much. and i definatly dont bother with voice chat in them. :) you may want to check teh forums.09:48
bentech4youhow to proxy authentication  through microsoft ISA server..?..please help me09:48
Dr_Willisbentech4you:  you have checked the forums?09:49
voozegoogle found meebo in 2 secs.. also google first..09:49
Dr_Willismeebo.com is handy09:49
bentech4youeveryone is saying ntlm..but that's not working for me09:49
Pethinewow 10.10 on PPC is not a good idea. Nothing works not even aircrack-ng09:49
PethineI had no idea09:50
Pethinenow I do09:50
Dr_Willisbentech4you:  so your actual question is how to get 'ntlm working to allow proxy ....'09:50
Dr_WillisPethine:  :) now ya know why my old PPC is a doorstop basically09:50
Shadownecrosanyone on i can talk to about a technical issue?09:50
oCeanShadownecros: good to hear! Try the book, then learn in this channel how to solve your issues :)09:50
bentech4youyes ntlm or any other techs09:50
Dr_WillisPethine:  I cant even get the display to show proplery on mine. its offset to the left like 1/2 an inch.09:50
ShadownecrosoCean: i had to buy a new graphics card to get it to work properly lol09:50
PethineI shall reinstall the osx and give to small child I hate.09:51
PethineThank you for your time09:51
oCeanShadownecros: I forgot, there's also this one: http://ubuntu-manual.org/downloads09:51
jiltdilw to open pdf file via termainl/09:51
Dr_WillisPethine:  thats what i did.09:51
jiltdilhow to open pdf file via termainl?09:51
Dr_WillisOs_X at least makes itinto a useable ssh terminal. :)09:51
almoxarifehow do I send data from a tcp:ip:port to a /dev/tty/?????09:51
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  programname foo.pdf09:51
Pethineheh, yeh hours of frustration over here already, first night09:51
Pethineok sleep time it 5:52 am!09:52
ShadownecrosoCean: ty again :)09:52
Pethinetahnks again09:52
Dr_Willisor is it 4:52? or 6:52? times change here today...09:52
ebahshit, 5:52 eastern?09:52
Pethine-5 est09:52
Pethineny ny09:52
ebahg2g peace09:52
StepNjumpGuys, I am using claw mail and I am trying to move the folder where all the mail resides. How can I tell the software that my mail is now located elsewhere? Is there a file where I could change the target?Is there a file where I could change the target? Maybe there is a configuration file somewhere?09:52
Shadownecrosbentech4you: how do i know who the techs are?09:53
Dr_WillisStepNjump:  proberly a config file somewhere.. You did check its docs?09:53
jiltdilDr_Wills; suppose i want to open 1.pdf via termainl then i have to write  1.pdf foo.pdf09:53
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  theres several tools taht can open pdfs'09:53
Dr_Willisacroread foo.pdf09:53
bentech4youi don't know..but i am stucked with that only09:53
Dr_Willisthen theres others besides acroread.09:54
jiltdilok thanx09:54
ubottupdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/okular/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)09:54
oCeanShadownecros: no need to talk to someone in particular. You can just write your issue in the channel (try to keep it single line, detailed) Then sit back & wait for answers09:54
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  same logic as a text editor or anything else ''   programname   filetoload'09:54
almoxarifeis 'echo' capable of sending data from a ip to a serial port?09:54
Dr_Willisalmoxarife:  if you figure out how to redirect it.. it could... but i dont think thats a good job for echo09:55
Dr_Willisalmoxarife:  perhaps netcat09:55
ShadownecrosoCean: my issue was a little more complicated then 1 line though, adn ended up with me buying a new gcard09:55
oCeanShadownecros: my response was to your question 'how do i know who the techs are?' - you need not to worry about that here. Just talk the the channel.09:56
ShadownecrosoCean: ahh kk i understand now thanks :) i fixed the issue, just took awhile lol09:56
ShadownecrosoCean: tyvm for all your help, i think i hyave some reading to do :) hopefully i wont need help after, but hey if i do i know this is the place to come back09:59
Davidovhi to all09:59
Davidovsorry for silly question, but where I can find a list of printer drivers compatible with ubuntu ?10:00
soreau! printer | Davidov10:00
ubottuDavidov: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows10:00
Davidovubottu--> tnx I'll check :). I'm looking for canon selphy .....10:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:01
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Magiziancheck out my new front door.. hunterslist.hopto.org10:03
Davidovubottu--> dear BOT .... some of you are more intelligent than most human people :)10:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:03
Magiziansudu get me a girlfriend.10:05
lotuspsychjemagizian maybe try #ubuntu-women10:05
Magizian.. that a real channel10:05
MagizianI like hot nerds.10:05
lotuspsychjeitcame on my phosphor rss magizian10:06
lotuspsychjenot sure if its the correct chan name10:06
phoenixsamprasbug bug bug!!10:07
scarleoHi, NFS entries in /etc/fstab are only mounted automatically on first login. How can I automount them also when switching user?10:07
phoenixsampraswhy my numpad stopped to work?? it doesnt respond anymore?? bug?? help??10:07
Dr_Willisscarleo:  i would think if the fstab entry was correct. it wouldmount at Boot time. Not login.10:07
Dr_Willisusers normally dont mount nfs entries from what ive seen.10:08
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.10:08
scarleoDr_Willis: Yes, you are right. But that makes the entries only work on first login, not when I switch user10:08
Dr_Willisscarleo:  mine work at boot time.. befor anyone even logs in..10:08
Dr_Willisand a user logging out should not be unmounting those.10:08
Dr_Willisscarleo:  double check your fstab entries perhaps for starters10:09
lotuspsychjedr_willis u know any app for autofill webforms?10:10
genewitchwhat package is the default x server in? it's for an X server for forwarding elsewhere, so i don't need gnome and whatnot.10:10
scarleoDr_Willis: Ok, this is my fstab: http://pastebin.com/QYAbkW2T Do you see anything wrong with it?10:11
pabloz1974join #ubuntu10:11
MyWayhello, after the upgrade to java 1.6.0 u24 all java applications starts very slow! they takes 10 minutes.. I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 x64, anybody knows the reason?10:11
soreau!info xserver-xorg-core | genewitch10:11
ubottugenewitch: xserver-xorg-core (source: xorg-server): Xorg X server - core server. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.9.0-0ubuntu7.3 (maverick), package size 1512 kB, installed size 3712 kB10:11
genewitchthanks a billion10:11
pabloz1974join #c++10:12
Jordan_Ugenewitch: xserver-xorg10:12
armydaleksMyWay: ask in #java10:12
MyWayok armydaleks, thank you10:12
Dr_Willisscarleo:  well the only option you have is auto,users... so Im guessign the 'users' option is what you are not needing..10:12
scarleoDr_Willis: This setup does no mount when switching user, if I do sudo mount -a it mounts just fine but won't automount10:13
Dr_Willisscarleo:  that would seem to be allowing users to mount/unmount the nfs share.. is that even needed?10:13
scarleoDr_Willis: I thought so but I'll try without10:13
Dr_Willisscarleo:  EXACTLY what the users option is supposed to do...10:13
Magizianthe women of ubuntu are sleeping.10:13
Dr_Williswhy do you even need users to be able to do this?10:13
scarleoDr_Willis: Let users mount the nfs share, otherwise root is needed10:13
icerootthe normal crypt-method on the ubuntu installer is crypting /home or crypting /home/username? i guess its crypting the partition not the user-folder10:14
Dr_Willisscarleo:  at boot time . it would be mounted anyway10:14
Dr_Willismine were at least. :)10:14
Magiziandarn.. #unix-hotties was empty.10:14
scarleoDr_Willis: Ok, might be dependant on how the NFS is shared, but I'll try without 'users'10:14
Magizian#bsd-babes too..10:15
phoenixsampraswhy my numpad stopped to work?? it doesnt respond anymore?? bug?? help??10:15
* 64MAAD2A0 hello10:15
64MAAD2A0nick pbloz10:15
icerootphoenixsampras: can you enable it by the numlock key?10:15
=== 64MAAD2A0 is now known as pabloz
phoenixsamprasiceroot: nope, tried all night10:16
Magizianiceroot.. that's classic.10:16
Dr_Willisscarleo:  read up at -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo10:16
MagizianI wish I could frame that one.10:16
icerootphoenixsampras: hm sorry, dont know then10:16
icerootMagizian: you have a support-question?10:16
Magizianyeah, whacha think of my front door?10:17
oCeanMagizian: just stop10:17
icerootMagizian: stop it please10:17
soreauphoenixsampras: It might be set to control your mouse. Check sys>prefs>keyboard>Mouse Keys tab10:17
Magizianyer room sux.10:17
soreauit's sucking less, now.. ;)10:18
phoenixsamprassoreau: okis10:18
r4yI can't get recordmydesktop to work10:19
r4yimproper window specification error 281610:19
=== pabloz is now known as Pablo74
jwtiyaroiam using APTonCD package to backup my all programs but its select some not all , how to add all?10:19
soreaur41: which graphics card?10:20
Dr_Willisjwtiyar:  it probely is only adding the ones that are in your apt cache. if you installed somthing and its .deb is not in the cache any more. it would hae to redownload it.10:20
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline10:20
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD10:20
r4yNVIDIA 7100GS10:21
soreaur4y: It could be a driver issue. Did you install the proprietary driver?10:21
r4yI have the graphics driver installed as well, yes10:21
lazyPowerI'm looking for a decent jslint interpreter, could someone recommend me a decent solution?10:22
lazyPowerI was a long time user of spidermonkey in the ubuntu 8.x days i see its been dropped from the repositories as of late10:22
=== chris_ is now known as Guest55307
r4ySo then should I go to System, preferences, appearance, visual affects and choose none on the top of the list?10:23
r4yFor when I want to record with recordmydesktop10:24
scarleoDr_Willis: Thanks, I've read that page. Tried now with no 'users' option but still same problem. First time I login Fileserver is mounted but if I log out and then back in it's not mounted anymore10:24
soreaur4y: Does it work that way?10:24
r4yI don't know10:24
bc81hi.  how can i get swf playback in chrome to work?  it works fine in chromium10:24
r4yI can try and come back10:25
r4yI would think I would have to log out or restart but I am unsure10:25
Dr_Willisscarleo:   that autofs tool mounts them on first access. perhaps that would suite your needs.10:25
soreaur4y: Try rmd-gtk10:25
Dr_Willisscarleo:  i just set mine up in fstab and have a /media/NFS/othermachines   mountpoint i used to use.10:26
r4yOK, I wiil10:26
soreau!info gtk-recordmydesktop | r4y10:27
ubottur4y: gtk-recordmydesktop (source: gtk-recordmydesktop): Graphical frontend for recordmydesktop screencast tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.8-3ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 119 kB, installed size 888 kB10:27
jwtiyarubottu, i dont know what this link do?10:27
r4ycommand not found10:27
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:27
phoenixsamprashow to disable my firewall?10:27
phoenixsamprasby command line10:27
Dr_Willis!firewall | phoenixsampras10:27
ubottuphoenixsampras: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.10:27
Dr_Willisufw command phoenixsampras  is one way10:27
jwtiyarwhere is the .deb package that i dwinloaded ?10:27
Dr_Willisjwtiyar:  whever your browser is set to download it to.10:27
p_resphoenixsampras: man ufw10:27
soreauphoenixsampras: You want iptables10:27
AcePreshawMy nm-applet had stoped working10:28
Dr_Willisjwtiyar:  unless you mean the one apt downlaoded.. then its in /var/cache/apt/10:28
AcePreshawI'm on 10.0410:28
scarleoDr_Willis: Well that is yet another daemon running but sure, I'll give it a try.10:28
r4yI am running 10.0410:28
r4yha ha, funny10:28
soreauphoenixsampras: iptables -F10:28
Dr_Willisscarleo:  i have never had users unmonting nfs shares. so you may want to double check that guide.10:29
jwtiyarDr_Willis, no i mean that i installed from ubuntu center or those that i installed manually?10:29
Dr_Willisscarleo:  you can even set up /home/ to be a nfs share.  so users having controll is defainatly not needed :)10:29
Dr_Willisjwtiyar:  deb archvies are kept in /var/cache/apt/ untill they get cleaned out.10:29
jwtiyarDr_Willis, its those package that i downloade from terminal10:30
phoenixsampraswhy hibernation doesnt work??10:31
soreau! work | phoenixsampras10:31
ubottuphoenixsampras: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.10:31
soreau!info gtk-recordmydesktop | r4y10:31
ubottur4y: gtk-recordmydesktop (source: gtk-recordmydesktop): Graphical frontend for recordmydesktop screencast tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.8-3ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 119 kB, installed size 888 kB10:31
soreaur4y: sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop10:31
phoenixsamprassoreau: like, when i turn on the pc again, my pc is freshly rebooted, the old desktop is gone10:32
genewitch!info chrome10:32
ubottuPackage chrome does not exist in maverick10:32
Dr_Willisphoenixsampras:  could be your swap paritin is not big enough.. could be the pcs bios is not totally supported.10:32
Dr_Willisgenewitch:  theres a chromium-browser package10:32
Dr_Willisgenewitch:  and google has its own chrome repos10:32
r4yit was already installed. I am totally cool and what you to know that. I can be chile10:33
phoenixsamprasDr_Willis: any workaround for that? or my laptop became an antique pseudo pc without mobility ?10:34
soreaur4y: Now run it: gtk-recordmydesktop10:34
r4ycommand not found10:35
r4ywhat the heck, I can open recordmydesktop from the menu though10:35
r4yI am checking out alacarte for a sec10:35
r4yand it has: gtk-recordMyDesktop10:36
soreaur4y: gtk-recordMyDesktop10:36
=== Guest57378 is now known as DarkDevil
r4ycase sensitive then10:36
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest22692
r4yOK, it opened10:37
r4yWhat should I try to record for now?10:39
AcePreshawMy network has gone I'm on 10.04 LTSu10:39
soreaur4y: your desktop10:39
AcePreshawI have killed it10:39
soreauAcePreshaw: What do you mean?10:39
r4ysame thing as before10:39
AcePreshawI can't get online10:39
soreaur4y: Adjust the settings to fix it10:40
Dr_Willisphoenixsampras:  i never use hibernate/suspend - too many hassles even under windows.10:40
soreauAcePreshaw: How are you connecting?10:40
AcePreshawsoreau: Wifi10:40
soreauphoenixsampras: yea I dont use it either10:40
soreauAcePreshaw: Do you have networkmanager and nm-applet running?10:40
phoenixsamprasDr_Willis: it works perfectly under windows10:40
AcePreshawHold on10:41
r4ywait should I pastebin the terminal then?10:41
phoenixsamprasDr_Willis: soreau so are you saying guys, that you turn off your laptops and walk away, then you turn it on again, like in the Old Times and restart all your apps, again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again ............  ???? !!!10:41
soreauAcePreshaw: service networkmanager status && ps ax|grep nm-applet10:41
Dr_Willisphoenixsampras:  mine is eithr on for 8+ hrs at a time.. or takes like 10 sec to boot...10:42
soreauphoenixsampras: No, Im saying I dont own a laptop ;)10:42
Dr_WillisIve had way to many programs and hard ware issues in linux AND in windows - to trust the feature with  real work.10:42
llutzphoenixsampras: /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume  has to contain your swaps UUID10:42
phoenixsamprasDr_Willis: but thats heretic... i have 2 monitors at home, and 3 at work... its so annoying to reconfig them all the time and open 50 apps10:42
r4yI am looking at the settings, but there is also a file that  believe is the config file for recordmydesktop under the home directory10:43
Dr_Willisopen 50 apps? i think youneed to reconsider your 'work flow'10:43
Dr_Willissounds like youmay be neeidng more swap...10:43
AcePreshawYea it rub10:43
r4yI am using the resolution 1024x76810:43
Dr_Willistry 2x ram + some more to also.. perhaps.10:43
AcePreshawRuning the apps10:43
WipsterHi all, a friend has powerline networking but cant make it detect the network in linux. The adapter is working fine if ethernet is connected straight to the router, and the powerline is working fine if windows is used but linux doesn't like it. Any ideas?10:44
AcePreshawsoreau: is runing10:44
soreauAcePreshaw: Whats running?10:45
mintuxthe flash plugin doesn't have sound in my firefox . what's wrong ?10:45
AcePreshawThe network applets10:45
Dr_WillisWipster:  it maybe the adaptor needs special drivers in linux. does ifconfig even show a network card? does dmesg even mention it..10:45
zs1otbwhere do I set gnome file browser to automatically play mp3 upon mouseover10:45
soreauAcePreshaw: Do you see the network icon and the wifi aps in the list?10:45
r4yWhat can display be changed to?, I tried reading the online instructions but didn't make sense to me at all10:46
Dr_Williszs1otb:  i think theres an extra package you install, then thats under the preview settings in the gnome file manager10:46
r4ycan it be 1024x76810:46
soreaur4y: What error does it give?10:46
zs1otbmy machine does it bu my wifes machine not so I wondered where to look, I'll have a look to see which package10:46
WipsterDr_Willis, from what he has told me its ethernet from the linux computer into the powerline device so its juat acting as a physical layer. The ethernet on the ubuntu machine works if connected directly.10:46
zs1otbyou don't prhaps know which package10:46
phoenixsamprasoh well, its a pitty to know that Ubuntu Doesnt support officially hibernation as marketed :(10:47
r4yThis is from the error log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/579681/10:47
r4yhold up10:47
soreauphoenixsampras: Its a finicky feature. Some machines are better at it, other machines, no code can fix it10:47
Dr_WillisWipster:  i 2would check the forums for that exact device.    Ive never touched one. :) they seem a neat idea. but ive heard they can have big issues10:48
Dr_WillisWipster:  plug it in. check dmesg, check ifconfig, try pinging the router..  wouldbe the first steps.10:48
r4yimproper window specification which is exit status 281610:48
brontosaurusrexWipster, Dr_Willis it works here, but i have : router > adapter > switch > machine1, machine210:48
WipsterDr_Willis, yeh same I had wondered if the stack was more prone to errors of timeouts in linux and the rate control is backing off more then in windows10:49
Dr_Willisphoenixsampras:  often its the bios makers that have their own flakey buggy hibernate issues.10:49
soreaur4y: My guess is youre passing some wrong arg10:49
Dr_Willisphoenixsampras:  or you need more swappartion size.10:49
r4yplease take your time and answer other people's questions which are more important, I really have a lot of time, I am not kidding10:49
phoenixsamprasDr_Willis: i have 12 gb Ram10:50
Dr_Willisphoenixsampras:  and your swap size is ?10:50
phoenixsamprasDr_Willis: like 8gb10:50
Dr_Willisphoenixsampras:  that may be the issue...10:50
brontosaurusrexWipster, Dr_Willis actualy: router > adpater1 > adapter2 > switch > machines10:51
Dr_WillisI would make a swap partion of at least 12gb and perhaps bigger..  like 16+GB  and see if it works.10:51
r4yThis is what I believe to be the config file for recordmydesktop http://paste.ubuntu.com/579695/10:51
jwtiyarDr_Willis, if i do apt-get remove packagename the apt-get install packagename it will save in var/cache/apt?10:51
Dr_Willisjwtiyar:  if it redownloads it.. it caches it there.. yes10:52
Dr_Willisjwtiyar:  apt-get has a option to just download...10:52
lotuspsychjer4y: did you try xvidcap screencapture yet?10:52
Wipsterbrontosaurusrex, thanks perhaps the powerline in his case is not sending a link up or negotiated and the switch is sorting you out in that regard10:52
Dr_Willisno need to remove/reinstall10:52
r4ywhat's that?10:52
r4yO, it's a different program10:52
lotuspsychjer4y: nice desktop recorder10:52
rmarvel1hey everybody10:53
r4yI will try that10:53
soreaur4y: tried disabling jack?10:53
jwtiyarDr_Willis, thanks i will do it10:53
phoenixsamprasSo Ubuntu doesnt work properly on modern computers :(10:53
lotuspsychjehow can a user password protect a folder so that root can't access it?10:53
MeanEYEgood day to you all10:54
Syberialotuspsychje encrypt10:54
Dr_Willisphoenixsampras:  you want to try to fix it? or just rant and complain?10:54
lotuspsychjegot a good package syberia?10:54
llutzphoenixsampras: it does, if the admin configures it correct10:54
jwtiyarDr_Willis, its not saved in var/cache/apt  i want to save it there10:54
=== mike is now known as Guest92090
Dr_WillisIm pretty sure  that for hibernate/suspend to work the swap partition needs to be at least the size of ram.10:54
phoenixsamprashow to fix it? been asking this by weeks10:54
Dr_Willisjwtiyar:  look again. If the package was downloaded.. its put there.10:54
llutzphoenixsampras: answers have been given to you10:54
Dr_Willisphoenixsampras:  and your ram is 12gb.. and yoru swap is 8gb.. thats proberly the main issue.10:55
Nimrudcreating a php.ini for uploading more than 2mb is easy?10:55
MeanEYENimrud: yes...10:55
liquid_legsum grapes10:55
Dr_Williswhen it hibernates it has to save the ram to somewhere...10:55
soreaur4y: Seems like a driver issue perhaps10:55
phoenixsamprasi'm just trying in another laptop with 6gb ram, and having the same problem....10:55
jwtiyarDr_Willis, i downloaded it from ubuntu center but its not in vat/cache/apt ?10:56
Nimrudand i need to chmod it?10:56
llutzphoenixsampras: /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume  has to contain your swaps UUID. does it?10:56
Dr_Willisjwtiyar:  or you are not looking for the right file name.10:56
Nimrudi created one and still i cant upload attachment larger then 2mb10:56
r4yHmm, well I should try a few things, thank you for the input10:56
Dr_Willisphoenixsampras:  and the swap partion on that one is what size?10:56
phoenixsamprasllutz: let me see, its starting now10:56
phoenixsamprasDr_Willis: 8gb10:56
newhi dudes, i am looking for a shorcut, like in windows it is [windows key+ left arrow|right arrow], that pushes windows to left or right10:56
liquid_legsdoes anyone know of a good download manager that actually works10:56
Dr_Willisit may need to be more. It depends on whats in use.10:56
newdo you know is it possible in ubuntu10:57
MeanEYENimrud: you don't need to create one, but edit existing one... in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini :)10:57
MeanEYENimrud: and yes, you need to be root to edit that file10:57
jwtiyarDr_Willis, i dont understand10:57
lotuspsychjeSyberia: tnx for the hint, ill try some encrypting packages10:57
NimrudThank you!10:57
Dr_Willisnew:  theres compiz tools/settings  that let you do that.10:57
liquid_legsdoes anyone know of a good download manager that actually works10:57
Dr_Willisliquid_legs: wget works...10:57
Nimrudso much, i thought it was inside my phpbb forum ... silly me10:57
MeanEYENimrud: no problem... bare in mind that php5-cli has different ini10:57
jwtiyarDr_Willis, i have too many application but aptoncd only sync those apps thats in cahce/apt folder10:57
newhow to reach there10:57
liquid_legsdoes anyone know of a good download manager that actually works and if it failes it pauses the download10:57
MeanEYE!cn | XXUN10:57
ubottuXXUN: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk10:57
Dr_Willisjwtiyar:  what package are you looking for?10:57
jwtiyarDr_Willis, eclipse , unkscape , ..etc10:58
phoenixsamprasllutz: RESUME=UUID=30302d1b-8adf-4546-8434-4d2a93fcaa2310:58
XXUNhello everyone10:58
liquid_legshi eto10:58
MeanEYEXXUN: hi! :D10:58
etohow can i get normal keyboard switcher with flags back in ubuntu 10.10?10:58
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!10:58
jwtiyarDr_Willis, i dont want to download them again because i dont have good internet connection10:58
llutzphoenixsampras: is that UUID correct?10:58
newHow can i reach compiz settings ?10:58
etoand disable the crap used now?10:58
phoenixsamprasllutz: how to know that?10:59
llutzphoenixsampras: sudo blkid10:59
MeanEYEnew: install compiz setings config manager10:59
Dr_Willisjwtiyar:  sudo apt-get install -d inkscape10:59
newis it like sudo apt-get install compiz ?10:59
vietred@liquid_legs: try DownThemAll add-on of firefox10:59
Dr_Willisjwtiyar:  that pulled in about 8 packages that inkscape needs here..10:59
liquid_legsoh yes inkscape is awesome11:00
liquid_legsi got it just yesterday11:00
vietred@liquid_legs: jDownloader is also a good choice11:00
MeanEYEnew: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager11:00
jwtiyarDr_Willis, what this -d do?11:00
phoenixsamprasllutz: /dev/sda5: UUID="30302d1b-8adf-4546-8434-4d2a93fcaa23" TYPE="swap"11:00
phoenixsamprasllutz: yeh looks the same11:00
liquid_legsits a little weried and works completly different from himp11:00
Dr_Willisjwtiyar:  download only.. like i mentiopned earlier..11:00
MeanEYEnew: then new option will be added in System -> Preferences11:00
Dr_Willisliquid_legs:  bitmap image editor vs vector. :) has tobe differnt.11:01
jwtiyarDr_Willis, its dont want to download them againn11:01
lotuspsychjeliquid_legs: there are some good firefox manager addons out there too11:01
phoenixsamprasllutz: Dr_Willis i just found out my swap is 18gb aprox, /dev/sda5           58574       60802    17890304   82  Linux swap / Solaris11:01
Dr_Willisjwtiyar: if they are NOT in the cache it will download them. if they are.. it wont.11:01
liquid_legswhat does vector mean anyway, ive heard of it but i dont know what it means11:01
MeanEYEliquid_legs: raster graphics - images are drawn using pixels (small dots)11:02
Dr_Williswillis@Cow:/var/cache/apt/archives$ ls | grep ink11:02
liquid_legsohhhhhh ok11:02
Dr_Willisjwtiyar:  thats the pacakge it downloaded here.11:02
MeanEYEliquid_legs: vector graphics - not pixels but mathematically defined shapes11:02
MeanEYEliquid_legs: so to speak :D11:02
newi have installed compiz thanks , but i can not see any option for it Dr_Willis11:03
MeanEYEliquid_legs: difference is, vector grapichs doesn't loose quality when zoomed in11:03
Dr_WillisThe orinal 'asteroids' and a few other arcade games where 'vector' drawn. :)11:03
liquid_legsyep ok11:03
Dr_Willisnew:  theres #compiz channel, the ccsm tool has so many settings I dont know whats there any more11:03
MeanEYEDr_Willis: really? didn't know that :D11:03
jwtiyarDr_Willis, i didi this for eclipse and output was http://pastebin.com/0nAw9Xea and its not exist in cache11:03
newok , thanks11:03
lotuspsychjeis there a package channel too?11:03
MeanEYEnew: options for what? maybe I could help11:04
vietreddo you any good site that teach inkscape?11:04
liquid_legsdoes anyone know a good tutorial for inkscape on how to give text a good glossy look. because i cant really seem to find much tutorials around that really are a help11:04
newfor like, in windows it is windows+rightarrow|leftarrow11:04
newthat pushes windows to left or right of screen11:04
Dr_Willisjwtiyar:  eclipse is pullng in about 50 + packages here.11:04
liquid_legswell actually i cant find any11:05
Dr_Willis208mb of archivews.. eww.11:05
MeanEYEnew: you mean move window to a different workspace?11:05
Nimruddo i need to restart my apache ?11:05
newno in same workspace11:05
Nimrudafter edited the file ? the php.ini file?11:05
overcluckergconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string menu:minimize,maximize,close11:05
soreaunew: Does alt+f7 help?11:05
newthe current window become the half of the screen11:05
ankurhow to create my own channel on IRC?11:05
Dr_Willisnew:  compiz has the 'ccsm' tool that has plugins that can map specific actions to keys. so odds are it can do it. somehow.11:06
Dr_Willisankur:  /join #ankur11:06
soreaunew: That is grid. Install ccsm and compiz-fusion-plugins-extra, then enable Grid in ccsm>Window Management11:06
jwtiyarDr_Willis, its not in archives11:06
MeanEYEnew: ouch, never done that11:06
Tectuhey guys. How can i export some .c and .h file which i donwloaded via Firefox to my system that i can use them with make?11:06
liquid_legshas anyone tried out team veiwer lately i think its awesome11:06
MeanEYEnew: am not sure if its possible11:06
newit is piling up11:06
newinstall that install that :d11:07
soreauTectu: Those are source files. What are you trying to do ultimately?11:07
MeanEYEnew: don't worry about installing additional packages, system janitor can pick out most of those11:07
Dr_Willisnew:  learn the basics first. then worry about vustomizing later.11:07
liquid_legsits so cool just being able to remotly connect to other peoples pc over the internet11:07
soreaunew: Its very easy. sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-fusion-plugins-extra11:07
Tectusoreau, That are librarys (sourcefiles) to programm microcontrollers.11:07
newbut , i am using that options so frequently11:07
soreaunew: Then find ccsm in sys>prefs menu11:08
MeanEYEsoreau: thanks, I forgot about :/ extra plugins... keep forggeting them :/11:08
Dr_Willisnew:  differnt habbits i guess..11:08
soreauMeanEYE: ubuntu only recently stopped including -extra pack by default11:08
Dr_WillisI HATE how the windows fill in half/all/whatever whwn i drag them around in windows. :)11:08
TectuDr_Willis, deactivate it.11:09
Dr_Williscompiz can emulate that feature somwhow ive seen.11:09
MeanEYEsoreau: yeah I know, from 10.10 ... but I rarely reinstall my os, so I keep forgeting ti :)11:09
sedekihow do i install gdm themes in ubuntu 10.10?11:09
newyeah, it is kind of habit11:09
Dr_Willissedeki:   the old gdm themes wont work with the new gdm. You need to find gdm2 themes..11:09
soreauDr_Willis: You can fake it with 0.8 or use the implementation in grid-0.911:09
Dr_Willissedeki:  but other then that.. basically I just change the gdm wallpaper and leave it alone.11:09
etoin ubuntu 10.10 how can i make ubuntu show keyboard layout in panel?11:09
Dr_Willissoreau:  yea. latest kde has the same feature.11:09
r4yI'll be back11:09
soreauDr_Willis: The only difference is, kde sucks ;)11:10
MeanEYEeto: should be displayed automatically once you add more languages11:10
sedekiDr_Willis, i don't know how to install gdm2 themes either11:10
sedekithere's no dialog for that11:10
Dr_Willissince i have 2 pane file managers.. i dont need  that trick to get a simile rlayout in windows any more. :)11:10
etoMeanEYE: there is some shitty keyboard icon displayed instead of 3 letter abv11:10
Tectusoreau, so, can you help me?11:10
vietredsoreau: I don't think so, KDE's cool11:10
Dr_Willissedeki:  Yep. its not very themeable..11:10
etoi would like to see what keyboard i actually have selected11:10
Dr_Willissedeki:  i change wallpaper.. and thats about it.11:10
MeanEYEeto: are you using default icon theme?11:11
soreauTectu: I still have no idea what you are trying to accomplish11:11
etoyes i guess11:11
etoorange folders11:11
etowhite windows11:11
MeanEYEeto: can you provide a screen shot?11:11
soreauvietred: s/cool/kool11:11
etohmm with what11:11
* Pablo74 hello all11:11
MeanEYEeto: just notification area11:11
Tectu<Tectu> soreau, That are librarys (sourcefiles) to programm microcontrollers.          || i downloaded some sourcefiles, headerfiles, that i can use inside a programm for a microcontroller. But when i compile via. make, it dosen't fine the library, because there aren't in a default sourcefile folder11:12
vietredsoreau: yeah, my bad :D11:12
etothere is no scrot11:12
MeanEYEeto: did you add additional languages in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard -> Layouts?11:12
soreauTectu: Did these files come with a Makefile? If not, you will likely want to build them with gcc..11:12
etoMeanEYE: question rephrased, how can i make screenshot?11:13
etoin ubuntu?11:13
soreauTectu: What does the code produce? Device driver?11:13
Dr_Williseto:  the printscreen key..11:13
overcluckerTectu: use -I and -L to add include and lib paths to gcc, other compilers have similar features11:13
mystdjust a short question: how do I remove wirte protection from afile or folde rin terminal?11:13
MeanEYEeto: press Print Screen on your keyboard or Application -> Accessories -> Take Screenshot11:13
Tectuoverclucker, okay I'll try that.11:13
Dr_Willismystd:  chmod it to be whatver permissions you want11:13
Dr_Willis!permissions | mystd11:13
ubottumystd: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions11:13
paddybirdthe command chmod  will help you11:14
mystdthx i was googling it but only got how I can rm them11:14
MeanEYEmystd: if you want to remove write for exampple: chmod -w some_file.txt11:14
MeanEYEmystd: or you can chmod o-w some_file.txt to remove write for others11:15
mystdwell its for setting up smf11:15
Note-bookIm trying to install my Ricoh webcam on my HP Dv6000 using these instructions: https://launchpad.net/~r5u87x-loader/+archive/ppa...........everything works fine but when I follow the last step it says: cd: 78: can't cd to r5u87x......I tried googling but no one else seems to have this problem :(11:15
MeanEYEmystd: I don't know what smf is :)11:15
Dr_Willisyou can always use the # methiod also to chmod11:15
mystdand I need to manually remove writeprotection for the install.php11:15
Dr_WillisI found a neat little 'chmod calculator' program for my android phone. :) hit the + and -'s and it shows you the # to use.11:16
mystdsimple machines forum11:16
MeanEYEmystd: chmod +w install.php11:16
Dr_Willismystd:  you mean make it Writeable...11:16
mystdremove the protection11:16
mystdthx a lot11:16
Dr_Willisits not protection.. its just making it writeable , or not..11:16
mystdyea thats why googling didnt work XD11:17
mystdgood to know11:17
Saikhow do I get dual "taskbars" back? on PC has them, the other doesn't11:18
caulkzmorning x11:18
Dr_WillisSaik:  add a new panel. or reset the panels back to default..11:18
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »11:18
SaikDr_Willis, the 2nd o dissappeared when I updated to karmic11:19
r4yhello again11:19
ankurcan anyone tell me HOW To setup my own network on IRC and start it...11:20
r4yHere's what I got: http://paste.ubuntu.com/579707/11:20
Dr_Willisankur:  you mean run your own irc server?11:20
r4yI use chatzilla11:20
ankurnot server11:20
Dr_Willisankur:  then i think you need to clarify the question.11:20
ankuri want to create my own group  kind of thing and get my friends to chat11:21
soreauankur: You mean your own channell?11:21
soreauankur: Ask in #freenode11:21
Dr_WillisYou just join a channel and if it dosent exist.. it creates it..11:21
Saikankur, pm me11:22
soreauankur: Basically, you just join an empty channel, claim it and start using it11:22
Dr_Willisankur:  /j #ankur-home-channel11:22
phoenixsamprasDr_Willis: llutz how to suspend by command line?11:22
mystdhmm didnt work T_T11:22
ankurkk i'll try that11:22
mystdanyone good with webmin?11:22
Dr_Willisphoenixsampras:  option to the shutdown command perhaps.11:22
Dr_Willismystd:  webmin is basically unsupported on ubuntu and debian.11:22
jonalvI am thinking of upgrading to Ubuntu 10.10 but noticed somethign about f-spot being removed. After some googling I found a slashdot post about f-spot being replaced by something called shotwell. Would you guys know if this shotwell imports the f-spot images? I trust Ubuntu will not remove all my thousands of photos i have in f-spot? Perhaps I can still install f-spot after the upgrade?11:22
=== uncle|sam is now known as Uncle|Sam
oCeanr4y: you hit a known bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk-recordmydesktop/+bug/55634511:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 556345 in gtk-recordmydesktop (Ubuntu) "gtk-recordmydesktop 'select window' does not include gnome panel" [Medium,Fix released]11:23
Dr_Willis!info f-spot11:23
mystdyea but I still got it installed with a tut11:23
ubottuf-spot (source: f-spot): personal photo management application. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.0-1 (maverick), package size 3055 kB, installed size 9872 kB11:23
soreaur4y: That output isnt useful because it doesnt start with the command ran initially11:23
mystdI really need it11:23
Dr_Willisjonalv:  its still in the repos.. not installed by default.11:23
jonalvDr_Willis: so all my images are safe?11:23
Dr_Willisjonalv:  you got them backed up?11:23
mystdIm trying to make my first lamp11:23
MeanEYEjonalv: if you just upgrade to new version non of your programs will be removed, if you do a fresh install you can still install it manually11:23
Dr_Willisjonalv:  i dont use either of the apps...11:24
ElNotaAnyone knows how to remove old kernels of my system? I want to hold only the newest one11:24
mystdgot everything installed but now Im stuck installing the forum XD11:24
Dr_WillisElNota:  computer-janitor tool can do that. I suggest keeping at least 2 kernels.11:24
MeanEYEjonalv: yes your files are safe and located in ~/Pictures, removing one program won't remove your pictures11:24
jonalvDr_Willis: only raided, I haven't got a seperate backup, that is I can handly hardware failure but not software... :/11:24
oCeanr4y: what?11:24
MeanEYEElNota: system does that automatically, do you get a menu when booting?11:25
r4yso there's a patch11:25
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
r4yI posted the full output of the terminal rather then the end11:26
ElNotaDr_Willis: It gives me a list with a lot of old programs, but not kernels11:26
mystdwhat do I need to input if i want a whole folder with subolders and content chmod +w?11:27
overcluckermystd: chmod -R11:28
MeanEYEmystd: chmod +w -R folder11:28
mystdk thx Ill try that11:28
etoMeanEYE: Dr_Willis: http://junk.ethome.sk/screen.png11:28
r4yHow do I apply this patch?:11:28
Dr_WillisElNota:  they may of removed that feature.. since ive sene that app remove kernels that were in use..   You could use the normal package manager also.11:29
MeanEYEeto: you removed indicator applet?11:29
mystdstill not working ok then it's a problem with apache11:30
MeanEYEmystd: check /var/log/apache2/error.log11:30
etothere was nothing no applet11:30
etoMeanEYE: you mean that other thing with little letter image?11:30
MeanEYEeto: indicator is missing, try reseting panel and then see if it comes back11:30
etoyes, i removed that i wanted just keyboard showed, okay i bring it back, how can i remove the keyboard icon then?11:31
etoit is reappearing11:31
mystdits empty11:31
MeanEYEeto: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17162929/screenshot3.png that's indicator applet11:32
shawnboyI've read how to create separate home partition, but how do I setup 1 separate partition for each user exluding config files (beginning with .)?11:32
MeanEYE!panelreset | eto11:32
ubottueto: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »11:32
MeanEYEeto: that keyboard should dissapear automatically11:32
Cherishplymouth main process killed by ABRT signal11:33
v_vis it possible to let mailx pick gmail ?11:35
mystdahh ok I have to change the permission to 0777 what evers that does11:35
MeanEYEv_v: gmail supports pop3 and imap, if mailx supports one of those, yes11:35
Dr_Willismystd:  you really SHould read tht !permissions factoid url11:35
Dr_Willis!permissions | mystd11:35
ubottumystd: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions11:35
v_vMeanEYE: ok, thanks, im going to rtfm ;)11:35
MeanEYEv_v: ^^11:36
Note-bookIm trying to install my Ricoh webcam on my HP Dv6000 using these instructions: https://launchpad.net/~r5u87x-loader/+archive/ppa...........everything works fine but when I follow the last step it says: cd: 78: can't cd to r5u87x......I tried googling but no one else seems to have this problem :(11:36
Note-bookis there something wrong with my connection? :(11:36
Note-bookhow come everyone's quiet again? :/11:36
MeanEYENote-book: that part of the day11:36
MeanEYEam guessing only hard core geeks are awake at sunday morniing :P11:36
* Dr_Willis looks up...11:36
MeanEYEhaha <311:37
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Dr_WillisNote-book:  you are spelling everytyhing right?11:38
Dr_WillisNote-book:  sudo /usr/share/r5u87x/r5u87x-download-firmware.sh11:38
rudenstamWhen I start mysql I get an message that I should use service mysql start instead of using the init.d.... however.. if I do use service mysql start, mysql does not start. Any ideas?11:38
MeanEYErudenstam: when you call script in init.d does it start then?11:38
mystdwell got it ^-^ thx a lot I'll read the filepermissions now ^-^11:39
rudenstamMeanEYE: yes11:39
overcluckermystd: 777 is read+write+execute for user, group, andd other. only do that to the install.php in msf. improperly changing other files and folders in smf can be insecure11:39
MeanEYErudenstam: did you sudo?11:39
Note-bookIm trying to install my Ricoh webcam on my HP Dv6000 using these instructions: https://launchpad.net/~r5u87x-loader/+archive/ppa...........everything works fine but when I follow the last step it says: cd: 78: can't cd to r5u87x......I tried googling but no one else seems to have this problem :(11:39
rudenstamMeanEYE: I was root at the time11:39
MeanEYErudenstam: what does service mysql status say?11:40
MeanEYErudenstam: executing `service mysql status`11:40
Dr_WillisNote-book:  you are spelling everytyhing right?11:40
Dr_WillisNote-book:  sudo /usr/share/r5u87x/r5u87x-download-firmware.sh11:40
rudenstamMeanEYE: after I used service mysql start or now that it's running after I used init.d ?11:40
MeanEYErudenstam: now11:40
Dr_WillisNote-book:  its possibel that directory has changed and teh script hasent been fixed. see whats in /usr/share/r*11:41
rudenstamMeanEYE: mysql start/running, process 1742911:41
MeanEYErudenstam: try service mysql restart11:41
rudenstamMeanEYE: service mysql start worked now.. I stopped it with init.d first... perhaps I only have the problem the first time I start it after reboot.. hold on and I'll reboot my machine11:42
genewitchhow do i make X11-forwarding refresh faster? 100mbit upstream should be able to handle chrome refreshes...11:42
MeanEYErudenstam: ok11:42
=== gaveen__ is now known as gaveen
Dr_Willisgenewitch:  theres the -Y option i think.11:43
Dr_Willisbut that is lower security.11:43
genewitchDr_Willis: i saw a cps setting in a config file that said 50 1011:43
Dr_Willisnever messed with it. I only do ssh on local lans normally.11:44
rudenstamMeanEYE: seems like it started when I did status11:45
rudenstamroot@x120:/home/rs# service mysql status11:45
rudenstammysql respawn/post-start, (post-start) process 251111:45
MeanEYErudenstam: great :D11:46
rudenstamshould status start it ?11:46
MeanEYEthat's why it's called status :D11:46
rudenstamthen I'm still equally confused11:47
iwohey, i have a problem watching youtube videos. most videos only play for a second of two then my pc locks up (10.04), screen goes black and audio is stuck in a repeating 1 second loop...11:47
MeanEYErudenstam: with what?11:47
iwothis happens in firefox and chrome11:47
rudenstammy mysql data dir is on an encrypted partition... so it can't possibly start during bootup11:47
sometuxhi guys, looking for a benchmark tool for graphics cards on linux, any suggestions?11:47
rudenstambut when I run status it seems to be post-start already ?11:47
Dr_WillisYoutube can do HTML 5 video instead of Flash iwo . if you setup google chrome and youtube to do html5 by defalt11:47
Dr_Willissometux:  there are some benchmark suites out there. I forget their names.11:48
yuzodoiwo, http://youtube.com/html511:48
MeanEYErudenstam: hm, you should check if you can actually access data11:48
iwothis has only started happening in the last week or two - it seems like i have received an update that has messed some codec binaries or something11:48
Dr_Willisflash dosent use codecs as far as i know.11:48
rudenstamMeanEYE: I could11:48
iwoDr_Willis: nice idea, hadn't thought of that :D11:48
Dr_Willisthere have been flash updates this last few weeks.11:48
iwothx yuzodo11:48
yuzodoyw iwo11:48
rudenstamoh well.. it's started.. I'm okay with that..11:49
yuzodoalso see my PM iwo11:49
rudenstamI'll come back if I experience trouble in future... cheers MeanEYE11:49
MeanEYErudenstam: have fun!11:49
user82hi. does someone know a tool to create a bootable ubuntu on usb. (without the "install" and "test it" menu from the installation disc)11:50
=== Uncle|Sam is now known as uncle|sam
phetI tried to boot my macbook with ubuntu dvd, now I cannot boot anything11:51
nopeusually a good idea to look at howtos11:52
nopeespeciall with mac`s, as they use efi and not bios11:52
bullgardMaverick produces in irregular times an event sound. How can I determine what program produces this event sound?11:52
Dr_Willisuser82:  You can do a normal /full install to a flash drive. it will work exactly like a Hard drive install.11:52
phetnope: I have refit installed11:52
Dr_Willisuser82:  or if you use a live-cd setup - I think you can give the boot manager some options and skip the install/test items.11:52
user82Dr_Willis, just boot the install cd and choose a usb stick as installation medium?11:53
Dr_Willisuser82:  yep. be sure that the bootloader installs to the flash drive. and not the hard drive.11:53
Dr_Willisthere used to be a bug in the installer :) i think its been fixed.11:54
user82ok i see thanks11:54
carrerawhat's the best way to get the kernel source?11:54
Dr_Willisyou will want a big flash drive also.. 4gb+  8+ even better11:54
Dr_Williscarrera:  kernel.org  perhaps?11:54
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages11:54
carreraDr_Willis, thanks, how about the Ubuntu rep?11:55
rad_Whello, i have a little problem11:55
rad_Wi was wondering why update take so long11:55
carrerathere's a pkg on the Ubuntu rep, but it has the ubuntu patches11:55
user82Dr_Willis,  UNetbootin did the trick, too. but without persistent mode11:56
Dr_Willissee the !kernel factoid. It knows all i know onkerneles..11:56
jribcarrera: and you don't want ubuntu patches? why?11:56
rad_Wwhen i realize is ondemand power governor active, so its any way to change it11:56
Dr_Willisuser82:  you can add that if you wanted.11:56
rad_Wwithout interupting update process?11:56
user82just testint natty daily for like 10min not a big deal11:56
Dr_Willisuser82:  You can set up grub2 on a flash to boot an iso file.. that way you just copy the new iso to th flash.. and its allready to try the next version11:57
carrerajrib, I'm sorry, I should have said it has the Ubuntu patches too11:57
jribcarrera: yes, but my questions are: and you don't want ubuntu patches? why?11:58
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AegisXHas anyone ever removed a laptop screen? Was it difficult, and did you mess up / regret it?11:59
jribAegisX: I had to replace one once... not very hard.  This is a question for ##hardware though, not ubuntu related11:59
AegisXjrib: Ah, thanks. Didn't know there was a channel such as that. Will ask there.12:00
archangel_helo everyone12:00
etoMeanEYE: thank you12:00
MeanEYEeto: everything works?12:00
etoreset did the trick12:00
MeanEYEeto: great! glad you fixed it12:00
etoone thing how can increase number of virtual desktopts?12:00
archangel_i have a question12:00
AegisXApparently #hardware is invitation only :(12:01
archangel_can someone help a noob12:01
etoi can't find it anywhere12:01
MeanEYEeto: right click on workspace switched in the bottom right... preferences and then change the number12:01
elHannosHi! I accidently deleted a file. I found out to which package the file belongs. However, if I reinstall this package with synaptic, the file isn't being rebuilt?! How can I rebuild the file?12:01
MeanEYEelHannos: which file from which package12:02
screwed2i have sound problems with an NVIDIA MCP79/7A HDMI sound card. it has an analog output as well and in pulseaudio i can select an "analog stereo" profile, but the sound would always come through hdmi. i have analog speakers plugged in, nothing comes out of them12:02
Dr_WillisAegisX:  proberly registered nicks only.12:02
elHannosMeanEYE /etc/xdg/menus/settings.menu from "gnome-menus"12:02
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
archangel_Hi i have added the accesibility icon to my top menu and cant seem to remove it how do i go about it? thanks12:02
AegisXDr_Willis: How does one register a nickname?12:02
screwed2when i set up the box, i did some steps i didn't understand in order to get hdmi working, but now i want analog sound. i dont remember what i did, i followed a tutorial. but i may have deactivated analog sound output12:02
screwed2what can i do?12:03
MeanEYEelHannos: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-menus (bare in mind it might undo changes you made)12:03
archangel_thanks meaneye12:03
user82aw heck https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/67511912:03
MeanEYEarchangel_: for what?12:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 675119 in unity "Add ability to move unity bar from the left to anywhere (bottom, top, right)" [Undecided,Won't fix]12:03
elHannosMeanEYE: Hmm, no other way? As you said, the whole package gets reconfigured - but I just want the "factory" settings.menu file...12:04
MeanEYElet me check something12:04
archangel_thought you were talking to me12:04
hazzaruxheey guys. is there any Python open-source project that I can get involved with? any suggestions?12:05
archangel_well i ran that command hope it doesnt mess anything up12:05
archangel_seems like it did nothing12:05
Abhijithazzarux, libre office12:05
MeanEYEelHannos: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17162929/settings.menu12:05
MeanEYEelHannos: simplest way :D12:05
Note-bookFor the life of it, I can't get my mic to work. It's a built-in mic on a HP DV6000.12:05
MeanEYEarchangel_: :D I can if you wish :D12:05
archangel_hey can anyone help me i cant seem to delete and accesibility icon i added to the uper menu bar12:05
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »12:06
elHannosMeanEYE: Oh tanks! I am interested in the right command, though - for learning purpose ;D12:06
jribAegisX: ##hardware, not #hardware.12:06
Dr_Willisarchangel_:  how did you add it?12:06
MeanEYEelHannos: not sure what makes that file or if it comes with package12:07
softcomhey all12:07
Dr_Willisuser82:  to many optins.. will confuse people.. :)12:07
AegisXjrib: That doesn't work at all12:07
Dr_Willisarchangel_:  dragged it from where?12:07
Dr_Willisarchangel_:  if you right click in the proper place.. it proberly has a remove item.12:07
jribAegisX: sure it does.  But you do need to be registered and identified to join the channel12:07
Netw0rkBughow can i stream radio on ubuntu , im loged in as root12:07
Netw0rkBugsomething like vlc12:07
user82Dr_Willis, a bar on the left confuses me. the unity interface is working fine if only it would be bottom with enough space12:07
jribNetw0rkBug: why are you logged in as root?12:07
archangel_system drop down12:08
Netw0rkBugoh my god12:08
user82my netbook with 600px is not enough to keep trakc of whats going on with those huge icons12:08
Netw0rkBugstop asking that12:08
coz_hey all12:08
Netw0rkBugand tell me12:08
Netw0rkBuganswer if you have :)12:08
Dr_WillisNetw0rkBug:  like vlc? why not use vlc..12:08
AegisXjrib: How do I register?12:08
hazzaruxAbhijit: I don't think that's python :D12:08
AbhijitNetw0rkBug, try radio tray or kradioripper12:08
jribNetw0rkBug: please don't use enter as punctuation.  You definitely should not be logged in as root to listen to the radio.12:08
Note-bookanyone? :(12:08
jrib!register | AegisX12:08
ubottuAegisX: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode12:08
Abhijithazzarux, oh you want python only12:08
Netw0rkBugDr_Willis i can't run as root vlc12:08
hazzaruxAbhijit: as a matter of fact, yeah :D12:09
Netw0rkBugno no12:09
softcomwhat do you topic all??12:09
Netw0rkBugi want to stream radio12:09
hazzaruxAbhijit: won't be able to do much on other languages12:09
AbhijitNetw0rkBug, also there is kstreamradio.12:09
Dr_WillisNetw0rkBug:  thers dozens of stream tuner apps in the repos.. ones called... 'streamtuner' even12:09
AbhijitNetw0rkBug, yes three of them i told you used to listen to radio only12:09
jribelHannos: you can use for example: apt-get -o DPkg::Options::="--force-confmiss" --reinstall install <packagename>          but see « man dpkg »12:09
AegisXjrib: thanks!12:09
scarleoNetw0rkBug: Rhythmbox can stream radio12:10
zadok78Hi ! I have got a problem with my hard drive : i can't mount it !12:10
Netw0rkBugi want to have my own radio12:10
Abhijithazzarux, here you go http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Python_software12:10
Dr_WillisNetw0rkBug:  thats a little vague.12:10
BaKeRfixing rescure reboot to fix12:11
AbhijitNetw0rkBug, then try shoutcast12:11
Netw0rkBugi don't know how to do with shoutcast12:11
BaKeRalways get that message after a hour or so i turn back on12:11
Netw0rkBugi do with winamp on windows12:11
JuNeXhow would i delete a package using the terminal?12:11
elHannosjrib: Ah, cool - I will check that out...12:12
BaKeRafter seting sync to vblank12:12
Netw0rkBugJuNeX apt-get remove 'name'12:12
zadok78It says " Error mounting, mout exited with error 1      |    helper failed with:mount: according to mtab, /dev/sdb is already mounted on / mout failed12:12
JuNeXi'd like to delete the simple compiz setting manager12:12
Netw0rkBugapt-get remove simple-compiz-settings-manager12:12
Dr_WillisJuNeX:  sudo apt-get remove  packagename12:12
nk_doodwalwhat to do to make java programs12:12
JuNeXahh ok thank you very much!12:12
BaKeRanyone hare got a solution?12:12
BaKeRhere typo12:13
zadok78Ok, i have got two harddrives, the first one (80 go) is the ubuntu one, it's mounted and working. The second one is recognized by ubuntu, in the disk manager i can see it, but when i want to mount id it says "It says " Error mounting, mout exited with error 1      |    helper failed with:mount: according to mtab, /dev/sdb is already mounted on / mout failed"12:14
BaKeR(fixing rescure reeboot to fix) can any one help me fix this12:14
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  clarify and when that happens.. Ive never seen or heard of a similer error message12:14
Dr_Williszadok78:  try mounting it by hand. what filesystem is it?12:14
[segfault]BaKeR: yes, and make sure you spell it out exactly the way it is on the screen pls.12:15
zadok78Duh.../dev/sda ?12:15
genewitchis ssh -X affected more by latency or hardware speed?12:15
BaKeRit happens like a hour after i reboot. shut off then wait like a hour and reboot then i get that error12:15
Dr_Williszadok78:  one normally mounts devices like /dev/sda1 not /dev/sda12:15
vaasuhi, im using lucid, in tty1 the text gets refreshed quite slowly, eg: man ls will load the pager from bottom to top quite slowly, is there a way to make it faster without changing font size?12:16
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  but if you just reboot - it dosent happen?12:16
BaKeRbut if i shut down and restart right now it wount do  that12:16
=== Logan{sleep} is now known as Logan
JuNeXE: Unable to locate package simple-compizconfig-settings-manager12:16
=== Logan is now known as Logan_
zadok78"Périphérique: /dev/sda", ah it's a FAT drive12:16
CherishAnybody know the difference between added INIT=/sbin/init at kernel boot command line or not ?12:16
CherishIf I don't add it the system will go to fsck from util-linux-ng after "Begin: Runing /scripts/init-bottom",If I added it, it will go to boot plymouth.12:16
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zadok78Sorry, it's /sda1 !12:16
JuNeXE: Unable to locate package simple-compizconfig-settings-manager12:16
zadok78I didn't look the right place12:17
BaKeRfixing rescue reboot to fix12:17
Dr_WillisJuNeX:  use the apt-cache search  PATTERN to find the right names12:17
MeanEYEJuNeX: does it need to be simple? there's also compizconfig-settings-manager12:17
BaKeRthats spellt about right12:17
zadok78Dr_Willis You're right it's /des/sda112:17
BaKeRi set sync to vblank in compiz12:17
genewitchwhat is plymouth?12:17
wingnut2626Good morning from Claymont, Delaware USA12:17
jiltdilif i am connects through ssh to other comp should i eble to play any  video file  of that computer?if yes how to open video12:18
Dr_Willisgenewitch:  the program that gives the fancy Ubuntu .... loading animation at boot time12:18
JuNeX@meanEYE yeah i just wanna learn how to delete in terminal mode. i have 2 compiz manager installed12:18
saud12good after noon :)12:18
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  ssh -X remotebox, and start a player..12:18
JuNeXi'll try the other command12:18
BaKeRthats what most likly causing it but out to fix it?12:18
wingnut2626hello!  I have a question about the GeMan X telnet client12:18
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  you m ay be bette roff using 'sshfs' to mount the remote box and use a local player.12:18
saud12i opened new email ubnutu linux but i don't know how i can open12:18
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  i find it VERY VERY hard to belive that vsync or ANY setting in compiz is causing filesystem/drive type issues.12:19
nk_doodwalhelp to run java programs12:19
saud12can somebody help me plz ?12:19
yuzodosaud12, be more specific12:19
BaKeRwell ever sense i set it . thats whats ben going on12:19
dalvikarmynk_doodwal: /j #java12:19
saud12where shell i go to open my email?12:19
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  thats not proof. and it dosent make any sence.12:19
Dr_Willisusers settings shouldent be affecting the whole system12:20
BaKeRi alslo deslected detect refresh rate in compiz12:20
BaKeRand set my own12:20
jiltdilDr_willis: suppose i an connected throug any comp via ssh and i found a video of some song then should i play it with my player or the player installed in that comp also what command to play video?12:20
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  i would boot a live cd. and fsck the disks  to verify they are ok.12:20
wingnut2626I am looking for a telnet client that i can actually use to download files from a BBs12:21
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  theres dozens of programs to play video.  you could copy it locally and play it. or use sshfs to play it from a local player.   running a remote player may be rather flakey.12:21
BaKeRwhy not fsck through ubuntu recovery?12:21
coz_BaKeR,   out of curiosity   in termal    df -l12:21
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  go ahead and try. I always use a minimal rescue live cd.12:21
BaKeRwhat that code do?12:21
coz_BaKeR,  it will let you see the amount of hard drive useage12:22
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yuzodohow can i edit the ambiance theme via text?12:22
yuzodolike using gedit12:22
BaKeRwhy not check through system monitor?12:22
coz_yuzodo,  oo you would have to open it's  gtkrc file12:22
yuzodocoz_, np12:22
yuzodocoz_, I want to change a default color, but make it save12:23
jiltdilDr_willis: is there any way to copy the content of that comp and paste it to mine via ssh?12:23
MeanEYEyuzodo: edit parameters? gksu gedit /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/gtk-2.0/gtkrc12:23
BaKeRi got a old ide hard drive 160 split with partion master on windows12:23
yuzodothx MeanEYE12:23
genewitchoh man forwarded chrome is SO SLOW :-(12:23
MeanEYEyuzodo: you can do that by going to Appearance and clicking customize12:23
BaKeRwaiting for my sata and power adater to show12:23
coz_yuzodo,  default colour for which part?  you can go into  system/preferences/ appearance and the colors tab to make some changes12:23
yuzodoMeanEYE, yeah but I wanna make it save12:23
yuzodocoz_, see above xD12:24
coz_yuzodo,  well that should save it automatically12:24
BaKeR57 gb left for ubunter from the 65 gb i gave it12:24
MeanEYEyuzodo: you mean like so you can copy it?12:24
BaKeRwhy would that have anything to do with it12:24
iwoi'm still having problems with youtube crashing my system... switching to html5 mode doesn't affect all videos :\12:24
yuzodoI wanna change the default Ambiance and have it saved as Ambiance12:24
yuzodoso that when I select Ambiance it's my customized version12:24
yuzodoanyways, MeanEYE provided me with the command, thanks all12:25
coz_guys  just to make thingks less  "crazy" in here ,,, if you type the first 2 or 3  letters of the person's name you are speaking to,,, then  hit the tab key to complete their name... they will be alerted  and the conversations will be much easier to follow12:25
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  sshfs, or scp.12:25
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  gnome has a connect to server... also12:25
iwocan anyone think of a good way to diagnose the fault?? i can't find anything of insterest in /var/log/12:25
yuzodoyeah I know, I'm just lazy coz_ :D12:26
Crush_ok I realise this is probably the most n00b question in the history of this channel, but does anyone have any idea how to edit video tags (in the properties field using nautilus)12:26
BaKeRwell thanks for the try12:26
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jiltdilDr_willis: is sshfs and scp commands are same like ssh12:26
Dr_Willisthey use ssh.. yes.12:26
BaKeRcause damn it shure sucks trying to fix it then wait a hour to see if i fixed it.12:26
coz_Crush_,   I do not off hand... I know there are applications / uitlities for this or even maybe a nauitlus script12:27
yuzodough dang, coz_ and MeanEYE, would you mind telling me what the value for the selection color is? (orange)12:27
BaKeRno fun ubuntu it top linux but shure hell to get running smooth12:27
Dr_Willisive very few issues with it BaKeR .. your issue sounds like it may be more hardware related then software..12:27
coz_yuzodo,  you want the hex number for that color?12:27
Dr_Willisbut fitureing out what hardware.. may be the trick.12:27
iwois there any way to run an app in a debug sandbox or something?? i need some way of seeing what went wrong when my system hangs :\12:28
Crush_coz_ thanks, I've tried looking all over google, can find them for mp3 etc, but nothing for changing the tags on video12:28
yuzodocoz_, I'm in the gtkrc file and I wanna change the orange but idk what the orange is and where i can find it in the file :D12:28
Dr_WillisCrush_:  i think some of the mp3 tools can do video also.12:28
JuNeXThank you guys!12:28
genewitchnatty is 11.04, right?12:28
genewitchor is it 10.1012:28
coz_yuzodo,  ah not sure I havent looked in there but it may be a hex number in which case it would be    #EB754512:29
BaKeRwhy would it be caused by hardware? the only thing i did was set sync to vblank and uncheck detect refresh rate12:29
yuzodook coz_, and is there also a value to make the borders 0px?12:29
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  if you power off... and an hr later.. its flakey... but not if you power off for 10 sec... that sounds tome like some hardware cooling off/not seated properly due to heat.12:29
yuzodoactually nvm, I'm just changing it via the Appearance prefs12:30
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  video settings should not  be affecting the filesystem..  My 'logic' is a bit more sound.12:30
BaKeRwell for shure its nothing to do with heat ishues12:30
BaKeRi can even check in the bios12:30
yuzodoclosed the file without saving any changes12:30
etothanks all for help12:31
BaKeRwindows runs fine12:31
phoenixsamprasSuspend doesnt work!12:31
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  I have seen bugs in beta where teh filesystem clean 'timestamp' dont get set right. that forces a fsck every boot..  ive also seen bugs where it gets stuck in recvery mode.12:31
coz_Crush_,   I read somewhere that gtkpos,, after syncronizing,, recognized the video as a song and you can edit tags that way  but in all honesty I am not sure... you may want to google      linux  editing video tags12:31
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Guest6575wen is ubutu 11.04 getin release12:31
manojanyone know a software for netmeeting12:31
Dr_WillisGuest6575:  11.04 is the version And the date...12:31
Dr_Willis2011, 4th month.12:31
jiltdilhow to acess window through linux as we use ssh for linux?12:32
coz_yuzodo,  I am not sure,, I would guess that the borders are mentioned in some form in the gtkrc  but you may have to ferret through the code...12:32
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  samba lets you get to windows 'shares'12:32
BaKeRsomesort of reset bug my might be it12:32
yuzodocoz_, yeah, tyvm :)12:32
Crush_coz_ did you mean gtkpos?12:32
Crush_or gtkpod?12:32
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BaKeRbut the bug is activated from compiz vblank/ uncheck detect refresh rate12:33
coz_yuzodo,  there are very few "how to" concerning  gtk themeing  so this is kind of a hit / miss situation12:33
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  but if it powers off for 10 sec.. its  gone through the same shutdown process as if it was off for an hr.. so somthing dosent make sence there either.12:33
jiltdilDr_willis:thanx should it work like ssh as i am now using ssh and slowly being familiar with it12:33
coz_Crush_,   no I think it was  gtkpod12:33
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  add a new user.. see it causes issues with them.12:33
BaKeRcan run smooth without vblank set12:33
yuzodocoz_, one weird thing though... I changed the color via the normal way and though only the color changed, the font on the button's preview looks different12:33
BaKeRcant run.. my bad12:33
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  you mean to say you Uncheck vblank and it no longer happens?12:33
manojhi... Please tell me a software like netmeeting12:34
BaKeRdr willis my minds boggled about it to12:34
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  what if you never even login as a user...12:34
BaKeRno i checked vblank and unchecked detect refresh rate12:34
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  what if you dont even run compiz at all.. You should proberly patebin exactly whats going on. to get all the points clear.12:34
coz_Crush_,   http://techcityinc.com/2009/02/04/top-10-free-video-editors-for-ubuntu-linux/  also look into  man ffmpeg12:35
p_resmanoj: What feature of Netmeeting do you want?12:35
BaKeRso just set reg settings in apprence?12:35
phoenixsamprashelp! suspend and hibernation doesnt work!12:35
BaKeRwhen i do get the fixing rescue reboot to fix i reboot then i can log in12:36
p_resphoenixsampras: I had the same issue for years and realized it was my bios settings.12:37
MumrahI need to find a way to stop my panels from _occasionally_ disappearing, when I set their property to "autohide". This doesn't always happen, and I can fix it by creating a new panel, overlapping the old one, which forces the old one into view and allows me to access its properties to turn off autohide... but this is convoluted and should not be necessary.12:37
Note-bookFor the life of it, I can't get my mic to work. It's a built-in mic on a HP DV6000.12:37
phoenixsamprasp_res: what did you do with your bios plz?12:37
MumrahI recently installed Docky & Compiz, but the panels problem has exhibited before this too, on another of my Ubuntu 10.10 installs.12:37
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p_resIt was the suspend settings that were set to STR. When I changed it to STP, it worked perfect.12:38
Mumrahoccasionally I would start ubuntu and no panels would display (forcing me to attempt to logout and back in again)12:38
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iwohmm, tried redirecting sysout and syserr from chrome during youtube crash, all i get is one message: 'Invalid source argument type'12:38
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to respond to factoid requests. Call that job satisfaction? Because I don't.12:38
BaKeRmumrah ubuntu is very bugy from my experince12:39
BaKeRcant even get a descent looking boot up slpash12:39
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  and how much experience is that exactly?12:39
BaKeRa week or two12:40
Dr_WillisNvidia drivers dont like to play nice with Plymouth.. not really Ubuntus fault.12:40
Dr_WillisI just disable plymouth12:40
MumrahBaKeR, it's been quite stable and reliable for me. I use both Ubuntu and Debian and I find them both quite solid.12:40
Mumrahthere must be more to this panel problem.12:40
Dr_Williswhen i get 5+mo uptimes.... or  ugly boot screens.. ill take the uptime.12:40
BaKeRdisable plymouth to get a text crud boot12:40
Dr_WillisBaKeR: omg.. text.. the Humanity of it all!12:41
Crush_heh thanks for the aid coz_ still no closer to doing it yet, but I'll keep at it12:41
dimmortalMumrah: occasionally I would start ubuntu and no panels would display (forcing me to attempt to logout and back in again) <<< I've only gotten that with natty12:41
BaKeRwhats the best stable version for 64 bit?12:41
Dr_Willisive had very few issues with ubuntu 64bit on my 6 computers12:41
BaKeRok my bad dr willis i thought your wher talking about the splash12:42
Dr_WillisPlymouth is what does the Fancy Ubuntu Anumation. it has replaced Usplash, and othe other splash things12:42
BaKeRwhat does the boot up look like without plymouth12:43
Dr_Willisgrub menus -> plymouth -> login screebn.12:43
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  just nice clean text messages about whats its doing and any errors scrolling by..12:43
Mumrahdimmortal, I get that problem quite often on one of my installs (it's on a quadcore machine, with an onboard intel graphics chip)12:43
Dr_WillisClassic. :)12:43
BaKeRyeah crud like when im shuting down12:43
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  in fact those messages MAY be giving you a clue as to the problems.. if you read themn.12:43
Dr_Willisits possible the shut down messages may be saying somtng.12:44
BaKeRyeah when i shut down i get unmouting weak filesystems12:44
Dr_Willisnow THATS a clue...12:44
BaKeRyes ive done lots of research12:44
Dr_WillisNot sure what it means.. but it sounds imporntant..12:44
BaKeRno fixes12:44
Dr_Willisbut if its unmounting it succesuffly then that shouldent be an issue12:45
ceothanks am not ban :)12:45
ceohallo all12:45
BaKeRno to importint if i can get the original shutdown splash by moding the grub12:45
dimmortalMumrah:  my laptop with a an intel gpu never does that with maverick... only natty12:45
BaKeRfile with my own res12:46
ceoam need help, am need to clear my ssh history for setting my wlan (fonera)12:46
ceoany body can help12:46
BaKeRbut messes up the boot12:46
jimcooncatBaker, check System ->Administration->Disk Utility ->your hard drive ->SMART data and see if you're having hard drive failure12:46
BaKeRa giant maze12:46
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:46
BaKeRdone that12:46
Mumrahdimmortal, well don't know what to say, it's what happens on that install. Not that it bothers me too much.12:46
dalvikarmy!please | ceo12:46
ubottuceo: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude12:46
iocorI've had desktop effects since I installed ubuntu, but now for some reason they are disabled and it keeps telling me they can't be re-enabled. I've got some kind of integrated intel graphics on this machine12:46
BaKeRsucks im really about out of options12:46
BaKeRone sec double check12:46
Dr_WillisSmart data  is not always that smart.. I got a HD under windows that is giving BIG issues.. but smart says its ok.12:47
oCeanceo: explain better/detailed what you want12:47
Dr_Willisit just fails the tests from the HD makers tools12:47
Pindrusinda:( help me12:47
oCeanPindrusinda: better ask a question first12:47
Dr_WillisHard drives truely seem to be the weakest link these days12:47
BaKeRmount point not mounted12:48
phoenixsamprasp_res: what did you do with your bios plz?12:48
phoenixsamprasis Mark Shuttleworh in here?12:48
BaKeRnot shure if thats there is normal12:48
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Pindrusindaguys..i absolutlly don't know, how to join my fave chanel on x-chat.. :/12:48
jimcooncatDr_Willis, the difference between HD manufacturer's implementations are wide. I stick with Western Digital for just this reason.12:48
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^jude^I am about to install 10.04 on a separate HDD in this machine, but I want to use the grub on the current 9.10 install. Am I right that I just need to do the install, boot into my normal 9.10 and do "grub-update" to add the new 10.04 install to the grub menu?12:48
ioPindrusinda: "/join #channel"12:48
v3ctori stick western digital in the trash where they belong </flame>12:49
BaKeRruning scan again12:49
Pindrusindaio: tryed..doesn't work :/12:49
ioPindrusinda: yes, it does. check your status window for an error message12:49
BaKeRrunning a 39 deggrees12:50
ioPindrusinda: possibly the channel is +r in which case it's blocking you as you're not identified to services12:50
BaKeRdisc is healthy12:50
jimcooncat's OK, v3ctor, I haven't done any recent research12:50
Dr_Willisjimcooncat:  its a WD that im jhaving the issues with right now. :)12:50
iocorhttp://dpaste.com/496322/ this continues to suggest my opengl is broken, does anyone know how I can get my intel chipset doing gl?12:50
pnhhi everybody ... I want to do Google summer of code project -2011 .. can any one tell me whether ubuntu is participating in this event? (like Debian,GNOME or KDE) If so ,please me regarding this... Thanks a lot !!!12:50
dalvikarmy!ot | pnh12:51
ubottupnh: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:51
Dr_Willisjimcooncat:  the WD test quick tools rnning under windows fail with some odd error..  seems its going to take 5 weeks to do the long te4st. :)12:51
oCeanpnh: non-support questions in #ubuntu-offtopic please12:51
MeanEYEpnh: http://code.google.com/soc/12:51
* v4nelle den exw nero aptis 10 to prwi gamw tin poutana tous12:52
^jude^can anyone help me with some grub2 advice?12:52
MeanEYE^jude^: just ask :D dont' ask about asking12:52
phoenixsampraswhat are the perfect setup on the bios to handle suspend and hibernation on the bios?12:52
^jude^MeanEYE: tried that, but thought maybe I got lost in the noise :)12:52
pnhokay ... I'm really sorry... I'm using IRC for the first time ... I din't know about it ...Sorry once again...12:52
dalvikarmypnh: /j #gsoc12:53
BaKeRdr willis does it say (mount point) not mounted in disk utililty12:53
^jude^MeanEYE: guess it just meant no-one can help :/12:53
MeanEYE^jude^: yeah, that can happen, a lot of chaos here ;)12:53
MeanEYE^jude^: that's not true... everyone wants to help, the question is if the know how12:53
BaKeRcould ya check12:53
io^jude^: if nobody answered your question then either nobody knows the answer, or they're busy. try asking later12:53
BaKeRthat would be cool12:53
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  does it say that about what exactly?12:53
^jude^MeanEYE: yeah, I said "no-one can", not "no-one will" :)12:54
^jude^I am about to install 10.04 on a separate HDD in this machine, but I want to use the grub on the current 9.10 install. Am I right that I just need to do the install, boot into my normal 9.10 and do "grub-update" to add the new 10.04 install to the grub menu?12:54
BaKeRunder volumes on the bottom mid right12:54
MeanEYE^jude^: during installation of new system, newer grub will be installed and it will detect other systems, including linux and windows and others12:54
thenewsmani got this error msg while installing ubunto 10.10 client version. " unable to find medium containing a live file system" plz help me to solve it. i am using vmware to install this ubunto12:55
BaKeRdoes ubuntu hate ata hard drives?12:55
^jude^MeanEYE: I specifically don't want that - I want to use the grub2 install I already have - 10.04 is for testing only and may not stay12:55
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  my mounted ones show mounted.. not sure what you are asking about.12:55
thenewsmanany supporter in here ?12:55
MeanEYE^jude^: hm, not sure how to do that then. maybe downloading alternate cd12:55
coz_BaKeR,  no it works fine with ata drives12:55
Dr_Willisthenewsman:  you are booting an iso file? or a real cd?12:56
thenewsmaniso file which i got from the web12:56
^jude^MeanEYE: I know I can tell the installer not to touch the MBR, it's only the bit about adding it to the existing grub2 I'm a bit fuzzy on12:56
BaKeRyou shure you looked in the right spot?12:56
Dr_Willisthenewsman:  you did verify its good via its md5sum?12:56
thenewsmani mounted it on power is12:56
^jude^MeanEYE: I guess I will just have to suck it and see :)12:57
thenewsmani did nothing Dr_Willis12:57
BaKeRMount point:  not mounted12:57
Dr_Willis!md5 | thenewsman12:57
ubottuthenewsman: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows12:57
thenewsmanall i did is i asked the vmware to install the ubunto12:57
ymonirhello , i have installed python-docky from synaptic - i expected to find it working - but its not - any help ?12:57
BaKeRjust open up disc utility12:57
MeanEYE^jude^: alternative installation cd will ask what to do with grub if I remember correctly12:57
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  my unmounted drives show unmounted.. the mounted ones show a mountpoint..  NTFS disks may show somnthing else.12:57
JuNeXhello how to change  the wallpaper thru terminal?12:58
^jude^MeanEYE: lovely - I shall grab a copy and use that instead then12:58
Dr_Willisthenewsman:  what OS are you running vmware on?12:58
^jude^MeanEYE: thanks for the tip12:58
thenewsmanDr_Willis win 712:58
BaKeRit actually says mountu point:12:58
MeanEYE^jude^: am not 100% ... be careful12:58
phoenixsamprashelp! suspend and hibernation doesnt work on laptops, what are the perfect setup on the bios to handle suspend and hibernation on the bios?12:58
MeanEYE^jude^: maybe try installing in vbox first?12:58
^jude^MeanEYE: noted, ta12:58
BaKeRhow could you not see or understand that12:59
^jude^MeanEYE: that's a bit pointless in this case - the new HDD is an SSD and I want to check out performance12:59
ymonirhello , i have installed python-docky from synaptic - i expected to find it working - but its not - any help ?12:59
Yoinxwhy not just get the normal docky ymonir?12:59
BaKeRopen up disc utility wide open my scroll a little tell you see mount point12:59
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  and mine show a mountpoint for my Mounted disks... for the ones I dont have mounted it dosent.. I dont get whats to not undersand.12:59
BaKeRwhat does it say12:59
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  data disk -> /media/Data   and my OTHER disks i dont use dont say anything,.12:59
ymonirwhat is the reason  Yoinx?13:00
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  and this proves/shows what exactly?13:00
MeanEYE^jude^: ok, just trying to play safe ;D13:00
^jude^MeanEYE: apprecietaed :)13:00
BaKeRon the main hard drive ubuntu is on?13:00
YoinxI dunno, because that one actually works?13:00
^jude^MeanEYE: appreciated :) [wish I could type properly]13:01
=== _evilpleasure is now known as evilpleasure
MeanEYE^jude^: my english is weird today as well13:01
BaKeRdoes prove nothing just a bit of help13:01
BaKeRdoesnt proove nota13:01
BaKeRhelp is all is asked13:02
dannydhow can i control pausing and starting files from transmission client?13:02
dannydfrom the command line13:02
Dr_WillisBaKeR:  if i select sdd2 and click on my / partition. it shows it mounted at /13:02
Dr_Willissame as the mount command says. :)13:02
dannydto be used in a script13:03
BaKeRnever mind had to click on the sucker13:03
* ^jude^ is off to play with grub213:03
Dr_Willisdannyd:  try looking at 'transmission --help' it may have command line options...13:03
BaKeRmy hard drive is split13:03
BaKeRubuntu partion is split to extedend and ext4 is that normal13:05
oCeanubuntu__: please stop13:05
newnewOmg, banging my head against the wall on this one! Just cant make the network manager applet appear. Anyone got any ideas?13:05
llutz_BaKeR: nothing to worry about. that extended partition holds the logical drive ubuntu uses13:06
BaKeRDear Ubuntu developers lol please i repeat please make that whay more stable13:06
tirthi dudes, do you know , if i can specify where the terminal opens and the width and height of it , inside a bash script ?13:06
BaKeRthanks llutz13:06
tirtinstead of random places in the screen , i want it to open in specific place13:07
coz_tirt,  mm I found that a bit troublesome but hold on I think I  can find a link13:07
ubuntu__who is from poland?13:07
BaKeRmac runs x11 windows like crap13:07
oCean!pl | ubuntu__13:07
ubottuubuntu__: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:07
tirtall right13:07
BaKeRubuntu gots some goods i would say13:07
coz_tirt,  if you are running compiz that should be no issue13:07
tirtyes i am running compiz13:08
coz_tirt,  also    http://www.codealpha.net/36/how-to-change-the-gnome-terminal-default-size-ubuntu/13:08
tirtthe thing is , i wrote a script that pulls data from dictionary website13:08
tirtthen to input term from bash13:09
tirtit opens that bash in random places13:09
njinHi guys, i have to upgrade the bios of an old motherboard, how can i do in lòinux ?13:09
Yoinxtirt, maybe try "xterm --help"13:09
Yoinxyou may be looking for geometry and such?13:09
BaKeRdr willis im loving my blank boot up  shure better than a bunch of text crud13:09
tirtokey , i will look into it13:09
BaKeRbut anyways thanks for help13:09
BaKeRtake care13:09
Yoinxor, whichever terminal you expect it to be opening13:10
azaliahello how can i edit grub entries on 10.04 its quite different from the last grub,i just want to remove some entries that are listed upon boot13:11
OerHeksnjin, upgrade bios should be done fram the bios itself, loading the rom from diskette13:11
Yoinxazalia, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119527513:12
YoinxGrub2 doesn't do the menus quite like the old grub.13:12
jrib!grub2 | azalia13:12
ubottuazalia: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub213:12
dannyd<Dr_Willis>: thanks..looking through13:12
ceoadek ku masuk dimana bagusnya teman teman semua13:12
ceoada yang bisa bahasa indonesia disini teman teman13:13
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jrib!id | ceo13:13
ubottuceo: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia13:13
tirtdudes, i will show you the script13:13
tirti couldn't do the terminal to open the specific place13:14
azalianope i didnt lost grub,its just that there are too many entries upon boot like the old linux image etc..i have dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu 10.04,both are installed on separate drives13:15
jribazalia: read the link about configuring grub that ubottu sent you13:15
azaliayup im reading it now..thanks13:16
llutz_tirt: --geometry 100x200+30+30         no =13:16
tirti forget to delete it13:17
tirtignore that line13:17
stiannesIs there a channel for Ubuntu 11.04?13:17
thenewsmanplz help me guys13:17
jribthenewsman: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)13:17
th0rstiannes: ubuntu+113:17
stiannesth0r: thx13:17
thenewsmani am finding problems in isntalling ubunto on vmware.13:17
njinOerHeks: eh, is an old biuos version installed and don't support this feature, i can just boot a freedos oem floppy and then install the new bios, but i cnnot found thi freedos oem.13:17
thenewsmani am finding problems in isntalling ubunto on vmware.  "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system"13:18
tirtor, i will ask another question, can i provide the script a text area, and when the text is entered it calls the script with the entered argument13:18
OerHeksnjin try freedos http://www.freedos.org/13:18
th0rtirt: there is a small program for that, but I don't recall the name at the moment13:18
njinon the freedos site I cannot find this bootable floppy version13:19
tirti wish you did13:19
jribth0r, tirt: probably thinking of zenity13:19
luistwhat a nice phrase for a business card?13:19
th0rtirt: see...it works every time <smile>13:19
jrib!ot | luist13:19
ubottuluist: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:19
tirtzenity , now i am lookking13:19
jribthenewsman: try #vmware13:20
thenewsmanthe vmware is not the problem13:20
thenewsmani installed older versions of ubunto and other linusex without problem13:20
th0rtirt: just a thought, why not make the term a required parameter passed to the script?13:20
OerHeksnjin use the fdfullcd.iso wich is a live-cd http://www.freedos.org/freedos/files/13:20
thenewsmanmy problem is the ubunto 10.1013:20
tirti am not very pro. on linux13:21
tirtjust needed a proper dictionary13:21
tirttrying to handle it :D13:21
njinOerHens: ok i try this solution, thanks !13:21
jribthenewsman: checksum your iso13:22
thenewsmanwhy should i do that ?13:22
jribthenewsman: to verify the file is not corrupted...13:22
th0rtirt: just a thought. you are going to have to call something, why not call a terminal and just type 'lookup <term>' or some such13:22
jrib!checksums | thenewsman13:22
thenewsmanjrib i can re download it13:22
jrib!md5sums | thenewsman13:22
ubottuthenewsman: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.13:22
tirtthat is what this program does already13:22
tirtit is uglyu13:22
tirti want to open a box , or text input to enter search term13:23
jribthenewsman: no, you want an iso with the proper checksum13:23
tirtbut i think this zenity thing is the thing i am looking for13:23
jribtirt: you've tried the existing dictionary programs by the way?13:23
tirti love the longman13:24
th0rtirt: and there are plugins for firefox for that as well13:24
tirtokey i handled it kinda13:25
tirtzenity is perfect tool13:25
thenewsmanjrib do u think redownloading the file would help ?13:25
jribthenewsman: well if you the checksum is not correct then you need to redownload the file until it is correct.  But just redownloading the file would not be helpful since you would still need to checksum the new file13:26
thenewsmani used the getright and i used it severly. perhaps that caused some problems13:26
thenewsmanthere is a problem13:27
dalvikarmythenewsman: dont listen to jrib he is lying13:27
thenewsmanwhenever i browse into the server i fail13:27
* jrib sighs13:27
thenewsmanthe server edition does not work13:27
jribdalvikarmy: please do not misinform in this channel13:27
blinkhow can i prevent my screen from going into "No Signal/Sleep" mode?13:28
dalvikarmyjrib: um, ok feeling guilty :/13:28
thenewsmanis the server edition work ?13:28
jribthenewsman: your first step right now is to run md5sum on the file you downloaded and compare the result with the one on the link ubottu sent you13:28
WipsterHey I am using evolution 2.30.3 (ubuntu 10.10 release) and its not saving my password for my exchange server account, does for all the others. Even with remember password ticked, I have been advised its a gnome-keyring issue, any ideas?13:30
plain-userhi ubuntu! i've got somebody with me here, we're trying to troubleshoot flash in ff3 under ubuntu 10.10 loosing sound half way the stream, randomly, regardless of size.13:31
thenewsmanis the server edition work ?13:32
thenewsmanis the server edition 10.10 work ?13:32
plain-usererror 10.0413:32
plain-useri repeat, it is 10.04!13:33
jribthenewsman: why are you ignoring me?13:34
jribthenewsman: the server edition works, yes.  If that's what you want (an environment with no gui meant to act as a server).  Then, yes it will "work"13:35
thenewsmanjrib i do not. i just talked abt different point13:35
thenewsmani cannt find how to downoad the server edition13:35
thenewsmanthe mainpage of ubunto takes me into wrong page13:35
stef_Hi, can anybody help me. I'm installin