r4yHow do I apply this patch?:11:37
Shadow__Xhow can i see the gpu temps of my nvidia card from terminal17:16
Petskullno idea.  I feel bad watching you stand here all by yourself.17:27
* Petskull stands next to Shadow__X17:27
Shadow__Xlol its fine. Was just wondering. I use lm-sesnors and did sensors-detect, it comes up to scan for nvidia sensors and i select yes but when i run sensors i do not see the gpu values17:28
* Petskull lights a smoke and looks around17:29
Shadow__Xis there a way to get the gpu temps of an nvidia gpu from terminal?21:59
BachstelzeShadow__X: nvidia-settings -q all, grep is your friend, I don't knwow what to put after -q to get only the temp value22:06
Shadow__XBachstelze: yeah the problem is that does not work if you do not have x22:06
Shadow__Xnvclock -T works22:06
Bachstelzewhy are you concerned with GPU temperature if you're not running X? O.o22:07
Shadow__XBachstelze: remoting into the mchine22:07
Bachstelzewell, the amchine is running X, right ?22:08
Shadow__Xyes but when i am remoting into the machine through ssh it does not let me run that command22:09
Bachstelzeyou probably just need to set the DISPLAY env var22:10
Bachstelzeor -c22:11
Bachstelzenvidia-settings -c :0.0 -q all22:11
Bachstelzeor whatever your DISPPLAY is22:12
Shadow__XBachstelze: ah yeah that did it22:29

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