charlie-tcaGood morning14:00
knomecharlie-tca, re: the conversation about wallpaper changes: sorry to say it, but i think the argument had more to do with personal issues than the actual wallpaper changing. i'm trying to stay objective, and i understand the new version was a clear departure from the original proposal. however, without those changes, i really can't see how one could have improved the wall, thus rendering the one week of time to finish off the design useless.16:56
charlie-tcaThe conversion has to do with insisting on placing it here for reviews16:58
knomei'm sorry then if i did show anything in advance then!16:59
charlie-tcathere is no other reason to have it announced here than to have it looked at16:59
knomethe reason was to tell you before that i had made some notable changes, and i wanted you to seem them16:59
knomehonestly, there is nothing stopping from other artists to come up here and show the improved versions as well17:00
knomeand without feedback, i don't think artists can do much to improve their work17:00
charlie-tcaother than the belief that if 28 artists do that, it would not be so good?17:00
knomei'm not sure if you want us to discuss the changes in the artwork/themes here or not?17:00
charlie-tcaThat feed back is why there was a lengthy period to do your design.17:01
charlie-tcaI never would want every artist submitting a design to come here and ask for direct feedback, especially when there is an open invitation to submit artwork17:02
knomesure. but i also proposed the 1 week added length to be able to gather even more feedback17:02
charlie-tcaActually, you proposed that to allow yourself time to do what you put off for months17:02
knomei'm sorry, but again i think this is getting personal17:02
knomelet's try to be objective17:03
knomeby what means is the other artist not able to come here and ask for feedback?17:03
knomewhy isn't artists allowed to ask for feedback (or just plainly show progress), since it's only xubuntu who is gaining on improvement?17:04
knomedoes somebody lose something, if artists try to make their designs as good as possible?17:04
knomehow does it differ if i ask #shimmer and 100 other friends on how to improve the design from asking here?17:05
charlie-tcaWhy don't you do it the way the other artists did it? As in the community artwork areas?17:05
knomei didn't know it was forbidden to work on irc17:06
knomei didn't know you didn't want to hear about changes i did.17:06
knomeif it's about that, i'm sorry to have told you i did changes, seriously.17:06
knomeif i do more changes, i'm sure not to tell you.17:07
knomeis that what you are striving for?17:07
knomecharlie-tca, ?17:20
charlie-tcadiscussion is over17:21
knomei'm sorry if i broke the rules somehow17:22
knomei'm also sorry, but the situation and the tension between you and me won't get better, if you childishly decline to discuss anything with me.17:23

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