josh1is this the proper place to ask about 11.04?02:50
Unit193josh1: natty channel #ubuntu+102:54
josh1even for xubuntu?02:55
Unit193As far as I know02:56
jarnosHow can you know the current network device to set in Network Monitor properties?10:31
Sysieth0 for fired or wlan0 for wireless propably10:45
jarnosSysi, what about mobile internet e.g. 3G?12:30
Daz_1234Hi I am new to xubuntu but I have a problem with my laptop touchpad.12:55
lostsonDaz_1234: which is ?12:56
Daz_1234The laptop is a Fujitsu S6120.  The touchpad itself works, but the problem is scrolling12:56
Daz_1234There is a rocker switch which rocks up to scroll up and down to scroll down12:56
Daz_1234the down one acts like a middle mouse button and the up direction does othing12:57
Daz_1234nothing, even12:57
Daz_1234In the mouse settings I see a "Virtual ore XTEST pointer" and "PS/2 Generic Mouse".  I have read about a touchpad tab but I do not have one12:58
Daz_1234Thanks for listening12:59
lostsonDaz_1234: try checking up on synclient settings13:05
Daz_1234I'm afraid I really am *very* new to linux - this is my first foray in fact.  What does that mean?13:05
lostsonthe touchpad tab your reading about is in gnome unless there are new touchpad settings in xfce4.8 that i am not aware of13:06
lostsonDaz_1234: synclient is a daemon that can control certain options of your touchpad13:06
Daz_1234How do I see the synclient settings?13:06
lostsonfor instance on my laptop i use a command in my autostart to set my options13:07
lostsonDaz_1234: here is the man page for synclient http://linux.die.net/man/1/synclient13:08
Daz_1234Ok.  So how do I check if I have that on my installation?13:09
lostsonyou should but if you want to check in a terminal do a "type synclient"13:10
lostsonand if its there it should report /usr/bin/synclient13:10
Daz_1234Yes it does:@13:11
Daz_1234synclient is hashed (/usr/bin/synclient)13:11
lostsonthen i guess the best bet would be to do some googling with your laptop model and see if anyone else has figured out how to get it working correctly13:12
Daz_1234I tried synclient -l  and got "Couldn't find synaptics properties. No synaptics driver loaded?"13:12
lostsonbaby is awake i have to run sorry bbl13:12
Daz_1234I've googled around a lot and got nothing on my model.13:12
Daz_1234Ok thanks.13:12
Daz_1234==> lostson - I've raised a bug report on launchpad now:  Bug #73432313:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 734323 in Ubuntu "Scroll not working on Fujitsu S6120 using builtin scroll buttons under the touchpad [xubuntu 10.10]" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73432313:45
Daz_1234I've just raised that one because I've found no other information.13:45
Daz_1234Thanks again, bye.13:47
_suiauthon_why has the button at the end of my top panel gone from being the power icon to a person?14:01
charlie-tcaYour icon theme changed14:02
_suiauthon_i dont remember doing that, must be that last update lol14:02
macbangalorehp 2710p ubuntu 10.10 touch screen not working help needed15:25
jookI unchecked the box to install mp3 support and stuff during install, because I was having trouble with my computer. How do I make that work now that xubuntu is up and going?16:04
drchttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats might help16:05
charlie-tcainstall xubuntu-restriced-extras and any other package needed specifically for mp316:05
jookThat looks like it. Thank you :)16:05
charlie-tca!hi | Noblesse16:11
ubottuNoblesse: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!16:11
NoblesseI have just a quick question. :)16:11
NoblesseDo I pronounce Xubuntu as "Zubuntu" or as "X Ubuntu"?16:11
jookI go with the first one, personally.16:12
NoblesseAlright. Zubuntu it is. Thanks.16:12
drcXubuntu (pronounced /zuːˈbuːntuː/ "zoo-BOON-too")   From the fount of all knowledge...Wikipedia "_16:14
jookOkay, so I was just scrolling through window themes, and then my computer went to a console display showing a couple lines, and then logged out. Now it does the same thing every time I try to log in, but it goes too quick for me to see clearly what it's saying...16:35
Sysipress ctrl alt F1 and log in to console16:36
jookAlright. What can I do from there?16:37
Sysiyou could first try to spot something from output of "cat .xsession-errors" or "cat .xsession-errors.old"16:37
jookI did the first. A whole bunch of stuff scrolled by, mostly things about faled to contact configuration server over and over. That message scrolled anything different that was before it right off the screen.16:39
jookoh, at the end theres "the application 'nm-applet' lost it's connection to the display," and something about x-server shut down or killed16:40
jookum... couldnt display a gtk warning, system-config-printer-applet had a problem, and then failure" module initialization failed16:40
Sysisounds like pretty much problems..16:41
Sysiyou could try reset all settings, rm -rf .config/16:41
jooki dont know what most of it means. Some of those could also be the same thing on multiple lines, but i wasn't reading it right16:42
Sysiand rm -rf .cache/sessions/16:42
jookI don't know how to get out of the console session.16:42
Sysictrl alt F716:43
jookOoh, when I did that, it went to the same screen that was showing when I couldn't log in. It says, "Speech-dispatcher disabled" and some stuff, "saved ALS mixer settings detected" "puleseaudio configured for per-user sessions" "saned desabled" and "checking battery state."16:45
jookALSA mixer*16:45
charlie-tcatry Alt+F816:45
jookit's waiting for me to press enter. But those are the same messages as when it broke.16:45
charlie-tcaor a restart, since it failed to start Xserver16:46
jookI rebooted before I came here. I can do it again. I was just able to login successfully, though. Seems like clearing the stuff Sysi said worked.16:46
charlie-tcano need to restart if you logged in16:47
jookThanks Sysi and charlie-tca16:47
jookHa. Same thing just happened. The window manager theme that is broken is the second-to-last one, right above xfce.16:56
jookAnd clearing the settings fixed it again.16:57
jookIt's called "wildbush"16:58
drcjook: Wildbush?  works for me, what Appearence Style are you using?16:58
jookI was on NOX.16:59
drcjook: Works for me Wildbush & NOX :)16:59
jookdrc: Huh. Strange. Well, at least if I know what's causing problems, I can just stay away from it.17:00
jookWhat does linux call the windows key? Super? meta? Something like that...17:03
drcdevil key17:03
jooklol drc17:04
jookthanks charlie-tca17:04
charlie-tcawildbush was fixed in xfce 4.817:04
jookcharlie-tca: How do I check? I jsut downloaded and installed yesterday, but I got updates too.17:04
jookOh, I see. I have 4.6.217:07
jooksudo apt-get update?17:07
charlie-tcano, 4.8 is part of Natty17:07
charlie-tcaIt will be released as final release about April 2917:08
jookAlright. I'll just stay away from that theme then. Some of the others are decent. I can live with not knowing what wildbush looks like.17:09
jookI would like to change the colors. Is that possible? Everything is blue, but I want green.17:10
charlie-tcatheme colors?17:10
_suiauthon_how can I kill a defunct process?17:10
charlie-tcaSelect a different theme to change the colors17:10
charlie-tca_suiauthon_: task monitor in Applications -> system17:11
jooklol yeah charlie-tca, but almost all of them are blue. ;) There's no customization options like that?17:11
charlie-tcablue / blue-gray is the Xfce color choice, however, almost any gtk theme should work17:12
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy17:12
jookYeah, I was noticing that trend. Thanks for the links, I'll take a look.17:12
_suiauthon_no diece, transmission keeps comming back from the dead and stealing my cpu17:13
jookzombie torrents!17:13
jookyou have to download a shotgun.17:13
charlie-tcaheh, think you must first kill the download, to kill transmission17:14
charlie-tcaIs there a wget task running too?17:14
_suiauthon_no wget no17:14
_suiauthon_i dunno what finally did it, but its died dead. ty17:15
jookI guess I've got things going how I like. Thanks for the help folks.17:18
jookOoh, here's one... So my xubuntu mox is a laptop, but I really hate tap-to-click on the trackpad. I don't see a way to turn it off in the mouse settings, though.17:22
jookmox --> box17:22
jookOh, nevermind. Got it. :)17:26
WRStoneQuestion:  Xubuntu Natty will NOT use Unity Desktop, correct?  I've been advising users to switch to Ubuntu for about a year, but Unity is so unusable that I'll have to stop.  I'd like to suggest Xubuntu instead, but I can't without knowing that I won't be sending them into the weeds.20:12
TheSheepWRStone: xubuntu will keep using xfce20:13
WRStoneAwesome.  That's what I thought, but I wanted to make sure.  Thank you.20:13
nrikhi all22:55
nrikWhy in tty I have no problems with locale, but in GUI (xfce4-terminal)?22:56
* Opie waves23:34

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