Kilian]does anyone know something about the ubuntu one click button ? we have one and want to add a repository there (www.unknown-horizons.org) ive heard we have to be added i a whitelist, is that true, and who is maintaining this list ?00:01
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greggory-hzSo I'm looking to get involved in Ubuntu development (specifically Unity). Looking through the "bitesize" bugs, I came across "Search cursor in Unity's Dash, File Places and Application Places search field should blink on focus" https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/730273 (I figured this is as good a place as any to start getting familiar) .... I've been looking through the unity source for a bit, but I can't seem where to find04:47
greggory-hzthe code related to this, would anyone be able to nudge me in the right direction?04:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 730273 in unity (Ubuntu) "Search cursor in Unity’s Dash, File Places and Application Places search field should blink on focus" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:47
jbichahow about src/PlacesSearchBar.cpp ?04:57
jbichabut I don't know if that's the file you need04:59
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kklimondahow do emblems on the launchers look like?06:06
kklimondagod, I have an issue and I have no idea how to summarize it for the bug title.06:33
kklimondawhen I set a window to take part of the workspace, and make it touch one of the desktop's edges I can't switch back to it from another workspace using launcher.06:35
kklimondathe window is moved a bit instead, and it ends up between workspaces.06:35
kklimondathis also leads me to the second bug - even if a small part of application's window is visible on the current workspace Unity/compiz won't switch you to the workspace where the major part of the window is.06:36
kklimondainstead the window gets the focus, but is not visible because there is only a pixel or so of it on the current workspace..06:37
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MacSlowgreetings everybody07:57
didrocksgood morning08:03
oSoMoNgood morning08:10
kklimondawow, compiz just died.. because it ran out of memory08:17
kklimondaand it happened again - it leakes over 3GB of memory in 20 minutes..08:38
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Guest4630Hi! How can I set an icon for my app in the Unity panel? :) Thanks in advance!09:35
Guest4630Is get from .desktop file?09:36
Guest4630RAOF: Thanks. I have a 48x48 image now. If I put more icons in the other folders (64x64, 128x128...) Unity will search a better resolution? or will be get the .desktop file?09:40
klattimerGuest4630: try and use an 'icon name' rather than a png and add the files to the hi-color theme in various sizes e.g. 22,24,32,48 pixels as it'll look sharp at any size09:40
Guest4630thanks klattimer ;)09:41
Guest4630I'll tray!09:41
klattimerGuest4630: http://library.gnome.org/devel/icon-naming-spec/09:41
Guest4630klattimer: great support :) thanks very much!09:43
Kaleokamstrup: hi09:48
Kaleokamstrup: I think the files daemon is/was sending back results belonging to group UnityEmptySearchRenderer in the global results when no results are found09:49
Kaleokamstrup: I think it would be simpler if it were not (and it would match the behaviour of the applications place)09:50
kamstrupKaleo: agreed09:50
kamstrupKaleo: i'll open a bug and fix it for this Thursday09:51
Kaleokamstrup: awesome09:51
Kaleokamstrup: that will remove 20 lines of my code :)09:52
Kaleokamstrup: 12 lines of which are a comment to explain the purpose of the code :)09:52
kamstrupKaleo: lol - anything for you man :-)09:54
Kaleodidrocks: about bug 73474010:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 734740 in unity "Dash: Alt-F2 gives no indication it is any different to using Super" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73474010:14
Kaleodidrocks: you wrote In the next release, the "Search command" entry will be really small10:14
Kaleo(few pixels), with only the search entry, I think that will address it.10:14
Kaleodidrocks: does it mean you are changing the string? or the size of the font? or both?10:15
didrocksKaleo: just the size of the dash10:15
Kaleodidrocks: hmm, are you going to show only the search box?10:15
didrocksKaleo: by default yes, we get that for free from neil's work (the dash adapt its size to its content now)10:16
Kaleodidrocks: but the the "command" place entry has none empty content (commands history)10:17
didrocksKaleo: we don't show commands history before the first search10:17
Kaleodidrocks: is that a change in the applications place that has not been released?10:17
didrocksKaleo: which one?10:17
Kaleodidrocks: cause I observe a different behaviour here10:18
Kaleo"we don't show commands history before the first search" this one10:18
didrocksno, it's already the case10:18
njpatelI see that too10:18
njpatelit's like the model doesn't get updated until you send a search through10:18
Kaleonjpatel: you mean you concur with me or didrocks?10:18
didrocksnjpatel: well, it's done on purpose in fact, to be able to get just a "run comman" first10:18
didrocks(and so, the be different from the "dash" as it seems people feels it's similar)10:19
Kaleodidrocks: note that last time I checked the design, the dash's home screen is minimized by default10:22
Kaleodidrocks: meaning if you click the Ubuntu button you only get a search box10:22
didrocksKaleo: you still have "shortcuts" entry, isn't it?10:23
Kaleodidrocks: yes, there is a shortcuts button, that clicked will unfold the dahs10:23
didrocksso alt + F2 doesn't have it. Then, I think people triggering this knows that they will do something different from the dash10:24
didrocksbut well, if it's still not obvious by next release, I'll reask some design input then10:24
njpatelKaleo, with you10:25
Kaleonjpatel: ok10:25
Kaleodidrocks: so to be clear, alt+f2 shows an unfolded dash today10:25
didrocksdid you try on a fresh startup?10:25
Kaleodidrocks: no10:26
didrocksseems like you restarted with an old model10:26
njpatelKaleo, I fixed that over the weekend in Unity10:26
Kaleodidrocks: lets kill the daemon10:26
njpatelit shows up small now10:26
njpatel(still need to merge propose)10:26
didrocksKaleo: kill the daemon and then, restart unity10:26
Kaleonjpatel: for the home screen you mean? or in general when there is no search result?10:26
njpatelhold up10:27
njpatelKaleo, actually10:27
njpatelKaleo, home screen, global search and alt+f2, if your in a an actual place, then I leave it expanded10:27
didrocksnjpatel: hence my point, that will "somewhat" fix bug #734740, what do you think?10:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 734740 in unity "Dash: Alt-F2 gives no indication it is any different to using Super" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73474010:29
njpateldidrocks, oh, yeah, it feels different10:29
njpateldidrocks, also we need to fix the text so it says "Run a command", right?10:29
Kaleonjpatel: the behaviour sounds good10:31
Kaleonjpatel: now how did you achieve that? did you special case hard code the alt+f2 case?10:31
didrocksnjpatel: well, do you think it's needed?10:32
didrocksI have no strong opinion10:32
didrocksnjpatel: I can do it if needed (do you prefer subclassing the Dash class?)10:32
didrocksor adding a new entry in the .place file to override the command title?10:33
njpatelKaleo, yeah I check the ID of the entry for altf2. It sucks but it is a special case10:33
Kaleonjpatel: I would think a key in the service file could hint on the default behaviour10:33
Kaleodidrocks: how do we manage translations of the search box instructions?10:34
didrocksKaleo: Basically, I think it's wrong, we have "Search" and "Place name" IIRC10:35
didrocksshould be only one already10:35
dbarthapinheiro, rodrigo_: hey guys, quick check, what are the places / nux / whatever things still blocking you on your on bugs?10:35
Kaleodidrocks: right10:35
dbarthapinheiro, rodrigo_: as it's monday, i want to make sure that those get resolved early in the week to let you continue fixing things10:35
Kaleodidrocks: what about we remove the "Search" altogether that is hardcoded in the UI10:35
Kaleodidrocks: and then we let the place entry decide10:36
Kaleodidrocks: probably from the .place file10:36
didrocksnjpatel: thought? ^^10:36
didrockswould make sense to me10:36
didrockscan handle that if needed10:36
apinheirodbarth, Im more focused on those two bugs we were talking about, so in relation to the places I can't say if there is any blocker10:36
apinheiroI hope that not10:36
apinheiroalthough I was testing the dash keyboard navigation these days10:37
apinheiroand it seems better10:37
Kaleodidrocks: I think it's the only way to make proper l10n possible10:37
njpateldidrocks, yeah, that's fine, tell kamstrup  :)10:37
didrockskamstrup: I'll do a small change in places and unity so that the .places file decide what to put in the "search" entry10:38
didrockswill help l10n and altF210:38
Kaleodidrocks: we need a bug report and an update to the spec, do you want me to create it?10:39
Kaleo(the bug report)10:39
kamstrupdidrocks, njpatel, Kaleo: +110:39
didrocksKaleo: i'm updating bug #733897 for that right now :)10:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 733897 in unity (Ubuntu) "alt-f2 doesn't bring up an "Execute command" box" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73389710:40
didrocksKaleo: SearchField= is that ok for you?10:40
didrocksKaleo: nice :)10:40
didrockskamstrup: nice :)10:40
Kaleodidrocks: SearchInstructions?10:40
Kaleodidrocks: I have no strong opinion10:41
didrocks"Instructions" :/ don't really like this10:41
njpatelkamstrup, SearchHint?10:41
didrocksok, Hint ;)10:41
njpatelI win10:41
Kaleohint is good10:41
njpatelby proxy of being awesome10:41
didrocksnjpatel: ahah :)10:41
njpatelit happens, you lot will get there in due course10:41
* njpatel goes back to being awesome10:41
* didrocks hugs njpatel10:41
Kaleonjpatel: yeah do that, and fix bugs too :)10:41
* njpatel gives back an awesome hug to didrocks 10:42
njpatelKaleo, bug fixing is awesome, so I shall do that10:42
njpatelbut first, I need to do tech lead duties and round up the troops10:42
rodrigo_dbarth, not blocked on anything, just fixing my bugs now10:49
Kaleodidrocks: task assigned to nerochiaro who will take care of it this week10:51
didrocksKaleo: ok, great! :)10:52
didrocksI already committed and pushed the places10:52
didrockswill do the unity part later10:52
Kaleodidrocks: thanks10:54
Kaleodidrocks: don't forget the spec :)10:54
didrocksKaleo: yeah, on it ;)10:55
ronocmpt, here11:03
ronocmpt, yeah its a funny one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-sound/+bug/73328511:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 733285 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "Focus indication on playback controls is misleading" [Undecided,Incomplete]11:04
coz_  hey all11:27
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zniavrehttp://i.imgur.com/EwBjU.png   > this could be a bug ? what title can i suggeste in launchpad?13:04
humphreybcnjpatel, hi13:05
smspillazhi humphreybc13:05
smspillazseems like the invisible window bug you're getting right ?13:05
njpatelhumphreybc, hey13:05
njpatelthanks for joining13:06
humphreybcsmspillaz: You got a link to the bug report?13:06
humphreybcI'll read the description and see if it matches13:06
smspillazbug 70946113:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 709461 in unity "Application windows can sometimes fail to display and will mask regions of the screen" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70946113:06
smspillazthe imfamous one which I spent 14 hours straight trying to fix :/13:06
* smspillaz haet x1113:06
smspillazIf you have a window or a method that seems to particularly tickle it, that would be great to find out13:07
smspillazsince I cannot reproduce it at all13:07
humphreybcsmspillaz: yeah, that seems to be it13:07
smspillazok, please comment on the bug report anything you know about it13:07
smspillazxwininfo -root -tree13:07
humphreybcmost often the "window will open in the top left corner with top deco buried" is apport13:07
smspillazxwininfo on the "dead area"13:07
kklimondasmspillaz: how did that become an issue in Unity when it wasn't one before?13:07
smspillazand wmctrl -l13:07
smspillazkklimonda: it's a race condition in X1113:07
humphreybcand usually it's apport telling me compiz has crashed13:08
smspillazbasically it happens when windows appear and disappear before we get time to catch them13:08
smspillazhumphreybc: ok, interesting13:08
humphreybcsmspillaz: so that's the reason why I couldn't interact with some parts of Unity, because the invisible window was stealing focus?13:08
njpatelsmspillaz, it's flipping apport's window isn't it?13:08
kklimondasmspillaz: btw, I have two bugs I don't know how to report, or rather how to describe for the summary13:08
humphreybcAnd hence why indicators worked, because they are window independent13:08
kklimondasmspillaz: http://pastebin.com/0sSVP2ZJ - it also makes it hard to look for duplicate s:)13:09
smspillazhumphreybc: no, rather the window doesn't get managed since what is happening is that the window gets unmanaged compiz side (eg compiz doesn't know about it) and then shoved into the top right hand corner13:09
smspillazit's an incredibly annoying race condition13:09
humphreybcnjpatel: I take it you're running Unity?13:10
humphreybcup to date13:10
humphreybcAlt + F213:10
humphreybctype "ubuntu-bug"13:10
humphreybchit enter.13:10
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humphreybcDoes CCSM launch?13:10
njpatelhumphreybc, no, but it's because i fixed that bug yesterday :)13:10
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smspillazhumphreybc: note it all down in the bug report13:11
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smspillazhumphreybc: I haven't got time to look at it *right now* but I'll get on to it ASAP (I'm also a full time student and only work part time)13:11
humphreybcsmspillaz: Okay, I'll do some more playing around tomorrow to see if I can actually figure out what's causing it to happen13:11
smspillazcoolio, thanks heaps13:11
njpatelsmspillaz, apport?13:11
smspillazI will buy you cookies at UDS13:11
smspillaznjpatel: apport doesn't do it for me13:11
humphreybchah, that's if I get sponsored :)13:12
njpatelsmspillaz, alrighty13:12
humphreybchow can I force compiz to crash?13:12
smspillazhumphreybc: well, you won't see invisible windows in that case ;-)13:13
njpatelenable a plugin and unity plugin will crash compiz13:13
smspillazhumphreybc: kill -SEGV will do it though13:13
smspillazkillall -SIGSEGV compiz13:13
humphreybcSo the three times I've had this happen so far: 1) Talking on IRC with Joey, 2) Trying to launch that video I recorded on my phone in Totem by double clicking it in Nautilus and 3) Taking a screenshot by pressing the PRTSC key then waiting while nothing happened for 10 minutes, then screenshot window appears randomly13:14
smspillazwhat were you doing immediately before you did any of those ?13:14
humphreybcSorry, crashed compiz13:15
smspillazscreen+irssi == win :)13:15
humphreybcUmm.. Not sure. Just on Twitter. I'll try to reproduce tomorrow13:15
humphreybcAny idea why Chromium tabs weren't recognizing mouse clicks?13:16
humphreybcis that related?13:16
njpatelhumphreybc, what graphics card do you have?13:16
humphreybc(I take it you watched my mayday video)13:16
smspillazhumphreybc: same issue13:16
humphreybcnjpatel: on this laptop, an ATI Radeon HD260013:16
njpatelhmm, interesting13:16
njpatelhumphreybc, and your not getting good crash reports?13:16
humphreybcso it's... r600 I think? Running whatever drivers Natty comes with by default.13:16
smspillazhumphreybc: basically the invisible window is actually stacked on top X side13:17
smspillazhumphreybc: oh, when it happens13:17
smspillazI absolutely need you to send me three things13:17
smspillaz1) xwininfo -root -tree13:17
* humphreybc gets out a postit13:17
smspillaz2) xwininfo *click on the "dead area"*13:17
smspillaz3) wmctrl -l13:17
smspillazif I know that, then I'll know where to start looking13:17
humphreybcoh you guys know Nautilus crashes all the time, right?13:19
njpatelNope, dude wtf is going on with your system? :)13:20
njpatelhumphreybc, are all these crashes producing reports?13:20
humphreybcseriously, every time I open a nautilus window and close it, it crashes and reloads13:20
njpateland you have crash reports?13:20
humphreybcnjpatel: where should I be looking for reports? It's been... at least 12 months since I ever actually did any bug reporting.13:20
njpatelhumphreybc, you should be getting the window that says something crashed and asks if you want to report it13:21
humphreybcApport isn't doing much, no13:21
humphreybcnope, that's not happening at all13:21
njpateldidrocks, how can we make sure apport is working?13:21
humphreybcthe Nautilus thing is super reproducible though :)13:21
njpatelif we could get traces for the unity crashes then we'd have a chance of fixing13:21
tedgnjpatel, kill -SSEGV 113:21
* tedg is sad no one logged out13:22
njpatelno one trusts you13:22
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njpatelhumphreybc, ls /var/crash13:23
humphreybcnjpatel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/580123/13:24
njpatelalrighty so you have some crash report13:25
njpatelseb128, what can we do with /var/crash reports to make them useful again? I've forgotten :/13:25
tedgnjpatel, I think you can upload them to LP.13:25
humphreybcyay! I just launched Software Center and got an Apport window :)13:25
tedgnjpatel, Worse case you can turn them into backtraces.13:25
smspillazyeah sw center is a bit crashy right now13:26
* humphreybc sends the complete report at a whopping 34mb13:26
njpateltedg, turning them into backtraces would be nice13:26
tedgnjpatel, pastebin being slow... just a sec.13:26
didrocksnjpatel: seems that apport doesn't popup anymore, got that as well…13:26
tedgnjpatel, humphreybc, http://paste.ubuntu.com/580124/13:27
didrocksnjpatel: basically, rm /var/crash/*compiz*13:27
didrocksmake it crash13:27
didrocksthen, apport-bug -c /var/crach/*compiz*13:27
njpatelhumphreybc, ^13:27
humphreybcokay, two secs13:27
didrocksso that we are sure the crash is the one you just get :)13:27
njpatelawesome, thank you13:27
njpatelhumphreybc, thanks for debugging this with us, btw, much appreciated :)13:27
humphreybcnjpatel: no probs13:28
tedgI find being able to do the backtrace more useful in some cases as the retracers only like the built from archive current versions.  Any dev versions and they won't give a backtrace :(13:28
humphreybcthis is the SC bug I just reported using Apport13:28
ubot5Error: Bug 734830 is private13:28
humphreybcalso, screencast of Nautilus crashing: http://www.twitvid.com/AFMZW13:29
humphreybcnjpatel: tedg: didrocks: so what am I doing with that pastebin text?13:29
humphreybcor am I following didrocks' instructions13:29
njpatelhumphreybc, follow didrocks's instructions please, as that'll get you a bug13:30
njpatelso we can track13:30
njpatelted's instructiions are useful for me :)13:30
didrocksyeah, it will be retraced, and such :)13:30
didrockswe get extra candies as well of course :)13:30
humphreybcso, when you say "make it crash" i'm just... doing what?13:31
humphreybcI'm waiting for something bad to happen.13:31
humphreybcI'll try it on Nautilus because that's happening each time13:31
njpatellook at it ominously13:32
njpatelI swear earlier in the cycle I sneezed and compiz crashed13:32
njpatelDBO, !13:32
didrocksof course, it will only when you try to make it crashes you won't be able, typical :)13:32
humphreybc"The problem cannot be reported: The program crashed on an assertion failure, but the message could not be retrieved. Apport does not support reporting these crashes."13:32
DBOnjpatel, i blame you13:33
didrocksnjpatel: I didn't see a testcase with 1. starts unity 2. sneeze 3. *crash*13:33
njpatelhumphreybc, in a terminal do this: killall --9 nautilus; nautilus and then crash it and see what it prints out13:33
njpatelDBO, double paint? :)13:33
* njpatel wants to use all his monitors13:33
DBOnjpatel, almost, because of the way nux does clipping the original plan got more complicated13:34
DBOso now I have to do the math manually :P13:34
njpateloh noes, does your head hurt?13:34
humphreybcI get13:34
seb128_humphreybc, the stacktrace is in the .crash though, you can open the file with an editor and search for it or unpack the .crash13:34
njpatelDBO, seriously though, sweet, can't wait for that13:35
humphreybc(nautilus:12009): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_bus_unwatch_name: assertion `watcher_id > 0' failed13:35
njpatelcriticals shouldn't crash13:35
humphreybcjust after I launch nautilus in a terminal13:35
DBOnjpatel, on the upside, we are enabling other major optimizations for intel multi-monitor with nux for free this way13:35
humphreybcso killall --9 nautilus; nautilus13:35
njpatelDBO, most excellent :)13:36
humphreybcnjpatel: Nice work on Unity multi monitor support, btw. It actually worked for me.13:36
njpatelhumphreybc, and if you run it from a terminal like mentioned and then make it crash, does it print anything out13:36
humphreybc(I can count the things that work in Unity for me on one hand)13:36
njpatelhumphreybc, sweet, jay did the hard part I did the math :) DBO is going to fix the painting and I'm going to add better panel support in multi-monitor....hopefully all this week ;)13:37
humphreybcnjpatel: let me screencast so you can see exactly what's happening :)13:37
njpatelhumphreybc, coolio13:37
seb128_the warning is bug #72428513:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 724285 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "assertion failure: g_bus_unwatch_name: assertion `watcher_id > 0' failed" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72428513:37
seb128_but having a stacktrace would be useful on that bug13:37
njpateloh, I get the nautilus crash too13:38
njpateloh, and then u-w-d crashes13:38
njpatelwhat joy13:38
humphreybcgreat, that worked just how I wanted. Now to upload the video13:38
jcastrodidrocks: alright! new person over the weekend!13:41
didrocksjcastro: yeah, I saw that, it's excellent :)13:42
humphreybcjcastro: where'd s/he come from?13:42
jcastrono clue yet13:42
jcastrodidrocks: whom shall I poke for a review?13:42
didrocksjcastro: I'll deal with some reviews tomorrow personnally, not sure of gord and njpatel if they get some time before13:43
* humphreybc wonders what else he can crash in natty13:44
jcastrogord: njpatel: that would be hot if we could get at least the new one out of the way13:44
humphreybcbtw, njpatel, you never replied to my tweet about Cheese being a default app ;)13:44
njpatelhumphreybc, yep, get the same thing, seems like a normal alpha nautilus bug13:44
njpatelhumphreybc, didn't I? I'd love it to :)13:44
humphreybcI think we should bully Rick and Jason into it.13:44
njpatelif nothing else the icon on the launcher looks wonderful13:45
njpatelwe did it for UNR I believe13:45
humphreybcAlso, I've never, ever had a problem with it. It even recognized a Microsoft Lifecam!13:45
humphreybcYeah, I remember that13:45
zniavregood afternoon13:45
humphreybcit's like 3.5mb though13:45
zniavreany way to resize icon on unity-2d launcher please?13:45
humphreybcso worth it, I reckon13:45
didrockshumphreybc: raise that at UDS :)13:46
humphreybcdidrocks: Can do13:46
humphreybcnjpatel: What's your startup speed like for Unity?13:47
seb128_njpatel, there is no normal alpha nautilus bug can you get us a stacktrace?13:47
seb128_njpatel, nautilus didn't change this cycle since the GNOME version stay the same as in 10.1013:47
humphreybcI find the initial login quite slow (compared to "Ubuntu Classic Desktop")13:47
njpatelhumphreybc, very fast ,but my system is very fast, we'll be doing performance stuff nearer beta time13:48
kenvandinelightening fast on my t40013:48
njpatelseb128_, I can get a trace yeah13:48
tedgHeh, bazaar is using a bug tag named "ignore"13:48
seb128_njpatel, thanks13:48
tedg(they mean the ignore command, but it's still funny)13:48
njpatelseb128_, but not right now :)13:48
kenvandinetedg, i bet you have a few with that tag :)13:48
seb128_njpatel, ...13:48
* humphreybc thinks all Canonical developers should be forced to test on old hardware13:49
tedgkenvandine, Actually, that's how I saw it! :)13:49
kenvandinehumphreybc, i have a old slow netbook i test with, but didn't notice any slowness at login time last i tried13:49
njpatelseb128_, you want it now?13:49
didrockshumphreybc: don't worry, I bear that part :)13:49
humphreybcdidrocks: haha13:49
kenvandinebut unity seemed pretty good on it otherwise13:49
njpatelhumphreybc, I have old hardware too, hence I said that it needs work :)13:49
humphreybcUnity 2D is blazin'13:50
seb128_njpatel, well I'm curious to know what's going on, several people mentioned random nautilus crash that go away with rebuilds recently13:50
kenvandineintel classmate, 1st gen ... i945 video13:50
humphreybcUnity 2D even has a lovely wallpaper fade when you log in13:50
seb128_njpatel, but no need to be now no13:50
njpatelseb128_, yep, will do as soon as i have a spare minute13:50
seb128_njpatel, thanks13:50
seb128_it's likely ted's fault again13:50
humphreybcright, off to bed now. Bloody near 3am.13:51
njpatelhumphreybc, that's good, that's what it's for :) Though I'm sure we'll be better on i945 by release13:51
humphreybcAnyone want to come work at Ohso? I'm interviewing people for jobs tomorrow ;)13:51
njpatelIs it all web stuff? If so then no ;)13:51
humphreybcnjpatel: Yeah, mainly web stuff13:52
humphreybcintegration with Launchpad and Ask Ubuntu though13:52
humphreybcfun times :)13:52
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
humphreybcanyway, I'll jump back in here tomorrow and see how we go with this invisible window13:52
njpatelcoolio, thanks again!13:53
humphreybchave a swell day, chaps13:53
Cimiciao humphreybc :)13:53
njpatelseb128, http://paste.ubuntu.com/580133/13:55
seb128njpatel, can you put your stracktace with a comment saying what you do to get the crash on bug #72428513:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 724285 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "assertion failure: g_bus_unwatch_name: assertion `watcher_id > 0' failed" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72428513:57
seb128njpatel, thanks13:57
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lamalexare the indicators freaking out for anyone else?14:22
lamalexmy app menu keeps showing back in the window and the going away14:22
kamstrupnjpatel: ! if you wanna help me quench a long smoldering fire you review https://code.launchpad.net/~kamstrup/unity/localapps/+merge/53248 for me :-)14:32
kamstrupnjpatel: needs wine and u-p-a trunk if you want to test it...14:32
njpatelkamstrup, alrighty, I'm just testing something major for DBO right now so give me a bit of time :)14:34
kamstrupnjpatel: ok, just keep it on the radar for Thursday, other than that, there's no rush14:34
njpatelsweet,will do14:35
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aruiztedg, ping14:58
tedgHowdy aruiz14:59
aruiztedg, for some reason, the menubar doesn't notice when I unregister and register back15:01
aruiztedg, install lo-menubar, open a document, hit Ctrl+W and create a document again to see what I mean15:01
aruizthe items become unsensitive until I focus the window back and forth15:02
czajkowskiivanka: howdy15:02
czajkowskiiainfarrell: you mentioned the last day something about my circle of friends, if you have a better one, upload it to http://twibbon.com/Search?searchQuery=ubuntu15:02
tedgaruiz, Hmm, yeah.  It's probably a bug then...15:03
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ivankaczajkowski: hi there15:04
aruiztedg, should I file it myself?15:08
tedgaruiz, Uhm, yeah.  Please do.  Assign to me.  http://launchpad.net/indicator-appmenu/+filebug15:08
iloveubuntuhello. everyone!15:12
aruiztedg, can't assign to you for some reason15:16
* tedg is impervious to bugs!15:16
tedgI've been praying for this day to come.15:16
tedgaruiz, What's the number?15:16
tedgbug 73488015:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 734880 in Application Menu Indicator "The menubar does not update the information on a sudden Unregister/Register" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73488015:16
lamalexapinheiro, >:O15:17
lamalexyou did it again15:17
lamalextriage the bugs you file for your own work!15:17
apinheirolamalex, urgh15:17
lamalexit's ok15:18
lamalexi know you're used to bugzilla :P15:18
apinheirolamalex, well afair, on bugzilla you have also all that kind of information15:18
apinheirothat means that my behaviour would be wrong on both worlds :|15:19
apinheirolamalex, triagging my own bugs now15:19
lamalexyeah but it's standard practice to just leave bugzilla bugs as new forever15:19
apinheirolamalex, you already did it15:19
apinheirolamalex, again, sorry15:19
lamalexhow do i disable a11y15:20
lamalexi think i accidentally turned it on and it's making unity really unstable15:20
lamalexapinheiro, do you ever have the indicators constantly reloading?15:20
apinheirowell, about things going unstable15:21
apinheiroprobably it is bug 72982715:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 729827 in unity "at-spi-registry consumes most of the CPU and make the system unusable on Natty" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72982715:21
apinheiroand how to disable a11y15:21
apinheirosystem->preferences->assistive technologies15:21
apinheirobut you will require to logout15:22
lamalexah thanks15:22
lamalexthanks apinheiro, much better15:30
cyphermoxtedg, looking at bug 729150, what do you think of changing the fallback in libappindicator to use icon names for the GtkStatusIcon rather than building GIcon? both would end up being themed?15:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 729150 in libappindicator (Ubuntu) "nm-applet crashed with SIGSEGV" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72915015:30
tedgcyphermox, That should be fine now that seb128 backported the icon theme name thingy.15:31
apinheirolamalex, np, although that things goes better without a11y enabled is a bad thing :|15:31
tedgcyphermox, We just need to set that property on the icon.15:31
cyphermoxwhat property?15:31
tedgcyphermox, Uhm, just a sec.  Let me look.15:31
cyphermoxtedg, I have a branch ready to propose if you like15:32
tedgcyphermox, "use-fallback"15:32
tedgcyphermox, It make it so that it'll follow the icon naming spec with regards to fallbacks.15:33
tedgcyphermox, It's the reason we were using GIcon.15:33
cyphermoxmakes sense now why they had -panel suffixes15:33
tedgcyphermox, Yeah, we wanted to use the panel theme even if it fell back to the status area.  In general, that's not as much an issue now as we have no status area, but eh, seems like a good goal to keep :)15:36
cyphermoxtedg, use-fallback, where's that going? I can't find anything about it in code15:45
tedgcyphermox, It's in a patch15:48
tedgcyphermox, It should go on a GtkImage15:48
tedgcyphermox, It's in GTK3, seb128 just backported it for me.15:49
iloveubuntuDoes anyone know when the 0px borders Amb&Rad will return to Natty?16:01
lamalexwhere is the 3.6.4 milestone on lp?16:04
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rodrigo_njpatel, didrocks: can I get a 2nd review of https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/unity/fix-732049/+merge/53232 please?16:25
njpatelrodrigo_, +116:27
rodrigo_njpatel, cool, thanks, merging it now16:28
rodrigo_njpatel, can you approve it please on lp? :-D16:28
Cimijjardon, hi16:33
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njpatelrodrigo_, woops, sure16:38
njpatelbah, you've merged it already, no need :)16:39
rodrigo_njpatel, yes, sorry, just realized it was enough16:39
rodrigo_to get your approval on irc16:39
njpatelright :)16:39
rodrigo_njpatel, didrocks: is https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/732049 already targeted to the correct milestone?16:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 732049 in unity (Ubuntu) "Accessibility object parent-child hierarchy on unity panel-service is broken" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:40
didrocksrodrigo_: done16:41
rodrigo_didrocks, thanks16:41
didrocksyw :)16:41
njpatelrodrigo_, yep16:42
rodrigo_njpatel, didrocks: and last thing (for now :) -> a 2nd approval on https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/unity/fix-731651/+merge/53222 please?16:47
lamalexdidrocks, does unify add downstream tasks to upstream unity bugs?16:51
didrockslamalex: yeah16:51
njpatelrodrigo_, +117:01
rodrigo_njpatel, thanks17:01
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mpttedg, I've made a depressingly complex suggestion in bug 41279717:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 412797 in DBus Menu "Menu items disappear while the menu is open" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41279717:08
* tedg clicks cautiously17:09
apinheirodidrocks, one question, what means "NULL project" on the bugs at launchpad?17:17
didrocksapinheiro: those are the bug wrongly targeted against a package and then reassign to "nothing"17:17
apinheirodidrocks, so it is error bug 702672 being assigned to NULL project?17:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 702672 in unity "NuxUtilAccessible requires to implement support to key event listeners" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70267217:19
didrocksapinheiro: no, as long as there is an unity task, it's fine17:20
apinheirodidrocks, ok17:21
aruiztedg, ping18:08
tedgaruiz, pong18:09
aruiztedg, I've found how to fix the shortcuts :-)18:10
tedgaruiz, Wow, cool.  What was the format?18:10
aruiztedg, yeah, about that, I have a few questions18:10
aruizhave a look here18:10
aruiztedg, if you scroll down you'll see the values18:11
aruiztedg, I'm sorted with A-Z18:11
aruizand with the modifiers18:11
aruizbut I'm a bit stuck with the rest18:12
aruizI can always create a huge switch statement of course18:12
aruiztedg, do you have a table of the values expected by set_shortcut?18:13
tedgaruiz, Yeah, I imagine we'll have to at some level.  I don't think agateau and I talked about what the values should be for things like F keys and the such.18:13
aruizthat might explain the warnings18:13
tedgaruiz, Yeah, we just hadn't gotten to a case of needing them.18:14
aruiztedg, I think I'm going to need values for all the items in that table18:14
aruizI've seen Ctrl++18:14
aruizand some other weird things18:14
aruizplus you can customize them18:14
tedgagateau, Is it past your EOD?18:15
tedgaruiz, I'm not sure if agateau is around, we might have to discuss by e-mail.18:16
aruizI can leave stuff where it is18:16
tedgMake sure we get them working in unity-2d (Qt) as well.18:16
aruizmost of them are covered18:16
* aruiz tries18:16
desrtaruiz: oh no18:17
desrtaruiz: you've gone to the other side too now?18:18
aruizdereks, :P18:18
aruizdesrt, the other side?18:19
tedgdesrt, It's worse than that, Qt has more of a future than VCL -- and that's saying something!18:19
desrti wonder what VCL is18:19
desrtVCL, The Largest Furry/Anthropomorphic Artwork Site on the Internet.18:20
desrttedg: i didn't know you were into that stuff18:20
tedgVCL is LO's toolkit, no?18:20
jfikenvandine, Hello, for xchat are you displaying (unity launcher entry) the count of all unseen messages or restrict to private messages or private msgs + messages containing the user nickname?18:20
aruiztedg, yup it is18:21
desrtat the risk of looking like a complete moron: LO?18:22
tedgdesrt, LibreOffice18:22
kenvandinejfi, all unseen private + all unseen highlights18:23
jfikenvandine, ok, I am going to try to do have the same behaviour for pidgin too18:24
kenvandinewe did it in empathy as well18:25
jficould you be the reviewer for pidgin or should I ask somebody else?18:27
kenvandinei'd be happy to18:27
jfiok, thx, it will be very useful, pidgin is a lot more tricky than liferea18:29
jfiI did reuse the way the indicate stuff is being notify when conversation get focus, but it appears to be quite buggy:(18:31
kenvandinejfi, what does feedlist_get_unread_item_count () return if there no no unread?18:34
kenvandine0 or NULL?18:34
kenvandineand if it is 0, does that if statement work?18:34
jporsinikenvandine, 0, this function returns an int18:36
kenvandineok, thought so18:36
kenvandineand if 0 does fail in that if statement?18:37
* kenvandine has never tried that before18:37
jporsiniyou mean the if statement of ui_unity#ui_unity_update? yes, it will hide the launcher entry counter18:38
jporsinithat was your feedback of the review that I have integrated to be consistent:)18:38
kenvandineok, get an ack from the release team for the ffe and i'll upload it18:39
* kenvandine just approved the merge proposal18:39
kenvandinealso... when working on pidgin18:40
kenvandinein case you didn't notice, the indicator integration comes from pidgin-libnotify18:40
kenvandineso that would be the easiest place to look18:41
jfiyes, I saw it, I think that it will be nice to split code in 2 differents files18:41
kenvandinei have no opinions there18:41
jfiI have splitted the code for unity in a separate file18:41
kenvandinei just know it is a pita anytime i have to touch that package :)18:41
kenvandinenot in bzr and patches seem to apply weird18:41
* kenvandine can't recall why18:41
kenvandinedon't touch it often18:41
kenvandinebut it does have all the logic for clearing it at the right times and such18:42
jfiyes, the code is very complex, and I am quite sure that the focus stuff don't work correctly18:42
kenvandineor it should, i haven't used it in quite some time18:42
jfi"get an ack from the release team for the ffe and i'll upload it" what do I need to do for this ack?18:44
jfi... and what means "ffe"?18:47
ogra_feature freeze exception18:48
ogra_yu need to ask the release team for one18:48
jfiha ok, it seems to be described in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess, I will do it later this night, that's time for launch now!:)18:51
desrtogra_: that was borderline lolcat :)18:54
aruiztedg, kenvandine the recent menuitems problem is solved!19:08
aruiztedg, kenvandine seems it was a problem with LibreOffice, I apt-get upgraded and went away19:08
* kenvandine does a little dance19:08
aruizkenvandine, I'm doing a release19:08
* kenvandine looks forward to trying that out :)19:09
aruizI only need to fix all the shortcuts (most of them are working now already) and we are done19:09
* aruiz is VERY happy now19:09
czajkowskiaruiz: filling my inbox up! :)19:10
aruizczajkowski, :?19:12
czajkowskiaruiz: bug reports :)19:13
czajkowskikenvandine: upgraded to natty, gwibber is being a tad special on this machine again :(19:13
aruizclosing old stuff I just put there to keep in mind19:13
czajkowskiaruiz: tis all good :)19:13
kenvandineczajkowski, details please :)19:14
czajkowskikenvandine: it's making my fan go over time in spinning19:14
kenvandineczajkowski, is this the same laptop you had at UDS?19:18
czajkowskiI know :(19:19
kenvandinethis is good... trust me :)19:19
czajkowskiyou and I have different ideas of great19:19
kenvandinels -lh ~/.config/gwibber/gwibber.sqlite19:19
czajkowskiso far this is the 3rd thing to not go well since the upgrade19:20
czajkowskidid he just vanish...19:21
kenvandineczajkowski, ?19:26
czajkowskiyou vanished19:26
kenvandineyeah... disconnected19:26
kenvandinels -lh ~/.config/gwibber/gwibber.sqlite19:26
kenvandine how big is it?19:26
kenvandine i've been experimenting with compressing some of the data in the database, but haven't pushed it to gwibber yet19:26
kenvandine i think the db gets big enough that on slower machines disk access causes a bottleneck19:26
kenvandine and increases the load19:26
kenvandine mine is 178M19:26
kenvandinein case none of that made it19:26
kenvandineczajkowski, ^^19:27
czajkowskiposted to you19:27
czajkowskikenvandine: figured you ran away as I know how much you love my laptop :)19:27
kenvandineczajkowski, please file a bug for "database size gets too big and causes excessive load"19:29
kenvandinewith your size details in the comments please19:29
czajkowskimore annoying my pwd had changed but instead of telling me to go in and change the pwd it kept saying gwibebr crashed19:29
kenvandinei will finish up that optimzing work i started last week asap :)19:29
kenvandinethat is weird... shouldn't crash19:29
czajkowskigrand job when you want it tested give me a shout and will test it on here19:29
kenvandinemine is quite a bit smaller than your's but i suspect this was causing the performance problems some people have complained about19:31
kenvandinei need to compress the contents of the data field19:31
kenvandinewhich is just json, so compresses nicely19:31
kenvandinejust need to make sure everything that reads that data uncompresses it as well19:31
danjahi there19:39
danjaperhaps an unusual question for this channel, but does anybody know where to get WP there used at http://unity.ubuntu.com ?19:40
aruizway off topic don't you think? :-)19:40
danjawell, i do... however not sure whereelse to ask this19:41
aruizkenvandine, release done19:43
aruizkenvandine, damn!19:45
aruizit has stopped working19:45
aruizwhat the f*19:45
* aruiz wonders if he actually used the menubar or the application menu19:47
aruiztedg, to accept merges, do I need to ask for contribution agreement?19:50
tedgaruiz, In theory, yes.  But it seems like if we want this to get merged into LO eventually that's rather pointless.19:51
tedgaruiz, I'm guessing dbarth_ is at dinner now.  But we should run it by him.19:51
aruiztedg, okay, I have a guy asking with a merge request for a small bug (this bug is also pointless if we're going upstream anyway)19:53
aruiztedg, it's for the extension metadata19:53
tedgaruiz, Ah, okay.  You're in Europe, right?  I'd say grab dbarth_ in the morning and run it by him.19:54
aruizwill do19:55
kenvandinearuiz, working better here19:55
kenvandinecreating new docs puts them in a new window19:55
kenvandinerecent docs menu item still doesn't do anything19:56
kenvandineand still not using appmenu for the new document UI19:56
aruizkenvandine, I think I used the actual menubar (I have it enabled while debugging)19:56
aruizkenvandine, that one might not be fixable19:56
kenvandineotherwise my 30s of testing works19:56
aruizthe recent menuitem documents should be fixable19:57
aruizand if tedg fixes the issue with non A-Z shortcuts we are ready to go19:57
kenvandineso what's so special about that new docs wizard menus?19:57
kenvandinenot exposed to the extensions?19:58
kenvandinearuiz, any bugs closed in this release?20:00
aruizkenvandine, yes, give me a sec20:00
kenvandinebug 72066120:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 720661 in LibreOffice Menubar Extension "Shortcuts for entries are not present" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72066120:02
czajkowskiaruiz: kenvandine I know it's not really a topic for here, but to log a but how do I log a bug against the print screen button no longer working20:23
lamalexDBO, what source file is the code for dragging the launcher in?20:37
lamalexI need to add a ubus signal for drag start/drag end20:37
phiphiCan somebody help us on dbus with java and and accessing ayatana-elements like soundmenu or the mpris-MediaPlayer2 interfaces?20:38
kenvandineczajkowski, using unity on natty?20:39
czajkowskinatty upgrade last night20:39
kenvandinesomething is grabbing the keybinding20:39
kenvandineworks here20:39
kenvandineczajkowski, so it doesn't work in classic gnome either?20:39
czajkowskinot loged out to see20:39
czajkowskiloged in as a different user and it didt work for that either20:40
kenvandinedoes it work using gnome-screenshot?20:41
czajkowskihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/580286/ does through stuff out into the terminal though20:42
kenvandinethat's harmless20:43
kenvandinecheck with classic gnome20:43
kenvandineif it works there, file it against unity20:43
kenvandineor actually before file it20:43
kenvandinerun unity --reset20:43
kenvandineto reset the defaults20:43
kenvandineand test again in unity20:44
kenvandinethe new user should have been stock settings20:44
kenvandinebut just to be sure :)20:44
czajkowskiohh works on classic gnome20:44
phiphiHas somebody here experiences with java and dbus? We would like to control for example the Sound Menu. We can already access simple dbus-objects like tomboy and also nested interfaces like powermanagement/Backlight. But we have trouble using the MPRIS MediaPlayer2(.Player) Interface. Also we would like to know if and how it is possible to control the Sound-Menu. On Ubuntu 10.04 there was an interface to control the Volume, but with 10.10 there'20:48
phiphis no longer such an interface.20:48
lamalexphiphi, what do you mean control the sound menu?20:50
aruizkenvandine, heh, I think I've just figured out how to fix the recent items problem20:50
lamalexthe sound menu can't really be controlled, it's a controller20:50
lamalexyou're app implements the mpris spec, and then the soundmenu picks it up and it can control your app20:50
kenvandinearuiz, if you have a fix, i can distro patch it instead of doing a release20:50
aruizkenvandine, this is going to take a while though20:51
phiphibut if the sound menu can control the apps, we should be able to do it too20:51
kenvandinearuiz, ok, no worries :)20:51
aruizkenvandine, I want to make a 0.1.0 release when this and the shortcuts are fixed20:51
aruizkenvandine, I've lost hope on the main window thingie20:51
bdmurraylamalex: are upstream tasks still getting opened?  bug 733594 hasn't had one created for it20:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 733594 in unity (Ubuntu) "background not redrawn after screen rotation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73359420:54
lamalexbdmurray, script may not have ran?20:54
bdmurraylamalex: it was opened the 11th ...20:55
lamalexI'll make sure didrocks sees it20:57
bdmurrayokay, thanks20:59
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jcastrolamalex: hey, you're on default autohide on the launcher right?21:34
jcastrodoes it sometimes just decide "nope, won't autohide just yet" a little bit too long for you?21:34
Cimijjardon, I'm back online...21:40
jcastrohey Cimi21:47
jcastrodid you see my mail wrt. ayatana scrollbars?21:47
Cimijcastro, yep21:59
nhainesjcastro: when do those land?  :)22:01
jcastronhaines: cimi's the one to ask22:01
nhainesCimi: when do those land?  :)22:01
Ciminhaines, in main?22:01
nhainesCimi: yup.22:01
Ciminhaines, I dunno, but for sure before beta22:02
nhainesCimi: oh, it is planned for 11.04?  Cool, I got the impression we weren't seeing them until 11.10.22:02
nhainesExciting!  I'm looking forward to that change.  :)22:03
Ciminhaines, natty, yes22:03
Cimiif we'll fix all those issues22:03
nhainesWell, I'll cross my fingers, although I can wait until oneiric if I have to.22:03
DaekdroomWhat about windicators?22:07
DaekdroomAre they planned for oneiric?22:07
nhainesDaekdroom: I'm beginning to think that "planned" is a little strong of a word.  :)22:16
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AmaranthDaekdroom: I think windicators got replaced with "fits in the unity panel", honestly23:38
humphreybcShh don't mention windicators!!23:38
Daekdroomhumphreybc, the whole purpose of mentioning it is causing havoc.23:39
DaekdroomBecause really, I don't have any hopes of windicators becoming truth :P23:39
humphreybcI don't think anyone wants them to become a reality.23:39
OmegaOh look, activity!23:39
humphreybcAnyone /sane/ at least.23:39
AmaranthCan someone set https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/710271 back to triaged like it is for compiz?23:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 710271 in compiz (Ubuntu) "invisible window border problems" [High,Triaged]23:40
OmegaI have to read up on windicators again.23:40
Daekdroomand where would windicators fit anyway? Now that the title bar is in the panel when maximized, putting them with the appindicators could cause confusion.23:41
OmegaI suppose a seperator would be used23:45
humphreybcwould still be stupid23:46
humphreybcit was a dumb idea, you can't avoid it23:46
OmegaThat seemed to me like a good use of it.23:52

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