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Roasted_Why is it when I use the profile editor it tanks my ICEauthority file15:35
Roasted_all I get are errors15:35
doctormohighvoltage: ping18:47
highvoltagedoctormo: pong18:50
doctormohighvoltage: Are you writing a blog post?18:51
highvoltagedoctormo: yes, at least... planning to :)18:57
highvoltage(or at least, I have a draft blog entry that I'll probably finish today/tomorrow)18:57
doctormohighvoltage: My irc is a little flaky, I didn't know if you responded to me or not19:45
highvoltagedoctormo: yes20:13
doctormohighvoltage: Can you repeat what you said?20:34
highvoltagedoctormo: I said yes21:06
highvoltage14:53 < doctormo> highvoltage: Are you writing a blog post?21:06
doctormohighvoltage: Ah right, doezy me21:07
highvoltagedoctormo: It's a draft, will probably publish it by tomorrow, but if you want to beat me to it... then feel free to do so21:07
doctormohighvoltage: No, I've published on deviantart, that's enough for me. you got the svg right?\21:08
highvoltagedoctormo: yep, it takes a while to open in inkscape :)21:09
doctormohighvoltage: it does, 2gb ram is important21:10
highvoltageonly seems to use 200MB here, but I guess it depends how much undo history you keep and stuff like that21:12
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