afiestasunitylogger: that's unity-2d:s?00:47
afiestashttp://i.imgur.com/uKH3J.jpg <--talking about this00:47
afiestasthe window got shadow :/?00:47
JontheEchidnadebfx: yeah, and the fix is in bzr. I just haven't done a release of quickaccess in forever00:56
nixternalonly the launcher is qt right, not the entire unity-2d?01:25
nixternalnope, it is all qt. apt-cache ftw :)01:25
nixternalthough, it deps on metacity :/01:26
DarkwingDuckYou playing with Unity nixternal?01:26
DarkwingDuckI can't get it to show it in virtual box01:26
nixternalnot to shabby to be honest. i kind of like the simplicity01:26
DarkwingDuckand I'm not bothering to install it.01:26
nixternalDarkwingDuck: that's cuz you need to use unity-2d :)01:26
DarkwingDuckYeah meh01:27
nixternalunity-2d is qt though01:27
DarkwingDuckSame... meh01:27
DarkwingDuckOh nixternal you work with kubuntu bugs much?01:27
nixternalhaven't in a year, but i am going to start just as soon as i get a new dev machine01:27
DarkwingDuckI'm taking unitylogger idea of Kubuntu Starship Troopers and I'm going to run with it.01:28
nixternalwth is that? 01:28
DarkwingDuckSpent a lot of time talking to bug squad and yofel last night about it01:28
DarkwingDuckStarship Troopers... bug squashing01:29
DarkwingDuckGet a system going for kubuntu bugs. including filing a but with kde where needed.01:29
DarkwingDucklittle play on... nevermind01:29
nixternalJontheEchidna used to be the Starship Troopers then :)01:29
DarkwingDuckI want to build a bit of structure to it.01:30
nixternali almost had to mark JontheEchidna as a spammer because i would get way to many bug emails he was touching, fixing, and closing01:30
DarkwingDuckYeah... after April 7th I'm kicking it off.01:31
* DarkwingDuck mutters01:31
DarkwingDuckHow many fixes did you have nixternal?01:31
nixternalwhen i was active, a bunch. you can see how active i am, my karma is a whopping 85 :p01:32
DarkwingDuckNo, I meant on the missing lappy01:32
nixternalback then though there was just Riddell, me, tonio, hobbsee, and another person or 2 who had access to KDE svn, so we were some fixin' mofos back then01:33
DarkwingDuckI figured the bug thingie will give me something to do the other 48 weeks a year.01:33
DarkwingDuckThat and Kubuntu Community stuff.01:33
nixternaloh, ported all of the build stuff to cmake, which shrunk the package a little, stuff on development, such as adding a section about setting up an android environment, some office stuff I think, printing crap01:34
DarkwingDuckoh nixternal... had a question. exporting the docs to html... how hard?01:34
nixternalexport them to where?01:36
nixternali lost that work too I think, as I don't remember committing them. docs2kubuntu.org01:36
DarkwingDuckThe XML to HTML01:37
nixternalmake all01:37
DarkwingDuckAnother project I'm building.01:37
nixternaltake a look at the make file01:37
DarkwingDuckWe will be adding video tutorials and screenshots there too01:37
nixternalyeah, for that you need to have the css, custom html headers, and such01:37
DarkwingDuckI've been playing with web still since '9601:38
nixternalunless we just setup a file that includes('each-help-file.html') which gets to be a pain01:38
DarkwingDuckI'll just build the docs and push out to the site01:38
nixternalbuilding out docbook to a website is silly, need to have some sort of framework that can read the directories and generate the layout for us01:38
nixternallike we used to do on docs.ubuntu.com01:38
DarkwingDuckSo I'll build one.01:39
nixternalyou have to fix all of the links01:39
DarkwingDuckI need to include many other things too.01:39
DarkwingDuckNaww, it'll do that.01:39
* DarkwingDuck has a plan <EG>01:39
nixternalall links in docs are help://01:39
nixternalhelp:/ rather01:39
nixternali had a script that did this all already01:39
nixternaldon't know if i ever committed it or not though01:39
DarkwingDuckWhere would you have committed it at?01:40
nixternalto a docs branch01:40
nixternalno, i didn't push anything there01:40
DarkwingDuckOh joy.01:40
* DarkwingDuck goes LP digging01:40
nixternalif i did push it prior, then it should be in the latest branch01:40
DarkwingDuckWhat's the translate script do?01:41
nixternalfor when you pull in translations. you have to run that on all of the pot files, then go through and manually fix every document :/01:42
DarkwingDuckahhhhh. bugger01:42
nixternalit is, a royal pain in the ass01:42
nixternalit would seriously take me a couple of days of constant hacking to get translations built into a package01:42
nixternaland that was all day hacking, probably 15 hours or more01:43
DarkwingDuckBut, it needs to be done after the tranlations are out right?01:43
nixternali can't believe i used to build packages on this machine like 4 years ago :)01:44
DarkwingDuckOkay, after the tranlastions come back can you give me a 101 on how to do that?01:44
DarkwingDuckIf I get it once I'll be good.01:44
nixternaloh, i could build on my server though, but that is a pain in the ass, as i would have to download them back to the machine and test with khc01:44
DarkwingDuckOr, write it down?01:44
nixternali have to give myself a 101 on how to do them again01:44
nixternalbeen a while01:44
nixternalthat's something i need to rewrite one of these days, and come up with the proper way of doing translations, and not the old ubuntu-docs way01:45
DarkwingDuckWhat, we do translations ourselves?01:46
nixternali feel we need to possibly think up a new doc layout too and add just important stuff. there is stuff in our docs that just doesn't belong, besides being a little outdated, and so much stuff we need to add01:46
* DarkwingDuck nods01:46
nixternalno, we download the translation tarballs for each doc from LP01:46
DarkwingDucknixternal: mallard?01:46
nixternalthen we used that script to import them into our docs branch, then the Makefile would build the translated docs as well01:47
nixternalwe don't have any mallard support01:47
ScottKIsn't mallard Gnome stuff anyway?01:47
DarkwingDuckIt is but, mallard is actually a really really awesome way of doing things.01:47
nixternaland i am not so much in the mood to rewrite khc to be honest. i wish i had been a bit more active a couple of months ago, because i would have put that up for a GSoC project01:47
nixternalScottK: shaun from gnome created the spec yes, but it can be cross platform if we added the spec to khc/konqi/wtfever01:48
DarkwingDuckScottK: the issue with the argument of "upstream docs are docbook" is null IMO. The licences between KDE Docs and Kubuntu Docs don't match01:48
DarkwingDuckWe use CC and they don't01:48
DarkwingDuckI would LOVE to inport and mix the docs01:49
DarkwingDuckMake things sooooooo nice01:49
nixternalyeah, that is a mess. cc is nice, but the whole it doesn't play nice with the gfdl sucks01:50
nixternalwish we could just do 2 licenses, but that isn't possible unfortunately01:50
nixternali could care less, it should be public domain anyways01:51
DarkwingDuckAnd the doc team would have a heart attack if we switched just the kubuntu docs01:51
nixternaleveryone is treating it that way01:51
DarkwingDuckOh I know01:51
nixternalyou know how many ubuntu books are being sold at the local bookstore where all of the information came from either the official ubuntu book, wikipedia, or help.ubuntu.com? all of them!01:51
DarkwingDuckOh I know01:52
nixternalis that all you can say now :p01:52
nixternalcome on, hit that up arrow and press enter :p01:52
DarkwingDuckI did ;)01:52
nixternali did that yesterday in the chicago channels telling them to keep a lookout for my laptop01:52
nixternalonly problem is, i couldn't speak english nor spell remotely correctly01:52
DarkwingDuckOh joy01:53
nixternalso people were doing, "Huh? why should we look for a laptop for you? find one yourself!" :)01:53
DarkwingDuckI think it's funny I made it to a nixternal blog post.01:53
nixternallucky for you i wasn't cussing you then :p01:53
DarkwingDuckOh I know.01:53
nixternalhahaha, ass01:53
nixternalup, up, up, up, up, up, enter01:53
DarkwingDuckActually I don't think I have gotten on your bad side.01:54
DarkwingDuckNo... there is a . at the end of that last one.01:54
ScottKnixternal: We ought to have a license compatible with the upstream docs license (even if it means dual license) so that stuff that should rather be in their docs can land there.01:54
nixternalnobody in the community really has to be honest01:54
DarkwingDuckScottK: +1,000,000,000,000,00001:54
nixternalScottK: we would have to be gfdl, that's the only compaitble license for upstream01:54
nixternalif we were gfdl, then we couldn't use docs from the wiki then01:54
nixternalwell you can, you just have to reword everything, constructive plagerism :)01:54
nixternalshow me a writer who hasn't :)01:55
DarkwingDuckCan we dual licence with gfdl and CC?01:55
nixternalcc & gnu == enemies01:55
nixternalyou used to be able to with cc-by-sa 2.001:55
nixternal2.5 came around and gnu said no more01:55
DarkwingDuckToo bad we don't have anyone who works on upstream docs that could talk to someone01:56
* DarkwingDuck looks at nixternal 01:56
nixternalonly reason everything was switched over to cc in the first place, is because of the anti-hippy mdke :p01:56
DarkwingDuckmdke.... 01:56
* DarkwingDuck sighs01:56
* DarkwingDuck goes down to the copyright office to copyright all of his work :P:P01:57
nixternalit isn't a huge thing to be honest. we have stuff in our docs we need to shove upstream and remove from our docs. we are the authors of it, so we can change the license if we want, i could care less if it says Copyright (c) The Ubuntu Documentation Project01:57
DarkwingDuckLet's toss another kink into the chain why don't we01:57
DarkwingDuckI agree... I don't know why we can't change our licences01:57
DarkwingDuckother then mdke would have a heart attack01:58
nixternalwell, to be honest, cc-by-sa is way better than the gfdl01:58
ScottKEverything is copyright whoever wrote it less a formal copyright transfer anyway.01:58
nixternalwith the gfdl you have to be careful with certain sections01:58
ScottKCopyright (c) The Ubuntu Documentation Project is unlikely to be legally meaningful.01:58
nixternalScottK: plus if i were to write it in the upstream docs and commit it, nobody would say a darn thing01:58
ScottKPlease stay away from gfdl invariant stuff.01:58
DarkwingDuckI know ScottK 01:59
nixternalthat is the whole reason why the UDP ran away from the gfdl01:59
DarkwingDuckI'm just frustrated01:59
nixternalthough nobody could explain correctly what the hell invariant sections meant, not even the debian legal peeps01:59
nixternalor they would explain it in a way they only understood01:59
ScottKWell FSF is just kind of insane in the brain. Freedom to modify and reuse is essential except it's essential to not allow that in documentation.02:00
nixternalDarkwingDuck: what are you frustrated with? we don't need to be bringing in stuff from kde docs into kubuntu docs anyways02:00
DarkwingDuckbbiab... I have to chair a Loco meeting02:00
nixternalif there is something in our docs that would benefit everyone using kde, then we need to incorporate that upstream02:00
nixternalthen we just link to it with help:/go-here02:00
nixternalmuch less writing and management for us then02:00
nixternalScottK: yeah, and why they never updated the gfdl when they updated every other license is beyond me02:01
nixternalholy hell, packaging has changed quite a bit in the past year for us hasn't it :)02:03
nixternalmuch easier to maintain, that's for sure, but different from my cdbs loving days of old02:04
ScottKMeh.  The only thing you can say about cdbs is it's not yada.02:05
ScottKI'm waiting for the Canonical management types to get to work on Monday and then read the planet.02:06
DarkwingDuckOhhhh, loco meetings are like watching grasshoppers02:11
nixternalwhat am i missing on the planet? i have to be overlooking that one post02:11
nixternalwhy does the schooltool icon portray what looks like a zebra taking a dump?02:12
ScottKhttps://skitterman.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/business-value-of-goodwill/ is the one I was thinking of.02:13
nigelbScottK: :)02:13
nigelbScottK: that expects the buisness types to actually read the planet.02:14
ScottKNot really, but there are managers that do.02:14
nixternalScottK: such a little post, and will you get a hackergotchi already! i don't take the default icons to seriously :)02:14
ScottKNobody wants to look at my ugly face.  You've already used up Kubuntu's quota.02:15
nixternaloh you ass02:18
nixternalthat's why i have on sunglasses and a cycling helmet, hoping to hide some of that ugliness02:18
ScottKIt leaks through ...02:19
ScottKCareful, you've got me started.02:19
nigelboh, nixternal, did you group your new nickname? ;)02:19
nigelbdarn, someone else already took it02:19
nixternalwhat is my new nickname?02:20
nixternali can't remember it now02:20
nigelbmupett ;)02:20
* nigelb runs02:20
nixternaloh, that is sabdfl's nickname02:20
ScottKThe most interesting benefit of the Ayatana project to me is that there's now a lot less complaining Canonical doesn't invest more in KDE.02:21
DarkwingDuckSomeone tell me... why am I a lead in my loco?02:41
ScottK'cause your an idiot?02:41
nixternalcuz you got suckered you silly little muppet! :p02:41
* ScottK high fives nixternal.02:42
DarkwingDuckThese grasshoppers....02:42
DarkwingDuckI am not doing this again LOL02:42
nixternalsee, i take all of the glory in being chicago's leader, when truth be told, nhandler does everything :p02:42
DarkwingDuckHowever, I'll be dropping it at the next elections to take up more Kubuntu Community stuff02:42
DarkwingDuckWell, it's nice that we have 3 people for California.02:43
nixternalhe is my muppet!02:43
DarkwingDuckTwo are in the Bay area02:43
DarkwingDuckand I'm alone for southern cali02:43
nixternalwhat about jono? isn't he like a community god or something? :p02:43
DarkwingDuckHe is in bay area and leaves of alone02:43
ScottKnixternal: 'or something'02:44
nixternalno comment02:45
nixternalfrack, i am hungry and tired at the same time02:45
ScottKA couple of years ago I was in SF on a business trip and ran into him on the BART.  It was pretty odd.02:45
DarkwingDuckOh yeah.... you should have seen the convo we had about getting some kubuntu stuff in the store02:45
nixternalthat whole jumping ahead an hour screwed me over02:45
nixternali just looked at the store, holy hell could the prices be any higher? shit, half the stuff the shipping costs more than the item02:45
nigelbAh, DST.02:45
DarkwingDuckI HATE DST02:46
* ScottK hands nixternal http://kitenet.net/~joey/blog/entry/JEST_results/02:46
nigelbI hate timezones :\02:46
DarkwingDuckirssi is now set to UTC.02:47
DarkwingDuckand I'm about to start doing everything in UTC and make everyone else do the math02:48
nixternalmy bios is utc, that's about it :)02:48
nixternaloh lord, pi day tomorrow, or in a couple of hours. here come the shitty blog posts02:48
nixternalthough they can't be any shittier than mine02:48
nigelbNo, not really :p02:49
nixternalhaha, ass02:49
nixternaleyelids are heavy, must....resist....sleep02:51
DarkwingDuckPhew, that's over with02:51
nhandlernixternal: Who are you calling your muppet? ;)03:07
ScottKNo, I think sabdfl called him a muppet in one of his recent blog posts.03:09
nigelbnhandler: lol03:36
unityloggerafiestas: no, that is unity08:40
Daskreechunitylogger: Brilliance!08:40
DaskreechWe can name the KDE port of Unity DisKord08:40
* unitylogger blinks and goes :O08:41
unitylogger!find libv4l2.h10:29
ubottuFile libv4l2.h found in libv4l-dev10:29
Riddellkunal: I got kwin to compiles with gles10:56
Riddelljust needs set(KDE_MIN_VERSION "4.6.1")  changed in the top CMakeLists.txt10:56
kunalRiddell: i tried that, it gives error in plasma api10:57
Riddellkunal: I only compiled kwin, not the rest of kde-workspace10:58
Riddellhowever it breaks on running  KWin: The library /usr/lib/kde4/kwin3_oxygen.so is not a KWin plugin.10:58
Riddellso probably we should ask upstream mgrasslin about that10:59
kunalRiddell: ok11:04
kunalRiddell: how to contact him 11:06
Riddellkunal: he pops up on IRC most days11:08
kunalRiddell: ok, the work i started with kdelibs to 4.6.40 any solutions for that11:09
Riddellkunal: we really want to avoid packaging unstable kdelibs if we can11:09
kunalRiddell: ok, mgrasslin is in which time zone11:10
Riddellyou can adjust all the .install files until they match but it's an unstable version so it won't be guaranteed to work never mind be ABI compatible etc11:10
Riddellhe's in Germany11:10
kunalRiddell: ok, i'll try11:13
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nigelbfor all those of you who say DST suck --> http://twitter.com/#!/noufalibrahim/status/4727629602319155212:52
steveireHow do I file a task to patch akonadi in kubuntu? Bug against launchpad.net/akonadi?12:54
steveireGit patch linked here: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.kde.devel.pim/29862/focus=29949 Makes kdepim actually usable12:55
ScottKsteveire: Bug against launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/akonadi.13:11
steveireOk, thanks.13:14
steveireI'm glad that redirect thing is not there anymore when you click file bug. :)13:19
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Daskreechsabdfl: ping15:31
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ScottKIt would be nice if someone could work on Bug 61268217:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 612682 in kvirc (Ubuntu) "KVIrc security release 4.0.2 avaible" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61268217:20
QuintasanScottK: Do you have any idea how often Planet polls blogs for new posts?17:38
ScottKI think ~10 minutes, but  that's a guess.17:39
QuintasanHmm, strange17:39
yofelQuintasan: I did see your post on the planet17:40
yofelat least on RSS17:40
QuintasanRepeat this please :D17:41
ScottKQuintasan: I saw that one too.17:42
QuintasanSeriously? I can't see it :O17:42
yofeldone ;)17:43
DaskreechQuintasan: To who? 17:44
DaskreechYou covered every possible person who would be interested17:44
ScottKQuintasan: It's on the web site. http://planet.ubuntu.com/17:46
QuintasanScottK: Well, I'm saying I can't see it there, but if two people say it is I have to believe :)17:47
QuintasanBut well, it's about the time I start doing my homework17:48
DaskreechQuintasan: just got it on Choqok :)17:52
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nixternalQuintasan: does neon build kde* on mondays? Is it possible to have the build service not build on certain days? mondays are 'break libs day' :)21:44
yofelnot really, the recipe builds as soon as the source imports get changes from git, but not more than ever 24h21:46
yofelthere aren't any schedule settings there21:46
=== unitylogger is now known as gnomeshellogger
yofelgnomeshellogger: how's it so far?21:47
gnomeshelloggerincredibly insanely broken21:48
gnomeshelloggerI thought unity was bad21:48
gnomeshelloggerbut this is something else!21:48
nixternalgnomeshellogger: haha, you can't even logout or shutdown in there, and none of the buttons work for anything21:49
Daskreechnixternal: Yeah it's noted on the Gnome wiki21:49
DaskreechInit 0 is the recommended way to shutdown21:49
Daskreechor reboot from root21:50
nixternalwho is the sucker who took on packaging kvirc? that was one of the shittiest debian packages ever once upon a time, and i am guessing it still is21:50
gnomeshelloggernixternal: it is like a mockup really21:50
gnomeshelloggera live mockup21:50
gnomeshelloggervery nice21:50
yofelhm, better or worse than KDE 4.0 ?21:51
gnomeshelloggernot exactly what you would expect with the version number21:51
gnomeshelloggerbut I am used to that ^^21:51
gnomeshelloggeryofel: currently worse21:51
gnomeshelloggerbut since brekage is pretty much limited to gnome-shell I would argue it is not as bad on a global scale21:51
gnomeshelloggerOTOH shit is crashing like mad21:51
nixternalkde 4.0 was at least usable :D21:53
Daskreechnixternal: Apps changed a lot though21:54
leimyI'll try not to mention the evil "d" word here :-)21:54
nixternalbah, gnomeshellogger is using gnome shell. for some reason i was thinking unity-2d. gnome shell worked for me, though i wasn't using the ubuntu packages, i tried it on fedora21:55
gnomeshelloggerkde 3.60 was also usable, no one believed me when I told them21:55
gnomeshelloggerin fact it was more usable than 4.021:55
gnomeshelloggerbut that is a story for another time21:55
gnomeshelloggernixternal: of the 3 unity-2d is actually working most reliable21:55
leimyIs there a good pointer to a document or something that can show me how the kubuntu release candidates get built?21:55
leimyI'm interested in the process.21:56
gnomeshelloggernixternal: only you got no logout button and the me and sound menu goodness is missing21:56
nixternalgnomeshellogger: i take it you haven't tried unity as of late? you can't do shit with it, you can't search apps, you can't shutdown/logout/reboot. you can only click on the buttons in the left hand launcher and pray that they work21:56
gnomeshelloggerleimy: unfortunately there is not21:56
* gnomeshellogger looks for his fluffy notes21:56
nixternalnow windows 7 on the other hand. mmm mmm goodness :p21:57
gnomeshelloggerno idea where that is21:57
gnomeshelloggerleimy: debian-cd is involved, that much I remember21:58
gnomeshelloggerleimy: well, basically it is a whole bunch of scripts + a file that describes what gets put in the ISO22:00
* gnomeshellogger sorta oversimplified things ^^22:00
leimyThat's a good start :-)22:00
leimyI was looking at remastersys.22:00
gnomeshelloggerah right22:00
gnomeshelloggerubuntu-cdimage is also involved22:00
* gnomeshellogger seems to think there was a third tool at least22:00
nixternali used to make my own ubuntu images back in the day. i used the stuff through gnusense. so much easier22:01
gnomeshelloggerah 22:01
gnomeshelloggerwell, I think that is about the core of it22:02
gnomeshelloggeron top of that you stack a couple of seed files22:02
leimyCool thank you both.22:02
gnomeshelloggerand get an archive mirror22:02
gnomeshelloggerand mess about with some of the scripts of the tools to match your flavor22:03
gnomeshelloggerand then maybe after a week you can build an iso22:03
gnomeshellogger(which will then only take a few minutes though ^^)22:03
leimyYeah... 22:03
gnomeshelloggerleimy: hence derivate is not an appropriate word as kubuntu does not derive from anything but build a system based on ubuntu foundations :)22:04
Daskreechhi rbelem22:07
DaskreechHi rickspencer322:07
Riddellmgraesslin: yo22:07
rickspencer3hi Daskreech22:07
Riddellmgraesslin: one of the Linaro folks is wanting to have kwin with openGLES packaged, is this at all sane?22:08
Daskreechrickspencer3: How goes?22:08
rickspencer3Daskreech, decently22:09
leimygnomeshellogger: Well what I was looking at was ubuntu claiming they were themselves a debian derivative. :-)22:09
leimyAs in "derived from" or  "based upon"22:09
gnomeshelloggerubuntu is derived :P22:09
leimybut this is really a semantic argument :-)22:09
gnomeshelloggerwe take their plunder and add our stuff and sell it as our plunder22:09
nixternali just need about $800 to reach my laptop fund goal. come on consulting gigs, you gotta pick up soon, i need some cash flow for my pockets, not just my damn bills :)22:09
Daskreechleimy: It is derived from Debian but so is Kubuntu22:10
leimyright... it's like a family tree.22:10
gnomeshelloggernixternal: you can always become a hooker I suppose?22:10
nixternalhttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8c/Gldt.svg  <- leimy there is the family tree for linux :)22:11
nixternalgnomeshellogger: i am trying that, guess i am not as secksi as i though22:11
Daskreechgnomeshellogger: that doesn't pay as well as you would think22:11
Daskreechleimy: this is academic interest or you want to actually do something?22:12
gnomeshelloggernixternal: well, put on some makeup...22:12
nixternalmaybe i can get sabdfl to open up his pocket book and get me a new dev lappy, i figured i have earned it over the past 5 years22:13
leimyDaskreech: We might use it as a distribution internally at work to simplify some VMs or something.  NOt sure yet.22:13
leimyWhat I really ultimately would like to have is a 64bit version of something like Ubuntu JeOS, but they're only 32bit.22:13
Daskreechleimy: I woudln't go the route of a distro unless you want to make code changes22:13
Daskreechleimy: Just rebuild their sources22:13
nixternalleimy: the ubuntu alternate cds allow you to install jeos (ie minimum install or something)22:14
gnomeshelloggernixternal: you mean like 3 years :P22:14
gnomeshelloggernixternal: indeed you could write a letter to the dictator22:14
nixternali have still done stuff, and even in that 3 years i did more than you fool :p22:14
gnomeshelloggerand if that fails you can always complain to the BBC22:14
nixternal4 years, only been taking a break since last summer22:14
leimynixternal: Ah, I thought I had to specifically get JeOS.  Thanks!22:14
gnomeshelloggernixternal: yeah yeah :P22:14
nixternalno, wait a second, this is my 6th year here22:14
nixternalit is 2011, started in 200522:15
leimyDaskreech: we might need to make some code changes eventually, but that's also not clear.  I'm tasked with "exploring the options"  :-)22:15
Daskreechleimy: start off with working with a distro to customize post install. 22:15
Daskreechare you using KDE on the desktop?22:15
leimyNot yet.  In fact these will most likely end up mostly "headless" and more of a server system.22:16
leimyI was mostly intersted in how Kubuntu was born and what processes they used to make their changes and keep things repeatable.22:16
DaskreechLots and lots of scripts and build tests22:16
DaskreechMostly sweat22:17
Daskreechand ninjas22:17
gnomeshelloggerone day ubuntu and debian got drunk22:17
gnomeshelloggerand spent the night together22:17
gnomeshelloggerover at KDE's place22:17
gnomeshellogger9 months later Kubuntu was born22:17
leimyah... so it was an "organic" process? :-)22:17
Daskreechsomehow Riddell is the legal caretaker22:17
nixternalno, kubuntu was adopted, aka step-child :p22:17
nixternalor wait, that wouldn't be a step child, there had to be a 3rd party involved22:18
DaskreechThat explains the hair!22:18
leimyThis sounds a lot like the first time we figured out how to build OpenDarwin :-)22:18
leimyfrom Apple's sources.22:18
gnomeshelloggernixternal: some muppet calls kubuntu22:19
Daskreechleimy: Something like that except we have ninja handholders22:19
DaskreechSo delicate you don't even know they are there22:19
DaskreechSo don't complain if you dont see any help :)22:19
gnomeshelloggernixternal: so, tell me mister long time developer, when is the feature freeze of the next youbuntoo?22:19
gnomeshelloggeralso we will get starship troopers I hear22:20
nixternalgnomeshellogger: July 21st22:21
gnomeshelloggerthat cannot be right22:21
nixternalthe next youbuntoo is oneiric22:21
gnomeshelloggergnome-shell is already very stable must be released soonish I bet22:22
nixternalnatty freeze was almost a month ago22:22
gnomeshelloggerthat is unfortunate for you then22:22
gnomeshelloggerphonon 4.5 is coming22:22
macooh right. dang. gotta fix that build breakage...  (annoying: build succeeds! by just ignoring that a step failed! so code goes crashy boom!)22:22
gnomeshelloggerwith all the sexy things22:22
gnomeshelloggermaco: that sounds like fun22:23
nixternalgnomeshellogger: why is it unfortunate for me? make sense now damnit! :p22:23
gnomeshelloggeryou the youbuntoo people22:23
gnomeshelloggerand your usb disk creator for windows is busted22:23
ScottKOnce Qt is built on armel, the ubuntu-arm/linaro guys are going to rebuild KDE with gcc-4.5.22:24
ScottKSo please pay attention to what they're doing and coordinate any needed uploads over the next couple of days.22:25
* gnomeshellogger is scared22:25
=== gnomeshellogger is now known as TheHarald
TheHaraldmarkey: are you the happy?22:26
markeysort of22:26
TheHaraldmarkey: http://www.shermann.name/2011/03/some-muppet-calls-kubuntu.html22:26
markeywould like to party with Eva22:26
TheHaraldwho is eva?22:27
markeyfriend of an office mate. went partying on Friday with our crazy Brits from HR, and she was there too22:27
markeywas a fun night :)22:28
TheHaraldmarkey: we never have fun nights anymore :(22:48
* TheHarald is back in kubuntu :(22:48
markeyTheHarald: we could skype...23:19
TheHaraldmarkey: I could go to bed, and you should too I suppose :/23:26
markeywhenever I am "supposed to do something", I tend to do the opposite23:27
markeyI hate taking orders :p23:27
markeygot me into another quarrel with Mamarok right now23:28
markeythe more she insists I got to bed, the more likely it is I'll have one hell of a party, possibly not sleeping at all23:28
markey<- eternal rebel dude23:29
MamarokTheHarald: with the result that he is now sound asleep in his chair :) So much for being a rebel...23:54
Mamarokbed time for me, nini everyone :)23:54

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