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SpuddHello, I have a series of problems I could use some help with, is anyone here willing and able?00:45
SpuddThese are probably really newby questions.00:45
james147!ask | Spudd00:45
ubottuSpudd: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:45
SpuddWell, for starters, while trying to fix one problem, I edited the visudo file thingy. Since it didn't fix my problem, I went to go change it back, but whenever I try to access it now, I get an error saying: "visudo: /etc/sudoers: Permission denied"00:47
SpuddThe problem I was trying to fix, was that whenever I use a su or sudo command, I can't type anything at the password prompt, which I also need to fix.00:48
DanaGSay, what kinds of things can I do to make KDE useful on a tablet PC?00:48
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SpuddAnd these are both just little problems that popped up while I've been trying to get my wireless card to work on my laptop in Kubuntu, so after those are out of the way, if I could get some help with that, I'd sincerely appreciate it.00:49
james147Spudd: passwords entered at commandline(such as with sudo or su) dont echo the keypresses, though you are actually typing00:51
james147Spudd: and visudo needs root premissions (ie sudo visudo    :P)00:52
SpuddAh, okay.00:53
SpuddThat works.00:53
DanaGhmm, things seem really hard to "click" with the tablet... they seem to drag, not click.00:53
james147Spudd: be carefull with the visudo... messing that config file up can lose you root access (though you can get it back it involves chrooting from a live cd)00:54
james147Spudd: for what reason do you need to edit it?00:54
james147DanaG: sounds like you arnt releaseing quick enough... i think you can change the delay before it interprets a drag in system settings00:55
SpuddI was trying to make it so I didn't need a password to use sudo commands, since I didn't know that it just wasn't echoing keystrokes.00:55
SpuddSeems like I can access it now, though.00:56
james147Spudd: BAD idea... very very very BAD idea... there is a passsword needed for sudo for a reason00:56
DanaGTo me, it seems like I can't set the drag pixels threshold high enough.00:56
SpuddOkay, so I've used ndiswrapper to installa driver for my USB wireless adapter.01:00
SpuddHowever, when I go to add my network connection, the wireless tab is grayed out.01:00
james147Spudd: what wireless card?01:01
james147(lspci | grep -i network    should tell you)01:01
SpuddI have an Atheros AR5001 card, and a Linksys WUSB100 USB adapter. I have drivers installed for both.01:01
james147hmm, didnt think you needed ndiswrapper for them,01:02
SpuddSince they're windows drivers.01:04
SpuddI couldn't find any other driver that worked. Apperently there are some Linux native drivers which I looked into, but I couldn't even figure out how to download them.01:04
james147atheros should have linux drivers, which should work better then the windows ones :p01:04
james147Spudd: what version of kubuntu?01:05
DanaGSo, where's this fabled tablet KDE?  Not in 4.6?01:06
chaintechOi gente XD01:21
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mishuganaits been like years since ive been in an irc03:22
mishuganai cant seem to get my ubuntu back up03:24
mishuganabecause im unfamiliar with how grub works03:24
mishuganai just got a new computer, decided to keep the windows partition that was alread yon there03:25
mishuganaso i took my old multiboot system, with grub that was set up automatically, and cp'd my linux partition over to the new multiboot computer03:25
mishuganabut obviously everything is super screwed up03:25
mishuganabecause even after restoring grub, the grub menu isnt configured03:26
mishuganaand i dont know how to configure it03:26
jetpackBug: Keyboard response time is to slow when i use Bloq Mayus, i getting this : EXample,  THis is another Example. This happens since i starting using Ubuntu (8.04) and also occurs with KDE, Gnome, XFCE, with different machines, keyboards, etc.03:27
james147!grub2 | mishugana03:29
ubottumishugana: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:29
jetpackCurrent Location: MExico, keyboard Layout: LATAM (Latinoamerica)03:31
mishuganathanks for this... i was able to restore grub fine but i think my issue was i was looking at menu.lst and not the grub2 equivelent03:31
mishuganainstead of update-grub i should have been typing update-grub2 apparently, ill try that now03:32
james147mishugana: i think they are both the same03:34
mishuganasorry lost wifi there03:42
mishuganastill cant seem to fix things actually03:42
mishuganaupdate-grub says cannot find device for /03:43
jetpackBug: Keyboard response time is to slow when i use Bloq Mayus, i getting this : EXample,  THis is another Example. This happens since i starting using Ubuntu (8.04) and also occurs with KDE, Gnome, XFCE, with different machines, keyboards, etc.03:50
jetpackCurrent Location: MExico, keyboard Layout: LATAM (Latinoamerica)03:50
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ScuniziI have a usb headset.  I've changed all the defaults and master channel to the usb device.. output works fine.. but nothing from the mic. How do I fix this?03:53
FirefisheHow do I upgrade to kde 4.6 on ubuntu 10.04?03:54
james147Firefishe: kde 4.6 isnt supported on lucid04:04
jetpackplease don't forget about me04:05
Firefishejames:  Might I ask why not?  Also, has some intrepid ppa'er compiled it, anyway?04:14
james147Firefishe: because lucid is old... and ubuntu never supports new major versions after a release...04:15
Firefishelucid isn't that old04:16
Firefisheat least, not by my reckoning04:16
james147Firefishe: its not the latest version... its old04:16
Firefisheah well....on the kde compile page.04:16
Firefisheon to the...04:16
james147Firefishe: and if you want the latest and greatest versions then you need to upgrade04:16
FirefisheMaybe I'll ppa it.  I've never done a ppa before, so perhaps it's time.04:17
james147^^ or that, although I do not know what problems you will encounter04:17
Firefishejames147: My laptop is running, concurrently, gnome 2.30.2 (which I plan on keeping, what with the Unity problems), kde 4.5.6 (which is humming along just fine, but which I'd like to upgrade to the next stage), and xfce (I forget what version.)  I don't see how 4.6 can be so much different from
james147Firefishe: for one it no longer requires hal04:19
Firefishethank the gods04:19
james147^^ which is quite a large change04:19
Firefisheand does hal not exist in 10.10 and above (ubuntu)04:20
james147it does, just kde 4.6 dosent 'require' it04:20
FirefisheI see.04:20
james147other things might04:20
Firefishejames147: Does 4.6 also handle networking differently than 4.5.x?  I currently am using nm-applet (gnome-network-manager) across all desktops.04:21
james147Firefishe: it still uses network-manager, but there is a widget to replace knetworkmanager which handles things slightly better04:21
Firefishejames147: again, thank ye gods! ;)04:22
FirefisheI see that kde no longer uses svn, but has switched--or appears to still be switching to--git.04:22
james147yes, its slowly switching04:23
jetpackBug: Keyboard response time is to slow when i use Bloq Mayus, i getting this : EXample,  THis is another Example. This happens since i starting using Ubuntu (8.04) and also occurs with KDE, Gnome, XFCE, with different machines, keyboards, etc.04:24
Firefishejames147: Well, I think I'll hold off the compiling for now.  So much to prepare, so little brain power at 11:41pm ;) hee04:42
Firefishejames147: I'll need a stack of doritos and mountain dew to do that project LOL.  Well, thanks for the info, I do appreciate it.04:42
mishuganaoh man04:43
mishugananothing is working04:43
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Daskreechmishugana: You are here so the internet is working04:58
mishuganathe internet is04:58
mishuganabut i cant get my system to boot04:58
mishuganai mean04:58
mishuganai cant get grub to reautoconfigure04:58
mishuganaim on the livecd04:59
FloodBotK2mishugana: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:59
mishuganasorry about the flooding.04:59
Daskreechmishugana: ok what have you tried?05:07
Daskreech!grub2 > mishugana05:07
ubottumishugana, please see my private message05:07
mishugana? oh ive tried grub-install, and restored grub. however the menu is the menu from my old computer, and not my new one, so the grub menu choices are screwed up since everything has changed (number of partitions and os's etc)05:24
mishuganai've also looked over all of grub2s troubleshooting information.... the problem is im on a livecd and when i try to grub-mkconfig or update-grub, i get the error that cannot find a device for /05:28
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:39
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Ant13Hello everyone, id need some help dualbooting windows and kubuntu, the official guides dont seem to work as windows loads from grub, goes to windows logo (loading screen) and my pc restarts06:00
DaskreechWhich Windows?06:03
mishuganahttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1581099 did this and fixed it06:05
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bvierra|lhey all, anyone here that can help me with my touchpad06:11
bvierra|lbeen reading dorums forever, cannot seem to find issue06:12
Daskreechwhich is?06:12
Daskreechmishugana: Great :)06:12
bvierra|lwanting it to be seen as a touchpad :)06:13
bvierra|lwant it to do things such as auto disable when USB is plugged in etc06:13
Daskreechdoes lshw or lspci See it?06:13
bvierra|lhwinfo --mouse does06:14
bvierra|lit shows 2 of them06:15
bvierra|l#1 is my logitech usb mouse06:15
bvierra|l#2 shows as "PS/2 Generic Mouse"06:15
bvierra|l#2 should be the touchpad06:16
mishuganaAnt: which windows, 7 or xp?06:18
dustinwhats up everyone06:25
Daskreechhi dustin06:36
Daskreechbvierra|l: looked in the touchpad area of system setting?06:36
bvierra|lyea lots of ppl seem to have the issue06:37
bvierra|lit sees Synaptics touchpad as a Generic PS/2 Mouse06:37
Daskreechwhat's up dustin?06:43
Userhallo, i'm here to request help with an issue that i'm experiencing whilst attempting to install Kubuntu. For some reason, it does not pick up that I have another OS (MS Vista) installed as well, and thus does not give me the option to dual boot. I would like to know if there is any particular cause (probably me, but I would like to know), and what I can do about it. :)06:47
dustinanyone got any ideas?06:50
dustinokay here's the deal folks, i got this mudlib file in the home/folder and i need to run it through the terminal but i got no idea how to run a program from there anyone spare some time on this issue who is fluenant in linux?06:52
DaskreechUser: You can add the entry to Grub06:56
Daskreechdustin: what are the instructions you got?06:57
User>implying i know what that means ;x06:57
DaskreechUser: you can look up grub2 vista chainloader06:58
Userbasically i just burned the boot/install disk, stuck it in, booted from disk, and it didn't detect Vista, so i could either wipe my HD or i could create a partition, which i have no idea how to do06:58
Userall i want to do is dual boot06:58
Userthe point of using Kubuntu is to be a RoR development environment, since it's awful in windows o_o06:58
mishuganawait so you just want to know how to dualboot kubuntu? you have a regular vista already installed?06:59
Useryes o.o07:00
Userit didn't auto-detech vista, is the problem07:00
mishuganawhat does that mean that it didnt autodetech vista? did you burn a livecd/installer and install kubuntu? and then take out the cd and reboot?07:01
DaskreechUser: How do you know it didn't auto detect Vista?07:02
Useri mean that from what i've seen, that if a different OS is already installed, that during the installation menu that an option to dual boot should be at the top of the options concerning space07:03
mishuganahave you installed yet?07:03
Userhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/GraphicalInstall/Kubuntu?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=snapshot17.png the top option here07:03
Userand, i just have the CD, so no07:04
Daskreechdustin: where are you having problems?07:04
Useri haven't installed, because my only two options were to erase the HD, or make a partition07:04
mishuganayou probably want to make a partition07:05
DaskreechUser: can you screenshot what you are seeing and pastebin it?07:05
DaskreechUser: You have a panel right?07:05
dustindaskreech the problem is i down't know how to load the stuff07:05
dustinim very new to this07:05
Useri have no idea how to ss outside of print-screen o_O07:05
Daskreechdustin: Which stuff? you put all the things into the directories?07:06
mishuganafor dualbooting, you ussually have two partitions, you can choose to boot into either one, one will be your original partition with vista on it, and one will be your new one with kubuntu07:06
DaskreechUser: That's why I'm asking you if you have a panel?07:06
Useri don't even know what a panel is07:06
DaskreechUser: at the bottom right is a little yellow button?07:06
Useri get the concept of a partition o_O07:06
dustindaskreech- i think so never loaded a mudlib before :(07:06
Daskreechclick on it and you should get a black box with an option to add widgets07:06
Daskreechdustin: which step are you on?07:07
Userbefore installing?07:07
DaskreechUser: Si :)07:07
dustindaskreech 107:07
DaskreechUser: hold on07:07
dustinat the part where to delete old trys and start all over from scratch07:07
DaskreechUser: ok let me get this straight. You put in the CD and it gave you an option to try Linux or Install and you chose install?07:07
Userdo i have to try -> install, instead of install?07:08
Daskreechdustin: ok well make the directories they ask for and copy the source code there07:08
DaskreechUser: Do you have enough RAM to do that?07:08
Userall my RAM is under C, 931 GB, but 711 GB is free07:09
dustinhmm by source code do u mean this whole folder?07:09
DaskreechUser: that's hard drive space. How much memory does your computer have07:09
dustindaskreech could i just send this to u so u could atleast view the contents to maybe give me a idea if its missing things or such?07:09
DaskreechThough with 1TB of space I don't think you have a problem07:09
Daskreechdustin: I guess but that doesn't really make much difference :)07:10
Useroh, memory, 4GB07:10
DaskreechI still don't know what is the exact point you are having a problem07:10
DaskreechUser: how are you here now? you rebooted back to Vista?07:10
Useryes ofc, i wasn't going to delete everything to install Kubuntu o_O07:11
Useri tried this a bit ago, ran into that problem, looked for a solution, couldn't find one, so a friend suggested i go get an IRC client and try here07:11
dustinhmm dont know where the send file button is07:11
DaskreechUser: Ok select Try Kubuntu and then you will get  a desktop07:11
Daskreechclick on the "start menu" and under applications -> internet  choose Konversation and it will bring you back here07:12
Useri installed xchat client to be here >.>07:12
DaskreechUser: that's ok :)07:13
Usernot sure if i could get here through mibbit or not07:13
DaskreechYou can get here from the Live CD as well07:13
Userall right07:13
DaskreechJust start the application Konversation07:13
Userbrb lol07:13
dustinlol i got no idea how find the send file on this app07:14
Daskreechdustin: it's ok just keep it07:14
Daskreechwhere did you get the file from?07:14
dustinbeen so long i dont remember07:15
dustinmaybe i should just do a fresh install07:15
dustinlemme try to find a new one i hope afk to look daskreech07:16
Daskreechdustin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LPMud might help07:17
* Daskreech wonders if User got lost07:33
Userri'm back o.o07:45
Userri couldn't find the one thing that started with K, so i  simply looked for an online IRC client :l07:47
Userrugh???????? :/07:50
Daskreechfound one I guess?07:55
DaskreechUserr: press alt+F2 and type irc07:55
Userrwas afk lulz08:00
Userri   saw the Quassel thing first08:01
Userrit was pretty much incomprehensible though so yeah :p08:01
DaskreechUserr: ah ok :)08:02
DaskreechRight Forgot that would be on the cd08:02
Userrokay, now what >.>?08:02
Daskreechclock install08:03
Userri did the language & preparation tabs, but when it got to the third one, it still only had the option of deleting everything, or  partitioning08:06
DaskreechUserr: on the panel you have a yellow button at the extreme right?08:09
Daskreech click it and click add widgets08:09
Daskreechthen in the search type paste08:09
Userrsure, sec08:11
Userri think i have 'paste' now, when i went back to check it had a little blue check-mark by it08:12
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DaskreechUserr: wait paste or pastbin?08:13
DaskreechSorry you can remove that one if you like08:13
DaskreechJust drag the one that says pastebin to the desktop08:14
Userrpastebin to desktop08:14
Daskreechyou'll get a new icon08:14
Userrk, have the new icon08:14
Daskreechok press printscreen08:15
DaskreechGot a new window?08:15
DaskreechOk alt-tab to the install then bring up that window and click Take a new snapshot08:16
Daskreechthen you can drag the snapshot right off that window onto the pastebin icon on the desktop08:16
DaskreechLet me know when that has happened08:19
Userri saved the pic08:21
Userrnow trying to drop it into  pastebin08:21
Userrdoesn't seem to be working :/08:21
DaskreechUserr: You don't need to save it just drag it from the window08:21
Userri can put the pic online though08:21
Userrsec, will put it on imageshack08:21
DaskreechUserr: ok there is a wrench to the side when you hover over the pastebin?08:22
DaskreechClick it08:23
Daskreechmake sure the dropdown beside imagebin server has something in it08:23
Daskreechthen try drop the image on it08:24
Userri think that works08:24
Daskreechgot it08:25
DaskreechI think :/08:25
Userroh wait08:25
Userrit's super blurry08:25
Userrwtf lol08:25
Daskreechwhat's up with that?08:25
Userri dunno D:08:26
DaskreechWere you shaking the monitor ? :)08:26
DaskreechDoes it look like that on the printscreen?08:26
Userrlet me see :/08:27
DaskreechAlt-tab to the install press print screen and you should be able to just drag it off that window into the pastebin08:27
Userrokay will try that again08:27
Daskreechhi bigbrovar08:29
Userrtrying to pastebin08:30
Userrwill try some other online hosting if it doesn't work08:30
Userrand...it didn't work08:30
Daskreechscrewed up again?08:31
Userrthe pastebin widget08:31
Userrapparently the pic is clear08:31
Userrperhaps pastebin is just for text? >_>08:31
DaskreechNaw I just threw a pic there and it worked08:32
Daskreechdifferent provider perhaps?08:32
DaskreechUserr: Ok yeah that's messed up08:38
DaskreechUserr: can you open Dolphon08:38
DaskreechOn the left can you tell me if you see a hard drive at the bottom of the list?08:39
DaskreechUnder Trash08:39
Userrsec :/08:40
Userr931.5 GiB Hard-Drive08:41
DaskreechCan you click on it?08:42
Userrshows the files in C as well08:42
DaskreechSeee if it has Folders and stuff and stuff08:42
Userrit does08:42
DaskreechThat's not good08:42
Daskreechunitylogger: do you have any idea how Ubuqity does hard drive detection?08:43
unityloggerDaskreech: the most horrible way I could imagine08:43
DaskreechUserr: The installer is supposed to know there is something on the drive08:44
unityloggerpyth0rn software always does it that way and that way only08:44
Daskreechunitylogger: Userr has Vista installed and for some reason would like to keep it :)08:44
unityloggerDaskreech: at the lowest level however it will try to read the partition table per disk :)08:44
unityloggerI am no shrink :P08:44
DaskreechThe installer is seeing a blank HDD though08:44
DaskreechDolphin sees Vista08:45
unityloggermost likely the partition table is in an incosistent state08:45
Daskreechunitylogger: I've decided to leave Userr with that delusion and apply regular sessions of KDE :)08:45
Daskreechunitylogger: Ah hmm right so Get Windows to FixIt ?08:46
DaskreechUserr: Following any of this so far?08:46
unityloggeryou can do that with any embedded linux mostly :P08:46
unityloggerbut I had no coffee yet08:46
unityloggerso lord google will know best08:46
DaskreechWhat man! Get thee to a Columbian!08:47
Userrnot really o.o08:47
Userrmain reason i'm installing kubuntu08:47
Userris to be a Ruby/Ruby on Rails development environment08:47
Userrsince pretty much every Ruby/RoR developer is either Mac or Linux08:48
Userrso if I use windows, there's no support and things are outdated08:48
DaskreechUserr: near as my 1/4 awake friend here can guess (I agree though) is that the drive may have some small inconsistency08:48
DaskreechIf you can scandisk it in Windows then it should be able to fix it08:48
Daskreechif it does then Hoorah! all things are beautiful08:49
DaskreechUserr: :) what are you worried about?08:50
Userrscandisk it in windows? >_>08:50
unityloggerscandisk might not see the issue though08:50
Daskreechunitylogger: What would?08:50
unityloggerI'd use cfdisk, that usually spits out very useful errors08:50
DaskreechThat's linuxy08:51
unityloggerwell yeah08:51
unityloggerhe got an install cd running, no? :P08:51
Userri'm a noob >.>08:51
todulchaosIm runnin kubuntu 10.10 on an acer r3610 connected to my tv for user as a media pc.08:52
unityloggerDaskreech: tell him how to switch to a tty and back again then :P08:52
Daskreechunitylogger: would you be able to help while you coffeenate?08:52
todulchaosDisplay is out of range on the boards at max resolution08:52
Userr*caffinate :p08:52
todulchaoscan't figure out any other way to shrink it08:52
Daskreechunitylogger: I can do that :)08:52
unityloggeror reboot into the live modus and fire up konsole08:52
Daskreechunitylogger: he's in live mode now08:52
Userryep yep08:52
DaskreechAssuming that Userr is a he08:52
unityloggerah, splendid then :)08:52
Userri'm a she08:53
Userrbut it's okay08:53
DaskreechUserr: thought that might be the case08:53
Userrwhat gives me away? the usage of emoticons? ;d08:53
DaskreechNo :)08:53
DaskreechI use about as much as you08:53
DaskreechThough if you had started doing Bunny ones maybe08:54
unityloggerI do bunny ones08:54
unityloggerat times08:54
Daskreechsorry unitylogger Iknow08:54
Daskreechand they are pink too08:54
todulchaoswow, get a date lol08:54
* unitylogger activates the coffee robot08:54
unityloggertodulchaos: you tried systemsettings I presume?08:54
unityloggerthere is a display settings thing in there08:55
todulchaossystemssettingss? yeah where you can change the resolution08:55
DaskreechUserr: ok can you open a Konsole08:55
unityloggertodulchaos: and that does not work?08:55
todulchaosim at max resolution.  I need to be able to litterally resize it somehow08:55
DaskreechUserr: pretty easy press alt+F208:55
Daskreechthen type konsole08:55
DaskreechYou'll get a black window08:55
unityloggertodulchaos: does your TV even support max resolution?08:55
Userrkonsole = command prompt08:55
Daskreechfor this purpose08:56
Userri know some  command prompt stuff for windows >_>08:56
todulchaosyes... for my video card.  I run a higher resolution with win7 using that same and same tv08:56
DaskreechUserr: Unix/Linux is a whole different kettle of fish08:56
DaskreechWithout the associated smell08:56
DaskreechPeople simply drop into the command prompt and live there in linux08:57
unityloggeron a related note, do not eat fish that smells ...08:57
todulchaosdamn borders of the screen are out off the screen08:57
todulchaoslitterally can't see almost any of the taskbar08:57
* unitylogger lives in a house, which is also very nice08:57
DaskreechUserr: type sudo apt-get install cfdisk08:57
unityloggertodulchaos: well, try a lower resolution, but it might really be a driver problem08:57
todulchaosrunning a lower resolution makes it worse.08:57
todulchaosshits even bigger08:58
unityloggeroy vey08:58
Userri prefer a text editor or ide, like programming-wise08:58
DaskreechCurses there was a command to snap that back to something normal08:58
Userrwill probably use gedit, but yeah08:58
DaskreechUserr: You can get those really easily08:58
todulchaosmaybe so, according to the system it detects the nvidia ion correctly08:58
todulchaosodd thing is its only like that with kubuntu08:58
unityloggertodulchaos: are you using the proprietary nvidia driver?08:59
todulchaosran ubuntu and backtrack on the same one, works fine08:59
todulchaosunitylogger: yes.08:59
unityloggertodulchaos: did you try the nvidia settings tool thing?08:59
UserrDaskreech: E: unable to locate package cfdisk08:59
unityloggersudo apt-get update09:00
todulchaosuhm, no, didn't see an nvidia control panel or settings menu other than the normal systemsettings09:00
Daskreechright CD09:00
Userrjust that by itself? o_O09:00
DaskreechUserr: yes sudo apt-get update09:00
unityloggerDaskreech: actually I think it is already installed09:00
unityloggercfdisk is part of some lowlevel tools package09:00
unityloggerDaskreech: me@avatar:~$ dpkg -S cfdisk09:00
unityloggerutil-linux: /sbin/cfdisk09:00
DaskreechUserr: ah hmm can you just type cfdisk --version09:00
Userrsure, though i've already done the update command :)09:01
DaskreechGreat :)09:01
Daskreechdoesn't hurt to update :)09:01
unityloggertodulchaos: the package is called nvidia-settings IIRC09:01
unityloggerthat should then install a new tool into menu -> settings -> nvidia or somesuch09:01
DaskreechUserr: I'll let unitylogger steer from now09:02
unityloggerjust do sudo cfdisk :P09:02
Userrcfdisk (util-linux-ng 2.17.2)09:02
unityloggerif something is wrong it will start crying09:02
Daskreechoh whoops09:03
Userruh it just launched cfdisk from within kommand or w.e? o_O09:03
Daskreechshould get Userr to unmount the Vista drive09:03
unityloggerpartition tables do not know about mounts and stuff ^^09:03
Daskreechhm guess now09:04
Userr   Disk Drive: /dev/sda                                                     Size: 1000204886016 bytes, 1000.2 GB                                    Heads: 255   Sectors per Track: 63   Cylinders: 121601                                                                                                   Name        Flags      Part Type  FS Type          [Label]        Size (MB)   ----------------------------------------------------------09:04
unityloggerthat is... odd09:06
Userrbtw, is there an easy terminal command i can use to download flash so i can listen to music on youtube while doing this? >_>09:06
DaskreechUserr: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree09:06
todulchaosnvidia-settings IIRC wasn't installed09:06
Userrk sec lolz09:06
unityloggersudo fdisk -l09:07
unityloggeralso sudo cfdisk -P t09:07
todulchaos.apt-get install nvidia-settings atm09:07
DaskreechUserr: You can open a second tab and keep doing both :)09:07
todulchaosfuck, unable to locate package09:07
UserrE: Unable to locate package flashplugin-nonfree09:07
Userrand i know, i have like   8 tabs open09:08
Userrusually have like 30 open in FF09:08
Daskreech!language | todulchaos09:09
ubottutodulchaos: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:09
DaskreechUserr: haha 8 ? Wow09:09
Daskreechok you are built for web dev09:09
Userris what i'll be doing with Ruby on Rails x.x09:09
DaskreechUserr: What did sudo fdisk -l say ?09:10
Userruh didn't try it09:10
Userrsorry if i missed that09:10
UserrDisk /dev/sda: 1000.2 GB, 1000204886016 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 121601 cylinders Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disk identifier: 0xf54c0c2e     Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System /dev/sda1   *           1      121601   976758784    7  HPFS/NTFS09:11
DaskreechDid you try sudo cfdisk -P t ?09:12
UserrPartition Table for /dev/sda           ---Starting----      ----Ending-----    Start     Number of  # Flags Head Sect  Cyl   ID  Head Sect  Cyl     Sector    Sectors -- ----- ---- ---- ----- ---- ---- ---- ----- ----------- -----------  1  0x80   32   33     0 0x07  247   55 121600        2048  1953517568  2  0x00    0    0     0 0x00    0    0     0           0           0  3  0x00    0    0     0 0x00    0    0     0           0   09:12
Userram i supposed to be looking at/for?09:12
DaskreechUserr: I think this is more for unitylogger to look at09:13
Daskreechonce the coffee kicks in :)09:13
unityloggerbest guess without coffee: corrupted MBR09:13
unityloggersudo apt-get install ms-sys09:14
unityloggerand after that09:14
unityloggersudo ms-sys -m /dev/sda09:14
unityloggerif that breaks the MBR Daskreech is to blame09:14
DaskreechGnight folks09:14
todulchaosMBR's are easy to fix if you break them09:17
Userrthe first doesn't work09:17
Userrunable to locate package ms-sys09:17
unityloggeroh, maybe that tool got retired09:18
unityloggerUserr: I think the easy way out would be to get an alternate installation CD09:22
nigelbIs there a known issue with Kopete not being able to connect to gmail?09:22
nigelbI can connect with empathy, but not with Kopete.09:22
unityloggerUserr: http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/10.10/09:23
Userrhow would making another boot  CD help?09:23
unityloggerit features a less graphicy install and uses partially different tools than the graphical installer09:23
unityloggermaking it sometimes more reliable09:24
Userrwhat other options are there?  like is there any way to figure out *why*  it isn't reading the existence of Vista?09:25
unityloggerif I knew where to look09:27
unityloggerprobably /var/log/installer/09:27
unityloggerUserr: what does `ls /var/log/installer/` output?09:27
UserrIs: command not found09:28
unityloggerwhat :O09:30
unityloggerUserr: whereis ls09:30
unitylogger(that is a command ^^)09:31
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Userri typed in: Is /var/log/installer/09:31
=== natschil is now known as natschil_
Userri'm gonna take a shower o.o will check this when i get back ;d09:35
DaskreechUserr: that's a common L09:39
nigelbMy Kopete doesn't connect to gtalk :(09:39
nigelbIs there a way I can debug this?09:40
Userroh it's an ell, not an  eye09:41
Userr'debug dm version'09:41
Userrokay showering now, lolz09:43
Daskreechnigelb: what does it do?09:43
nigelbDaskreech: keeps telling me I have the wrong password09:44
Daskreechnigelb: check your username09:44
unityloggerUserr: kate /var/log/installer/debug ... copy that and paste it to paste.ubuntu.com09:44
unityloggerthen give us the url to the paste09:44
unityloggernigelb: maybe you have the wrong password :P09:45
unityloggeralso I think you need to make sure that SSL is ticked09:45
nigelbDaskreech: I did check that09:45
nigelbunitylogger: logged in from empathy and it worked09:45
unityloggerthat does not say whether ssl is ticked in kopete's jabber settings :P09:46
nigelbhrm, is there a way I can kopete in debug mode?09:46
nigelbI ticked it :)09:46
Daskreechnigelb: You changed the server to say talk.google.com ?09:46
nigelbI looked at google's instructions on doing it09:46
unityloggerDaskreech: that is not needed no moar09:46
DaskreechI don't know what version of Kopete nigelb is using09:47
unityloggernigelb: kdebugdialog -> tick all -> apply and stuff -> start kopete from a terminal09:47
nigelbwhatever version lucid has, I'm running that09:47
nigelbunitylogger: where unitylogger kdedebugdialog? from where?09:48
unityloggeror krunner09:48
unityloggeror kickoff09:48
unityloggerkonsole ~= terminal :P09:49
nigelbalso, I guess I need to install kdedebugdialog09:50
unityloggerkdebugdialog it is called09:50
unityloggernot kdedebugdialog09:50
nigelbhaha, ok09:52
nigelbrunning it in debug got it working :P09:52
nigelbok, there is some voodoo going on here.09:53
nigelbrunning it in debug fixed it!09:53
kaddiHi, I am trying to get little preview windows for my taskbar. So when I hover over an itme, it'll show a preview of the window. However right now, I get the preview but instead of showing the content of the window, i just get a grey square, anybode know what setting I need to change to get the window content instead of a grey square09:55
unityloggernigelb: lol, yeah, of course that fixed it :P09:56
unityloggerkaddi: is the window minimized?09:56
nigelbunitylogger: hehe09:56
kaddiunitylogger: no09:56
unityloggerin that case you might want to consider getting a graphics chip with actually working driver :P09:56
unityloggerI'd guess that the actual preview cannot be created for graphics driver reasons09:57
unityloggeras it should be there if desktop effects are active and the window is not minimized09:57
kaddiit was wokring in 4.3 .. It stopped working in 4.4 and I couldn't be bothered to look into it till now09:57
kaddino really.. I got that far on my own09:57
kaddiit's an intel chip.. so I've had my share of fun with it already09:58
kaddianyway I can check if it's the chip10:00
the_p_hi. i added a lib dir to the ld cache. but still i get the error that the lib was not found altough ldconfig -p prints out that specific lib? do i need to souce some file?10:12
the_p_problem solved i added the wrong lib path.10:19
HackeMatehello, i want to run teamviewer, it open and i can see the ID and the password, but when i connect, i receive a windows dialog about a problem and teamviewer should close itself10:45
HackeMatei opened it from console to see any error detail but shows nothing10:45
HackeMatei tried the .deb file from teamviewer.com and from apt10:45
Userrunitylogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/580083/10:52
r41pulseaudio is clearly broken for me (ff flash -> no sound, certain apps -> no sound without pulseaudio restart or nothing at all). what happens when i remove pulseaudio?11:30
_Sophia_it's me, Userr! >.>11:30
unitylogger_Sophia_: that is not a lot of output, is it ^^11:32
_Sophia_um? ;s11:32
_Sophia_i switched back to Vista because it wasn't going anywhere o.o11:32
unityloggerrun some partiotn check tools there then :P11:33
_Sophia_there's one thing11:33
_Sophia_it's the entirety of C11:33
unityloggeror get an alternate CD :P11:33
_Sophia_maybe the alt cd11:33
_Sophia_idk when i'm going to sleep though, i've been up 24 hours and it's 4:30 am11:33
Peace-BluesKaj: hi12:28
Peace-and bye :P12:29
BluesKajhi and bye to you too Peace-:)12:29
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_Sophia_unitylogger: maybe i should try the kubuntu forum today, if the alt cd doesn't work ;s12:52
unitylogger_Sophia_: that is always a good idea :)12:53
=== silviu is now known as silviu_
_Sophia_i'm installing it today12:53
_Sophia_if it kills me12:53
BluesKaj_Sophia_, if you have an older pc then alternate is best , it installed just fine on my 6 yr old compaq amd 3200+ cpu 64 bit desktop13:12
NataBluesKaj, your 3200 amd also call old desktop my 2800+ amd.....13:15
BluesKajNata,  well old is good if it works ...I'm old :)13:17
Natahehe. the most trouble for install linux is when face a problem to detect graphic driver :)13:18
BluesKajNata, yes , the ati onboard graphics didn't work too well with 9.04 so I bought a nvidia 7600gt card which runs well.13:21
BluesKajon all the OS since , it's now on 10.1013:21
NataBluesKaj, can using alternate cd then using nano change to vesa :) i dont know why livecd after 8.04 dont have safe graphic mode13:23
BluesKajNata, alternate cd is better than just dropping to low graphics mode because it will use vesa as the default driver and has better HW detection than a live cd.13:27
Natathe problem of alternate cd is cannot using livecd mode to try system13:29
BluesKajNata, yes, I tried that Haiku/BeOS llive cd last night and it did loaded so much stuff into the memory and then it froze , I had to pull the plug on the pc to clear it , so it would boot.13:38
_Sophia_my issue is that of it not picking up that i have an OS installed already13:40
_Sophia_thanks though13:40
_Sophia_i'm going to go ahead and try to burn/install the alt disk i think13:41
NataBluesKaj, hehe. haiku i try before, the software support not very good.mayb it froze on graphic driver detection13:42
Natamost of linux version cannot auto detect my buildin VIA driver BluesKaj13:44
BluesKaj_Sophia_, the alternate will pick up the other OS in the partition phase13:44
_Sophia_okay well we'll see o.o13:45
BluesKajok, gotta go for a few mins ...BBL13:45
mr-richAnybody have an iPhone working on Kubuntu 10.10?14:17
_Sophia_back lol14:49
_Sophia_alt disk didn't help much, it didn't offer the dual boot option, it just gave me partitioning options that looked rather dangerous14:50
BluesKaj_Sophia_, use the manual partitioning option , if you have unallocated space then create ext4 file system as / then , if you wish you can also create a /home partition as well.14:55
_Sophia_it appears that it is all allocated14:55
_Sophia_the whole TB14:55
BluesKaj_Sophia_, and there's an OS already installed on the drive ?15:00
_Sophia_yes ofc15:01
_Sophia_Vista 64 bit15:01
BluesKajit doesn't show the ntfs partition?15:01
_Sophia_it has only one partition, that is the whole hard drive15:06
_Sophia_starts with an s15:06
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BluesKaj_Sophia_, there 's the guided partitioning option that lets you use free space and an option to size it to whatever you want within that space15:17
_Sophia_i was concerned about somehow losing data >_>15:18
BluesKaj_Sophia_, have you looked at the live cd ?15:19
_Sophia_the first one?15:19
_Sophia_i have the first one, and then the alt i made a bit ago15:19
BluesKajthe first one , not sure which one that is ?15:21
BluesKaj_Sophia_, does the first one show your partitions ?15:25
_Sophia_the first one is just the standard boot disk15:25
_Sophia_and it just shows the one partition, IIRC15:25
BluesKajthe std boot disk is the live-cd afaik , pls take alook at the original file youi used to burn the cd and copy and paste the name here15:32
eagles0513875hey guys question for yall what are the bear essential packages needed to get a system up and running?15:35
BluesKajand of course she leaves due her instant gratification expectations aren't satiated15:36
* BluesKaj just shakes his head15:37
=== ralsina is now known as ralsina_lunch
BluesKajyou can always tell a long time windows user , since when does kubuntu have a std boot disk :)15:38
gobi42what's up guys15:44
gobi42anyone in here use an xbox360 virtualbox and wifi and got it to work15:44
mr-richAAAARRRRRGGGGG! ... Does ANYONE have thier iPhone working under Kubuntu?15:44
gobi42mr-rick android > iphone :):)15:45
=== sre-su_ is now known as sre-su
mr-richgobi42: prolly ... but I like my iPhone ... google is no help ... :(15:45
gobi42i never got my ipod touch to work with kubuntu15:46
gobi42install virturalbox and install a virtural xp destop and then enable your netowrk and usb drives in settings in virtualbox and install itunes and it should work fine15:47
gobi42mr-rich: that last comment was for you15:47
mr-richgobi42: been there, done that ... playback is crappy in vbox. I want to use Amarok ...15:48
gobi42really mine is awesome and i use zune15:49
mr-richI do use vbox to sync my phone15:49
mr-richwith itunes15:49
mr-richI'm tinking about moving my iTunes lib to a shared folder maybe ...15:50
gobi42i store all my music on an extenal hard drive for that reason15:51
BluesKajgobi42, one can also use a /home partition, altho a separate drive is safer alright15:53
Daskreechmr-rich: I'd suppose yes15:55
gobi42i use both a /home partion and an external hard drive15:55
gobi42i switch between kubuntu and opensuse15:55
gobi42but i like kde 4.6 so i'm staying with kubuntu i just need to figure out my xbox problem15:56
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Daskreechgobi42: Opensuse has 4.6 as well but Welcome to Kubuntu :)16:17
gobi42oh lol the one i have only has 4.4.4 on it but i am likeing kubuntu once i figured out the package manger16:18
mr-richgobi42: if you add the backport ppas to 10.10, you can upgrade to KDE 4.6.116:20
gobi42oh i'm good for now but thanks man16:20
gobi42i'm still working out some bugs of my own before i start upgrading stuff and possibe breaking the problems i got now worse16:21
DaskreechLife of a typical FOSS user16:22
gobi42lmao what's that mean16:22
DaskreechHooray! I have everything fixed and working the way I want. What new thing can I introduce to break crap again?16:22
gobi42yeah that's about like me kinda :)16:23
gobi42i'm just trying to get my xbox to see my virtualbox xp16:23
gobi42my virtualbox xp can see my xbox and give it permissions to use and stuff but the xbox doesn't see the virtualbox xp and i can't seem to figure out why16:24
PasNoxca anyone point me the script to auto start to have my gtk apps having same look as kde4 ?16:50
PasNoxi have created a new user and the script seem not to be present in autostart :/16:51
=== ralsina_lunch is now known as ralsina
Peace-PasNox: wait16:52
PasNoxthanks :)16:52
=== MuzerAway is now known as Muzer
PasNoxPeace-: still waiting :)16:56
BluesKajPasNox, check syetem settings / application appearance/ gtk+ appearnce16:58
PasNoxi have16:59
PasNoxit's set to use QtCurve16:59
PasNoxbut it's not working16:59
PasNoxi think it works by pair with the script to start before kde / plasma16:59
BluesKajPasNox, sometimes if you have a non default theme installed and running the Qt wsettings are bypassed17:00
PasNoxi use QtCurve as style / window manager style17:01
PasNoxand setted QtCurve as gtk them in the kcm17:01
PasNoxbut it does nothing :/17:01
BluesKajaltho Qt is supposed to apply to kde and gnome apps , it doesn't always work17:01
BluesKajPasNox, are you running kde 4.6 ? if so then that's probly the source of the problem17:03
PasNoxyes rnning kde 4.6.117:03
PasNoxbut it was working before i change my user ( i create a new user, delete old )17:03
PasNoxthe new user does not have gtk themed17:03
PasNoxbut old user had correct things17:03
PasNoxand i remember it autostarted a script for gtk theme before plasma17:04
PasNoxit's this thing i want to got17:04
BluesKaj_Sophia_, the std boot disk is the live-cd afaik , pls take a look at the original file you used to burn the cd and copy and paste the name here17:05
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Peace-PasNox: http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/14/plasma-desktopWu1571.jpg17:05
PasNoxPeace-: thanks you, exactly what i was looking for ;)17:05
_Sophia_is that what you wanted?17:08
kmanzooranybody home ?17:11
PasNoxPeace-: i don't find this script, can u give me the absolute file path please?17:11
Peace-PasNox: wait17:11
BluesKaj_Sophia_, yes that's the lived-cd , you shuold ba able to install it beside your Windows partition without any data loss17:11
_Sophia_but what i've been saying17:11
_Sophia_is that the windows partition takes up the whole HD17:11
_Sophia_so i need to resize it17:11
_Sophia_but it won't let me resize it from within the alternative CD menu17:12
PasNoxu don't need u can install inside your windows partiton if u just want to try it17:12
Peace-locate gtk2-default-theme.rc.sh17:12
PasNoxPeace-: thanks :)17:12
Peace-PasNox: locate stuff17:12
Peace-PasNox: for the next time17:12
PasNoxPeace-: i did but it seem it does not find it :/17:13
BluesKaj_Sophia_, no the windows partition has free space on it and the live cd will scan the partition and guide you thru the partition setup so you can make an ext partition for kubuntu17:13
_Sophia_when i tried to do that, it said it would delete the partition >_>17:13
kmanzoorhello anybody knows any flash free email that i can access with konqueror17:14
PasNoxPeace-: it seem it does no longer exists for me :/17:14
PasNox( /usr/share ... )17:14
PasNoxah, i have a gtk2-engines-qtcurve.rc.sh inside :)17:14
BluesKajwithout touching Windows , _Sophia_, use the guided partitioning option,  it will help you do it.17:15
_Sophia_what i'll do is go open that17:15
_Sophia_and write down what the problem is with that, word for word17:15
_Sophia_and come back here to make sure i'm not destroying my data17:15
BluesKajnothing like being super cautious , but it can be odious17:16
BluesKajkmanzoor, flash free email ?17:19
kmanzoori got a problem with macromedia flash17:20
BluesKajkmanzoor, did you install kubuntu-restricted-extras ?17:20
kmanzoorlet me tell u what i did17:20
kmanzoor1. i put in the dvd and selected the first option for install17:21
kmanzoor2. then i used the install icon that it placed on my desktop17:21
kmanzoorit prompted me for some security updates but i ignored to install them17:22
kmanzoorok now where can i find these restricted extras >17:22
BluesKajPeace-, this mine after installing kde 4.6 http://imagebin.org/14295417:23
BluesKajkmanzoor, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras17:23
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats17:24
kmanzoorwhat is this image bin ?17:26
BluesKajkmanzoor, that post was meant for Peace-17:26
kmanzooro i see17:27
Peace-BluesKaj: opening17:27
Peace-BluesKaj: mmm17:28
Peace-BluesKaj: it's different17:28
Daskreechkmanzoor: it's a pastebin for images17:28
BluesKajkmanzoor, it's a url where you can post pictures and the copy the address and paste it in here so others can look at them , like pastebin with images17:28
Peace-BluesKaj: ah you have qt curve17:28
_Sophia_my issue is when i click 'guided-partitioning', it says right at the top 'Note that all hard drive data will be erased'17:29
Peace-BluesKaj: i have oxygen gtk17:29
Peace-BluesKaj: http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/14/plasma-desktopBb1571.jpg17:29
kmanzoorok bye for now17:29
BluesKaj_Sophia_, there should be an option below that to partition freespace17:30
kmanzoori will read these pages17:30
_Sophia_there isn't any freespace though17:31
_Sophia_tthere is just the one partition that is the whole HD17:31
_Sophia_going to try to find the 'partition freespace' thing :/17:37
BluesKaj_Sophia_, that aprtition has free space in it even tho it's just one partition, that free space will be used and a new partition will be created out of it. Maybe another partitioning option should be used.17:38
_Sophia_such as?17:38
_Sophia_my options all tell me that the data in the partition will be erased17:38
_Sophia_i don't want to do that17:38
DaskreechHi _Sophia_17:38
_Sophia_hi :/17:39
Daskreechsame issue?17:39
BluesKajgo back to the partitoning options page , _Sophia_  and tell us what they are17:39
DaskreechBluesKaj: she can pastebin a screenshot17:40
_Sophia_i'm doing it from the alt cd17:40
_Sophia_so how would i do that17:40
DaskreechOh whooops :)17:40
Daskreechnever mind17:40
* Daskreech walks off whistling17:40
_Sophia_i can write it down17:40
BluesKajoh, not the live-cd ?17:40
_Sophia_i'm using alt17:40
_Sophia_since live-cd doesn't realize i have another OS installed17:40
Daskreech_Sophia_: Would you mind downloading another CD /17:41
_Sophia_i have both the live-cd17:41
_Sophia_and the alt17:41
Daskreech_Sophia_:  does the alt CD recognize Vista?17:41
_Sophia_i dunno for sure17:41
Daskreechok what does the partitioning say?17:41
_Sophia_they both recognize that windows takes up the whole HD17:41
_Sophia_is the file system that starts with f or w.e17:42
_Sophia_and then it's like smd2 or something17:42
_Sophia_? :/17:42
DaskreechThe screenshot of the Live CD had 0% of the drive uses17:42
* BluesKaj thinks _Sophia_ isn't going far enough in the options list to find the manual partitioning option17:42
_Sophia_it has guided17:43
Daskreech_Sophia_: which page are you on now for the installer?17:43
_Sophia_then guided whole disk, then guided whole disk with encryption, the guided whole disk with encryption with VMM or something, and then manual17:43
* BluesKaj takes a break17:43
_Sophia_i'm on vista right now o_O17:44
_Sophia_since i've been trying to use the alt cd, not the live-cd17:44
Daskreech_Sophia_: ah ok I see17:44
DaskreechDoes anyone know what the GParted live CD is based on?17:44
_Sophia_gparted is GNOME, isn't it? >_>17:45
Daskreech_Sophia_: It's simply a CD that boots up and gives you Gparted. Might be useful to see if it can partition the drive for you then you wuld know that everything is taken care of before you install17:48
Peace-is for kde17:48
_Sophia_so you're advising i use gparted to try to partition my HD prior to installing kubuntu? :/17:48
DaskreechPeace-: yes but I do't know a Live Cd for that17:49
_Sophia_and yeah, i just said gparted is GNOME x.x17:49
Daskreech_Sophia_: I'd tell you to use partition magic but that costs money17:49
eagles0513875hey Daskreech17:49
_Sophia_here's what i'm going to do17:49
Peace-Daskreech: http://sourceforge.net/projects/partitionman/files/partitionmanager-live-cd/1.0.3/17:49
Daskreechhi eagles051387517:50
Peace-Daskreech: that is a live cd17:50
DaskreechPeace-: Peace!17:50
_Sophia_i'm going to write down what the options are, come back, be advised on the right one, and then go to the next layer of depth =/17:50
eagles0513875have you ever worked with sslh17:50
Daskreech_Sophia_: Ok lets do this17:50
_Sophia_k brb lol17:50
Daskreechboot up the live CD and we can try to do work from there17:50
Daskreechwe can talk as well17:50
_Sophia_live CD or alt?17:50
Daskreechlive CD17:50
_Sophia_alt has the partition options17:50
DarthFrog_Sophia_: You might also want to image your hard drive first with Clonezilla, in case anything goes wrong.17:50
_Sophia_live just has manual17:50
DaskreechI know17:50
DaskreechDarthFrog: It's a 1 TB drive17:51
_Sophia_putting in live-cd17:51
_Sophia_sec :/17:51
_Sophia_will have to get on here through web though17:51
_Sophia_since i didn't know how to install this irc client in linux17:51
DaskreechI remember :)17:51
_Sophia_>.> brb17:51
DarthFrogDaskreech: Clonezilla doesn't backup free space.17:53
Daskreechah intelligent17:54
eagles0513875Daskreech:  you ever work with sslh17:54
DaskreechWho is that?17:54
eagles0513875its ssl over ssh or ssh over ssl17:54
Daskreechthat sounds remarkably like overkill17:54
eagles0513875not if your on a locked down network17:55
Daskreechwell no if a network is that locked down I generally leave17:55
eagles0513875Daskreech: in a nut shell its description is that it allows you to run https and ssh on the same port17:56
Daskreechah like ssh tunnelining ?17:56
eagles0513875trying to figure out how to configure it17:57
eagles0513875the site is rather poor documentation wise17:57
Daskreechhi dustin17:59
dustini got my tinymux server up but dont know how to find out what port its on and the ip address linking to it :(17:59
Daskreechdustin: is your computer connected to the internet directly or is it behind a modem or wireless routed?18:00
dustinits DSL and im direct connected into a router18:01
dustinwireless at that18:01
Daskreechdustin: ok your router should have an external IP address that you will have to port forward to your computer18:03
Daskreechyou will have to read the documentation or read the config files to see which port it's on'18:03
Daskreech(>^_^)> _Sophia :)18:04
_Sophiain live-cd ;o18:04
=== mig is now known as Guest82827
_Sophiabeen up 30 hours18:04
_Sophialets do this x.x18:04
_Sophiaalso: <(T_T<)18:05
Daskreechopen a konsole and sudo apt-get install partitionmanager18:05
Daskreech!info partitionmanager18:05
ubottupartitionmanager (source: partitionmanager): A partition management utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.3-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 430 kB, installed size 2888 kB18:05
Daskreech_Sophia: umm sudo apt-get update first18:05
_Sophiais there a keyboard shortcut for konsole?18:05
dustinlike what youmean daskreech?18:06
Daskreechdustin: hmm ?18:06
Daskreech_Sophia: installed partition manager?18:06
rizzuhHow do I set the start/meta key to open kickoff (KDE's "Start" menu)?18:07
_Sophia'E: Unable to location package partitionmanager18:07
_Sophiais there a space in the phrase maybe?18:07
Daskreechshould not be18:07
Daskreech_Sophia: you did sudo apt-get update right?18:07
DarthFrogIs partitionmanager in medibuntu?18:08
Daskreechgrr ok alt+F2 -> kpackagekit18:08
DarthFrogNo, it's in universe.18:08
DaskreechDarthFrog: I thought Universe was enabled by default18:09
DarthFrogIt is.18:09
Daskreechthen why isn't it installing?18:09
DarthFrogI wonder if _Sophia spelled it correctly.18:09
Daskreech!info partitionmanager18:09
ubottupartitionmanager (source: partitionmanager): A partition management utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.3-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 430 kB, installed size 2888 kB18:09
DarthFrog_Sophia:  What do you get from: apt-cache search partitionmanager?18:09
Daskreechthat's copied from her error message18:10
DarthFrogWhich version of Kubuntu is she running?18:11
_Sophiabecause i'm edgy >_>18:12
DarthFrogHmm.  This is from the LiveCD?18:12
_Sophiaseriously though, i typed in: sudo apt-get install partition manager18:12
Peace-no support for that18:12
_Sophialol peace18:12
Peace-partition manager i guess is on >=9.0418:13
DarthFrog_Sophia: There's no space in the package name partitionmanager.18:13
DarthFrogSo "sudo apt-get install partitionmanager"18:13
_Sophiaoh, i did both o_O18:13
_Sophiai'll copy+paste to be sure !!18:13
Peace-_Sophia: you are on edgy?18:13
Peace-or maverick?18:13
Peace-edgy no way to install i t18:14
_Sophiai was using 'edgy' as a joke adjective ;s18:14
DarthFrogPeace-: You're not helping. :-)18:14
_Sophiaalso   darth, i copied+pasted that, and  it did nothing ;o18:14
DaskreechPeace-: she hasn't slept in a long time she's punchy18:14
Daskreech_Sophia: just type partitionmanager18:15
DaskreechI want to see if it's installed already on the CD though I doubt it18:15
=== bvierra|l is now known as bvierra
DarthFrog_Sophia:  Is the CD for Ubuntu or Kubuntu?  Partitionmanager is a KDE program.18:17
_Sophia'partitionmanager is currently not installed. you can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install partitionmanager . you will have to enable the component called 'universe'18:19
_Sophiastill unable to locate the package partitionmanager though o.o18:20
DarthFrogWell, if universe isn't enabled, no wonder. :-)18:20
_Sophiaenable universe18:20
_Sophiadoes that work?18:20
DarthFrogIt should.18:20
_Sophiabash: enable: universe: not a shell builtin18:20
_Sophiawhat does that mean?18:20
DarthFrogUse kpackagekit to do it.18:20
DarthFrogNo, "enable universe" is an action, not a command. :-)18:21
Peace-_Sophia: universe stuff kpakcagekit http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/14/plasma-desktopkX1571.jpg18:21
_Sophia'kpackagekit is already the newest version' ;o18:21
DarthFrog_Sophia: Look at that JPG that Peace- referenced.18:22
_Sophiaokay, and? O_O18:22
DarthFrogi.e Open Kpackagekit and configure it to use the universe repository.18:22
DarthFrogIn the "Origin of Packages" section.18:22
_Sophiaalready opened it ;o18:23
_Sophia'origin of packages' is not visible to me >.>18:23
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.18:23
DarthFrogUnder "Setting:?18:24
Peace-_Sophia: do a screenshot18:24
Peace-and post using the imagebin link18:24
_Sophiaimagebin? o.o18:25
_Sophiaoh okay18:25
DarthFrogUse the "Edit Origins" button in the lower right corner.  You can enable universe from there, too.18:26
Peace-_Sophia: do a screenshot *___* http://blip.tv/file/4876138?filename=Nowardev-PostareUnoScreenshotVelocementeConKde4625.m4v18:26
DaskreechDarthFrog: walk her through enabling universe18:27
DarthFrog_Sophia: So go to the Settings page in KPackageKit.18:28
_Sophiai just found that18:28
_Sophiasleep deprivation = stupidity :D18:28
DarthFrogDo you see universe?18:28
_Sophiak, there18:28
_Sophiamaverick universe?18:29
DarthFrogEnable it.18:29
_Sophiai just hit the checkbox?18:29
_Sophiahit apply18:29
_Sophianow what18:29
DarthFrogYou can now install partitionmanage from KPackageKit, after doing an update.18:30
_Sophiaalready did the cmd18:30
Daskreech_Sophia: worked?18:30
DarthFrogYou will have to do "sudo apt-get update" first, probably.18:30
DaskreechDarthFrog: No Kpackagekit does that when you hit apply18:31
_Sophiaalready did update o_O18:31
_Sophiafirst thing18:31
_Sophiaokay, now i have partitionmanager18:31
_Sophiawill try to run it18:31
DarthFrogDaskreech: You can tell how often I use Kpackagekit. :-)18:31
_SophiaPartition Manager , or , KDE Partition Manager18:32
Daskreech_Sophia: KDE18:33
DaskreechShould be the same hopefully18:33
_Sophiak now what ;o18:36
DarthFrogWhat's your goal?  To shrink your Windows partition?18:38
Daskreech_Sophia: it's open?18:38
DaskreechDarthFrog: yes18:38
_Sophiathe program is yes18:38
_Sophiaand there is one 'device'18:38
Daskreech_Sophia: You can see your drive?18:38
Daskreech when ou click on it you get the partiation s on the right?18:38
_Sophia\dev\sda(0.91 TiB)18:38
_Sophiathere is one partition ;o18:38
_Sophia\dev\sda1               ntfs                    0.91 TiB             0.00  Byte used18:39
DarthFrogRight click on it.18:39
_Sophiaokay  now what lol18:40
_Sophiawhat i want is to give windows like 300 GB and Kubuntu the rest18:41
DarthFrogIt should be straight-forward from here.18:41
_Sophiamaybe  350, idk18:41
_Sophia30 hours up18:41
_Sophiai'm retarded right now :d18:41
DarthFrogGet some sleep first!18:42
_Sophialol no18:42
DarthFrogNot a good time to make a mistake.18:42
_Sophiai want to get this done18:42
_Sophiaso what happens when i reduce the size of sda1?18:42
_Sophiait frees up *undefined* space that i can make a partition in?18:42
DaskreechYou put in 350GB?18:42
DarthFrogIt gets smaller and frees up space for you to install Kubuntu.18:42
Daskreech_Sophia: yes18:42
DaskreechSo you can click there and click new to make a new partition18:43
_Sophiaso 350 gives like 550 of space18:43
DaskreechYou want to make three partitions18:43
_Sophiaso size goes to 350  GB?18:43
_Sophiawhy 3 btw18:43
DarthFrogFree up space behind Windows, not in front.18:43
DarthFrogDaskreech: No she doesnt'.  Don't make partitions, let the installer do swap, etc.18:43
Daskreech_Sophia: you can resize it so there is space behind windows or in front18:43
DaskreechDarthFrog: ok18:44
_Sophiaso what should i do? -_-18:44
Daskreech_Sophia: Ok where are you now?18:44
_Sophiajust on the sda1 screen18:44
Daskreech did you resize Windows to what you want?18:44
_Sophiasize 350 GB right? >_>18:44
DarthFrogHow much free space will that leave you within Windows?  is that enough?18:44
_Sophiawhich is 350 * 1024 to get MB lol18:45
_Sophiahard drive is supposed to be 1 tb18:45
_Sophiais 0.91 for some reason18:45
_Sophiadamage maybe18:45
Daskreech_Sophia: formatting makes you lose space18:45
DarthFrogThat's the 1000/.1024 diff.18:45
Daskreech well known in the HDD industry they just fail to mention it when you buy the drive18:45
DarthFrogHarddrive 1K=1000, everyone else, 1K=1024.18:45
_Sophiai know about that, for once18:45
_Sophiayay me18:45
_Sophiaokay then, so18:46
_Sophia350 GB is new size of sda118:46
_Sophianow what, make new partition?18:46
Daskreech_Sophia: apply18:46
DarthFrogYou can if you wish.  Or you can let the Kubuntu installer do it for you when you install Kubuntu.18:46
_Sophiai'll let installer do it18:47
_Sophiashould there be space *before*  the windows partition?18:47
DarthFrogEasier to let the Kubuntu installer do it for you.18:47
_Sophiai assumed as much18:47
Daskreech_Sophia: No18:47
_Sophiamaking sure >.>18:47
Daskreechreading from left to right the first thing should be WIndows18:47
DarthFrogOtherwise you'll have to tell the installer where to install stuff. :-)18:47
Daskreech then empty space18:47
Daskreech_Sophia: Let us know when you are ready18:48
_Sophiaokay so now i have \dev\sda1 ntfs at 390 GiB, and unallocated/unknown at 540  GiB18:49
_Sophiai have to hit apply though lol18:49
_Sophiais safe?18:49
DarthFrogSafe enough.  But will take a while.18:50
_Sophiai hit apply18:50
_Sophia'there were errors while apply operations.  Aborted'18:50
Daskreech_Sophia: take a break18:51
_Sophiacluster accounting failed  224x18:51
_Sophiawhat :/18:51
DaskreechGet some rest. The drive needs love we can fix it another day18:51
_Sophiai want to install kubuntu though @_@18:52
_SophiaERROR: NTFS is inconsistent. Run chkdsk /f on Windows then reboot it TWICE!18:52
=== dave is now known as DenverDave
_Sophiais what it says rofl18:52
Daskreech_Sophia: that's what I said at teh start!18:52
_Sophiagood for you, bad for me18:52
Daskreech_Sophia: You want to run that and go to sleep?18:52
_Sophiaso my hard drive is messed up?18:52
DaskreechMight take an hour with 1TB18:53
DaskreechSaid that a long time ago :)18:53
_Sophiawhat exactly do i have to do?18:53
DenverDavegreetings.. I have 2 sata drives and I want to setup dual boot. I have not mounted the windoze hd yet.. any links/pointers?18:53
Daskreechreboot into windows and open a command prompt18:53
Daskreechtype chkdsk /f then go to sleep18:53
DarthFrogRun chkdsk /f on Windows then reboot it TWICE!18:53
_Sophiai don't want sleep, i want kubuntu installed >.>18:54
DarthFrogThen reboot the LiveCD and go through all this again. :-)18:54
_Sophiajeez =S18:54
Daskreech_Sophia: Well if you want to stay up another three hours fine but if you run chkdsk /f then reboot and run it again till it comes back with no errors I think installing kubuntu should be super eeasy after that18:55
DarthFrog_Sophia: Boot into Windows.  Open an MS-DOS command prompt.  Type "chkdsk /f".  Reboot Windows twice.18:55
Daskreechbut that chkdsk takes a while so sleep while it does it18:55
Daskreechstaying up doesn't get Kubuntu installed much faster and you need to rest18:55
DarthFrogDenverDave: If you run "grub-install <boot device>" it should detect your Windows installation (no need to mount it) and set it up to boot from GRUB.18:56
DaskreechI know I've done this more times than I'm proud to relate18:56
DarthFrogDenverDave:  Actually, the command will be "sudo grub-install <boot device>". :-)18:57
Daskreech_Sophia: it's not giving up :) it's just part of the process18:57
DenverDaveDarthFrog: and that will be ok with a windoze xp separate sata hd?18:58
DarthFrogDenverDave: It's how I've got things set up.  Works ferpectly.18:58
_Sophiarational, when can i time doing the chkdsk thing so i can be on here when i can get halp? ;d18:58
DenverDaveDarthFrog: roger that :) trying that now18:58
=== veepee is now known as amaterasu
DenverDaveDarthFrog: dumb question but what boot device should I use??18:59
=== amaterasu is now known as Amaterasu
=== Amaterasu is now known as Aamuterasu
Daskreech_Sophia: I'm on as much as I can be19:00
Aamuterasuhow do i join into ircnet?19:00
DaskreechBut I don't see much problems if the chkdsk fixes the drive19:00
Aamuterasui cant use konversation ;__;19:00
DaskreechAamuterasu: you can19:00
Daskreechpress F219:00
DenverDaveAamuterasu: im using it now :)19:00
Daskreech_Sophia: But say 6 hours?19:00
AamuterasuOkay, but what i should do next?19:01
Daskreechadd in the ircnet19:01
DenverDaveDarthFrog: should i put the grub-install on my ubuntu disk like sudo grub-install /dev/sda1 yes?19:01
Aamuterasui somehow get the feeling that only putting ircnet into the server spot is not enough19:02
Aamuterasu] [Info] Looking for server ircnet (port 6667) ...19:03
Aamuterasuand then it doesn't find it.. I'm sorry to bother you like this but uhh19:03
Aamuterasuthis is the only irc channel or network i can get into..19:03
DenverDaveAamuterasu: firewall?19:04
DaskreechAamuterasu: Look on ircnet's webpage for the server name (possibly port number)19:04
Aamuterasui'll come back later if i can't find anything.. Thanks!19:04
DarthFrogDenverDave: Not /dev/sda1 but /dev/sda.19:07
DarthFrogDenverDave: sda1 is a partition, sda will put it into the MBR.19:08
DarthFrogDenverDave: You can put it into sda1 if you want to set up the Windows boot loader to boot Ubuntu.  Or sda if you want GRUB to boot Windows.  Either works.19:08
DenverDaveDarthFrog: and you have 2 sata disks that you can dual boot to as well?19:10
=== jayhunold is now known as jhunold
piderhow to fix the big and ugly logo kubuntu, I have nvidia graf card19:11
DarthFrogDenverDave: Yes, sda and sdb.19:12
DenverDaveDarthFrog: cool let me install on sda now and see where that leads me :)19:12
DenverDaveDarthFrog: installed with no errors19:13
BluesKajpider,  right click on the desktop choose desktop settings ,then "get new wallpapers'19:13
DarthFrogDenverDave:  So the next time you reboot, you'll see the choices listed in /boot/grub/grub.conf displayed.19:14
DarthFrogBTW, don't edit that file by hand. :-)19:14
DenverDaveDarthFrog: ok then.. let me reboot and check it out brb19:14
piderI mean the login logo19:15
AamuterasuSomehow i get the feeling that i only make things hard for myself19:15
Aamuterasuit should not have been that hard to get into IRCnet ;__;19:16
=== dave is now known as Guest4141
Guest4141DarthFrog: nope no choice just booted right to ubuntu19:16
=== Guest4141 is now known as DenverDave
DarthFrogpider:  System Settings/System Administration/Login Screen19:18
DarthFrogGuest65528 = DenverDave???19:18
DenverDaveDarthFrog: yes19:18
DarthFrogDenverDave: Did a GRUB boot screen come up?19:19
DenverDaveDarthFrog: negative19:20
DarthFrogDenverDave: Is /dev/sda set up in your BIOS to be the boot drive?19:20
DenverDaveDarthFrog: yes19:21
DarthFrogDenverDave: Is there a Windows stanza (at the bottom) in /boot/grub/grub.conf?19:21
DarthFrogOops, that should be grub.cfg.19:22
DenverDaveDarthFrog: sorry wfh today and customer called.. I have the grub.cfn open now.. checking19:34
DenverDaveDarthFrog: there are no menuentry lines with windows all just linux kernel choices19:36
daniel586hola a todos..19:41
daniel586hablan español19:41
daniel586o me equivoque de canal??19:41
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.19:42
BluesKajDenverDave,  youwere asking abut ircnet ? if so to join one of their servers , type /server ircnet.eversible.com then /join #nameofchat in the server textbox19:44
DenverDaveBluesKaj: no I was trying to help someone :) I am trying to get my windoze sata HD to be listed in grub.cnf19:45
daniel586ok thanks ubottu..19:45
BluesKajok DenverDave , i misread , sorry19:46
DenverDaveBluesKaj: its cool19:46
DenverDavechanging nicks now19:46
=== DenverDave is now known as MileHiDave
piderIt is det Kubuntu logo in loginscreen, it is the one with text: Kubuntu and three/four dots blinling undet the text19:47
MileHiDaveDarthFrog: changed nicks from DenverDave to MileHiDave19:48
DarthFrogMileHiDave: How do you boot Windows now?19:48
MileHiDaveDarthFrog: I will have to unplug the ubuntu HD19:50
MileHiDaveas it is 2nd in my bios boot order19:50
BluesKajpider, systemsettings/loginscreen/theme/get new themes :)19:50
DarthFrogMileHiDave:  You shouldn't have to do that, just set the Windows drive to be first in the BIOS boot order.19:50
MileHiDaveDarthFrog: ok but then I boot to windows only..right?19:51
DarthFrogAnd resetting the boot order will allow you to boot Kubuntu again.19:51
MileHiDaveok bbiab thx19:51
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piderI install login themes, but they do not show up20:08
BluesKajpider,  open and close system settings20:09
piderno themes20:10
piderbut default20:10
dacresnidoes the folder view widget still exist in kde4.6?20:11
Snowhogdacresni: It does here.20:11
dacresniu added the kubuntu ppa to ubuntu 10.1020:12
dacresniperhaps its in a package20:12
dacresnii already downloaded kdeplazma-addons20:12
Snowhogdacresni: I'm using the default repos for my Natty 11.04 installation.20:12
dacresnithats kind of disingenuous20:13
dacresnicause its non standard20:13
dacresni(we can't expect everyone to run beta )20:13
dacresnianyway, does anyone know where i might get it?20:14
Snowhogdacresni: What I mean, is that I've not made any repo changes to what was made available when I installed Natty 11.04.20:14
piderlook at this, it is installed but it does not show in next <a href='http://bildr.no/view/843308'>http://bildr.no/view/843308</a>20:14
pider<a href='http://bildr.no/view/843312'>http://bildr.no/view/843312</a>20:15
BluesKajpider,  yeah samee thing here , the themes are supposed to be installed but don't show up..a bug I guess :(20:17
piderok, have to wait for a bug fix then?20:18
BluesKajmaybe an update20:18
dacresniperhaps it morphed into the shelf20:21
ionutanyone knows a good web scrapper ?20:22
piderI tried this, but it wouldn't work http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml20:22
dustinthanks darksreech/taiga/brightspark for all your help :)20:23
Daskreechdustin: Great20:24
dacresnifound it, its in the package manager20:25
dacresnibecause no one would want that right? ...20:25
dustinworks nice20:26
dustinthanks alot you guys20:26
dustinnow for the long process of codeing lol20:26
Snowhogionut: You can use wget (command line) to download websites. See http://linuxreviews.org/quicktips/wget/20:28
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=== MuzerAway is now known as Muzer
rohdefhey, how do I change my computers hostname?20:41
rohdefwithout editing /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname manually preferable, could do it, but from a novice user that isn't acceptable :p20:43
DarthFrogrohdef:  sudo hostname <newhostname>20:43
rohdefnot optimal but better20:43
rohdefdoesn't KDE have a UI tool for it20:43
DarthFrogrohdef: There may be but I prefer the CLI personally.  So I've not looked for one.20:44
DarthFrogrohdef: If there was a GUI method, I imagine it'll be in System Settings.20:44
rohdeftbh. so do I but I like to know the GUI tools, since my sister don't tend to agree with me :p20:45
rohdefDarthFrog, can I use hostname for the top level domain to, so I could change it too.. let's say laptop.rohdef (or whatever I want)?20:46
DarthFrogrohdef:  "man hostname".  :-)20:47
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.20:47
rohdefalthough I like cli, I'm not a major fan of man pages :p20:48
DarthFrogrohdef:  If the info you want is in a man page and you know about man pages and can read them, ....20:49
DarthFrogUse xman if you prefer a GUI.  :-)20:50
rohdefcould also google them, usually it prefer wiki pages over man, when I got the documentation on a wiki that is20:50
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DaskreechDarthFrog: What?21:00
DaskreechNo man no!21:00
Daskreechalt+f2 -> man:hostname21:00
DarthFrogOoh, neat.  Thanks.21:00
DarthFrogGotta love kioslaves.21:01
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DaskreechI don't have to21:05
* Daskreech gets slapped by ubottu21:05
DaskreechOk I'm sorry Yes I do have to. My apologies to all who might have thought they could get away without Kioslave love21:06
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leimyI was wondering how the process was for creating kubuntu as an ubuntu derivative. Was it just a remastering with different packages situation, or was there a lot of customization to packages?  Is there some kind of build system that one can use to sort of get source packages built into a CD image?21:44
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Daskreechleimy: what are you trying to find out?21:49
gnomeshelloggerleimy: kubuntu is not a derivate, neither is it remastered21:49
leimygnomeshellogger: ok well that's not what ubuntu claims :-)21:49
Daskreechleimy: do you mean #ubuntu ?21:50
DaskreechBecause the Ubuntu website doesn't say anything of that sort21:50
leimyNo I mean ubuntu claims kubuntu is an ubuntu derivative21:50
leimyoh it's all over the place let me get you some links :-)21:51
rohdefDarthFrog, still here?21:51
leimyThe one page has been pulled but there's a google cache21:51
gnomeshelloggerthat is as good as steve ballmer saying it :P21:52
leimySee kinds of derivative distros... you'll see kubuntu.21:52
leimyThat's actually besides the point, what I'm really interested in is not how Kubuntu is classified but sort of how the release building process for Kubuntu works.21:53
gnomeshelloggerplease read the sentence21:53
gnomeshelloggerby that definition ubuntu desktop edition is a derivate21:53
leimy"Deriving from distribution can be done on many different levels, depending what are exactly your needs and reasons for creating derivative distros. Ubuntu recognizes the following types of derivative distros: "21:53
gnomeshelloggerso is ubuntu server21:53
leimyand JeOS21:53
leimythey call them all derivatives21:53
gnomeshelloggerno we do not21:53
leimyI don't see why this is controversial :-)21:53
Daskreechleimy: this is a discussion for #ubuntu-devel or #kubuntu-devel21:54
Daskreechjoin either one21:54
DaskreechThey will give you links to the build process21:54
rohdefhow do I change the local domain from ".local" to ".whatever"?21:55
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rohdefthought it would be quite straight forward, but google gives me all sorts of pages on /etc/hostname etc, which seems to be useless for that particular task or pages giving workarounds to avahi and telling to ask the sysadmin to change it (wow, here I am, what about telling me how to change it :p )21:57
Daskreechhi fabio22:09
fabiowhere are you from22:09
DaskreechThe interenetz22:12
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gedashey guys23:22
gedasi have a problem, again....23:23
james147!ask | gedas23:23
ubottugedas: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:23
gedas!ask pspp does not work in kde23:23
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:23
gedasyou are never as inteligent as should be23:24
gedaspspp statistical software23:24
gedasalternative to spss23:24
james147gedas: why dosnt it work? what goes wrong?23:25
gedasjames, it installs itself well23:25
gedasonce opened quicklt closes23:25
james147run it in a terminal, see if it give you any info23:26
gedasthe thing is it was built for GNU i think23:26
gedasterminal says that i can distribute it23:29
gedasthats it23:29
gedasseems to be working23:30
gedasyet, i'd like to have an interface which is still missing23:30
gedasi guess i'll have to emerge my self in surfing answers23:37
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george_hello! I'm running kubuntu 10.10 on a intel inspiron i3 integrated graphics. Opengl composition does'nt work properly. Any way to fix it? Thans in advance.23:51
alyenhey - jest ktos piszacy po polsku?23:58

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