stefanctcan someone pls shade some light on this error message: Rejected:01:23
stefanctUnhandled exception processing upload: need more than 0 values to unpack01:23
stefancti am receiving it when i try to upload to my private ppa at ubuntu's launchpad01:24
stefanctfirst .deb package i ever try to upload there...01:24
micahgstefanct: you can't upload .deb packages, only source packages01:25
stefanctic... and it builds it on its own then? guess i missed some basics :P01:26
wgrantstefanct: How did you construct the .changes file that you uploaded?01:26
wgrantIt has a .dsc and a .deb, which no tool I know of creates.01:26
stefanctwith dpkg-genchanges01:27
wgrantAh, it is very rare that one would use that directly.01:27
stefanctthere are too many ways to create all that stuff :)01:28
wgrantSee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete.01:28
wgrantYou need to upload a source package (usually built with 'debuild -S')01:28
stefancti will, thanks01:28
EvilPhoenixwhat specifically influences the build scores for source packages uploaded to a PPA?02:10
micahgEvilPhoenix: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/BuildScores02:11
EvilPhoenixso does the urgency= part of the changelog determine the priority order for the building on ppas?  such as emergency > high > medium > low04:23
mwhudsonpretty sure not04:23
micahgtechnically yes, but most people ignore them and unless there04:24
micahgs really a priority for it, it's just not nice :)04:24
EvilPhoenixso such a priority being, say, an urgent patch to update and fix a very large vulnerability or similar reasoning?04:25
micahgEvilPhoenix: IMHO, something like that would qualify if it's for a derivative distro w/a package that's not in the main archive04:26
EvilPhoenixright.  that's what i thought.04:27
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fta2hi, several times a day, i get some annoying "bzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for https://xmlrpc.launchpad.net/bazaar/: Unable to handle http code 502: Bad Gateway"07:45
spivlifeless: ^07:53
lifelessfta2: hi, please file a bug08:09
lifelessfta2: though if you had that about 16-24 hours ago, it was due to a server farm failure we have since fixed08:10
fta2ok, i'll file a bug next time i see it then08:13
LaneyDoes anyone know of a way to have a PPA package be preferred over the archive (i.e. have a higher version number), but not potentially screw over users at upgrade due to update-manager disabling the entry?09:09
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ssamwhere should i report launchpad comment spam?11:02
ssamhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ekiga/+bug/30578 comment by brad11:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 30578 in ekiga (Ubuntu) "Ekiga uses ALSA layer, but sound card is blocked by esd" [Medium,Fix released]11:05
bigjoolsssam: file a question reporting the issue on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad and an admin will delete the spam11:21
ssambigjools, thanks11:24
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maxbSpeaking of admins, can I get some feedback on likely times to someone looking at my pendinq questions on https://answers.launchpad.net/~canonical-losas/+assignedquestions?field.actions.search=Search&field.status=OPEN ?12:22
wgrantmaxb: We're unfortunately down 2 LOSAs at the moment.12:26
wgrantAlthough we may regain one tomorrow.12:26
maxbFor the sake of people who aren't me and don't lurk here, it would be a nicer experience if someone could send holding replies to questions like this12:28
maxbAlso, one of my questions is a simple "please run one of your standard scripts", but is 3 weeks old12:29
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antonohello all. i need help with amd63 build of rubinius in my ppa21:03
antonoits ok if i build package locally with debuild21:03
antonowhen i upload my package to ppa it builded ok for i386 but package is empty for amd6421:04
thumperhmm... missed him21:46
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EvilPhoenixthumper:  anywhere I can suggest something about launchpad?21:50
EvilPhoenixlike a feature change or something21:50
thumperEvilPhoenix: suggest away21:50
thumperEvilPhoenix: or file a bug :-)21:50
EvilPhoenixthumper:  the teams / subteams thing.  if the team that's parent to a subteam is affiliated with a project, shouldn't that project affiliation trickle down to the subteam as well>?21:51
EvilPhoenixif my sentence structure is confusing, forgive me because i've been up for about 36 straight hours :P21:52
thumperEvilPhoenix: otp right now, I'll look in detail in a few minutes21:52
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thumperEvilPhoenix: looking and thinking now22:11
thumperEvilPhoenix: my answer would be kinda22:12
thumperEvilPhoenix: why is this an issue?22:12
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EvilPhoenixthumper:  just was curious, as a project I'm working on has a core developers team, and then a subteam for the Debian maintainers22:44
EvilPhoenixDebian maintainers doesnt get to be seen as affiliated with the project on their team page22:44
thumperEvilPhoenix: perhaps it should22:44
thumperfeel free to file a bug :)22:44
EvilPhoenixlocation to file?22:45
lifelessEvilPhoenix: what do you mean 'affiliated with the project'22:45
EvilPhoenixsorry, kinda staring at debuild/terminal atm22:45
lifelessEvilPhoenix: we don't have any affiliation mechanism, so I guess you mean something like driver/maintainer roles ?22:45
lifelessEvilPhoenix: the lp bug tracker is https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad22:46
EvilPhoenixlifeless:  yeah, sorta22:46
EvilPhoenixlifeless:  here: https://launchpad.net/~bbot+core+developers22:46
bburhansSo, I've accidentally created duplicate lp accounts, and I see no interface to nuke one in order to allow that email to be added to my primary account :(22:46
EvilPhoenixsubteam is BBot Debian Maintainers group.22:46
EvilPhoenixlifeless:  https://launchpad.net/~bbot-debian-maintainers  <--- that related projects thing isnt pushed down to the subteam22:47
wgrantbburhans: You can merge the accounts at https://launchpad.net/people/+requestmerge22:47
bburhanswgrant: excellent, thanks.22:47
lifelessEvilPhoenix: ok, thats probably oversight22:47
lifelesswe should do teamparticipation expansion there22:47
EvilPhoenix^ indeed22:48
EvilPhoenixshould i file it as a bug?22:48
EvilPhoenixhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/735178  <-- submitted bug for the issue i explained23:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 735178 in Launchpad itself "Subteams do not inherit "Related Projects" from parent teams" [Undecided,New]23:16
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