cindy_hey I'm missing the software center, any ideas on how to retrieve it?04:06
mndrllhey, does anyone knows how to change the keyboard language???04:13
mndrllok keyboard issue solved!!04:22
mndrllthanks anyway!04:22
mndrllim installing lubuntu on my HP pavilion dv9275la until now everything is working great....04:24
mndrll but the embedded webcam its not working04:24
mndrllits a Ricoh R5U87004:25
mndrlldoes anyone knows how to make it work???04:25
bioterrordoes lspci find it?04:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 120434 in Ricoh R5U87x Userspace Tools "[needs-packaging] Ricoh R5U87x Webcam userland tools" [Medium,In progress]04:28
mndrllbioterror, yes, lspci found it04:36
mndrll07:05.2 System peripheral: Ricoh Co Ltd R5C592 Memory Stick Bus Host Adapter (rev 0a)04:36
mndrll07:05.3 System peripheral: Ricoh Co Ltd xD-Picture Card Controller (rev 05)04:36
mndrllno, it didnt found it04:37
mndrllit was the usb ports and other things as the card reader04:37
gumus_hi all08:26
UBuxuBUexcuse me, i would like to report a problem in natty.08:30
UBuxuBUalpha 3 has no sound08:31
UBuxuBUi cannot hear anything08:31
UBuxuBUdo i have to install sound?08:32
gumus_seems like no one here to help08:32
UBuxuBUyeah  know08:34
* UBuxuBU looks down...08:34
UBuxuBUi will boot into 1010 and make sure i have it there08:35
UBuxuBUi have both installed08:35
UBuxuBUsame machine'08:37
UBuxuBU2 lubuntus on it08:37
UBuxuBU1010 has sound08:37
UBuxuBU1104 does nnot08:37
UBuxuBUi wonder who took it out08:37
UBuxuBUand why08:37
UBuxuBUevery single part is the same novariables08:38
UBuxuBUboth live in an asus g3 laptop08:38
UBuxuBUboth live in a  vm inside the g7308:38
UBuxuBUone works one dont08:38
eduhey. i don.t know if anybody is in here. i.m a lubuntu user. i have a problem with this damn skype for linux15:24
edui will tell you more on the subject, if it.s ok15:25
eduthe problem is with the mic. it,s doesn,t working. in the skype program all go with 'default' devices. the list to choose is very long for me. i have a front mic and a rear mic,the last one i use. it is enabled on alsamixer. please,i need assistance,when it.s posible. and ya,sorry for my english :)15:27
bioterroredu, and with audacity or something else that microphone works okay15:39
bioterrorI assume15:39
edubioterror, yes indeed, in the system, the mic work fine15:40
edui have lubuntu 10.10 and the latest beta of skype ..15:40
bioterrorproblem is with the skype15:41
bioterrorsorry, I cannot help with that since it's not a hardware problem15:41
bioterrorand you're not first one with that problem15:41
edui know i,m not the first. but i think that,s why linux isn.t gaining so much more. has everything i want,less a universal audio/video app. anyway, thanks for your response, bioterror . cheers :).15:46
edu*a/v chat app , i was going to say .15:47
bioterrorhmmm yeah15:47
edupidgin has droped audio/video, i think. well, i,m interested on yahoo a/v protocol,like many others. gyachi work only with video, no sound,althought there is some ''codecs'' for audio. skype it,s a hole in the galaxy, kopete as well,only video, and there is NO chatting app ''cross-platform'', let.s say, than can do both,and will run on linux ,windoze,and others. at least that,s what i know. it,s a shame.15:53
bioterrorthat's becouse most of the protocols are closed15:53
eduyep,their  are closed.i know it,s not your fault,or linux community :).but i think some audio or video codecs,for example are closed too,and some deliver that without license.but again,sorry if i,m offtopic.15:59
bioterrorno problem16:00
edui,m just a little upsad that every time i run linux, for some purpose i have to go back to windoze16:00
bioterroruse skype for chatting :--)16:01
bioterrorI have skype on my workphone16:01
edui don,t have a wifi phone. and they really biil you good for 3g cover around here :)16:02
bioterrorahhh, romania16:03
eduyep, the country of all wonders16:03
edubut there are many linux users over here :).16:04
eduwell,i think it remains a option. run a virtual machine with windoze, and try skype. have a good day16:06
Newkhi.. i'm having trouble with 2 keys of my keyboard but not always.. it's some config error (so the hardware is fine)... i found LXKeymap on Lubuntu site.. dut the link is dead.. is it still part of LXDE? its not in ubuntu repos18:14
taigahello, why is there an empty ##lubuntu and this channel too18:22
phillwtaiga: because if join a channel that does not exist, it creates it for you.18:25
taigaphillw, it's a registered channel though18:27
taigafrogballs owns it18:28
phillwtaiga: that would have been before we gained '#' status from freenode. That takes between 4 and 8 weeks for a decision, I currently have another '##' set of channels awaiting adoption as '#'18:29
taigabut ##lubuntu was registered a long time after #lubuntu18:30
taigaalmost 2 year difference too18:30
phillwin that case... no idea! #lubuntu already existed when I joined the team.18:31
taigai'm going to give it a try soon and i wanted to ask 1 thing, does live-cd install work on a pc with 256MB RAM? -64MB gfx cared shared18:32
phillwtaiga: it should do, but may be a little slow, for the install if you decide on it, use alternate or minimal install method.18:34
taigait's all on the livecd?18:35
phillwthe alternate and minimal installs can be gotten via the wiki pages.18:36
bioterror256MB should be enough for graphical installer18:36
phillwbioterror: he loses 64MB to graphics, he's pushing it.18:37
bioterrorthat's nifty18:37
bioterroryeah, alternate18:37
bioterrorand get some more RAM, it wont hurt18:37
phillw192MB and standard GUI install is really pushing it. It should be possible, but it will be painfully slow.18:38
taigaok, btw, does wireless work out-of-the-box?19:01
Yorvyktaiga, Yes,No,Maybe :)  depends on the device.19:03
taigahmm, k, we'll see then19:08
taigais it possible to use slovak language but fall back to czech?19:08
kvarleyI am using lxde and cannot remove the only panel on my workspace, why is that? It will let me delete a panel if I have more than one but will not let me fully remove all panels19:19
Yorvykkvarley, probably a safety thing as the loss of all panels would not be very good for a lot of users19:35
Newkis LXKeymap only for the latest (l)ubuntu builds? 11.04?19:35
Newkcould someone please help me fixing 2 keys that seem muted by configuration (not hardware because in some cases they work perfectly).. it's my cursor-down key and delete key19:44
YorvykNewk, there is a version for 10.10 in the lubuntu-desktop PPA19:45
Newki'm on 10.0419:45
Newkbecause of some graphic card issues i had19:46
Newkstill not fixed ..because i installed 10.10 on my girlfriends machine and is still not fully fixed there.. so i guess lxkeymap is out of the picture for now19:48
NewkYorvyk: thanks for checking the repos19:50
Newkxserver resetted when i killed the keytouchd-launcher19:54
Newki was trying if the problem was related using that one19:55
head_victimI am having some problems with keyboard and mouse input hanging for a large amount of time and also at other times being sluggish.20:43
head_victimThe only way I received any control of my keyboard and mouse was to ssh into the box and purge lxinput20:50
* Newk downloads lxinput20:52
Newkhaving a few keyboard problems myself20:53
head_victimI fixed mine by removing lxinput :/20:53
head_victimgilir you about? I had a quick question about bug 66026020:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 660260 in lxdm (Ubuntu) "Xsession unable to boot after fresh install Maverick" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66026020:53
Newkwhoa... my lost keys are back.. weird... but happy! :D20:56
Newkhead_victim: thanx for pointing to that package21:02
head_victimNewk: glad it works for you, let me know if you have any issues with keyboard/mouse lagging or hanging.21:02
Newki have none... but i wanted to set my mouse a bit faster then it is but seems something else is overiding it21:03
Newkbecause when i click ok and open it again the value is back to the value before21:04
Newkbut i dont have a clean Lubuntu install on this machine.. i think that is causing it21:05
Newkbut happy my long lost keys are back in buissines21:06
gilirhead_victim, yes ?21:07
head_victimgilir: I think I answered my own question sorry but I have uploaded those files for you21:07
head_victimSorry to have disturbed you21:08
gilirhead_victim, no problem, I still doesn't know why you had bug 660260, all seems normal :/21:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 660260 in lxdm (Ubuntu) "Xsession unable to boot after fresh install Maverick" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66026021:11
head_victimI can't really reproduce either without reinstalling.21:12
head_victimI more just wanted to make sure no one else experienced it, I might have stuffed something up somewhere along the line.21:14
head_victimI'm more than happy to close it off as unable to reproduce or something like that if that is the most appropriate course of action21:14
gilirhead_victim, yes, I'll close it for now, but if you can reproduce it, please re-open it and attached the .conf files and steps to reproduce21:17
head_victimgilir: definitely thanks for taking the time to look at it (sorry I'm such a noob at this stuff, I have no idea what I'm doing but always willing to provide whatever is needed to help out)21:17
gilirhead_victim, don't be sorry, I should have proceed it earlier :/21:18
head_victimOn a side note, do you have any idea why my keyboard/mouse input would hang for a few minutes? And do you know any possible way to test what could cause that (the only "fix" I've found so far is to purge lxinput).21:19
gilirhopefully, the bug tracker should be cleaner at the end of this week, so we will be able to proceeed bug more quickly21:19
gilirhead_victim, which version ? 10.10 or 11.04 ?21:20
gilirno :( and purging lxinput shouldn't do anything for this, very weird :/21:24
head_victimI could have been coincidence, I will keep going and see if it happens again21:24
Newkany idea why i cant set mouse speed in lxinput?21:25
Newkwhat is overriding it?21:25
Newki have an ubuntu install on this machine and lxde on it wich i'm on now21:27
gilirNewk, maybe gnome-session or another gnome component is overriding the settings21:28
gilirgnome-session and gnome-setting-daemon are 2 good candidates for this :)21:29
* Newk checks21:29
head_victimgilir: thank you for your efforts, if you can think of any way to test what is causing the hanging let me know, if I think I've pinned it down to a component I'll log a bug. Cheers mate.21:30
Newkwow.. i just run gnome-session.. probably not a good idea :P21:31
Newki'm such a n00b21:33
head_victimThis is really odd, the input (keyboard/mouse) hang occurs even in an SSH session....22:20
Newkhardware stuff?22:55
head_victimNot the keyboard and mouse, it works fine on other computers (I"ve even swapped mid hang and it's fine and you go back to this pc and it's still hung)22:56
Newki had once (really long ago) a mouse on my amiga-computer that was prone to hang when my neighbour pressed the button to send on his radio-transmitter.. you those things like walkie-talkies but much stronger and stationary23:00
head_victimYeah but I've narrowed it down to this installation of Lubuntu23:00
Newkoh ok23:00
Newkso that rules out hardware.. unless the drivers are bad23:01
head_victimIt's a generic keyboard and mouse :P I haven't installed drivers for them23:05
Newki guessed so.. never did that too here23:12
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