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OchoZero9hifi, what does E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_main_il8n_Translation-en means?00:35
OchoZero9E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened00:36
yofelthere's something wrong with that file, refresh your package cache again00:37
OchoZero9how do I do that?00:38
yofelerm, how did you get that error?00:39
OchoZero9sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:40
OchoZero9i've done this so far00:40
OchoZero9sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/status /var/lib/dpkg/status-RENAMED00:40
yofelrun sudo apt-get update again00:41
OchoZero9sudo mv /var/lib/apt/lists/ /var/lib/apt/lists-RENAMED00:41
OchoZero9E: Could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status - open (2: No such file or directory)00:41
OchoZero9lol i erased it00:42
OchoZero9well i renamed it00:42
yofeldo not do that ;) - the lists aren't needed, apt will fetch them, the status file is00:43
OchoZero9i've googled my problem and people solved it by doing sudo rm var/lib /apt/lists/*  -vf00:43
OchoZero9but i didnt want to risk it so i mv instead of rm00:43
yofelusually it's enough to just run apt-get update again, removing the lists might help if it fails in succession00:43
OchoZero9i ran it again00:44
OchoZero9so should i just make that path?00:44
OchoZero9mkdir -p /var/lib/dpkg/status00:44
yofelnono, move the old file back00:45
yofeldpkg needs that file to be correct00:45
DanaGSay, was the KDE version in Kubuntu Natty supposed to add a Tablet profile?00:45
OchoZero9I have a tablet :)00:46
DanaGI'm running the live(USB) right now, on a 915GM tablet.00:46
DanaGWorks pretty well, once you disable Blur.00:46
OchoZero9what's 915gm?00:46
OchoZero9the chipset?00:46
DanaGYeah, and the GPU.00:46
OchoZero9i dont know what mines is00:47
OchoZero9but it's intel HD graphics00:47
OchoZero9and I don't know how much memory it has i think it autoscales , beats me00:47
DaekdroomIt shares memory with RAM00:47
OchoZero9I dont know how much it shares00:48
OchoZero9i don't have such option in the bios to allocate any memory to the graphics00:48
OchoZero9i wish i can share 2gb00:49
OchoZero9I renamed the ..../status/ back to normal00:49
DaekdroomThat'd be a huge waste.00:49
OchoZero9and ran update 2x00:49
OchoZero9W: GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org natty InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A278300:49
OchoZero9i have 8gb of ram00:50
DaekdroomStill a huge waste.00:50
OchoZero9i have no idea how to control the video memory anyways . in *nix, windows, or the bios00:51
OchoZero9infact i don't think it has a chip for video, it's probably built in the processor00:51
OchoZero9yofel, I'm geting a different error now00:53
OchoZero9W: GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org natty InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A278300:53
yofelthat's a warning, not fatal00:53
OchoZero9so go ahead with dist-upgrade?00:54
yofelsudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 2EBC26B60C5A278300:54
yofelwill resolve it though00:54
OchoZero9i'm on kubuntu, does it matter?00:54
OchoZero9looks good now00:55
OchoZero9sigh upgrade failed00:55
OchoZero9he following packages have unmet dependencies:   libcanberra-gtk0 : Breaks: libcanberra-gtk3-0 (< 0.28-0ubuntu1) but 0.26-1ubuntu9 is to be installed   E: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.00:56
yofelerm, just what are you trying to do?00:57
OchoZero9sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:57
DanaGhmm, anyone here use unity on a tablet?00:57
OchoZero9I tried00:57
OchoZero9it's broken00:58
DanaGOh, and last time I tried a livecd, I seem to recall it not having "shut down" in the corner menu.00:58
OchoZero9and utouch, i don't know where that's at00:58
penguin42DanaG: I'd assumed that was the point of Unity!00:58
DanaGAll you could do was suspend.00:58
DanaGNot sure whether that was Maverick or Natty.00:58
OchoZero9i havent been able to suspend for a few weeks now00:59
penguin42for anyone who can't hibernate I'd be curious whether you still have swap00:59
OchoZero9I think when i upgraded the memory my suspend and hibernate broke00:59
yofelwell, you need swap for hibernate, at least as much as memory is used when you hibernate01:00
DanaGOn an SSD, resume from hibernate can be slower than booting (at least with Windows).01:01
yofelOchoZero9: well, you obviously have broken dependencies somewhere, try an apt-get upgrade first and then dist-upgrade again01:01
* yofel agrees with DanaG01:01
yofelat least it won't make much of a difference01:01
OchoZero9my swap is 4gb01:02
OchoZero9my ram is 801:02
DanaGSo, where's this fabled tablet KDE?01:02
OchoZero9i've tried sleepign upon boot with less than 2gb of ram used. and still have issued01:02
yofelwill work as long as you don't use more than 4G RAM when you hibernate, if you use more it won't be able to write all of the memory to the disk01:02
OchoZero9then the memory upgrade wasn't what broke it01:03
yofelhm, no idea then, I personally don't hibernate01:03
OchoZero9I can't afford an SSD that suits me01:03
OchoZero9one of the apps for my digital logic class is 10GB!!01:04
OchoZero9apt-get doesn't do parralel downloads?01:05
yofelonly if you have multiple servers in your sources01:06
OchoZero9sudo apt-get upgrade seems to be working but it says 600kB/s01:06
yofelit will only use one connection to one server01:06
DanaG600 kilobytes?01:07
yofely'know, I know people that would be very happy with that :P01:07
DaekdroomThat's not very slow.01:07
DanaGthat's 4800 kilobits.  4.8 megabits.01:07
DanaGWhat's your internet connection itself?01:07
DaekdroomI'm upgrading at a stellar 433kB/s01:08
DanaGI was downloading from cdimage and getting like 160 kilobits.01:08
DanaGhmm, I think I'll try the gnome cd image now...01:08
yofelalso, archive.ubuntu.com tends to be slow since too many people use it, and the mirrors need to sync from it01:08
DanaGviva la mirrors.kernel.org.01:09
OchoZero9i think im being capped for not paying the cable bill i guess01:09
* yofel is happy with de.archive.ubuntu.com01:09
DaekdroomI'm using archive.ubuntu.com01:09
DaekdroomShame on me01:09
OchoZero9i just did a speed test and got 4 megabits while running apt-get01:09
penguin42well I never - I just found they added 'control centre' to the shutdown/hibernate/etc/ menu - so *that's* how you're supposed to get to settings in unity01:10
DaekdroomStuff is all over the place.01:10
DaekdroomYou can control gwibber through launcher, music player through indicators.01:10
OchoZero9should i ctrl C01:11
OchoZero9and do sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-ugprade?01:11
OchoZero9i need to take a nap and i dont want to wait 20 minutes till this is done01:12
OchoZero9Dana what tablet do u have btw?01:12
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foxbuntuhey all, running current 11.04, desktop icons have disappeared, but everything is still listed in ~/Desktop any ideas?04:42
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tohuwwhat's the name of the control application for the panel clock? I can't right click it and select the properties from there because it's bugged (for me) since a recent natty patch...05:16
tohuwnot being able to set it for 24 hour with seconds displayed is ruining my life05:16
jbichatohuw: indicator-datetime-preferences or if that doesn't work you can edit the dconf keys05:20
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ecinx3how do i check which alpha do I have?06:19
jbichaecinx3: if you are up-to-date, you are on Alpha 306:23
ecinx3that's what i'm trying to make sure of06:24
ecinx3since i had some troubles running dist-upgrade06:24
arandecinx3: lsb_release -a06:24
xzcvczxanyone else having an issue with natty alpha 3 where the top bar and bottom bar are grey instead of the black that they should be?06:25
arandThat and if apt shows any new updates or not, note that natty is currently a rolling release (so to speak).06:25
ecinx3it just says dist id: ubuntu  desc. ubutny natty   release 11.0406:25
jbichaxzcvczx: did you install the gnome3 ppa?06:26
xzcvczxno i have only updated whats in stock06:26
xzcvczxand unrelated programs06:27
ecinx3i think i'm okay since  'uname -r' outputs '2.6.38-6-generic'06:27
jbichaand did you make sure Ambiance is your theme in gnome-appearance-properties ?06:27
xzcvczxeven after i select a different one then reselect ambience it doesn't fix it06:28
xzcvczxwhen gnome first loads its black but then turns grey06:28
ecinx3which is the best configuration for a multitouch tablet with pen?06:29
ecinx3gnome 3, unity , kde ?? kubuntu , ubuntu, xubuntu06:30
jbichaxzcvczx: there have been multiple bugs reported where gnome-settings-daemon crashes similar to 73325306:30
jbichabug 73325306:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 733253 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "gnome-settings-daemon freezes, desktop theming disappears" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73325306:31
xzcvczxjbicha: well the window title bars are still correctly themed its just the "menu bar"/bottom bar06:32
xzcvczxand the background for the panel is set to "None (use system theme)"06:35
kklimonda$ ls -l /var/crash/|wc -l06:42
kklimondaall from the last 24 hours..06:43
kklimondathe least stable development release I can remember.06:43
xzcvczxlol im getting a lovely segfault from software center06:47
* xzcvczx wonders why a missing cache file causes a segfault06:51
kklimondawell, it's not really a segfault, just an unhandled exception06:52
kklimondaunless you have hit some other error06:53
xzcvczxanyway i cna regenerate the cache?06:54
xzcvczx~/.cache/software-center/software-center.agent.db is apparently what its looking for06:55
OchoZero9I don't know what went wrong that my multitouch doesn't work anymore07:26
OchoZero9I used to have pinch to zoom in several applications and I think i was able to right click by touching the screen then nearby touch the screen again wiht another finger07:27
OchoZero9the pen still works fine, pressure, and eraser. at least in xournal it does.07:28
OchoZero9anyone has suggestions on which distro to use for a tablet, and which windows manager?07:29
magn3tswhy does the default unity menu suck so bad?07:35
magn3tsno really, cardapio is 1000x times more useful for finding an app quickly07:42
magn3tshere I lose all organization of apps, and have to make more clicks to get to all my apps, and then they're huge icons that I ahve to scroll through07:43
OchoZero9maybe they are optimized for netbooks or tablets07:47
OchoZero9if they icons are large.07:47
OchoZero9change the icon size07:47
OchoZero9ubuntu is doing the right thing07:48
OchoZero9whether u think so or not07:48
OchoZero9and lots of geeks are complaining about unity07:48
magn3tsbut *very* small tweaks could make it much more usable07:48
OchoZero9but Ubuntu is linux for human beings, not necessarily geeks07:49
magn3tsand trust me... some stupid stupid people have used cardapio without a second thought and commented about how easy it was to use.07:49
OchoZero9it's in alpha btw07:49
magn3ts... OchoZero9 they're tweaks that will be better for users, I'm not some stuck up geek who is whining about a power tool.07:49
OchoZero9and give a year or two07:49
OchoZero9most of the interfaces we use will be extinct07:49
OchoZero9because everything is going to be touch screen07:49
magn3tsIt's a pain in the ass to find apps that I've installed, and opening the Applications panel shows only 5 icons and requires you to press a button to see more.07:50
OchoZero9everything's a pain07:50
magn3tsThere are tons of things that are *going* to confuse a user because it's hiding functionality behind a 20x20 icon.07:50
OchoZero9when ur city widens the road, it creates traffic while they are working on it07:50
magn3tshow can that possibly be a good idea?07:50
OchoZero9but when it's done  there's less traffic and room for growth07:50
magn3tsBut the changes I'm talking about are minimal and could be done quickly without overhead.07:51
OchoZero9like i said, it's alpha and it's not complete or broken07:51
OchoZero9then do it07:51
OchoZero9u have the source07:51
magn3tsthey're things that someone went out of their way to code the way they did.07:51
OchoZero9btw don't get me wrong, there are econmic reasons to get ride of gnome07:52
magn3tsThe "its alpha" is more the asnwer I was looking for.07:52
OchoZero9how do ubuntu developers get paid?07:53
OchoZero9jeopordy song07:54
OchoZero9I think they get money from ubuntu's cloud services for one07:55
OchoZero9and there's some apps that generate revenue from gnome which would cut into ubuntu's pockets07:56
OchoZero9the music service stuff07:56
OchoZero9revenue going to the gnome foundation07:56
OchoZero9u can still use gnome when 11.04 comes out. It's just not default07:57
magn3tsGnome is still there.08:06
OchoZero9nothing, never mind08:06
magn3tsI get it.08:06
magn3tsI like Unity.08:06
magn3tsA lot.08:06
magn3tsA whole lot.08:06
OchoZero9u can place suggestions in the launchpad08:07
magn3tsThe consolidated API for the launcher/dock. The new indicator panel, etc is all slick. If it is easily themable it will be a hit.08:07
OchoZero9i'm using kde atm08:07
magn3tsI hope that Canonical goes more customizey than Gnome has done historically and that the unity menu becomes a bit more useful in places or is easily changeable/pluggable.08:08
OchoZero9not very touch friendly08:08
OchoZero9we'll see08:08
OchoZero9we'll have a bunch of patches08:08
magn3tsYeah, I'm not sure how that gets fixed. I have a hard time imagining a UI that is very similar on mouse/keyboard and  touch devices08:08
OchoZero9since the final is really a releaase candidate08:08
OchoZero9windows7|linux > android 308:09
OchoZero9but people will argue with us08:09
OchoZero9i don't understand who like iOS and why08:09
OchoZero9i have an ipod touch08:09
OchoZero9and i feel like throwing it all the time since nothing has menus or nothing08:10
OchoZero9it' slike stop and go. I like to have gears08:10
OchoZero9what im trying to say  is although u adapt to touch, you don't lose power08:11
OchoZero9tablet will be a thing of the passed and tablet PCs wil reign supreme08:12
OchoZero9so like you are saying it has to  be usable with mouse and keyboard08:12
OchoZero9anyways see ya , I'm doing hw08:13
xXAndromedaXxtall a dictionary for empathy?08:19
xXAndromedaXx*how would i go about installing a dictionary for empathy08:20
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ior3kanyone know how I can make pidgin light up the little envelope whenever I get a new IM?10:00
marenostrumHello. I Web upgraded from Maverick to Natty and I suspect that there are 2 problems: 1- I seem not to experience Unity interface. Main menus (applications-places-system) are still the same; is it what it should be or need I do something to activate Unity? 2- I can't see my Software Sources neither from Synaptic nor from Software Center. When I try to reach the list of repos from Synaptic, it doesn't show up anything but keeps on saying "Repos are chan10:11
marenostrumged, you should update"; from Software Center -> Software Sources: It tries to do something but exits with no result (its window shows the initial list of software) Any idea? Are they bugs or should I do a fresh install of 11.04 to have an idea about it?10:11
zniavregood morning10:28
zniavrei updated this morning and after a new session login , the applications "button" is empty10:28
zniavreim using unity-2d10:28
zniavrei can't find any report on this behaviour , i am alone with this worrie ?10:30
coz_  hey all11:26
HerrBertI just realized that 11.04 can not "use" my bluetoothdevice or maybe has no proper driver, how can I check that?11:43
HerrBertI am not getting any Error but at the bluetooth-applet in the right upper corner there is a red/white cross and I can not do anything with my bluetooth11:45
HerrBerthttp://pastebin.com/XfEtcNAE shows bluetoothd -d -n11:52
penguin42Hey BK12:25
penguin42BK: Are you running Unity - I've got a slightly weird bug I'd like someone else to check12:26
BluesKajpenguin42, sorry , I went back to KDE , din't like unity much , just alarge toolbar IMO :)12:31
penguin42Yeh, I'm running KDE on ---> and unity on <----12:31
BluesKajpenguin42, ahh, adventurous  eh?..I see alot of complaints about unity bugs in #ubuntu12:32
penguin42BluesKaj: I'd say it's 100 times better than it was a month ago - it still needs to be 100 times better though12:33
BluesKajpenguin42, do you see any advantages in it ?12:34
penguin42BluesKaj: hmm - I can see if you want a touch screen then yes; and offloading the menus to the top panel actually saves screen real estatate on this laptop; but it doesn't feel well thought out12:35
kklimondathey still have to do a lot of work on it, but I like it.12:39
penguin42kklimonda: I'm certainly less against it than a month ago when it was unusable12:40
BluesKajdarn phat fingers12:40
penguin42kklimonda: Do you have it running at the moment?12:40
kklimondapenguin42: yes12:40
kklimondaGNOME Shell looks more coherent, but it doesn't feel right..12:40
coz_I have it on my other system... I can log into Unity if you like12:41
penguin42kklimonda: If you click Find internet apps what do you get?  I get the development apps12:41
kklimondapenguin42: confirmed12:41
kklimondaif you report a bug, point me to it12:41
penguin42ok, will just check to see if anyone has it already12:42
BluesKajlooking at a new laptop just for travel ..wish the linux lappys weren't so expensive12:42
coz_BluesKaj,    http://www.system76.com/index.php?cPath=2812:44
penguin42kklimonda: It's already reported - bug 73297812:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 732978 in unity-2d "Find Media Apps & Find Internet Apps doesn't point to the right category" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73297812:45
kklimondapenguin42: does alt+f2 work for you?12:46
penguin42what's it supposed to do?12:46
kklimondait launches completely random application when I press enter12:46
kklimondait's supposed to replace the old run dialog12:46
kklimondaand it replaces it, just doesn't work as it should ;)12:46
penguin42kklimonda: Hmm seems to work for me12:47
penguin42kklimonda: Sigh - it's so broken by using a new toolkit; nothing really 'works' - no caret in the text entry box, scroll bars are shot etc12:47
kklimondathis is actually what hurts me the most12:48
BluesKajcoz_, yeah, I was looking at a 15.6" Acer "elcheapo", with all the bells and whistles for less than $500 cdn..I think I'll just install kubuntu and dual boot with windows ...wife isn't a fan of linux12:48
penguin42kklimonda: Yeh surely they could have come up with a gtk theme12:48
coz_BluesKaj,  oh :) understood12:48
kklimondapenguin42: they could have just used clutter12:49
kklimondathe decision not to use clutter/mutter will hurt us imo in the long run.12:49
coz_kklimonda,  really?12:50
coz_kklimonda,  I would have thought the replacement of mutter with compiz would have solved more issues than not12:50
kklimondacoz_: in the short run yes12:50
* penguin42 goes to get some food12:50
coz_kklimonda,  mutter was resource intensive12:50
kklimondacoz_: it was, but it won't be forever.12:51
coz_kklimonda,  and much younger... I believe,, than compiz12:51
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kklimondacoz_: and again - going with compiz was a good short term decision12:51
coz_kklimonda,  well for me.. I am glad of the replacement,,if for no other reason... my icons are on everyone's system lol12:52
kklimondacoz_: but in the long run it will just serve as a yet another incompatibility with the stock GNOME.12:52
kklimondawhich will hurt Desktop Linux as whole.12:52
robin0800kklimonda, unity 2d is using qt I think12:54
kklimondarobin0800: unless Canonical is planning on investing tons of money into making Qt a first class citizen of the GNOME desktop this choice is even worse one.12:55
zniavrewich icon coz_  ?12:55
coz_zniavre,  ccsm12:55
coz_zniavre,  the icons in ccsm rather12:55
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zniavrethere is no more separator inside the menus (unity-2d at least ?)12:59
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coz_zniavre,  I havent tried unity-2d... what are the differences?  installing now :)13:05
zniavrecoz_,  in fact i do not know unity (3d) can't run here (i still do not know why, until compiz running well with nouveau driver )13:09
coz_zniavre,  ok no biggie... I will play with it once everything is installed :)13:09
zniavreim using unity-2d + compiz ...13:09
zniavrebut i hav the feeling unity (3d) is much better13:10
coz_zniavre,  well I will let you know :)  I am not a fan of unity overall13:10
arandWell unity-2d isn't scheduled for default inclusiong until oo13:11
robin0800 arand think it will be in 11.0413:12
arandrobin0800: Not as default, from what I've gathered.13:14
arandI've herd metacity being the fallback.13:14
coz_so it will always be an optional package install :)13:15
coz_not a :)  I meant a  ?13:15
arandI would assume there are aims to make it the default fallback instead of metacity/gnome in oo13:16
robin0800coz_, ubuntu have said it will be a fallback for people who can't run 3d search google middle of january13:17
coz_robin0800,  ah ok,, seems to appear to be no difference  so far...  i have to play with this13:18
arandThe diff between the upstreamish gnome fallback and unity-3d is something that strikes me as a potential issue though, although the instability (my personal experience on kvm) is a bigger issue at the moment...13:18
coz_mm  unity-2d seems more resource intensive than 3d13:21
coz_on t his one system13:21
coz_bah!  I just dont like Unity13:23
zniavremy wife like it, im not sure why i do not like unity at this moment13:24
coz_damn fingers13:25
coz_zniavre,  well... unity is a netbook edition...I hope it was not even inpassing, thought of as viable for a desktop system and monitors larger than 15"13:26
zniavrei got 24" here13:26
coz_zniavre,  the problem as i see it is, global menu, mac's menuing system..was origianlly designed by apple because their monitors at the time were 9".. it made sense.. keep the File Edit View on the upper panel  to save realestate13:28
coz_now,, even on mac,,, it makes no sense for screens larger than 15",,, my opinion13:28
zniavreho it's the global menu the worrie for you ?13:29
coz_zniavre,  that and the side panel...13:29
coz_zniavre,  but that's why classic gnome is available13:29
coz_zniavre,  on the one system with  11.04  I use calssic gome with cairo dock... if i want a dock13:30
zniavre(im fan of the globalmenu-applet)13:30
* patdk-wk uses gnome on his 10" netbook screen, fits good13:30
patdk-wkI tried unity for about 3 hours, hated every second of it :(13:30
coz_with cairo dock ,, the launchers can be made very small  32x32 if you want13:31
patdk-wkstill seems to use so much more space than I need13:31
coz_the unity launcher seems  rather large and defeat s the purpose of global menu13:31
robin0800unity 2d fits well on my laptop only the one top panel used for everything13:31
patdk-wkthe only thing I use is the ssh-menu and rdp-menu applets in gnome13:31
zniavrecan't you hide the side panel (launcher) ?13:32
coz_zniavre,  yes in compiz unity plugin13:32
coz_zniavre,  but like in unity 2d  it auto hides13:32
robin0800coz you can auto hide or dodge the launcher13:32
zniavrebut unusable with unity-2d13:32
* BluesKaj considered the netbook route but the phat fingers won't work well, and here in Canada the prices for them are atrociously high , the equivalent priced laptop has many more features and newer HW13:32
coz_BluesKaj,  i completely identify with that lol13:32
robin0800zniavre, its in the configuration system13:33
coz_unity launcher and  global menu should not be on the same system13:33
zniavrerobin0800,  yes i saw that but not the icon size13:33
robin0800zniavre, correct and no drag and drop but I bet both will come13:34
robin0800coz Ive set the launcher to 1 that by default its not shown13:35
coz_robin0800,  ah ok13:36
coz_it will be interesting to see how this is incorporated into the next LTS13:38
zniavrei just hope when the nvidia driver i need will be available i will able to use unity 3d im afraid my computer is too old for new  distros13:45
BluesKajzniavre, which nvidia card ?13:54
zniavreusing 173.140xx driver13:55
BluesKajzniavre, is that the default , recommended driver ?14:00
coz_nvidia_current should work with that card14:03
BluesKajcoz_, there are some odd issues with some nvidia cards , my older 7600gt was usinga newer driver than my 8400gs for a while, altho now the 8400 is using the newer driver after the upgrade14:12
coz_BluesKaj,  oh?  wow  I guess I better pay more attention...my 7xxxgt  also uses newer driver14:13
BluesKajcoz_, I had to revert the old pc with the 7600 back to 10.10 ...X was just broken too badly to rescue on natty . Maybe once the beta is released I'll try again14:16
coz_BluesKaj,   seems to have worked with my 7300gt  for natty  but I havent tried recently...sometimes it seems things are far too complicated and variable14:16
Ian_Corneanyone else getting black bars on the classic gnome desktop gnome-panels?14:17
BluesKajcoz_, good to know that , then other HW nonrecognition could be the issue.14:18
_Platypus_Theoretically, it is possible to install an Alpha, a Beta, an RC, and then to a final without having to reinstall from Beta to RC, etc?14:21
_Platypus_*is it possible (sorry, came out backwards.)14:21
coz__Platypus_,  s hould be possible...14:22
coz__Platypus_,   there may be some minor details missed during the upgrade as opposed to a clean install..but all of the essentials should upgrade14:22
_Platypus_Good to know. I can always clean up the minor details afterwards, but I, like most, despise the install/set up of any OS...so I'm trying to find a solution that will keep the blood pressure from spiking.14:23
coz__Platypus_,   I think I understand,, from my perspective,, I prefer clean installs  at release14:24
coz__Platypus_,  I hate fixing minor issue :)14:24
coz_on the birght side,, I like complaining too :)14:25
_Platypus_Same....I like to lodge a good long winded complaint now and again myself, as it keeps me from exploding. But, come to think about it, I think I'll probably go a clean install.14:26
coz__Platypus_,  well its only 2 months away,, playing with the alpha / beta now will always be helpful14:26
robin0800coz I think a hell of a lot has changed this time since 10.1014:28
coz_robin0800,  I agree,, not sure what you meant th ough :)14:29
* BluesKaj is a fan of the autoclean and updatedb commands, it keeps things nice and orderly , so clean installs aren't as necessary as they used to be on my setup14:30
robin0800coz just a very good reason for a clean install at release14:31
_Platypus_I have to admit I want to see what the mass consensus on Unity is after Natty has been out for awhile. I like it, but a lot of people seem mixed.14:34
coz__Platypus_,  I definitly dont like it :)14:34
coz_I will stick with classic gnome14:34
_Platypus_coz_: If you don't mind me asking, what are your dislikes regarding it?14:36
coz__Platypus_,   well first I generally have dual monitors and global menu...as in mac on large monitors.. is  wasteing time... too long a distance to  File Edit View14:36
coz__Platypus_,  secondly , on smaller monitors aka netbooks,, the launcher is far out of scale and takes up too much realestate   I know it can autohidden though14:37
coz__Platypus_,  it is useless on desktop system with monitors larger than 15"  ,,, this is also one reason I no longer use mac14:38
coz_work time is severly diminshed with global menu + large screens14:38
coz_unless you use  easystroke instead of menus14:38
* BluesKaj now understands why unity was so fugly ..using our plasma tv as monitor . This pc is our media server.14:40
_Platypus_coz_: Those are valid points...explains some of the mixed reviews of Unity a LOT (they just complain, but never explain the hardware, which is helpful when forming an opinion.)14:40
coz__Platypus_,  well many of the complainers may not remember why apple used that type of menuing system...14:41
coz__Platypus_,   11.04  is nice in itself.. I like it as calssic gnome...14:41
coz_I runs well considering....14:42
_Platypus_coz_: Always up for giving it a try with a straight Gnome desktop. I like Unity, but I do sometimes feel like I'm navigating my wife's Ipod.14:43
coz__Platypus_,  well sure,, it is sort of designed to be somewhat like that14:44
coz__Platypus_,   and  everyone has to determine ,,according to their work habits,, if Unity is the way to go14:44
_Platypus_coz_: I'd just be happier with smaller icons. Too big, kind of gaudy, and they bother my sense of aesthetics. but I like it. I can also imagine what a nightmare something like this would be like on a full production system.14:50
coz__Platypus_,  yes the launcher is out of proportion14:50
coz__Platypus_,  you can install cairo dock ,, set the laucners to 32x32 if you like14:50
coz__Platypus_,  a resize option for Unity Launcher is needed14:51
coz__Platypus_,  I am not sure unity would be considered for production system14:52
_Platypus_coz_: No....I think putting it on a production machine would cause a spike in anti-anxiety medications being prescribed to admins. :)14:54
coz__Platypus_,  oh?  lol14:55
coz__Platypus_,  ah yes we have to consider the pharmaseutical companies :)14:55
_Platypus_coz_: Good answer!14:56
storrgieis there a way to force unity to minimize?14:57
coz_storrgie,  try  alt+F1014:58
coz_storrgie,  if you meant the windows14:58
storrgiecoz_, no i mean the menu (left side ribbon)14:59
storrgieit's always up14:59
storrgietaking up screen real estate14:59
coz_storrgie,   open ccsm  and click on the unity plugin and tick the autohide  option14:59
storrgieits set15:00
coz_or maybe in gconf  for launcher  set to 1  mentioned by someone here15:00
coz_I havent checked where that option is15:00
coz_storrgie,   yes the unity autohide option no longer keeps the launcher in hide position15:01
coz_storrgie,  I believe,,, somewhere it can be set to   1   to keep it hidden15:01
storrgieit appears that after compiz crashes and I manually restart it... it works15:01
storrgiebut at the initiation of my session (turn on computer) it doesnt15:01
storrgieit keeps itself up15:01
coz_storrgie,  ah ok that makes sense15:03
storrgieis there a way i can set it to work without it having to be re-initiated15:03
coz_storrgie,  i am not sure,,, maybe some else here know15:04
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storrgieI also cant hibernate... how can i troubleshoot that?15:28
vega_storrgie: how much swap space vs. physical memory do you have?15:29
storrgie2GB physical, 4GB swap15:29
vega_ok, so not that..15:29
patdk-wkit won't let you hibernate? or it won't come back from hibernate?15:31
storrgiewont give me the option15:31
storrgievega_, I think this is for debugging if you have problems15:33
storrgienothing about how to check why you dont have the option15:33
storrgie(unless I missed it)15:33
vega_storrgie: see for instance section "Hibernating from text mode"15:34
vega_could be of help15:34
h00kubottu: bug 73486515:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 734865 in linux (Ubuntu) "[STAGING] RT2860 Wireless will not authenticate and connect when on battery power." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73486515:43
storrgiethere is no pm-hibernate command15:45
vega_storrgie: apt-get install pm-utils15:45
storrgiewell it appears to hibernate fine...15:46
vega_so then only quest for missing buttong.. :)15:47
storrgieactually not even that15:48
storrgieafter installing pm-utils, the buttons are there15:48
vega_oh :)15:48
storrgiehow do i report that?15:48
patdk-wkhow did you install?15:48
storrgiefrom the current site15:49
storrgiedownloaded the latest build15:49
patdk-wkya, but from what?15:49
patdk-wkthere are like 10+ iso's15:49
patdk-wkguess report it then :)15:49
storrgiepatdk-wk, wheres?15:50
storrgiealright man, beyond that15:51
patdk-wkprobably against the ubuntu-desktop package15:51
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trismtrying to figure out why my wireless fails to connect to a wpa ap in natty, using the p54usb module with isl3886 firmware, which has worked since karmic. ends up in a associate 1,2,3, timed out, direct-probe 1,2,3 timed out loop. doesn't appear to be the new kernel or wpasupplicant, because the ones from debian experimental work fine, and the mainline kernel in natty doesn't work either19:02
panfisti'm not sure if this is proper place to give feedback, but my focus keeps getting stolen, and eclipse is broken, so....thumbs down20:52
guntbert!bug | panfist20:57
ubottupanfist: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots20:57
panfistthere are at least two bugs already for this problem20:57
guntbertpanfist: and?20:58
guntbertyou are running and complaining about alpha software :)20:58
panfistwell i'm only running it because the suggested fix for my bugs in maverick was "we dont care about maverick anymore try natty"20:59
guntbertpanfist: then help fixing - by improving reports, testing,...21:00
guntbertpanfist: who said ^^ ?21:01
panfistit's on a forum post. i don't know if i could dig it up now. got there from searching "fglrx drm module not found"21:01
panfistanyway i wish i had time to help but i think i'm going to downgrade my two machines to the LTS release, because maverick broke two machines, similar problem: enable proprietary driver and then X doesn't load, on an old integrated geforce 6150 and amd 320021:02
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edgyHi, I installed nvidia driver from jockey and now when I start I get this ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode, what am I doing wrong, please?21:15
yofeledgy: what does your /var/log/Xorg.0.log say?21:17
edgyyofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/580307/21:25
edgyyofel: this is my first time to have an nvidia card in my laptop. I used to use ati so I am missing the obvious21:26
yofelwhat does 'lspci | grep VGA' say?21:26
bjsniderthe log says there are no nvidia cards21:26
edgyyofel: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)21:27
edgy01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Device 0df4 (rev a1)21:27
edgyyofel: it seems I have two vga cards ;)21:28
yofelurgh, I would suggest diggin in the BIOS settings how to disable one, I don't think we handle such setups very well currently21:29
bjsniderthat's an understatement21:29
yofel(at least I don't know much about them)21:29
edgyyofel: I will reboot now to see whether there is an option on the bios, but I wonder if ubuntu can't see the nvidia card, how come jockey suggest I install the driver?!21:32
yofelno, ubuntu obviously sees the card as lspci shows and makes jockey suggest it, but it tries to use the intel card instead which makes it fail21:33
bjsnideredgy, next question...21:33
nemohttp://mozillalabs.com/messaging/ubuntu-unity-launcher/ - neat21:34
yofelbjsnider: can't there be a hack in jockey to put a warning for such multi-gpu setups?21:34
bjsniderask pitti21:34
nemoI still am not using Unity since I found it unreliable last time I tried it, but I do use thunderbird a lot21:34
nemosince it is a lot more reliable than evolution21:34
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lcbCD/DVDDrive issue. Just in case. Mine was not working (only eject). I installed hal, then '$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh dbus hal'21:40
nemoI'm currently doing an update of my natty from a kernel 2 kernels back21:41
nemosomehow, my ethernet stopped working in last 2 kernels21:41
nemoI had not noticed since I hadn't rebooted in a little while21:41
nemohere's hoping upgrading fixes21:41
nemotook me a while to blame natty since the network here sucks and has a lot of stupid mac filtering rules21:42
nemowasn't until I switched to the external comcast line that I got suspicious21:42
edgyyofel: hi, unfortunately, the bios doesn't contain any settings to enable one or disable the other21:43
yofelthen I'm out of ideas, sry, no experience with those setups21:43
edgyyofel: correct me. this means the vga used now is intel?21:44
yofelprobably? remove the driver and you'll know from the Xorg log contents21:44
edgyyofel: but before I installed the driver, I have black and white strips when I click any menu so I cannot see well21:45
edgyyofel: installing the driver removed that!21:45
yofelno idea..21:46
edgyok another problem, I cannot browse youtube videos, I just get black screen!22:12
edgyyofel: may be you can help with the youtube issue?22:14
yofelflash is installed? did it crash?22:14
nemoyay. networking is back to normal22:32
FunnyLookinHatNatty includes Unity , right?22:37
edgyyofel: yes, flash is installed22:39
edgyyofel: how can I tell whether it crashed?22:40
yofelcheck the output of dmesg for some crash message or /var/crash for anything22:40
edgyyofel: about:plugins shows Shockwave Flash 10.2 r15222:40
yofelsounds about right22:41
yofelI do remember someone else having flash issues a few days ago22:41
edgyyofel: dmesg has a line: npviewer.bin[3500]: segfault at 0 ip 00000000f61c8aef sp 00000000ffd9c010 error 4 in libflashplayer.so[f5dab000+b5f000]22:42
edgyyofel: amd6422:42
edgyyofel: so?22:43
yofelhm, try the native amd64 one: deinstall flashplugin-installed, download the plugin from http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10_square.html and extract it into ~/.mozilla/plugins/22:43
edgyyofel: I thought flashplugin-installer would install from adobe site already, no?22:46
yofelthe 32bit one, since the 64bit one isn't officially released but only a 3rd preview release22:46
yofelI'm getting crashes with both though, not very frequent and refreshing the page usually makes it work22:47
jbichaif you're going to use the 64-bit preview plugin, you may as well use https://launchpad.net/~sevenmachines/+archive/flash22:48
edgyyofel: I don't have a .mozilla/plugins/ shall I create it?22:49
edgyyofel: wow! it works22:52
yofeltry it a while, it feels more stable than the 32bit+nspluginwrapper here, but I still get crashes22:53
yofelonly since recently though...22:53
edgyyofel: you know I forget to remove the flashplugin-installer ;)22:53
yofelno idea what it used then ^^22:54
yofelit should prefer the one in ~/.mozilla though I think22:54
edgyyofel: exactly about:plugins confirms this22:54
jbichausing the PPA automates all of that, no need to remember to go to the website when there's an update, no need to remove the old 32 bit plugin23:00
edgyyofel: sorry I forget to thank you23:29
yofelnp, you can try the PPA too if you want next time, I forgot that it existed23:29
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