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flag_guys, anyone know how to preserve a working serial console after framebuffer start?10:02
flag_ogra: do you know how i can preserve  a working serial console even after the framebuffer start?10:25
ograpreserve ?10:26
flag_flag_: yep, when the framebuffer starts, my console dies and i have to switch to my monitor to see what's going on10:30
ograyou should get all boot messages if you set the cmdline to point to serial and drop the "quiet" from the cmdline10:31
ograjust edit /boot/boot.script and run sudo flash-kernel10:31
flag_ogra: and what if one the variable in my uboot environment is longer than 80 chars? on do i print it in its entirety?10:36
ograyou editor should display it fine10:37
flag_no no10:38
flag_i mean, i'm in uboot and i try to "printenv $var"10:38
flag_but the content of var is longer than 80chars10:38
flag_thus it's truncated10:38
ograthere is only the hardcoded env (which just loads the boot.scr file) you will have to change a lot if you dont just edit boot.scr10:41
ograso printenv wont get you very far10:41
ograif it cuts off after 80 chars thats an issue with your terminal program10:41
ograor with the TERM variable you use10:41
flag_ogra: i'm using minicom10:43
ograwell, i'd really recommend to rather change your boot.scr than to poke around in the uboot env10:45
flag_ogra: ok, deleted quiet from bootargs in boot.scr, but still my console dies after:11:26
flag_ogra: Starting kernel ...11:26
flag_Uncompressing Linux...........................................................................................................................................................................................11:26
ogra<ogra> you should get all boot messages if you set the cmdline to point to serial and drop the "quiet" from the cmdline11:26
flag_ogra: setenv bootargs root=UUID=e18764f5-7859-4509-gj48-bbcc01a1ff77 ro splash11:26
ogradid you set the cmdline to point to the serial terminal ?11:27
flag_ogra: bootargs=console=ttyS0,115200n8 root=UUID=54ec8187-d25e-413a-ac5b-99af9cc379fc (from u-boot)11:28
ograis it like that in your boot.scr ?11:28
flag_ogra: bootargs in u-boot and boot.scr should match, right?11:30
flag_ogra: ah, got it11:30
flag_ogra: my bad, there was no console= in /boot/boot.scr but only in u-boot bootargs and i thought the kernel picked the console variable from u-boot11:34
ograno, as i said above the u-boot stuff is totally irrelevant11:35
ograits overriden as soon as boot.scr was loaded11:35
flag_ogra: k, thanks11:39
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hrwheh.. I forgot how long can arm system need to upgrade..12:16
ograi did an ac100 update-manager upgrade over the weekend12:17
ogratook 36h12:17
ograthough on a very slow SD card12:17
hrwapt-get dist-upgrade from alpha3 to current - started >1h ago on sd12:17
hrwogra: I reinstalled all packages on my dualcore atom in ~30 minutes. on 60MB/s sata12:18
ograwho fired off a netbook buid12:28
ograoh, not netbook, headless12:29
hrwhttp://www.computerworld.com.au/article/379549/calxeda_arm_chips_designed_480-core_servers/ - want one ;D12:46
amitkhrw: you can try convincing Rob or Martyn in Budapest12:51
hrwamitk: calxeda people?12:51
amitkhrw: yeah, you might know them as smoothstone people from previous UDSes12:52
hrwah, right12:53
hrwthe company which changes names12:53
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ogra_k, finally unity-2d on ac10013:13
hrwyou did not had it before?13:19
ogra_we didnt have neon runtime detection in QT13:19
hrwah, right13:19
ogra_and after that i had to find out that the natty libc doesnt woork on tegra213:20
hrwo.. hows that?13:20
ogra_see #linaro, was just discussed there13:20
XorAtime to blag a ac100 now then :-D13:21
ogra_unity-2d is really snappy here13:21
* hrw -> lunch13:23
ogra_janimo, poke14:25
rsalvetiogra_: cool, so new qt really worked well for you?14:26
ogra_currently using it afer i spent the whole weekend to get natty running14:26
janimoogra_, hello14:27
rsalvetiogra_: did you find what were the issues?14:27
ogra_libc is really badly broken on the ac10014:27
rsalvetiyou said you had many issues last week14:27
ogra_someone pointed me to http://gitorious.org/ac100/kernel/commit/227af643e6253e9a5c2a2f74468f855686c44117?diffmode=sidebyside14:27
ogra_i'm currently running with the maverick libc pinned14:27
ogra_janimo, so did you test headless ?14:27
janimoogra_, not yet14:27
ogra_seems we have a bunch of issues with oem-config/ubiquity14:28
rsalvetiogra_: ouch, got it14:28
janimowas trying tosee why images fail14:28
janimoogra_, I saw you made some changes around oem-config/upstrart last week14:28
ogra_janimo, the oem-config UI never comes up on serial14:28
ogra_unless no tty exists at all14:28
ogra_(i.e. it immediately works if i use a broken omapfb mode so ttys cant be started)14:29
ogra_i suspect ubiquity/oem-config simply has no code for that and uses the first console it finds14:29
ogra_the second big bug i see is that no user is created at all14:30
janimowhat would a fix be? We need to keep ttys I think14:30
ogra_no idea yet14:30
ogra_i would suggest looking at d-i how it determines the used console14:30
ogra_if werial is set we should defautl to use it i think14:30
ogra_effectively it doesnt seem like oem-config finishes its job14:31
ogra_the most funny part is that the debconf package removal that runs afterrrr oem-config defaults to serial14:31
janimoso right now one can log in but even if oem-config is started by hand it does not run14:31
ogra_oem-config runs fine14:31
ogra_but on tty114:32
ogra_while it takes input from serial (since the kernel defaults to it as first console)14:32
ogra_i can use my laptop kbd to fiddle with oem-config on the panda dvi screen14:32
ogra_it seems to just not use the right output14:33
janimobesides oem-config what else is broken?14:33
ogra_i havent found ut why we dont have build attempts since three days (ampty mails usually suggest that the connection to the image builder failed=14:33
ogra_well, oem-config doesnt create a user at all atm14:34
janimoogra_, telepathy-glib FTBFS (regression) which holds up empathy14:34
ogra_janimo, shouldnt affect headless at all14:34
janimoogra_, indeed14:34
ogra_we get empty build failure mails and i see no logs at all on the imagebuilder14:34
janimowho can debug that?14:35
ogra_someone has changed livecd-rootfs or debian-cd ... or the ssh connection from cdimage to the image builder is broken14:35
* ogra_ will research that 14:35
ogra_so there was one change in livecd-rootf that only affects edubuntu14:40
* ogra_ cant see any changes that could have made our builds fail14:42
ogra_lets try a manual build14:42
ogra_seems to run flawless14:52
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ogra_hmm, worked fine15:32
ogra_janimo, ^^^15:41
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GrueMasterogra_, janimo:  It still has issue with oem-config.  The program is displaying the user interactive screens on the attached monitor, but only taking input via serial console.17:27
GrueMasterIt also failed to create a user.  May be due to no network.  Not sure.17:32
ogra_GrueMaster, yes, as discussed above17:35
GrueMasterBugs filed?17:35
ogra_GrueMaster, fi you give a broken frambuffer setting it works (i.e. if ttyS/O is the only console around)17:35
ogra_and the debconf bits after oem-config are on serial too17:36
ogra_oem-config was simply never used on serial i think17:36
ogra_so we are the first ones to face these issues17:36
ogra_no bugs filed yet, no17:37
GrueMasterI do see something interesting in the /var/log/oem-config.log.  It has an error open: /dev/tty not found.17:37
ogra_oh really ?17:37
GrueMasterI'll file a bug soon.  Flashing another SD to try on beagleXM.17:37
ogra_it worked fine for me with the old kernel btw17:38
GrueMasterBut it is near the end of the log (after other activity).17:38
ogra_because the omapfb setting completely broke the framebuffer17:38
GrueMasterAlso, it failed to create a user, but that may be due to lack of network.17:38
ogra_wither we dont call all modules from the debconf frontend or what i suspect is my hack to rename the machine to localhost by default is bad17:39
GrueMasterHey, I find unlikely bugs all the time.  I'm good at it, remember?  :P17:39
ogra_heh, yeah17:39
ogra_but i really doubt missing network has anything to do with it17:39
GrueMasterSame here, but I have seen weirder issues.17:40
TheUnirsalveti: ping18:31
TheUnirsalveti: i've begun cleaning xbmc's packaging and install scripts. it would be nice to have a mentor that i could speak with about best practices. know of anyone who might be willing/able to help?18:32
rsalvetiTheUni: I can try to help on that18:32
rsalvetipersia would be the best guy around for that18:33
rsalvetihe knows a lot about packaging18:33
rsalvetiTheUni: is it still the packaging tree?18:33
TheUnii have some work done locally to begin consolidating packages, but i'd like to know that i'm making things better and not worse18:34
rsalvetiTheUni: and how is the daily builds, did you manage to get it to work?18:34
TheUnirsalveti: yes, daily builds are up. but they're not publicized yet because i'd like to rework the packages first18:34
rsalvetioh, ok18:34
TheUniincase we end up causing some conflicts while shifting things around18:34
rsalvetiTheUni: at the moment it seems you're building for arm18:35
rsalvetiat least Architecture: i386 amd64 powerpc ppc6418:36
rsalvetiis that because of the daily builds?18:36
TheUnirsalveti: simply because we haven't tackled packaging it yet18:36
TheUnibut afaik current git is building/working on beagle18:38
rsalvetiTheUni: cool, nice to know18:38
TheUnirsalveti: ok, i'll work up a list of questions and hand them off to you. you can pass me along if you'd like :)18:38
rsalvetisome XBMC_CONFIG_OPTIONS would be arch specific, as for ARM we'd like to have gles support, and not gl and vdpau18:39
rsalvetiTheUni: sure18:39
TheUnigles is default for arm18:40
rsalvetibut it does seems to be better18:40
GrueMasterNot sure what changed, but unity-2d-places is less than usable in the 20110311 image.  Can't even get to a terminal without crashing.19:47
GrueMasterpmathews: ???19:48
prpplagueGrueMaster: wrong wide post19:50
prpplagueGrueMaster: that was for me19:50
prpplaguekgilmer: you still working for bug?19:59
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kgilmerhi prpplague, yep sure am.22:10
prpplaguekgilmer: just ran across a post on linuxdevices, and just reminded me to ask22:12
prpplaguekgilmer: http://www.linuxfordevices.com/c/a/News/Bug-Labs-BugSecure/22:13
kgilmeryep, that's our next bug version.22:14
prpplaguekgilmer: don't suppose you guys are looking into omap4?22:15
kgilmerthe pb chip is pretty cool22:15
prpplaguekgilmer: i was curious about the pb chip22:15
prpplaguekgilmer: i have heard that pb does a lot of cool designs that they keep pretty quiet about22:16
kgilmersorry prpplague, in support crisis mode for a demo atm, got to get back to you later.22:17
prpplaguekgilmer: np, later bud22:18
prpplaguekgilmer: i understand all too well22:18
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