hot_wheelzhi guys09:24
hot_wheelzapparently the are movie playing applications that will query  a db  now for BD discs in order to play them correct?09:26
iktheya schnoodles 10:41
* ikt times out12:41
* ikt is very productive with his time12:42
dkg779heya, was wondering if anyone was available to help me with something ?14:33
iktsup dkg779 ?14:45
dkg779basically I have a few songs from the searchers a 1960's band on .flv that I can't seem to buy and I am wondering how to convert them to audio or .mp3 for the car cd player14:47
iktupload to youtube then: http://www.youtube-mp3.org/14:49
dkg779ok, thanks ikt14:51
iktit's a pretty slack way though14:52
iktthere might be a guide out there for using mplayer command line to convert or something14:53
ikti cbf 14:53
dkg779kk fair enough lol14:53
redvilhow do you 'repair' an app that's been 'incompletely' installed?22:23
redvilhow do you 'purge' it?22:23
redvilneed help on removing incompletely installed software22:34
redvilalready done 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' but still wont uninstall22:35
head_victimredvil: "sudo apt-get purge package" is how to purge22:35
redvilhead_victim: will try it now22:35
nisshhredvil, if that doesnt work, pastebin the output22:36
nisshhredvil, btw, how old are you?22:36
nisshhif you dont mind me asking22:36
redvilE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)22:38
redvilnisshh: im 30 and i do mind you asking :D22:38
redvilold age doesnt come with wisdom like some people say unfortunately..:D22:39
nisshhno, experience does22:40
nisshhnot age22:40
nisshhits just older people tend to have more experience22:40
redvilin my case it's not with computers 22:40
nisshhi dont think wisdom is topic based22:41
nisshhi think knowledge is22:41
redvilanyone here got Skype on their computer? can't seem to install the bloddy thing22:41
nisshhbut wisdom applies to everything22:41
nisshhredvil, how are you trying to install it?22:41
redvilnisshh: through software center22:42
redvilinstalled it last night but didnt finish22:42
redvilnow i tried purging it but still won't work22:42
redvilwait..i'll give it another go22:42
redvilwon't even let me remove it..'Package operation failed'22:44
nisshhredvil, can you pastebin the entire output of your terminal to: pastebin.ubuntu.com22:45
nisshhthat way i know what commands your running22:46
redvilnisshh: im not using terminal..using software centre..don't know how to remove it through CLI22:46
nisshhdidnt you run the purge command head_victim gave you?22:47
nisshhthe only way to know for sure whats wrong is to use the terminal22:47
nisshhthe software center will give you a very unhelpful dpkg error usually22:47
nisshhbecause it doesnt want to confuse newbies22:48
nisshhredvil, ok, try this in the terminal: sudo apt-get install skype22:48
nisshhredvil, if that doesnt work, pastebin the output22:49
redvilnisshh: done22:50
nisshhredvil, it worked?22:50
head_victimredvil: try "sudo apt-get install --reinstall skype"22:51
redvilgot it now..22:51
redviljust wondering why it won't install using the software centre22:52
* nisshh refrains from complaining about shiny GUI's22:52
* redvil really needs to learn installing through CLI22:52
head_victimWere there any problems when you tried to install it the first time? Net dropout, power surge, etc?22:52
redvilhead_victim: none that i know of..22:53
head_victimnisshh: it wasn't the program's fault we couldn't interpret the error because we haven't used it much.22:53
head_victimJust because you're more familiar with cli doesn't mean the gui is broken.22:53
nisshhhead_victim, ive got that error before, but not from the software center22:53
head_victimredvil: fair enough, they were the ones I could think of off the top of my head.22:53
nisshhhead_victim, i know, i just really, really hate GUI's :)22:53
head_victimnisshh: that's just because you have a POS computer that can't run GUIs ;)22:54
nisshhhah, so not true :|22:54
redvilyeah nisshh 22:54
nisshhhead_victim, i just use the CLI so often now i cant stand the restrictiveness of GUI's22:54
head_victimNow to find out how the hell I track down the cause of my keyboard and mouse input hanging for minutes at a time.22:54
redvilwhat's POS anyway? lol22:54
nisshheven when i get my quad core, i will still be using the CLI just as much22:55
head_victimnisshh: depends on what you're doing, guis have their place and so do cli 22:55
nisshhredvil, not something that should be said in this channel :)22:55
redvilnisshh: i think i get it now22:55
redvilPoint Of Sale? :D22:55
nisshhheh, no22:56
redvili know..just kidding22:56
redvilwhat i usually say to noisy neighbour's kid..little POS22:56
nisshhhead_victim, see that bright, welcoming, comforting looking light in the distance? thats the CLI :)22:56
head_victimnisshh: I use cli for some stuff, gui for others22:57
redvilGUI especially for me22:57
nisshhso do i :)22:57
redvili use CLI only for irssi and some rare 'sudo' moments22:58
head_victimI much rather a gui for web browsing, irc clients, file browsing and media players.22:59
nisshhthe only GUI app i run is firefox22:59
redvilhead_victim: same here22:59
nisshhnothing else22:59
redvilnisshh: you're too hardcore for me :D22:59
head_victimredvil: he's too hard core for himself ;)22:59
nisshh*sniff* am not23:00
redvilor was it quadcore...lol23:00
redvilit's okay to chat this way on this channel right?23:01
nisshhwell, we arent supposed to really23:01
nisshhredvil, if it turns social, we should move it to -chat23:01
redviljust notice the channel name just now that's why i asked23:01
redvilanother question: is chrome and chromium from the same maker?23:03
nisshhheh, no23:04
nisshhredvil, chromium is the open source, non-google developed version of chrome23:04
nisshhredvil, if your asking which one to use, use chromium23:05
nisshhits easier to install and maintain23:05
redvilchrome=google; chromium=open source23:05
redvilnisshh: that's what i've been using since i used linux..23:05
nisshhthats right23:05
nisshhor chromium?23:05
nisshhah right23:05
redviland firefox as well23:06
nisshhi switched back to firefox, since chromium is a RAM hog23:06
head_victimHow much ram was it using?23:06
redviland it's not good for watching youtube videos anymore23:06
nisshhlike 0.5GB's23:06
nisshhwhich is not much if you have lots of RAM23:06
nisshhbut i only have a GB23:06
redvili only have 715MB23:07
nisshhi bet you cant run Unity23:07
head_victimI've found chromium to be much quicker than ff3.6 on this Lubuntu install. 23:07
nisshhhead_victim, im using 4.0, its much quicker than 3.623:07
redvilnisshh: i dont even know what that is23:07
head_victimI don't even run gnome on p4s23:07
nisshhhead_victim, well, mine is a bit more powerful than your average P4, since my FSB is 533mhz, not 400mhz or less like most of them23:08
head_victimI have a 3.2 prescott which I believe is 800?23:09
nisshhit means my RAM can nearly run at full speed23:09
nisshhnot sure, i think so23:09
head_victimI hated gnome on it so much I wanted to buy a new PC. 23:09
head_victimBut I'm not a patient man.23:09
nisshhhead_victim, your just used to your quad core23:09
nisshhive been using nothing more powerful than this thing since i was 5, im used to it23:10
head_victimMeh, I use them for different things. Lubuntu saved me buying a new pc though.23:10
nisshhLubuntu is lightweight23:10
head_victimAll I wanted was IRC, web browsing, amsn and skype.23:10
head_victimThe quad core is where I "game", watch HDTV and run VMs all at once.23:11
nisshhhead_victim, im used to youtube vids running at 15 fps23:12
head_victimANd urban terror under 60fps is unplayable for me23:12
redvilnisshh: what browser you using for youtube?23:12
nisshheven 380p video lags on this thing sometimes23:12
nisshhredvil, firefox 4.0, i use it for everything23:12
nisshhhead_victim, did you see what i told darkrose the other day in the other channel?23:13
redvilnisshh: in chromium all youtube videos play in black and white now..not used to be like that23:13
nisshhi told her i had a problem with UrT23:13
nisshhredvil, lolwut?23:13
redvilnisshh: b/w with lines going diagonal23:14
head_victimnisshh: yeah, I'm currently looking for a laptop for when I hopefully get a new job and get my payout of leave hours from this one23:14
nisshhhead_victim, i told darkrose that i was so used to playing UrT at 12 fps that when i used my mums core i3 lappy the other day, i got nearly no frags since im not used to 60+ fps :)23:14
nisshhredvil, wow, thats, odd...23:15
redvilnisshh: it really is...googling solutions for it now23:15
nisshhhead_victim, im used to waiting a good 40 seconds for the next frame to load :)23:15
nisshhredvil, what version of chromium are you using?23:16
redvilnisshh: 10.023:17
nisshhwow, thats a little old23:17
nisshhim using 1223:17
nisshh12 is bleeding edge, but even so23:18
head_victim12.0.700.0 (77774)23:18
redvilnisshh: do i need to manually upgrade it...i thought i does that whenever i click on ubuntu updates23:18
nisshhhead_victim, my version is even newer than that23:19
head_victimOh wow, I do have daily builds set up on this machine.23:19
nisshhhead_victim, im on 12.0.703.023:19
head_victimYeah if I do an update I'll get that23:20
nisshhredvil, no, you only have two choices, the version in the repo's, or daily builds23:20
nisshhhead_victim, yeah23:20
nisshhredvil, in my experience, daily builds are fairly solid, but im not going to tell you to use them23:20
redvilnisshh: so i need to uninstall my current chromium and install a newer one from the repo's23:21
nisshhredvil, no23:21
nisshhredvil, how did you install chromium in the first place?23:21
head_victimAnyway, I need sleep, cheerio23:21
redvilnisshh: software centre...the only way i know how to install softwares23:22
redvilhead_victim: sweet dreams mate..:D23:22
nisshhhead_victim, cya, im probably going to sleep soonish as well23:22
nisshhredvil, you already have the repo version then23:23
redvilnisshh: how do i get a newer version then?23:23
nisshhredvil, use the daily builds PPA, i can tell you how to add it if you like23:23
nisshh(the quick and easy way)23:24
redvilnisshh: please do..23:24
nisshhredvil, ok, open a terminal, lets have some fun :)23:24
redvilnisshh: k23:24
redvilnisshh: do i need to close the browser first?23:25
nisshhyou will just need to restart it to reload the chromium binary23:25
nisshhwe can do that last though23:25
redvillet's get crackin' then23:26
nisshhredvil, ok, run this in the terminal first then: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily/ppa23:26
nisshhthat will add the daily builds PPA23:26
nisshhlet me know when thats done23:26
redvilnisshh: finished23:29
nisshhredvil, ok, next run this as one command: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradre23:29
nisshhits upgrade not upgradre23:30
redvildoes it take this long...or is my comp just sloooooooow23:34
nisshhredvil, should only take a couple of minutes23:34
nisshhdepends on your net speed23:35
nisshhand computer specs23:35
nisshhredvil, would you like me to explain what those commands just did?23:35
redvilnisshh: only the first one...23:36
redvilnisshh: anyway..it's done already23:36
nisshhyou know what the last two do?23:36
redvilnisshh: it updates and upgrades the stuff in my comp?23:37
nisshhthe first one simply adds the PPA to your software sources23:37
redvilnisshh: i usually do them one at a time..without &&23:37
nisshhits like adding a PPA, just without the GUI23:37
redvili didn't now you can do that23:37
nisshhits useful sometimes23:37
nisshhredvil, the command line is more powerful than you can imagine :)23:38
nisshhredvil, ok, once it finishes upgrading everything, just restart chromium and check the version number23:38
redvilnisshh: i know that..it's just that it's way above my level of comprehension23:38
nisshhredvil, not at all, it just takes a little time and effort to learn :)23:39
redvilnisshh: i only use CLI for irssi and mocp23:39
redvilnisshh: and some easy 'sudo' commands23:39
nisshhyeah, i use it for that and so much more23:39
redvili've been googling for easy to read and learn guides for linux CLI23:39
redvili don't know where i saved the bookmarks for them23:40
nisshhheh, good luck, most of them are a little in depth and complex for someone of your level23:40
redvili know..23:40
nisshhredvil, i would be happy to teach you the basics23:40
nisshhits very easy23:40
redvilyou know a good place to start?23:40
nisshhyes, its called 'ask nisshh' :)23:41
redvilnisshh: sure..if you're not too sleepy yet i got time to learn23:41
nisshhno, i wont be sleeping for a few hours yet23:41
redvillol..btw how's your class going?23:41
nisshhhmm, not good so far, barely anyone has expressed interest23:41
redvilnisshh: 12.0.703.023:42
nisshhgood, thats the latest version23:42
redvilhave you 'advertised' your class23:42
redvilmaybe you need to get the word out so that they will come23:43
nisshhive done a bunch of posts the the mailing list and at the meetings23:43
nisshhnot much more i can do23:43
nisshhredvil, yeah, i will sort it out at some point anyway :)23:43
redvili think most of the people here are already knowledgeable like you23:43
nisshha fair few are23:43
redvilyou need to target people like me..23:44
nisshhnot nearly all though23:44
nisshhwell, thats the point of the classes23:44
nisshhbut its not really a support class where i fix all your hardware issues23:44
redvilwhat's the class structure anyway?23:44
nisshhits more about bug triaging, coding, etc23:44
nisshhgetting people into ubuntu development23:44
redviloh..so it's not really basic stuff23:44
nisshhnot exactly23:45
redvili see23:45
redvili thought it would be like beginner's Q&A sort of class23:45
nisshhi really dont want to do a class on how to use a mouse and keyboard :)23:45
redvillol..not that basic23:45
nisshhwell, i could do a beginners Q&A23:45
redvileven i can handle teaching that class..23:45
nisshhbut i cannot help with hardware issues, bugs, etc23:45
redvilso it's mostly software thing23:46
redvilapps and stuff?23:46
nisshhyes, i could teach people how to use the CLI for example23:46
nisshhor apps23:46
nisshhor a specific DE23:46
nisshhdesktop environment23:46
redviloh..that's sounds great23:46
nisshhredvil, only thing is, im not going to do it if only 2 people attend :)23:47
redvilyou have a blog or website..why not post lessons there23:47
nisshhi want a good 10+ people before im willing to do it23:47
redvili know what you mean23:47
nisshha blog post is too short for an IRC classroom session23:47
redvildo it in parts then23:48
nisshhbut i want it to be a loco run thing, not just be blogging23:48
redvili see23:48
nisshhredvil, anyway, if you want me to teach you about the CLI, we should move to a PM23:49

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