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earthling_anyone know of a way to make a snap-to feature like they have in XP?00:53
earthling_where the mouse cursor goes to the dialogue button automatically00:53
DarkwingDuckSnap to?01:02
DarkwingDuckYou mean like dragging a window to the right and it resizes to the the right half01:02
earthling_the cursor goes on top of a button01:06
DarkwingDuckNot that I know of01:14
DarkwingDuckSorry mate01:24
DarkwingDuckYou can dig google for it.01:24
DarkwingDucksomeone might have figured out how.01:25
earthling_no prob01:25
earthling_I put in an idea in the brainstorm forum01:25
earthling_didn't find any01:25
DarkwingDuckLots of stuff on google that isn't there.01:26
earthling_I checked google too01:26
earthling_I'm always looking for ways to speed things up01:27
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yax51anyone know where I can find linux drivers for asus g50vt x-5? they don't have any on the asus page and I need my webcam drivers...05:17
bioterrorindout which chipset it uses05:21
bioterrorwould help more finding the drivers05:22
yax51Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd 1.3 MPixel UVC Webcam05:25
yax51I find it in lsusb, but nothing works with it05:26
yax51cheese says its there, but I get no picture05:27
yax51skype also05:28
bioterrorthen you have drivers05:30
bioterroryou need to file a bug raport05:30
yax51I had it working at one point just fine, maybe I turned it off somehow with out realizing it....05:33
yax51is there a way to access the setting of my webcam?05:33
duanedesignyax51: can you try the  command:   lsmod | grep video05:35
duanedesignI think the driver is called uvcvideo05:36
duanedesignyep, as bioterror already noted itis not because of lack of driver...05:39
yax51yeah, but I was going to reinstall them and see if that did anything05:39
duanedesignyax51: does this command return something:   ls /dev/video*05:45
duanedesignyax51: if you have ffmpeg installed you can test the camera with:   ffmpeg -f oss -f video4linux2 -s 320x240 -i /dev/video0 out.mpg05:48
duanedesignalso some troubleshooting steps here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam/Troubleshooting05:49
yax51the funny thing is that it was working fine like 3 days ago05:50
duanedesignyax51: coould be a brightness issue05:50
duanedesignyax51: see the picture is dark section on that wiki page05:51
duanedesignyax51: one more link :) this is specific to the driver you are using. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UVC05:52
duanedesignbest of luck I gotta get a few hours sleep. Let us know hoe it goes05:52
yax51ok that was dumb06:18
yax51it was my NVidia graphics driver, switched to the current one, and Bingo everything works06:19
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mR0I need help with my canon "CanoScan Lide 100". It detected when check it via terminal. But when I open it from Applications >>> Graphics >>> Simple Scan, it tells me that no scanners detected.09:32
mR0I need help with my canon "CanoScan Lide 100". It detected when check it via terminal. But when I open it from Applications >>> Graphics >>> Simple Scan, it tells me that no scanners detected.09:32
iktmR0, what version of ubuntu are you using?10:13
mR0ikt Im using 10.10 (maverick)10:17
iktmR0, I don't think it is compatible10:27
iktlooks like there is a hack10:27
ikthave you seen this thread? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103318110:29
mR0How to... ikt?10:29
mR0I'll try & report back later10:29
iktgl :)10:31
iktIt's unfortunate that canon don't offer better support :/10:31
mR0btw, do I need to configure "git", ikt?10:33
iktone sec10:34
duanedesignmorning all10:38
mR0gud afternoon duanedesign :P10:39
iktmR0, sorry I can't see where git is mentioned10:46
mR0ikt, it doesn't mentioned on ur suggested URL... But another one in Indonesian lang...10:48
iktah ok10:50
iktgit is used for storing code10:50
mR0wht about this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1033181&page=2 ikt?10:56
mR0oke ikt, thanks for ur helps.... I'll try it later, I've company come to my desk. See u later...11:01
duanedesignhello hello s-fox11:37
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KinkyPinkiehow much space would you reccomend me giving a partition for 64bit 10.10?17:10
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holsteinKinkyPinkie: i think 8 to 10 should be minimal17:11
KinkyPinkieok, thanks :)17:11
holsteinyou can probably fit on 6 alright17:11
kristian-aalborgI was thinking of something... can I have a menu for different sessions when I boot up18:58
kristian-aalborgfor instance: 1) run gnome session --- 2) run cli session with program A --- 3) run cli session with program B ?18:59
* kristian-aalborg thinks aloud... this could be done in bash + dialog, hurm...?19:18
hggdhkristian-aalborg, you already have something like that on GDM -- you can select to run Gnome, or an X term, etc19:42
kristian-aalborghggdh: gdm is too heavy19:46
hggdhkristian-aalborg, there is XFCE, for example (Xubuntu), and other WMs as options19:47
kristian-aalborgI was thinking something as light as possible19:47
kristian-aalborgthere's a thing called quingy, I think... that might fit the job19:48
kristian-aalborgah - SLIM will be fine, I think19:48
kristian-aalborgalso that one is rather easy to work with19:48
KinkyPinkieanyone know a good tool to defragment and partition an external drive?20:50
head_victimKinkyPinkie: use a livecd with gparted on it for partitioning and fsck is a good file system checking tool.20:51
KinkyPinkiegparted doesn't seem to recognise my drive20:51
holsteinKinkyPinkie: maybe its dead?20:52
holsteinin a terminal20:52
holsteinsudo fdisk -l20:52
holsteinKinkyPinkie: have you used gparted before?20:52
holsteintheres a drop down in the upper right20:52
holsteinwhere you choose the drive*20:52
KinkyPinkiei'll just try some more googling. thanks anyway :)20:53
holsteinwell, i would think google will say gparted20:53
holsteinwhat do you get when you run sudo fdisk -l?20:54
holsteindo you see the drive?20:54
hggdhwell, one must specify the disk on fdisk: 'fdisk /dev/sda'21:04
holsteini was going for more of a list of what is mountable21:05
hggdheven on -l; also you will need root21:06
holsteinsudo fdisk -l ??21:07
holsteinfor me that just lists what the computer can see21:07
holsteinwhat would be mountable if its not mounted21:07
KinkyPinkieyea well i'm giving up on the defrag thing anyway, don't want to risc it with some home-made tool :P better boot to w7 (shoot me)21:07
holsteini dont know why gparted is not doing that though..21:08
KinkyPinkieand maybe things will work out after the restart21:08
holsteinhome-made tool ;)21:08
holsteindo what makes you feel safe :)21:08
kristian-aalborghi holstein21:47
kristian-aalborgwould anybody have a .nanorc file that's good for prose?21:47
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head_victimAnyone know how I can track down the cause input hanging (both keyboard and mouse lag badly) that occurs locally on the machine and even when SSH'd into the machine22:37
LukasBHi all, I am trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 with vmplayer on windows xp. In the end of the installation it tells it installs vm tools and I have to wait until the graphical environment appears... Insteat I get a comand line screen to login... I tried to enter my username and password. Username works but the password line doesnt show any response... Can anyone please help me?22:37
charlie-tcapassword will appear to be blanks or not working, just type it in correctly and hit enter22:53
charlie-tcaIt will let you log in22:53
LukasBThank you charlie, that didnt work but I changed some settings and it goes straight to the ubuntu environment now :-)22:55
charlie-tcaGlad I couldn't help, then ;-)22:56

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