nigelbpaultag: nice work on the package manager ;)01:38
nigelband now we have Yet Another Package Manager (tm)01:38
paultagnigelb: thanks :P02:21
paultagnigelb: it's mostly working. Once it's done, I am going to become a hermit02:22
mhall119doesn't Suse have a trademark on "Yet Another .*"02:22
nigelbpaultag: even if you weren't like completing it, it would be a good way to explain to someone how package management works02:22
paultagnigelb: what's cool is I can set up package contexts -- and swap between them (swap in and out packages instantl)02:22
paultagnigelb: it's already working mostly02:22
paultagnigelb: not removing, but unlinking works02:22
nigelbpaultag: yay :)02:23
paultagnigelb: I just need to cross compile a version of eglibc and then I can build it up. Might do that next weekend if I have time02:23
paultagmhall119: yeah, they so do ;)02:24
mhall119paultag: where does it store the unlinked stuff? /opt/?02:24
paultagmhall119: /syn/pkg/version/[usr|etc|bin]/...02:24
paultagmhall119: the whole filesystem is similinks02:25
paultag(besides /syn/)02:25
mhall119hmmm, could it maybe leverage the alternatives stuff, which manages a bunch of /usr/bin symlinks?02:25
paultagmhall119: yeah, it will -- and be able to swap what I call "contexts" -- so you can sudo syn --context dev, and it will swap in all the headers / gcc (and so on), and then swap back after02:26
paultagmhall119: it will also let you swap versions in and out, so you can test against different versions of a library02:26
mhall119oh very nice02:26
mhall119I wonder if it would somehow be possible to say "Run this process with version x of this other app, but let everything else on the system use version y of that other app'02:27
paultagmhall119: yeah actually ;)02:28
nigelbmhall119: oooh, that'd be cool02:28
paultagmhall119: once a binary is loaded into memory, it's not tied into the filesystem02:28
mhall119like, say, running Django using an old version of south and jquery02:28
mhall119would be super helpful for us developing LD and summit02:28
paultagmhall119: yeah, but it fights with dpkg ;)02:29
nigelboh, so we have to become hermits like you to use it? :P02:29
paultagnigelb: yeah :)02:29
mhall119can we just symlink in being a hermit when we need it?02:29
nigelbbug :P02:29
paultagI guess :)02:30
mhall119syn --context hermittag02:30
paultagI could try to make a LiveCD, but I'm not sure it'd take :)02:30
paultagmhall119: working on it ;)02:30
paultagthe iso format won't allow for similinks IIRC02:30
mhall119I've been following your posts about it with interest02:30
paultagso It'd have to be a sqash fs that extracts to ram02:30
paultagmhall119: thanks :)02:30
mhall119you could do it in the squashfs, or even as part of the casper startup02:31
nigelbmhall119: I've been thinking of a livecd that has everything setup for web dev02:31
paultagaye, but for now, I'd like to see it just work (tm) :)02:31
nigelbmhall119: no config needed, It Should Just Work (tm) like.02:31
mhall119nigelb: who said anything about config?02:32
nigelbmhall119: I meant apache config, which is generally nightmarish02:32
mhall119I'm thinking a livecd could show it off by letting you boot different syn contexts02:32
paultagthere's one linux distro that's startup is dictated by XML or something02:32
paultagmhall119: that'd be nice. It'd be cool to swap KDE and GNOME, and get rid of duplicate apps from the system while you're in another context02:33
paultagit'd still use up fs space, but meh :)02:33
nigelbboot from usb02:33
mhall119I was more thinking swapping between stable and devel versions of the system packages02:33
mhall119so, you could theoretically ship a Maverick + Natty ISO02:34
paultagyup! :)02:34
paultagand on failure, in theory pull back the package to a stable version02:34
nigelbthat'd be fun02:35
nigelband paultag would go crazy trying to work with deps :p02:35
paultagnigelb: yeah, it's not going to be nice. At least I don't have to worry about dep order02:35
nigelbpaultag: this would still be apt right?02:36
paultagnigelb: no02:36
nigelberr, debs02:36
paultagnigelb: narp02:36
paultagnigelb: syn, it's my own format02:36
paultagnigelb: github/paultag/syn02:36
mhall119so, how long until dependency resolution drives you totally mad?02:36
paultagmhall119: I plan on ignoring it as long as I can02:36
nigelbmhall119: I think we could start the countdown02:37
paultagdude, I'm stuck without internet, what else does a man do>02:37
mhall119it's like the Shining02:38
paultagI did wnat any sane hacker would do, spend his time offline writing a package manager02:38
nigelbpaultag: haha, I know the feeling.  That's when I configured ldap :P02:38
* paultag rocks back and forth02:38
mhall119or the simpson's version of the Shinning02:38
nigelbok, so everyone pool in and make sure paultag has sattilite connectivity02:38
mhall119No IRC and no Internet makes paultag, something something02:38
nigelbor he'll go mad with dep resolution02:38
paultagI've come to the conclusion that writing a package manager is goddamn stupid02:39
nigelbmhall119: No IRC and no internet makes paultag build crazy stuff :P02:39
paultagnigelb: ja :)02:39
paultagnigelb: I'm not going to stop working on it!02:40
paultagI want it on my netbook >:D02:40
mhall119paultag: I think it's one of those developer milestones, along with writing a web framework and a programming language02:40
paultagmhall119: so far, I've done both of those, so it's about time to pass this milestone :)02:40
nigelbpaultag: its the realization that counts02:40
mhall119and if you're a Java dev, a swing layout manager02:40
nigelbmhall119: and templating engine02:41
mhall119oh right, templating engine definitely02:41
mhall119also, writing your own datetime calculations, one of the earliest and most painful milestones02:41
nigelboh, don't get me started on datetime.02:41
nigelbI've been kicking myself about that summit bug.02:41
* mhall119 says "DST" to nigelb 02:41
nigelboh hell.02:42
* nigelb headdesks.02:42
mhall119like I said, painful02:42
* mhall119 should write down a comprehensive list of developer milestones02:42
nigelbmhall119: oh, just cut internet from paultag and list down what he writes :P02:42
mhall119too true02:43
paultaglast time I was caught without anything to do, I wrote game of life only using ints02:43
paultagand using bitwise operations to bring processing from o(n) to o(1)02:43
paultaghttp://blog.pault.ag/post/3440210498/the-game-of-life-and-why-i-love-this-problem <-- for folks who want to read it :)02:44
nigelbOh, I need to post the postcards today02:45
paultaghttps://gist.github.com/838285 <-- code for the hackers in the room02:45
paultaganywho, BBL over here02:48
paultagOne love, folks02:48
nigelbmhall119: is it 22:50-ish for you?02:51
duanedesignhello all03:09
dpmgood morning everyone!07:06
czajkowski*yawns8 morning07:10
nigelbmorning dpm and ara :)07:13
* nigelb growls at netsplits today07:13
czajkowskiI dislike pulseaudio07:22
kim0morning folks07:54
nigelbhey kim0!08:16
nigelbkim0: is the schedule for cloud days fixed?08:16
kim0nigelb: hey08:17
kim0why is that08:17
nigelbkim0: Do we have your green to go ahead and add to the calander?08:17
kim0ah yes please do08:17
nigelbkim0: awesome, I'll get it done today evening and you can confirm before your EOD08:17
* kim0 nods08:17
kim0Thanks man08:18
dholbachgood morning08:47
nigelbhey dholbach :)09:02
dholbachhey nigelb09:03
nigelbdholbach: good WE? :)09:03
dholbachvery good - how was yours?09:03
nigelbFull of awesome :)09:04
nigelbhey popey10:08
duanedesignmorning all10:39
huatsmorning everyone10:47
dpmwow, thanks daker for the merge proposal with the fixes to the translations portal!11:46
dpmI'm looking at it right now11:46
dakeri am not really good in drupal, but i have tried to make it nice11:47
dpmyou're probably much better than I am :)11:48
kim0@dpm daker is made of awesome :D11:52
dpmyeah, I can tell :)12:03
dholbachnigelb, I just had a look at the dev/loco overlap script and I found the bug12:23
dholbachit's "finished" now :)12:23
dholbachczajkowski, ^ :)12:24
nigelbdholbach: I just saw your mail, sorry I couldn't get around to it12:25
dholbachno worries12:25
nigelbdholbach: falling sick etc, caused the delay12:26
nigelbdholbach: btw, does EDGE_SERVICE_ROOT still exist?12:26
dholbachno, we replaced it in all kinds of scripts12:26
nigelbwell, the overlap script seems to use edge12:27
dholbachfor some reason it still seems to work ;-)12:27
nigelball hail lifeless :P12:28
dakerback :)12:41
dakerthanks kim0 :)12:41
akgranergreg-g yep he is awesome - I am going to review his python tutorial and give feedback13:26
akgranersince it's geared to people like me with no programming experience13:26
greg-gakgraner: awesome!13:27
akgranerI first meet him at SCaLE I was talking about how cool I thought openhatch was and he says, "Hi, I'm one of the maintainers."13:28
akgranerCraig was at PyCon too...13:29
akgranerthose guys are cool too..I had to leave earlier than I thought on Sunday so I missed their bof/podcast/interview session13:30
greg-gakgraner: you mean Rick? of Lococast? (and sorry, I had to walk away from the computer for a bit)13:56
akgranerI think they were both there but I only talked to Craig...13:56
czajkowskitook just under 2 hrs last night to do the install of natty on my laptop :(14:27
=== james_w` is now known as james_w
mhall119did something go wrong, or do you just have a slow drive?14:28
akgranerczajkowski, wow - it only took me about ten minutes on an HP mini14:48
czajkowskidownload was fine14:53
czajkowskitook 20 mins14:53
czajkowskibut the install14:53
czajkowskiand clean up14:53
czajkowski2 hrs14:53
czajkowskitook about the same last year on my mini 914:53
mhall119did you have it automatically download and install updated packages?15:08
mhall119that might explain the extra time15:08
jonodholbach, can we go now?16:10
jonojcastro, quick call, looks like dholbach is out with the dog16:14
jcastroI am on skypes!16:15
jcastrojono: just ring whenever16:15
dholbachjono, back now - so just call whenever :)16:19
jonodholbach, otp with jcastro, won't be long16:20
=== m4n1sh_ is now known as m4n1sh
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
dholbachkim0, jcastro: ready17:21
dholbachmumble? skype?17:21
kim0dholbach: jcastro skype17:22
dholbachkim0, just call whenever17:22
kim0jcastro: can u call17:23
JFojcastro, dude... your askubuntu profile has me craving tacos now.17:43
jcastroeveryone loves tacos17:45
popeygah, i want mexican food now17:45
* popey shakes his fist at this window, closes it and goes home17:45
jcastroyou know what I love about tacos?17:46
dholbachok my friends - I call it a day  - see you all tomorrow17:50
* dholbach hugs you all17:50
pleia2greg-g: have a few minutes to look over a CC BY-SA 3.0 question?18:20
greg-gpleia2: send it on over18:22
pleia2greg-g: great, email?18:22
greg-gpleia2: that works well18:23
pleia2thanks, sent :)18:23
czajkowskiJFo: you free for a quick pm ?18:31
czajkowskinot urgent or anything18:31
JFoczajkowski, ^^18:33
czajkowskime and natty are going to have a massive falling out18:45
czajkowskiand now gwibber has gone18:52
czajkowskithis is really not been a good upgrade18:52
czajkowskioff to talk nicely to kenvandine18:52
pleia2greg-g: thank you! :)19:26
czajkowskikenvandine has so much patence19:30
Pendulumczajkowski: did he fix your Unity?19:32
czajkowskihe knows why gwibber is behaving the way it is19:32
czajkowskilogged the plymouth bug19:32
czajkowskiupdated the other bug on sound19:32
czajkowskiso getting there19:32
greg-gpleia2: you're very welcome. I hope that helps.19:36
pleia2greg-g: very much, I was leaning toward the same conclusion you came to but it's nice to have specifics to back it up :)19:37
doctormoHow are yuo greg-g and pleia2?19:46
pleia2doctormo: great! you?19:46
doctormoOh grand, got some good feedback on my Edubuntu wallpaper and made fun of Mark and Gnome on my blog using an edited public domain 1907 comic.19:47
doctormoHave a good weekend yourself?19:47
pleia2I went to the zoo and saw a baby koala :)19:48
pleia2which is the best thing ever19:48
* AlanBell likes pleia2's zoo pictures19:48
greg-gdoctormo: doing good (actually, better, just went to get some coffee! ;) )19:52
czajkowskiakgraner: not seen AW yet hope it was good20:06
doctormopleia2: Nice :-) drawing and laundry now though20:07
doctormoDid you see a meerkat at the zoo/20:07
pleia2doctormo: oh yes, I always visit the meerkats :)20:07
czajkowskithat you do20:08
czajkowskimeerkat cafe also :)20:08
doctormoczajkowski: How's you?20:08
czajkowskifine thanks20:08
pleia2meerkat cafe was awesome :)20:09
doctormoczajkowski: Doing anything for wednesday?20:09
czajkowskiwhats hapepning wednesday ?20:10
doctormoczajkowski: St. Patricks day isnt it? the Boston perade is next Sunday20:11
czajkowskimarch 17th20:11
czajkowskiI've the day booked off20:11
czajkowskidr.s in the morning and beers in the afternoon20:11
czajkowskirefuse to work a day that has always been a national holiday for me20:12
pleia2shouldn't the day *after* be the holiday? ;)20:12
pleia2or is that just a sick day? hehe20:12
czajkowskiI've also booked that day off too20:12
czajkowski2 mates from ireland are coming over20:13
pleia2haha, nice20:13
czajkowski4 day weekend :D20:13
doctormoSorry, Thursday. I bet you don't know when St. David's day is though ;-)20:13
doctormoWe're going to be having some fun, promised not to wear bowler hat, wave any sort of orange or union jack.20:14
jcastroUDS in barcelona was for ..... which ubuntu?20:23
jcastrowow really?20:24
jcastroI was thinking at least lucid20:24
mhall119lucid would have been state-side20:24
pleia2yeah, lucid was dallas (my first one, I convinced my boss to let me go because it was an lts uds :))20:25
czajkowskihow do I log a bug against print screen no longer working20:29
AlanBellis is the alt+prtscr bug?20:44
doctormoczajkowski: depends if it's an issue with the keyboard event or the program20:45
popeyi suspect not AlanBell it works in natty now20:45
doctormorun gnome screenshot diectly and find out.20:45
czajkowskiit runs fine if I fun it in gnome20:49
czajkowskior from command line20:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 735120 in unity "print screen key no longer works in unity" [Undecided,New]20:58
paultagnigelb: http://pastebin.com/TEBiBEdL23:20
mhall119man, things are just going crazy in Japan23:50

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