patrickdAfternoon everyone!12:56
tdr112hey patrickd12:57
patrickdtdr112: Hey, what a great day it is. Seeing your reply means that I've finally gotten irssi(with multiple different networks)/screen/ssh reverse tunneling all to play nicely together. Can this day get any better? :)12:59
tdr112i love irssi , it is hard to get going13:01
patrickdtdr112: Yes, it can be that but seems worth the effort once you get it setup just right(tm)13:06
ebelyo yo13:23
* ebel uses xchat13:23
infoturtleindeed ebel , xchat is quite the tool!13:24
patrickdhi ebel13:26
ebelhey patrickd13:26
tdr112ebel: looks like that passed about the bugjam13:26

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