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fairuzHi, Can I use request_irq in user space?10:26
apwfairuz, don't believe there is an interface for that no11:36
fairuzapw: so the irq number, how can I know it exactly? i assume that it's different for each arch?11:59
mjg59fairuz: the irq number for what?12:04
fairuzfor PL310, a L2 cache controller12:04
fairuzit says in the TRM, the irq for this device is on MA_IRQ_012:05
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fairuzjust wondering does it mean irq number = 0 in linux?12:05
fairuzapw: is there a way to know the irq number for each irq source?12:23
mjg59fairuz: Depends on your architecture12:35
mjg59fairuz: There's no real mechanism for delivering IRQs to userspace - you'll need something in kernel anyway12:36
fairuzmjg59: yes, i'm writing in kernel space right now12:36
fairuzjust dont really understand the irq number that I should put12:36
mjg59fairuz: You'll need to work out how your architecture wires stuff up12:38
fairuzmjg59: just need a confirmation, does irq number 0 in linux means the hard wired 0 in interrupt controller?12:38
mjg59No, there can be offsets due to the architecture12:39
fairuzmjg59: o12:39
fairuzmjg59: ok12:39
mjg59fairuz: There's already some amount of PL310-related code in the omap and tegra trees12:40
fairuzmjg59: I dont found any that touches the interrupt part (or maybe it's me who's not look hard enough)12:41
mjg59fairuz: What hardware are you using?12:41
mjg59#define OMAP44XX_IRQ_PL310                      (0 + OMAP44XX_IRQ_GIC_START)12:41
mjg59Where OMAP44XX_IRQ_GIC_START is 3212:41
mjg59So that's probably the IRQ you want!12:42
mjg59Look at arch/arm/plat-omap/include/plat/irqs-44xx.h12:42
fairuzi doubt it, I found SPIs start at ID32 and PL310 hard wired to IRQ 012:42
fairuzmjg59: Thanks12:42
fairuzmjg59: I'm still familiarise myself with all those searching in the kernel tree -.-12:43
fairuzmjg59: one stupid question, in the kernel tree, any file in any include folders can be included right? e.g #include <plat/irqs-44xx.h> ?12:45
fairuzregardless where the include folder is12:45
mjg59fairuz: Yes, the paths get set appropriately12:52
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* ogasawara waves13:18
tgardnerogasawara, hey there. kinda early for you, isn't it :)13:22
ogasawaratgardner: according to the lil guy it's not :)13:22
ogasawaratgardner: so I figure I'll start my days about now from now on13:23
tgardnerogasawara, hence the smiley.13:23
tgardnerogasawara, does your mumble client still work?13:23
ogasawaratgardner: yep, just gotta dig for my headphones13:23
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cooloneyogasawara: long time no see, welcome13:47
ogasawaracooloney: thanks13:47
cooloneyogasawara: how's going? don't work too hard, -:)13:49
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JFoapw, care to have a look at bug 715330 ?14:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 715330 in xserver-xorg-driver-ati "Freeze after login with KMS enabled on Radeon HD6310" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71533014:04
JFoyou may already have a patch req for it.14:04
apwJFo, looks like we already have that coming, will handle14:24
apwJFo, abou ?14:41
apwabout ?14:41
* apw slaps his '' key14:41
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* ogasawara back in 20min15:13
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JFo<-grabbing lunch16:02
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tseliotmjg59: are you around?16:34
mjg59tseliot: Hi16:35
tseliotmjg59: hi. Do you know how to debug the lack of a backlight device after backlight_device_register() succeeds? This is with 2.6.3216:36
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mjg59If that's succeeded then you should have a device16:37
mjg59When you say it's succeeded, you know it returns ERR_PTR and not NULL on error, right?16:38
tseliotmjg59: that's what I was about to ask16:38
mjg59So if you're just checking against NULL then you'll think you've succeeded when in fact you've failed16:39
tseliotmjg59: so, shall I test it with "if (IS_ERR(backlight_device))" ?16:39
tseliotmjg59: well, that's the way the poulsbo driver checks it if(backlight_device), that is16:40
tseliotI guess it's ok, as it's psb...16:40
tseliotmjg59: so my next question would be, how would you debug a failure there?16:41
tseliotmjg59: is there any documentation I can have a look at?16:44
mjg59tseliot: drivers/video/backlight/backlight.c16:44
mjg59You should be able to work it out from the failure cases there16:45
tseliotmjg59: right. Thanks a lot16:45
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apwtgardner, indeed ... finger trouble16:47
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tgardnerapw, do you remember if we decided mpt's macbook had a drive hardware issue?16:57
apwi think we decided it was possible, but we had no evidence16:57
apwwe asked him to collect something when it happened again16:57
tgardnerapw, k16:58
apwtgardner, though waht i now forget16:58
tgardnermaybe he'll remember16:58
Kanohi, why is CONFIG_HZ_250 for 32 bit and CONFIG_HZ_100 for 64 bit?16:59
mjg59I think a better question is arguably why they're not both HZ_100016:59
apwmjg59, cause that costs you 10% of performance17:00
Kanosure,best would be 1000 hz for both17:00
apwactaully 10-17% depending on load17:00
mjg59apw: It's very dependent on what your definition of performance is :)17:00
apwmjg59, indeed, overall throughput in this context17:00
Kanobut at least it should be the same for 32+64 bit or not?17:01
apwKano, no it was a deliberate split17:01
Kanohow to change the config to update the files in debian.master?17:02
apwKano, in normally use vi to change the option i want, then use updateconfigs target to propogate17:03
apwKano, the source is all included in the tree17:04
Kanowill check it out17:05
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davekhello kernel folk17:09
davekdoes anyone know the estimated release of ubuntu using 2.6.38 stable?17:10
apwdavek, we are waiting on final from linus, w17:11
Kanothere is no .38 stable kernel yet17:11
apwthough i would expect it would be in the next day or two17:11
davekhow long would it take after release?17:11
apwthoguh we are struggling with compiler issues17:11
davekfor ubuntu to add it?  (im kindof a noob here)17:11
daveki recently purchased a very new motherboard and am looking forward to support for drivers within 2.6.3817:12
apwdavek, if they arn't in the current kernels based on the 38-rcN releases you are likely not goting to get it in any furhter kernel we upload17:13
davekfrom what i read there should be Zacate support in there17:13
davekso would one run Natty to get this kernel, or could i do a trick with Maverick to install it?17:14
davek(in the future)17:14
apwdavek, well they arn't adding any new features to .38 everything is bug fixes17:14
apwso if a ntty kernel doesn't have what you want now, its not likely to later17:14
davekim running Maverick 10.10 presently17:15
davekwill that pick up 2.6.38 too? 17:15
apwwe do backports for lucid, but you can hand install them on maverick.  they won't update on maverick tho.17:16
tgardnerdavek, you can test also natty by adding this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/pre-proposed?field.series_filter=natty17:16
davekokay..  wow thanks for the response guys17:16
davekyou rock17:16
davekthanks apw and tgardner17:16
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* tgardner --> lunch18:10
* jjohansen -> lunch19:16
rupert_millardHi. It's my first time ever on IRC! On my new laptop, I am getting an intermittent kernel panic within about a minute of powering up. I installed "linux-crashdump" so I can give you a proper bug report, but although it seems to dump a load of data on the panic, I can't find it anywhere when I boot up. So I've got two problems - what (is/am I doing) wrong with linux-crashdump, and how do I give you the best bug report I can? I do have 20:47
rupert_millarda photograph of the screen showing the panic.20:47
charlie-tcarupert_millard: You can file a bug by opening a terminal and typing "ubuntu-bug linux" without the quotes20:55
rupert_millardyes but is that very useful to you?20:55
rupert_millardi really wanted to include a dump, but linux-crashdump doesn't seem to work for me20:55
charlie-tcaubuntu-bug provides most of the needed logs, and is a very useful method of filing bugs20:57
rupert_millardcharlie-tca: what's the point of linux-crashdump then?20:58
charlie-tcaYou can look in /var/log for the linux-crashdump, but I don't know if it will be there20:58
rupert_millardcharlie-tca: should I file a bug against it too?20:58
charlie-tcarupert_millard: no idea, I don't know what it is, myself20:58
charlie-tcaIs there anything in /usr/share/docs that explain it?20:58
rupert_millardcharlie-tca: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/CrashdumpRecipe20:59
charlie-tcaThe LKCD utility is not designed to gather helpful information in the case of a hardware caused panic or a segment violation21:00
rupert_millardwhat constitutes a hardware caused panic?21:01
charlie-tcaubuntu-bug should pick it up21:01
rupert_millardwell my computer completely locked up - i had to power cycle it21:01
charlie-tcahm, maybe there is a crash log in /var/crash ?21:01
rupert_millardthere's no /var/crash directory21:02
charlie-tcathen there is no crash report available. 21:04
Zelozelosanyone wanna help out w gwinwrap, im trying to get the videos to play again. the -wid option is causing an error 21:04
charlie-tcaPerhaps it is panicing before it can save it21:04
rupert_millardwell since installing linux-crash, there is a load of activity - the second kernel seems to be doing something21:06
rupert_millardi think init might be starting swap up before kdump has a chance to inspect that partition for a dump21:07
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