lordjjlol, anyone knows if Deek Duke has WiFi? :P20:36
youssefchakeri dont know, last time i was there i didn't look for that :P20:39
youssefchakerbut who knows, you might be lucky20:39
youssefchakeri think i as busy licking my fingers20:39
lordjjHeh, never been there, I'm gna try it20:39
youssefchakerbtw, im in the US, so i don't really pay attention to what has wifi and what doesn't when im in lebanon20:42
youssefchakerbass i did ask a friend who's there and he said that they probably do20:42
youssefchakercan't confirm that though20:42
lordjjHeh, ok.20:43
lordjjHow's the wifi bil US?20:43
youssefchakeraround here you're pretty much guaranteed to have a starbucks somewhere around the corner :P20:45
youssefchakerand thus free wifi20:45
youssefchakerbut all hotels have them20:45
youssefchakersome free, some not20:45
youssefchakerthere are plenty of chains that are known to have them too20:46
youssefchakerlike panera bread (a sandwich place that is available everwhere)20:46
youssefchakerbass honestly, i don't go out for wifi20:46
youssefchakerif im at a food place, i concentrate on the food :P20:47
lordjjheh, connection b7ad zeta :P20:47
straitjacketLemon chicken > all20:47
straitjacketNo love for Deek dyuk's lemon chicken ? o.o20:48
straitjacketI guess not...20:50
straitjacket  /lurk20:50
youssefchakerwhy not20:51
youssefchakerjust to make you happy20:51
straitjacket: >20:52

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