lifelessso the point is - you want to fork00:00
lifelessyou fork by either:00:00
lifeless - unwinding history (uncommi)00:00
lifeless - making new branches (branch / switch -b)00:00
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kklimondaScottK: bug 653619 could probably be marked as a Won't Fix - Backporting Evolution 2.32 to 10.04 requires backporting at least a dozen other packages - new GLib and Gtk+, few other libraries, e-d-s,  modules that evolution uses to provide additional features like Exchange support, most likely evolution-couchdb.. in my opinion it's too risky to push all those updates to all users of -backports, especially given that you can't go back from05:24
kklimonda 2.32 (or even 2.30) to 2.28. That being said I'm probably going to create a PPA with all those packages backported to Lucid so people can stop complaining about us not doing anything, and start complaining about Evo not working.05:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 653619 in maverick-backports "Please back port Evolution 2.32 to lucid LTS and maverick" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65361905:24
ScottKkklimonda: Sounds like a plan.  I'll do so.05:25
kklimondaAlso, backporting it to maverick when we are so close to natty release doesn't make sense05:25
ScottKPlease mark in the bug when your PPA is up and running.05:25
kklimondaok, will do05:25
ScottKThat's not really a worth a wontfix for maverick, just a wontgetaroundtoit.05:26
dholbachgood morning08:47
RhondaIf I want a backport of a package in main, is there any difference in the workflow for me, for requesting it?09:14
* Rhonda gives it a try and expands her field of work, then. :)09:16
* Rhonda . o O ( but I really should ask for PPU rights to irssi (+ logcheck) anyway … )09:16
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RhondaIf someone wants to give it a try, please test irssi backport to lucid: Bug #73473109:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 734731 in lucid-backports "Please backport irssi (0.8.15-2ubuntu1/main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73473109:48
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Laneybdrung cody-somerville geser maco persia DMB?12:08
Laneystgraber too12:08
bdrungLaney: yes12:08
Laneyno quorum12:13
bdrungLaney: only the two of us?12:13
directhexpretend you don't need a quorum, and pass what you want anyway </us political humour>12:13
paultagdirecthex: ha!12:19
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stgraberLaney: sorry for that but it's way too early for me ;) I can only make it at the other meeting time14:33
stgraberLaney: the other meeting time used to be 7am (was still sleeping) and is now 8am (going to the office). If we can't get quorum again at this time, we probably should consider changing it to a time that's more convinient for everyone.14:34
stgraberas cody-somerville is on the same timezone as I'm, he probably has the same issue (though maybe not the driving to the office part ;))14:34
Laneystgraber: yes indeed, we seem to be more US balanced now so maybe moving it a bit later is a good move14:35
LaneyUS/north america ;-)14:35
stgraberat least everyone who's in north america is on eastern time, so it should be quite easy to find a time that works for both europe and north america14:36
stgraberpersia is already used to weird meeting times anyway ;)14:37
stgraberin my case, if it wasn't on a Monday and was just an hour later, it'd work fine and would probably still work for Japan and Europe then14:38
Laneycould you mail the list and set up a doodle poll or something? (don't forget to cc us newbies who aren't on it yet)14:41
stgraberI can at least e-mail suggesting a change of an hour later and asking if we want to change day as well. Setting up a comprehensive doodle takes quite a bit of time (which I sadly don't have at the moment ...)14:42
Laneyyeah, sure14:42
LaneyI don't know how constrained everyone else is so it's a good start14:42
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geserstgraber: when is DST change in US? so we don't have to repeat it in a few weeks again16:42
micahggeser: already happened :)16:42
geserLaney: I'm at work during the 12:00 UTC meeting time, so I'm for a change (if possible). After 18:00 UTC works better for me16:44
Laneygeser: could you make /any/ UTC daytime slots? We should think of applicants who can't make the evening too as well as ourselves16:47
geserLaney: not really (but it's not a problem if I'm not available for each meeting if you have enough other DMB members for quorum)16:50
geserI can connect now and then to my IRC client but mostly won't have enough time to follow a whole meeting16:55
Laneycould you give your availability in stgraber's thread?16:56
stgrabergeser: it was this weekend16:59
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azeemare there german translations somewhere for the firefox-net PPAs of firefox-4.0 for lucid?18:28
ScottKazeem: You probabl want #ubuntu-mozillateam.18:28
ScottK ..y18:28
ari-tczewuseful could be a bot which gives an information about FFe if bug request (sync, merge, upgrade) includes new upstream release.19:02
ari-tczewnot automatical bot, but bot which works on developer command19:02
ari-tczewthen bot gives a comment changing status and importance19:03
ari-tczewunsubscribing sponsors and subscribing release team19:03
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