micahg\o/ new gnome-web-photo (webkit) builds, just need to clean up packaging before uploading to mentors.d.n02:11
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fta2micahg, ping08:09
fta2chrisccoulson, hi, could you please add a man page to libnss3-tools for certutil?09:41
chrisccoulsonfta2 - sure. i'm gradually trying to get all the mozilla packages lintian clean, and that's already one that's on my list09:42
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fta2(while i tend to hate lintian for being too pedantic, forcing packages to be overly complex for no real benefits)10:12
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micahgfta: pong15:02
m_conleychrisccoulson: Unity Launcher integration!  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/unity-launcher-integration/  :)15:09
jcastrom_conley: installing now!15:12
m_conleyjcastro: all feedback welcome.  :)  (Also, since it inserts the context menu items by manually creating/editing ~/.local/share/applications/thunderbird.desktop, you'll need to logout and log back in to see those context menu items.  Or trigger Unity to reload its .desktop files.  Either or. :) )15:14
* jcastro unity --reset's15:14
ftamicahg, n-m, too late16:35
micahgfta: ok16:35
azeemare there german translations somewhere for the firefox-net PPAs of firefox-4.0 for lucid?18:29
m_conleychrisccoulson: ping18:41
chrisccoulsonhi m_conley18:42
m_conleychrisccoulson: hey - did you get a chance to check out my messaging menu extension last Friday?18:42
chrisccoulsongreat work on the launcher integration btw!18:42
chrisccoulsonnot yet :(18:42
chrisccoulsoni'm stuck trying to fix a memory leak in unity atm18:43
chrisccoulsoni was hoping to have it fixed by now ;)18:43
m_conleychrisccoulson: k, no worries18:43
m_conleychrisccoulson: also, now that the FF4 coding frenzy is starting to subside a bit, maybe we should start thinking about getting your globalmenu-extension integrated...18:44
chrisccoulsonyeah, that would be good18:44
ftajdstrand, http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=7596320:44
jdstrandfta: yeah, I updated that Ubuntu bug today. newer versions of chromium-browser do /dev/shm/.org... instead of /dev/shm/org...20:46
jdstrandfta: it is fixed in natty, apparmor would need an SRU20:46
ftawhere is that apparmor profile?20:46
jdstrandit is not installed by default, provided by the apparmor package and in universe20:47
ftagasp, why not in the ch package directly?20:47
jdstrandthere are different mindsets. if it is in the package, it implies it is 'ready' and the package maintainer can maintain it20:48
ftai don't have it here; hence it didn't hit the bug20:48
jdstrandapparmor-profiles is the package that is used to gently test our profiles that aren't in production yet20:48
jdstrandoh, also, installed apparmor-profiles puts the profile in complain mode, not enforce mode20:49
jdstrandso the user had to opt in to that too20:49
ftaoh, ok, so it shouldn't impact regular users20:49
ftajust the paranoid ones20:49
jdstrandso, basically, the person did a lot to enable the profile (ie, not accidental) and should be filing a bug in Ubuntu20:49
jdstrandfta: oh gosh no20:49
jdstrandapparmor-profiles is not installed by default or Recommended20:50
jdstrandyou install it and still everything is allowed20:50
jdstrandfta: I imagine micahg will work with you on getting it packaged in chromium-browser proper (like we do with firefox-- disabled by default), but it isn't a particular high priority atm20:51
ftathe sandbox is already pretty effective20:51
jdstrandyes, it is20:51
ftabut it's easy for me to add the apparmor profiles, i'm no noob ;)20:52
jdstrandthe sandbox is easily my favorite feature of chromium20:52
jdstrandof course, I am a bit weird that way :)20:52
jdstrandupstream were also looking at profiling chromium, so I wanted to at least have an example profile people could play with20:53
jdstrandthe one in natty is quite a bit more flexible (it uses the ubuntu-browsers.d/ mechanism)20:54
jdstrandbut anyhoo...20:54
ftawell, just let me know if/when you want me to host the profile directly20:56
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ftajcastro, is there really no way to prevent windows crossing a workspace border to appear on its neighbor? i hate that, it's a huge waste of space for me, not to mention that is confuses the unity panel22:35
jcastrowhat do you mean?22:36
jcastrolike when you're dragging it from one workspace to the next?22:36
ftano, when i move a window slightly (or partly) out to make room to another one22:38
ftabut i want to keep both on the same workspace22:38
ftabut nowhere else22:38
LLStarkslolmozilla. ie9 comes out tonight and firefox is going to behind ie for the first time ever.22:47
micahgLLStarks: well, Firefox 4 is still a superior browser22:48
LLStarksyeah, but it's not out yet22:48
LLStarksdoesn't count22:48
micahgin the time it took them to release 3 new versions, Mozilla has released 4 with a 5th almost ready22:49
kbrosnanwhy does MS releasing a browser concern Ubuntu22:49
micahgkbrosnan: they're not22:49
ftamicahg, orga told me some maverick/arm users got crashes on startup, with SIGILL22:52
ftadid you test ch10 on arm?22:52
micahgfta: I haven't run it22:53
ftadoes your board support neon?22:53
micahgfta: I can run it later tonight22:53
* micahg isn't sure, would have to check22:53
ftaneon is supposed to be disabled in the last 2 builds, so if your board doesn't support it and it doesn't crash, it's something else22:54
ftaplease let me know22:54
micahgfta: k, hopefully can test later tonight22:54
ftai wish asac was here ;)22:55
ftahe talked about some boards22:55
ftanada since22:55
ftajcastro, pff, compiz crashed, twice in 10 minutes23:04
fta2 more times, quitting23:16

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