qwebirc43309hi anyone know how to install winfast dtv2000ds on ubuntu 10.10 at the moment?07:17
Shadow__Xqwebirc43309: have you looked at linuxtv07:21
qwebirc43309yes but the compile fails08:15
mythexporti'm sorry if i'm not seeing my configs correctly.. I'm running maverick and mythexport is not putting audio out.. i want to see my configs but all i can see is in /usr/share/mythexport/configs... do i need to build a new file?20:52
rhpot1991mythexport: do configs exist there?21:12
rhpot1991nothing does?21:13
mythexportnor are they in /etc/mythtv21:13
rhpot1991john@ultramagnus:~$ ls /usr/share/mythexport/configs/21:13
rhpot1991MP3.pm  PortableH264HighRes.pm  PortableH264LowRes.pm21:13
rhpot1991should at least have those21:13
mythexportStephen Tobolowsky21:14
mythexporti have those21:14
mythexporti don't hve anything in /etc/mythtv  like on Stephen Tobolowsky21:15
Zinn[www.mythbuntu.org] MythExport | Mythbuntu21:16
mythexportonlything listed in /etc/mythtv/mythexport.cfg is where i have my storage direcotry21:16
mythexportdo i edit the files on /usr/share....configs?21:17
mythexportsystem("ffmpeg -i \'$self->{_inputFile}\' -y -acodec libfaac -ab 192kb -vcodec mpeg4 -b 1500kb -mbd 2 -flags +4mv+aic -trellis 2 -cmp 2 -subcmp 2 -ac 2 -threads 0 -s 800x480 -aspect 16:9 \'$self->{_outputFile}$self->{_extension}\'");21:19
mythexportso i need ffmpeg.. pretty sure i have it...activated mediabuntu21:19
rhpot1991mythexport: so what you want to do is make a new config in /usr/share/mythexport/configs/21:25
rhpot1991grab that sample config from here: http://www.baablogic.net/mythexport/21:25
Zinn[www.baablogic.net] MythExport21:25
rhpot1991make sure that the package name matches the file name21:26
mythexportok, i'm not the best at doing this..so i'm sorry.. but i have done that... i still have no audio, just video21:27
rhpot1991mythexport: what device?21:27
mythexportthis - asking for help...normally i struggle through it...21:27
mythexportbut, it does not work on my system 76 laptop21:28
rhpot1991hmmm odd, I thought the h264 configs worked well on there21:28
mythexporti get the 'pod cast' and try to play it on my laptop...but no sound21:28
mythexportsame with on a windows and ipad21:28
rhpot1991you can try the mpeg4 configs here: http://www.baablogic.net/mythexport/21:28
Zinn[www.baablogic.net] MythExport21:28
mythexporti have not changed anything21:28
mythexportdone that21:28
rhpot1991I wonder if maybe your recording source is the issue21:28
rhpot1991try another recording?21:29
mythexportoriginal files have audio21:29
rhpot1991have different tuners?21:29
mythexportonly 1 tuner pvr15021:29
mythexporti started with uncompressed audio/video21:29
mythexportweill..wait...let me check21:30
rhpot1991mythexport: try adding -ar 4800021:34
rhpot1991to the ffmpeg line21:34
rhpot1991you can just modify an existing config and add it21:34
rhpot1991maybe back it up first if you want21:34
mythexportk..i'll brb21:35
nerdful_thingshello, I have a Miro question. Where do I look, dmesg, logs, etc to find why Miro crashes? It once ran well, but no longer works. I use nvidea video, AMD cpu.21:55
tgm4883nerdful_things, miro, or mirobridge?22:08
tgm4883cause we don't support miro here, and we barely support mirobridge. Logs for mirobridge should be in /var/log/mythtv/22:08
nerdful_thingsThanks, I thought mythbuntu was a supporter, having mirobridge in menu, etc.22:12
nerdful_thingsHello, my mythbuntu control center gui window is truncated.  Right hand part of menu is cut offr.22:20
tgm4883nerdful_things, is there no scrollbar?22:24
tgm4883or could you provide a screenshot?22:24
nerdful_thingsmo scroll, I can grasp the window on the right and move it around screen, but can't expand it.22:26
tgm4883if you hover over the buttons, can you use scrollwheel?22:26
nerdful_thingshovering lights buttons, but scrollwheel has no effect.22:27
tgm4883nerdful_things, can you show a screenshot?22:27
nerdful_thingsNot familiar with doing ss on ubuntu.. quickie hint?22:27
tgm4883printscreen key22:28
nerdful_thingsbrb to relog, things are sluggish...22:30
myth-expohey..update...i'm a dumbass...and found out my mistake.. i never read my logs...didn't have aac activated23:53

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