ubottuLogan_ called the ops in #ubuntu ()04:54
Madpilotfrankly not sure why he ran the alarm...04:56
ubottuLogan_ called the ops in #ubuntu ()05:00
KB1JWQFeel free to remove the ban, it's been join/parting in various places.05:01
Madpilotlegit this time, happily.05:01
tsimpsonjudging by my lag meeter jumping between 0.1 and 28.3 seconds, freenode is unhappy today05:05
KB1JWQMadpilot: Not nearly as many as you might think. :-)05:06
Madpilotglad it's not just me. I though the lag was my landlady's unhappy router... perhaps not.05:06
Madpilothey elky05:06
KB1JWQRemoved now.05:09
Madpilotthe bot's slow tonight too.05:16
tsimpsonnote to self: don't try to remove bans while servers are splitting, they'll just go and reset them again06:01
ubottuphoenixsampras called the ops in #ubuntu ()08:09
MTecknologyCould the ban on *!*@kalliki/admin/ubuntu.member.mtecknology in #ubunut-offtopic be either removed or updated? I don't like popping in there realized I'm still not supposed to be allowed in there.08:40
Tm_TMTecknology: I'll look in to it, thanks (:08:42
MTecknologyTm_T: thanks :)08:42
Tm_TPici: I suppose you're the one who knows most about this case, should the ban be lifted or kept?09:00
Tm_Tsomeone keep an eye of this fellow in -ot, I have to go11:02
elkyThe moon is only 2/3 full. Maybe it's the extra radiation in the atmosphere?11:23
dkannanhi, is my nick banned from #ubuntu, i get the error "Cannot send on channel", whenever i try to send anything11:38
Picidkannan: Let me take a look.11:40
elkyHe's using a gateway11:41
PiciYes, a web gateway.11:41
Picidkannan: You should be good now.11:41
dkannanPici: thx. what was the problem? anything i did?11:46
Picidkannan: Just something with our spam protection.11:47
PiciNothing you did.11:47
dkannanPici: ok. just curious, what is recognized as spam?11:48
Picidkannan: Well, it has to do with the fact that you're using a web service to access freenode (irccloud in this case).11:49
dkannanPici: so if any user on irccloud misbehaves, all irccloud users are banned?11:50
dkannanwas just curious, as to how it works11:53
Picidkannan: No, we set an exempt after a quick check to make sure that the user isn't a troublemaker that we've banned using a different connection type.11:54
PiciThat detection didn't work properly for some reason for you.11:54
dkannanPici: thx11:57
tsimpsonPici: there's no way to detect the IP from irccloud.com web gateway16:11
Picitsimpson: So what do you propose? There are more and more people using it.16:39
tsimpsonapparently it'll offer bouncer-like service16:39
tsimpsonso you can close your browser but still be connected16:39
tsimpsonso kind of webchat + bouncer16:40
Picitsimpson: I meant in terms of the floodbots16:40
tsimpsonthe floodbots can't do anything with it, there's no way to detect the "real" connection16:41
tsimpsonit's just that it gets caught by the quiet on *!*@gateway/web/*16:41
tsimpsonprobably a candidate for the (now useless) -proxy-users channel16:42
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