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dpmgood morning all07:06
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arjunaraocHi dpm08:21
dpmhi arjunaraoc :)08:26
andrejzgood morning from me too08:37
arjunaraocHi dpm, wanted to ping you about Telugu status in Ubuntu 11.04 alpha 3. did not get a response from colin09:01
dpmarjunaraoc, I cannot really give you a good answer here, because I don't know the status of it in debian-installer. I think the best thing is to talk to Colin directly on #ubuntu-installer or #ubuntu-devel. I'd suggest joining the #ubuntu-installer channel and pinging cjwatson. What do you think?09:03
arjunaraocdpm, thanks09:08
gtriderxcAndre_Gondim are You perhaps from  a French translation team?09:20
dpmgtriderxc, he's from the Brazilian team, but perhaps there is someone from the French team around09:21
andrejzhello dpm!09:47
andrejztoday i noticed there are still problems with encoding of apt in 11.0409:48
dpmheya andrejz09:56
andrejzapt has been updated last week, so i would expect translations to be fine09:57
dpmandrejz, could you please be more detailed? Without more context, I cannot really help. What release are you experiencing the issues in? In which release was apt updated?10:01
andrejzit's it 11.04 daily build10:01
andrejzi am testing it on my netbook10:01
andrejzit's the same encoding errors we have had before if you remember10:01
andrejzyou told me that the upstream (debian) translations are being used10:01
dpmyes, that's correct10:02
andrejzand mvo made a bugfix release last week10:02
andrejzi also send him all the po files in agreement with debian translation team10:02
andrejzbut encoding is still incorrect as before10:02
dpmok, let me check out when the upload happened10:02
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dpmandrejz, is this the upload -> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/apt/0.8.12ubuntu1? There seems to be no mention of the Slovenian translation updates10:04
andrejzit's possible mvo forgot about this.. i will ping him and ask him.. thanks for your help again, i couldn't find the changes of this package.. now i know it's accessible in launchpad10:06
andrejzso i guess now i owe you 2 (or 3 maybe) beers ;)10:06
andrejzwe can settle that in budapest ;)10:06
dpmhehe ;)10:06
dpmandrejz, for future reference, these are useful links:10:07
andrejzthanks, saved under useful translation links category10:09
dpmandrejz, also, it might be worth fixing the translations in older packages as well, as unfortunately, uploads with incorrect translations from previous versions will override the fixed ones in later versions due to message sharing (bug 730610)10:09
ubot4`Launchpad bug 730610 in launchpad "Message sharing should prioritize translations coming from uploads for the newest distro series (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73061010:09
dpmFeel free to add your comments to the bug as well. I personally would have triaged it with a bit of a higher importance than Low...10:10
andrejzwell we fixed the strings in 11.04 a while ago.. shouldn't that propagate to older releases automatically10:10
dpmthat's correct, but they weren't fixed, let's say, on the lucid package. If there is a new security upload for lucid's apt, launchpad will use whatever is uploaded last, making no distinction. In this case, it will upload and propagate the lucid translations with wrong encoding, if I understood it correctly10:12
dpmhenninge, can perhaps confirm that ^ (there's more context in the bug above)10:13
dpmAlthough I would have thought that if translations were fixed explicitly in Launchpad, they remain "sticky" and are not just overwritten by an upload10:14
andrejz@dpm: everything was ok both in launchpad and in actual ubuntu releases up to 10.1010:15
andrejzjust before first language pack update natty translations were opened10:16
andrejzand buggy translations were imported and hence also accepted to maverick and lucid10:16
andrejzwe fixed that in december10:17
henningedpm: yes, translations done in Launchpad will be kept over translations imported from the package.10:17
andrejzso now it's OK in launchpad10:17
henningedpm: but if the upstream translations are fixed and that fixed version is uploaded, they become indistinguishable again.10:18
andrejzit's just that these translations aren't used in ubuntu10:18
henningedpm: so, I can see how that could cause older uploads to overwrite new uploads10:19
andrejztranslations were overwritten because they were imported from upstream into natty10:20
andrejzand than due to message sharing overwrote maverick and lucid too10:20
henningedpm: but I am not sure if that is the problem here. Could it also have coincided with the "imports overwriting Launchpad" problem we had up to a month ago?10:20
henningeandrejz: yes, that's what would happen. So, are the natty translations wrong?10:21
andrejzno we fixed them all i believe, but these aren't actually used, upstream (debian translations) are, so we need to wait for update of the apt package10:22
askhl_Hi.  Regarding imports, why not make it so people can use both the old and the new import function, and choose whether message sharing should affect the upload?  After all, the members of the translation teams know what they want to do.10:23
henningeaskhl_: you can chose by simply not configuring an upstream project.10:24
askhl_(not "old and new".  I mean the "upload" and "import" function)10:24
askhl_henninge: I, as a translator, don't choose upstreams10:24
henningeaskhl_: Right, that is something for maintainers to set up.10:25
askhl_But I'm still tasked with making sure that it's translated in Ubuntu, and therefore I always need to import/upload po-files when they are updated upstream10:25
henningeaskhl_: no, upstream message sharing is meant to relieve you of exactly that task.10:26
henningeWith upstream message sharing, the translations are imported directly from the upstream repository.10:26
askhl_But when is message sharing going to be activated?10:26
henningeaskhl_: there is two types of message sharing.10:27
henninge"classic message sharing" which andrejz just talked about, shares translations between different series of a sourcepackage.10:27
henningeThis cannot be (de)activated in any way.10:28
askhl_Right, I mean the "automatic imports"10:28
askhl_from upstream.10:28
henninge"upstream message sharing" shares translations between the Ubuntu source package and the upstream project.10:28
henningeIf there is no upstream project configured (i.e. has no templates) then upstream message sharing is practically deactivated.10:29
henningebut I am saying that you want it set up correctly10:30
askhl_All right.  Our group does most of its work upstream, so getting things from Ubuntu to upstream is not so much of a problem.  Getting them to Ubuntu, however, is frequently something I've been doing manually10:31
henningeaskhl_: If you are talking about the latest upstream translations, that is exactly the problem that upstream message sharing is solving.10:32
henningeWith an automatic branch import from upstream, the upstream translations will filter down into the Ubuntu package.10:32
askhl_Okay, that's excellent then.  I thought that was called "automatic imports" though10:32
henningeaskhl: automatic imports are part of that.10:33
henningethey only get the translations into a project in Launchpad but not down to the source package.10:34
henningeUpstream message sharing adds that last bit.10:34
askhl_Ah, I see10:34
askhl_So there's some upstream place (say GNOME's gedit) and then there's a Launchpad project for gedit with automatic imports from GNOME.  Then there's message sharing between the launchpad gedit project and the ubuntu source packages.  Do I understand correctly?10:35
dpmthat's correct10:37
askhl_Thanks, henninge and dpm10:37
dpmno worries :-)10:37
henningeYou are welcome ;)10:37
askhl_So the only thing I really need to know now is which projects have a combination of message sharing and automatic imports enabled, such that I don't have to worry about them myself anymore10:37
askhl_Is there a sticker somewhere on the project's launchpad page?10:38
henningeaskhl_: right, we are working on exactly that feature atm.10:38
henningeaskhl: http://people.canonical.com/~henninge/mockups/10:38
askhl_That'll be really great10:39
askhl_But which projects have it enabled as of now? :)10:39
henningeaskhl_: which package? apt?10:50
henningeaskhl_: You can see the upstream connection on the packages overview page.10:51
askhl_Let's say gdm.  So I can follow the upstream connection link to https://launchpad.net/gdm10:54
askhl_https://translations.launchpad.net/gdm/main <-- ah, there10:55
askhl_So it says it doesn't automatically synchronize10:55
askhl_meaning I'll have to manually import when we update GNOME upstream, but all right, the information *is* there.  Thank you for all the information10:57
* TLE can hardly sit still, thinking all the goodness this feature ^^ will yeild11:01
costalesHi! Can anyone provide assistance in this bug, please? https://bugs.launchpad.net/gui-ufw/+bug/729814 Thanks in advance!11:07
ubot4`Launchpad bug 729814 in gui-ufw (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "gufw installs translation files in /usr/share/locale-langpack (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Opinion]11:07
dpmhi costales, let me have a look11:12
costalesthanks dpm11:14
dpmcostales, ok, replied to the bug11:22
costalesthanks dpm :D11:28
dpmcostales, no worries, let me know if there is anything I can help with :-)11:29
costalesI must go11:32
costalesgood bye and thanks ;)11:32
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andrejzhello! does anyone else use 11.04 and notice high cpu usage of x.org and poedit if poedit is running?14:00
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dpmandrejz, no, sorry, I haven't been using poedit for a while15:34
gtriderxcis anyone here?19:59

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