MooDoohello all07:53
andylockranGood Morning Guys and Gals08:14
andylockranHow are things?08:14
TheOpenSourcerermorning all.08:14
andylockranI've got a DNS query :p   If you have two servers setup, and you modify the slave and adjust the serial - will that get picked up by the master - or is the master/slave relationship a standard master/slave - in that all edits need to be done on the master?08:15
MartijnVdSIf you've configured them as master/slave you should always edit on the master08:18
MartijnVdSthe slave will only have the zone file in /var/cache/ somewhere08:18
MartijnVdS(it shouldn't have its own copy in /etc)08:18
andylockranYeah, ok. Thanks MartijnVdS.  Just trying to work out whether it's possible to have a multi-master DNS.08:19
MartijnVdSandylockran: powerdns -- update the database, all servers using it update:)08:19
andylockrani.e if the master goes down, my slaves will run for 2 weeks without comms from the master.. but probably sensible to have to manually turn slave into master in that situation.08:20
DJonesGood morning all08:37
czajkowskihowdy dooody08:37
TheOpenSourcererhey czajkowski - shame about wales eh ;-)08:41
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: if I were you I'd stay very quiet08:46
czajkowskibe nice you know, if  we'd have had a ref who knew how to ref!08:46
TheOpenSourcererGrand Slam next weekend then eh?08:47
czajkowskifor ye yes possible08:47
czajkowskiyour pass hasn't been revoked then08:47
TheOpenSourcererNope - in fact I confirmed it again yesterday.08:49
czajkowskihowever fair fecks to Italy for beating the French08:50
czajkowskilove it when they get beaten08:50
TheOpenSourcererThat was a great game indeed czajkowski - I could tell the French were upset by the ref we had on Sunday. But at least he had to go off injured...08:54
TheOpenSourcererThe game changed once he was replaced.08:54
czajkowskiit's frustrating how a game can be controlled over a ref and a call08:55
DJonesNo matter what sport it is, I always expect the Ref & linesmen to walk onto the pitch to the tune of "Three blind mice"08:57
kazademorning all09:24
screen-xmorning :)09:37
hoovermornin ;-)09:40
JamesTaitHappy Pi Day everyone! (In US format, at least...)09:57
DJonesmhhhm Pie :)09:58
JamesTaitDJones: I thought exactly the same thing. :D09:58
DJonesJamesTait: :) As long as its proper pie, none of that wishy washy US style Pumpkin pie etc, give me a nice steak & kidney or apple pie09:59
JamesTaitMmmmm, steak. :)09:59
DJonesYears ago, my mother-in-law bought apple pies from morrisons, got home heated them up for tea, served them up with custard as you'd expect, they bit into them and found they'd been mislabed, they should have been mince & onion10:01
screen-xDJones: /o\10:01
screen-xDJones: did you scrape off the custard and carry on?10:02
DJonesscreen-x: It was before I knew them, I think they scraped it off & took them back10:02
DJonesI'd have carried on eating them, it all ends up in the same place10:02
* czajkowski hugs popey 10:04
czajkowskihow are all this lovely sunny morning10:04
MooDooFab thanks10:04
czajkowskisunny out, and we're making pancakes on the BBQ here by the canal10:04
MooDooczajkowski: meh!10:05
DJonesscreen-x: Just as funny was my 90 year old gran making a triffle, puts the jelly in, covers it with cling film to set, comes back later with the custard & couldn't see the cling film & had fogotten about it & poured the custard all over the cling film which then went all over the kitchen worktop10:05
popeyhahah DJones10:06
DJonespopey: :)10:06
czajkowskiDJones: hah ha10:07
popeyyes, it is!10:10
lloowenHi all! Can anyone recommend a good how to on setting up a chroot environment. I would like to jail Dropbox!10:18
dogmatic69why would you want to do that?10:20
lloowenBecause I notices changes to my /etc/fstab by dropbox and I don't trust closed source software.10:24
screen-xColleague asked to see paperwork from an air conditioning install a couple of years ago. I knew I had archived it all in a paper file, but couldn't find it. Eventually found it on said colleague's desk.10:26
screen-xlloowen: whats dropbox done to fstab?10:26
lloowenIt has commented out my home partition settings and added its own variant. I like dropbox, but I think I would like it even better if I could run it in a chroot environment.10:27
DJoneslloowen: Is your home partition running inside a dropbox folder?10:28
DJonesor /home folder I should say10:29
lloowenMy dropbox folder is in my /home/meuser/10:30
hamitronmorning all10:31
lloowenIf it can do that what else can Dropbox do?10:31
screen-xlloowen: whatever the account it runs as can do.10:32
screen-xlloowen: could write an apparmor profile if you are worried about it.10:32
DJoneslloowen: I can't understand why dropbox would modify fstab, mine certainly hasn't, just checked & its set as normal with a uuid10:32
screen-xDJones: there are reports of dropbox adding user_xattr, which shouldnt be a problem.10:33
DJonesscreen-x: I've not come across that10:33
lloowenThis is what it did.10:33
lloowen# Commented out by Dropbox10:33
lloowen# /dev/sda6       /home           reiserfs defaults        0       210:33
lloowen/dev/sda6 /home reiserfs defaults,user_xattr 0 210:33
screen-xDJones: no I haven't either, just been googling.10:34
screen-xlloowen: did it ask?10:34
lloowenNo. If it asked me if it could change my fstab, I'd say no!10:35
screen-xthat is cheeky.10:35
DJonesHmm, twitter works, irc works, email works, internet in any browser has stopped10:35
screen-xDJones: dns resolution?10:36
DJonesscreen-x: Looks like it, DNS lookup failed10:36
SuperMattmurderfs D:10:36
lloowenDoes anyone know a good how-to on setting up chroot environments for applications?10:36
screen-xlloowen: could try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot10:37
lloowenI found this http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/Jail_Dropbox But I'm not sure how to apply this to Ubuntu10:49
DJonesscreen-x: DNS fixed, just been looking up the user_xattr, seems to be something about file permissions on under some drive formats ext4 seems to be mentioned10:50
czajkowskiMyrtti: you ok?10:51
directhexextended attributes, i.e. ACLs10:51
Myrtticzajkowski: other than tired beyond belief, yeah. D has sniffles though :-(10:52
DJonesdirecthex: Yes, thats what I was reading, although went mostly over my head10:52
Myrttidownloading natty alpha to test on my old work laptop, this might be fun10:52
directhexDJones, allows permissions more sophisticated than "user, group, everyone" style10:52
directhexDJones, e.g. set write permissions for two groups, not just one10:53
directhexDJones, i hate to use the comparison, but windows has ACL permissions10:53
DJonesdirecthex: Thanks, that explains it a bit better10:53
danfishwotcha - the better half's (dell) netbook has gone to the great electronic graveyard in the sky. What's good these days?10:54
danfishrequirements - ubuntu of course, light web browsing and email10:54
czajkowskiMyrtti: I hope you dont lose sound10:55
directhexdanfish, sounds like you need a netbook.10:55
danfishdirecthex: heh10:55
Myrtticzajkowski: which is why old work laptop, not the new ;-)10:55
DJonesMyrtti: Hope you don't lose grub, the two installs I've done of natty, grub failed on both of them10:56
* czajkowski mutters10:56
MyrttiI'm happy if I'm able to run shred from the live session, that's my main goal10:57
Myrttiafter that it's all a bonus10:57
DJonesThis looks like the bug I found, I was trying btrfs anyway https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/grub2/+bug/71202910:59
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 712029 in grub2 (Ubuntu Natty) "ubiquity btrfs install fails to boot (grub rescue> prompt)" [High,Fix released]10:59
popeySalutations Human!11:24
livingdaylightyes, I am a flesh and blood Human!11:24
livingdaylightwith a living Soul!11:25
livingdaylightgot a friend asking whether ubuntu is faster than xp?11:25
livingdaylightare there benchmark comparison studies/results?11:25
popeyfaster at what?11:26
directhexit gets over 2000 bungholiomarks!11:27
livingdaylightfaster at what? hrmm?11:29
screen-xdirecthex: Are there any improvements in Natty? Should I expect a higher BHM rating on similar hardware?11:31
dogmatic69livingdaylight: ubuntu does not have BSOD's11:31
popeydogmatic69: it has kernel panic attacks though11:32
dogmatic69never seen one :)11:32
* screen-x gives the kernel a paper bag to breath into11:32
ali1234i haven't seen windows bluescreen since about 2002 either11:32
livingdaylighthis question is whether  ubuntu is faster in terms of running applications. Reaction time?11:33
dogmatic69ali1234: is that when you stopped using windows?11:33
screen-xali1234: uses windows on a monday to get an IP..11:33
ali1234no, i stopped using windows in about 200511:33
directhexscreen-x, slightly lower, but still better than a comparable 3d-flavoured ice lolly11:33
dogmatic69livingdaylight: ubuntu caches stuff properly, something that only came about in vista and maybe only works properly in win711:33
ali1234i see other people's windows machines bluescreen a lot11:33
dogmatic69opening apps will be much faster#11:34
screen-xdirecthex: I find 2d ice lollies very disappointing11:34
popeypffft, everyone has 4D lollies now. you guys are crusty old folk11:34
ali1234that's because of bad hardware though11:35
ali1234or "herp derp i can overclock too!"11:35
* popey feels old not knowing what "herp derp" means11:35
* screen-x is reading UD11:36
ali1234i think you're just pretending not to know11:36
DJonesInteresting, Carphone warehouse giving away Kindles with phones on 2 year contracts11:37
Dom__they were giving away a PS3 with a phone at one stage, DJones11:38
=== Dom__ is now known as dwatkins
dwatkinsthat's better11:38
DJonesdwatkins: True, but I wouldn't have gone for one of them, a Kindle would be a possibility11:38
popeyali1234: i have seen it used a lot, but dont know what it is11:39
popeya bit like 'hipster', dunno what one is11:39
ali1234you are so sheltered11:39
popeyclearly :)11:39
directhexi'm looking forward to my contract ending :)11:40
dwatkinsI think I'd rather have the money than be given a Kindle, especially as it's most likely not the one with free 3G.11:41
* dwatkins got one for t'other half for christmas11:41
dogmatic69dwatkins: straight to ebay11:41
gordonly wifi ones in the uk right?11:41
DJonesdwatkins: 3h version says £15 when bundled with a phone11:42
dwatkinsdogmatic69: yeah, you'd probably get a fairly good price for it11:42
dwatkinsalso, dogmatic69 - how are the flash player issues?11:42
dogmatic69dwatkins: who cares about flash :D11:45
* dogmatic69 has an iPad11:45
Martiinifind command .. someone please teach me .. I want to find files containing "java" in root filesystem excluding /media11:45
dogmatic69man find11:46
nigelbseeing dogmatic69 here confusing me what channel this is :p11:47
popeyfind / -name "*java*" -not -name "/media"11:48
screen-x(err but only the second instance)11:50
MooDoodogmatic69: i played with garageband on the ipad yesterday...11:50
Martiinifind . -name "*java*" -print ... is correct answer11:50
dogmatic69MooDoo: and?11:56
MooDoodogmatic69: LOVED IT! :)11:57
* dogmatic69 spends more...11:57
dwatkinsMooDoo: thanks for reminding me, I need to make some custom ringtones with GarageBand11:59
dwatkinsMorse code of peopel's names11:59
andylockranhowdy howdy howdy12:47
SuperMattdoes anyone in here know if fedora can be updated to the latest alpha via command line, like ubuntu can?13:13
MartijnVdSNo idea.. do Fedora support upgrading at all?13:13
SuperMattI don't know :/13:13
SuperMattI was hoping I might be able to update my box without any issues, but clearly not13:14
SuperMattI think as long as my hard drives are partitioned nicely, I should be able to reinstall without issue13:14
SuperMattah good, I did partition sensibly \o/13:15
DJonesSuperMatt: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/YumUpgradeFaq13:15
SuperMattyeah, I think I'll re-install :P13:17
screen-xseems like there is some form of upgrade, but there are definately mixed messages as to whether it is recommended. http://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora/14/html/Installation_Guide/ch19s02.html13:22
mungojerrycan anyone recommend any techniques for blocking search engine bots that don't honour robots.txt files?13:32
mungojerryone bot from ukraine used 86% of the total bandwidth last motnh13:34
screen-xmungojerry: maybe denyhosts? something that reads the logs and picks out clients that are too persistent.13:36
mungojerryhmm. i'm not sure if the address is in denyhosts or not - the site should get spidered but ignore certain paths/filenames based upon robots file..some files are 100mb in size. i could write my own to grep the logs, or just run webaliser more frequently and use iptables i guess.13:39
screen-xmungojerry: denyhosts will add hosts to deny, based on rules you specify. (like fail2ban)13:41
mungojerryahh i see..was thinking of another blacklisting service13:41
=== _deltA is now known as gavin_lew
gavin_lewhello, having problems with a geforce gfx card, nvidia driver 270.30 and twinview , anyone have any advice, 1 monitor is connected by VGA and is recongised and displays video, the second monitor connected via DVI just says no input13:51
screen-xgavin_lew: have you setup both screens with nvidia-settings?13:53
hamitrongavin_lew: what graphics card?13:53
gavin_lewnvidia-settings set the screens up ok13:56
gavin_lewits a geforce 8400 gs13:57
gavin_lewit was working until i upgraded the gfx driver from 173 maybe to the latest13:57
gavin_lewthe screen connected to the DVI port just doesnt get a video signal13:57
hamitronis there any reason you'd want to update to such a new driver?13:58
gavin_lewthe older driver wasnt giving me 3d acceleration13:59
screen-xhamitron: 8400gs is supported in the latest drivers, so why not?13:59
* directhex is suddenly suspicious. which cards are supported on 270.30?13:59
hamitronI recall someone else having a problem with the early 8000 series13:59
screen-xdirecthex: 270 or 260?14:00
directhexeither. neither. whatever. is there a handy matrix for this stuff?14:00
screen-xnot very handy though14:01
screen-x260.19.44 includes 8 series 400 GS, 8800 GTS 512, 8800 Ultra, 8300 GS, 8600 GTS, 8800 GTX, 8300, 8400, 8200, 8100 / nForce 720a, 8400 SE, 8600 GS, 8800 GS, 8800 GT, 8800 GTS, 8500 GT14:01
screen-xhmm missed the first 8.14:01
directhexwow, it goes back as far as 6-series cards14:02
directhexand people complain14:02
hamitronI do14:02
gavin_lewi think the issue is something to-do with DFP-0 (wasnt this introduced recently), the older drivers simply refered to the displays as CRT0/CRT114:02
directhexit's always been DFP-0 for internal laptop screens, iirc14:03
gavin_lewthis is just 2 lcd panels , no laptop14:03
hamitronwhich version of ubuntu has 270 drivers btw?14:04
directhexnone iirc. i'm guessing nvidia-installer breakage14:04
directhexwait, it's in natty now14:05
directhexwasn't last time i looked14:05
directhexnvidia-glx-185 | 270.29-0ubuntu3 | natty/restricted | amd64, i38614:05
lubotu3Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.14:06
hamitronI don't do animal names ;)14:06
gavin_lewdo we have any ideas? , can i paste the xorg.conf screen sections ?14:13
mungojerrygavin_lew: i had probs like this on an older card and older version of drivers..it was xorg.conf related14:16
mungojerryi am running intel on this machine so can't help, but if somebody has nvidia they should at least post their working xorg14:16
gavin_lewgoing from a 44" display down to 22" sucks :)14:17
gavin_lewlooking at the xorg.conf it doesnt look right14:17
ali1234it was like last week14:25
ali12348400gs has serious problems with the latest driver14:25
ali1234serious = no output at all, even though it says it is working in the log14:26
hamitronali1234: it was the 8400gs?14:26
hamitronah :)14:26
hamitroninteresting that the VGA output is working, and not the DVI14:27
ali1234it can affect VGA too14:27
=== james_w` is now known as james_w
* hamitron pets his geforce 214:28
gavin_lewshall i just order a new gfx card? :)14:29
hamitroncheap cards from 6 series onwards seem to have a lot of trouble generally imo14:29
gavin_lewthe only other spare we have here is the same as what i got :(14:29
hamitrongavin_lew: the 17x series works14:29
hamitrondrivers I mean14:29
dogmatic69could anyone tell me what this is please14:30
dogmatic69"sshd[10001]: reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for 217-155-37-221.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk [] failed - POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT!"14:30
dogmatic69in the logs ...14:30
jpdsdogmatic69: http://www.electrictoolbox.com/reverse-mapping-possible-break-in-ssh/14:34
jpdsThere's a whole load of google results for "reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo".14:34
DJonesscoundrel50: Ping14:39
scoundrel50Oh, that is strange, been trying to get on here for ages, and when I enter the #ubuntu-uk in the chanel box, press enter nothing happens14:45
scoundrel50can see you now though, thanks. :)14:45
scoundrel50I just wondered, I want to change .JPG to.jpg I used to have a command to do that but can remember what it was. Does somebody know what command I would need?14:45
jpdsscoundrel50: mv ?14:45
DJonesscoundrel50: Glad you've made it anyway14:45
scoundrel50Its to change all the endings in the folder14:45
gavin_lewmv *.JPG *.jpg should do it14:46
gavin_lewhmm how about a 512mb Palit GT 220 800mhz gddr2 48 core14:46
dutchiegavin_lew: no, that won't work14:46
dutchieyou want the rename command14:46
screen-xgavin_lew: test that on some files you dont like14:47
directhexgavin_lew, that will kill almost all your files14:47
dutchieso rename 's/\.JPG$/.jpg/' *.JPG14:47
gavin_lewooh sorry :(14:47
dutchieworth checking with the -n option first14:48
directhexgavin_lew, it will expand to something like "mv 1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG *.jpg", thereby rename 1.JPG to *.jpg, then renaming 2.JPG to *.jpg (losing the earlier file), the n renaming 3.JPG to *.jpg (ditto)14:48
screen-xooh mv a* b* doesnt do what I expected14:48
mungojerryscoundrel50: thunar file manager has a good bulk renamer as part of the gui14:49
screen-xI expected it to move all the files onto the last file, but instead it sensibly complains about it not being a dir.14:49
scoundrel50mungojerry: hi, I tried using that, but it freezes laptop. Using that other command, just changed the whole lot in the folder14:52
scoundrel50its not moving from one to another its changing the .JPG to .jpg, I will give that command a try, dutchie, it was a different command to the one I had before, but I'll give it a try14:54
dogmatic69got someone trying to hack my server14:58
dogmatic69persistent guy as well14:58
mungojerrydogmatic69: often it's a script. i found one that had got into our sytem via a weak password, then had a dictionary list to test against various servers, sending all successful info to an irc channel15:00
mungojerryfail2ban should be a good place to start15:00
dogmatic69its a Korean ip15:00
dogmatic69got ssh only login...15:01
mungojerrywe get a lot from chinese universities and also korean too..great firewall of china doesn't do a good job of keeping them out15:01
dogmatic69yip its korean edu something ip15:01
screen-xdogmatic69: denyhosts/fail2ban are good, but be sure to whitelist yourself :)15:01
scoundrel50ok, that worked thank you.15:01
mungojerrydogmatic69: however the script that i saw was then using the compromised account to run the script against 100s of other hosts15:02
dogmatic69114.70.60.247 is the ip15:02
dogmatic69phpinfo showing there...15:02
mungojerryso the originating IP may just be a compromised account15:02
mungojerryyou can send a mail to the abuse address, and the university should investgate15:03
dogmatic69could be15:03
czajkowskiDJones: TheOpenSourcerer http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2011/mar/14/wales-ireland-six-nations-201115:05
andylockrananyone give me advice on how to enable coredumps in apache (caveat is that I'm using CentOS) http://blog.blacknode.net/2009/07/enable-core-dumps-with-apache-rhel5/15:11
DJonesczajkowski: I'm getting 404 page not found with that link15:11
czajkowskiDJones: click again15:12
czajkowskiworking here fine15:12
DJonesczajkowski: Tried 3 times, same thing each time15:14
czajkowskiDJones: it clearly doesnt like you15:14
czajkowskiclock again15:14
DJonesczajkowski: That works15:14
dogmatic69 works for me15:14
czajkowskiDJones: special15:15
DJonesYep, I've worked out why it didn't work15:15
DJonesThe window size I've got irssi in was exactly the same size as the length of the line & putty/irssi was treating the timestamp on the next line as part of the url15:16
DJonesczajkowski: Although they get the appology, they never change results though, do they have video ref decisions for the 6 nations?15:18
czajkowskiif they were unawarded the try we'd have won15:18
dogmatic69anyone here know how i can test git hooks/15:18
DJonesczajkowski: Very true, but I they would never backdate that decision15:19
czajkowskinope they wont15:19
czajkowskiwe just all know wales shouldnt be 7 pts more15:19
dutchieczajkowski: to be fair, if the touch judge hadn't been so sure, they probably would have gone to the TMO15:22
czajkowskiwont go to TMO unless it's a score15:23
dutchieit was a score, no?15:23
czajkowskifast pass line out15:27
czajkowskimungojerry: you ok there ?15:29
czajkowskisorry if we're boting you15:29
* hamitron cuts mungojerry's throat out with a power drill15:29
mungojerryit's ok...i meant to spend less time on irc this week. talking about rugby is keeping me away :)15:29
mungojerryonly just noticed the !topic15:30
czajkowskimungojerry: it's a community loc channel we do talk about lots of things beside Ubuntu15:30
mungojerryof course :)15:30
hamitronthat is discrimination against people with normal shaped balls :/15:31
czajkowskiless snoring so, it's kinda rude15:31
hamitron1 more match to win, then it is all over mungojerry15:32
hamitronguess we are both looking forward to that15:32
czajkowskihamitron: and then september for the world cup15:32
czajkowskiand we can go back to the H cup also15:32
hamitronwell, a break is good15:33
hamitrontoo much distraction from proper work15:33
czajkowski9th April kicks off again15:33
screen-xmungojerry: (as requested last week) GO AWAY!15:33
mungojerrywondered who i mentioned that to.15:34
mungojerryhowever i'm having a bad day today...lost of drilling noise in the building meaning i can't work15:34
hamitrontbh, the 6 nations is the one I like to see most15:34
* hamitron sighs15:36
hamitronneed to switch computer cabling on my desk15:36
hamitronbut it is real effort unplugging all these machines and re-working it all15:36
screen-xmungojerry: I have screaming kids outside my window (nursery). I keep my window shut as long as possible but sometimes its just too warm.15:37
screen-xhamitron: dust while your at it ;-)15:37
mungojerryscreen-x: warm?15:37
hamitronscreen-x: I intend to15:37
screen-xmungojerry: in summer15:37
mungojerrymy place of work has been a building site for > 2yrs :(15:38
mungojerryincluding asbestos removal15:38
mungojerrymost days it is drilling and chainsawing of concrete15:39
mungojerryand fire drills :(15:39
hamitroncutting holes with fire ftw15:39
mungojerryi mean fire alarms :P15:39
hamitronnot nearly as good :/15:39
screen-xa fire drill does sound quite like a light saber15:40
hamitronpatent pending!15:40
hamitronhow many comps on 1 desk is too many?15:41
screen-xhamitron: when desk breaks15:42
hamitronI have removed my waste bins to make room for more15:42
hamitronbut now it seems I may have to remove my legs15:42
screen-xhamitron: or maybe when you start wearing noise cancelling headphones15:42
hamitronyeh well, I do go for quiet :)15:43
hamitronbut tbh, this i3 is amazing, dunno why I thought I may need more power15:43
hamitronI reckon I could get most things done on this one machine15:44
hamitronunfortunately, that would mean not using linux as I my main OS15:44
hamitronso doubt I will cut back that far15:45
mungojerrycan you not stash them in the loft and run rdesktop?15:45
hamitronif I was going to be happy with remote stuff, I'd just run virtual machines15:46
mungojerryQ: is it possible to do greppy type stuff in ooffice calc15:47
hamitronlike scripting?15:47
mungojerryi have a list of names and userid's on alternating lines, and i want to split them into separate columns15:47
mungojerryas usual i've ended up saving as csv and doing grep15:51
shauno<3 csv.  that's been the solution to all my excel woes too15:53
bigcalmEllo peeps :)15:56
popeyyo yo yo15:56
bigcalmWhat am I missing out on?15:57
hamitronsome good stuff15:58
* popey wonders when ipad2 goes on pre-order :)15:58
screen-xbigcalm: hamitron deciding whether to remove his legs to make space for more computers15:58
bigcalmDriving to Scotland and back for the weekend isn't advisable. There are a lot of stupid drivers out there15:58
hamitronpopey: you giving me your ipad 1?15:58
czajkowskipopey: march 27th ?15:59
czajkowskipopey: ask filbert15:59
screen-xhamitron: nah, the cats will use that to read ichc15:59
screen-xto the google-mobile!15:59
hamitroncup of tea and some cakes are calling me16:02
* mungojerry noticed another person turning into a fulll apple person the other day. didn't realise that ideology played no part in OS choice whatsoever16:02
bigcalmFor some it does, for many is't just a tool16:03
mungojerryi'm thinking of ryan paul, gwibber dev, who, unless his twitter account has been hijacked, has turned into an apple drone within space of 1 week16:03
* bigcalm ponders getting a mac16:04
DJonesbigcalm: Just get an umbrella16:04
shaunomungojerry: that happens.  something about turning your computer on, and being able to just get on with it instead of filing bugs, is rather infectious ;)16:04
mungojerry..and leaving your principles and preferences outside :(16:05
DaveMorrisquick question.  What's the default key binding for switching tabs which are open in a gnome terminal?16:06
bigcalmalt+f keys16:07
mungojerryctrl-page down/up16:07
ali1234lack of a public bug tracking system is not the same as a bug free operating system, and mac os has plenty16:07
DaveMorrischeers mungojerry16:07
bigcalmIt can't have bugs, it looks so shiney!16:08
shaunoali1234: when I run into one that's a "this computer is unusable" showstopper, I'll let you know16:08
ali1234if mac "just works" for you then i would hazard a guess that you spend 100% of your time using a computer checking your twitter and facebook16:08
mungojerryshauno: itunes?16:08
ali1234which probably exlpains about the gwibber guy16:08
shaunomungojerry: I was thinking more like not being able to use my trackpad on ubuntu anymore.16:09
mungojerryali1234: there's something strange about the way he suddenly flipped into being a fullon apple dude16:09
ali1234like they say on /. "and nothing of value was lost"16:10
mungojerrywhat's this #dickbar thing everyone is talking about?16:12
mungojerryby everyone i mean people on twitter16:12
mungojerrypopey just mentioned it to16:12
gordcertain process has been eating up too much cpu on my server - so i have gone all paranoid with top constantly watching it with an always on top terminal... its driving me crazy16:13
ali1234haha i do that all the time16:13
shaunomungojerry: a bizarre UI element in twitter's mobile client, that's behavior earned the moniker; http://www.flickr.com/photos/scriptingnews/5502555362/16:14
ali1234no, top in a terminal16:14
mungojerrygord: what was the process16:15
mungojerryshauno: cheers...looks like a similar experience to browsing omgubuntu ...lots of dickbar elements on their page too16:15
Azelphuranyone else having issues with google images where it doesn't load the image after you click on it, you just get a white page?16:15
ali1234probably one of: firefox, flash, java, or slocate-updatedb16:15
AzelphurI have to keep viewing the page source and extracting the URL to use google images, very irritating16:16
mungojerrytwitter want to do away with 3rd party apps...there are better business models than that16:17
gordmungojerry, deluge16:19
popeymungojerry: its a bar that is displayed in the official twitter client16:19
ali1234"No one yet knows why people use Twitter"16:20
ali1234i do16:20
ali1234it's because they like to talk but don't like to listen16:20
popeymungojerry: I think you're making some assumptions about Ryan16:20
popeymungojerry: there's no way you can know how long it's taken him to decide to switch to OSX16:20
ali1234long enough to develop gwibber for one thing16:21
mungojerrypopey: that's true, but he implies inthe previous tweet that he was fed up of infighting16:21
mungojerryof recent weeks16:21
popeythose two things may be unrelated16:21
popeyi know I've pondered about switching to OSX16:21
popeyfor about a year16:21
bigcalmOne could say that there is infighting within the computer user world16:21
ali1234what i don't understand is this:16:22
mungojerrypopey: how much time do you spend on OS x?16:22
ali1234people say "Linux will never be ready for consumers, I'm switching to X instead." - or in otherwords, "I am a consumer. TROLOLOLO"16:22
popeydunno, never timed it16:23
ali1234but what these people have completely failed to do is explain how "Linux for consumers" would benefit me in any way.16:23
mungojerrylinux is better now than it ever has been , in spite of religious wars16:23
dwatkinsWhat on earth is "linux for consumers"?16:23
shaunoso you'll deride them for not understanding that your choice is what works for you; yet completely fail to understand that their choice is what works for them16:23
ali1234why am i deriding them?16:25
mungojerryshauno: who me? i oroginally raised the issue because i was surprised at linux users who would switch seemingly happily to apple without major ideological issues16:25
ali1234i do not deride them, and nor do i attemp to persaude them that linux in fact, is actually what they want16:25
mungojerryand i'm no stallman to be sure16:25
shaunolinux is for consumers.  ubuntu especially so.  for me, turning problem-solving into "file a bug" meant 'the system' was no better than apple radar.16:25
popeymungojerry: i probably spend an hour or two a day on osx16:26
popeymungojerry: 8 hours a day on windows16:26
ali1234yet i still constantly hear from trolls about how "linux will never be ready for the desktop and you're an idiot for using it" or "if you don't help us to make the most easiest to use linux distro evar, you're a horrible greedy person for not sharing."16:27
dwatkinsali1234: I hear that too, one person in particular points-out that everything that's associated with Linux is only ever going to be "beta software"16:31
ali1234yup. what happens is that someone says "linux sux, i'm getting a mac"16:32
* directhex is e-famous!16:32
mungojerrydwatkins: except that i use ubuntu 12 hrs a day at home and work and my productivity is huge when compared with previous jobs using windows16:32
ali1234and then a group of people comes out of the woodwork and points to this and says "see, linux sux! you guys need to make it more easier to use, or no one will use it."16:32
shaunolast time I paid any real attention to the community, it was rife with windows-bashing, which was usually shushed away with a !factoid that now escapes me16:33
ali1234but this is roughly equivalent to a guy realising that screwdrivers do not make good hammers, and getting a hammer instead, and then all the screwdriver salesmen saying "we need to make our screwdrivers more like hammers" while the engineers look at them and roll their eyes16:33
dwatkinsmungojerry: I used to find that my productivity was much higher with linux, but now I work in a job where there's a lot of MS Office integration, so I'm not sure that would be the case here.16:33
shaunoso I'm curious, has the community done an about-turn on whether *-bashing is productive? or why does the apple-bashing get a free ride16:33
mungojerrydepends whether it's bashing for technical or ideological reasons :P16:34
directhexshauno, it's nice to poke fanboys. and there are no fanboys like apple fanboys16:35
directhexshauno, whereas nobody's an MS fanboy, merely more tollerant of it than the average16:35
mungojerrya lot of apple fanboys i know irl are like ex-smokers16:35
mungojerrysuddenly they are steve jobs biggest evangelist , and then buy i-everything16:36
gordapple have a lot of integration, if you use apple products - other apple products tend to work best with what you already have16:38
mungojerryintegration or lock-in?16:38
gordlock-in is what people who have an agenda might call it16:38
ali1234integration is when your ipod works with your mac16:39
ali1234lock-in is when your zune won't work with your mac16:39
dwatkinsI have an Eee 901 and a Macbook Pro, the Macbook Pro has never had any hardware stop working with a software update, whereas the Eee tends to lose wifi or sound when Ubuntu gets updated.16:39
* popey notes the use of "fanboy" invalidates much of mungojerry's argument16:40
ali1234i have an acer which is exactly the same chipset and the eee and i have never had a problem with it except with the wifi card, which i now believe is actually physically broken16:40
ali1234since i got an identical card and it works fine16:40
directhexali1234, zunes work with macs now :p16:41
gordzunes still exist?16:41
ali1234directhex: it was just an example, i don't know what works with zune or ipod or whatnot, i would not buy any such branded player ever16:41
directhexgord, windows phone 7 uses zune protocol16:41
ali1234i will only ever buy the unbranded chinese stuff, you know, the stuff that works with anything and costs 10% of what the branded stuff costs16:42
directhexfsvo "works"16:42
dwatkins like an eyepad?16:42
gordthe whole mac integration aspect works both ways as well, for example i choose not to buy apple products because i'm not confident it will work with my setup16:42
ali1234it's pretty ironic when i trust unbranded chinese junk over large american companies like apple and microsoft16:42
directhexnothing like a sunny plaastation to take your mind off things16:43
mungojerryali1234: are you actually joking?16:43
ali1234no, i am completely 100% serious16:43
mungojerryyou should try the korean stuff, .. cowon and iriver tend to be excellent quality16:43
popeyi loved my iriver16:43
gord*shudder* popstation16:43
directhexali1234, korean brands - iriver and cowon, for example - tend to work with everything, but are significanly less shitty than chinese equivalents. they even have working websites and firmware updates!16:43
popeyi still use my iriver nearly daily16:44
popeyabout 4 years later16:44
directhexwifey currently has a cowon16:44
mungojerrymy iriver got nicked in a burglary..the insurance company wanted me to replace with an ipod, but i got a cowon iaudio instead16:44
mungojerryi've never knowingly charged my cowon16:44
directhexiriver these days have MUCH better UX. but both are reasonable16:44
mungojerrybattery life is 30 or 60 hours i dunno. occasionally i plug in to copy podcasts etc but only for 10-15 minutes...it's a miracle that i never run out of battery16:45
popeyhowever I do enjoy the podcasting bit of ipad/iphone/itunes16:45
mungojerrygpodder ftw16:45
popeyi like that i can listen on one device, and carry on elsewhere16:46
popeyand it knows where I got to16:46
shaunothat always catches me off-guard16:47
xapelis it possible to open mpp files with Gnome planner?16:48
gordmusic still pretty much sucks on android, annoys me. all the different music players seem to use the same api's or something, thus have the same features. which mean that none of them can figure out the difference between my podcasts and music =\16:48
mungojerrygord: tbh i never use my android for music because of battery life16:49
gordi get waaaay too much battery life on my android phone these days, so i'm always looking for more ways to use it!16:50
ali1234well, that's because they do all use the same API...16:50
ali1234because apparently ODMs want to differentiate through the "user experience" - which in effect means slap a new skin on the same old rubbish16:51
ali1234this is another reason i quite windows years ago16:51
ali1234once they started bundling media player and all the players started to use it... well, you were guaranteed that your file won't play in any of them, because they all use the same set of codecs16:52
ali1234now this pox has been brought to linux with the help of gstreamer16:52
directhexali1234, how many times should devs be expected to write a wavpack codec?16:54
ali1234directhex: as many times as it takes for them to write one that actually works?16:55
ali1234but the real issue here is not code reuse but the way it is handled16:56
shaunoI just don't find apple & ubuntu that different anymore.  lp/radar are both a black hole of !care, you're a heretic if you question direction, etc.16:56
shaunobug 203649 was funny.  "is this still a problem?".  no, because we decided ubuntu wasn't up to the task a year ago, while the bug sat as 'new' for 10 months16:59
lubotu3Launchpad bug 203649 in xen "xen's xm create fails at losetup stage" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20364916:59
ali1234write that on the bug report16:59
ali1234i would :)16:59
ali1234at least that way it can be closed lol17:01
shaunowasn't my bug; no idea what the OP ended up doing17:02
shaunojust that our instance was out in the field on rhel by then17:02
ali1234i actually enjoy a bit of bug-ping-pong17:03
ali1234if i don't hear anything in a while i just start rambling in the comments :)17:03
shaunoI just completely forgot about it until I got that update a year later.  the box was in missouri by then17:07
ali1234same happens to me quite often17:08
shaunoI think it's in paris atm.  I'm pretty proud of that one's legs :)17:08
ali1234i wish launchpad itself worked properly in firefox17:09
ali1234i mean they managed to fix slashdot17:09
ali1234can't imagine a more horrible fate than debugging slashcode17:09
MartijnVdSali1234: debugging procmail17:10
directhexdebugging sendmail17:11
ali1234lol, neither of those are even written in perl, therefore your arguments are invalid17:12
MartijnVdSali1234: apt-get source procmail.. it's WORSE than perl17:52
MartijnVdSali1234: and I write Perl for a living ;)17:52
AlanBellevening all19:01
Myrttiwell, trying out natty for about half an hour kinda solidified that I'll keep my fingers out of Ubuntu :-( xubuntu ftw19:07
MartijnVdSyeah I've been considering that19:07
=== lan3y is now known as Laney
MartijnVdSclassic  gnome isn't too bad atm though19:07
MyrttiI've not used Ubuntu for years apart from on my sisters computer19:08
PalaPad__Sorry for disconnects am on the train19:08
=== PalaPad__ is now known as PalaPad
MartijnVdSPalaPad: screen + irssi ftw19:09
PalaPadYeah cept I am on my iPad and don't have an ssh client19:09
czajkowski and /ignore joins/parts/quits19:09
MartijnVdSczajkowski: yeah I do that as well19:09
PalaPadAlthough I bet there is an ssh client out there somewhere, I will check when I get to my hotel19:10
=== douglasawh-work_ is now known as douglasawh-work
AzelphurI'm trying to think of what superstructure to build on minecraft19:21
AzelphurI have like 10,000 cobblestone XD19:22
MartijnVdSa huge tower, 1 block wide19:22
AzelphurMartijnVdS: that's epic pointless :D19:23
PalaPadI might have to check out mine craft seems very popular19:23
daubersAzelphur: A giant top ha19:24
daubersOr an elephant19:24
MartijnVdSAzelphur: Like the rest of Minecraft? ;)19:24
Azelphurargh, I'm getting tonnes of packet loss19:24
Azelphur216.66.32.54 (hurricane electric) is dropping like 80% for me19:24
MartijnVdSI was having ipv6 problems with bytemark earlier19:25
MartijnVdSHE does v6 tunnels19:25
MartijnVdSsomething going on on the v6 net?19:25
Azelphurgod knows why my ipv4 route to a datacenter goes through he though19:25
dogmatic69_anyone know why tab auto complete is would not work on my server?19:31
daubersahhhhh tea19:37
Azelphuranyone else care to run mtr azelphur.com and see if you are getting large amounts of packet loss on one of the jumps?19:38
AlanBellnope, no loss from here19:39
daubersAzelphur: I get some19:39
Azelphurit just hates me personally then :(19:39
Azelphurdaubers: from
daubersAzelphur: 10gigabitethernet7-4.core1.nyc4.he.net <- There19:39
Azelphuryea, mines lost inside he as well19:40
directhexthe net is screwy tonight19:41
directhexLINX is down19:41
ali1234yup, getting loss on linx from here19:42
=== PalaPad_ is now known as PalaPad
shaunowonder if that's why I keep dropping off19:54
shauno(noticed I wasn't the only one on bitfolk to do so)19:54
MartijnVdSdirecthex: ah.. so I wasn't seeing things when v6 went down earlier :)19:57
Paladinehehe ssh'd into my irssi session :)20:43
Paladinefrom my ipad20:43
=== cbx333 is now known as cbx33
HazRPGhi ho20:57
AlanBellhi ho20:57
HazRPGhow's everyone doing this evening20:58
HazRPGAlanBell: \o20:59
bigcalmWaking a hibernating ubuntu laptop takes forever :(21:19
jpdsboot speed is faster.21:20
olyjust wondering anyone using unity notice how annoying the interface is on duel screens, or has some one found a way to enable the bar on both desktops ?21:25
olythe current bar does not seem to distinguish between the focused apps so you have no way of telling what it belongs to21:26
dogmatic69_bigcalm: i cant run updates after sleep/hibernate21:37
dogmatic69_completely messes up21:37
daubersI so want one of these! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNN4Oo0KhZo&feature=player_embedded21:45
shaunoheh, I like it .. "where did you come up with the idea?  err .. pub"21:46
daubersSeriously, if I'm evil this year, do you think Santa will get me one?21:47
HazRPGhaha pub indeed! :P21:52
HazRPGall good ideas begin and end in the pub ;)21:52
AlanBellany more people want to influence the date of the quiz?22:03
AlanBellhttp://doodle.com/eucwzx2qdiiiqs5p <- closing that tomorrow22:03
AlanBellSaturday 16th April is looking good so far22:03
dogmatic69_anyone know if i can diff a local file with a remote one?22:05
bigcalmPipe cat over ssh and diff?22:05
dogmatic69_does pipe work backwards?22:21
dogmatic69_like last step first22:22
* dogmatic69_ 's mind explodes22:25
Davieydogmatic69, http://pb.daviey.com/V5JB/raw/ ?22:27
dogmatic69_he, you make it look easy :)22:28
dogmatic69_thanks, trying it now22:28
Davieydogmatic69, TBH, the cat isn't even needed...22:29
Davieyssh diff - remote.txt < local.txt22:29
dogmatic69_looks like its hanging..22:29
dogmatic69_cat ssh bumblebee .bashrc spits out the file fine... doing the diff is just sitting there22:30
dogmatic69_ssh bumblebee diff - .bashrc < .bashrc22:30
dogmatic69_oh, it worked... just took ages22:31
ali1234i would run diff locally, it would be faster22:32
dogmatic69_it worked now, but does not help me :/22:33
ali1234ssh cat remote.txt | diff local.txt -22:33
ali1234something like that anyway22:33
dogmatic69_ssh bumblebee diff - .bashrc < .bashrc works22:34
dogmatic69_trying to figure out why tab complete does not work22:34
ali1234but it runs diff on the remote so you transfer local to the remote, and then transfer the diff back again22:34
dogmatic69_works for the first param, not after that22:34
dogmatic69_figured out this much so far, apt-<tab> gives a list of possible options, sudo apt-<tab> does nothing22:36
ali1234yeah sudo used to do that on old ubuntu versions22:36
ali1234was annoying22:36
ali1234i dunno how they fixed it22:37
dogmatic69_it works on another server with the same version22:37
dogmatic69_i think i botched something22:37
dogmatic69_been like this for ages, just sick of it now22:37
daubersdogmatic69_: checked your global bashrc?22:37
dogmatic69_works local, works on aws, does not work on slicehost22:38
dogmatic69_daubers: global?22:38
daubersdogmatic69_: /etc/bashrc22:38
daubersalso worth check /etc/bash_completion and the file in /etc/bash_completion.d/22:38
dogmatic69_daubers: server does not have /etc/bash_completion22:41
dogmatic69_that could be it22:41
dogmatic69_daubers: almost22:46
daubersdogmatic69_: Works for some and not for others?22:46
dogmatic69_i can now do sudo apt-<tab> but then adding ins<tab> does nothing22:46
daubersYou might need to resource the bash conf, I'd just log out/in again22:47
daubersI really need to decomission my nslu2's22:47
daubersgetting far too slow :(22:47
dogmatic69_closing ssh connection ~= loging in/out right?22:47
daubersdogmatic69_: Yup22:48
dogmatic69_daubers: well now i can do sudo apt-<tab>22:48
dogmatic69_but the ins<tab> for install still not working22:48
daubersdogmatic69_: checked in the bash22:49
dogmatic69_also like apt-get install php5-<tab> does nothing22:49
dauberschecked in the bas_completion.d folder for the apt-get file?22:49
dogmatic69_i did a diff of server vs local and they are the same22:49
dogmatic69_maybe i should just copy paste bash_completion.d/ to the server?22:49
daubersUmmm... I have no idea what impact that may have22:50
dogmatic69_ /etc/bash_completion.d$ ls  -> axi-cache  debconf  git  initramfs-tools  insserv22:50
dogmatic69_local has +- 5022:50
dogmatic69_looks like it has not been adding/installing these things the whole time22:51
dogmatic69_i see, just adding them might show commands in <tab> that are not actually installed?22:52
DaraelThat seems entirely plausible, yes.22:52
dogmatic69_so why would this silly thing not be adding them along the way22:53
dogmatic69_ive never disabled something22:54
dogmatic69_maybe the image slicehost uses for the install is wonky / trimmed down22:54
* daubers heads to bed22:55
dogmatic69_daubers: tx for the help23:00
robin273 i need help with installing stuff, i get this when i try to sudo apt-get install anything: http://mibpaste.com/Nm2bW123:00
Azelphurrobin273: you should pastebin the contents of /tmp/alsa-driver-linuxant.3610.log too23:03
robin273All that's in there is this:23:05
robin273make: *** No rule to make target `mrextraproper'.  Stop.23:05
HazRPGhmm, I just found an interesting site23:06
HazRPGapparently they'll make things out of designs you have23:06
HazRPGseems pretty cheap too23:06
=== hamitron1 is now known as hamitron
dogmatic69_HazRPG: they just got something like this http://www.makerbot.com/23:08
ali1234robin273: that package alsa-driver-linuxant failed to install properly, now it tries to rerun the postinst script any time you install anything23:09
dogmatic69_they even using arduino23:09
ali1234robin273: suggest purging it and reinstalling23:09
ali1234for rapid prototyping: emachineshop.com23:09
HazRPGdogmatic69_: nice!23:09
robin273Might anyone be able to help me with my problem?23:10
dogmatic69_HazRPG: you into a bit of hardware hacking?23:10
* dogmatic69_ plays with arduino when time allows23:10
HazRPGI've never done it before, because I always thought it would be too costly to make boards and cases23:10
dogmatic69_that makerbot(arduino) thing has changed the playing field23:11
HazRPGbut seems if you know the right companies, it doesn't have to be as costly23:11
ali1234there is a trick for making circuit boards23:11
HazRPGali1234: etching your own?23:11
ali1234you just need a laser printer and some inkjet photo paper23:11
dogmatic69_HazRPG: im planning to build a nice 60w co2 laser23:11
ali1234and the etching stuff23:11
ali1234it doesn't work very well but it's passable for simple stuff23:11
HazRPGali1234: yeah, I was recently looking into that23:11
ali1234for a case, you just go maplins and buy a project box :)23:12
dogmatic69_eh, maplins likes my bank card to much...23:12
HazRPGali1234: maplins also sell polymorph (I think that's what its called) - where you can essentially mould your own case23:12
HazRPGdogmatic69_: co2 laser?23:13
HazRPGits a laser that can cut through air?23:13
dogmatic69_HazRPG: http://www.butlersheetmetal.com/tinbasherblog/diy-co2-laser-cutter-for-sheet-metal_645.html23:13
dogmatic69_something like that23:13
ali12343d printers aren't really much use except for printing out a mini statue of your wow character23:13
HazRPGdogmatic69_: nice23:14
HazRPGits basically a CNC machine :P23:14
dogmatic69_HazRPG: you get laser diodes which are pretty much powerful LED's, pop balloons etc... CO2 cuts stuff, 60w will do pretty much most things23:15
dogmatic69_got a bunch of arduino code, just making space for a lathe/milling machine and then it starts23:15
ali1234you can cut plastic or make a laser projector with the laser from a cd writer23:15
ali1234i actually once saw a cd writer that "crashed" while writing a disc... it burned a hole right through the cd23:16
HazRPGwoah no way23:16
HazRPGI never realised they were that powerful23:16
ali1234well it took a while23:16
dogmatic69_HazRPG: will cost about 1500 -> 2000 quid to build23:16
HazRPGI thought they could only cut into thin sheets of metal (or whatever the film is that's inside CD's)23:17
ali1234when the disc is spinning, that's true23:17
HazRPGdogmatic69_: I can imagine23:17
ali1234when it stops spinning, it's going to just keep burning the same spot23:17
dogmatic69_HazRPG: the fun bit is the 30vka it runs on ;)23:17
ali1234i guess the main drive motor burned out but the rest kept going, or something23:17
robin273ali1234: I think I missed what you said if you responded to my problem, could you repeat what you said?23:18
* PalaPad is in Oxford23:18
ali1234robin273: purge that alsa package and reinstall it23:18
PalaPad3G reception in this part of the world is tragically bad23:18
zleapPalaPad, where are you ?23:21
robin273ali1234: I get that error while purging it, lol.23:21
zleapi would have thought it was good there, given its a university area23:21
PalaPadIn a tiny 16th century hotel23:21
Seeker`ouch, blast heard at #2 reactor in japan23:22
robin273ali1234, ?23:22
ali1234robin273: well you need to clean it out of the system somehow23:22
PalaPadCrap 9.30 start tomorrow23:23
robin273ali1234: And how would I do that? I'm sort of new to this, sorry.23:23
PalaPadSeeker`: Doesn't mean anything bad has happened, they have been venting the gas into their own buildings to give it time to lower radiation23:24
PalaPadWhich is why they have had explosions23:24
PalaPadNone of the explosions have been anywhere near the reactors23:25
Seeker`PalaPad: yeah, but they reckon this one might have been within a containment vessel23:25
Seeker`As some of their sensors which were reading 3atm are now reading 1 atm23:25
dogmatic69_server fault... sudo apt-get install bash-autocomplete23:25
Azelphurrobin273: I think you need a packaging person23:25
Azelphurali1234: who does packaging in here?23:25
dogmatic69_almost working23:26
HazRPGI don't know why, but whenever I come to think of a hardware hack... I can never think of something, but when I'm not thinking I have great ideas but easily forget them :/23:26
Seeker`HazRPG: use some paper to write them down :P23:26
Seeker`Or hack some hardware to record them :P23:27
dogmatic69_HazRPG: i just want to hack/build everything23:27
HazRPGSeeker`: I usually have the ideas when I'm no where near paper - e.g. out socialising, etc23:27
PalaPadWell I better go for a smoke and then think about bed, busy day tomorrow so I at least have to think about bed even if the process goes no further23:27
HazRPGdogmatic69_: know the feeling :P23:27
dogmatic69_HazRPG: i want to build the perfect complement to the makerbot... the 3d scanner...23:27
* hamitron uses paper23:27
directhexdogmatic69: it's called a kinect!23:27
dogmatic69_doubt that is good enough23:28
HazRPGmost I've ever made though, was a burglar alarm when I was a kid... and some analogue sounds with a speaker23:28
PalaPadMan this bed is impossibly soft23:28
dogmatic69_HazRPG: i made an ohm meter the other day23:28
Seeker`I made a digital clock with an arduino the other day :D23:29
dogmatic69_why are none of you in #arduino?23:30
HazRPGdogmatic69_: nice! What parts did you use?23:30
dogmatic69_#arduino ?23:30
dogmatic69_HazRPG: a few resistors23:30
dogmatic69_pull down, pull up and an lcd for output23:30
HazRPGdogmatic69_: because I don't own an arduino :P23:31
dogmatic69_HazRPG: its more general hardware hacking there tbh23:31
PalaPadThis is evil, event organisers who schedule debates at 9.30am need shooting23:31
HazRPGdogmatic69_: Hmm, interesting23:31
dogmatic69_every time ive asked something ive had to later add it was arduino :D23:31
PalaPadNo-one can have a good debate so early in the morning23:31
dogmatic69_Seeker`: that is yours?23:32
HazRPGPalaPad: its still night time dude :P23:32
Seeker`dogmatic69_: yus23:32
HazRPGSeeker`: that's pretty impressive dude :)23:32
dogmatic69_Seeker`: dont be cheap, buy another 2 digits :D23:32
dogmatic69_looks awesome23:33
Seeker`Its done with break out boards from Sparkfun23:33
HazRPGdogmatic69_: hmm, why have you got an underscore in your name lol?23:33
HazRPGI keep hitting tab and almost typing it to the one without the underscore23:33
dogmatic69_forgot work irc running23:33
* HazRPG needs to learn this lingo23:34
HazRPGbreakout boards?23:34
dogmatic69_breakout board ~= plugin23:35
HazRPGguessing its boards that are separated to do their own tasks23:35
dogmatic69_like you get a gps break out23:35
dogmatic69_will have like 6 pins and just works23:35
HazRPGyeah I was looking at some on another site (which is where I got the assumption from23:35
dogmatic69_you get breakouts for everything23:35
dogmatic69_i buy a bunch of things from coolcomponents23:36
HazRPGSeeker`: so what breakouts did you use for yours? was it for the LEDs?23:36
dogmatic69_they pretty good23:36
Seeker`HazRPG: the 4x7-seg and the RTC23:36
dogmatic69_you can see the board under the led's23:36
HazRPGSeeker`: real-time clock?23:38
HazRPGjust a guess23:38
HazRPGhmm, is the RTC required for keeping track of time?23:38
HazRPGsince I recall brobostigon having trouble with a project he was doing a while back that included time23:39
Seeker`it is a battery-powered IC which keeps track of the time/date23:39
Seeker`so even when the arduino isn't powered, it runs off a button battery so that it doesn't lose the time23:39
HazRPGthe code for the arduino looked fine, however it wasn't syncing the time - or even ticking over...23:39
Seeker`no idea23:40
Seeker`I just know that mine works :)23:40
ali1234sounds like forgot to enable interrupts23:41
HazRPGdogmatic69_: I'm guessing you use your ohm meter for testing how much ohm's a resister has?23:41
dogmatic69_HazRPG: exactly23:41
dogmatic69_its better than a meter as it auto changes resolution and its easier to use23:42
HazRPGali1234: hmm, might be worth talking to him about it because if I recall he's using a GPS device at the moment for keeping the time, but I don't think that's his aim - it was just a little hack he made up to do the same trick23:42
dogmatic69_can check loads of them together23:42
dogmatic69_and im busy with a memory function, so it keeps the last reading on screen23:43
HazRPGyou mean the on-screen LED you have for it?23:43
ali1234GPS for timekeeping kind of sucks23:43
ali1234i have an alarm clock that does it, it is constantly 15 minutes slow23:43
HazRPGouch lol23:44
ali1234because the GPS clock has an adjustment field in the ephemeris data, and the clock doesn't look at it23:44
ali1234so when it was new it was accurate23:44
HazRPGguessing an arduino is a good board to have then?23:44
HazRPGseems most of you guys have it :P23:44
ali1234but since then the adjustment changed by 15 minutes23:44
ali1234and the worst part is you can't fix it23:44
ali1234because if you adjust the clock manually, it gradually syncs back to GPS time23:44
ali1234also, arduino kind of sucks23:45
ali1234it can only do serial over usb23:46
ali1234better to get something that has a real usb stack23:46
Seeker`meh, its good for small projects23:47
dogmatic69_HazRPG: resolution, like if its 10 ohm it shows 10 ohm, and 1,000,000 it shows 1M ohm23:48
ali1234you're better off with a ez-usb or a generic avr board with software usb stack23:48
HazRPGdogmatic69_: ah, I'm with you :)23:48
dogmatic69_HazRPG: on a meter (cheap ones) you have to select the range or it dont work23:49
dogmatic69_HazRPG: also got a mostly working capacitance meter23:49
ali1234eg: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Cypress-CY7C68013A-128-EZ-USB-FX2LP-Developement-Board-/270716796226?pt=BI_Electrical_Equipment_Tools&hash=item3f07fa7d4223:50
dogmatic69_works out how many farad a cap is23:50
dogmatic69_next up will be a diode tester23:50
dogmatic69_then add it all together for a test bench :)23:50
zleapanyone up in the bristol area ?:23:51
HazRPGali1234: interesting23:53
HazRPGali1234: that the sort of thing you use?23:53
ali1234or this: http://robotfuzz.com/OSIF23:56
ali1234or even better, just build your own23:56
ali1234(you can ignore all the stuff about external power, it runs from USB if there's no serious load)23:58
HazRPGsee now your just confusing me xD23:58
ali1234ignore the +9v stuff23:59
HazRPGnot really done a lot of hardware stuff before, but I've always been keen to get into it23:59
ali1234you can also ignore the LEDs23:59
ali1234all you need is the xtal and the usb connector23:59
HazRPGis that on the schematics png?23:59

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