DarkwingDuckWell, that makes thing less confusing.01:23
DarkwingDuckIrssi time it now set to UTC01:23
grantbowtime, time, time, see what's become of me...01:29
pleia2a couple of my servers are configured to utc time, my poor users :)01:30
DarkwingDuckMy server that irssi sits on is French time (UTC+1), I'm in PST and I deal 99% in UTC.01:30
DarkwingDuckIt was a messed up system.01:30
pleia2my firewall is still on east coast time01:30
pleia2but that's because it connects to work in philly, and it's easier to debug issues when we're all playing by the same rules ;)01:31
grantbowno Bangles fans I guess :-)01:32
pleia2it did cause a problem when I was debugging a new ssl connection on another machine, my issue turned out to be that I generated the certificate in the future so it was all failing01:32
pleia2east coast == future01:32
pleia2all of a sudden after 3 hours it worked! d'oh!01:32
DarkwingDuck:D That's always fun.01:33
grantbowmodern time travel01:33
DarkwingDuckWife is sooooooooooo gonna kill me tonight.01:33
DarkwingDuckI'll just have to get the kids not to tell01:33
pleia2we'll keep things short :)01:33
DarkwingDuckShe can deal.01:34
DarkwingDuckIf she wants to go to church from 4p till 9p she can deal. ;)01:34
pleia2yeah, well you'll be the dead one01:34
pleia2one of my cats is snoring01:34
DarkwingDuckyeesh it's nice out here tonight01:35
pleia2and DST has me all out of sorts, it's too light out :(01:35
pleia2it's raining here01:35
DarkwingDuckDST is crap01:35
* DarkwingDuck looks about01:59
DarkwingDuckwe have a full room?01:59
* pleia2 waves02:00
DarkwingDuck*** START MEETING ***02:00
DarkwingDuckGreetings fellow team members!02:00
DarkwingDuckYes, I'm actually chairing a meeting tonight.02:01
pleia2*gasps from the audience*02:01
DarkwingDuckokay smart butt. :P:P02:01
pleia2at least I didn't say something about kde02:01
DarkwingDuckSeeing that I just came from one of those meetings... Thank you :P02:01
DarkwingDuckOur agenda tonight is kinda short and sweet. (maybe)02:01
DarkwingDuckhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/11March13 for the list of items02:02
* DarkwingDuck pauses02:02
DarkwingDuckIs anyone here other then pleia2 and myself?02:02
DarkwingDuckOkay, scale fallout02:02
DarkwingDuckoverall i felt that Ubucon was a HUGE success02:03
pleia2nhaines did an amazing job with ubucon!02:03
DarkwingDuck+100 to nhaines for ubucon02:03
DarkwingDuckspeaking of...02:03
pleia2he said he'd update ubucon.org with links to videos and such when he gets them02:03
DarkwingDuckOkay good.02:04
DarkwingDuckThe booth did very well too02:04
DarkwingDuckwe handed out around 600 CDs02:04
pleia2http://www.flickr.com/photos/ubuntu-us-ca << photos from myself and iheartubuntu02:04
DarkwingDuckand about half of that amount was pressed CDs02:05
iheartubuntuim interested to hand out 1000 next time02:05
pleia2iheartubuntu was a cd sleeve folding machine :)02:05
pleia2and erichammond showed us how to fold them (thankfully!)02:06
DarkwingDuckI have talked to jono about the CD issue we had and he gave me the names of a couple of people to talk to so we can get many many more CDs next year02:06
DarkwingDuckA BIG shout out to all of you who showed up. It was fun to put a face to these IRC nicks02:06
DarkwingDuckAny other positive fallout?02:07
iheartubuntuive started an ubuntu hour with richard gaskin02:07
DarkwingDuckOther then loads of people that talked to me about KDE and Kubuntu :D02:07
iheartubuntufirst one in pasadena :)02:07
DarkwingDuckOh good.02:07
iheartubuntuand hope philip and i can do one in claremont when he is up here02:07
iheartubuntuseidos and i are now talking about one in lakewood area02:08
DarkwingDuckAwesome. There are rumors of another one down here in San Diego too02:08
DarkwingDuckAnything else from SCALE?02:09
iheartubuntuSan gabriel LUG wants me to speak02:09
iheartubuntunot sure what to speak on02:09
iheartubuntui will go there a couple times firts02:09
pleia2if anyone else has photos and wants them up on the flickr page just let me know (grab me on irc or email lyz@ubuntu.com)02:09
pleia2this goes for scale, ubuntu hours, etc etc02:09
iheartubuntujbermudes is excited about pasadena ubuntu hour too! so we should have minimum 3 people attending and enjoying the time02:10
seidoswhen is it again iheartubuntu?02:10
iheartubuntu2nd thursday of every month02:11
iheartubuntupeets coffee - corner of lake ave and california blvd02:11
iheartubuntutwo blocks from cal tech02:11
pleia2http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/778/detail/ is the 1st02:11
iheartubuntuwhich is where the LUG meets02:11
DarkwingDuckOkay, next item on the list...02:11
DarkwingDuckUbuntu Global Jam02:11
iheartubuntuso it will be a ubuntu hour + head over to the LUG after large amounts of espresso?02:12
seidossorry i asked, heh02:12
pleia2jono organized one in Walnut Creek for Friday April 1st: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/701/detail/02:12
seidosi won't be drinking espresso02:12
DarkwingDuckFrom April 1st to the 3rd is the Ubuntu Global Jam. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam02:12
DarkwingDuckThese Jams can be a host of things.02:12
seidosi think i'm on the same drug that Sheen is on02:12
pleia2I have work that day, but jdeslip floated the idea of having one in Berkeley on Sunday, so I'll follow up with him about planning that (we did a Lucid jam there too)02:12
DarkwingDuckBug jams, packaging jams, Translation jams, Doc jams, testing jams and Upgrade jams02:13
seidosspread jam02:13
DarkwingDuckI will be holding a doc jam on one of those days via IRC for Kubuntu Docs02:13
iheartubuntuso how does a jam work? people meet in person or online02:14
* akk was just listening to cartalk, a woman who got jam in her automatic shifter and it wouldn't shift any more :)02:14
grantbowakk: different kind of jam here, lol02:14
pleia2the lucid global jam in berkeley worked well for both last year, a bunch of us met for pizza and worked on things, we were working on a flier that we posted to the list and talked about in IRC during the jam :)02:14
pleia2and grantbow and I did mini presentations02:15
* grantbow nods02:15
DarkwingDuckThe mean reason I won't be able to do much is that the Doc freeze is on the 7th and that is my final crunch time. :/02:15
DarkwingDuckSo, I figured I would host a IRC Kubuntu Doc jam02:16
pleia2DarkwingDuck: here or with kubuntu people?02:16
akkWith all the talk about opportunistic development, how come there are no development jams?02:16
pleia2I mean, where on IRC :)02:16
DarkwingDuckOh, I'll be creating a channel for it.02:17
DarkwingDuckI'm almost finished drafting that email.02:17
pleia2akk: global jams can be anything, so a development jam is fine02:17
pleia2these started out as global bug jams, until one day there were a massive number of newbies around the world triaging bugs and making a mess that the bug squad had to clean up after :\02:17
DarkwingDuckThe doc jam I'm holding will be Kubuntu because the system docs for ubuntu and kubuntu are different on many levels02:17
DarkwingDuckAnyway, I had forwarded Jorge's email on it to the ML and I will forward it again.02:18
pleia2so now it's "whatever your expertise is and you want to share it with others" jam :)02:18
grantbowright, contributing to Ubuntu encompases more than code and bugs but those are certainly welcome02:18
jledbetterthat's cool02:18
pleia2DarkwingDuck: you can just reply to the same email and say we'll talk about it, no need to reforward :)02:19
DarkwingDuckWorks too. :)02:19
DarkwingDuckAnyway, if we want to get some jams setup this is the time to plan it.02:19
DarkwingDuckWe can announce finals at the next meeting02:20
pleia2once you plan a jam, make a loco.ubuntu.com directory about it and add it here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/NattyGlobalJam02:20
pleia2(ask anyone here if you have questions about using loco.ubuntu.com)02:21
DarkwingDuckIf you have any more questions about Jams please, ask away. :)02:22
DarkwingDuckIf not, we can roll onto release parties.02:22
DarkwingDuckNow, I know that this is a while out but, I wanted to touch base on this02:22
DarkwingDuckNormally a release party requires more planning because of the space required.02:23
DarkwingDuckNatty releases on April 2802:23
DarkwingDuckSo, maybe an install-fest/release parties in the beginning of May will work out nicely.02:23
iheartubuntu(general questions can be asked at the end of the meeting?)02:24
seidosoh, i have a question, has anyone considered having a jam at a hacker space?02:24
pleia2seidos: yep, hackerspaces are fine places for jams :)02:24
seidosthere's apparently a hacker space here in LA02:24
iheartubuntuwhat is a hackerspace02:24
seidoslike a space where hackers meet02:25
akkUsually someone who's a member of the hackerspace has to host it -- at least that's how it works with hacker dojo here.02:25
seidosah, i knew there would be caveats02:25
pleia2noisebridge in SF is more open than hacker dojo, you have to check with each space for their policies02:25
seidosi guess crashing a hackerspace is looked down upon in the hacker community02:25
pleia2depends on the space02:26
seidoshas anyone done it?02:26
pleia2we had an installfest at noisebridge02:26
grantbowYou don't have to crash if you are a regular.02:26
seidosdid it go well?02:26
pleia2it went great :)02:26
DarkwingDuckUnless I can do it from home it is hard for me to get to places... the joys of three young kids02:26
grantbowI think it went well, yes02:26
seidosdid you ask someone before you started inviting people?02:26
seidosi can't even do it from home, since i don't have my own place02:27
pleia2seidos: our experience won't be the same as at other hackerspaces, you need to check the rules of your local one02:27
seidosthe joys of being a loser :)02:27
seidospleia2: sorry i asked02:27
pleia2grantbow is at noisebridge all the time, so we just needed to set aside the space and time02:27
DarkwingDuckGoing back to release parties... if you are setting one up please, please please update the info here. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/NattyRelease02:28
pleia2thanks to grantbow for putting up the page02:28
pleia2I'll give jono a nudge and see if he has thoughts on one, he usually likes to host one in SF at thirsty bear brewing02:29
DarkwingDuckAnything else on release parties? We have plenty of time to get things setup02:29
iheartubuntuwhat goes on at a release... jsut a glorified ubuntu hour? :)02:29
iheartubuntuwith the new release of course02:29
pleia2iheartubuntu: you can have a party, or have an installfest, or do whatever02:29
grantbowoften the party is too close to the release to have media available, so it's usually a social event.02:30
DarkwingDuckSome people get together for drinks02:30
akkor combine it with a jam02:30
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/LucidRelease shows the variation of our events (Lucid was an LTS so a big release, we did *a lot*02:30
DarkwingDuckOther help with upgrades and installs02:30
epsIf we use a hackerspace, we can have our own food, as opposed to whatever a restaurant/bar limits you to02:30
seidosthere's two answers, the simplified one, and the glorified hyped up propagandified electrified stupendous answer02:30
DarkwingDuckLoads of goody joyness02:30
DarkwingDuckseidos: +102:30
DarkwingDuckNext on the list is something I have been wanting to do for a while now.02:31
DarkwingDuckIf you have ever wanted how to do soemthing. Bug running, docs, packaging, dev ect ect02:31
seidosyou can bring your own drinks and food to a bar, but you gotta' use Jedi mind tricks and stealth02:31
DarkwingDuckWe wnat to help setup training for these things.02:31
pleia2seidos: most won't allow it (it can get you thrown out)02:31
seidospleia2: you will not throw me out *waves hand*02:32
akkand it's a good way to have your event not welcome there in the future02:32
jledbetterDarkwingDuck, Great idea02:32
akkDarkwingDuck: Local in-person training, or online/irc?02:32
seidosno way02:32
pleia2DarkwingDuck: the Ubuntu Learning project exists, but it's woefully low on volunteers to write courses, if ubuntu-us-ca wanted to help I'd be grateful02:32
DarkwingDuckI'll help out with that too pleia202:33
iheartubuntui want to know training :) great idea02:33
seidoswhy couldn't the wiki be the course material?02:33
iheartubuntusee pleia2 ^^02:33
pleia2seidos: it can be the basis of material, but teaching a class is more than just reading from a book/wiki :)02:33
seidospleia2: like what do you have in mind besides reading from a book?02:34
DarkwingDuckseidos: The wiki is good info... taking packaging for example... Packaging on the wiki is horrible to look at. Once I had someone walk me throughit became a breeze02:34
seidosso there is no packaging walk through, interesting02:34
DarkwingDuckOh there is02:34
seidosit's just mind numbingly boring?02:34
DarkwingDucktook me 5 hours to read all of it02:34
seidosdid it take 5 hours to walk through it when you worked with someone?02:35
DarkwingDuckSo, would anyone be interested in learning about things like packaging or bug triage?02:35
akkMost ubuntu/debian packaging tutorials take the approach "there are 5 different ways to do this, it's a matter of taste which one you pick, here's a bizarre hybrid of 3 of the techniques switching randomly between them".02:35
seidosenergy cannot be created or destroyed02:35
jledbetterakk, True02:36
DarkwingDuckakk: +102:36
jtatum… what?02:36
pleia2DarkwingDuck: online or off?02:36
seidoshuh interesting02:36
pleia2and IRC? video?02:36
jledbetterjtatum, no idea02:36
akkDarkwingDuck: I'd be interested in learning better packaging (and might be able to teach some other topics).02:36
DarkwingDuckI was thinking ubuntu-classroom stuff02:37
pleia2I'd also be happy to welcome california folks to #ubuntu-classroom for anything any time :)02:37
iheartubuntupackaging of DEBs?02:37
DarkwingDuckBut even beyond that02:37
pleia2we organize in #ubuntu-classroom-backstage02:37
seidoswhy can't we learn in this channel?02:37
epspackaging _and_ PPAs02:38
akkHas anybody tried in-person packaging tutorials, like "Let's spend 3 hours and each person will actually get something packaged in that time"?02:38
akkI've been to a few of the #ubuntu-classroom sessions, and they're helpful but they go way too fast for people to keep up and actually do it right then.02:38
DarkwingDuckI have, but that was becasue of what I was packaging02:38
DarkwingDuckSo it sounds like this might be something good?02:39
akk(and I'm not criticising them -- I think they go at the right speed considering there's another class coming up right afterward)02:39
seidosah, no wonder i'm not interested in packaging.  i have nothing to package.02:39
grantboweps: ppas are not so bad: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/InstallingSoftware02:40
pleia2DarkwingDuck: sounds good!02:40
iheartubuntudouble good!02:40
DarkwingDuckAwesome, I'll work on gettig a wiki setup for it and look on the ML for it too!02:40
DarkwingDuckOkay, that about wraps up the agenda. We now open the floor to anything else?02:40
iheartubuntuuno momento02:41
iheartubuntuok. this tuesday i will be placing an order with Ubuntu Store02:42
iheartubuntuto help save on the shipping02:42
grantbowwe can chat after the meeting too.02:42
iheartubuntudetails I put out on the mailing list here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2011-March/001589.html02:42
iheartubuntuordering a big item yourself like a backpack might cost $5002:42
iheartubuntuor just some stickers along might cost you $1002:43
iheartubuntuif we group the order, then shipping should be down to $5 a person02:43
iheartubuntunhaines brought up that there may be new merchandise soon for Natty release02:43
iheartubuntuso keep that in mind02:43
iheartubuntuim still ordering no matter02:44
DarkwingDuckHow do we get the money to you?02:44
jledbetteriheartubuntu, Thank you :)02:44
DarkwingDuckOkay sweet02:44
DarkwingDuckIf the store sold up to date Kubuntu items I would :P02:44
iheartubuntuplease IM me and i will give out my email addy. since this is logged i wont post it here02:45
DarkwingDuckAnything else?02:45
iheartubuntui have a few questions, but can wait till the end02:46
iheartubuntuunless now is a good time02:46
DarkwingDuckIf there is nothing else the meeting ends. Next meeting will be held in two weeks on the 27th of March at 7p02:46
DarkwingDuck** END MEETING **02:46
grantbowThanks for hosting DarkwingDuck02:46
iheartubuntuAny good ways to spread word about an Ubuntu Hour? Also, we are looking for anyone new to Ubuntu as well right?02:46
DarkwingDuckMy pleasure. Now to get these kids in bed before the wife kills me02:47
DarkwingDuckiheartubuntu: LUG MLs02:47
pleia2iheartubuntu: remind me the day it's happening and I'll be sure the flickr/identica/facebook is updated02:47
iheartubuntugood idea02:47
pleia2(same goes for all of them, I lose track!)02:47
pleia2thanks DarkwingDuck :)02:47
iheartubuntucan anyone recommend an Ubuntu related speech i can do?02:47
seidosiheartubuntu: you could pass out little cards if you have the resources02:48
iheartubuntuwhat kind of cards02:48
DarkwingDuckiheartubuntu: gimme a few... I have one that I typped up.02:48
seidosi dunno, those cards that they pass out for clubs and parties or something.  like mini fliers02:48
iheartubuntugood deal. i can print some Ubuntu California mini ones up02:48
grantbowiheartubuntu check spreadubuntu for presentations too02:48
iheartubuntusounds good thanks grantbow02:48
iheartubuntumy concern is a LUG is probably 15-20 people who meet and know each other every month02:49
iheartubuntuone told me that many of them use ubuntu02:49
pleia2I asked the local lugs if I was allowed to post to their lists about ubuntu hours02:49
iheartubuntumy concern would be "what can i bring to the table" if they already use ubuntu02:49
pleia2most of them were happy to spread the word :)02:49
iheartubuntuso i was thinking to just go to the LUG ask around what they are interested in02:49
akkiheartubuntu: new things coming in the next release? A lot of them might not know that.02:50
* iheartubuntu scribbles it down.02:50
iheartubuntugood idea02:50
seidosiheartubuntu: i feel you02:50
grantbowiheartubuntu: some presentations not posted to spreadubuntu yet: http://joey.ubuntu-rocks.org/blog/presentations/02:50
iheartubuntui have a belt on02:50
DarkwingDuckiheartubuntu: draft up a message that states something along the lines of if anone is interested in Ubuntu a few of us will be meeting {DATE++TIME}. We will be talking about the next release and if you have any questions about Ubuntu you can bring them along.02:50
akkOr details of a specific app or workflow (some people would be interested, some wouldn't, but that's true of any talk).02:50
seidosi'm just going with the flow now, if there is a role to fill that you can fill, then fill it02:50
iheartubuntuty DD02:51
seidoswhat color is your belt?02:51
seidosi'm not wearing one ;)02:51
seidosthe void!02:51
iheartubuntuno comment!02:51
iheartubuntualso... if anyone is interested...02:52
iheartubuntuid like to start an online game nite once a month02:52
iheartubuntumonopoly is a crazy game and can be fun and there are a few versions out there for linux02:52
pleia2that might be fun actually02:52
iheartubuntuyes, online02:52
iheartubuntui dont know too many online games we can do together02:53
iheartubuntu i was testing all the monopoly games last night02:53
pleia2open arena!02:53
DarkwingDuckpleia2: +102:53
iheartubuntu:) sounds good to me02:53
seidoswarcraft 1!02:53
* DarkwingDuck ducks02:53
akkmultiplayer tuxkart!02:53
iheartubuntuwe can make this a Ubuntu CA thingy, or expand it past that if its successful.02:53
iheartubuntupost it on the events page even :)02:53
pleia2ooh, tuxkart is multiplayer?02:53
iheartubuntuit is??? where have i been02:54
akkNo, I don't think so. I was just dreaming.02:54
pleia2oh ok :)02:54
seidosso was i02:54
seidoswell, if i was dreaming...what game would i want to play...02:54
seidosprobably a multiplayer zelda game...or castlevania02:54
seidosor marvel vs capcom02:54
seidosshin akuma vs wolverine02:55
iheartubuntuthis is about the best monopoly version out there. has built in chat too. http://www.playdeb.net/software/Capitalism02:55
iheartubuntuif thats not peoples style, i'll look for something else like open arena02:55
pleia2we can probably rotate games per week02:55
seidoslink isn't working :(02:55
iheartubuntumonopoly *could* teach money management, so thats why i suggested it02:55
DarkwingDuckIf we hold off a month I'll have my desktop and with my dedicated IP I will be able to host a open arena server02:55
iheartubuntuit teaches luck mroe than anything tho02:56
pleia2iheartubuntu: I think that's a stretch :)02:56
pleia2yeah, luck02:56
seidosmaybe some communists took the site down02:56
grantbowgames = fun!02:56
seidosheh, i can teach money management:  don't waste it on stuff you don't need.02:56
iheartubuntuany card games that have multiplayer?02:57
seidoshindsight is infinite02:57
pleia2if we could make it a non-wednesday weeknight I'd be happy :)02:57
seidosglchess is multiplayer02:57
seidosbut only 1 vs 102:57
iheartubuntuother racing games like Speed Dreams?02:57
iheartubuntuall 20 of us can watch a match02:57
iheartubuntui like the racing or first person style games as pretty much anyone can jump in and play02:58
pleia2iheartubuntu: come up with a list? we can try some out and start planning our first night :)02:58
iheartubuntuexcellent. i will do that02:58
grantbowracing tux vs. Wilber and other logos can direct some of that competitive energy, hehe02:59
iheartubuntuseidos... is there a multiplayer zelda like game in linux?02:59
seidosiheartubuntu: nah, not that i know of anyway.02:59
* iheartubuntu im "testing" supertuxkart for everyone right now03:00
pleia2iheartubuntu: if you are interested in learning more about hackerspaces, the first keynote at scale was on it and it was very good: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1295788103:00
seidosiheartubuntu: there isn't even one for nintendo, really.  there was a GBA zelda game that was multiplayer.03:00
iheartubuntuare all the speeches online now?03:00
iheartubuntuwhat about ubucon03:00
pleia2no, just the two keynotes03:01
seidosi want to go to the hackerspace in LA, but i think i should probably go with somebody03:01
iheartubuntusupertuxkart (network play is not yet available)03:01
iheartubuntuso you dont get hacked?03:01
pleia2*yet* - that's promising :)03:01
jtatumyou're not allowed to go alone03:01
seidosyeah, neuro-hacked03:01
akkIt's like visiting a cult -- they might suck you in!03:02
iheartubuntuwhat r they hacking?03:03
seidosi just don't feel like watching, not worth the drive in that case03:03
pleia2hacking in the good sense, like "figuring out and building"03:03
pleia2hardware, software03:03
seidosbut if i'm meeting somebody, then at least there's that03:03
jtatumbetter not risk it seidos03:03
grantbowoffer free Ubuntu discs to the hacer space - those folks love generally03:04
grantbowlove them03:04
akkDon't most people at hackerspaces either run linux already, or know how to burn ISOs?03:05
pleia2a lot of them use macs03:05
pleia2I see windows machines at noisebridge too03:05
akkOh, maybe not at cheap hackerspaces, though (i've only seen the dojo, where most people are pretty experienced).03:05
iheartubuntuso, anyone worried about absorbing any RADs from fallout all the way here in Calif?03:05
grantbowakk: amazingly not always03:05
pleia2we do have a dedicated linux night :) and some linux classes03:05
grantbowgood for giving to friends too03:06
jtatumwow, did you see that dig at noisebridge by akk? :)03:06
grantbowusing rsync or zsync of the natty dailies is appreciated too03:06
akkjtatum: dig? "cheap"? That's a compliment, not a dig.03:06
akkjtatum: The uncool thing about the dojo is that it's way expensive.03:07
iheartubuntui read today if you cant get a hold of any iodide, the japanese have always eaten miso soup and organic nori to keep low radiation out of their body03:07
jtatumone of the uncool things :)03:07
grantbowI need to get to the dojo sometime03:07
jtatum(that was a dig)03:07
akk(also, not much hardware stuff going on compared to places hypatia talks about)03:07
pleia2iheartubuntu: so we should stock up on miso soup?03:07
grantbowdig or digg :-)03:07
iheartubuntuor just go out for beer and japanese food :p03:08
pleia2do you think health insurance would cover it?03:08
iheartubuntured miso paste03:08
iheartubuntuhot water and some nori03:08
iheartubuntujapanese health insurance :)03:10
pleia2websites shouldn't have hours of operation :(03:10
pleia2(that's what you get when you go to https://secure.ssa.gov/apps6z/i1099/main.html and click on the buttons on the bottom)03:12
iheartubuntumight be good to run a game night after a team meeting here.03:17
iheartubuntuwe already have some people together which is already tough to do03:18
iheartubuntuwow its already after 803:19
iheartubuntuso ubuntu just changed the time?03:19
iheartubuntui was up and didnt even notice it03:19
pleia2yeah, the tzdata file is updated for local time zones w/ dst03:21
iheartubuntuDarkwingDuck - email sent. no rush. i know how busy life gets!03:32
iheartubuntui was playing monopoly last night against a german guy. i introduced him to finding a loco team03:33
iheartubuntui was surprised there was not more than just the germany loco03:33
iheartubuntuthen again, germany is smaller than CA03:33
iheartubuntuubuntu in a marvel comic... http://www.ubuntudaily.com/wp-content/uploads/1185408112656.jpg04:11
pleia2hello wjimenez527104:12
* iheartubuntu had one too many beers04:27
iheartubuntuand polish suasage i imported04:30
wjimenez5271how is everyone tonight?04:30
iheartubuntuform chicago04:31
iheartubuntuunable to spell properly04:31
iheartubuntuhow are you wjimenez527104:31
iheartubuntuare you in LA area?04:31
iheartubuntuwjimenez5271 if you are anywhere near Pasadena, some of us Ubuntu users will be meeting up next month. http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/778/detail/04:34
wjimenez5271I am in Mountain View04:36
wjimenez5271so a little bit north of Pasadena though04:37
pleia2there are monthly ubuntu meetups in mt view too (and palo alto, san jose, san francisco...)04:37
iheartubuntumore meetups are listed here http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california04:38
wjimenez5271I have been wanting to check one out04:39
wjimenez5271been too busy04:39
wjimenez5271So what is the community team up to as of late?04:41
pleia2a bunch of us were just down in los angeles for the southern california linux expo :)04:42
iheartubuntutrying to get you to go to one04:42
pleia2some pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ubuntu-us-ca04:42
iheartubuntuthe linux expo was an incredible experience. im really energized seeing so many people interested in ubuntu04:43
iheartubuntu(and linux)04:43
pleia2iheartubuntu: darn you for mentioning beers, now I want one!04:44
iheartubuntutimes up for me. i havent slept in like 3 days and i need to go to the store then finally sleep.04:44
iheartubuntucall the grocery and have one delivered :)04:44
pleia2have a good night04:45
iheartubuntujust one, you dont wanna look like you are going to have too much fun04:45
pleia2"hi, please deliver one beer"04:45
iheartubuntulets see.. .$1.25 + $11.95 delivery04:45
iheartubuntui remember the good ol dot com days here in CA04:46
iheartubuntuu could literally do that04:46
iheartubuntuhomegrocer.com and several others had free delivery04:46
pleia2a lot of food delivery places have beer on their menus04:46
iheartubuntuthere was a pink delivery company... cars were all pink. it was like 7-eleven on wheels. id order a few beers :)04:47
iheartubuntunotice they are all out of business now04:47
pleia2safeway does grocery delivery, I see their trucks out all the time04:47
wjimenez5271Good stuff04:47
wjimenez5271I used to live in so-cal, Anaheim Hills to be exact04:47
iheartubuntuu have safeway up there, ours is vons04:47
wjimenez5271yep, I remember Vons04:48
iheartubuntui knew the vons owner growing up04:48
wjimenez5271cool, he's pretty well off I would imagine04:48
iheartubuntunice man, big family. sold it all i guess to safeway04:48
iheartubuntuid imagine so04:48
iheartubuntulots of famous people where im at04:49
pleia2safeway bought a lot of chains (there is a safeway owned chain in pennsylvania too)04:49
iheartubuntui rmemeber seeing safeway in alexandria, VA too04:49
iheartubuntuthey wouldnt let me use my card :(04:49
iheartubuntu"its not the same"04:49
pleia2we actually have used our safeway cards at genardi's in pennsylvania04:50
pleia2"I wonder if they will let us" "no way"04:50
iheartubuntupleia2 do you have "Fresh & Easy" up there?04:50
pleia2I don't think so04:50
epsYes we do ... or will soon ... on Clement04:51
iheartubuntuthey built the largest central delivery facility in all of USA in riverside i think04:51
iheartubuntuexpansion too quickly was the downfall of homegrocer.com back during the dot com04:52
pleia2ah, their site says they are building a couple in sf04:52
wjimenez5271They are supposedly just about to built a Fresh and Easy in Sunnyvale04:52
iheartubuntuits a british company04:52
wjimenez5271yea, they are UK based04:52
iheartubuntui wish COOP from switzerland would come here04:52
iheartubuntunice store04:52
iheartubuntuCOOP is a co-op basically of all the farmers in switzerland04:53
iheartubuntureally was some of the freshest food ive ever had (besides my own)04:53
iheartubuntunhaines might have heard of it04:54
iheartubuntuand with CH so small, shipping from farm to store was what, within hours im sure04:54
iheartubuntuim out yall! have a nice evening! nice to meet you wjimenez5271 hope to see you again04:55
iheartubuntu(its really only 9pm!!!)04:56
pleia2night, iheartubuntu :)04:56
iheartubuntuI found some interesting multiplayer games so far15:48
iheartubuntufrozen bubble is multiplayer15:48
iheartubuntuand there is a sherlock holmes style detective game called "London Law" in the software center15:49
iheartubuntusounds interesting15:49
iheartubuntuone guy is the criminal, and everyone else in the game tries to find him using maps and clues15:50
iheartubuntui realize those are alt multiplayer games, but i'll still include them. not everyone has 3D graphics cards15:51
iheartubuntuif you cannot get a hold of potassium iodide, then you can get natural kelp iodide at places like whole foods16:16
iheartubuntui know i'll get some laughs when i buy some, but who cares :) i dont feel like glowing anytime soon16:17
akkAll the news reports are saying there's going to be no measurable radiation here.16:17
akk(not saying it hurts to get some iodine, just that I'm not very worried about it)16:17
iheartubuntui know... but there i think all of those reactors are going to melt down16:17
iheartubuntuand there is still going to be stuff in the atmosphere16:18
iheartubuntuand cancer has increased dramatically since nuclear tests have begun16:18
iheartubuntuobviously i have no scientific data.16:19
* iheartubuntu raises tinfoil hat up, and then onto head16:19
iheartubuntucalifornia dept of health does have radioactivity monitoring systems in place for air,  water and the food supply16:24
iheartubuntuim just concerned because a meltdown produces 300-400x the radioactive fallout that a nuclear bomb does. a bomb goes off, it devastates and then thats it. a meltdown is much dirtier. with cores totally exploding, i dont sit easy. i doubt the government is going to warm people anyways. they are good at cover ups.16:51
iheartubuntuIodide at CVS... http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/catalog/shop_product_detail.jsp?filterBy=&skuId=190658&productId=190658&navAction=jump&navCount=316:53
iheartubuntuyesterday it was in stock, today? OUT OF STOCK16:53
iheartubuntusome useful links:17:00
iheartubuntuI agree with pleia2 - iodide is just a stop gap procedure. a thing to do that "might" help. it only protects your thyroid17:02
iheartubuntui guess the boy scout in me is to always be prepared. $10 is not bad just to be on the defensive, and if you can get it for free somehow, all the better (i just traded fixing my sisters wifi for a few tabs)17:04
pleia2for a laugh, you could put them on guest bed pillows17:05
pleia2(a friend of ours gave them to us as housewarming gifts)17:05
iheartubuntuthat brings "housewarming" to an all new level :)17:05
pleia2"welcome to the neighborhood! did you notice that giant nuclear plant in your back yard?"17:06
iheartubuntuone of my brothers was arrested many times for protesting nuke plants here in the states... im surprised he lives in japan now. isnt most of their power source from nuclear energy?17:08
iheartubuntui wonder if he plans to move back here now17:08
iheartubuntureports now that the japanese nuclear plant that is having probs is a plutonium plant, not uranium and plutonium plants can produce much worse radiation levels17:49
iheartubuntuakk i did find an ubuntu app at getdeb that monitors satellites. i was going to post a link, but their website doesnt work very well for me17:50
akkWhat's the app?17:51
iheartubuntugetdeb used to have the DEB files on their website when they first started... then they came up with their app to install programs from their website which has never worked for me17:52
iheartubuntuthe getdeb site isnt working for me right now otherwise i would pull it up17:52
iheartubuntuif it works for you try doing a search on ISS17:52
iheartubuntuor maybe "satellite"17:52
akkWhat I'd love is a cmdline app that keeps track of good satellites, runs from cron and emails me "There's a really good pass coming up tonight at $time".17:52
akk(but I don't care enough to write it)17:53
iheartubuntui know nasa has a page you can have ISS and shuttle info emailed to you. you type in your coordinates and it will email you in advance17:53
akkI should look for that.17:54
DarkwingDuckiheartubuntu: I'll be answering that email over the next couple days19:00
iheartubuntugreat, thank you so much David19:08
DarkwingDuckAnytime :)19:09
iheartubuntuakk - getdeb is working . here is the link to that program http://www.getdeb.net/software/SaVi20:05
iheartubuntuand the homepage http://www.geom.uiuc.edu/~worfolk/SaVi/20:05
akkCool, thanks20:05
akkLooks useful!20:06
iheartubuntui have probs with getdeb all the time... ive had to install things by terminal. thankfully getdeb still links to projects homepages20:10
akkI'd never heard of getdeb before you mentioned it in this context.20:11
iheartubuntuactually their site is working fine for me here at work20:11
akkI'll probably just get it from their homepage, probably try the source first even though they recommend against that.20:11
iheartubuntui wonder if its a 32 bit or 64 bit issue20:11
iheartubuntuok, opinion needed.21:13
iheartubuntui want to express something in regards to "talking about ubuntu" or "chatting about ubuntu"21:13
iheartubuntuwould "hash ubuntu" be a nice attempt at that? hash symbolizing chatting with IRC.21:14
iheartubunturadiation levels updated every 3 minutes21:17
nhainesiheartubuntu: I don't think anyone will know what "hash ubuntu" means unless they're on IRC, where they might mistake it for the official channel, or if they're on Twitter or Identica, where they might mistake it as a tag.21:18
iheartubuntuif you see it over 130 CPM i would be concerned. actually if those numbers start rising from 30 or so I would be concerned21:18
nhainesOr if they're a Python programmer, and they might mistake it as a comment.  :)21:18
akkI'm not clear on the context -- where would this #ubuntu be? Who would be hearing/seeing it?21:21
iheartubuntua lot of people hopefully21:22
iheartubuntu(a name for a comic strip)21:22
iheartubuntumarkdude is MIA21:22
akkI don't think random comic strip readers can be assumed to be familiar with IRC (unless it's a super geeky strip like xkcd, maybe)21:23
akkI would think normals would see hash and think either "hash it out" or "make a hash of something".21:24
iheartubuntui could make ubuntu comic dispensaries then :)21:25
iheartubuntulegal only in california21:25
akkyeah, there's that hash too21:25
nhainesakk: I love corned beef hash!21:28
iheartubuntuso would you be against "hashubuntu"?21:28
iheartubuntuor... ubuntu hash21:29
nhaines-1 "hashubuntu" +1 corned beef hash21:29
akkcorned beef hash ++21:29
iheartubuntuwe all digest ubuntu one way or another21:29
akk"hashbuntu" first says to me "we're going to argue about it (hash it out)"21:30
* nhaines needs to try an ubutini.21:30
akkor else "ubuntu is a big mess and that's what we're talking about here"21:30
nhainesI need to print out the recipe and go to a nice restaurant with a bar.  I'll bring the Tang.21:30
iheartubuntuubuntu soup21:33
* iheartubuntu has potassium iodide pill in hand and is sketching a "get out of dodge" scenario22:29
iheartubuntujust in case22:29
pleia2hmm, what happened to Eureka?23:08
pleia2Flannel's bot that would tell us of wiki updates23:11
pleia2anyway, added a berkeley jam to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/NattyGlobalJam23:11
iheartubuntuohhh whew23:13
iheartubuntui thought it was Eureka, CA23:13
DarkwingDuckGood question23:13
jtatumiheartubuntu: you seem a bit jumpy :)23:14
iheartubuntumy brother is in Japan23:14
iheartubuntuno news is good news23:15
iheartubuntuis there a way to recall eureka back online?23:22

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